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Hot Girl Bummer (BooBear96)

By SmileBright

I have this idea that could work with either a FxM or FxF.

So, this guy has a girlfriend. She’s clean cut, doesn’t drink and has never even thought to do drugs or party. One night they go out to a bar for a friends party and Tarren is working the bar, and Tarren is the exact opposite of her. Then it’s a chase around the girlfriend/boyfriend to try and be together, hanging out more and more.

I would be playing Tarren, so I would need someone to play the boyfriend who likes Tarren or the girlfriend who likes Tarren.

We can 110% plot this out more, but this is the basic outline of what I am thinking.

PM me with this small skeleton if you are interested.

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Tarren Mae Foxx : Taken

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Taegan Marie: Taken

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The sun shone through the window, waking Tarren from her sleep. She was twisted up in her blankets, the spot next to her empty, as expected. The night before there had been someone in the bed, but they left before she even woke up, and she was somewhat grateful she didn’t have to kick someone out this morning. As the pounding from her drunken state, she sat up grabbing a bottle of water and a bottle of Advil she always left on her nightstand to dull the pain in her head. She threw an oversized t-shirt over her as she exited the bedroom to her kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She didn’t have to work until that night, so the woman had all morning to nurse her headache before doing the whole thing over again. She knew it being a Saturday that she would most likely make a ton of tips that night, and she couldn’t wait to do her thing at work.

Tarren Mae had always been a wild kid. Started sneaking out and smoking with friends at 16, and then started going to small concerts in basements with cheap alcohol when she was 17. Now that she worked at a bar, she could indulge in all her vices in the club/bar scene every night, while getting paid for it. Since Tarren was such a smooth talker and could hook anyone into a conversation, she was able to get her fix on intimacy as often as she needed. Man or woman, it didn’t really matter to her, as long as they caught her eye. She hadn’t been turned down yet.

Tarren spent her day doing very little actually. She watched some TV, caught up on things she needed to get done so she would be able to let loose and focus on work and partying afterwards. Once it got to about 5, she knew she had to start getting ready for her night. She took a shower, cleaning the night before off of her body and then wrapped herself in a fluffy towel. She changed into a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, with a tight black t-shirt, throwing on a black and white buffalo plaid flannel on top as well. She knew the club would be hot and she would discard it, but it fit with her outfit for now. She put on her black sneakers, and even added a black choker to her outfit as well. She did a full face of makeup, adding a dark red lipstick to her lips as well. She straightened her now dry hair, giving herself a smile in the mirror.

The woman always made sure she ate something before going out, knowing the food at the bar she worked at was shitty bar food. She made a stir fry, knowing she would make enough to have some more tomorrow, and ate that while scrolling through her phone to see if anyone was planning on having a party that night. If she couldn’t find a house party, she would usually just spend her night at her own bar, knowing the place was open until the wee-hours of the morning, especially on a weekend. She brushed her teeth before grabbing her keys and phone and headed out the door to her small black Honda to drive over to work.

Tarren clocked into work, smiling as she realized she’d be working with her favorite co-workers. She knew that they wouldn’t bug her if she wanted to step outside to smoke a cigarette or if she wanted to get a little high before work. She clocked in before heading out the back door, and shared a blunt with a co-worker who she was pretty close with. She reentered, washing her hands and popping a piece of gum in her mouth before setting up the bar for the night.

The night had started, and Tarren was thrilled there seemed to be a birthday party tonight. That meant tons of tips and tons of people to flirt with, if anyone caught her eye. She was making pretty good money and handing out drinks pretty quickly before looking over and seeing two people she had never seen before, a man and a woman. She headed over, putting on the charm as one of them caught her eye. [i “Hiya, I’m Tarren. What can I start ya off with tonight?”] Tarren spoke, winking at the female with her words. [i “I can get you guys a menu if you interested as well.”] she spoke, sliding over the colorful laminated menu of cocktails and drafts that lined the walls of the bar.
BooBear96Taegan   1y ago

[+green "Don't forget, it's Sam's birthday. We're meeting the group at that bar on second tonight."] she heard Nick call out before he headed down to the gym before work.

[i Great, another night of being at a stupid bar full of drunks. Another night of babying his ass."] Taegan thought as she rolled over in bed. She didn't want to go tonight, but Sam was Nick's bestfriend. If she didn't go, that would surely cause a fight between the couple and she didn't have a fight in her today. She wasn't feeling the greatest, mentally. But Nick never noticed anymore.. maybe Nick didn't even care at this point.

She and Nick had been together since they were seventeen. They had graduated High School together, and then College as well. If you would've asked her a year ago, they were destined to be together. Now she just wasn't sure. They were so different. Nick was an architect. He was so good around people, in social situations. He was the life of the party. She wasn't. She was the introverted photographer. Her life was the camera. She lived for it.

She grabbed her mac book before she fixed a cup of coffee and set up her area in the office/gym. She had about a hundred of images to edit before they went out tonight. She had gotten lost in her work, as usual. It was three before she even looked at the clock. She heard Nick in the living room, probably playing some stupid Xbox game. She shut off her computer before walking through their condo. [b "I'm going to shower, babe. Are you ready?"]

After she showered, she quickly dried her hair before putting some messy curls through it with her wand. Nick always liked it when her hair was curled. And it was an easy hairstyle. She did a more bolder makeup look than she had in a while, and topped it out with a pouty nude lip.

An hour later, they pulled up outside the bar and she quickly took the key's of Nick's car from him before he could even begin drinking. This worked for them, she was a good girl. Never partied, never drank, hell, she hadn't even slept with Nick until three years ago.

Taegan looked up as a blonde walked over to them as they sat at the bar. Sam and their friends weren't here yet, of course they were always late; so she really couldn't be upset. [b "Babe. Do you want a beer?"] she asked as Nick seemed aroused by the current football game. [b "He'll take a bud light. Can I please have a virgin daq? Can you make that...here?"] she asked carefully. Something about the blonde in front of her caught her eye... maybe it was the obvious fact that she liked to party.. but she wasn't sure.

[https://pin.it/4wMXgyi Nick]
[https://www.pinterest.com/pin/856528422854713441/ outfit]
[https://www.pinterest.com/pin/856528422854713441/ makeup]

Tarren was pissed, she wasn't going to let this dude who clearly wasn't paying attention to the gorgeous girl next to him just sit there. [i "Hey, buddy! Keep an eye on this girl or I'll steal her from you."] she winked toward Taegan as she popped the beer open and slammed it on the table in front of the male. [i "A virgin one, huh? No alcohol for you? You DD tonight?"] she asked as she started mixing the juices in the shaker together before pouring them into a glass for the woman, not before placing a napkin down first. [i "Did you want to open a tab for the two of you? Or do you want to pay now?"] she asked. She assumed they'd want to open a tab, she guessed they were the first of the party that was going to show up tonight.

Tarren thought the girl was gorgeous and hoped the man next to her was just a tinder date or something and she could bring her home next. But, the girl in front of her seemed like the epitome of her opposite. The girl clearly wasn't a drinker, which was the first thing she noticed about her. If she got a hold of her, she'd love to see if she'd let loose even a little bit.

Tarren slid off the flannel, exactly what she thought she'd have to do, and threw it over to the side. She adjusted her shirt to cover the thin line of her stomach that was showing due to the tightness of her shirt. She went over to the man a person over from Taegan, who proceeded to talk shit about Tarren, saying she wouldn't be able to make a drink cause she was a woman. [i "Hey, asshole. If you want a drink, shut it. Otherwise, you can get outta here and you can go to some shit bar down the street and get a Mike's Hard Lemonade."] Tarren said as she slammed the shaker together to shaker the drink for the nice lady next to this asshole.

[b "You got a mouth on you for such a pretty girl."] the older man said, his facial expression showing he believed that was a compliment. [i "Ew, you're gross. Have you decided what you want this badass bartender to make you or I can get some apple juice if you're gonna act like a five-year-old."] she spoke, her words like venom coming out of her mouth.

Tarren let [i no one] give her shit and wouldn't let anyone talk to her in a demining way. She would also protect anyone who needed it at the bar. She knew that bars were one place where people felt vulnerable and didn't want anyone to be unsafe if she could help it. She couldn't completely forget about the girl she had spoken to a few moments ago, letting her gaze rest on the woman, a small smile on her lips.

Nick snapped his neck around to see who was yelling at him about Taegan. [+green "Yeah. Somehow, I don't think you're her type."] he said as he leaned down to kiss Taegan's cheek. [+green "Sorry babe. The Steelers are playing. I didn't hear you. Sam is outside. He has... a party present so I'm gonna go out there for just a moment.."] he said before he chugged the beer in front of him before walking outside. Sam had pot, and he needed to let loose tonight.

Taegan nodded softly before she turned around to face the bar. She knew when Nick came back inside that he would be a completely different person. She knew what he was going out there for. She nodded when the bartender asked about her virgin drink. [b "Something like that.. I'm just not a drinker... like ever."] she said with a grin. [b "A tab, please."]

As she sipped on her virgin daiquiri, she scrolled through Instagram. Her Photography business was getting a lot more views lately. Her schedule had picked up quite a bit, which she was excited about.

She glanced up for a single second and seen that the bartender was looking at her. She couldn't help it as her face became red. What in the world was going on here?

Once Tarren was able to catch up on refills for everyone, she decided to go flirt with the brunette she met earlier. The guy she was with was still gone too, seemed like a good time to go. [i Hey, how's the drink? I don't think I ever got your name. I'm Tarren."] she spoke, leaning in against the bar toward the woman. [i "Sorry about yelling at your friend earlier, I just don't like people being ignored. Where is the guy anyway?"] she asked, looking around. Did Tarren care? Not in the slightest, she wanted to get more out of her about the relationship between the two.

Tarren may be wild, but she wasn't about to break up a relationship. But something about this girl kept her wanting to come back for more. She had never seen her here before, which was probably because she didn't drink, which Tarren still couldn't wrap her head around. She had poured herself a coke to keep behind the bar, but she made sure to put a shot of whiskey in there too, just to keep things interesting.

Tarren sighed as she saw the big group of guys enter the bar, clearly a bit high from the smell they brought in. A man, a regular she wasn't a huge fan of, slammed a twenty-dollar bill on the table, [b "A round of tequila shots for us, Tarren. Damn you look sexy tonight."] he smirked at Tarren.

If looks could kill, Tarren would have killed that guy on the spot. [i "Keep my name out of your fucking mouth, Derek."] she spoke, taking the cash and ringing them up a round of shots. Sure, he overpaid for them, but that just meant more tips Tarren would keep for herself. [i "Give me a moment, darling."] she spoke to Taegan, before setting up the shot glasses and pouring them all a shot of tequila, placing a wine wedge with each and a small bowl of salt for them to use. What she would give to de tequila shots right now, but even that was too much for work.

Tarren headed back over to Taegan, clearly, her friend wasn't gonna keep her company. [i "You want another drink or anything? You sure I can get you a cocktail or even a jello shot? Man, even I have some whiskey in here."] she smirked as she sipped her drink through the straw. She placed her drink down with a sigh, looking over at the guys wincing at the gasoline tequila she poured for them. [i "Think I was mean to give them bottom shelf tequila that basically tastes like gasoline?"] she told Taegan, a smirk resting on her lips.

Tarren saw Derek lock eyes with her, realizing she messed with him on a bad day. [b "You're a dead man, Tarren."] he spoke. [i "Fuck."] she said to herself before thinking up a response, [i "Maybe if you stopped being such a dick and not come in high, I'd give you the good stuff."] she spoke back to him, giving him the bird. [i "I'm so lucky I don't have to really watch my mouth here."] she told Taegan. Tarren had been at this bar for years, and the people who worked here knew her by now. They actually enjoyed that she'd be real with whoever walked in, even if sometimes her mouth got her in trouble.

Taegan was off in her own world, scrolling through instagram and sipping on her drink. It was annoying that Nick had just left her in this bar, alone. He knew that she didn't feel comfortable at places like this.. But once again, what Nick wanted got put first.

Her eyes snapped up as she realized that someone was talking to her. Oh. It was the bartender from eariler. [b "It's good, thank you. I'm Taegan Marie."] she said She smiled softly as the girl apolgized for eariler. [b "Nick. Yeah, it's ok. I think he went outside to meet our friends.. It's supposed to be a birthday party, but somehow I ended up getting left inside."]

She watched as Tarren went back to work. She just seemed so... carefree. She wondered what that was like at times. She would never know herself, though. She had too many things to worry about. She could never be like that.

A little bit later, she looked up as the girl, Tarren was standing in front of her again. She smiled softly and shook her head. [b "No. Thank you. I'd be down for another mocktail though... Surprise me?"] she said. She laughed as Tarren told her that she had given those guys that worst tequila. [b "Maybe a little, but I think they deserved it."]

[+blue "Heyyy baby."] Nick stammered as he walked into the bar with Sam and a few other of their friends behind him. [+blue "I missed you."] he said as he looked up at Tarren and smirked before pressing his lips to Taegan's forehead. [+blue "I'm sorry that took so long."] [+green "Yeah, it was my fault, T."] Sam said.

Taegan rolled her eyes as she looked back at Tarren. [b "Can I get a couple of beers?"]

[i "You got it, babe."] Tarren smiled, starting to grab a few different juices to create a mocktail for the girl. She was super comfortable around people, and easily called people pet names like babe or darling. She hoped the girl wouldn't be uncomfortable with the fact that she called her, but she also didn't care very much. She made her a Sweet Sunrise, the virgin version of a Tequila Sunrise. [i "It's fruity, I hope you like it. Let me know."] she smirked, sending her a wink as well.

Tarren almost wanted to clock out and hang out with the girl, feeling bad her boyfriend basically left her to be by herself. Why would he leave her, clearly she was not a bar person. She didn't seem phased by it, which seemed like he did this quite often to her. If she wasn't dating this guy, Tarren would have easily kicked this guy out, and taken Taegan home herself. She still wanted to do it, to be honest. There was something that was drawing her back to the woman, and she wanted to know more about her.

As she was about to ask her more about herself, her asshole of a boyfriend sauntered back in. Stammering over his words, clearly couldn't handle his weed or liquor. Just watching him kiss her forehead was disgusting, he was clearly to prove she was "his", he seemed to like that kind of guy. Tarren actually smiled when Taegan rolled her eyes, letting a small smile rest on her lips after that. [i "Yeah, sure."] she said. She did it less for the guys, more for Taegan, even if she wouldn't drink them. She grabbed a couple of tall boys for the group that walked in, placing them on the bar, pushing them toward her.

When she finished and the boys seemed to be cheers-ing something, Tarren leaned over to Taegan. [i "Hey, is there anything I can do to make this night easier? Clearly, he's not being the best right now. I don't know your story or anything, but I got weed, cigarettes, I know you don't drink. I don't know, something to help. I can take my break and go dance with you to a song to help you relax? I don't mind."] Tarren smiled. She was all about making people comfortable, and with her friends working alongside her, she would easily be able to take a five-minute break to dance with her. [i "I'm not trying to be weird, I can leave you alone if you'd rather that."] Tarren spoke as well. She didn't know why all of a sudden she was nervous, she never got nervous. Something about this girl was different.


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