The Sin Eater's Burden

By -Mirror-

Judgement befalls to all who cross the threshold of death. The soul is weighed, judged and then sent to either heaven or hell. If the soul is light of sin, it passes on into the gates of heaven. But if the soul is heavy with sin, it gets tossed into the pits of hell to be tortured for all eternity.

However, there is a way to bypass judgement entirely and get a free ticket into heaven's gates.

Considered an act of blasphemy against the natural order of judgement, the Sin Eater has the power to send souls directly into heaven. As the name implies, Sin Eater's literally devour the sin and regret from a person's soul just before death, making the soul as pure and light as it was when the person was born. Only one Sin Eater can exist at a time and the current one goes by the name of Markus.

There is a holy order that seeks to destroy the Sin Eater whenever it pops up but because the power is so great, they can only contain it for a short while. This order is known as The Order of the Dove and they have been around ever since religion became a thing. When the Sin Eater was discovered, the Order was created in order to track it and contain it. The Order now has bases in every country and trains only the best priests to become fighters in their efforts to contain the Sin Eater. However, the latest one, Markus, has eluded them for over 500 years, the longest a Sin Eater has ever gone without getting captured once.

Our story starts in modern times deep in the heart of a big city. New York maybe? Who knows where it is exactly. It's a big city. Noisy. Tall buildings. An old downtown area. Areas of trash lined slums where the homeless, druggies and gangs seem to be. It's certainly a city that never sleeps.

Markus has been staying in an old abandoned apartment building for a couple of months at this point. He never stays in one place for too long. He's always on the move. He has to be to keep the Order off his tail. He also has to keep moving to keep those around him safe. It’s why he’s always alone and never attempts to make any friends.

But what if someone insists on trying to help him? They insist on trying to understand? They insist on being there with him despite the instability of his mind and power? What if someone can see past all that and see him for who he is and not what he is? It’s a pipe dream for sure. But what if it isn’t?

What I’m Looking For
- A writer that’s 18+. Due to the more mature themes(such as alcohol use, drug use, death, gore, mental illness, torture, religious beliefs and others) in this story, this is NOT child friendly and I will NOT write this with anyone under 18. However, I MIGHT make an exception. MIGHT.
- A male or female character at least 21 years of age.
- Digital realism art for images. Not anime, not real. Think painting or portrait.
- Communication and collaboration.
- Quality and quantity.
- Patience. I have down moments where I don’t feel like writing mostly due to my health. I also have a lot of animals to care for. I also tend to sleep at weird hours.
- Please make things easy for me to read as I have wonky eyesight due to astigmatism. Make things simple and easy for me to tell dialogue from descriptive text. I would appreciate it.
- Romance will happen eventually. WIth that, when romance does become a part of the story and things start getting heavy, it WILL either be time-skipped or taken off site. If taken off site, I have places it can be taken to depending on preference. However, I will NOT use emails for roleplay or any chat program such as discord. They can be used for communication but that’s it.
- Keep personal religious beliefs out of the story and out of communications. When we talk about beliefs, it’s the characters beliefs, not ours.

If you have any questions, send me a PM with the title
and I’ll do my best to clarify anything.
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G-00HLSH     1y ago

[center [pic]][center [ ♫]][size14 [center "I'm not sure what you want me to say, David."][center [i A shuddering voice broke through the deafening silence as a broken-hearted couple stood underneath a dripping canopy, shielding them from the downpour of this dark city.]][size14 [I [center Large, brown eyes stared directly at Pelagia's face as she couldn't even bear to look up from her soaked shoes. She was embarrassed by having to tell this man before her that her love for him was no more. That she no longer found thunder in their laughs or sugar between their lips. She no longer found amusement in his jokes and she wished he wouldn't even lay a hand on her most days. An aching sensation began to grow in the center of her forehead as she could feel his stare digging and burying itself into her skin, asking her to look up without asking her vocally. Love was such a complicated feeling, and she was never good at being apart of it, but she was good at being the peace of mind someone needed. The calm breeze on a hot day, or that first breath of air after being under water for so long. She wasn't sure what made her so amicable, but it was a natural trait of hers. ]]][size14 [I [center He sighed. Learning that she wasn't giving way to how he felt and took a step back into the rain. It began soaking the fibers of his shirt and drenching the strands of hair that dangling on his forehead. A frown began to form, and a sour face molded.]]][size14 [center "I shouldn't have given you the time of day," [i he said bitterly. A spiteful, yet honest statement enticed her to look up and finally meet his gaze before he sauntered away into the storm.]]][size14 [I [center Unable to truly process what he said at that moment, she too turned away and pushed her way into her decaying doorway. The trim around the door was giving way. The wood slowly breaking apart and the paint rubbing off from being leaned on, going through this type of weather and age. She entered her home, feeling uneasy about the situation but a sense of relief washed over her as a tear slowly made its way down her cheek, and onto the wooden floor. ]]][size14 [I [center From the doorway, she could look back out and see the towering apartment buildings just on the other side of the street she resided on and admired the lights for a moment in the dusk lighting. The streetlights flickered on, and created an effect on the road that looks like it was completely made of glass. Soon after locking the door and tearing her sights away from the streets, she was laying down. Staring away at the popcorn ceiling and daydreaming about what's to come, where could she go next, and what did she need to do to stay away from someone as such. In the distance, beyond her dead gaze of illusion and possibilities, she could hear the faint sounds of what sounded like gunshots, even car tires and eventually sirens.]]][size14 [center "Your time is coming, fools." [I she muttered to herself. ]]] [I [center Eventually, those who committed such sins would be taken in and there wouldn't be another word or sound heard from them. That in itself scared her, because she was consistently fearful of anything she might have done in her past, or things she may do in her future that will reflect who she is.][size14 [I [center She shut her eyes trying to erase the idea of [b being] erased and blinked away the dryness, only feeling more alone than she was before. Pelagia turned on to her side and stared out the window, watching the day turn to night and her dreams becoming more vivid than before. Her eyes drooping and eventually dropping for good until the next morn.]]]
-Mirror-Markus   1y ago

[size12 The rain made the city seem lonelier than it actually was. The sound of the rain was loud in the silence of the run down place. Though there were other sounds. A mouse scurrying across the floor, someone arguing a few doors down, the occasional creak of the old wood floors and walls and the sound of what seems like a drunk vomiting somewhere in the hall. It was a place for the deplorable, broken and lost.]

[size12 Markus had spent all his life on the run and in hiding. Though every so often, he felt the pull of someone calling him. Right now, all was quiet. Well, all but his mind. Sleep rarely came and when it did, it was more a short nap than proper sleep. Alcohol and cigarettes had become a constant companion to Markus. While it did little to help his problems, at least he could count on them being there to at least numb things up for a moment.]

[size12 The old apartment he had taken up residence in had served well as a hideout. No one would have expected him to be there. Especially not ‘them’. He has evaded ‘them’ for centuries. He’s been safe here for some time now. However, Markus has gradually become more and more nervous each day. The longer he stays in one place, the higher his chances of being found were. He was going to have to get moving soon. But something was telling him he had to stay for a little bit longer.]

[size12 Markus was starting to go a little stir crazy just sitting around indoors. He got up and grabbed his trenchcoat. It was old and well worn but was still holding together very well. The age of it could be seen but there were no holes, patches or worn spots. It was either something picked up from a thrift shop or it was a hand out from someone that held pity for the man. Or perhaps he picked it up out of a box of old throw-aways someone was getting rid of and he simply cleaned it up to be worn again. Wherever he got the old coat from, it was in good hands despite those said hands being a trembling mess.]

[size12 The rain was coming down steadily. It was heavy enough to quickly soak through clothes but not so heavy that it was a storm. It was that medium that was peaceful with the occasional light boom of thunder rolling through. If it was in a better part of the city, this weather would have been romantic. But alas, romance was something that had died long ago. At least for Markus. He doesn’t have the energy or the mental stability for much social interaction anymore. Now, he sticks to himself and the occasional ‘calls’ he gets.]

[size12 The cool rain soaked into his hair as he left the run down apartment building. He pulled and tucked his coat around him as the wool helped to keep him dry. His dagger, the one he always keeps with him, dug into his back but he didn’t care. He kept a low profile, tried to keep himself discrete as he walked along towards the bar about a block up the road. He’d spend the rest of the night there, attempting to drown his problems in alcohol even though he knows it won’t work. At least not for very long.]

[size12 The bar was dark and dreary. There were a few people scattered about. One was passed out on the table in a drunken slumber, there was a couple in the corner pretending no one can see them as hands go places they really should be in a public place. Markus made it to the bar counter and sat in one of the stools. A guy at the other end belched then fell over forward, his head hitting the counter top with a heavy thunk as he passed out from too many beers.] [+red “Hey, Markus. The usual?”]

[size12 Markus gave a weak smile. He’s come to this bar ever since he arrived in this part of town.] [b “Yes. And leave the bottle please.”] [size12 He said, his voice deep with a touch of accent from some faraway land from a faraway time.]

[size12 The bartender had a look of concern on his face as he put a glass up and filled it with cheap whiskey then setting the bottle down. Markus knew the look since he would normally go through at least 3 bottles in a night but never seemed to get drunk. He knocked back his first glass then poured a second.]

[size12 Nights like these were long and lonesome but there wasn’t much he could do about it. He pulled a pack of smokes from under his coat and lit one up. Another long night to centuries of long nights.]
G-00HLSHPelagia Rose   1y ago

[center [i [size12 Murmurs in the night stirred Pelagia. Her dark hair sprawled across her face and sweat beading on her forehead. She hadn't moved all the while she slept and had laid in the same position the entire time when she fell asleep. There was little to no feeling in her arm and her neck being craned to one side for so long ached as she slowly sat up wincing. She could still hear the rain outside tapping the window but by the looks of it, she had been out for quite some time because the candle beside her bed had burned down completely and the room was darker than sin. She could barely make out simple objects in her view, and could hear nothing aside from the rain and her slowly awakening heartbeat.]]][size12 [center [i Something didn't feel good. She noticed it once she removed her feet from the bed, and set them down onto the floor. It was a tense, gurgling sensation in her stomach that made her clutch the belly of her t-shirt. [b "God almighty.."], she stood and shuffled her way to the window, only to find the same muggy road as earlier. ]]][center [i [size12 In the distance, she could hear faint screaming, dogs barking and muffled voices. A curious cat, Pelagia was, she immediately slipped her little black shoes on by her bedside and threw a sweater overtop her black shirt, mustering the strength beyond her bellyache, and creeping her way to her door. A slight creak, and soon she was inhaling a health dose of petrichor. It warmed her face from the moist air and she could feel the sweat off her forehead dissipating.]]][center [i [size12 Very lightly, she could hear men yelling among one another just a road over and she hesitated to step outside more but sure enough she was standing in the spot where she broke David's heart. Such an asshole, he was. She felt more comforted now than before.]]][center [i [size12 She couldn't make out what they were saying, but soon enough... with the intense commotion coming all at once, tires began squealing and gunshots could be heard down the road. It immediately shook Peg to the core as she dropped so quickly that one of her shoes fell off and her knees harshly scraped the porch underneath of her. [b "What the FUUUUCK?!], screaming out, she covered her head and remained in this fetal position for what seemed like an eternity while silencing her scream quickly for fear a degenerate would take advantage of her fear and spot her, only high pitched, throaty squeals beyond a closed mouth sounded now.]]][center [i [size12 The sounds of the rain were now splattered with someone else's blood. Their fears, dreams, memories all out for the universe to see. It all seemed like slow motion. The sounds, the rain washing rivers of blood down the road, and her eyes peering up to see a car whooshing by to escape the scene. Her eyelashes catching the raindrops and her hair now drenched as the strands dangled. Her breathing was slowed, but her heart was racing and her skin crawled as she looked over only to see an actual stream of blood running down the hill and into her lawn. Fear and anxiety washed over her eyes like a child hiding under the covers.]]][center [i [size12 In one motion, she was off the porch and nearly falling into her lawn to try and catch sight of wherever the blood poured from. She felt ridiculous running into this scene where murder just happened. What if they came back? What if they snatched her up? Shot her up? At this point, something in her was screaming to run out there and grasp this lone hand. This man's lone hand that laid in the middle of the road, staring up at the falling rain with a slightly agape mouth and half-lidded eyes. The expression of acceptance. The look of release.]]][center [I [size12 Her bare feet splashed towards him, her knees met the ground and her hands hovered over his soaking body as her eyes scanned him. His t-shirt was attempting to soak up all the liquids hitting it at once. The blood. The rain. The tears. The wound was in his side, just near his naval. Of course, she didn't know what to do, but being there beside him felt like some sort of relief for the both of them. As she peered up from his wound, he was gazing at her, with this half-smile that she wasn't sure was conniving, or grateful. Soon enough, she could feel his hand reach for hers, and at his point, she realized his stare was a sense of comfort.]]]
-Mirror-Markus   1y ago

[size12 How much time had passed? How many drinks did he choke down? How many cigarettes filled the ashtray? Markus didn’t know and he didn’t seem to care. The bar was empty now. The last of the drunks were hauled off in taxis so they could get home. The only one that was left was Markus and the bottom of bottle number three.]

[+red “Hey. Markus. I’m closing up shop soon.”] [size12 The bartender said with a sorrowful look. Markus seemed to be the only one he gave that look to.]

[size12 With a sigh, Markus knocked back the last of his drink and took out enough money to pay for the three bottles and a bit more. He was still sober despite all the alcohol he guzzled down but he was calmer, his mind quieter. Though it won’t last for very long.] [b “Thanks for having me again.”]

[+red “You’re welcome here anytime. At least you’re quiet and don’t cause a ruckus.”]

[size12 Markus chuckled at the comment and waved his goodbye as he walked out the door. The rain was still soaking everything. He tucked his coat around him and began his walk back to his abode.]

[size12 The walk was slow. In his calmer state, he wanted to take in the sounds around him. He wanted to experience something a bit more human. He let his ears wander and the world was full of sounds.]

[size12 A cat fight in an alley. A drunk snoring under a bench. The rattling of change in a homeless man's cup. The barking of a stray dog. Listening to the world brought a small smile to Markus’s face. But sometimes, it brought him to attention as well.]

[size12 The sounds of men arguing caught his attention. He searched for where the sound was coming from and spotted a car parked but running by an alleyway with someone sitting in the driver's seat. Then it all took off all at once. Gunshots rang through the street, car doors opening then slamming shut and the car hauling ass, the tires squealing as they struggled to grip the wet road. The car managed to take off and screamed down the road, water splashing as the tires screamed through small puddles in the road. No doubt someone had been shot and they were dying. But what he saw next caught his eye.]

[size12 A woman running down the street towards where the commotion happened. Maybe she was going to see if there was anyone hurt? Markus watched to where she was headed. The smell of fresh blood hit his nose and he knew exactly where she was going. His desire to help overwhelmed his better judgement and he heaved a sigh. Though he didn’t run like the woman did, he did cross the street to head towards the alley where the person was. He didn’t know if there was anything he could do.]

[size12 The woman had been by the man's side for a couple moments by the time he arrived. Markus kneeled down slowly on the other side of the woman so she would see him. He reached out a hand to inspect the wound. The man’s heart was slowing down. A large artery had been nicked and he was bleeding out internally. There wasn’t anything that could be done. And by the look on the man's face, he knew that as well. Markus looked up to see the woman more clearly and he couldn’t help but admire her beauty for a moment as the rain. He snapped out of it when he felt movement as the dying man grabbed his arm. He looked down and with the last breath the man mustered up a ‘thank you for not leaving me alone’ and his heart stilled.] [b “May your soul rest easy in heaven.”] [size12 Markus whispered as he leaned back to rest more on his heels than his knees. He looked to the woman, unsure of what to say to her or do.] [b “To witness such a tragedy, I’m sorry.”] [size12 He said low and unsure of himself as he was with most things.]
Goule-Pelagia Rose   1y ago

[center [i [size12 Breaths of cold air touched her shoulders, rain pelted and drenched her clothes. Her hair hung in long wet strands past her face and down toward the man before her. He lay motionless and for a moment, even shed a tear. For someone who was involved in such crimes, she then became confused as to who this person might have a been. She was shocked. In horror. Sad. Very sad. She wanted to know who this man was immediately. She wanted to embrace him and tell him how sorry she was. She wanted to kiss his forehead and show him one last piece of warmth. Pelagia wanted to show him humans exist in good ways-- but it was too late. Before the man passed, she wasn't left to be alone as another passerby came and joined the two.][center [i [size12 His kneel and settled hand onto the man as well made her feel just as comforted as this dying man did, but her gaze up was met with piercing eyes eyes. They were slightly bloodshot, but ultimately had deeper meaning than just a gorgeous color. She admired his jawline, his nose, the contours of his face all together but soon forgot about him as she could feel the ease of the man's breath and heart come to a hault. Her hands clutched his just as tightly as before and she stared down to him, almost wanting him to awake. Her hands shook and her eyes shut for a moment to listen to this stranger's blessing. This random person's blessing among his life.][center [i [size12 [b "I... don't know him..."] she hesitated for a long time to say something as the rain just surrounded their small funeral. [b "I don't k-- I don't know what to do."] she was asking for help at this point. As this guy seemed like he had seen this a few times before.]][center [i [size12 Peg looked up to him once more and bit her lip to refrain from crying, holding her lower lip from jiggling and looked up towards the heavens.]]][center [i [size12 [b "Help him..."]


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