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Unsettling Intrigue

By Glitch

Replies: 10 / 10 days ago

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/daOHXMX.jpg ]]
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[Montserrat In the land of Calagre the two sister kingdoms of Julé and Masta have been enslaved by a dark power, who's champion calls himself Norgraad the Sky Rider. The power he represents is of unknown origin but it's effects are perfectly clear. The Sun has dimmed, the fields are becoming barren, poxes and plagues spread with no clear pattern. Life has become a taxable offense in the twin kingdoms, with Norgraad constructing what has been described as the 'Tower of Nightmares' in the blackened scar that has been forming between the two kingdoms.

You have had enough of the darkness, and with others have formed a weak resistance, but you have few supplies, few hands and the enemies strength grows every day as the citizens of each kingdom who pass away are drained of their souls and their bodies forced to rise and march towards Norgraads sinister ends.

It's been a long, bloody road. But those with you have given you their trust. Now the biggest issue is not being found, and not winding up dead.

[center [h3 [+darkred Criminals]]]
[h2 [right The Thief ]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/S60QJJt.png?2]]
[b Name:] Vela
[b Age:] Young
[b Profession:] Sellsword/Rouge
[b Race:] [https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Callisto_(5e_Race) Callisto]
[b Descripton:] A lightly burdened Dark green man made of flowing stars. His face only discernable when close he stands at 5'11'' Generally carrying himself quietly.
[b proficiency:] Duel swords, Stealth magic
[b personality:] Standoffish, money driven, greedy, Elusive, but tends to do the right thing.
[b Flaws:] he is enticed by gold and wealth to a fault. Claustrophobic.
[b Bio:] Vela is a well known thief to those privy to the underworld of crime. Growing up in the slums of Taris he only managed to live out of being an urchin by stealing every bit of shiny wealth he could get his hands on. He's Generally shifty as a result and has a way with bartering shop keeps to keep his pockets full.]

[h2 [right The Balance Weaver]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/OPEhwJe.png?2]]

[b Chara.]

[Damion [b Devour the world before it devours you.]]

[Montserrat [b Race;] Symbolic (Shade and Rose)

[b Age;] Human (18 years old)

[b Profession;] Curiosity.

[b Weapon Proficiency;] Small amount of melee, some ‘spell casting’ at her disposal. Note; Using the shadows or the light is taxing and poses risks to her sanity and physical health.

[b Gift of Darkness;] Gifted by her father, a Shade, there is more darkness in her than light. The shadows can bend to her will should she command and be able to win them over. Each time she attempts such a thing it can take a bite of her sanity and it is a power struggle. This darkness leads her to be unfeeling, easily tempted by earthly pleasures.

][Damion [b So easily snatched, so easily taken.]]

[Montserrat [b Gift of Light;] Gifted by her mother, a Rose, aids with healing light. This is a mere shred of her ability, she does not actively seek the light and it is more resistant to her than the shadows. The light within her is a candle waiting to be extinguished and overthrown by the shadows that will engulf her entirely. A battle consistently rages within her.

][Damion [b Hasten the bells, you will bow to us, hybrid.]]

[Montserrat [b Description;] Dark hair, grey eyes. On her left wrist is a tattoo etched to her skin that gleams silver in the light. Fair features and most commonly found in plain clothing. A simple cloak with riding trousers and loose shirt. She stands at five foot three, a gift from her mother. She is lanky with next to no strength of her own. Her appearance shifts when she is overtaking the shadows, going paler and eyes hollowing out, irises leaking black.

][Damion [b Watch the shadows.]]

[Montserrat [b Personality;] Brooding, quiet, unpredictable. Chara can choose to be a healer or devourer and her choice depends on numerous factors. She is quick to observe, disliking of certain atmospheres. She is as merciful as she is dangerous. She is blunt and to the point, often disregarding anyone else’s feelings and she can often be tempted if darkness is allowed free reign.

][Damion [b Ascend.]]

[Montserrat [b History;] Born of Charon and Mercy, a Shade and Rose. Her parents ascended to God like status after combing themselves, leading the Shades and Roses. Chara moves along herself, not risking to be around volatile parents for very long into her adulthood. She aims to explore and adventure, knowing full well her parents powers course through her just as well but she is by no means as powerful and often finds herself losing control now and then. Tempted, as both her parents were by the light and shadows, whispering and forever filling her head with doubt. She will never choose a side, for it would consume her either way and lead to her demise. She wishes for balance, as does the world but mostly within herself. She is the only living child of Mercy and Charon and eventually will take up their mantle but not as a Shade or Rose, as a symbolic . Too much darkness and the light will be extinguished, too much light and the world will be bleached. She has heeded her mother and father’s warning, for theirs was not a love story but a tragedy soaked in blood and decay. The world is unforgiving.

][Damion [b Play with us.]]

[Montserrat [b Strengths;] Difficult to get lost in the darkness, a keen observer.

][Damion [b Kneel.]]

[Montserrat [b Weaknesses;] Bright sunlight can harm her and extinguish her offensive powers, it can heighten her healing prowess but easily drains her. There is more of her father in her than her mother.

][Damion [b Bend. Thy. Will.]]

[h2 [right The Healer ]]

[Montserrat [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/2xPnrWT.png?2]]
[b Name:] Maveith
[b Age:] 17
[b Profession:] Healer
[b Race:] Goliath
[b Description:] A muscle bound goliath, with the common bold head of a male with hair covering his arms. His skin is a dark gray with patches of lighter and darker skin.
[b Proficiency:] Great Axe, Healing Magic, Healing
[b Personality:] Kind, Light Hearted, Soft Spoken, Worries about those around him, Hard to anger but flies into a rage when he gets pushed
[b Flaws:] Cold hearted when dealing with enemies.

[h2 [right The Cook]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/16ijRxl.png?2]]
[b Name:] Harmony
[b Age:] 19
[b Profession:] Mercenary/Cook
[b Race:] Demi-Human
[b Description: ]A pale, white-haired human of average height and athletic build. Stands roughly 5'7" and despite average traits, the girl has rather sharp teeth for an average "human".
[b Proficiency:] Cleavers (Heavy or small), cast iron pan, cooking
[b Personality: ]Talkative, caring, a bit blunt, and a glutton
[b Flaws:] Tends to nibble or bite when nervous
[b Bio:] The odd demi-human shows no traits of being part mershark, well, that is until she smiles at you. Harmony's love for adventure is heavily overshadowed by her love of food. Coming from a nomadic family, she was taught how to hunt and cook various beasts.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6JfnmNI.jpg?1]]
[h3 [center This world is dark, if only someone could clear the clouds.]]]
Chara would have offered a safer passage up the mountain which would have involved barely any caving but as it was, the dragon was hungry. She covered her nose and mouth against the smoke as it dissipated and she groaned slightly. It took her a while for her eyes to adjust as she tried to figure out where she was exactly. She knew the routes, almost as if by instinct. Something was glowing, it wasn’t just her companion and she turned to look at him properly. Oh, his arm. That looked painful and Chara felt a stab of guilt, the alternative was being eaten by the dragon but still, he had told her to watch out.

[b “Like I said, we have to stop meeting like this.”] There was a slightly playful smile on Chara’s lips as she eyed his wound. His blood didn’t entice the shadows, which was strange and nor could she get a proper read on what darkness lurked in his soul. How odd... She had never noticed it before now.
[b “It floats, huh?”] She murmured quietly. She wasn’t sure how good her healing would be down here but Vela was a light source and she reached out. This might be uncomfortable with him given he had managed to shatter his arm so badly. A pulse, a strong one at that emitted and Chara let off some healing energy to wrap around his arm and caress it back to health. She wasn’t sure if it would still be tender for him but it was bound to feel strange.

Grey eyes narrowed some, she had stopped the bleeding at least and hopefully he would be able to use the arm.
[b “Once we get to where we need to go, there will be other Roses that can do the job better.”] She assured him quietly. She didn’t have a torch or lantern but she knew the tunnels broke into a set of chambers up ahead as she glanced to Vela. He looked uncomfortable still, maybe slightly scared and she pondered if he was afraid of the dark? He couldn’t be... he was a Callisto, nothing was ever truly ‘dark’ for him. She wanted to ask what it was but if it was fear then it was better left unspoken, Chara wouldn’t want anyone poking at her about the fear of the dark she had.

[b “C’mon. And watch out for goblins and Corrupted”] Chara said to him as she pulled her cloak around herself, hiding her markings from sight just in case. She stepped out of his range and gave a nod, somewhat wary that he was so tense looking. She peered down the tunnels, listening. She couldn’t hear anything, but that didn’t mean anything. The darkness was stifling even with Vela around and it gave her shadows room to play. Her hound emerged, dripping from the corners and Chara watched it for a moment, as if waiting for see if it was still under her control. It was.

[b “Go on ahead. Warn us if there’s any danger.”] She muttered in the language of the Shadows. She watched the hound hesitate, as if tempted to break its loyalty and consume its master. Chara was still strong willed enough to battle off temptation and the hound growled before trotting off soundless.
[b “Let’s move.”] She murmured as she drew her rapier fluently, she would need Vela’s light, at least until they got to the chambers which held glowing rocks to light the way.

[center [pic https://images-ext-2.discordapp.net/external/tbCMh614A-AoSHajt5kNNVTHDd8AwM6WooeLjXclx_4/https/i.pinimg.com/originals/7c/c1/3d/7cc13d5b3cfd9247a3e8cf2bd0804303.gif]]
Chara / Resident Fey / Nullification / 3d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Montserrat&display]
[Montserrat As she spoke with a serious tone he closed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair. A wonderful way to start their journey, maybe if he batted his eyes enough he could convince her just how much he was against going into the cave, flashbacks of being stuck in the snow two nights prior sent a chill down his spine. He had no intention of heading into such a dark cramped place. Usually he went along with Chara's wants but this time, this time he wouldn't have it. Surely he could find a way around the cave through the mountains. He'd take the blowing chilly winds any day rather than the cramped Icey hallows of that cavernous maw. Yeah, that was it, he'd just simply say no. [i He was the designated leader after all, it was only right that she listened to what he wanted once and a while!]

After thinking it over and stoking the fires of a new confidence in his chest the lieutenant opened his mouth only to be met with a count down. Why was she counting? Was she mad? Was this some sort of message? Had she finally had it? He was barely being a scoundrel, if she was angry it was hardly justified. But just then... It began to dawn on him... The look in her face... She wasn't mad, hell she wasn't even looking at him. No, she was looking through him, or rather... Past him...

[center He quickly got the hint...]

[center [+mediumseagreen "Oh... There's something with a lot of teeth behind me isn't there..."]]

Her look affirmed his fears. And like that, in an instance, he snagged up his bag and was yanked toward the cave. The flapping of wings roared out behind him as the unseen creature took flight. He glanced back only for a moment.

[center [+mediumseagreen "A ][b Black Dragon!?][+mediumseagreen Oh f*%k me sideways! Also! Watch out!"]]

Normally he could move much faster than she was pulling him but in this scenario he couldn't focus enough to get his techniques to work. Let alone the fact that he was being yanked along. He spotted the break in the rocks going down but it was too late. The two of them took a tumble The glowing boy taking the fall wrong and landing on a rock with his left arm. A jolt of pain shooting up his shoulder as it happened. Above them a black smoke shot into the cave along with the craping talons of the dragon trying to reach them from just above, crumbling pebbles and ice falling down on the pair. The Callisto acting quickly and covering his mouth. Black dragon's breath. Poisonous Necrotic energy that would kill any living thing before it hit the ground... They got lucky. That thing was faster than them, and much more deadly.

He attempted to pull off his hood only to receive a jolt of pain from his left arm. Any movements subsequently left him sucking his teeth in pain. Carefully he slipped off his coat and looked at the wound. Of course, he'd broken his arm... Or even worse shattered it.

[center [+mediumseagreen "Deyjavu. Maybe-Agh... Maybe one day I'll escape the clutches of death without being horribly wounded."]]

A painful smile on he face he kicked back against the ridge they fell down, wincing in pain. His glowing blood illuminating the narrow cavern walls around them, floating up the ceiling and working as enough of a light source to dimly illuminate their immediate surroundings. As he sat back he looked around...

[center Ah, there it was... The fear in his chest... This place was suffocating...]]
νєℓα / Glitch / 4d ago
The demi nodded her head, smiling a bit at the joke while she walked close behind him. She made sure to follow each of his steps just in case there were traps. All she thought was traps where she’d stand on a plate and then suddenly a giant fuck-you boulder comes rolling out from somewhere. Or she’d turn into a pin cushion for small darts. That didn’t sound at all fun. But the goliath got a small huff when he’d mentioned to her to run if anything happened. She sure as hell was not going to simply leave him. Sure, the instincts to run could easily overtake her, but she’d do her best to keep it at bay if such a thing occurred. A subtle noise, footsteps? Why’d they sound...wet?

Harmony tilted her head as she stood to the side of the door. Her cleavers were at the ready before she’d blinked. Maveith, and the door, were both out of her view and something that smelled foul had gone past her. A rotting whale’s corpse had nothing on this thing. The demi pivoted to watch the goliath. She wanted to step in but felt she’d only get in the way. This was new to her. This [b thing], was new to her. And it was taking a lot longer than she thought. The girl felt herself start to tremble before she took in a long, deep breath.

[#e60000[b Blood like stone and iron...Or rotten and tainted flesh..]]

The [s Butcher] Chef swayed a bit where she stood before taking in the odd fleshy cord that connected to the creature. It was distracted by the goliath and she took her chance. Sparks came off her blade as she slid one of the cleavers along the stone and up in an arc. Severing the bonds, she held in a gag at the smell of the rotten blood. The demi watched as the severed ropes of flesh writhed, a dying groan from the thing within the room filling the area. Harmony turned now to face the goliath. The thing was still trying to crawl towards the man before she noticed that it too ceased moving. Harmony stayed at the ready, confused mostly as to why it'd been so easy to take down...or was that the point? That it would become harder the further they went? Staring at Maveith with those cold glowing eyes, she simply stated.

[#34A2EC “...I, am not eating that.”]
Harmony / Sarina342 / 4d ago
[+red “Thank you, I enjoy the company. Let’s get this done then go find those two before they get themselves into trouble. With you and I gone who knows what kind of mischief they’ll get in.”] The goliath's words were playful but serious. He had grown to care for his friends and that led to him worrying for them.

Taking a few steps farther into the dungeon Maveith could feel the heat rising from the stones that seemed to meld together making it hard to tell where one ended and another began. He turned and whispered to Harmony. [+red “Listen if it gets too dangerous in there just run, don’t wait on me go find the other two. I can defend myself but if anything gets to you I’m not sure I could stop it. We will take every left until we dead end that way we can take every right to get out.”] Maveith wished his words didn’t fall on deaf ears but when it came to leaving people he wasn’t sure the demi would even consider it.

Stepping into the first room of the monster pit he scanned the room. [+red Clear] the first room had three iron doors, one on each of the three walls ahead of them. Slowly sliding into the room the giant watched his step slowly sliding his feet along the floor to avoid any traps. Moving to the first door on the left the man slid the bolt from its lock and swung the door letting in a slime crest of light for the outside world and a figure darted out of the view.

Pushing his back to the door and turning to the girl behind him using his fingers to count down 3, … 2, … The goliath flew across the room as a deformed hulking mass of humanoid flesh burst through the door. Maveith jumped to his feet, before even getting off the ground the mass was on top of him slamming a mass of bone atop the goliath's head knocking him to the floor. The same ball of skeletal mass opened revealing long, sharp spikes and with a slash the back of the goliath was open in five long breaks each pouring the man’s crimson blood onto the floor. A quick roll after the first swipe stopped the second attack from opening more wounds on the goliath.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/PZDPcSw.jpg?2]]

Taking to his feet Maveith reading for the next push of attack as the beast rushed swinging the spins wildly and with one quick and calculated swing the beast's arm flew. Slamming into one of the walls and exploding into pieces. The mass let out a screech of pain and the goliath took another swing but the ball of flesh hoped backwards avoiding the swing. The masses whimpering slowed as a new mass of bone formed on the decapitated limb. The thing rushed the man slamming itself into the goliath and then into a wall.

The beast was a strange mass of human body parts each part of one mass. A fleshy cord stretched from the masses back and returned to the room it burst from. The cord pulsed as mass moved back and forth from the creature and back into the dark room. A small thump could barely be heard past the noises of combat.
Maveith / Jush_Walker / 6d ago
Left with Vela, Chara figured. She did wonder what had called Maveith away but then he had his reasons. She knew the chef and healer would make a formidable team together, enough to make most foes run to the hills. Chara didn’t doubt them but she did worry for them. It was three hours they trekked, this place was barren and dead, which was probably for the best and Vela interrupted her thoughts, coaxing her to rest. Chara gave a brief nod as she lowered her bag and looked around.

[b “Dragon’s like shiny things, you are a shiny thing. Noted, avoid the dragons.”] She said with a teasing smile. Then again, avoiding a dragon was easier said than done. Even the darkness couldn’t combat a dragon, perhaps try to reason with it, sure. But Chara wasn’t a full Shade and wasn’t full darkness. She was a mixed breed, she couldn’t appeal to darkness with a glimmering light. Then again she was walking with a rather object.

[b “It’s fine, I know enough cave systems around here to get us out of trouble.”] She hoped.

Vela pulled her attention once more as Chara took a drink from a water skin. She glanced to where she thought she saw movement behind him but it stilled and she narrowed her eyes, looking to Vela once more.

[b “My parents time is up.”] Chara said, [b “I should like to be there when they retreat together but I fear I am already too late. They’re powers wane and mine grows, it’s been that way for a while.”] She murmured, now was not the time to linger on doubt and grief.
[b “Roses and Shades await at my home, celebrations and ceremonies and whatnot. It’ll be a night at most, then we can continue to Júle.”] She rambled as she got distracted. Then she saw it, hulking mass of black scales.

[b “Hey, shiny object?”] She said, reaching out to take Vela’s arm very slowly.
[b “Behind me there’s a cave entrance, do you see it?”] she asked quietly, trying not to move or startle the Callisto into a panic. She hoped her grip on his arm would keep him still and she breathed out.

[b “On three, I need you to run down there quick as you can, alright?”] The tunnels might be a squeeze but it was that or stay here and get eaten.

[b “One....”] The beast was crawling closer, stalking and waiting.

[b “.... two.....”] Chara didn’t take her eyes off of the thing and her grip on Vela’s arm tightened.

[b “THREE!”] A shadow hound leapt from the ground, writhing and causing some cover as Chara pulled Vela towards the cave entrance, stopping to snatch her bag up as she lost her footing and tumbled down the rocks, landing with an ‘Oof’ on the cold floor. There was shrieks and snarls above of fury, the great beating of wings and Chara breathed out.

[b “We ticked that thing off. Everything alright?”] She said as she got to her feet and dusted her self off, no broken bones and no blood. She eyed the dimly lit tunnels, squinting a little. She didn’t know this particular route but she knew it was best to consult the shadows. They would lead her home, if she could make it there.
Chara / Resident Fey / Nullification / 7d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Montserrat&display]
[Montserrat He glanced back as the party split. Maveith had definitely been acting strange. But this confirmed it. As Vela adjusted his pack and started up the mountain. He thought back to the month they'd spent together. Though the times were rare. There was the occasional sighting of maveith seemingly leaving off to take care of something random for little reason. he man seemed almost compelled at times. Vela had chalked it up to him following the whispers of the Divine up until now. He was a healer after all. But if that was true, what was it that called him? And why? Vela would have to question him about it eventually. But now wasn't the time. As the start up the staircase soon ended leaving them with a dirt trail to hike upward. Such a thing trivial under normal circumstances but here, they trotted upward for at least three hours before Vela forced Chara to take a breather.

[center [+medumseagreen "Hey, lets take a break, anymore like this and we'll both be too tired to fend for ourselves should we need to."]]

They had to be careful without Maveith and Harmony to back them up. Take things slow. If not then any group of creatures could simply injure one of them and kill the other with overwhelming numbers. Vela thought about what he'd heard Chara say under her breath near the beginning of their outing. Faint... But the string of words were more than recognizable to him. [i "there be dragons"]. A saying any Callisto would be used to hearing and even more so... Fearing.

[center [+mediumseagreen "Might be a little late to mention this... But, you know how dragons covet wealth....? Well, its not because of it's value as a currency. They covet the luster and shine it has.]]

The Callisto shifted his position finding a boulder to take a seat on.

[center [+mediumseagreen "Suffice to say. Callisto's also have somewhat of an attractive luster those scaled monsters. And we're usually targeted for it. Our glow reminds them of lustrous riches... And our cores are particularly well hoarded."]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/qkkR0Xc.jpg?1]]
movement could be seen slightly behind him as he took out a canteen, emptying the contents within and capping it off before slipping his hands beneath his arms. The cold up here was substantial and the Callisto wasn't a big fan of the wind blowing through his pelted cloak.

[center [+mediumseagreen "So... You said something happened up there at your home. Any idea what..?"]]

As the Glowing man spoke something moved behind him again. Beyond in the distance. Something shifted ever so slightly. Across the mountain on another height split by a valley of jagged rocks. A predator made itself known...

[size8 sorry short post kittan creeped up and snuggled up on my main typing hand. i didnt stand a chance]]
νєℓα / Glitch / 7d ago
Well this was gonna be a bit difficult to decide upon. Go up those mountains and meet the parents of Chara. Or go along with Maveith and see just what it was he was going about. It made her curious, and it would also be a new experience. Not to mention she wanted to go along with him if only to learn to fight. Observation was key, and she felt that creeping feeling in the back of her mind. The chef wanted to learn to quell the thoughts that would turn her into a Butcher, to control her instincts so that she can be more calculated. She's seen many who'd fight like her. Mershark, pirate, viking, and samurai each had their word for that sort of fighter. Megalodon, wrecker, berserker, shugoki... each name was one that no one would give to a girl like herself.

Adjusting her muzzle, still covered by the scarf given to her by Vela, she nodded towards the other two.

[#34A2EC "Don't wait on us alright? Say hi to your mother for me, and we'll be sure to catch up again."]

The demi said, hugging the both of them each before turning and jogging after the goliath. She felt a bit bad letting the two go, but she figured they'd be alright. And so she followed behind Maveith, hoping that he knew what he was doing as she answered.

[#34A2EC "I mean, I don't [b need] to, but I [b want] to. After all, don't wanna have you keel over and we not know if you made it or not...I am impatient when it's not cooking after all."]

She gave a soft laugh while wagging a finger. This group was odd indeed, and did they all have things telling them where to go? She had that when it came to migrating in different seasons. But if she could break those, then she could break this frenzy things. When they got to the square hole in the ground, she narrowed her eyes a bite before looking up towards the goliath. Her look said it all. [i[b "...Why?"]]

Though she only nodded and unsheathed the cleavers at her hips, eyes shimmering before they'd seemed to dim. A reaction to darker light, she could see further in the dark now but she grumbled. No water meant those sensitive little nodes on her nose and under her eyes couldn't pick up enemies. But she'd try her best when the time came, she had to...she didn't want to let herself become the Butcher just yet...
Harmony / Sarina342 / 8d ago
Maveith left a letter sitting on the bed explaining the dead man and why the cabin was empty. Stretching as he made his way down the stairs and into the living quarters the goliath watched as Chara woke the other two in the same rushed manner he woke him. Adjusting the bag that had slipped while he pulled on his muscles, he heard the calisto start to speak, but he was ill informed. "I know I should stay with you lot until you get save but, I can't leave this undealt with. I know it sounds strange and it is. The mountain is calling Chara and this is calling me. Go with her make sure she gets there save." Maveith patted the glowing man on the back, nearly nocking him off his feet. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be so rough, but see I have already gotten my strength back. Haha." Letting out his deep laugh to hide his true thoughts. That stupid god decided I had done enough for blessing. I thought all my gear was lighter but this proves it. I don't know how much more it has in store for me but it could get worse, before it gets better.

Stepping out of the house behind the two waving to them as they left for the mountain tops. "You could have gone with them. I will be fine." Checking the house once more and grabbing an extra blanket just in case, Harmony and Maveith set out into the snow.

Clearing the dense snow reviled bodies each with flowers blooms extending from peoples eyes, nose, and mouths. Looking back to the girl and nodding as he shoved his axe into the sternum of the dead, breaking the ribs, and removing the pit of the frost echo from the corps. "It is not pretty but it is better to have a use after death than to waste away. Even with the corps harvesting after about two hours of travel the two made it to the dungeon.

A square hole in the ground with a stair case straight down into the dark interior, the energy released from this abandoned shelter was visible as snow fell onto the stone and melted. As Harmony stepped on the stone slabs that formed the monster the ground around us quivered keeping his balance the quake subsided. "That's new. We need to be careful. Stay with insight of each other and move slow." She knew what she was doing right? It was to late to ask know it was time to began.
Maveith / Jush_Walker / 9d ago
Chara watched Harmony, slightly bemused by the girl and she nodded,
[b “Yes. The Roses and Shades, I didn’t sleep funny. I had a visit last night from a family friend. Something is going on and I’d like to know what.”] She explained to them and watched Vela get up, somewhat hesitant about what he would say. Chara was fidgeting as she pulled on a jacket she had found upstairs that swallowed her up but it would keep out the cold if they were walking and she tied her hair back, grabbing her rapier and strapping it to herself as she found her satchel. They were coming then?

Chara wasn’t hungry, she needed to move and she eyed Vela as he stared at his forearm for a while. She would have asked but the words died on her lips and she looked to Harmony, making sure she would be warm enough, fixing her layers slightly with a smile. Chara had managed to find some material gloves and she slipped them on, they were pretty well worn and she figured the odd hole here or there wasn’t going to kill her.

A trek was a trek, Chara walked in relative silence, focusing on not losing her footing in the snow as she watched the mountains. It wasn’t too long before they came upon a pass. She vaguely remembered this.

[b “Here be dragons....”] She whispered quietly to herself and set her eyes on the next hurdle. She drew in a breath, onwards and upwards. She paused a moment, looking to the group. They really didn’t have to come along, she could manage just fine by herself, she had made it down here and kept out of trouble... sort of. She could explain her home later, better to get them through this place first.
[b “Dragon’s Ridge.”] She murmured and looked to Maveith, wondering if he had any other name for it. Goliath’s had been frequent visitors to her home now and then. She turned back to the view. It was daunting and she adjusted her satchel before starting up the path, ducking through the twisted gates that marked something she didn’t recall.

She knew the stories of this place, once they got past this place, it would be easy enough and she knew a short cut.

[b “We can go up and then there’s a cave system, that’ll bring us out at home.”] She mumbled as she trudged along. She knew she didn’t have to point out that cave systems were probably dangerous. When she had travelled, when she was younger, she had been dealt a few scrapes and she knew it was best to be on guard. Goblins and Shades likes to work together in these parts to jump an unsuspecting traveller, other things too and Chara set her steel eyes ahead. It wasn’t called Dragon’s Ridge to her people for no reason.

Chara hummed to herself as she walked. It was still here, hauntingly so and eerily. It was dark here, mingled death and grief lingered in the air and Chara knew this was not a place to dawdle.
[b [i ‘Death came by drones, fire broke bones, speedy winds caught tones, your throne has fallen but the shadows hear your pleas..”]] Chara sang quietly beneath her breath, her shadows coiling, gyrating around her but she seemed present enough. They were going to need all the help they could get.
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[Montserrat The morning was harsh on him. So early and the events from the night prior left him all but drained. Caught up in the festivities he hadn't even noticed he'd passed out without eating. At some point in the night he recalled a divine smell of fish. Though; too caught up in the dance to actually acquire any for himself, he was awoken wrapped like a human sized caterpillar. Sleeping in the center of the room.

The shaken sound of Chara's voice all but made him jump. As Harmony slurredly inquired about where Chara was urging them to go next, the Callisto leaned forward Peering at the cabin around him. The place was a mess. Not that it mattered. They weren't going to stay long enough for any of it to be bothered with. Though, now that the forest had calmed down, the place wasn't that bad to stay in. The small trickling thought in the back of his mind told him to stay put. That this forest was a perfectly good place for a criminal like him to stay and live a peaceful, long life.

But then... That was probably the same thought that led the psycho to stay here as well. Vela imagined that at one point the guy was someone normal. No, he'd need to press on despite the horrific chance of his current path leading to winding up dead. Wiping the sleep from his glowing eyes, the Callisto got onto his feet. The blanket still draped over his shoulders. Trying his best to not let his heat be taken from him. Groggily, he gathered his gear from the night prior and without a word slipped on both his jacket, and heavy fur mantle that had kept the cold of the forest away.

[center [+mediumseagreen "Then it's settled. We're going that direction anyway. If you're going, then we're going. No way we'd leave you to fend for yourself. Maveith, If we run into that dungeon along the way we can survey it. The place may not have been looted. But I don't think it's a good idea to go in alone... Well, unless you have another murder rampage in you, like you did in the forest last night..."]]

He finished strapping on his longsword to his back, and the Moonlight blade to the back of his belt Horizontally before moving to the door and opening it with a crack. The mountain trail would be an arduous task to climb. And they had no climbing gear, Nor did they have their carriage anymore. The sheer idea of dealing with the frosty winds of the high plateau's reminded him of how much he'd disliked the cold. Not that he had an issue with it before entering this frigid region. But, people change. Tucking in his packs with Rations he noticed something on his inner arm.... A new constellation... He hadn't seen it before... When did he... The Callisto was stopped staring at his forearm for quite some time as he'd returned to the dining table to scrounge whatever table scraps was left of the tender catfish from the night prior.

As he took a bite of last night's leftovers he was filled with determination. The idea that beyond all of this, he was gaining constellations meant there was some vague hope for his future. If his fate was to die at the hands of Evil. Then he wouldn't do it as a perverted, desperate shade version of himself. Not so long as he travelled with these few. The morning prep was said and done. And before he knew it. They were on the path again. Stopping just momentarily to recover whatever lost rations and equipment from the fallen cart in the forest some 2 kilometers from their wayward cabin in the woods. As they cleared the forest finally the Callisto got a good look at what test lay before them.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rlXxZX4.jpg?1]]

[center [+mediumseagreen "There better be some significant loose coin at the top of that thing..."]]]
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