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Red Flowers / Kiribaku , closed.

By nikonen

Replies: 35 / 12 days ago

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Eijirou Kirishima has had a crush on his best friend , Katsuki Bakugou . He has every since ... well since they met . At first , it was nothing . But one day , he coughed .
that was the day petals , blood , and his crush ruined his health . Hanahaki was deadly , as Eijirou didn't wish to get surgery , and he never told Katsuki .
What'll happen when Katsuki stumbles upon the redhead male cuttling his arms and thighs open , surrounded by blood and petals ?


I shall be Kirishima .
They're in UA still .
Make Katsuki IN CHARACTER the best you can , thanks bby .
Be semi lit .
Be nice !! ty !!
His eyes widened he knew it. He knew he was the cause of that. Katsuki had tears fill his eyes [+red ''Eijirou how do I fix it?..''] he was seen wiping the tears from his eyes. He felt like shit. How could you cause your friend this much pain? A moment later Katsuki did the unthinkable he pulled Eijirou close and kissed him.
Sf_Pappy / 6h ago
Eijirou didn't let go of Katsuki though , he just kept a tight hold on him . He hesitated for a few moments , then looked at him , his eyes big and sad . " Katsuki .. it's you .. "
nikonen / 23h ago
[+red ''Tell me who is causing this..''] Katsuki said to him as he watched him turn back around to hug back. He bit his lip and kept Eijirou close. Katsuki sighed a bit then let go of him.
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
Eijirou whined when he was hugged , but then he sighed . " I don't want to get the surgery though .. and they don't love me back .. " he frowned and tried to turn around to hug back .
nikonen / 1d ago
Katsuki came out and snuck up on the redhead. He hugged him tightly. [+red ''Im not going to let you die on me. Got it?''] he said in a more bitter tone than he had intended on using. Katsuki wasn't going to show weakness that easily.
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
" Right ... " He sighed and looked over , poking his head out of the blanket . He frowned , wishing the blonde could just love him . Because god he needed it , if he didn't want to die or lose feelings .
nikonen / 1d ago
[+red ''Eijirou... im sorry..'' ] Katsuki said quietly before standing up and heading into the bathroom. He locked himself into the bathroom and he sniffled some. Katsuki was sure that the reason his friend in the condition he was in was Katsuki's fault.
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
Eijirou shrugged and pulled his blanket over his head , hugging his pillow , which had one or two bloodstains . He let out a cough , groaning softly and closing his eyes .
nikonen / 1d ago
Katsuki just looked at him and stayed quiet and went over to his own bed [+red ''Well, I'm not going to leave you alone right now''] he told Eijirou. Katsuki dug his nails into the plans of his hand and muttered to himself.
Sf_Pappy / 3d ago
" Why ? You're not doing anything to help . . " He shook his head softly and looked at him . " You can't do anything to help ... At all . " he mumbled with a small whimper , shaking his head a little .
nikonen / 3d ago
Katsuki let out a sigh [+red ''I left class for you..''] he said as he looked at him. Bakugo shook his head he couldn't let his act fall. He really did love Eijirou but he just didn't have the guts to say anything to Eijirou even with the amount of pain he is going through because of his own selfishness.
Sf_Pappy / 4d ago
Eijirou glared at him . " You would be crying too if you were me . " he mumbled , shaking his head softly . " When you choose between losing feelings for the one you love or dying a slow painful death , you cry a lot . "
nikonen / 4d ago
He went to his dorm and went up Eijirou. Katsuki sat at the end of Eijirou's bed and looked at him. [+red ''C'mon stop with the crying''] he told him. Katsuki braced himself for possibly getting hit.
Sf_Pappy / 4d ago
Eijirou didn't fall asleep , he just sort of laid there with his tears streaming down his face . He didn't want to get the surgery to make this go away , as his feelings would disappear as well . But he didn't want this crush and stupid disease to be the death of him either .
nikonen / 4d ago
[+red ''Ya, Whatever..''] Katsuki said as he sat down. He laid back in his chair and closed his eyes. [+red ''God I'm so fucking stupid''] he muttered to himself. Katsuki stood up and walked away from the class room muttering to himself
Sf_Pappy / 4d ago