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By kshahidx

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[Bebas+Neue [i SHE] is a waitress barely making ends meet and stuck with a boyfriend who doesn’t treat her right. A pretty girl with dreams of being a model, and no way to get there. She wants to see the world, tired of the same ol’ same ol’ in Misty, Alabama. [i HE] is a con artist, tired of pulling small jobs to pay for his gambling debts and needs to disappear [b [I quick]].
When [i She] finds [I him] breaking into her car, she has no choice but to join him when he places a gun to her head. Not wanting to risk a witness, he driver her to his next hit, a gas station. The two enter and [I he] gets straight to work. Something about this attracts [I her] and while he gives her the choice to leave, she asks him to join along. Fun, adventure, and money; what more could she ask for?
Before long Clark County finds themselves at the hands of the [I new] Bonie & Clyde


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A credit union. Evelyn knew of the places but she had never really been to scope one out before. She watched Charlie as he spoke and figured his plan was the best to go with. This was his gig, she wasn't good at planning these sorts of things and she figured that when they did this she could grab some sleep and set the day aside. If only it were that simple. It wouldn't be. She knew it wouldn't be. She stifled a yawn and tried to think in her head about how she could do this. She was less recognisable than Charlie. She didn't look rough or tough, she looked like any standard woman going into a place and since changing up her appearance, she hoped that would throw the cops off her scent for a while.

Eve watched as they pulled up to the union and she chewed her lip. The baseball cap would be too familiar so she figured it was best to ditch that as she pushed her sunglasses up and into her hair before fixing up her hood and getting out the car, slipping the gun into her waistband. She was scared, her heart was racing. It was familiar now, that familiar thrumming in her chest like waiting for a rollercoaster to take off. She licked her dry lips and smiled to the security guys as she went in before approaching the counter. She waited for a while, no one else was in the place and she stared at the clerk. A middle aged man.

Then something happened.

She remembered the man in the suit, how he had groped her and she clenched her jaw. She reached down and lifted her hooded jumper.
"You need to empty the cash into a bag." She said quietly and the guy stared at her in disbelief. She would use the gun, she felt like that. Right in that moment she would use it on him because she was so wrapped up in what was happening. She stared at him, fingers curling around the gun, ready to pull it.
"Act natural." She said to him because she didn't want an alarm to go off or for anyone to notice what was going down.

The guy nodded, his life wasn't worth it and Evelyn was almost disgusted by him. A young guy like him should be trying to be the hero, right? He was being as casual as possible as he handed over money and Evelyn started to put it into a duffel bag. It just looked like she was having a normal transaction, just a large one. She watched as he zipped it up and she nodded to him. She could feel a security guy watching her from behind and she smiled to the man,
"Have a nice day." She said to him and winked before lowering her sunglasses and sauntering out like she owned the God damn place. Adrenaline came thick and fast, that rush was almost orgasmic as it pulsed through her and she got into the car, slinging the bag in the back and grinning a little as she looked to Charlie.
"Piece of cake." She was getting cocky. But she was excited by the notion of what she had done.
Evelyn / Resident Fey / Nullification / 23h ago
Charlie couldn’t really sleep very well, he was up early around three which wasn’t very long after he had managed to fall asleep. After using the restroom, being blinded by the gross yellow bright lights, he figured he would just stay up. He had a few cigarettes and took another look at the map. They were starting to get closer to the big cities, leaving the rural land they grew up in behind. That meant definitely more money wherever they hit as these were prime tourist destinations. Banks, fancy restaurants, and other upscale shops would come a dime a dozen and it was very likely that they would be making much more money. Not to mention, with bugger crowds of people it meant a greater chance of them not being easily detected automatically. It was like starting fresh, but that didn’t mean they could get lazy or sloppy.

He had spotted a credit union that was coming up on their drive. It was smaller than a bank, the security wouldn’t be as tight and they would walk out with a good amount of money. He figured it would be the best way to end their little stint in their county and leave the cops scratching their heads for the. Ext couple of days which would give them time to lay low.

His greeting fell on deaf ears when Evelyn woke up. She seemed to be in her own head since yesterday and he wondered if this was all getting to her in the worse way. Still, she hadn’t said anything and he was actually surprised she hadn’t robbed him and left in that tied time he had fallen asleep. She wasn’t like that though, he wanted to think. He couldn’t believe that Evelyn had turned that evil over the last couple of days they were together. While she went to tend to the car, he gathered the rest of his things and after quickly rinsing off and changing, he left the room. Lick was on their side again as they hadn’t had to deal with a belligerent man about money for their stay. Though considering the condition of the room, he really didn’t think they owed him much.

Charlie found Eve in the passenger side, with low eyes. She looked like she was ready to catch a few more minutes or hours of sleep. He could tell she had issues the way she tossed and turned. He got into the truck and soon began to pull it of the parking lot. It was still odd to see Eve with the blonde hair and the short cut. He felt bad, it sure if she liked it or not especially considering she didn’t really have much of a choice.

“So,” he started. “We’re hitting a small credit union. Not a lot of money but more than the two, three hundred that we’ve been jacking so far. It’s still pretty early in reckon by the time we get there, there shouldn’t be that many people which means less casualties. I’ll take care off the guards and you take care of the teller.” Eve could pass off normal and Charlie could use his suspicious look to their gain, distracting the guards long enough for Evelyn to quietly rob the teller and walk out. He would have to endure a little bit of hassle, but it wasn’t something he wasn’t exactly used to.
charlie / kshahidx / 1d ago
Evelyn looked over to Charlie when he spoke up and she watched him drift off shortly after. It was strange, like seeing this tough guy let down his barriers because exhaustion lapped at him like an endless tide. She settled down in the blankets, she didn't want anyone to take her fall for her. She knew better than to ever believe that she wasn't responsible for her own actions. She was responsible, absolutely. Her actions were her own and she would deal with the consequences when they came. She had made her decisions, she had succumbed to the choices and picked her own path to follow. This wasn't Charlie's doing or anyone else's.

It was just after five when she awoke, it was lighter outside and she glanced over to see Charlie already awake. She knew he had big plans for today and they didn't have much of a choice if they planned on making it to Mexico with a fat wallet, enough to start a proper life. She sighed, nervous for it but at the same time she knew that adrenaline rush would hit her when they were successful. She rubbed the back of her head and stifled a yawn before clambering out of bed and plodding around to find her clothes to change into. They'd have to leave soon anyway, otherwise that guy would be at the door demanding money. They had the money but Evelyn figured they had to be as frugal as possible in order to save enough. The more saving the did the less they had to hit.

A quick freshen up and mix up of her attire and Evelyn looked nothing like the diner waitress she had yesterday. She rummaged around for the sunglasses and fixed them in place, packing their stuff as she looked to Charlie, he had mentioned a credit place. Evelyn wasn't familiar with them but he seemed to know more about these places than she did. At least she wouldn't be so easily recognised in the street with the switch up and part of her wanted to just crawl away and go home. It was nerves, jitters for what was to come and she fastened her bag.

"Ready when you are, I'll go start the car." She said as she headed down to the parking lot, making sure to avoid the front desk area but the old man had fallen asleep with the little static-full television still buzzing and she figured that was a stroke of luck. She threw her things in the back of the truck and figured Charlie could drive today, she had done most of it yesterday as well as acquire them a new car. That, and she was still tired from tossing and turning most of the night so maybe she could grab some sleep in the passengers seat for a while.
Evelyn / Resident Fey / Nullification / 2d ago
Charlie sighed out, turning on his back then to stare up at the ceiling. Black mold stained it, seemingly fitting the mood. He turned his head to face Evelyn who looked just as exhausted as him. Though sleep seemingly didn’t offer her the comfort she was expecting. He could only assume that the weight if they had gotten themselves into was truly weighing on their minds. This was in every sense [I heavy]. Though Charlie had to worry more for himself. After all, Evelyn would probably get a slap in the wrist. She hadn’t hurt anyone and at most her total score was under $500 he could assume. He doubted the chump from the department store would even press charges unless he was actually very petty. She would be fine, as much as she didn’t think so. He was sure she could use her charm to convince anyone that she had been pulled into this by Charlie and if that were ever to be the case, Charlie was okay with that. Evelyn wasn’t a criminal. She was a sweet girl, with a kind smile and a comforting air about her. Maybe that’s as what drew Charlie to her in the first place. He could’ve very well have decided not to carjack her. Yet, the same sense of nativity and kindness he targeted her for specifically was now the endearing qualities about her to which made him attracted to her.

“You didn’t wake me. Cant sleep,” he muttered, his hand rubbing his eyes. He lifted slightly over her just to catch the time. It was one in the morning. In less than five hours he was sure the owner of the motel would make his way up to their room demanding money. Maybe it would’ve been simpler to pay him, sleeping in sounded good. He returned to id spot then, bundling under the covers as though this scratchy cocoon could protect him from the outside world and the repercussions of their crimes. Could they make it to Mexico ? He had been so sure beforehand but after almost being caught he was now a bit unsure.

But from the jump when Evelyn had decided she wanted in, he had promised to himself to make sure to see to her safety.
“I won’t let anything happen to you. You know until Mexico,” he said softly in an attempt to lighten the mood. “They’d have to get through me first.” Charlie couldn’t exactly tell when he drifted off to sleep. His last words to Evelyn were said in a follow drawl so he suspected shortly after that. It was five in the morning and he felt just as tired as before and yet he was invigorated. Today they were taking risks. Today was the day they would hit a big joint.
charlie / kshahidx / 2d ago
Evelyn rubbed her eyes and looked over to see Charlie in bed beside her and she mumbled an apology. She didn't know if she had woken him or if he hadn't slept yet. She pushed herself up and got some water. It was cold in this place, evidently the manager didn't bother with heating the place and she drank some of the water before getting back into bed and settling as best she could, facing Charlie. She knew he was a seasoned criminal, he was probably used to all this danger and intrigue surrounding them but she did wonder if he was as frightened as she was.

"Are you alright?" It felt intimate, in the peace of the night as she watched his outline. Not intimate like the night before, this was less lust driven and more gentle. They did a lot of running, a lot of chatting about their plans but she realised she had never really asked Charlie if he was coping. The last thing either of them needed was for the other to unravel and pull some stupid move. Maybe this whole thing had been a mistake, she should have gone back to Rick and her daily routine and she would have forgotten about this. She'd be at home watching the story unwrap and mumbling about how lucky she was to even be alive.

Evelyn realised some of the awkward tension came from the unspoken union the night before and she would have reached out to touch his shoulder but it felt wrong. Charlie was a strong man, a tough man who seemed so hardened to the world and its cruelty. He was still human though, still a man. Eve shifted slightly so the blanket covered her properly because the chill in the air was catching up to her. There were so many variables they had to think about. What if one of them got hurt? How would they cope, they couldn't go to hospital or anything. Evelyn sighed softly and dragged a hand down her face.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." She managed after a moment and resigned herself to staying huddled up under the blanket. Hopefully the drastic change in appearance would earn her some leniency at least and people would be less likely to stop and take a second look.
Evelyn / Resident Fey / Nullification / 3d ago
“Safe maybe,” he said. But if they were going to keep hitting places then they were going to always have someone on their back. Charlie could of course change his hair, but he didn’t think that would really do much difference considering by now he was sure that his face was definitely recognizable. He worried then that there was the possibility of the motel owner coming up should he see the news story, though Charlie doubted the man would bother looking up form his phone. He wondered then if it was at all possible that they were already gaining a following online as he was sure the story had moved there as well. All these hypotheticals was doing nothing. So far they were far from danger, but they couldn’t afford to get comfortable for much longer.

Charlie had disappeared into the bathroom to shower after nodding in response to Evelyn. It seemed to be the only thing that would help him relax at all, though he was still a bit on edge. When he returned, the story was now about some small fire at someone’s house. He quickly turned the channel to something more mind numbing before taking a seat beside Eve. He reached into the bag for a burger, washing the down with the watered down soda that had been sitting for too long.

“We gotta hit bigger. The quicker we get more money, the easier it will be to disappear.” He said then. As dangerous as it may have been. Charlie realized that they couldn’t wait to be ready. They just had to treat these jobs like their others and go for it. That said, he would try to plan as best as possible. First they had to case the place. Evelyn looked cleaner than him, less likely to draw attention and with the blonde hair and a pair of shades, she would go unnoticed easier. Once they gaged he security, they could bust in. Hell, to ease up on the chance of hurting someone they could even consider starting to target these places at night.

While Evelyn crawled into bed, Charlie had sunk in the corner of the hotel room, using the meal tray then as a table as he began to plan their next heist. He’d smoked through at least five cigarettes before he finally called it a night and got into the bed himself. There was an unspoken fear between the two and he wondered if the reason Evelyn had abruptly awoke was for the same reason he couldn’t fall asleep.
charlie / kshahidx / 3d ago
Evelyn could smell food the moment she walked out of the bathroom and she ran a hand through her shorter hair, paranoid that perhaps it was too short. She looked Charlie and gave an awkward smile and shrugged a little,
"Yeah, bit of a change." She mumbled as she wandered over to inspect the food. She plucked up a fry and eyed Charlie. It was weird to think of him with a beard but she supposed he might suit it. This was for necessity rather than leisure and she just nodded to him at the notion. They both had to switch up their looks to keep safe and she sat on the bed. It definitely wasn't that comfortable but she figured it beat sleeping in the car.

She looked up when she heard the newscast and she watched the woman talk about the events. She described Charlie and Evelyn perfectly as suspects, down to their hair colour and clothing and Evelyn swallowed slightly. She was glad she had changed up her look a little at least. She glanced to Charlie, a brief look of terror passing over her gaze as she sighed out,
"The further away we get, the safer we'll be, right?" She asked and figured they would have to leave early in the morning.
"If I get some sleep we can start driving at like six in the morning." She offered and rummaged through the bag, finding a burger and sitting on the dusty old couch, picking at it. Her appetite was fighting a losing battle against sleep and she managed half the burger and some fries before opting to get into bed.

The mattress was a bit stiff but it was warmer than sitting on the couch and she listened to the television buzz in the background as they reeled off stories and then some odd show came on and she looked up at the ceiling, feeling fresher after a shower at least. Eventually, she fell asleep despite it not being that late but they had been rushed that morning and the adrenaline had drained her. All she could think about was Mexico and what lay ahead for them, as soon as they crossed that border they would be safe. She shifted slightly in her sleep.

It was the middle of the night when she sat bolt upright, heaving in a gasp of air and patting herself down to make sure that she was safe and that she was alright. A nightmare about prison, her conscience was trying to tell her something and she caught her breath, rubbing her eyes and looking around. It wasn't even that dark despite it being the middle of the night, the neon lights from outside pasted the room in a ghostly glow. She slumped back in the bed and breathed out, it was just a nightmare, it wasn't real. They were fine, for now.

She felt awake, she lamented. She felt too awake to sleep and she fumbled around to try and find a clock. There was a digital clock blazing that it was only 1am. She groaned softly and knew she couldn't drive on so little sleep and they had to stay sharp if they planned to get through this.
Evelyn / Resident Fey / Nullification / 3d ago
“I’ll be fine,” Charlie said. While he was a bit tired, he was sure it would take a while before the adrenaline would actually finally wear off. They had a crazy start to their morning and he wasn’t sure he was comfortable just going to sleep and pretending that things were okay. At least, Charlie wouldn’t feel that way until they had stopped and got their head together. Evelyn seemed to be faring well compared to him, but he didn’t mind that. It was nice to know that she had really thrown caution to the wind and it seemed she was accepting her role in this more and more. He couldn’t help the smirk that crossed his face as she uncharacteristically placed the cigarette between her lips, forming small rosy o’s to release the smoke out. Despite the semi old shape the truck seemed to be in it, it drove quite smoothly and finally Charlie could find himself actually falling asleep.

It didn’t seem like long before they were pulling into the parking lot of a Motel 6. They weren’t lucky in it being more vacant than the last motel they stayed at. Though, by the judgment of the cars and the two men smoking what definitely wasn’t anything legal by the trashcans in the parking lot, Charlie didn’t believe that they would have any trouble. Though, the comfort of the hotel they were just at would only remain in their memories it seemed.

The most [I accommodating] feature of the motel was the Waffle House that was attached on the other side. Inside were a few of the staff milling about, some sad looking customers eating off a hangover or in worse conditions, using the empty booths as a free bed. While it didn’t look as appetizing from the barely lit neon yellow sign and dingy lighting for the interior, Charlie had to admit that he was starving. They had been driving nearly all day and he hadn’t even had breakfast.

After grabbing their things, they made their way into the motel. The sound of country music played on an old radio and the man at the counter didn’t bother to meet their eyes until Evelyn spoke up. he turned his attention from his phone where he had been aimlessly scrolling through funny videos. Charlie could tell that he was suspicious of the two, especially when Evelyn inquired about not paying beforehand. While he thought that would only further give the man reason to keep an eye on him, she seemed to do enough batting of her eyes for him to acquiesce. Though he didn’t look happy about it and Charlie just hoped that this didn’t turn into a bad idea. He was happy that Eve was taking the reins, but there was no need to get reckless considered they were still about knee deep in shit form the last few days. There was no reason to get cocky as of yet, not but six hours ago they would’ve been cuffed and thrown in a cell.

With the key in their possession, dangling from a plastic square block that was peeling so much you couldn’t even read the room number, they made their way outside to head to the room. Evelyn gathered a few last minute items from the car and they soon made their way up the black metal staircase to the second floor. He was glad to be on solid cement as the staircase didn’t seem like it was meant to carry two people, honestly he didn’t find the solid ground to be of much comfort either.

They entered the room then, which smelled stale, the scent of fresh cigarettes and what he presumed bug spray a mixture in the air. He made sure to keep the windows open, finding that despite the conditions, it was quiet for now which was appreciate. Still, he made sure the blinds remained shut, though with how tangled the cord was, Charlie didn’t think they would even be able to get it up.

He threw the bags onto the bed which barely moved, leading Charlie to believe this was going to be an uncomfortable amount of sleep, yet he figured after sleeping on a cot for some years, he would be fine with it.

“Alright,” he said as he watched Evelyn disappear. He turned on the tv, surprised they had decent reception, but it was basic cable at most. He flipped to the news, though discovered they were still discussing the weather. Charlie hoped maybe there would be an update as of later. In the meantime, he made his way downstairs and back toward the diner to get something to eat for the both of them. They had been driving all day so sleep and food would be the best things for them. There was no way they were going to be able to do anything properly on an empty stomach.

He came upstairs, three white bags cradled in his arms, one hand gripping a carboard carrier for their drinks, as he unlocked the door, [I gently] giving it a shove of his shoulder to help with opening it. He slammed it closed with his foot, looking up to meet the new Evelyn.

“Wow,” he said. He had to admit, he could tell it was her of course, he knew those eyes by now after staring into them constantly the night before. The blonde was a stark contrast to the old her though and in his opinion made her look much more like a bad ass than the soft spoken waitress he had met. “Definitely a disguise done well,” he admitted. He moved the bags toward the rickety tables set for one person meals. They were stained with [I something] and didn’t sit properly on the carpet, but they would do for now.

“I figure if I let my hair and beard continue to grow out I should be fine,” Charlie said. As long as he focused on keeping as much of his face covered in the meantime, they would be okay. He opened the bag, grabbing a fry and popping it into his mouth. Just as he was making his way to the bathroom, he paused at the sound of the female broadcaster’s voice, illustrating the couple’s crimes.
charlie / kshahidx / 3d ago
Eve was shaking as she held the steering wheel and she looked to Charlie when he spoke about motel life for a while. Part of her wished they had never experienced the fancy hotel so she wouldn't be missing anything and she just nodded.
"Sure, we should switch up our looks though." Evelyn said, shrugging a little as she pulled out onto the main road and started their drive. After last night, she was tired and still feeling slightly awkward about it all. Charlie looked dog tired too and she cleared her throat,
"Why don't you get some sleep? I can manage the driving for a while." Eve mumbled as she fiddled with the radio to find a station she liked, listening on it as she ran a hand through her hair, stopping at some lights to fix her cap.

She rummaged around and found some sunglasses in the cupholder and she slipped them on her face. She could manage a few hours driving and at least that way there would be no awkward exchanges with Charlie for the most part, she could just have her own company and some nice songs on the radio. She let the driving settle in for a while, following where Charlie had said and she glanced over before stealing a cigarette from the pack and lighting it. She was never really a smoker, besides when she was maybe out having a drink but the nicotine did wonders for sating her nerves for now as she let the wind from the driving and open window play with her hair. She took off the baseball cap and tossed it in the back. The further away they got from the city, the more free she felt.

Evelyn eyed the road signs, there was a motel up ahead in a few miles and she slowed down, relaxing a little and rubbing her eyes. The sun was going to set soon and although she loved the idea of driving in the fiery sunset, maybe even through the night, she knew she couldn't running on so little steam and she figured maybe they could try that. Drive through the night, hit a couple of places at 3am or something on route. Evelyn frowned a little, she was thinking like a criminal now and she raked a hand through her hair.

Evelyn finally saw the crummy motel come into view and she bit back a groan. It looked awful but they couldn't exactly be picky and she figured she could handle the finding of a room and she got out, heading to the desk. The man behind the counter was rough looking but Evelyn put on some charm, promising they would pay in the morning, they were just so tired from driving they hadn't made it to an ATM. He reluctantly agreed and Evelyn didn't feel bad, this place was a dump.

She wandered back to the car and opened Charlie's door,
"C'mon, we should rest up properly for a night." She said to him and picked up some stuff from the back of the truck so she could switch everything up for a bit and hopefully it would throw the cops off. She headed up to their room and she eyed the interior, but said nothing at the state of it and she gestured she was going to use the bathroom, taking the bleach and scissors with her.

After about an hour, she came out, her hair was cropped to her shoulders and it was blonde, casting a different look over her and she sank into the couch, exhausted as she rubbed her eyes and sighed out.
Evelyn / Resident Fey / Nullification / 4d ago
Charlie took the keys and watched as Evelyn made her way indoors. He drove the car around back of the parking lot, near the dumpsters. He cleared it of anything that would tie them to any place. Though tried to keep any personal belongings of Eve’s. He wondered if she cared about the car and the fact they were dumping it. He didn’t dwell on the topic for too long however, knowing that it had to be done. They would run the plates and eventually there would be cops patrolling and others who would be keeping an eye out for the vehicle. After grabbing everything, with his hood up and the hat facing froward, Charlie surveyed the parking lot. It wasn’t full which meant Eve shouldn’t have too many eyes on her inside other than the cashier. Though, she was a well put together girl despite the strange trucker like clothing. He didn’t imagine she would stand out as much as he would. Charlie often though he naturally seemed like trouble wherever he went.

He spotted a man getting out of a truck then and walking toward the store. A change in style of vehicles would certainly throw the cops off until the truck was reported as missing. If they were lucky, this was one of those parking lots where the cameras never seemed to work. Later on, all he would have to do is switch the plates out with someone else’s and that would buy them time. That was a thought for later though, a she knew he had to be quick, unsure how long the man would be in the store for.

Charlie placed the items from Eves car on the ground, his hand fiddling inside his bag. He normally hated wire hangers, but in this case he was glad the department store they visited still used them. Charlie looked dup, still seeing that he was alone in the parking lot, his hands working to undo the hanger into as straight a line as possible. He had very little care for the condition of the car, though while it was in good condition, it was old and he was sure a little chipped paint wouldn’t be a big of a deal. He used a dull pocket knife to wedge between the door. With some maneuvering he was able to get the hanger in and after a couple of minutes, he heard the click.

“Fuck yes,” Charlie whispered as he pulled the handle of the door open. He threw everything into the backseat. By now sweat was dipping along the side of his face, btu he was more than glad to know half the work was done. He was even happier to see Evelyn running out, keys in her hand. It seemed luck just happened to be on their side apparently as little things were falling into place: no witnesses, keys laying around and him and Eve sharing the same mind when it came to the truck. So much so, he could see her searching for him, though he pooped up quickly to show she need to look no further. They couldn’t expect to keep getting this lucky of course.

Fortunately with keys, it would make getting in and out of the car easier, especially in cases of busier areas and Charlie hadn’t the tools to start the car. He didn’t know how long it would take to hotwire it, and he didn’t want to risk them getting caught. They’d already cut things pretty close. With Evelyn in the driver’s seat, they soon made their getaway. Charlie was wiped out by now. While he had enjoyed their tie together last night, he was begging for more sleep at this point.

“Sounds like a plan. Coming off the I-5 we’ll be in Dawson. A little more laid back and not as busy. Back to the motel life for a bit,” he suggested. Hitting a place so soon would definitely draw attention to them. They needed to simmer down just a little, but Charlie wanted Eve in on his plan of course. “I was thinking . . . maybe we take a crack at one of the local credit unions?” More chance of money, less bodies to worry about than a restaurant and the perfect start to something bigger.
charlie / kshahidx / 6d ago
Evelyn was still trying to calm her heart rate and she figured at least this morning hadn't involved some awkward conversation about how 'that could never happen again' and whatnot. She looked to Charlie when he spoke and she nodded. They needed to figure out disguises and she knew she would be alright in the drugstore. She knew what she was looking for, she knew what she wanted from the place and what would help. She handed the keys to Charlie when they stopped and shifted the baseball cap further further so it was covering her eyes. This place looked run down and she doubted the cameras even worked.

Evelyn headed inside and there was a half blind old man behind the counter, watching a buzzing and static full television behind the counter. She wandered the aisles, she picked up scissors, razors, some hair dye and sunglasses. She picked up enough to fill her arms with and tried to figure out how to get out of the store without being seen. A man came in, a friend it seemed of the old man and the two started to chat and Evelyn ducked behind an aisle. After about five minutes they headed into a backroom, no doubt for tea or coffee and Evelyn figured this was her chance as she moved towards the door but she stopped. The register wasn't being watched. She knew how registers worked thanks to her years as a waitress and she leaned over, pressing the void transaction number. There wasn't much in the register, but she grabbed some notes and closed the tray. Keys git her eye and she stared for a moment, glancing outside. She sighed and picked them up. It was an old truck but it would do the job and she figured they'd need to figure out a way of messing with the plates.

A familiar rush of adrenaline coursed through her when she exited the shop and she unlocked the truck. She glanced over to Charlie and waved him over as she out the stolen goods in the back and hopped into the truck, glancing to the store front. No witnesses, brilliant. She waited for Charlie and breathed out as she hit the road again, smiling a little. That had been a real rush of adrenaline and she loved the feeling if getting away with these crimes.
"Let's just keep on the road, get as far away from here as possible then we can stop for the night, I can change up my hair." She said to him with a shrug and gestured to the goods in the back. There was probably stuff he could use as well, if he needed to.
Evelyn / Resident Fey / Nullification / 9d ago
Charlie made his way out of the room, making sure he hallways was clear as he headed for the pool entrance. The stairs were best, not wanting to bump into the officers just as they were getting off the elevator as he knew they were right behind him. Charlie opened the door and went down the hall outside. Fortunate for them, it was a little early in the afternoon which meant unlike their private dip last night, there were other people around. That didn’t necessarily mean they were off the hook or anything. They still had to get out of here and undetected. Passing through the gate, they made their way to the car. Both were managing to remain casual despite how freaked out he knew Evelyn had to be if he himself was having a hard time staying relaxed. He didn’t breathe until Eve had placed her fit firm against the gas, leaving the hotel behind. He rolled down the window, closing his eyes as he laid his head against the seat. That was close. Too close for comfort, but he wasn’t surprised. They had used the guys information. It had been reckless, but held gotten away with it. That was the most important wasn’t it?

“Closer than I wanted,” he said as he looked over to Eve. That certainly had taken care of him having to worry about an awkward morning. He couldn’t help chuckling at that, his hand wiping against his head, slightly slick with sweat. The cool air felt good though and it was helping him to think more clearly the further away they got. “We’re going to have to rethink every string. Strategy, our disguises, anything that will throw them off a pattern.” Charlie may not have been there when Evelyn robbed the guy, but they all were in the department store and it was likely he had recalled his face faintly enough that it more than likely resembled that sketch from the gas station shooting. The hotel had to have cameras too which meant he wouldn’t be surprised if their faces would soon be plastered around.

While this was a bit of a scare, it also only pushed Charlie further into his thinking: they needed to start thinking big. “We’re going to need a new car.” They had to have pictures of her plates he assumed if they had outside cameras. It was best not to risk it. “Well stop at the first drug store we see, in and out.” The lot would be full of cars too. Evelyn could grab the stuff and he could have the car running and ready to go. “No cash. Just grab and go.”
charlie / kshahidx / 6d ago
Evelyn looked to Charlie when he came in, he looked frazzled and for a brief moment she wondered if last night had left him fried and tweaking out.
"Wait- what?"  She said, the guy from yesterday, they must have tracked his credit card and she felt panic blossom in her chest like fire. Whatever happened last night didn't matter, they just had to move and Evelyn snatched up her things, fixing her hair under the baseball cap and she had to think quickly. The guy would just be looking for her, right? So if this went badly she could easily point out Charlie was just some guy she had hooked up with and he wasn't involved but she didn't want to go to prison.

Evelyn glanced outside,
"We can out the pool way, there's a gate down there out to the road." She said quietly and realised this was her mess. This was nothing Charlie had done. The guy deserved it! She grit her teeth, slightly angry at the entire situation. 
"Come on, you go ahead." She said as she nudged him. She pulled on her shoes and  ducked out of the door, heading down the steps and scurrying as casually as she coukd towards the gate. Thankfully the pool was busy, couples and families frolicking and Eve reached the gate before stepping outside it and she glanced over her shoulder to see the cops outside the door of their room. She kept walking and made her way around the building and towards the car.

She was shaking as she got into the drivers side and she swallowed, that was close. Too close. It was a sharp slap back to reality and she fumbled for the keys, starting the car and pulling out as she brought them back on the road. She was trying to keep her breathing steady. She checked the rear view mirror and they weren't being followed thankfully but she knew they had to drive for a while to be safe and she gripped the steering wheel hard, knuckles white.

"That was close." She managed to chew out, the panic slowly leaving her and she glanced to Charlie. She needed to switch up her appearance soon and she thought for a while. She'd dye her hair, cut it short and that would change her looks, she was sure. Hopefully the guy would just accept he'd lost some cash in his nasty attempt on Evelyn.
Evelyn / Resident Fey / Nullification / 9d ago
"Perfect," he repeated with a small chuckle. "I'll take that.” He loved the feeling of her nose against the crook of his neck, her soft breath tickling against his collarbone. He wanted to hold her like this forever, knowing that was impossible. But he could accept this for now right? Sure, things would go back to normal, but how normal could they really be considering they’d seen each other naked? Not that Charlie was complaining. Being with Evelyn was more than a guy like him felt he deserved. He lamented in the feeling, soon following Eve in falling asleep. When he woke up, the bed was empty of her presence, the sound of running water alerting him that she was in the shower. He closed his eyes, his hands reaching up to rub them as he tried to process all that happened the previous night. It would be hard to wipe that smug look off his face he was sure.

[I Don’t make this weird] He told himself before sitting up, sliding out of bed then and placing his shorts on. He scratched at his head, running his hand along it before finally moving into a stretch. He located his jeans and dug around until he found his pack of cigarettes. As much as he often broke the rules, they didn’t need any reason to draw attention to themselves. He threw on some clothes and grabbed the map and his cigarettes before heading downstairs. He wasn’t the only one smoking, joining a few other men on a designated corner outside.

Charlie took a seat and lit the cigarette. Now that it seemed Evelyn was really on board, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to hit a restaurant. It was still pretty early in the day though, the big money would come around the afternoon. If they continued their heists, they had at least a good week or two before they got to Mexico. Charlie kept thinking about that jewelry store. This was all petty cash, sure to be gone within maybe their first few days in Mexico. If they were risking their freedom, they needed more money that would set them up for life.
Charlie was making his way back upstairs when he noticed the cops at the lobby. He saw a man he clearly recognized as the guy that had been hitting on Eve.
“Shit,” he muttered, quickening his pace and making his way into the elevator. He could hear the sound of their shoes squeaking as they turned to make their way in his direction, just as the doors closed. Charlie gripped the map in his hands tight, pressing their floor button numerous times before with a slight thud, the elevator landed on their floor. He knew they had to be right behind them. Charlie quickened his pace, his hand shaking as he opened the door. No longer was he thinking in nervousness about what his first words to Eve would be.
“We gotta go and quick,” he said as he looked in her direction. He scratched the back of his neck out of nervousness, breathing out to help with calming down. He had to stay focused. Charlie started gathering his things together in the paper bag from the clothing store. They were going to have to really get themselves together if they were going to keep doing this; major disguises included. “That guy from last night is with the cops, saw them in the lobby.” He explained. There was no way they could truly rid the hotel room of their presence, they didn’t have the time, but that didn’t matter. If they stayed any longer it was goodbye to the idea of Mexico and hello San Quentin Prison.
charlie / kshahidx / 9d ago