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Pretty Broken Thing </3 [closed]

By MeisjeKelly
Backup thread
I have been gone for a little while; I am now back and wanting to write.

A little summery on what I am hoping 'we' could do...

A ballet dancer that calls - "Star Dance Academy" home - is having an affair with the Director of the Company.
Due to her relationship, she has obtained a Principal Role, in the upcoming Ballet - Swan Lake as the beautiful Odette.

Life is sweet.

She had gotten the lead role, popular and somewhat hated; what more could life throw at her.

It was out on the town, dancing the night away that she meets a mysterious man, who too - knew his way around the dance floor.
A dancer like herself - they engulf in a night of passion; but with all good things, come the bad.

The mysterious man, is the new Choreographer - sent to "Star Dance Academy" from Paris to create Swan Lake.
The Mysterious man who also happens to be the Director's Son - causing a triangle that cannot be spoken of and kept hidden.


A quick summery but there it is.
Any questions to it, feel free to DM me.

- I am a literate role player.
- I write a lot and hopefully you can as well.
- Mature themes - sex and drama/passion involved.

PM me, if interested.
We can discuss more.
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]

It was that time of year once again.
It was once a year that the students of Star Ballet Academy looked forward too; with given the chance to perform all the hard work their bodies had been put through.

It was everything.

Not everyone however, had the chance to perform.
Every single student of a senior status at the school had to endure auditions. Wrath and Envy were the sins that would often seep out and shine when it came to the girls. The Principle role was everything and if one didn't get the role, they were put in the back; dancing corps.
Swan Lake was the piece to be performed this year and the girls, began to wear out their bodies, just to have the ample role of Odette.

[+red "My feet, are completely destroyed..."] one spoke, as she lent down and rubbed the arches of her feet.
[+green "Your feet? I lost a toenail and its now growing back. I cant explain the pain.."] another spoke, watching the girl carefully.

There was pain and lots of it.
Being on toes for hours in a day, no doubt they would be damaged.

A price to pay.

Wandering into the audition room, Emily slung a duffel over her shoulder before coming to the circle of girls and sat down - dropping the bag beside.
[+red "What about you, Em?..."]
[b "What about me?..."] she spoke, looking at Jessica - a friend, a dancer who was indeed passionate but had weak ankles.
[+red "Your feet, how are they feeling?.."]
[b "Killing me but I think it is my lower lip that hurts most. Biting down on it hard to conceal the pain.."] she replied, reaching into her duffle and pulled out pointe shoes, ones she began to repair.

Removing uggs off her feet, Emily began to stretch her feet - bend her arches and began to repair her toes with little band aids, wet fabrics before slipping into the slipper and tying it up tight before standing up.
Up on her toes, standing up straight she lifting one foot off the ground at a time - over and over to get the feel before lowing back down onto the floor.

It was comfortable enough.
As good as it was going to get.

Act 4 of Swan Lake had been chosen for the piece to be performed.
A piece passionate and tragic.
The Prince tells the evil Von Rothbard that he would rather die with Odette than marry another only to take Odette's hand and together they jump into the lake, drown but both ascent to the heavens above the swan lake.

It was a beautiful piece and hours later - finally the auditions were over and the girls exhausted
Emily however, as tired as she was, left without a goodbye and snuck off to a man who she was sleeping with. A man who had power. A man who ran the School - the Director.
A little naughty secret between the two.
A girl only of 18, with a man almost 30 years older.

In his office they fooled around.
Upon the desk he entered inside the girl and both made noise of pleasure as the two knew how to make each other feel good.
So good that they climaxed with one another and it was while coming down from euphoria, that Emily bit her lower lip - watched Steven get dressed that she opened her mouth and spoke words that made him raise an eyebrow.

[b "I want Odette...."]
[i "It's a big role, Emily..."]
[b "You know I can do it. You know I'm good enough. Auditioning today was a pure waste of time, they aren't as good as me.."]
[i "The girls are just as dedicated as you."]
[b "But they aren't as good, Steven. They wont give you a show, they wont make Investors reach into their pockets for money or feel something..."]

Steven went quiet.
Again he raised his eyebrow and began to button up his shirt while Emily finally shifted from the desk and raised her panties back up.

[b "Give me Odette..."]
[i "If I do this, you need to prove yourself..']
[b "Haven't I already?..."]
[i "I'll sort something out, but you - keep your pretty mouth shut. Look surprised and you better not make me regret this.."]
[b "When have I ever let you down? Hmm?..."] Emily spoke, shifting closer to Steven and gently gave him a playful kiss upon the lips before smiling.

There was still time to go out with the girls.
With the troop already out, celebrating the Auditions - Emily had her own reason to celebrate.
The Principal spot was all hers and she was on cloud 9. Nothing could ruin this night.
Nothing. It simply could not get any better.

Catching a cab, all dressed up in heels and a silver backless dress with a slit up the thigh - purse in hand, it was not long until she reached the nightclub and paid to enter, getting a little stamp on the back of her hand.
Shameful, letting in a 18 year old but as long as she didn't' drink, it was fine right?

[+green "Emily!!..."] a voice called loud, trying to wave over the sounds of people talking - music playing.
Emily looked around only to raise a hand in acknowledgement the moment her eyes landed on Jessica with the girls by a couch.
[+green "You made it. Where were you?.."]
[b "Had something to take care of..."]
[+green "Are you okay?.."]
[b "I am now. A little family issue. All better.."]

Giving off a smile, Emily reached forward and poured herself a glass of sneaky wine and brought it up to her lips and took a sip while she turned around and looked out over the crowd, swaying her hips to the tune of music.

A short night out.
Back to dancing tomorrow. No men, no getting hangover. A quick night out Emily swore herself.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

“Come on Donovan, you can’t stay in bed forever.” The dark haired man groaned, launching his pillow at his friend Caleb who had broke into his apartment by Donovan’s standards. Honestly the man had a spare key as he had been quite helpful in lending a hand to Donovan in moving his belongings to his new apartment before he arrived. When his father asked him to drop everything to lead his dancers for their production of Swan Lake he didn’t think twice. It was rare for his father to take interest in his talent as while he was the director of one of the leading academies, he’d never thought of his father to follow in the footsteps of his mother who had been a dancer. That said, he and his father were not always in speaking terms. Though, with his recent success of his latest production in New York, he figured his father was riding in the coattails of his new found success. With that, Donovan packed up his belongings and had them mailed off, but everything wasn’t settled back home as he had to leave behind his girlfriend of five years, Amber. Unlike his father, Donovan preferred to keep his love life separate from work – well as much as he could try. Instead of a dancer, his eyes had fell on the costume designer. She was energetic, funny and beautiful – and she was quirky. There was no one day where she dressed alike or did the same thing and he loved that spontaneity about her, he found it incredibly sexy.

Unfortunately that didn’t mean that Amber was ready to just pack up her whole life for Donovan. Despite how long they had been dating, she had made it clear that she needed a stronger commitment as love didn’t hold up a relationship on its own. She had a project to finish and she couldn’t just let that go. So, while it broke both of them, they had decided to split up. Just enough time to test the strengths of their commitment for one another. That said, it didn’t make this split easy and already Donovan found himself missing the softness of Amber’s red hair against his bare chest as she would stir in the morning.

Donovan felt the pillow hit the back of his head, the sound of Caleb’s black boots thumping against the wooden floorboards become louder. It was late in the evening and he figured with the unpacking he did in the morning, he deserved a well nights rest. He had an early start for the next day and he had no intentions of proving his father right that he wasn’t fit for the job.
“We are going out. You’ve been here for five days. Amber isn’t going to just suddenly answer your calls.” Donovan sighed out, his hands reaching up to rub against his eyes. Hazel orbs looked at the gentleman. Caleb worked in the finance department for the school. They’d known each other off and own through his father and despite the age difference had become close. “And don’t you go blaming the whole time change and yada yada. She’s willing to step out so you should to. There’s this great club, beautiful women and good music. Two of your favorite this? No?” The smirk on Caleb’s face did lighten his mood. It was true that Amber had been keeping her end of the deal. It made him wonder had she already dipped her toe into the pool? He did deserve a bit of fun after all, he’d worked his ass off back home. Caleb knew he had done all he needed to convince Donovan. He checked the Rolex in his right wrist and cracked a smile at Donovan. “You’ve got twenty minutes.”

The two had made their way into the club, through the throngs of people sweating against other. This wasn’t weird for Donovan, he enjoyed the club scene and Caleb was right when he said they had good music. They headed toward the bar where he ordered a scotch neat. He leaned against the bar, strong forearms propping him up, flexing beneath the white button up he wore. Through the beams of different colored lights, he eyed the crowd carefully. He had no intentions of taking anyone home but with a little liquor in his system, he was not going to be drag. He told himself he was going to have fun and go home. His body tensed with the desire to dance, but with who? An upbeat and sultry tune played and he scoured the crowd then. That’s when his eyes locked on hers.

[b "It just occured to me, Jess; were underage, how did we get in - let along get drinks..."] Emily spoke the moment she turned around and stared upon her friend but who was also her competitor.
It just how it was.
The girls had known each other since they were 11.
11 years old and enrolled once being accepted, the girls had formed great friendships but with friendships, came the ugly eye of envy.

Drink still in her hand, Em kept her eye on Jess who took a step forward and lent in beside the ear of her friend and spoke somewhat loudly - trying to get heard over the music.
[+green "The Security guard out by the door is Katherine's cousin...."]
[b "And the drinks?..."]
[+green "Fake IDs. Duh..."]

Emily raised her eyebrow follow by the raise of her glass.
Impressive indeed, yet how stupid could the bar staff be?
[+green "Just remember, you're 21. If anyone asks...."]
[b "Yeah, of course..."]

Giving off a smile, Emily turned back around and lent against the railing of the couch area and continued to look out at the crowd.
People were dancing, people were drinking and having a great time but Em promise herself only a few drinks and back to her room where she would have a nice sleep - easily prepared for the next day of being appointed Odette.
It was a done deal.
Her body prepared for the roll and her her the role, in a sense.

It was a done deal in her mind, up until the moment her eyes rested upon a male on the other side of the room - by the bar, him too enjoying a drink to get his motor going and enjoy the night.
Quite a man.

Emily cleared her throat and after a few moments, turned her gaze upon something else. It didn't matter what it was but the longer she stared it would consider rude.

[+red "I love this song... I gotta...we gotta dance!"] Katherine yelled, putting the drink upon the table and left the couch area - pulling Jess while Jess pulled Emily that caught her off guard.
It was like a damn train and Em could not of put the glass down fast enough.

Three of the girls shimmied onto the dance floor while the others, along with the boys of the Academy, ones vying to play the Prince and Von Rothbart continued to drink the night away,
Emily on the other hand, danced - the drink making her body tingle; danced because she had won the part, because it was what she did and did it well.

A part of her wanted to turn her head and find the man who she spotted across the room; but distractions were evil.
Distractions, she could not afford.....but this one, she wanted.

Under lights of the dance floor, Emily closed her eyes and swayed to the music - moving her body in such a manner to keep in time with the music that busted through the speakers.
She could see the blurred colors of the lights through her eyelids, but could not see anyone, not anyone too see if they approached or left her side.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Amber had two left feet. But he loved that about her. She was cute when she stumbled, and he would kiss her cheeks when she blushed every time she would step on his foot. Of course upon dating her had nothing to do with dancing. She was capable of other great things. That said, he still enjoyed dancing with her. He liked the way she would wrap around him, allowing him to lead and carry her. His favorite moments were when they both had too much wine, if there was such a thing, and she would rest her head against his chest as they swayed. He frowned, instantly reaching for his phone.
“What are you doing?” Caleb popped in, he had just come back from talking to a brunette and it seemed it went well by the grin on his face. Though that disappeared as soon as he saw the device in Donovan’s hands.
“Checking the time?” He lied, turning his back and motioning for the bartender to get him another drink.
“What is it about that girl? If you loved her so much why didn’t you stay?” Donovan downed the shot, reaching up to unbutton one more button if his shirt. He was starting to get hot but liquor was making him less tense as he found it was hard for him to really let loose and forget about Amber.
“Oh you know I couldn’t say no to my dad. If I did it would be admitting defeat.” His father had always told him the business side of things had better perks. He preferred being in the action though rather than directing it. He couldn’t even compare his father to a choreographer – he was more like a wicked puppet master that purposely got satisfaction at everyone being under his thumb; he controlled the story. Donovan enjoyed the beauty in being out of controls of living and not just by the standards of money. Currency came in passionate sex, bellyaching laughter, sweat and blood – tears ! “Besides, Swan Lake has always been a favorite. And don’t question my love for Amber.” They would figure it out, he knew that to be true.

“Look you’re in a whole new country Donovan, getting a chance to oversee the best of the best for your favorite ballet. I’m not telling you to go out there and soil your oats, but you have to allow yourself the chance to have fun.” He placed his hand in his friend’s shoulder and leaned in a little. “The blonde there, i saw you eyeing her and as subtle as she may be, I’m sure you’ve caught her eye.” His eyes peered through, watching the girl surrounded by the others, though she stood out. “Have a drink, get your ass out there and enjoy your night. I know Amber enjoyed hers.” Donovan furrowed his brows, ready to ask what he meant when he pulled up his phone. He scrolled through his socials, showing Amber having a girls night out. Sure, there were no guys in the 30 second clip, but she looked happy. She looked like she was having a good time. He knew it was a bit selfish but he hated the idea that she didn’t seem to feel the same torment he felt and it had only been barely a week.

After taking another drink, Donovan made his way through the crowd, smirking at Caleb’s hoot if encouragement. Approaching a woman was not hard for him, especially in his element and dancing had always been his element. Though, this was a new scene and a new crowd, he didn’t want to coke off as a creep. Slowly he encroached her space, his eyes daring to meet her. He leaned in close, just so she could hear him over the music.
“Dance with me,” he said. Whether it was a request or an order was unsure, but something in his tone left no room for the answer to be no.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Who in their right mind would let under-age kids into their club without actual checking?
Sure, the guard was related to one of the girls - but the other guards who stood by and watched, protected the crowd.
Then again, it was a business.
Money, money, money.

It was with her wrist being grabbed that Emily quickly downed the drink and dropped the glass on the couch she stood next by the railing that overlooked the clubbers of the night.

Onto the dance floor, Emily shifted and was finally let go to enjoy herself, only to dance with eyes closed - ears open and her mind relaxed.
It simply could not get any better than this.

Arms up in the air, head tilted to the side, Emily moved her hips and enjoyed the music that tempted her ears before opening her eyes - watching the lights flicker on and off. Eyes open just in time to watch a figure snake through the crowd in her direction.

The connection of their eyes must of been magnetic as the male she had seen eaier across the room made him way up to her body, built to dance.

He got close.
Faces close to each other's own and instead of music, Emily listened to words he spoke on asking her to dance.
To dance with him.
No politeness, but just for her to dance.

Raising an eyebrow, Emily smiled and took a step in closer and raised both of her hands only to rest them on his shoulders.
A warm feeling rested upon her waist as he took her hold, bodies pressed up against one another.
It started to feel heated.

Forehead rested against his, faces even closer as the two danced to the music, none other than Enrique Iglesias.
Spanish tune, sultry and ever so sexy that made Emily slowly let go and turned around, backing herself up against the male who seemed to have a way around the dance floor.
He knew how to move, especially now with her ass against his lower half and within that moment, Emily moved her long hair to one side of her neck- giving signal for the male to get a little closer.

For his senses to smell her perfume.
For his hands to feel her body.

Technically, yes she was hooking up with the Director but surely this was okay to do.
Nothing was set in stone..
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan didn’t find it very hard to get into the groove, his arm wrapping around her waist to bring her closer to him. He could smell the liquor on the lips with how close he was, surrounded by a brief hint of floral perfume. He never let their eyes not leave one another, surprised by how well she was able to follow his move as thought they had practiced this routine so many times. Her body screamed dancer, though he wasn’t surprised. Lately quite a few of creatives, including fashion designers, artists, and the likes had moved here in the hopes of getting their big break. Though with a body like hers, Donovan also guessed that maybe she was just born with the natural ability of rhythm.

She was warm against him, her chest close to his and he could feel perky soft breasts through her dress. She spun with ease, carefully returning into his arms then, her back against him. Donovan’s nose dipped against her neck and gently traced the curve of it before reaching the back of her ear. The soft baby hairs at the nape of her neck tickled his nose. He could feel himself becoming excited. Was it the dancing, was it the liquor, or maybe his way of proving to himself that he didn’t need to worry about Amber. They were separated, they both deserved a little fun. They’d only known each other for the last few years and now that Donovan thought about it. It seemed Amber was much too eager to accept him leaving. Was it her way of giving him an ultimatum without saying so? Or had she already considered a split?

He lost focus on those thoughts however, the music intensifying as it reached its peak, the beautiful voice of Enrique pure and clear. His hips swayed in motion with the young woman’s before the song ended, his chest rising and falling as he stood still with the thriving in that moment. For a second it felt as though they were the only ones there in that crowded club. The other attendees were much too concerned about the next song, or heading off to get something to drink. Donovan though was entranced, stuck in a moment that he wasn’t really ready to let go.

“You’re good,” he whispered, “But I’m sure you can do better?” inviting her back to his place could go one of two ways, he would strike out and she would be nice about it, or she could do whatever she could to embarrass him for suggesting such a thing.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Emily did have a past love.
A love that she thought at the time could leap bounds and overtake obstacles no matter how big.
It was a love that she believed would last forever but, when you are in a confined space with other pretty broken girls around, it was going to call for disaster.

His name was Liam.
A dancer in the academy and one of Emily's first ever friends when she got accepted.
It was a friendship then and now, after the break up and mending - it remained.
There was no hard feelings.
Things happened.
Things beyond our control happened.

Temptation was always there.

The whole situation of Emily and the Director was a complicated one. All started with just a little meeting between the two. Sparks flew and the mistake happened...over and over again.
Perhaps they were just lonely.

The mystery man knew his way on the dancefloor and took Emily completely by surprise as he spun and twirled and dipped the female before pulling bodies in close - both colliding in such a sensual way.

Hands caressed the sides of her body.
A leg of her own lifted up and rested against the waist as the male once more dipped her backwards for a single moment before slowly slipping her back up - carefully....seductively.

Both of their faces became close once more.
Hot, sweet breath that smelt of strong liquor danced upon those pouty lips of the Ballerina.

The song had ended and for a fraction of a moment, Emily got lost only for the daze to be broken by his voice speaking that she was good..but perhaps she could do better.
She could.
A girl could do anything better with practise and practise..she had enough of.

"Youre the man. Lead the way.." she spoke against his mouth only to bite her lower lip.
Lights still flashed. Music once more began to pump through the speakers and her friends continued to dance..only to be interrupted by Jess who pointed at the pair, smiling and made the sound of "Oohhhh" longated enough for a few others of the Academy to look.

"Take me back to your place..."
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

What was he doing? Donovan had no intentions of inviting the girl home and yet something about those bedroom eyes had pulled him in. Or maybe it was that soft plushness to her voice. So soft that it made him consider her throat was lined with silk. He was aware he showed up with Caleb, but doubted the man would have any issues if he disappeared and certainly not if his reason had to do with a female. It was too late to pussy out now he knew and maybe he was just trying to prove something to himself which caused for his resistance to turn her down. He took her hand, walking out of the club then. The air was cold against his warm skin, no longer protected by the warmth from the inside of the club. After flagging down a cab, he was quick to follow her inside, making sure to bundle close. She was a stranger to him and while hooking up wasn’t exactly unusual, this had been his first encounter with a female outside of Amber.

She seemed very sure on her decision to go home with him and that comforted him enough. Whatever lied between the two, Donovan refused to let go dead and so he leaned in to kiss her, poking at a fire to keep it burning inside of himself. Strong hands pressed against her thigh, still a bit clammy from sweat and yet it didn’t matter. Donovan’s fingers were gentle as they okayed their way up, testing the boundaries. His lips traveled along her jaw, his Jose once more inhaling that sweet scent of her.

What was he doing ?

The words kept bouncing in his head and yet desire had overtook him. Drunk and consumed with li lines all he wanted was satisfaction. He managed to peel himself away to pay for the ride, holding her close to him on the way out. He was in no way that good if a boy, buts but if a hopeless romantic and one night stands didn’t always stay as one night stands. This was different though, he was in a whole new city. What were the chances of him seeing this girl again? Why feel the need to build any connection?

He was barely the through the front door before he had her right at the black suede couch, her knees level height with the arm rest. It was a nice apartment, on the upper side of the city. A two bedroom, one in the bottom to which he planned to turn into a makeshift studio, the other upstairs as the master. Though, it was clear by the boxes and other misplaced items that he was still moving in. That was background noise though, as a slip of moonlight through window slanted against her and he managed to finally get a good look at her face. Donovan was startled, by her beauty. The look of innocence in her eyes and yet such a devilish and cheek smirk he knew that hide beneath those pouty lips, red from his onslaught of kisses.

What was he waiting for now was the answer.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

What was wrong with going home with a man?
He was a stranger, no doubt about it but there was nothing wrong with a one night stand.

Emily had no bounds to anyone. She was single despite the frequent times she would fuck the head honcho of the Academy; but that was simply something fun and no commitment...or so she believed.

It was enough.
The friends proved immaturity and that made a grasp of her hand become tight and before she knew it? Emily was escorted out of the club, following the male like a lost little lamb until being let go out on the pavement.
Heels clicked against the concrete as shortly after; a yellow taxi pulled up and the pair ushered inside quick and ever so easily.

Nerves started to take over.
The taxi pulled away and began to drive towards the males apartment and both, sat there in silence with Emily looking ahead; hands on her lap - thinking a million things.
One, wondering what his name was for a start.
The girl has a terrible habit of moaning and screaming the name of her lover over and over while being penetrative.
Two, how old he was. A little bit older than 21 surely
And three, well...the rest weren't exactly important.

As the silence drew a little longer, finally one of them had the courage to act on the chemistry.
That was the beautiful thing about dance. It drew out feelings. Anger, love and in this case ..passion between two strangers.

Emily's lips had been kissed in the back-seat of the cab.
A kiss that she reciprocated and allowed hand to glide up her thigh with her dress being pushed up.
Her own hands resting gently against the side of his face - eyes closed her mouth opened and kissed the male with the gentle flick of her tongue.

He tasted sweet like whiskey.
A sweet moan escaped her throat as she breathed in enjoying this moment, a little too much to realise that the taxi had just pulled up.
So enthralled and caught up, Emily broke from the connection and have off soft laugh as she exited the cab.

Still no word between the two.
There didn't need to be.

Still nothing when they approached his door, one that opened and closed just as quick.
Within seconds, Emily rested upon the couch.
Laying down by the window, curtains open and the veiw that overlooked such scenery.
The stars shone.
The moonlight peeking through - casting a glow upon her and her skin, somewhat nude from removing her dress.
Only a single pair of lilac lace thong upon the body build to last being pushed to the limit.

Biting her lower lip, she gave off a little smile.
"What are you waiting for?.." ..she spoke softly, her hands travelling down the sides of his body - grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it up, wanting it off.

Desperately wanting it off.

"Don't be gentle..."
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan watched her carefully. Her lips had turned up, her fingers nimble and playing with the edge of his shirt until it was removed and there they stood both strangers in his apartment as bare as could be. Was she reading his kind ? He wondered as she looked at him, her bottom lip falling victim ti her too teeth and god did he want want to feel them again. She was playful too and her words brought a smile to his face. Donovan knew maybe it was different or weird, but being strangers during this didn’t give him the thrill. He wanted to know her name, wanted her to know his so that she could cry it out over and over. Her voice was soft and supple like breasts filled with nectar. He reached out for her small frame, her legs wrapping around his waist. He could feel her, hot against his abdomen and a pulse that radiated besides her heart. Don’t be gentle, how many different ways he could take that suggestion and yet as he carried her to his room, laying her flat against the dark black sheets, he saw not an ounce of fear in her.

Donovan removed his pants then, hardened and wanting, unashamed as he crawled atop her like a predator exploring what lay in his wake of feeding.
“Tell me your name,” he whispered. His fingers traveled along her belly, finding the rim of her thing as edging along until they found such slickness, wet enough to pierce. He wanted closeness. He wanted intimacy and he desired to have it all as though it would never come across him again. Donovan cursed under his breath, his fingers twiddling and playing her like a well tuned string instrument. All the while his boxers grew tighter and his wanting increased. Could he wait? No chance.

She was light, and molded against him with ease. Donovan’s lips pressed against hers and without a moment to even talk himself out of it, he found himself exploring her completely. His hips pressed against hers tightly, their rhythm no coincidence he found as he as easily able to rock against her. Each thrust and sway sent a volt of pleasure, his movements rough with desperation to feel. And god did it feel good.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Being gentle was a wonderful thing. During sex, being gentle was the way of showing the sweetest of affection. Something that Emily had never experienced but never stopped hoping for.
Being gentle showed love.

Had she ever been in love? Emily had thought she did with Liam, but upon thinking; it was more of a friendship love.

All she ever had was sex that was quick, quick to get it over and done with - like she had with the Director; being careful not to get busted.
Rough was all she knew.
Rough and intense was what she wanted.

Without a second thought, Emily was lifted up by the cheeks of her ass and wrapped her long ballerina legs around the waist of the man who was build like an Adonis.
Fingers through his hair, Emily lent in and kissed her new lovers lips as he wasted no time in shuffling back towards the bedroom - dropping Emily down onto the silk sheets of the bed.

Leaning up, her eyes watched intently as he undressed.
"Oh ..God.. " she muttered slowly, laying back down as he crawled upon her frame.

Hands caressed.
Hands touched that made tingles shoot throughout her body.

He wanted to know her name.

Looking up, cheeks flushed - Emily breathed heavily as his fingers taunted and teased her lower half while she tried to speak.
How could she even when she felt in such a way?

"Em....Emily.." she managed to speak only to be silenced with a hard and passionate kiss.
Boxer shorts soon were removed and her body consumed, penetrative by a well hung God of a man that made her toes curl.

In the throws of the sheets, Emily soon found herself onto of the male.
He sat up.
Her hips riding him; consuming all his length, legs wrapped around his waist once again as they held one another in a close embrace.

Spine arched, creating a curve Emily's head tilted back as she screamed and moaned in pleasure.
Speaking on wanting more of him.
Telling him to thrust up harder, faster- needing him in such a way as she was close.

He told her is name.
Begging her to say it.

Fingers running through his hair, grasping strands tight as Emily held on to ride him faster; she called out his name the moment the time came.
When she did.

Emily slowed her body down.
Skin glistening from sweat and her chest breathing heavily.

Never had a man made her feel such a way.
Butterflies in her stomach.

Now that...was sex.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Emily. Donovan murmured her name against her chest, lips exploring her breasts. His hands held tight to her hips as though he had any control and yet, he found pure satisfaction in sitting back and watching as the dirty blonde took him in fully. He crooned his name against her ear, suckling on her lobe and begging her to say his name. Close, Donovan knew he was so close. He could feel that pressure against his loins and dammit, the desire to allow himself to let go was there. But Amber was in the back of his mind. Donovan cursed, slipping and allowing himself that freedom of letting go, his fingers taking place to keep Emily going. Was it some kind of sick desire to see her writhing in pleasure after he had already had his fill? Furiously his fingers worked until she cried out, quivering then. The room had fallen silent, their breathing the only sound that somehow rivaled that of the few cars that drove down the street outside. Donovan pressed a light kiss along her collarbone, removing his fingers now sticky with the sap of pleasure.

What did one say at times like this? When the passion was beginning to wear down and wear off, you didn’t just simply ask them to leave? Unless you were that sort of person and Donovan wasn’t. He was a man that had both carnal and tender moments. He also knew that he didn’t want her to leave, something comforting about sharing the bed with a woman was sounded nice after a week since his and Amber’s embrace.

There’d be a lot to clean up the next day, but he was exhausted and he said nothing as he held her close, drawing her to rest against his chest while his hands brushed against the curve of her spine until he fell asleep.


When Donovan awoke, he was surprised to find that his bed was empty. Memories of the previous night flashed through like a fervor dream and had he not been completely in the nude, he would’ve thought it really a dream. He touched his lips, still a bit tender from the intense kissing. If he thought hard enough, he swore he could still taste her. Nonetheless, that was in the past and Donovan couldn’t lament on it as he had work to do. He stripped the sheets, tossing them in the laundry basket to deal with when he got home. After a long shower he felt like himself, the grogginess of a minor hangover slowly slipping down the drain with the rest of the water.

He'd changed into a black turtleneck and a pair of black dress pants, his hair still wet as he left his apartment. He’d hopped into his car and soon made his way to the academy. He hadn’t visited the school in a couple of years, though it brought back fond memories. How many times had he watched through windows, peeping at rehearsals? His eyes met those of hopeful and young students, a buzz in the air as today was the day roles would be announced for Swan Lake. Who would be the star?

Donovan stopped at his father’s office then. They’d talked on the phone plenty of times, short conversation and straight to the point, but this would be the first time in a while they would be spending more time together. This was to be their biggest production and his father made it quite clear that he wanted nothing to go wrong.

For a one night stand of two strangers who did not know each other from a single grain of rice, it was quite something to remember.
Donovan was his name and the man was well and truly quite a surprise and the surprises kept on coming.
Foolishly, the pair were so wrapped up and caught up in the heated moment the Donovan and Emily had forgotten to use protection, so for the male to render himself unable to hold on, he let himself go inside the woman he had just met instead of pulling out.

Luckily, Em was on the pill and ...knew the day it was bound to arrive so it did not matter.

Donovan surprised her again by feeling her up - touching the sensitive pea sized organ, rubbing as good as knew to get the girl off and it did wonders.
Emily screamed in pleasure to the high heavens and it was not long after that she collapsed on top of Donovan, on the bed - panting heavily trying ever so hard to collect their breathes.
Emily's head rested upon his chest while she could feel his fingertips caressing the smoothness of her back and yet, no words and no conversation left their mouths. Instead, both went to sleep completely satisfied knowing this was a great way to end the one night stand.

The body clock was an annoying thing.
It was 6 am when Emily fluttered her eyes open, waking up without the sound of her alarm. She had gotten up so often at the time that her body was just used to it, which certainly was something.
Slowing leaning up - her eyes looked upon her one night partner who was still asleep under the black satin sheets and slowly removed herself from the predicament without a second thought.
Panties back on upon her body, soon followed by her dress. Heels in hand, hair in a mess that showed her actions from the night before and she quickly and quietly left the room as well as the apartment - hailing a cab and made her way back to the Academy as promptly as she could.

When she entered her room, Jess - her dorm mate was still asleep and Emily had never been quieter.
Like a mouse, she shifted around the room - grabbed her bag that was filled with outfits and shoes and quickly made her way to the showers.
The smell of sex hung from her skin.
Sweat, saliva, aftershave - all gone with a single wash as since she was already up and rearing for the day, En did not go to bed; instead, she put on her pink tights, black leotard and a pale pink chiffon skirt that ended at the ankles, a skirt that was so light, flowed and danced in rhythm as she did.
Hair still down and slippers upon her feet, it was not long until Emily made her way to the dance room and let herself in - placing the bag off too the side, did her hair up in a classic bun and removed her slippers.

An hour before class started.
Everyone would be getting up - ready for the day but Em had started and began to dance barefoot by the mirrors to get her blood and body limber.

[+green "The lists! They are up!.."] Jess called as class had begun.

Every single senior dancer who auditioned rushed to the announcement wall and each and every single one looked for their names.
Seven Swans were chosen. Friends of Emily and somewhat disappointed, but no one was as disapointed as Jess who sighed upon seeing her name up on the lists but not as Odette but as Odile.
Odette, the Swan Princess was named as Emily Winthorpe.

[+green "Congratulations Em..."]
[b "I got it? I cant believe it.."] she muttered, knowing full well that was a lie, and both girls wandered back into the dance room.
[+green "Odette is so much better than Odile.."]
[b "Its the second lead. Still a big role to play, Jess.."]
[+green "Sure, but all eyes are on you. You get to dance with Liam. You gave the story. I'm the woman who the Prince doesnt want.."]
[b "Now, you are being silly, Jess. It's a great role.."] Em spoke, doing up the last tie up of the ribbon of the point shoe before standing up, arching her feet to break in the new slipper.

[+green "Speaking of went home with that guy last night, didn't you? You're lucky Mae didn't see you sneak in..."]
[b "Guess I am lucky. Nothing can kill this buzz..."]
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

“Well well if it isn’t Mr. Stud,” Caleb said as he entered his father’s office. He shook his head, a smile spreading on his face. “I was just telling your father about how you abandoned me in the club.” Donovan closed the door and walked toward the mahogany desk where his father sat. The both of them only shared one commonality, a full head of thick silky hair and grey eyes that could both intimidate you and entrance you and sometimes simultaneously. Though for the most part, he earned his good looks from his mother’s side of the family.

“Don! His father said with not as much enthusiasm, but he wasn’t surprised. They had a brief hug before he took a seat. “What’s this about a club? I brought you here to work you know. We have some great dancers this year – Swan Lake is just what we need to get the buzz around the school for new investors.”
“I understand,” Donovan said. “Besides, I didn’t abandon you Caleb, I was having fun like you asked.”
“Oh the blonde?” He inquired with a smirk. This certainly piqued his father’s interest. Any time a woman was brought up, he was interested. Donovan supposed that he quite possibly got his charm from his father who would and could do anything to charm a woman out of her underwear. His problem was that he was still technically married, Donovan’s mother had given up on that long ago though. He couldn’t understand it. Love had always been something he sought for in life. That wasn’t to say that he was opposed to nights of strange passion if it meant he could be with Emily again.

“She was a beauty,” Donovan commented, trying not to show that he was much more impressed by the dancing seductress he met last night.
“Well, now you’re at work,” his father said as he came to a stand. “I’ll take you over to meet the dancers. “ The three of them walked off, Caleb eventually breaking off to head to his office. His father showed him his office, which when walking through led to the next door dance studio.

“Ladies, gents,” his father called to gather their attention. “Many of you might already be familiar with my son and his work. He too attended this academy years ago and I have called on him to be the lead director for our production. I trust I leave you in capable hands,” he said as he looked toward Donovan. Donovan had met his father’s attention before he soon left. Donovan looked at his notebook then, glancing over the list his father had given him.

[I ‘Playing Odette . . .’] he read off in his mind. Donovan paused then, clearing his throat and finally looking up, through the sea of faces. [I Those eyes].He shifted his leg then, clearing his throat and trying to ignore his quickly beating heart. He knew he couldn’t just stand there without saying anything.

“Why don’t we do some stretches?” He suggested then, something to do while he tried to get his thoughts together. He couldn’t believe he had slept with a student.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Honestly, what were the chances she would ever see him again?
New York was quite big.
Thousands of people looking for adventure and most of the times, love.

The two strangers had a heated moment on the dancefloor and even more intense passion in the sheets and that was it.
When Emily left, she did not leave her number or her address due to a couple of reasons, one being the fact she had just turned 18 not even a month again; she was still young yet played off to be 21.

Hell, on the way back to the school - she gave off a little smile as it was a good night but she actually got away with none of the truth seeping out.
It was going to be a good day.

Like she said to Jess, who remained there - watching Emily carefully; nothing at all could kill this buzz.

[+green "Oh really? Nothing?..."] Jess spoke in a manner that made Emily raise an eyebrow as they both stood by the barre off to the left hand side - by the window to which they got a great veiw of New York.
[b "I don't like the sound of how you asked me that...."] Em replied, lifted up her left leg and placed it on top of the barre before leaning down, chest against knee as she begun to stretch just a little. [b "But no...nothing..."]

[+green "Well your [i buzz] just walked in...."]
[b "What?.."]

With a confused look upon her face, Emily looked at Jess only to see her friend nod in the direction of the doorway which made the Ballerina shift her leg from the barre to stand on both feet and turn around.
Her eyes rested upon the Director and the male standing beside.

[b ' cant be..."] she muttered to herself.

[+red “Ladies, gents, Many of you might already be familiar with my son and his work. He too attended this academy years ago and I have called on him to be the lead director for our production. I trust I leave you in capable hands,”]
[i "SON?!!!..."]

Emily's mind screamed.
Not only did she occasionally fuck the head man of this School but now she had to go in and passionately fuck his own son?
Emily's face became dumbfounded and she felt Jess approach her from behind and whisper in her ear - words that made the girl sigh.

[+green "That sucks. If you fucked him last night, he gave you the buzz and now he took it from you. What are you going to do?.."]

Jess had a mean streak.
Why they were friends; Emily had no idea.

[b "Not funny, Jess.."]
[+green "Maybe not for you.."]

Emily remained silence and continued to stand there, watching Donovan ever so intently pace the room with a notebook in hand to which he looked down and read in silence.
He finally realised.
A light bulb turned off and she was sure in that moment he had seen her name as the Principle dancer.
The face said it all, especially when he tilted his head up and connected eyes with his lover for just one night.

They were both breathing heavily.
Silence filled the room only for a fraction of a moment before Donovan opened his mouth and managed to speak words on the class starting stretch routines to loosen their bodies for the daunting class.

The class turned the barre, Emily was delayed in doing so as she continued to keep her eyes on Donovan, unable to comprehend how this all happened.
What were the chances?!!

Turning slowly, Emily breathed out slowly with a sigh before placing one hand on the barre, the other - grabbing her ankle as soon as her leg lifted up above her head while her back arched.

[b "Keep focused, Emily.."] she whispered to herself.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Keep calm. That’s what Donovan was telling himself and yet how could he? He had slept with a student and it has to be someone that would be in his class. He was nervous then, starting to suspect that the little minx wasn’t as truthful with him. Though he left little room to even get to know her. The intent was to sleep with a stranger after all. In a city filled with thousands of people, their path seemed to have to cross again. He cleared his throat, realizing that he was just standing there and staring in the same direction. It seemed Emily was also shocked, finally turning sharp on her heel so as not to face him. He knew he couldn’t confront her during class as he suspected that it would be a little weird. He also needed to get his mind together as he had very little agility to formulate a sentence.

She already was making it hard to focus. Donovan watched as her back arched, memories of his fingers dancing along her spine playing in his mind. He thought about that soft gasp she gave when his mouth wandered toward the right place. Of course she had to be a dancer, no one could have control of their body in such a manner both in and out of the bedroom without some talent. And boy did she have lots of it, so much so that she was made Principal. That actually impressed Donovan.

He clapped his hands to gain everyone’s attention.
“I figure before we get started I should tell you a little bit more about myself. We are going to get to know each other very well over the next few months. I have chosen to do this ballet over any opportunity back home and not just because my father asked me to, but because I love to dance.” He was making his way down the row, making direct eye contact with the others, some of the girls giggling in his direction. “I am understanding, but I am also a perfectionist and I accept nothing but the best of my dancers. Respect my time, respect the art and we will get through this.” He said before stopping before Emily.
“And you must be my Odette?” He asked as he looked down at her. His eyes fell on her film lips. “We’ll run through the first act. He checked his notebook before calling the dancers participating in the first scene. Donovan didn’t want to work them so hard, he wanted each scene to be just as good as the last. He didn’t care how long that took but if he worked the dancers for too long the first day it would lead to them crashing by the end of the week.

As the students were changing into their street wear and gathering their things, Donovan called for Emily. He had made his way to the entry of his office, leaning in the doorway.
“Can I see you for a moment?”
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

[b "Breathe. Just breathe...."]

What words to go by.
Emily tried to breathe as normal as she possibly could but her hart was beating a million miles an hour which she too tried to calm down.
It felt hot in the room.
It was as if she just got busted by her parents and one got that overwhelming feeling - not to mention she was somewhat disgusted in herself knowing she had fucked two men in one same family.
Who did that?
Too be fair, she had not one clue.

Emily tilted her head back which allowed just a simple small touch of her leg against the base of her skull and kept it there for a fraction of a moment, feeling Donovan's eyes on her.
It was a hot sense of a feeling - flashbacks of the night prior where she somewhat displayed her flexible abilities danced through her mind.
Letting go, Em slowly lowered her leg back onto the ground the moment ears perked up and listened to Donovan's voice that made the girl bite her lower lip.

All she could hear was her name being spoken over and over in the way he enjoyed the female riding him.
Donovan continued to speak only to fall silent upon listening to the girls in the room giggle, causing Emily to roll her eyes.
Why was she not surprised at this?

[i “I am understanding, but I am also a perfectionist and I accept nothing but the best of my dancers. Respect my time, respect the art and we will get through this.”]

Quite a little speech.
It was all about respect and Donovan wanted nothing more.

[i "And you must be my Odette..."] he spoke, coming up to Emily, who remained standing - tall and ever so well poised.
Eyes locked in sharp and the two connected by sight and it was there that Emily nodded her head slowly and replied [b "Yes. I am..."] in a soft tone.

[i "“We’ll run through the first act."]

That was that.
Emily breathed out as she seemed to hold her breath.
Nothing more was to be said. Instead he turned from her and continued walking through the aisles - flicking though his notebook and the dancers scurried off to the side, some putting the barre's away leaving the room bare and empty for them to rehearse.

The first act was preformed and fixed in some places - only to be danced over and over again for several hours.
Emily did the best she could considering that life had thrown her a damn curve ball and when it was all over and done with, the girl simply could not of gotten dressed in street wear fast enough.

The sooner she was out of there, the better.

She would then have time to herself to gather her wits and words on what she would say to him - knowing she could be questioned in regards to her lies.

Stepping out of the dance room, Emily turned and headed towards the dorm room but was stopped by her name being called from the opposite direction.
Donovan wanted to see her.

Giving out a soft sigh, slowly Emily turned around and walked herself towards Donovan's new office - wearing only tracksuit pants and sneakers, leaving the leotard underneath .
Shifting past the male, stepping into the room, Emily placed her bag onto the couch and turned around - backing against his desk - watching as he slowly closed the door behind him.

[b "I can explain...."]
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

“Well, I can see why you were in such a rush this morning,” he said, closing the door gently. He slipped his hands into his pockets then and finally met her eyes. All practice he struggled with not paying attention to her for too long, whether so as not to be distracted or so as not to be so obvious in front of the others.
Donovan wasn’t all the way sure that he had a plan on what he was going to say he just knew that he had to say something. They had to clear the air. Though he could only suspect that she too would like to keep their night a secret between the two of them. God knows how it would look for her to get the lead role if it was leaked that the couple had slept together. Though, it was something he thought would make his father proud oddly enough. With the door closed, he walked over, unsure how close was too close. He could still get a whiff of her scent, much as the same as the previous night floral and yet that slight hint of musk. He thought about how fluid Emily was on the dance floor. Too many of the other dancers visibly looked like they were trying hard, their eyes sparking with rage and their expressions a presentation of their annoyance at any fault or mistake.

Emily wasn’t perfect of course. there were points she could improve in and sometimes he felt she was just a tad lazy, it all came so easily and so natural. Was she destined to play as Odette, one could say that. But he had no doubts as of now he didn’t fully commit to that idea. It was already set though and with a bit more practice, he knew she would be the beautiful swan she already thought herself to be.

“Oh?” He said with a faint smile. Donovan took a seat on the couch, a perfect amount of distance between the two. His hand tapped gently on his bottom lip before he gave a little wave. “Please do, this should be very entertaining.” He knew kids liked to have fun, to go out and get into trouble. He was no stranger to underage drinking of course. Though, seeing her under different lighting, the body which a tight fitting dress once wrapped around now replaced by loose sweats and a plain leotard certainly made her seem . . . tame. In the dark with nothing but the moonlight to brush against her skin, she seemed like a coquette, brazen and sensual. Here she looked small, delicate even. But he knew not to be fooled by any shred of innocence; a girl like her that could play both sides certainly left plenty room for trouble.

Yes she was tempting, but this was his career after all. So far he had gone blemish free which one couldn’t say about most directors and instructors. Illicit affairs and activities between students and teachers were no secret and yet still very taboo.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

There were many reasons why she was in a rush this morning.
The ones that stood out were the fact she got herself involved in a one night stand, which by protocol really - was not to spend the night.
Do the deed and leave....although she was infact guilty of falling asleep next to Donovan.

Perhaps a mistake.

The next was, she was only 18 in a club for patrons of 21 and older. Emily had lied but Donovan hadn't even asked her age.
Why would he?

Emily had not been on her best on this very day.
The one day she had to prove to herself and the others that she could take the pressure and excitement of being the lead - did not turn out well.
Shock had taken over.
First impressions were important, and yet all could think about was Donovan.

Donovan and his voice.
Donovan and his mouth, hands - appendage pulsating inside her loins that made Emily scream in pleasure. The way he said her name over and over was something she wanted to hear again...

"I can explain.." Emily spoke, still leaning against the desk, biting her lower lip as hues watched Donovan shift away from the door towards the couch.
Smug reply escaped his lips.
A tap of his chin.
He took a seat which only made Emily raised an eyebrow before sighing.

A smack of her lips, she removed herself from the desk and shrugged.

"I...Okay well. The crew and I went out last night to celebrate Auditions. We may have faked our IDs a little but to be fair, you never asked me what I did for a living or how old I was. I got caught up in the moment..." she spoke keeping her eyes on Donovan as she paced the room.

"You didn't mention anything either.."

Taking in a breath, Emily moved in closer towards the couch and slowly shifted her body to mount Donovan.
Legs on either side of his body, she lowered herself down onto him.
Bodies close.
Eyes looking intently, making a connection.

"There really is no reason to be mad about this, is there? I mean...I would tell if you don't. I'm great at keeping secrets..." she spoke.

The secrets Emily kept were juicy.
Her friends secrets as well as her own could get one suspended of even removed from the Academy.
The Director, would even see jail from fucking a minor; that of 17 when it began.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

“Well you know my first instinct isn’t to just ask to see someone’s id in a club.” Though it was true, they were both guilty of not asking as many questions as they should. Though wasn’t that the fun in it all? To be so passionate and venerable with a stranger because you wouldn’t have to see them the next day to ever regret it. Not that Donovan regretted anything about their time together which was what made his emotions so complex when it came to Emily. Some part of him of course knew it was stupid and yet the other part of him did crave to have that moment once more.. maybe it was because he missed Amber, the touch of a woman. Though he knew that if he stayed focused, that would start to fade and become more of an annoying thud in the back of his mind rather than some persistent tapping.

His eyebrows raised as her voice dropped, her walk more of a saunter as she made her way toward him. Donovan shifted some in his seta, tensing a little as though in some way trying to ward her from coming any nearer. Yet, he made no attempts to stop Emily as she mounted him. Clever. He was sure early on she had learned what a beautiful face could get out of anyone and even more so how easy anyone, especially a man who loved women, could be further manipulated upon contact alone.

She was closer now, her thighs pressing against his and had she not been in pants, Donovan knew he would be able to feel how warm she was against him. He felt that light throb in his pants. She was practically handing herself to him and yet he had every right to fear this to be a possible trap. He licked his lips, wary and timid, but his hands still finding their ways to her hips. Donovan pressed her tight against him, knowing she could feel him. His nose trailed against her neck, a small sigh escaping. He wanted to kiss her, to feel the lips that dared to utter such sensual words. Yet he knew not to trust a voluptuary and even more so, he knew he had to be an adult about the situation.

Despite such hardening, he had to walk this off. Donovan pulled away, leaning back to watch Emily. “Then we agree, we both will keep quiet about our night together?” Donovan figured Emily to be the type of person who probably wasn’t used to hearing the word no. would she tempt him into a chase? Or did she have her eyes set on someone else already, certainly she alluded to such things.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

It was quite a move to make, stepping forward and slowly lowering herself down onto Donovan as he rested upon the couch with a smug look on his face.
He wanted to explain.
He wanted to know the reasons for doing what she did and quite frankly, she simply let it down to that she was young - wanting adventure and a little mischief in her life.

She got exactly that and a little more.

Donovan remained seated - keeping is eyes upon the Ballerina just a she did with him - unable to break contact.
Not even when his hands shifted to her waist and she felt a little pulse of a tingle that she refused to look away.
It seemed that he wanted her still; just as much as she did.

There was always a time and place though.
Perhaps in his office was not the prime place to do such thing, but when Donovan lent up, that was when Emily lost contact and closed her eyes - allowing and loving the feeling the tip of his nose and brush of his lips made against her skin.
It was nice to be wanted.
It was nice to be shown affection.

Raising her hand, slowly Emily ran fingers through Donovan's hair; giving the strands a little tug only to hold him close - but when all good things happen, things had to come to an end and Donovan, in that moment put and end to their little affectionate play.

He pulled away and lent back against the couch once again.

Emily opened her eyes and gave a look - that of confusion.
He had wanted it; the girl could feel him still hard and throb underneath her.

[i “Then we agree, we both will keep quiet about our night together?”]

Emily remained quiet - looking at Donovan in such a way that made her look down and give off a little chuckle of disappointment.
Biting her lower lip, Emily shifted her body and removed herself from the male who continued to rest upon the soft couch and stood up, sauntering to her duffel back and picked it up.
The strap over her shoulder, Emily sighed.

[b "I wasn't going to tell..."]
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan could only smile at Emily’s response. Of course he was sure she was somewhat disappointed and he himself was as well. He could still feel himself unable to move, stiff from his own wanting that had yet to settle down.
“I didn’t think you were,” Donovan admitted. He was relieved to see her finally walk out, a sigh of relief escaping. That was tough and Donovan had to close his eyes and lean back with some attempt to get himself back into check. That couldn’t happen again. They couldn't happen again as badly as he wanted. He finally came to a stand, gathered his things and made his way out of the building.

“Donovan?” He paused at hearing his father’s voice. He didn’t think he would still be here this late. He turned to face the older man who eventually met him in the middle of the hall. “How was your first day?”
“Terrific. The dancers need a bit of work, but the foundation is there for a really solid show.”
“Good good. This is really important for us. I have two new investors that are planning to attend the show and they are both considering having some of their best dancers attend here as some sort of exchange program.” He knew that the dance industry wasn’t exactly thriving with so many big names eventually leaving to film shows and movie. Live theater was a culture that needed to eb well preserved.

“I promise not to disappoint.” His father slapped him on the shoulder.
“I take that as a promise.” The two caught up a little as they walked toward the garage. It was the first pleasant conversation they had, one too few. Eventually after their goodbyes, Donovan made his way to his car and was heading home. He received a message then from Amber. She was checking in on him. A part of Donovan wanted to inquire about her outing. He was a bit peeved that she was checking on him as though she had no trouble moving on in her life. Was he asking for too much? Surely it was selfish to want her to be miserable without him just as he was. It didn’t make his thoughts for Emily diminish at all.

By the time he made it home, his head was rushing with thoughts of the female. He had her number, thanks to the teacher’s file he was given. But that would be weird right? Maybe she wasn’t into him, she was younger than him and perhaps it had just been a spur of the moment. Her act in his office could’ve very well been just that . . . an act. Yet, he stared at his phone, laid on the counter after he had dropped everything and quickly poured himself a glass of wine. Damn.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Why on earth, would she feel the need to brag about the situation she let herself be put in?
Not only would it ruin any chance she felt she had with Donovan, whether it was a fling or something more serious; the leak of her fooling around with the Director would see daylight and ruin her career as well as his own.

For Donovan to feel like she would be the type of girl to go off and spill the beans, made her heart sink.
It hurt.
Sure, she was considered to be a young girl - but not all, gossiped.

Jess on the other hand....

[b "I wasn't going to tell.."] Emily had spoken with the strap of her duffel back hanging firmly on her shoulder, standing close to the door - secretly wanting for Donovan to shift from the couch, take her in his arms and treat her how a woman should be treated.
[i “I didn’t think you were,”..]

Silence filled the room after his reply. The two stared upon each other with nothing else more to say and it was not long until Emily opened up and walked out the door without a single glance back.
Whatever they had, had surely fizzled out.

What a shame.

Poised with a straight spine, standing tall and shoulders back - Emily made her way down the hall and turned several corners before coming to her dorm room.
It was with a single hand on the door knob that Emily had paused upon hearing her name being called.

Liam, approached her with a smile on his face, Emily smiling just the same as she let go of the handle and turned around only to back up against the door - crossing her arms.
[b "Following me?.."] she spoke softly.
[+green "Don't I always?.. I never congratulated you today on getting Odette. I knew you would, I'm proud of you.."]
[b "Congratulations to got the Prince. We are dancing together once again. You already know I am proud of everything you do."]
[+green "We make a good pair, you and me. Always have.."] Liam spoke, leaning down and gently kissing her cheek - causing Emily to somewhat blush. [+green "I gotta go. Meeting Stephanie for dinner. Tomorrow, you and me..."]

They were friends, even after everything.
Friends and that was it. Their timing was never right.

[b "You got it. You and me..."] Emily spoke, watching Liam smile and soon left her side, leaving the girl on her own once more in the hallway.
Sighing, all she could do was shake her head and tried once again to open the door without any interruption.
Jess was not in the room.

Emily, closing the door behind her - fell into a slump on the bed.
The bag sliding off from her arm and fell into a heap on the bedroom floor - while her face, rested in a pillow.
All she wanted to do was scream.

What was it with men?

Liam did not want her and now Donovan pushed her to the curb.
Guess he was right to do it. No one could find out.

It was just easier this way.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan grabbed his phone and dialed it many times. And yet he Berber pressed calm. What was he doing? The thought again ran through his mind. Amber’s message was still left I touched as well, not unread and definitely seen. She knew he’d seen the message and it was very much unlike him not that respond. Perhaps she figured him busy when in reality he was twiddling his thumbs about some birds – some girl that he had only met the night before. He’d already finished the wine by then, warm and nerves settling, but anxiety grilling him like a security blanket. He gripped the counter and leaned over, eyes closed at the memory of his Emily moved. He felt cheated honestly, they both had rushed through the moment and damn, knowing what she was capable of after seeing her dance had out thoughts in his head. Maybe she wouldn’t answered if he called. Hell, it was an unknown number.

Donovan grabbed the phone and made his way toward the couch. He’d opened another bottle of wine by now and turned on the television. After toggling with the settings he put in a show he had been watching, something to get himself invested in enough to distract him. Though sitting into he couch made him think about them in his office; how her thighs clutched tight against him. He saw her arch a little, a gentle jerk as she felt him.

He pulled the phone from his lap and dialed her number again. This time he actually let it ring. Donovan got comfortable, his leg now propped on the offer table. He had other things he could be doing, planning their schedule and working in coordinating lights and costumes. It was his first day b it he wasn’t usually so lax. He wasn’t usually distracted this way. She had completed took over his mind by this point, like tasting fresh ice cream – smooth and delicate, a texture not easily replicated.

Suddenly he was willing her to pick up. Drop everything and come see him. Come stay with him. Just one more night to get it out of his system. For good, Donovan would hope so.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

All she wanted to do was scream.
Too hold the pillow right on each side and scream out her frustrations and the seemingly predicament she was in.
Emily had taken in a fling with the Director but now she had found herself wanting to take in some sort of affection to Donovan who was none other than the offspring.

Breaking it off with Liam, left Emily with desperately needing to feel wanted.

Leaning up from the pillow, Emily sighed before sitting up; grabbing the duffel bag from the floor and brought it up to her lap.
Inside, her phone - wallet, keys, clothes aswell as her pointe shoes along with little bits and pieces to secure and fix.
Taking out the important items, Emily placed all in the drawer, phone sitting on top before taking out her shoes.

Legs crossed, all alone in the room - Emily had started to repair and fix her shoes.
The shank had become a little weak. Had at least 2 sessions left before new ones had to be supplied and broken in.
Needle and thread, the ribbon was tightened before Emily's fingertips turned on the little speaker for music to play.

She fell into a trance when it came to shoes.
It calmed her down.
It made her feel better.

Humming to herself, her trance broke the moment her phone began to ring. Vibrate on the drawers with an unknown caller.
Pricking herself on her finger, she sighed and brought the tip to her mouth and sucked lightly while putting down the needle and quickly answered the phone.


"Uh? Hello? ..."

An unknown caller.

What was she to do?
Leave things as they were?

Surely nothing could be more complicated.
Sex was just for fun. Wasn't locking anything in.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Of course she answered. How could she not. He was sure that curiosity had definitely been the reason as to her answering his call. Her voice was soft and sweet, different over the phone and somehow that made things easier. He realized then that he hadn’t said anything in over thirty seconds and it was likely she would hang up.
“Hello Emily,” he finally said. His fingers ran through his hair, his eyes now trying to settle on the tv burn they kept shifting as he was trying to devote a lot of his attention to her. He cleared his throat and stood up, taking a last sip of the wine before heading into the kitchen. Maybe it if sounded like he was in the middle of something that this wouldn’t come of too weird. “I hope I didn’t worry you, i just figured I would start adding the students to my phone. You know in Thebes’s of emergencies.” Donovan leaned against the counter then, his hand tucked under his armpit. He knew he wanted her and yet he was trying to find the right moment to slip that in. Or should he find the strength to not suggest she come over, then he could be done with her completely.

Though he was curious, what she wore. Had she already peeled away the layers of her uniform? Had she showered, now clutching a towel to her body, small beads of water still falling along her skin. He nibbles on his bottom lip gently. “I hope I didn’t intrude,” he said, his voice now lower as he had slipped into that bubble of pure desire. “Come see me “ he finally said. He wasn’t going to beat around the bush. Right now he had no patience for games. He wanted her and badly.

“Right now.” Much the same as their dance it hadn’t really been a question, more of a request that he hoped she would willingly accept.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

When it came to unknown callers, there was a sense to answer or not too.
Telemarketers or maybe even someone who was blocked but sneakily got another number just to get in contact.

It was always so much better to have them up on ID. One could see and make a definitive choice.
In this case, Emily bit the bullet, bit her lower lip and answered the call with a swift swipe of the screen, bringing the cell to her ear.

[b "Uh, Hello?..."] Emily spoke into the receiver, sucking on her finger to try to calm the stinging pain that the tip of the needle had caused.
There was no reply.
[b "Hello?..."]
[i “Hello Emily.."] came the reply. A voice somewhat familiar and similar to that of Donovan's. Slowly Emily slipped the finger from her mouth and gave off a soft sigh, eyes looking straight to be focused on the voice at the other end of the line.

[b "Donovan?"]
[i “I hope I didn’t worry you, I just figured I would start adding the students to my phone. You know in case of emergencies.”]
[b "So, you call to make sure that it is them?..."] Em spoke with a raise of an eyebrow, somewhat leaning back on her bed.

Curious indeed.

He had spoken that he hoped that he did not intrude to which Emily replied that he in fact wasn't. All she was doing was fixing the pointe shoe that needed a little repair to last her the two more sessions.
A pair would normally last her along 8 days. Two more days of wear left.

[i "Come see me.."]
[b "What?.."]
[i "Right now."]

Did he-?
Emily gave off another confused look as she straightened up from the leaning position. Thoughts running through her mind, confused as all get out.

[b "Uh--..Yo- Donovan, you are starting to really confuse me on what you want. First in your office and now this...- I ....."] she muttered, closing her eyes - somewhat stammering as she simply could not come up with a reply proper. [b "I cant. I have a few things to do that I need to get too. I have to fix my shoes, wash my hair....practice the movies for Act 1, because today ..was not my best and I'm sure you understand why.."]

Opening her eyes, Emily looked straight ahead once more before looking down at her lap.
[b "I hope you don't think I'm that type of girl that would come to you with your beckoned call. I have to go..."]

Moving the phone from her ear, Emily hung up and hung her head with her hand, covering eyes with a groan.

[b "Wash my hair!?!..."] she spoke loudly. [b "What the fuck. Idiot!..."] she spoke again before sighing.

She did in fact want to go to the dance room in the evening when no one was around to practise. Today for her, was horrific and she needed to be better if she was to prove that her being Odette was the right choice.

Just her and her dance.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

“Wash your hair,” he whispered and he was just as confused. It seemed they both were caught in this spiral unsure of what they wanted until the other apparently had moved on. Donovan straightened then. “I didn’t, I suppose i just thought you [I different].” There were no pleasantries, no room really for goodnight or anything just a rushed Emily, flustered possibly who was rushing to get off the phone. He hung up, sighing out then. That was a bit of an embarrassment and he knew he would have to deal with that done tomorrow. He needed to clear his head. He wasn’t starting to realize why he had become so comfortable with Amber. Dating and flirting was exhausting. He liked that bone already built and secured. Had he not been miles away from Amber he knew that she wouldn’t have thought twice. Of course he wouldn’t need to call her, when the mood as just right he would just give her that look, a smile spreading on her face then. They both were simply enamored with another.

Donovan had spent the rest of his time listening to music as he began to unpack and start to settle the apartment. He didn’t plan to stay after everything was done. He has every intention to go back to Amber, though was he sure their time apart wouldn’t cause an issue? He’d planned to visit her soon for her birthday of course. Maybe that would tell him where their relationship lied. He got the living room completely set up, a bookshelf filled with various books and a few knickknacks from trips he took with Amber. She always picked something up, a mini snow globe, a cute or silly post card, just something to remember a trip by. He even had a polaroid picture of them propped up against the spine of a book. He hung a few posters of playbills and the likes and eventually moved on to the bedroom.

Admittedly he was a still reeling from Emily’s denial but that he would have to let go. This was what he wanted right? A professional relationship between the two? He stripped the sheets and tossed everything in the wash while he started to finish unpacking his suitcase before shoving it into the hallway closet. Donovan was pleased and he eventually did get Emily out of his mind. He made his way to shower, large hands massaging his scalp as he washed his hair. By the time he got out, towel wrapped around his waist he was feeling much better.

[I Doing fine, first day went great. Miss you.]

What use was it to lie to Amber? He did in fact miss her and maybe that was why he was being so needy. Would that feeling go away the longer he was there? Did he want it to? Donovan rose red Thai food and soon made his way toward the couch. He was much less distracted and more invested in what he was watching. After finishing his meal, he climbed into bed and prepared himself for the next day. .
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

She wanted too.
She wanted to get up, shower, dress and catch a cab to go see Donovan. She wanted to do everything but there was that little voice in the back of her mind that asked the question .."would he only see me as a booty call..."

If she went to him once, she would be suckered into going again and again.
Emily wanted to be strong as she believed herself to be.

Tilting her head back up, right hand reaching across and placing the phone back down onto the beside table, Emily went back to fixing her pointes, half expecting for Donovan to call back.

Not even when she was alone in the dance room did he call.
Not even when she showered to remove all the sweat and dirt from that day, did he call or message back.
Laying in bed, Jess finally back in the dorm room asleep; Emily laid and looked up at the ceiling with an alarm set for 630am.

Class started at 8am sharp and she would be there she swore...well rested.

Waking up in the morning, the sun still did not rise - Emily and Jess woke from slumber and did everything they needed to do for the day.
It was going to be long. Up to 10 hours on their feet, dancing and taking orders from a man who Emily had on her mind still.
A man she wanted to touch and began to regret her choice on declining the night before.

Pink tights, black leotard upon her body as usual with a short chiffon wrap around her waist, this time instead of a longer length - Emily entered the room and shifted to the wall and sat down and began the routine of setting up her feet for comfort.

Band aids.
Wet thin silicone strip over the tips of her toes, Emily slid into her shoes and tied the ribbons around her ankle tight.

Slowly she stood up and stood tall on her tiptoes, moving on them one tap at a time over and over getting the feel - nervous as he'll knowing she would see Donovan again.

And she should for a long time.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Focus. That’s what Donovan told himself after shutting off his alarm. It was still pretty early, but he liked to get a workout in every morning and since moving, he had been slacking. An hour run on the treadmill in the gym of his apartment complex and some weightlifting was enough to kind of give him back that spark. His mind wasn’t on Amber or Emily even, but more so on ballet. Working out helped clear his mind and it was exactly what Donovan felt he needed to get back on track. He soon made his way back to his apartment, his eyes scanning through his messages. Amber had replied, she was doing fine and she missed him as well. That should’ve made him happy, yet it just seemed to further cloud his mind with more confusing feelings that he didn’t care to think about as of now.

Donovan took a quick shower, not wanting to risk being late. He decided to let his hair air dry, especially considering he planned to be a bit more hands on today and the freer he felt the better. He made himself a quick breakfast before grabbing his belongings and heading out, locking up behind him. Knowing he would see Emily again didn’t seem like a big deal, at least now he was prepared instead of being caught off guard. By the time he reached the school, the only thing that consumed his thoughts was dance.

He had hoped to arrive before the students did, to take his time to mark a few pieces. Unfortunately he was faced with his little [I problem] early on. Emily was already warming up, an early bird he could tell and he doubted it had anything to do with impressing him. Though it seemed she had finished by the time he got there. While initially uncomfortable, he had come early to prepare himself and he wasn’t going to back down because she wasn’t in the room. It was nice, getting back into motion. His body was fluid, strong forearms that showed years of dedication to his craft; a strength that clearly presented the idea of picking someone up so easily and fluidly.

While it had only been a week or two, he felt a little out of practice but after a warmup, muscle memory kicked in. he had seen Swan lake in person with his mother for her fortieth birthday. It had been a gift from his father who had decided not to attend, for reasons they both knew. Even at a young age, Donovan was no fool to his father’s affairs. Though at least he had become more discreet with them, especially considering that in the public eye, he was still a married man.

Donovan sported a white form fitting short sleeve shirt and a pair of black joggers, tight enough to leave very little for imagination and just comfortable enough that he felt like he could [I breathe] with each flowing movement. After his workout this morning, he should’ve been exhausted and yet he felt invigorated and excited. He was sitting on the chair, drinking his water as the students began to filter in, chattering away. Though with how early it was, he could tell some were still longing for the warmth of their bed and not ready for the long day ahead of them. Donovan wanted to waste no time. He had occasionally looked up to spot Emily, but for the most part had distanced himself from her as best as possible.

“Quickly”, he stated as some students had yet to change out of their clothes. There was the warmup, Donovan carefully analyzing each dancer, from arching just right, or pointing their toe out when noticing they were flatfooted. Every now and then he would pay attention to a specific person, his hand gentle against their hip, or pressed just close enough to allow him the ability to adjust their arms. Eventually it was time to run through the Act one again. Choosing who was positioned where mattered, the best of the best to be spotlighted in each dance, no matter how little their role was. He was curious though, more so whether Emily had taken his criticism. He imagined yesterday was a bit distracting for her, but hopd after her [I long] night, she had worked on improving and would be on her A game today.

“Let’s try the pas de deux, the moment Prince Siegfried is entranced by our beautiful Odette,” he said as he motioned toward Emily. “chronicling her transition. No longer bound by fear, freed by the possibility of love.” She watched as Liam walked over toward his position. A handsome fellow who he heard good things about, Donovan had no doubt he wouldn’t be impressed. He started the music then and watched.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Emily was an early bird.
Dedicated to the craft; but there were quite a few times where yawns and regrets on getting up early definatly showed.
In this case, it didn't.
Emily was somewhat hype up with seeing Donovan and yet anxious, nervous on how it would all turn out.

He was a professional.
She, was mature enough not to let whatever it was between them, affect her.
Lowering herself down onto her feet from en pointe, Emily turned her head and watched ever so carefully as Donovan entered the dance room, dressing different than yesterday which caused a few of the girls to giggles and even swoon.

He did look enticing.
The tightness of his outfit showed off all the right places that Emily had gotten to know.
Lucky girl.

Eyes did meet for a quick glance before finally, hands clapped and Donovan and ordered his dances to quickly get into position.
No barre.
Just them, in a empty room - wall to wall mirrors.

Warm ups were key to make bodies comfortable.
It loosened the muscles. Prepared the dancers for what was to come and all - followed Donovans directions, even Emily.

Arching of backs.
Placement of hands.
Legs longated and feet doing the four positions were included.
A few times Emily had to endure Donovan getting close.

Her eyes would stare ahead and not falter as she could feel his hands upon her body, adjusting her waist - getting close enough that she could smell his scent.
There was something about his aftershave that made her knees buckle.

Whatever Donovan wanted in the class, he got.
The dancers stepped back while Liam and Emily took centre stage. Smack bang in the middle of the room, Emily posed like a majestic being, a statue of pure beauty down upon the ground while Liam stood a good metre behind.

A sneaky kiss on the cheek he gave her as he quickly bent down for good luck; which caused Emily to smile the moment music swayed in the background. Soft and ever so sweet.
Trust between the pair was utmost important.

Emily soon began to lean up, arms upward, swaying while Liam took steps behind her only to approach- taking Emily and slowly raised her up onto en pointe.
Leg slowly rising up and outward, Emily with Liam's help spun her body around one rotation before coming into an arabesque. Still en pointe, arm stretched out ahead, Emily lifted up her leg up in the air above her body before shifting her body down, legs looking straight and vertical.

The pair continued to dance. To trust one another.
Emily wanted nothing more to show off on what she could do if her mind was not frazzled.

As the music lowered, Liam and Emily came to a stop and the pair turned and looked at Donovan. Her face flushed and smiled while taking a quick look at Liam.

"That was good.."
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan rose a brow at the exchange between the two. Had she been dating someone She was full of surprises it seemed and they had a don’t ask don’t tell situation apparently perhaps that had been why she had denied him and yet it didn’t explain her behavior in his office. Donovan realized he had missed the first few steps and quickly knocked Emily out of his mind. This was about the ballet and so he knew he had to focus.

They were a perfect couple and it was clear why they were given the lead roles. They worked well with another, a fluidity that could only come with countless bids of practice or other things that required that the couple knew each other [I well]. He was jealous he realized, which was ludicrous. Lian was at least seven years younger than him as was Emily. This was all a bit . . . highschool for him. He was losing it apparently. Focusing on their movements helped. Emily was definitely more present today and she didn’t falter. The steps came naturally, Liam able to carry her without any effort. Yet, he didn’t feel anything and it was enough to frustrate him. They were moving just to move it felt like. . . following steps. He could see them counting written all over their faces.

He pushed himself away from the wall then, walking toward the couple. “Good yes,” he said. “But it can be better this is one of the crowning moments we’re supposed to be moved and told Odette’s tragic story by movements alone. I can tell you guys are close?” He said with a small smile, which did allow for some murmuring to take place. “But all of that must be forgotten. You must understand, Emily that initially you don’t trust the Prince. And Liam, the whole time you are trying to convince her that she is the most beautiful creature you have ever seen. You [I must] have her.” Donovan had paused in circling the couple, his voice low and enticing. “You [I want] her.” He said to Liam which cause the man to chuckle nervously.

He wrapped his arms around Emily, for the final steps of the duet. “In that final moment, is when you have managed to turn her fear into acceptance of being loved and trusting you. This is the moment when we sigh In relief, hoping that all will work out.” Donovan released his hold on Emily and walked toward the front again. “Let’s try again. Remember – your scared at first Emily, yet the Prince as he lifts you up in the sky somehow has tempted you to fall into his arms instead of flying away.”
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Emily was happy with their little performance.
A smile beamed across those lips that longed to kiss Donovan again as she turned to Liam, raising a hand and two shared a neat high five.

The two had not danced together in quite some time, so for the routine they just did, it impressed her as much as it did Liam.

Hearing Donovans voice, she turned around and watched as he stepped in closer, speaking on yes it was good and asked the age old question on if the two were close.

"We were.."
"Maybe one day, again.." Liam spoke which caused Emily to sigh, to straighten up as she still needed to be professional despite it all.

It was not long until Donovan took a hold of Emily.
Snaked his arm around her waist that caused the girl to close her eyes and savour the moment.
He felt so good.
The pressure he had against her body was that of how it was when the two were embraced in bed.

Emphasis on want....need, every time he spoke those words, his grip got tighter.
Was this his way of showing he was majorly interested in the girl?

Donovan wanted them to do it again.

As he let Emily go, the good feeling ended and a small silent sigh escaped her lips.
She and Liam were to do it again and it was better the second time round.

The third time, better.
Practise did make perfect.

Lifts were made. Up in the air Liam took a hold of Emily while her legs were perfectly apart and and extension perfect.
As she slowly came down, both were in the moment.
Faces close together and hands gently caressing each other's own before taking the final stance as the music stopped.

Breathing out, she smiled and looked at Donovan to watched from across the room, taking mental notes.

Emily kept her eyes on him, breathing heavily.
It took alot to do what she did. It was a lot of work and dedication.

Anything to impress Donovan.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Mf i Ivan felt how she teased for a moment as his grip, slowly loosening up. He heard that small hitch in her breathing and it had excited him. It hadn’t been his intention for it to come off as not professional. Considering what they both had don’t with another, he doubted that any of their touches would come off as innocent. Still, Donovan seemed to get his point across as the dancers did show improvement. There was meaning behind each step and even their expressions had changed. Donovan sighed out in relief, clasping his hands tightly together as he sat on the edge of his seat until the music lowered and the dance came to an end. The sound of their breathing could be heard in the silent room as tut seemed everyone was impressed by their moves.

“Perfect,” Donovan said with a smile as he looked toward Emily. “That was much better. Alright switch out.” From that point on, they worked through the first act, as much as possible. It seemed his pep talk to the couple earlier had seemed to invigorate the others and he noticed an improvement rug he away. They were pushing themselves harder, testing the boundaries and their skills. Donovan wanted it to be clear that anyone could be good, but it took a special person not afraid to work hard and sacrifice that would be the best.

He decided halfway through it would be good for them to have a lunch break and some cool down time. Donovan was staging on account he had completely skipped breakfast. Dancing took a lot of energy and considering it was his first day back to dancing, he was a bit worn out. He had to look over some of the costume designs anyways. Some students had made their way to the cafeteria of the school, while others had a packed meal or decided to go into the city. He knew some were cautious, worrying about gaining weight. Though Donovan didn’t mind a few curves in a woman and fully believed that with the right partner you were capable of anything. He’d ordered delivery, which he was waiting on in his office.

Though he was still curious about Liam and Emily. At least they were a good fit. That mattered most.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

It was exactly what Donovan wanted.

Sure, it wasn't concert perfect yet, but they still had a few months to get it right and Emily could tell that Liam was looking forward to continue dancing with her.

In all honesty, when he spoke on perhaps having something ahain, it did make Emily a little uncomfortable, especially with it being said with the other dancers in the room.
They all knew there past.
They all knew they were the "it" couple until Liam up and cheated on Emily with a girl from a rival school.

Trust was broken but with time, Emily was able to forgive Liam but never forgot about it.
They would not get back together, no. That she was sure of.

Routines were performed over and over until lunch, when Donovan clapped his hands and ordered for all to stop and rest.
A rest was needed.

Everyone went in separate directions. Some went to the cafeteria.
Some went to their dorms while other quickly snuck out and got take away.
Emily on the other hand, watched and followed Donovan to his office with a careful eye not make sure no one was watching.

Opening the door, Emily stepped inside and closed behind her.
Looking at Donovan, she took a step forward.

"I ..just want to apologise for last night...on the phone. And I ...felt the way you held me earlier. Was that to prove your point to the class or because you wanted to prove your point to me? ...." she asked.

It wasn't just her imagination right?
The way Donovan held her, surely was to show her that he wanted..and needed her.

"Unless. I was wrong in thinking anything like that..."
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan had placed his legs up on his desk, his wrap in hand and his other hand gripping his phone and scrolling. He eventually decided to look through the recordings he had made of the students to get a better idea of how things looked and if there was anything he wanted to change. The sound of the barely ajar door being pushed open alerted him to look up He rose a brow at Emily, even more so when she closed the door.

He didn’t need to ask what she was doing there, but he was curious on whether she would be honest with him. Ah yes, last night. He had surely embarrassed himself by reaching out to her an suggesting such a thing. It was wrong of him, stupid honestly and he was a fool to listen to his desires without weighing the consequences of his actions.

She was the one apologizing to him though. He chewed slowly, placing the wrap back in its container and bring his feet down.
“You don’t have to apologize. I maybe misread the room and was out of line?” He said to her. though he had no doubts that Emily was either with Liam or she was denying herself of him. For what reasons he hadn’t known? He had no intentions of tricking her or convincing her that anything serious could come of them.

She was slightly insecure which was surprising to him. Though she was still young, still unsure of the true power she had and that was even more exciting to Donovan. There were things she probably didn’t even know she was capable of that he could show her.

He leaned back, his legs spread slightly as he watched her. “And what point was that? How did I make you feel?” Donovan came to a stand then, walking toward Emily. He leaned back against the counter, strong forearms holding him up.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

"No. I do need to apologise. I was out of line in the way I spoke to you...." she replied, watching ever so carefully as Donovan placed his lunch back into the container and went back onto his feet removing himself up from his chair.

"You weren't out of line. I should never of made it as such..."

On the phone last night, Donovan was kind and had simply asked for her to come over.
It was a simple request but Emily made it out to be something alot more sinister than it was.

Emily remained in the middle of Donovans office.
His eyes burning into her own, for some reason she could see intense heat, or was it sexual tension.

A bit of both perhaps?

Maybe Emily was reading into things once again but she tried not to let it show. Instead, ears listened to Donovans words on asking how he made her feel.

Well that was some question to ask and as he approached, he made it alot harder for her especially when he wore that aftershave.

"It was nice..." she spoke with a soft bite of her lip before shrugging. "I don't know...I just thought you were trying to tell me something with what you were saying to Liam. To need me and, but now I see maybe it was a mistake...."

It was speaking those words that upon hearing them seep from her lips, she realised she was a fool.
There was nothing between except for a one night stand and she needed to stop dwelling on it.

"Well, enjoy your lunch.."
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Nice. That’s how she had explained the feeling and he knew she was holding back. she wasn’t reading into anything, though he made his moves subtle enough, allowing her room where she deemed it comfortable to fit in. Donovan thought then, was it okay for him to pursue her. they needed to clear the air get it out of their system. Or was he thinking of himself? His thoughts had been all over the place with Amber and this strange blooming desire for Emily. There was a spark, enough to rekindle a flame in Donovan that he thought only Amber was capable of. Yet, the unsure beauty in front of him seemed so flighty: like a swan.

Donovan stood to his full height then, walking toward Emily. He was close, close enough now to reach out and brush his hand against her face. His other hand was careful on her hip. Would she pull away from him? After all, both of their careers could be smeared should he pursue any further and ye, his eyes couldn’t stop staring at the way she bit down on her lip. Donovan leaned in then, his lips placed against hers gently at first until he drew her closer, flesh against his body as he deepened the kiss. He had been thinking about it for the longest, since he woke up to an empty bed.

Each time he saw her, he thought about that night and yes he wanted her. he had craved her, just another taste – slow enough for him to have his fill of her unlike the hasty and passionate burst form their night after the club. Donovan was lost then, his hand roaming toward her backside, gripping tightly so she could feel him as he pressed his hips to hers.

Donovan finally broke away, his forehead resting against hers. He pulsated for her, his boy tremoring slightly. “It wasn’t a mistake,” he said finally. None of It was.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Emily did not know how too explain it any clearer.
There were perhaps several avenues to take when it came to explain herself but in that moment she thought, simple and straight forward would be best.

Emily could of stood there and admitted she enjoyed having his hands on her and wanting him to continue doing it ...or admit she wanted nothing more than to drop what she was doing last night and go to him, but deep down she was worried on how long it would last.

The last thing she needed was to have her heart broken and her mind unfocused.
Some did say however, a broken heart always produced the best performances.

Emily watched as Donovan stepped in closer, his scent overwhelmed her very senses.
He towered over her. Emily had almost forgotten on how tall he was and within a few short moments, there was no hesitation - she felt his hands upon her body.

A gesture that made her weak.
Emily closed her eyes at the feeling and sighed - relaxed only to return the kiss Donovan gave her.
Together, in his office the pair kissed ever so passionately - intensly.

Open mouth, tongues swirled around each other's own.
Sucked on.
Moans escaped her throat - head tilted to the side, Emily wrapped her arms around Donovan only to kiss him harder before being let go.

It wasn't a mistake.
None of it was, not to him and that made her feel better.

"You really, don't think it was? Donovan, I've made alot...of mistakes..." she muttered, speaking of mainly her affair with Donovans father.
Something that will never be spilt. Not if she ended it now.

"This isn't one. I dont think this is a mistake either..."
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

"No I don’t think so," he whispered. He sighed out, his hands still holding her against. Him. Surely they could find a way to make this work. Though it was risky to keep anything going on here, especially considering lunch would be over soon and the students would be returning. It would be odd he would think for Emily to be coming out of his office, flushed the way she was and he too needed to get himself together. Just as expected, his timer had gone off. It was a bit risky, but Donovan didn’t want to leave this moment here to fizzle away.

“Come over tonight,” he told her before stepping away. He walked back toward his desk and cleaned everything up, gathering his belongings. They still had a busy day ahead of them and he would try to focus as best as possible. He opened the door then, turning to face Emily. “If you’re serious, meet me in the faculty parking.” He wanted her to really ponder if this was the right decision to make. Though, Donovan had made his intentions clear and he wasn’t going to wait forever. Even if he’d be missing out on a good thing.

The dancers had started to roll back in, Julian allowing them a small amount of time to get their food settle and get in a few good stretches. He took a seat on the chair, his eyes trained on Emily briefly. He’d allow her only that and himself as well, a small fleeing glance before he had to return back into professional mode. The came easy as many of the dancers were energized by this point. It seemed he had brought back the sense of passion and excitement that came with a performance. For some of these people particularly seniors, this could launch their careers. As his father mentioned, they had wo big international investors planning to come. Being given the chance to travel the world and dance was a joy that many couldn’t afford.

As the day wore on, the sun began to set and soon enough class was dismissed. With how late he had ran class, most of the staff had already headed home. He knew it would be colder outside, so he’d changed into a pair of sweats and a pullover sweater. Would he find Emily waiting for him?
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Emily could not believe what she was hearing let alone what she was feeling.
What was happening between the two of them was not something she was imagining.
It was..quite unexpected but she welcomed it none the less. Any girl would be stupid to stop something like this from going further.

They would make it work, it was going to be difficult but it would work out exactly how she wanted it too.
All she had to do now was break it off with another certain someone and not...Liam.

Emily watched Donovan shift back to his desk and arranged it, while Emily smiled - trying ever so hard to stop blushing. The last thing people needed to see was Emily flustered while Donovan with a hard on.

Fixing her hair, she cleared her throat upon listening to Donovan wanting her to come over to which she nodded in agreement.
Tonight she would go to him like she should of done yesterday night.

However if she did it then, perhaps his office would not of happened.

"Faculty parking lot. Okay..." she spoke, nodding once more as they exited the office looking as professional as they could and continued the remainder of the day as if nothing happened.
Emily danced her heart out.
Liam preformed his very best and together made one hell of a team.

It was only going to get better from here.

After class was over, Emily had made the choice of meeting Donovan. Set in stone. He had already left the room and with knowing that teachers and the Director had gone home, there was just no way she would speak to him to end it.

It would wait til tomorrow but right now, she would be a bad girl.
Putting on her street clothes, Emily quickly exit the room as well as the building holding onto her duffel and made her way to the faculty parking lot where only one car remained.

Leaning against it, Emily waited.

He would let her down.
Why did she keep doing this to herself?
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan wasn’t sure whether or not she would show up. What if she changed her mind? He didn’t think she would be silly enough to mention their little affair to anyone, but had she asked advice as though he were someone else, what if she allowed a friend to talk her out of doing such a thing? Maybe then it would be for the beat. Yet, it seemed fate had something else in store as he exited the building. He saw Emily, leaning against the black Lexus, her eyes searching for the one and only Donovan. He wasn’t shocked, he was pleased and it was hard to keep himself from smiling at seeing her. This was so – hot. It was a bit menial to use that word to express their situation and yet it fit so perfectly. Sneaking around like this, seemed to put just the right amount of thrill in their situation.

“Hello,” he said before standing in front of her. “I’m glad you agreed to come.” His ego was a bit bruised admittedly when she refused the night before but he knew he had been asking for too much and too soon. They still had yet to really get to know one another. Though with their age difference, Donovan was curious what they would talk about. Perhaps that’s why he saw this as nothing more than a fling, a meaningful and passionate one yes, but a fling. He couldn’t imagine Emily would dare give up her youth, the time to be carefree and test the waters all to be with just one guy for the rest of her life. Then again, Donovan did believe in love and he wouldn’t lie and say that he thought very well he and Amber were meant to be. Though now he found himself doubting.

After all, he had already slept with someone and his excuse was . . . Amber had a night out with friends. He was pathetic. Perhaps he was the one who was holding on to the comfort of just what he was used to. Did he really live Amber? Did she really love him? Or had they just been together so long that it made sense to stay together. With this move shaking up their routine, it did allow them to consider their options while they were split up.

He motioned for her to get into the car after he unlocked the doors. He slipped in, slowly pulling out when she was settled. He didn’t really know what to say. They weren’t dancing, they weren’t in the club and now they weren’t teacher and student. No, right now they were Emily and Donovan. He figured while awkward, at least it would get the conversation going.
“So you and Liam?” He had no issues with how she handled her relationship but he didn’t need any fistfights should something happen.

He eventually pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex. Very upscale and nice which his father was happy to pay for despite his resisting. It was a nice place though and he only had two other neighbors so he considered it worth the price. He got out of the car, walking over to Emily and drawing her in by the waste.
“Are you hungry?” He didn’t want to rush into things. Donovan wanted her comfortable and to not think she was just some toy to be used when he felt like it.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Truth be told, Emily did not know if she was going to show up.
The guilt that radiated knowing that she formed a sexual arrangement with Donovans father made her want to turn around and run for the hills and not look back...but there was something about Donovan that she simply could not quit.
He was like a drug.
Sun to a flower.
Rain to a drought.

She needed him.

Leaning against the car, she had decided that tomorrow morning, before class she would speak to Stephan and break it off.
It was for the best.
Lives could be damaged if any word of it came out. She needed to douse the flame if she wanted anything remotely with Donovan wether it was long or short term.

Tapping her foot as she waited, it was not long until Donovan stepped around the corner and both gave off a smile.

"Hello.." she spoke as he approached her, speaking that he was glad that she had chosen to take him up on his offer.
"I wanted to make up for last night... " she replied - stepping away from the car before the door opened and soon got in.

Donovan didn't pull out of the lot until Emily was ready and seated, strapped in safe.
Hands kept the bag on her lap while the car moved - heading into the direction of his apartment.

'So, you and Liam...'

Listening to his words, Emily turned her head and stared upon the driver with a raised eyebrow.
He actually just asked?

"What and Liam?.." her voice replied only for silence to befall them both. Emily sighed knowing Donovan wasn't going to speak so she turned her head, looked ahead and opened her mouth to speak.
"We dated. Infatuated with one another ..until he cheated on me with a girl from Duvall Academy. It finished and that's it.." she spoke.

It was not something she wanted to dwell on.
It hurt and she worked hard in her mind to get over it.

The remainder of the trip was quick. It was not long until the car pulled up in a parking lot that was quite fancy.
It was taken care of with surveillance all around, protecting the assets.

Opening the car door, Emily got out slowly only to be approached by Donovan who took the girl by the waist, pulling her in close which gave her quite a surprise

"Are you hungry?"
"Youre really asking me that?.." Emily replied with a smile. "No. I had an apple on the way to your car. I'm not hungry. Are you?..."
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan was pretty shocked to find that Liam had cheated on Emily. Not that he didn’t think men were capable of it. of course no one was perfect, but he thought Emily and him worked well with another. surely it said something about their time together if they were still able to dance the way they did. When looking at them and how they interacted with one another, it didn’t really give off the vibes that one was upset over the breakup or the reason behind it. They made their way to the elevator and he pressed the third floor. He looked toward Emily with a raised brow.
“An apple?” He repeated as though she were joking. Though she seemed fine and not hungry at all. “I could eat he said.” As the doors dinged open, he grabbed his keys out of his pocket. He walked toward the door that was just a short distance from them and unlocked it.

The apartment definitely looked a bit more lived in, everything was finally put up. Photos and the likes. It seemed more personable, though he didn’t suspect she saw much in the dark. He dropped his belongings on the dining table, turning toward Emily. He gave a small grin. “But I think I would need to work up an appetite first?”

In the privacy of his apartment, Donovan felt more comfortable leaning into Emily’s advances or at least making advances toward her. He thought about their time cut short in his office. There was no way he was allowing that to happen again. He stood before her again. It was a bit strange having her here and yet he was glad that she had decided to come. In a swift motion he had picked her up, his lips finding hers. He had thought about kissing them all day. Donovan’s lips then traveled along her neck, his nose grazing her skin. Slowly he made his way to the bedroom, laying her on the bed.

He looked at her, hardening with each passing second. His hands had removed his shirt then. There he hovered over her, begging she don’t run away – that she didn’t flee.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

It had hurt.
The one person who swore to look after, protect her and one person she could trust, broke everything when she found out about the infidelity.
It wasn't even a girl that went to their school luckily enough, but another from a rival school who always seemed to be just a little better.

Not this time.

Emily had always been thankful it wasn't a girl from the school she attended. It would of been just the worst way to go on with life if she had to see the other guilty party everyday.
It was what it was.
Liam seemed to be wanting Emily's attention as of late though. Sure, it was quite a compliment, but she couldn't go their again. Once a cheater, always one....right?....

Emily had replied to Donovan's question with the word of an apple. Truth be told, she hardly ate in order to keep her figure. Her stomach simply didn't allow for an abundance of food to enter her system and it was a bad thing. There was no such thing as a curvy Ballerina. There was no such thing - it was drilled into their minds every day and it was because of that - several girls that she knew - had bodily anorexia.
That was it was, pressure to look good.

[i “An apple?”]
[b "Mmmhmm, it was a good apple. Are you hungry?.."]
[i "I could eat.."] Donovan replied as he played with his keys as both - wandered to the entrance of his apartment door.

Entering, eyes looked around the apartment and it looked more lived in. Boxes had been put away, pictures hung up on the walls.
A few little bits and pieces were left to take care of, nothing major as Emily sauntered to the middle of the lounge room - ears perking up with the sound of belongings being placed on the table.

[i “But I think I would need to work up an appetite first?”]
[b "Oh?..."] Emily replied with a smile as Donovan approached slowly that made the girl smile. It was as if a animal was stalking his prey and the smile upon her face could not be swiped. [b "That sounds like a good idea..."] she muttered before a soft squeal escaped her mouth as Donovan's strong arms lifted up the Ballerina. Hands resting on her ass; long legs wrapped around his waist - holding him in close and tight as they both - shared a kiss that she had wanted desperately.

It was not long until the mattress welcomed her.
Emily laying on her back - arms above her head while watching the tempting male remove his shirt - tossing it to the side like it was garbage before hovering over the slender body of the female.
She blushed.

Her body flustered.
Her body tingling with anticipation.

[b "Kiss me..."]
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Donovan hovered over Emily, leaning in then with his arms outstretched on either side of her to keep him propped up. He could feel the small puffs of air push through full pink lips as her breathing increased. She wanted him. He could sense it and it excited him further. A small smile crept on his face and he leaned in, his lips gentle against hers before deepening. Donovan’s tongue gently lapped at hers, his free hand now gripping the base of her neck as his fingers slowly crept up through blonde tresses. Slowly he wound the strands around his fist, tutoring her head to allow his lips access to her neck. He gently nipped at her skin, acknowledging the small freckles along her shoulder. A sound escaped his lips as he could feel his desires for Emily best burying point.


Badly did he want her. Donovan found himself quick to pull away her leotard even further, hands feverishly working against the back of her bra to free her. Slowly they wandered against her perfectly sculpted bust, his thumb and index finger rolling the rose pink bulbs in his hand like putty manipulated until hardened enough to tug on. There was no part of her body he wanted to lay untouched. He could sense her heat. She was smooth, small bits of hair nearly growing; like a fine peach – juicy and waiting to be eaten. Donovan’s hand pressed against her stomach as his nose dipped lower, there he rested between he thighs. The sheets shifted with the arch of her back as though possibly awaiting for what was the come next.

Donovan felt the drop against his tongue; she was sweet. He was ready since seeing her, her presence alone arousing. He could feel her heat, pulsating as his tongue moved madly against her. Hands gripped her thighs, spreading them with every intention of suckling by each drop, rocking her against him. He moved his tongue in long and slow licks. Curling around the hard center, anything he could to please her.

He didn’t want to rush, lamenting instead on pleasuring her. Though arousal got the best of him and Donovan soon came up for air kissing until he reached her chin. Impatience was getting the best of him, but he had to be careful. Donovan reached toward his nightstand, pulling out the wrapper and furiously tearing it open. He watched her carefully as he slid it on.

His hands gripped her hips, turning her in her stomach. Fingers danced against her spine. Donovan found himself mounting Emily. Slowly he drew his organ into her, a satisfying sigh escaping against her ears.

Donovan held Emily close, slow in movements at first but generally increasing with each pump. He kissed in between her shoulder blades a moan passing through. Careful he held her up to him, her back flesh against his. Her soft bottom against his hips, each thrust lengthier and more arousing and brutal each time. She felt good. Just as he had expected.

How could something so wrong feel so good ?
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

The way Donovan held her tight - made her feel safe and ever so secure.
It had been a long time, perhaps never that she felt that way. Liam did hold her often when they were together but the feeling now she was experiencing was different to what she was feeling now.
Steven and herself would just use each other, to get their rocks off so a sense of security and safeness was never there and never would be.

Not like this.
It was that instant, in the kiss that Emily truly felt she would be safe around Donovan and he would protect her.
The harder she kissed him - the harder he held on up until the moment, Emily found herself laying on the mattress, back resting upon the satin sheets with the kiss broken but his hands still caressing her body with his fingertips slowly removing her leotard.
How desperately she wanted it off, the anticipation was killing her.

Why did men have to play games?

Perhaps it was because women did and it was their turn?

As the leotard wandered down with his pull, breasts were played with sensually - pinched, caressed and licked that made the girl quiver and body tingle with the feeling until it was known that she wanted Donovan to venture down further and he did ...just that.
Outfit off and thrown onto the floor with a toss, Emily breathed heavily and bit her lower lip as both legs spread apart and Donovan's head rested in between her thighs and made the girl left her back up off the bed with an arch of her spine and sheets gripped in a fist.

He knew how to give pleasure.
Moans escaped her lips as the sheets were soon let go and her fingers now running through the strands of his hair and gripped the strands as the moan got louder and louder til she was close but soon soon frustration when he stopped, turned the girl over stomach down onto the bed and waited patiently until he rubbered up.

Safety was everything.

A slap on the ass, soon he entered her from behind.
Stomach colliding with cheeks of her ass before being pulled up - both in a kneeling position, Emily's back against his chest and together they became one.

Tilting her head back, eyes closed - again the female bit her lower lip as Donovan snaked his arms around waist keeping them close as they moved together in perfect harmony.
Eyes rolled back with the feeling of his mouth kissing in between her shoulder blades before moving lips to her neck.

They worked so good together.
He felt so good.

Emily never wanted it to end, but with all good things, they had too.

What they were doing was wrong. Student and Teacher, although she was 18, legal - there was still an age gap not to mention if anyone found out - an uproar of blaming favouritism.

[b "I don't want this to stop..."] she spoke softly, breathing heavily. [b "It feels to good to stop...."]
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Sorry it took so long to post. Had a busy few days.
kshahidxdonovan   2y ago

Time seemed to stand still at first, just a moment of bliss and almost in seconds it slipped through his hands like the spilled sand of an hourglass. Donovan had long got out of bed, his hands running through his hair. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, a smug grin crossing his face. Though it wasn’t necessarily out of cockiness; could’ve it had also just been the slathered face of bliss.
“Do you want anything to drink?” He asked. Donovan hoped Emily wasn’t uncomfortable – there was that strange realization that came after coupling as you kind of rolled from out of such a private moment and re-emerged back into the public. He was starving though as he had mentioned early. He figured she would sleep over but that meant getting her to the school early enough for her to sneak in, unless she would run out to catch a cab like after their previous night together.

His feet crossed over the wooden floors as he made his way into the kitchen. It was still fairly early, nearly eight at night. Normally he would’ve been watching a movie with Amber by now. Or, in this case by himself. He thought then about what he was getting himself into with Emily. Surely she couldn’t be under the impression that this was a relationship that [I eventually] would become public should it last. Right ? Donovan knew they would have to always remain tight lipped about this affair. Still, he wasn’t cruel and the curious part of him did want to get to know the girl behind the sensual mask she wore and her skill as a dancer.

In his office she bounced between such personalities and yet Donovan could not be fooled that inside there were the real Emily; burned and vulnerable. Surely after her situation with Liam, she found it easy and best to put up a wall. He wanted [I that] Emily. That said, Donovan was in I way complaining should she decide she was only with him for one thing. Memory tapped in and he eventually began making his way through his fridge and cabinet, setting on making something that would settle his growling stomach. The wrap from earlier had been forgotten and true to his word, he had worked up an appetite.
MeisjeKelly     2y ago

Their session was a little more hot and heated than the first time round.
It started to play on her mind as it was so.

Perhaps the longing want from being 2 days without each other, being tempted and creating more of a hostile sexual need took its toll.
Whatever it was, it was enjoyable for the both of them, as shown to each other once their moment in the sheets was all over.

The two resting upon the mattress, Emily's head laying upon Donovan's chest as both breathed heavily, trying to regain slowing of their oxygen intake - he held her, gently with fingertips stroking the bareness of her back.
Not a single word was said.
Not a single word needed to be said, everything was made clear moment ago when both showed with climax.

With good moments, their breathing slowed and Emily soon lent up to let Donovan leave her side.
Up from the bed onto both of his feet, her ears perked up as she listened to a question of her wanting a drink.
[b "No. I'm okay for now..."] she replied, watching Donovan exit the room naked, a move that made the girl smile at his cute and well toned behind.

Falling back onto the bed once more just for a single moment, Emily yawned up at the ceiling, relaxing a little before she found herself moving up and off the bed, wandering bare to the door frame - watching straight ahead at Donovan getting something to eat, sustainance needed after the romp they had.

Naked, in plain veiw - not caring to cover up as she felt it wasn't need; Donovan had seen it all already, Emily bit her lower lip and clicked her tongue.

[b "Did you want me to catch a cab or'll drop me off sneakily in the morning? I'm okay with either..."] she asked softly


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