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The Love Family {Group FFA}

By AslansFavorite
Backup thread

Two people got together and made a family... it's just that simple.
Really this is just an in character chat with a family theme plot is optional be whatever I don't really care.


1. Don't be too much of a dick to each other
2. Keep it PG-13 {NO CYBERING}
3. To join simply fill out the skelly and send it via pm to AslansFavorite {me} thank you
4. I am recruiting a Mother and Father character but until that's filled they will be played as NPC's
5. Love Children DO NOT have to be biological they can be adopted or foster kids.
6. 300 character count per post
7. Please roleplay in roleplay section and keep OOC chat separate.
8. If you are a 'Friend' Role and are dating one of the Love children make sure to mention it in your bio {and have said person's consent}
8. More Rules added as needed


Pic URL: {Anime/Drawn Pics Please}

PuppetMaster: {Your Active Username}

Character Name: {First and Last} {Family Members Surname is Love}

Age: {0-infinity}

Race: {Human, Fae, Were, Vamp, Shifter, etc.}

Role: {Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Friend}

Bio: {Just a little bit about yourself whatever you think is important}

Accepted Characters:

Mother Love

PuppetMaster: None

Age: {25-infinet}

Role: Mother


Father Love

PuppetMaster: None

Age: {25-infinet}

Role: Father


PuppetMaster: AslansFavorite

Character Name: Luna and Nyx Love

Age: Both 15

Race: Fae

Role: Sisters

Bio: Luna and Nyx are sisters who were adopted into the Love Family 2 years ago when they were 13. The sisters are Very close and tend to just stick to each other. Luna has just learned she's pregnant and has no clue how that happened. Luna is ditzy while Nyx is an over-protective tsundere.


PuppetMaster: AslansFavorite

Character Name: Katashi Love

Age: 5

Race: Shapeshifter

Role: Brother

Bio: Kat is an adopted member of the Love family after abused in the foster system. Has a 'girlfriend' named Kaylee who lives next door of whom he's very over-protective of.


PuppetMaster: AslansFavorite

Character Name: Kaylee Liamdoter

Age: 4

Race: Fae

Role: Friend

Bio: Neighbor of the Love's and 'girlfriend' of Katashi. Kaylee always seems dazed and sad never really understanding reality.

Color Check
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