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Powerful Jaws~my hero academia rp~closed to nat~

By wingedwolfy120

Replies: 186 / 53 days ago

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He chuckled and hugged her. "You shouldn't feel too embarrassed."
Dawn sat there blushing straight red.
He smiled and kissed her softly.
Dawn sat down and looked up at him.
Tojiro chuckled slightly and made dawn sit.
Dawn laid Sayuri down in the chair beside them and Dawn just yawned.
Yukina immediately laid down and snuggled into him before falling back asleep clinging to him.
Drakyto laid next to her and cuddled with her a little. Dawn stood behind Tojiru and stared at Drakyto.
Tojiro chuckled and noticed yukina sleepily staring at Drakyto. "Well i think your mate wants you back."
"We did talk! It just....turned....uh into mating." He would say while rubbing the back of his head a bit.
"No." She mumbled sleepily and hugged back. "All we did was mate with each other."

Tojiro raised his brows a little bit surprised and then looked back at Drakyto. "That's not what i meant when i said talk to her dude but hey."
Drakyto laughed and began to hide behind Tojiro. Dawn looked at Yukina and hugged her. "Did he hurt you?" She asked with concern.
He watched and looked at her. "So what if he did? She seems to be happy with it."

Yukina blinked awake slightly and looked for Drakyto.
"He did something with Yukina.....I can tell he did!" Dawn said yeeting the slipper right at Drakyto's head perfectly striking him.
He looked between them and asked. "Um... Why do you need to hit him?"