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Looking for an rp partner

By BrittStalin
Backup thread
Looking for an rp partner who would want to do something we both would like.

Anime and Ideas also who I'm looking for:
Yu-gi-oh - looking for someone to play Yami Yugi/Atem
- time traveling
-Pharaoh x servant
-Supernatural themed -ask for details-
-transfer student

Black Butler - looking for Ciel (Aged up)
-Make our own story line together

Yu Yu Hakusho - looking for Yusuke
- Make our own story line together

Tv series and Who I'm looking for:

Supernatural - looking for Dean Winchester
- Make our own Story line together-

American Horror Story - looking for Donovan
-make our own story line together-

Also open to ideas
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KanedgyGhetis Dragnod   2y ago
yee haw mf

ello wut r details for supernatural themed? I would very much like to indulge myself in a roleplay of this type. I also have the most characters for that type of feast. It would please me if you replied. Don't worry, take your time..It'll be fine. I'll wait to indulge myself. Ok sorry for typing so much but i was trying to get 500 characters just about asking about the supernatural theme roleplay but that didn't work so now we're here. Seriously tho, I wanna know the details. Most of my roleplays are dead right now soHAH I GOT 547 CHARACTERS

For the Yu-gi-oh Supernatural theme. Would be setting up different supernatural groups. Vampires, Werewolves, mermaids, Demons, Cupid, etc for the group of dark creatures and Witches and Sirens under the light. The leaders or Heads as they could be called of each group meet under the full moon and dark moon to work around the meetings. The Monsters would be working to gain more to their people during the darkest night and the witches and sirens get their people during the brightest day. There are the occasion of a rare, human is neither witch nor siren but gifted who joins the cause. The heads of each group has a second who helps them lead. How these groups find a partner or Mate as some would call is by the senses. Vampires by the sweetest blood, werewolves by the way their inner wolf reacts, human by sight or by a cupid love potion or set up.

We could set up who has control in what, if not yugioh themed we can create an original set up but I had this as one of the Yu-gi-oh concepts for ideas.


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