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Assassins Mission

By Server_E

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A knock is heard upon your door. When you open it, a box has been left on your door mate. There is no name, no return adress, just your adress and an envelope is tapped upon the box. You lift it up finding the box heavy, and bring it inside. Once you have it on your table you open the letter, and it reads :

Dear Finder,
Inside of this box is my most prized possession. A creation of my own design. Please take extra care of him. He holds everything and anything you need to know about Mission X. You are to complete what I first started.

Professor Thomas Nandorian

After you have read the letter you decide to open the box. Inside of it there is what appears to be what looks like a computer monitor. The monitor is a sleek metallic, black design with a bold, metalic, blue E on it. What will you do with this device? Will you plug it in to your computer and start your greatest journey, or will you toss the device away to be potentially fall into the wrong hands?