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Fuck off Sal !

By nikonen

Replies: 0 / 7 days ago

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Sally x Travis uwu
Normal HS au , so no cult shit , though Travis's father is still very much abusive
I am Sally -

The plot;

Sal still doesn't exactly know why Travis seems to hate him so much. He knows the blonde is a very closeted homosexual, after discovering a letter, but he doesn't know for who.
Travis often shows up to school in bandaids, cuts, and bruises, but always says, " I fell," and many students are suspecting abuse, but no one dares to say anything.
Travis doesn't come to school one day, and because the plot exists, Sally is tasked with bringing him homework. Sure Travis isn't happy, but will he eventually break down when his father comes home and starts getting physical - even going as far as to trying to smack Sal for butting in ?


I wanna start where Sal first comes over,
be semi lit , and try to be the asshole Travis is , thank you !