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Deaths Kiss

By Tverdost

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[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" 1852 was the year X had finally met his match. A young vampire who had only experienced immortality for around 108 years, to some vampires around he was simply a ‘child’. He lived with his maker and siblings since he had been turned. They weren’t like most vampires in that era… bloodthirsty. They killed quickly and efficiently and only drank when needed never for sport or fun.

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" X enjoyed spending a lot of his time at local Taverns, some of them were hosted specifically for vampires, where they could enjoy themselves without arousing suspicion from humans. This is where he went to relax without the temptation from human blood like the other taverns.]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" The night he was walking to his local was the night that would change his life forever. A beautiful woman with hair as black as the night sky and lips the color of blood appeared before him… she smelt like something he’d never experienced before in a human.]]

[center[pic http://64.media.tumblr.com/b5736207c9f92ae0d00becdbc24e4166/tumblr_p96b17kOWx1qgr7z6o1_400.gifv]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" This woman’s name was Charlotte Clark, her family's reputation were well known amongst the humans AND the vampires, she was someone to stay well clear of for they considered themselves to be vampire hunters, half of the humans thought the Clark family was insane, the other half, well the other half did business with them which is how their name became well known. Others called them the real monsters for showing no emotion when wiping out the vampires that once were human. Even children were not spared.]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" Charlotte, however, was incredibly smart though, no one knew who she was and when she was ‘working’ she would keep her face and hair covered, she would also wear clothes to hide her figure. There would be nothing feminine about her which is what she wanted, she didn’t want to expose herself to any weakness and she made sure to express this to her family. They were happy being in the limelight, however, she was not. Her family was leaving themselves exposed, Charlotte didn’t want to make the same mistake.]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" That night in question was nothing new to her, she was patrolling the streets near the taverns. A young woman on her own was the perfect bait for any bloodthirsty vampire lurking in the shadows. That’s when she saw X, from his appearance alone she knew he was one of them. Her trap had worked and it would be another mark for her kill count. But X did something out of the ordinary for a vampire. X approached her and politely invited her for a drink. They drank and talked all night until it was time for X to leave.]]

[center[pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/3f354865335b6f5c3f70515f3db2c468/tumblr_pc0gq9Ac8o1wi02j7o1_400.gifv]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" Some time had passed and Charlotte had gained X’s trust, even to the point of introducing her to his family. This was all Charlotte needed as a house full of vampires to add to her count. Everything was going to plan, X had fallen for her and the family had accepted her thinking Charlotte thought they were human. Later that night Charlotte returned home to her family to tell them the news. They prepared everything they would need for the attack. Quickly and quietly they approached the home of X and his family who were preparing to sleep. Charlotte stayed back as her family went ahead and broke down the door on the instruction X would be left for Charlotte.]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" As she entered the house she noticed ash circles where the family once stood and in the center of the room stood X. Distraught and full of rage the two of them made eye contact. Charlotte approached him with a huge smile on her face, explaining how he’d led her right to his family for the picking.]]

[center[pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/9c0f5a2e77c364ebbe6958daac88d29f/tumblr_om39yxRjfZ1qmob6ro1_400.gifv]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" Charlotte placed her lips on X’s feeling his trembling lips on her it excited her. Pulling out a stake she struck him in the chest and left him for dead. Charlotte would be known as a hero to her family and went on to live a very good life until she died at the age of 82.
168 years later X surprisingly survived the attack and devastated by the effects of that night he couldn’t bear to live in the family home he sold up and moved to the United States. He went on to be a successful business of a large company named after his family's crest and finally started to move on from the PTSD he suffered that night.]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" Winter Clark a direct descendent of Charlotte Clark worked at a vampire-themed bar. She’d always shown a fascination with the gothic vampire community so when she was offered a job at her local Winter jumped at the opportunity. One night, as she was working a gentleman, came in and sat at the bar, immediately Winter felt a connection. She approached X and asked him what he would like to drink. To her surprise, his face went pale and he immediately left. Not thinking too much of it Winter continued with her shift.]]

[size14[Font "Eras Light ITC" Once she had finished she grabbed her things said her goodbyes and left. As she turned the corner she felt pressure in her throat and immediately panicked. Her eyes locked with what she thought would be her killer. X from the bar was adamant it was Charlotte from all those years ago. She looked exactly like her, even her blood smelt like her and it infuriated him. He was going to snap her neck like a twig and avenge his family once and for all…]]

[center[pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/188163c571484abee082474e32cda2e6/e261dbbfdae64973-79/s250x400/dabdaaa6c0e76cbac80328173d0698ae075281ae.gifv]]

Okay I know this is a super long plot line but I want to eventually turn this into a novel so this is the base of the storyline.

I want things to pick up straight from where the plot has ended.

Eventually I would like this to turn into a romance. Obviously it’s not going to be love at first sight seeing as X wants to immediately rip her head off. But obviously something in him stops him from killing Winter.

This is a mature roleplay so only 18+ please. There will be violence, cursing and some sexual themes which will be taken to private or time skipped.

I’m an avid believer in twists so if you have any ideas please throw them my way. I don’t want it to get boring so any excitement you want to add please don’t be afraid to express them to me.

There’s going to be a lot of flashbacks hence why I have the two characters but I would like 2 different photo’s because fashion in the 1800’s is a lot different to present day. If you need help finding or editing a photo please ask me. I’m extremely picky with my photos.
I know everyone has a life outside so I understand you’re going to be busy. However if you’re going to be later than 2 weeks in posting please let me know. If I haven’t heard from you at all in a month’s time I will remove you from the thread.

Please don’t join and then ditch I’ve put a lot of time and effort into writing this so it’s very important to me.

This also goes for stealing ideas, if I can see you’ve stolen my idea I will report you and make your life hell.

Photo’s will be real if that wasn’t obvious already.

And please have fun I know there’s a lot of information here to take in. But if you’ve come this far then I know you’re still interested!]

[center[pic http://i.imgur.com/4OKJNLW.jpg]]
[center Charlotte Clark]
[center Taken]

[center[pic http://i.imgur.com/HRNDU8i.jpg]
[center Winter Clark]
[center Taken]

[Center X]
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