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Finding your soul mate as a new born baby is a crazy thing. Growing up, he was always there. My parents not only had to share me with their big family, but also my mate. Crazy right? My entire family is full of crazies. I'm so thankful that my Mom and Dad never tried to separate us. I can't imagine what I would've done had they done so. Who am I kidding? Jacob would've never let that happen.

Being a sixteen year old half human half vampire isn't an easy thing, by no means. But having a boyfriend who is basically destined to kill your kind, makes it no easier. Jacob swear's that he will never do anything to harm me or my family, but Sam isn't exactly loving the fact that his beta wolf is attached to a bunch of Vampires. 

Growing up, I always wondered what life would be like if I hadn't met my soulmate when I was first born, but I highly doubt that I could ever live without Jacob Black. He was my reason for existing. But lately, he'd been MIA. But that's probably just because of Sam and his gag orders. Sam hated me, which wasn't something that I never expected. I would be shocked if he liked me. He hated my family, which really put a strain on Jacob. He was being pulled by both completely different sides.


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