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Counter Trigger [Sniper X Sniper][Open]

By TheGallowsMaster
Backup thread

How funny would it be if you got paid $200,000 to watch some rich brat from Italy for two nights? What's even better? Intel suggests that instead of trained killers, the people that want his life plan to send any crack-shot dropout that's dumb enough to agree to go.

The first night goes exactly like you thought it would. Two shots, two targets pushing up daisies...or rather...painting walls, it doesn't matter, you choose your preferred death expression. The glistening of their scopes was the first thing to give them away. With that, they were spiders and you were the cat to catch them. A flash of light met with a bullet is usually no longer a flash of light.

The second night is where things heat up. Everything is quiet, the air is almost completely still tonight. The first sniper to try his luck must have rocks for brains, he chose to hide under the stairs. Little did he know, the contents of his head would be explored by the wall behind him. But then it happens.
Deafening silence, smoke rising...

Someone just shot, but who?
You heard the bullet, you know they're there.
Are they crazy enough to use an iron sight? Is it a Reflex?
Was this job really worth it after all?

--RP Information--

This roleplay could occur a few different ways at a few different times. I wanted to get a bit modern but leave a little bit of fantasy with it. I suppose it could just be called ModFantasy but that would make this too easy for you. :P

As always, my partner has as much control as they desire. Want to change something and do this? Don't hesitate to message me.

I write paragraphs but do not expect you to do the same.
I usually write in third person.
I only ask that you don't leave me with this reply:

"She blinked."

My glass heart just. can't. handle it.

If you want a character minimum, lets say 500-3000. (flexible)

Your Skeleton:
(Please make your subject: BOOM! to show that you actually read my ramblings.)

****Rank: (If Any)
Preferred Rifle:
*Cybernetics: (If Any)
**Psyonics: (If Any)
***Magic Ability: (If Any)
Appearance: (Picture or Description, If you have a character, it's perfectly fine to just say "I'm using so and so")

* - Cybernetics: You are free to use augments as you wish. Do you have an eye that instantly reads the surrounding area for head signatures? A robotic hand that can pull a trigger a tenth of a second faster than the average human hand? Go crazy but at least try to be reasonable. You can't just HAVE a "Death Touch Arm" or something crazy like that.

** - Psyonics: Psychics are very real and their powers very serious. With enough belief, Nega-Psychics are completely immune to magic! You could have any range of powers but know that Psyonics come at a large cost of stamina and have to be used sparingly.

*** - Magical Ability: Unfortunately, in this timeline, humans have already screwed the pooch as far as magic is concerned. They had the keys to the kingdom but experiments and civil wars left those gates forever locked. Magic is fleeting but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist! You will be few among a wide world as the cost of this gift.

**** - Rank: This was meant for people wanting to play someone in a Military or Mercenary Group. If you want to be a freelancer, you don't have to talk about rank unless you'd like to. If you put a rank here, you might have subordinates, people you can call in a pinch, better connections to the outside world, ect.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.
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