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-The Inn Betwixt- [Under Construction! Open Roleplay Thread]

By TheGallowsMaster
Backup thread
"There is no need to ask where you are, you simply are."

At the end of the road, you simply find darkness. To say goodbye to the world you knew and to step into the betwixt makes you brave...or crazy. What could possibly make you crazier than traveling between worlds? Choosing to stay between worlds is a start but opening an Inn there must make you insane! So that’s just what Faroe did. With a Bar/Café in front and rooms toward the back, every weary traveling can find what they’re after.

That’s right, I’m finally making an open roleplay thread. I don’t want people to have to apply so I’m going to trust you in allowing everyone to just jump in. This is a place to hang out, talk about your crazy past, live a little and kick back as someone you’ve created. There is no lock on characters you can use, for we are at an Inn between worlds. I will say that the Inn is old-timey, so don't expect any tech unless you bring it.

Rooms Upstairs are 20 gold pieces a night.
Rooms on the ground floor are 10 gold pieces a night.
Sleeping at the bar/cafe is frowned upon, but free.
Feel free to ask about staff applications!

All ES Rules Apply!
You will respect Jimmy-senpai.

Please be respectful of others.
I will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind in the Inn.

If you want to fight, it’s allowed but take it outside. -
In the RP, you don’t have to leave the thread to fight in character.

No one liners unless you’re in OOC. –
Obviously :P

No godmodding. –
You can’t always win! You can be OP though as long as it isn’t abused.

Ignoring the rules WILL get you booted.
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[size14 The cool air of the Inn brought Faroe’s sleepy body to life in moments. His position behind the counter was one he would surely die at but that wasn’t on his mind for the moment. This would be the opening moment for the Inn Betwixt. Being the veteran of wars long forgotten had made his mind uneasy. What was his intent to harbor lost souls among those who didn’t? Was giving people a to simply “be” too much to hope for?
So many questions thumped around in his head, the male’s hands grasped his hair. With a nervous sigh and shake, he gripped the edge of the wood counter. The time for questions had long since passed, the time to serve customers was upon him. In the back of his mind, it was a certainty that once those doors opened, they would not close. Something about the thrill of meeting new people, serving new food and drinks and possibly enticing people enough to leave their cares at the door made him smile. With haste, his lanky body moved across the Inn and unlocked the front door. Now, if people wanted to come in, it was up to them.
Lighting a cigarette seemed to act as a band-aid to his shaky nerves, the fire giving him something to focus on. Ice below the counter was stocked for ready to order drinks, the kitchen stoves were ready should anyone want food. Having nothing more to do in preparation, Faroe's eyes continued to watch the door as he walked to his usual spot behind the counter. Part of him felt he should be happy, but he was honestly far too nervous for all of that. ]


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