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Hot Girl Bummer (Korin)

By SmileBright

I have this idea that could work with either a FxM or FxF.

So, this guy has a girlfriend. She’s clean cut, doesn’t drink and has never even thought to do drugs or party. One night they go out to a bar for a friends party and Tarren is working the bar, and Tarren is the exact opposite of her. Then it’s a chase around the girlfriend/boyfriend to try and be together, hanging out more and more.

I would be playing Tarren, so I would need someone to play the boyfriend who likes Tarren or the girlfriend who likes Tarren.

We can 110% plot this out more, but this is the basic outline of what I am thinking.

PM me with this small skeleton if you are interested.

Photo Link:
Age|Occupation|Anthem (Song to Describe Them)|


Tarren Mae Foxx : Taken

25|Bartender/Waitress|hot girl bummer-Our Last Night|

Eric Phelps: Taken

26| Repair Technician in a big box music store by day, guy in a shitty local band by night | Inhale - Duke Dumont, Ebenezer

Hope to hear from you soon!

These are my rules, please follow them!


-PLEASE BE 21+. The characters are that age and I prefer to write with someone my own age. There are mature themes and it is a comfort thing for me as an educator.
-Real Photos Please. Something that isn't too big, doesn’t have a watermark, and fits the personality of your character. I am more than happy to assist in finding a photo and I can edit it for you as well if need be.
-I can write anywhere from 1000 Characters to 1000 Words. I ask that you stick to AT LEAST 1000-1500 Characters a post.
-Please PM me a skeleton and I will accept before requesting access to the roleplay. Otherwise, I will refuse.
-Please PM me and let me know if you have any twists or turns you want to add. I love and encourage it!
-Please post at least one a week. I’ll let you know if it will take me longer than that, and I expect the same on your end. If I don’t hear from you and there is no post in 14 days, I will delete the thread and try again.
-PLEASE do not steal this plot. I've been working on this for a while. The poem is not mine but the plot is, so please accept that and do not steal it.
-Let’s have fun!
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The sun shone through the window, waking Tarren from her sleep. She was twisted up in her blankets, the spot next to her empty, as expected. The night before there had been someone in the bed, but they left before she even woke up, and she was somewhat grateful she didn’t have to kick someone out this morning. As the pounding from her drunken state, she sat up grabbing a bottle of water and a bottle of Advil she always left on her nightstand to dull the pain in her head. She threw an oversized t-shirt over her as she exited the bedroom to her kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She didn’t have to work until that night, so the woman had all morning to nurse her headache before doing the whole thing over again. She knew it being a Saturday that she would most likely make a ton of tips that night, and she couldn’t wait to do her thing at work.

Tarren Mae had always been a wild kid. Started sneaking out and smoking with friends at 16, and then started going to small concerts in basements with cheap alcohol when she was 17. Now that she worked at a bar, she could indulge in all her vices in the club/bar scene every night, while getting paid for it. Since Tarren was such a smooth talker and could hook anyone into a conversation, she was able to get her fix on intimacy as often as she needed. Man or woman, it didn’t really matter to her, as long as they caught her eye. She hadn’t been turned down yet.

Tarren spent her day doing very little actually. She watched some TV, caught up on things she needed to get done so she would be able to let loose and focus on work and partying afterwards. Once it got to about 5, she knew she had to start getting ready for her night. She took a shower, cleaning the night before off of her body and then wrapped herself in a fluffy towel. She changed into a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, with a tight black t-shirt, throwing on a black and white buffalo plaid flannel on top as well. She knew the club would be hot and she would discard it, but it fit with her outfit for now. She put on her black sneakers, and even added a black choker to her outfit as well. She did a full face of makeup, adding a dark red lipstick to her lips as well. She straightened her now dry hair, giving herself a smile in the mirror.

The woman always made sure she ate something before going out, knowing the food at the bar she worked at was shitty bar food. She made a stir fry, knowing she would make enough to have some more tomorrow, and ate that while scrolling through her phone to see if anyone was planning on having a party that night. If she couldn’t find a house party, she would usually just spend her night at her own bar, knowing the place was open until the wee-hours of the morning, especially on a weekend. She brushed her teeth before grabbing her keys and phone and headed out the door to her small black Honda to drive over to work.

Tarren clocked into work, smiling as she realized she’d be working with her favorite co-workers. She knew that they wouldn’t bug her if she wanted to step outside to smoke a cigarette or if she wanted to get a little high before work. She clocked in before heading out the back door, and shared a blunt with a co-worker who she was pretty close with. She reentered, washing her hands and popping a piece of gum in her mouth before setting up the bar for the night.

The night had started, and Tarren was thrilled there seemed to be a birthday party tonight. That meant tons of tips and tons of people to flirt with, if anyone caught her eye. She was making pretty good money and handing out drinks pretty quickly before looking over and seeing two people she had never seen before, a man and a woman. She headed over, putting on the charm as one of them caught her eye. [i “Hiya, I’m Tarren. What can I start ya off with tonight?”] Tarren spoke, winking at the male with her words. [i “I can get you guys a menu if you interested as well.”] she spoke, sliding over the colorful laminated menu of cocktails and drafts that lined the walls of the bar.
Korin     1y ago

More than anything, Eric Phelps was a creature of a habit with little change. He lives in his first apartment, he drives his first car, he eats the same food, drinks the same shitty beer, he’s dating his high school girlfriend still.

And yet, despite the humility afforded by his lifestyle, he was still happy with everything. Or almost everything, in any case. He worked at a sweet job that surrounded him with all types of instruments that he got to fix, repair, and build. Hell, they even gave him two weeks off to tour with his band every year. Certainly nothing wrong with that.

And not only did he get to tour with his band, but the band itself has earned him a modicum of local fame, enough to get him the occasional free PBR at least, and that was enough for him. There wasn’t a single ear in the music scene that hasn’t heard his band’s tape and, as a result, MoonMane were underground punk legends. He loved it.

But his girlfriend, Jessica, most certainly did not. Things have been going downhill for the two since Eric dropped out of college his sophomore year to pursue music. Jess grew up wealthy and consequently wanted to be with a man who could perpetuate the old money comforts of her childhood. In high school, it just seemed as if opposites attract and that was the extent of it, but the pressures of being adults has made it more and more obvious that these two were incompatible. To the people around them, at least. They on the other hand, had settled into a complacency that culminated in them bickering, not having sex, and lying to themselves about that being what true love is.

Tonight was no different. The two of them were at a local music scene dive, a venue that Eric had actually played a few times before. This time was no gig, however. It was for a friends birthday party, Lex, Moon Mane’s drummer.

Eric was already high and about four beers in, a state that Jessica found unbecoming. She was bougie, after all, public intoxication was unbecoming for the rich, something that her and Eric both were painfully aware that he was not, as it was the subject of many of their arguments. One of which they had just had and ended with Jessica saying she didn’t care about a party ‘full of alcoholic I’m a shitty dive.’

That was when Eric first saw the bartender. She was beautiful, but in that punk rock, robs you after sleeping with you kind of way. He turned to address her inquiry, but was immediately cut off by his girlfriend.

[i “I was actually just leaving,”] she said, as she rolled her eyes and stood up from the bar stool she was perched on and strutted our of the bar. It was evident from her face that she didn’t think much of the barkeeper.

Eric then turned to face the bartender himself, [i “Sorry about her, she’s... high maintenance. Can I get a PBR? Tall boy, please. And a shit of the well tequila.”]

Eric took a closer look at the woman. She was pretty attractive he wasn’t going to deny. He didn’t want to be too obvious about checking her out, but his eyes couldn’t help but linger, [i “Name’s Eric. Nice tats, by the way.”]

Tarren watched the woman leave, rolling her eyes at how she seemed to look down on her and anyone else in the bar. [i "She seems so. Yeah, I got ya."] she smiled. She grabbed his PBR first, sliding it over to him. Then grabbed the tequila, pouring him a quick shot, and added lime and some salt in case he wanted to do a proper shot. [i "I wish I could join you in this, but I got a few more hours to work."]. She slid the drink over to him, smiling as he introduced himself and complimented her tattoos. [i "Nice to meet you, Eric. And thanks. I'm planning to finish up the sleeve on this arm soon. I have one full leg done already as well, can't really see with my pants on though."] she smirked, winking at him with her comment.

Tarren sighed as she saw the big group of guys enter the bar, clearly a bit high from the smell they brought in. A man, a regular she wasn't a huge fan of, slammed a fifty-dollar bill on the table, [b "A round of tequila shots for us, Tarren. Damn, do you look sexy tonight."] he smirked at Tarren, licking his lips.

If looks could kill, Tarren would have killed that guy on the spot. [i "Keep my name out of your fucking mouth, Derek,"] she spoke, taking the cash and ringing them up a round of shots. Sure, he overpaid for them, but that just meant more tips Tarren would keep for herself. "Give me a moment," she spoke to Eric, sliding the tip into her shirt, before setting up the shot glasses and pouring them all a shot of Bailey's, placing a wine wedge with each and a small bowl of salt for them to use. She walked over to Eric, leaning over.

[i "How pissed do you think they'll be when they notice I gave them Bailey's instead?"] Tarren said. She couldn't wait to see them assume it'd be tequila when the lime juice from the wedge would cause the Bailey's to curdle in their mouths instantly.

Tarren saw Derek lock eyes with her, realizing she messed with him on a bad day. "You're a dead man, Tarren!" he spoke. "Fuck." she spoke, shock crossing her face as the guy came after her. She gave him the bird, before ducking under the bar as he tried to swing at her before security dragged him out of the bar quickly. [i "That was close."] she smirked, taking another look at Eric as she bit on lip lightly.

Then, she realized who he was. [i "Wait...I know you. You play in MoonMane, don't you! Dude! You guys are the shit, I've seen your shows when you guys play here!"] she spoke happily. She hoped he'd be sticking around for a while. He was attractive and clearly wasn't in a good spot with whoever the girl was. Maybe she could fix that.


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