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Random roleplay I guess.

By Corona_Chan

Replies: 343 / 88 days ago

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She just waved some but stayed silent
Newdori looked down at her. "Sup kid."
Kenzie quickly looked up at Newdori
[pic https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EpeY3iHXUAEe3Jx.jpg:small]
Savvii stared at her and Newdori came down stairs.
Her eyes were filled with worry
Savvii looked at Akemi and held her hand softly.
''I-i cant tell..''
"How sick?" Savii said concerned.
''I-i just have a super sick feeling in my stomach...'' She said quietly
Savii stared at her and began to hug tightly. "Something is troubling you...."
TanakiWasTaken / 10d ago
She smiled back and stayed quiet. Akemi had a sick feeling in her stomach.
Savii hugged her back and began to smile softly.
TanakiWasTaken / 11d ago
Akemi came up and hugged Savii
Savii nodded and Newdori just walked away.
TanakiWasTaken / 11d ago
''O-ok i guess i believe you..''