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ʀ ᴇ ᴠ ᴇ ʟ ᴀ † ɪ ᴏ ɴ

By seka


{x} is a woman in her early twenties with a dark cloud that seems to haunt her wherever she goes. As if she was born with a bleak outlook on life and pessimistic from the start, {x} runs--but from what she does not know nor understand. She avoids any sort of responsibility or commitment of any kind--even though her mother is the total opposite--compassionate, wholesome and gentle. That is until a charming, handsome stranger becomes the catalyst to her revelation. And he brings with him news--and an entirely new world, too--one fraught with danger--and also magic. But against her best judgement, she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

It's one thing to fall for a fallen angel, but it's an entirely different thing when he tells you that you're not really who you think you are, and destiny is awaiting you. Will {x} run from the truth, or for once in her life, accept responsibility and fight for what is right? Oh, and did I mention he's Satan himself? Or, well, he prefers the name Lucifer.

This will be a 1x1. I am hoping that someone will help me create the story. I have some base plot points and ideas for directions but I desire some collaboration.

We will most likely use realistic pictures. I'm sort of picky, just FYI. Can't help it.

I am open to playing either role. I also tend to write in first-person but can do any with a bit of focus.

Quality over quantity. Good grammar and punctuation. I don't post every day, expect one-three posts a week. It will vary.

Again be prepared to collaborate and help push the plot forward. Try to end your posts open for a response or message me.

I care more about progression of the plot and character development than I do over-descriptive nonsense.

Mature topics will arise during the roleplay. For that reason I would prefer if you were over 21 years of age.

I don't really have patience for ignorance or arrogance. I'm a laid-back and open-minded person and I will expect the same.

Also just to let you know... I am VERY rusty. Beware.

If you are interested pm me.

- This was all made possible by ___ and item so precious that it could unlock the key of time and change everything as we know it
- God keeps this locked away, only known by Michael who he has had no reason to ever distrust
- Trouble with Lucifer begins and Michael find this to be the sign that possibly God is not truly worthy of following
- He plans to steal the __ and warn David that God plans to kill him and should he stick to his side, he can assure they both be treated like the Kings they are (though Michael really wants to be large and in charge)
- Lucifer learns of Michael’s plan and threatens to tell God
- However Michael incapacitates Lucifer (maybe sending some woman to lure him away) while he steals __ and delivers it to allegra who is caring for his newborn daughter (which no one not even God knows of)
- The idea is that Michael will come for the item and his daughter when she has reached her marking age
- In order to protect her through her years into adulthood, there is a cloak to which will cover her
- In heaven, lucifer has been casted out and vows revenge against Michael whenever he has the chance. In the meantime god sends his own set of angels to track the item.
- We are years in now : Girl 1 (still deciding her name) is a fellow witch and upon visiting the Midwest she comes across a shop that calls to her
- That’s where she sees Leila who she instantly recognizes as michael’s daughter
- She talks to the witch and promises discretion as allegra insists it is for the greater good she presents Girl 1 the scroll and reads off the prophecy
- While allegra is distracted by Leila (maybe this is when Leila is fairly young) Girl 1 swipes the scroll and replaces it with a fake (so that’s how she has it)
- Years go by anddd theres bee talk abut a disruption in the heavens – the dynamics of power will possibly turn and lucifer has something to do with it
- Though many believe that maybe someone is planning to take lucifer’s spot when in reality the true disruption is in heaven
- Titus hears this and discloses it as pillow talk with Girl 1
- She shows him the scroll and he convinces her to give it to him
- He shows Lucifer [this already happened]
- Lucifer goes to the Midwest
- He meets Leila and they start talking and getting to know one another. He refuses obviously to meet allegra as she would know who he is – hes trying to get info out of leila
- Eventually lucifer’s presence is known and God thinks that of course he must know where the item Is and a witch is involved
- He sends his angels there, but allegra refuses to give up the info and is killed
- Lucifer and Leila get there as she is nearing death – she recognizes lucifer and is scared, but feels he is the only one capable of protecting Leila and getting the item to Michael
- Lucifer is stuck with Leila as he is curious about getting the item so he can return it, turn in Michael and get his wings back (or maybe now have free rein to travel to heaven as he pleases)
- So they are on the search for this item based off clue along the way of course they are chased, developing feelings, and allegra is coming into her powers
- This is where it gets fuzzy might need your help for some filler lmao
- Eventually we get to the big scene where they find the item
- Michael presents himself as her father and that complicates things
- Maybe this is the war that was prophesized ? God and his army of angels against Micahel and Lucifer (who reluctantly because he loves Leila) agrees to help . . . . though possibly has his own intentions (???)
- This is your story sooo totally up to you on the ending but I was thinking it would be real cool if god dies
- Lucifer gets his wings
- Michael is killed as well BUT it turns out the reason Leila was to bring harmony was because she was to become God all along sings Ariana Grandes’s God is a Woman
- And the fate of our two lovers hangs in the air? A Lucifer chooses to not give up Hell
- Orrrrrrrr whatever leads up to this point will be made clear lmao
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SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

Waning light peeks through the canopy of the trees above me, raining down on me with thinly lit strings as I trek through the park. If I was normal, this would probably be the warning sign that I should start heading home, or find a place to crash.
But here's the catch—I am shamelessly strange, and I am unafraid of the impending darkness. In fact, I'd be in a perpetually blissful place if I could hide in the monochromatic peace of night forever. I've always been a night-owl, even as a child, and I don't think that will ever change.

I push aside nosy foliage with one hand and shield my face from vengeful branches with the other, eager to find my happy place. The bushes seem to curl inward toward me, threatening to suffocate me as I tread carefully along the worn, dirt footpath, crossing my fingers I don't trip like I did last time.
I am one ungraceful, uncoordinated twenty-two year old. I have no idea how I've managed to not stumble and crack my skull open, or trip and fall on a knife like the cliché goes. My dad is obviously watching over me, at least that's what I tell myself.

Eventually I emerge from the tight path as it widens and breaks into a large opening. I exhale a relieved sigh, carefully stepping over the tall, unkempt grassy loam. My black converse shoes try to avoid the disguised marble bevel markers of those long dead, forgotten and unidentifiable with their illegible epitaphs.
My hand gingerly caresses the mossy slabs of limestone and marble as I pass through the clandestine graveyard of Cottage Grove, hidden behind years of development, and set free of any restrictions. Moss clings to every headstone and exposed root it can manage, and bushes protrude around the small opening in a random, unorganized manner.

You'd think that wandering around a neglected, abandoned graveyard would be something a young person would have to muster up a lot of courage to do, especially in the middle of the night. Whether because of a dare, or to prove a point, either way, I find irony in the idea that I—on the other hand—actually couldn't think of a better place to be.
I still remember the day I discovered it, on one of my many attempts to 'run away from home' as a teenager. It was so strange—I'll never forget it—because I felt like there was something guiding me here. I can't explain it because no words can describe the feeling... best analogy I can make is it was almost like a sixth sense... Ever since then I've come here weekly, finding that the archaic cemetery—with its unbridled vastness—reprieves me from life's heavy burdens, if only temporarily.

[i I'm depressing as hell, aren't I? It's a curse, I swear.]

I head toward the southeast corner of the cemetery, searching for the weathered, crumbling stone of the 'Dargonian' mausoleum, the most bizarre structure of this unusual cemetery. It didn't seem large enough to be an adult, but was too big for a child. So many nights of mindless thought pondering what it could be. When I reach it, I glance over the inscription above the door, incomprehensible in its original, Greek-looking language. So many questions...

[i What the hell is this for? ]

My hand caresses the clammy, moss-covered stone, fingering the narrow fissures and deep indents across the life-size stone slab. It's so eerie, not to mention the adorning sculptures of what look like angels of some sort, although camouflaged by pale, crust-like lichen and blackened by grime and wear. It's such a peculiar place, a crypt or tomb of some sort.
I don't venture inside, even though I know the lock has since rusted. There's something about this odd structure that speaks to me. I have an insatiable curiosity for it, but no amount of research I've done has brought me any closer to the answers.

A quick leap is all it takes to give me the boost I need to haul myself onto the top of the small, stone crypt. I slide myself up on my belly as gently as I can, and then flip myself over so I can swing my legs over the edge. It has to be at least ten by now, as I sweep my gaze over the transformed graveyard, coddled by the blackness the night brings.

Sucking in a slow breath, I decide to make myself comfortable and lean back onto the cool stone. Twinkling stars sprinkle across the sky like sugar spilled over black marble, and they bring with them a subtle illumination that paints the clearing in a whole new light—literally. Timeless and eternal it seems; so peaceful against the backdrop of a burgeoning modernity all-the-while tucked away in its eternal seclusion.
I watch the milky speckles twirl and dance, their light undulating across the sky, and casting warped shapes down against the grey-scale world around me. I manage to smile, listening to nothing but the rise-and-fall of my breathing and the sounds of the wilderness around me.

[i If life really did have a purpose, it would be to die right here in this sublime tranquility. I wish.]

I know that my mother is home and awaiting my arrival. I can smell the natural oils and incense burning in the apothecary. She claims to be a witch, or a Wiccan, but I chose not to throw myself into it. I have learned things here and there. She know's I don't really believe in magic but she's such a wise, intelligent woman--it's hard to believe sometimes that she believes in [i magic.] She doesn't like it when I'm out all of the time into the night. I clutch the stone hanging around my neck, running a finger over the smooth surface of the purple geode slice. My mother told me she had done something to it; some kind of spell for protection. It doesn't really work because I obviously hurt myself a lot--the clumsiness, really. But if she ever saw me take it off, she'd lose her mind.

[i Just a few more minutes. Just a few mo...re....min...ut..es......" ] And just like that, I fell asleep.
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[center [I [font times “Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. . . for that I threw you to the earth.]]]

[font “times” It was a bit hypocrite, if I say so myself. The idea that a man could be praised and adored, loved by all and yet he still considered himself selfless? One man creates a few trees and a couple of humans and he’s the only one allowed to feel special for it? I never understood that, why my pride became my downfall and yet it was what kept [I Him] up in the sky treasured by all for centuries. Was I jealous? Oh you bet your ass I was. Casted from tee havens to live amongst the walking flesh. For a while my kingdom below suited me and yet even that soon became boring. My body jittered with anticipation, something was amiss and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Of course, I knew where to go when I needed an answer and I knew who to speak to.

The relationship between Titus and I had never been the most loving or affectionate. After all, it had been my very own brother who had turned his back on me when I needed him most. And yet, I had saved him from what would have been a most unpleasant death. For that, I still lost my place in heaven. There had been lots of chatter going on through and perhaps that’s what really drew me from the darkest pits of hell: a chance at the [I throne].

I made my way through the streets, not surprised by the looks I received. By now it had become at last impossible not to acknowledge how good looking I was. It was fun the first time around, the sensation seemed to die down as the years passed and that’s when I decided to go for something that garnered more of a wow factor. The tattoos seemed to only further entice women and men in my direction. I had no time to chat, though the red head that had just passed me did make me reconsider m plans. No, no, I had somewhere to be.

I stopped I front of the restaurant, the savory scent caressing my nose even from outside. Pushing the door opened, I entered the establishment, walking pass the blonde hostess still stammering her name and heading for the back.

“Can I help you?” The man asked, stirring a big pot of cabbage. I leaned against the counter, my hands shrugged into the pockets of the black jeans I wore.
“Oh give up the act Caine, I’m looking for Titus.” The demon flashed him a look, his eyes glowing bright red. He removed his apron then, the sharp end of his tail whipping out from the top of his pants. I followed him through the back of the freezer, eventually through a tunnel that led to a small little hole in the wall restaurant. This was where the real action was, not upstairs with the over fifty crowd waiting for slow cooked sauerkraut.

Bright silver eyes locked with the pools of black across the room.
“Ah Lucifer,” Titus said with a s mile, to which several eyes were now on him. He watched as many made an attempt to get out of his way, reaching the bar and taking a seat. He looked up at the man, a [I devilish] smile playing on his face. “What can I do you for?”
SekaTitus   1y ago

I tightly pressed my temples in a futile attempt to push away the splitting ache reverberating around my archaic skull. A centuries old parchment sprawled out over my aged mahogany desk and I grimaced while my eyes raked over the paper analyzing it. It was only recently I had discovered this information—through old connections and simply the underground hierarchy that had formed over the centuries. Aside from Lucifer, I had become one of the strongest fallen angels walking Earth. It had been near a millennia that I had been cast down. A neutral party that occasionally got pleasure from danger and excitement; a rebel at heart.
Since the time in the heavens I had become a bit more senile in my old age. A bit more calculated and logical. That being said, I had no intentions of regaining my wings. Earth had a lot to offer and it was much less stuffy than the heavens were. Although I had become much less envious in my years, I still found myself peeved by the idea that the angels and God himself were just as corrupted and selfish—if not more—and yet they got the honor and freedom with their wings while I had to be here. Although, I had made trips down to the gates of hell; I mean, Lucifer had become a good acquaintance of mine.

Lucifer and I had a rough, tumultuous history—one spanning back to our days as pure and white angels with our colossal wings. I had screwed him over; something he never let me forget. But yet he had saved my life; far different than the vindictive, envious and power-thirsty creature the Holy Bible and all its followers liked to believe. Even the angels knew that Lucifer had made a foul mistake but the punishment was far greater than what was deserved. I knew there was some resentment in his heart but Lucifer and I had our adventures over the years. Brawls, drinks, women, orgies, travel, celestial crime—we had done it all. It’s hard to say you have friends when you’ve lived for as long as Lucifer and I, but there was mutual respect you could share.

Which is exactly why I had the notion to inform Lucifer of the information I had gained. He had ran from Hell and I couldn’t blame him. I was perfectly content with my brief stays down under, one-hundred years was longest I had been able to bear it in the past—but there were some really hot demons down there. [i Really hot—]and sadistic… Oh yes, that was [i fun.] I shook my head before rolling up the brittle parchment and slid it into it’s leather casing for safekeeping. I then maneuvered it under the desk in a hidden compartment and stood up to stretch. My thick, rough hands spread open and upwards and my shirt lifted to expose my stretched ivory-skin over my athletic, build physique. I liked to be in shape and for the most part it just came naturally. It was then that I heard a knock on the door and the ashy, stoic familiar face of Cain greeted me through the cracked door. His eyes glinted red for a moment before he coughed and took a sharp inhale, “Lucifer’s here, Boss.”

I nodded in acknowledgement and stepped out of the office to enter the hidden celestial supernatural bar that I owned, a haven for demons on vacation and angels who’d lost their Holy Spirit. Smoke billowed around the room from perpetual burning cigars and cigarettes and there was a low hum of chatter. I could sense Lucifer’s presence before I spotted him and meandered towards him. I gave him a rough palm on his shoulder in greeting with a pearly-white grin. “Lucifer! How you been? Glad to see you,” the bartender slid down a glass of whiskey on the rocks and I tilted my head towards him. “What’s it been? A few hundred years? I feel like I haven’t seen you since we teamed up during the French Revolution to stir up some shit,” I laughed in remembrance of the time, my summary far different from the two decades we sent there. “I’d say we’re going to hell, but,” I chuckled again, the end of that sentence unnecessary—Lucifer would surely understand.
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font “times” My presence didn’t go unnoticed and I wasn’t surprised to find that many were already whispering my name and shrinking in the corners. Through the hazy fog though, they could not escape my gaze. The story between Titus and I wasn’t at all dramatic, though by God’s standards it certainly warranted his brother being casted down. It was in my mind, a misunderstanding. I thought that we had been playing a game and I truly believed that my brother was on my side. At least Titus should have been.

[i God sent the angels to Earth to help guide them and lead them to the righteous path, not to soil their wild oats It was absolutely forbidden to lay with an angel and even more so to birth a child. Though I and Titus found that quite difficult. We soon grew very much interested in the ways humans interacted with one another and his curiosity got the most of him. Well, our curiosity did considering we had our eye on the same girl.

She sat at a bar, eyeing us from afar. At this point we were still new to our . . .less than godly ways. Though, she was making it easy to stray. I tried to hide my stares at first, but I was completely fixated on her and her perfect figure. I had no idea that there were women in this world that could emit such sensuality with just the fluttering of her lashes, or brushing back shiny black hair. She had curves where they counted the most and the red bodycon dress molded to her body left nothing to the imagination.

“I’m going to talk to her,” I had said.
“Are you out of your mind?” Titus reached his arm out to press against his chest, a strength that of course was not in any way human. Though as I stared into my brother’s eyes, I couldn’t help but smirk.
“Are you serious?” I could tell that Titus was interested in her and while I wanted to react in more of a competitive style, it was refreshing to see my brother loosening the shackles of the testament they were to follow. It wasn’t as though I hated God, well at that time. I just thought that we were allowed to have a little fun. Was that wrong?

Of course, a relationship between the two could not always remain a secret. I knew that the minute it was found out, Titus would lose his wings and his place in heaven and I had no desire to allow that to happen. Between the two of us, Titus was not one to dabble in bad things. But there were stakes and of course there was bound to be word back to God. The issue though? Somehow, my name had been the one dropped. What would you expect? While loyal, I had always been God’s favorite. He had every intention to banish Titus completely, sentencing into the darkest pits of hell where he was bound to die alone. Yet, as God’s favorite I was spared.

It wasn’t long though before Titus had his own fall, though with the [I hell] I had already bean concocting, Earth didn’t seem like that terrible of a place. I was pissed and of course for that point had kept my distance from him. However, that didn’t mean that we didn’t bump into one another from time to time. Time didn’t heal all wounds, but they had years to make up for it. ]

“Well, it seems whenever we are together trouble follows. I know you’ve always wanted to be like your big brother,” I said with a wink. I took a seat at the bar, reaching for the sweating glass and downing the shot. “I’ve had my share of that place. Though, I am tempted often to return.” As far as I was concerned, things were still running smoothly. If there was any kind of disturbance I would know. Right now I had complied with my little treaty with the big man upstairs. Demons and bad souls were to remain in Hell permanently. Though, a [I few] had slipped through the cracks. I needed someone to incite humans after all. This was a tough job.

I immediately was handed another drink. Titus had that look in his eyes, shifty and I knew that I had come to the right place at the right time.
“I’ve been hearing something might eb going down soon. What’s the truth to that?”
SekaTitus   1y ago

“Aye, if that isn’t the truth,” I chimed and tilted my glass towards Lucifer in acknowledgement. I had mostly quit my rebellious shenanigans in the 19th century, the industrial revolution and eventually prohibition pivoted the trajectory of my life. Traipsing across this world had become boring to me and instead my epiphany came almost a decade ago when I decided to [i settle down.] I didn’t like to view it that way but truly that is what had become of my life as an archaic fallen angel. The bar had been there for demons and celestials alike since prohibition and had become my sole focus. I did my fair share of shady dealing for cheaper liquor and occasionally meddled in celestial crime but I had become more of a simple man with occasional vigilante antics.

I had pull in this world and this bar tended to be the hubbub for gossip and the like. In many ways, I ran New York. Lucifer was technically the big man in town but there was a mutual respect and Lucifer and I did not frequently meet. In fact it reminded me that we had met a few times since the French Revolution—but that was the fondest of my memories when we were both still rebelling. We had met a few times since, here and there.
The last time was nearly two decades ago when once again we’d found eyes for the same women, “I suppose I was wrong, the last time we met we were fighting over that raven-haired beauty in the 90’s,” I smiled into my whiskey and gave him a bemused side glance, “you won, of course.” I chuckled—it was a running theme for us. Ironically enough it was the reason I fell in the first place back when I was still an angel prohibited from copulating with humans—especially considering it was alright for Michael to do it--and Lucy was on one of his many hiatus' from hell. Michael was truly God’s favorite son—it peeved me that father thought of it that way—nepotism but for only one son. He was not a fair God—but he was a jealous God. I almost laughed at the thought—that hardly mattered now. I honestly felt rather relieved in a sense—I could fuck whoever I wanted and it no longer mattered.

I finished the last of my glass and gently slid it toward Cain who picked it up. He didn’t much like Lucifer and was a bit more angsty than us. We had lost that a long time ago but Cain held on to his resentment. Well, you shouldn’t have killed your brother, Abel. Cain was a jealous immortal human and he resented celestials but he knew that this was the only welcome place for him and so I implored him to be my bartender. The man could be funny—when he wasn’t angry about something or other. I shifted nervously realizing that the information I had for Lucifer may or may not be a good idea. I wasn’t sure where his head was at or if he still held resentment toward Michael. “Well, I don’t know if you’re still trying to seek you revenge; maybe I shouldn’t say anything but, I feel indebted to you, for many things, brother,” I heaved a sigh and slid out of the stool.
“Come with me—I must show you something.” I guided Lucifer to the office and closed the door understanding the importance that this be a private conversation. Many curious ears inside the bar always. And some rebellious angels—distant siblings—who toted the line. A few of them had been excommunicated for unforgivable acts that occurred here at this bar, even. In fact, God himself had sent a couple of my brothers here before to try to intimidate me but alas it never worked.

Through back channels I had obtained priceless information but it was a riddle—one I couldn’t break myself. But I knew what it was about—and it was something Lucifer no doubt would want. Or at least would have wanted a few centuries ago. Still there were a few who knew of this information and I hoped that I wasn’t too late if Lucifer did desire his revenge. I pulled out the leather tube and slid out the old papyrus parchment. I gingerly uncurled the paper and held it down on both sides in front of Lucifer. In the obsolete language of Koine Greek a riddle was written with an ink stylus. It was faded after near a millennium of wear but it was clear as day—even if a bit ambiguous:

[i “Birthed of His son,]
[i Casted into The Garden of the West,]
[i Thy shall be the Omnipotent One,]
[i Midst brooding antipathy unfolding unrest,]
[i Whom challenges His Prince of Darkness.]
[i In the times of hundred-and-twentieth,]
[i Thy will be the One to bring Harmony,]
[i Sending all those deserving to forever Damnation,]
[i and forgiving those desirous of redemption.”]

"I don't really understand it, but I think Garden of the West is referring to somewhere in the Midwest... and hundred-and-twentieth century is now... Lucy... I think she's here."
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font “times” I could feel Cain’s eyes digging into me. I was unliked by many, but never did I let it distract me. The man could be funny, but most of the time they both wanted to rip each other’s throat apart. That was beside the point though and not what I had come here for. Just as I suspected, Titus was sitting on something juicy and I wanted all parts of it. I didn’t very much care to be out of the loop, especially when there were whisperings oy my name mentioned there was nothing I didn’t know about what was going on – hell I was Lucifer for fuck’s sake. Though, if what I heard was correct, someone didn’t take too kindly to our rules.

I didn’t need Titus to even utter the name, as soon as he said revenge, my eyes flashed red. That name was the only thing that could send a shiver down my spine and not for the reasons one would think. I despised that man, who had brought nothing but trouble to my life and this was before I had really went off the deep end.
"Might you be speaking of Michael?” My voice was tight. I didn’t need to play it cool. It was no secret that I had ill feelings for him. I clutched the glass tightly, so much so that it shattered in my hand. Untouched and unphased, I watched as the glass bits fell onto the counter. Cain grunted, slamming the box of dishes he carried onto the table while he busied himself behind the bar to find something to clean up the mess.

“My apologies,” he teased with a roll of his eyes. He could care less about Cain. Honestly had Titus not been his brother, he would’ve done more damage to this hole in the wall. This had come to eb Tutus’ domain and I respected that.

If Titus was suggesting he follow him behind closed doors then it had to be serious. He quickly made his way off the stool, following along with his arm around Titus’ shoulder until the entered his office. My eyes watched carefully as he brought out a tube. I had already taken a seat in the cushy velvet red chair, but this had sparked my interest. Curiosity had misplaced my annoyance about Michael and slowly I stood. My hands rested on the dark wood desk and while ne hand supported me, the other brushed gently over the paper. The ink was fading, the edges crisp and burned off but for the most part it was in good condition.

“Where did you come but this?” I asked in a low voice, as though fearing someone was listening. One could never be too sure when it came to their kind. My eyes traveled downward as I read the scripture out loud. It all didn’t make much sense at first, but soon everything began to click and fall into place.

“Lucy?” Like Titus, I, and other angels, many had lay with women and bore children. Some they never knew or didn’t meet ever. This child was different though, so much so that Michael had assured she would be safe from harm. For the longest, her location had been unknown and yet here, though not as clear as I would’ve preferred, was the information we needed.

“[I Whom challenges His Prince of Darkness.
In the times of hundred-and-twentieth,
Thy will be the One to bring Harmony],”

He repeated under his breath. “Me?” There had already been some talk about someone who was creeping, waiting or my downfall and here I was reading such prophecy existed to become true. But Lucy was the key. “The fucking Midwest? Really?” I asked with a small look of disgust. It wasn’t really my cup of tea and yet it didn’t seem like I had much of a choice. Surely if this were true, I suspected others had to know that this scroll existed. “You know, you have a habit of putting a target right on your back.” I said with a cluck of my tongue.
SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

My mother woke me with a start. She held what looked like a lantern up high above her head to reach the ledge I laid on. It was cooler now as a ripple of goosebumps rushed over me and I reached my arms out to stretch before sitting. I stretched again, pushing my pelvis and shoulders backwards to wake my spine. My hands worked slowly to tame my endless dark brunette locks from their tangles and clumps. The granite from the mausoleum was not kind to my hair nor my joints. I heard the short, mildly rotund woman cough impatiently and I finally slid slowly before I gently hopped and caught myself with bent knees to help with the impact. The mausoleum was quiet high, at least five feet—getting up there wasn’t easy but jumping down hadn’t hurt me yet. My mother’s disapproving eyes told me she felt otherwise, though.

She always knew where to find me; I stopped wondering how long ago when I was a child. She used to call it her sixth sense and I believe it until my adolescent years. But now entering into my 20’s I was starting to really believe again that the old woman did have some magic. I had caught some peculiar moments in the past but I had always chalked them up to slight-of-hand or optical illusions. Her frizzed dull red hair with increasing numbers of grey hair was pulled around her shoulder in a messy braid and it hung to her waist. Her hair was exceptionally long but for some reason the woman didn’t like to cut her hair and encouraged me not to, as well. It was half the reason my straight hair fell to my hips. The upper layer was braided around to the back of my head to keep my hair out of my face, a hairstyle I opted to do every day if I didn’t have it all the way up at the crown of my head.

“Leila Dalton, you are 22-years-old; you need to start being more careful,” she grunted disapprovingly again at me and glanced over at me through shadowy vexed emerald eyes. I grumbled in response and carefully continued to follow her out of the graveyard. Her glares were always very piercing and often cut me to my core. I whispered not-so-nice words under my breath but followed the woman in her layered sage-colored skirt and smoky grey cardigan.
“I fell asleep, alright? You’re right, I’m 22, Mom. I can take care of myself, you know.” My eyes burrowed figurative holes in the back of her head. She scoffed at me and spun around. Her demeaner had changed drastically. She was always a bit paranoid and fearful, but today there was something about the way she stared intently at me, fear and rage swirling in her eyes that glinted from the light she held, which made the hair stand on the back of my neck and exposed arms. I crossed my arms to hug myself and I looked down at her hidden feet as guilt filled me.

“Leila, I understand that you are an adult and you feel you can do all of these things. But just because you are 22 does not mean that you are immune to violence, my love. Someone could have easily followed you here or waited for you here. I know you are here often and there are very dangerous people in this world, Leila.” Her words were passionate but fiery and I cringed. I didn’t respond verbally or nonverbally and hugged myself instead. The older woman began to pivot before she stopped and turned halfway toward me again. “My love, you must promise me to be careful. I feel dreadful—something is coming, please stay close and be careful.” I shivered at her warning and my heart thudded loudly in my chest. Whatever it was that had freaked her out, it was serious and I noted that although I usually preferred to stay away this time I would at least attempt to humor her caution.

When we returned home my mother went to the shop to work on doing some stocking or whatever it was she did there and I found my room. I fell onto my bad and stared up at the ceiling, imaging different scenarios for my life. Maybe I needed to go to college? Or move out? Yet there was something here, something that although I often avoided home I needed to know it was here. I needed to be in its presence and know that my mother was near if I needed her. My codependency irked me but finally I crawled fully-clothed into the bed and threw the blanket overtop me. Tomorrow I knew I had to cover the shop for my mom, she apparently had to go pick up some herbs and other things for the store so I knew my day would be long but at least she usually would pay me. That was the very money I survived on and it was easy money. Not many people came to the store and I found it odd that she was even able to make a living off of it. I quickly fell asleep without a second thought.

[center [pic https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/211a4af8-f452-468b-b4d4-630a784a3973/d5zen08-422e51ea-7225-4f33-bcbd-b19691e8a675.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3sicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvMjExYTRhZjgtZjQ1Mi00NjhiLWI0ZDQtNjMwYTc4NGEzOTczXC9kNXplbjA4LTQyMmU1MWVhLTcyMjUtNGYzMy1iY2JkLWIxOTY5MWU4YTY3NS5wbmcifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdfQ.B42o6Mn-wZ76LW7ptISEabCgCgyTvQoVT9qiEZevs8k]]

“Do you hear me, Michael?” The witch called out to him and suddenly a voice reverberated around the room.
“Yes, Allegra,” the booming voice called out in the small room and she stopped her pacing briefly to stare at an empty corner of the room.
“They know, Michael; I fear I cannot protect her for much longer,” the woman pleaded with the faceless voice.
“Patience—” The voice stated and then as if a phoneline that had gone dead, the familiar dead silence creeped over the room again. The woman stood frazzled in the center, placing both hands on her hips and staring out the front windows of the apothecary.

“Michael help us.”
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font “times” “Lucy?” I repeated to which Titus gave me a cheeky smirk. “Oh fuck you” I said before chuckling. This was some big information, critical and I knew something like this didn’t just fall into the lap of my brother like some sensual dancer at one of the gentleman’s clubs he frequented. Titus knew I was no fool either. I narrowed my eyes at him and stepped closer. By now I had rolled up the scroll and threateningly pointed it toward him. “Where exactly did you get this?” Like I said, Titus had a knack for getting in trouble and while he certainly had helped me out of messy situations, it seemed he was the one to drag me into them in the first place.

“Do you remember Maya?” I rose my brow, already intrigued. I hadn’t seen the witch in over a decade. Though of course, when you find your lover in bed with your brother – it’s not really a surprise when as a couple you [I mutually] decide to split.
“Yes, I remember Maya.” I said. How could I forget her? The woman was gorgeous; warm sun kissed skin. She had freckles sprinkled along her face and shoulders. He’d made and completed every attempt to kiss each one of them. God, she had the softest lips, breasts that sat in his hands perfectly. Had I ever considered settling down, she certainly would’ve been in the top five.
“Well, you see I happened to bump into her,” I hardly believed that, but I let my brother continue. “We had a drink and we got to talking and I may have mentioned your troubles. Well the rumors of your troubles. I mean you being dethroned? That’s highly unlikely.” I could tell Titus was trying to win me over as though the whole Maya thing was dead and done. I had no hard feelings . . .well not as many . . .well – Oh hell! What use was it to be mad. Anyway I was impressed Titus had swept Maya from under me. She had seemed smitten with me. I turned back into the conversation then, knowing I hadn’t missed much as we both seemed to have a small moment of recalling the goddess Maya.
“Right, so I tell her about the rumors being spread and that’s when she gives me this.” He said as he snatched the tube back from me, placing it where it was hidden in a cabinet under his bookshelf.
“Dinner and conversation hm?” I teased my brother. “Did she tell you where she got it?”
“Directly from the source. That’s how I know the Midwest has to be true. Don’t you recall –”
“Yes I recall us having a lovely little getaway and then I come back from dealing with some mess in Hell and my brother is balls deep in my girlfriend.”
“It was a family trip.” Titus smirked, taking a seat back at his desk, his feet now propped up on the desk. “But I’m afraid this is not. I can’t leave here, I have to watch over for you while your away.”
“Excuse me?” I asked shocked.
“Come on you know you’ll be distracted with this whole thing. Shouldn’t take you very long to find her would it? How about this, you can go have a little [I chat] with Maya and I’m sure she will lead you right to her.” Titus loved to rub in his face anything he had managed to win over his brother. They were very competitive. He was right though. If this was important, he didn’t to jump on it and fast.

“Tell Maya I said hi,” Titus called as I began to walk out, to which I eagerly flipped him the bird.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/UeNIQfp.jpg?1]]
When I stumbled across the little apothecary, I had no intentions of really going in. so many times I had passed by these little crystal and spiritual shops, promising to turn the average little Becky into a wannabe second consideration for the move The Craft. You didn’t just become a witch. You were born into magic, so much so that it coursed through you like blood. You woke up with it on your mind. And of course you never used it without intent. That said, it didn’t hurt to make money off of it. I had done it for quite some time, working as a medium. It was light work and it allowed me much free time. Time to which I spent with Lucifer being wined and dined, all the while imagining if I would be shred to pieces if I managed to get both men in bed at once.

That was a thought quickly dismissed. I was heading back home, single and bored. Lucifer had walked in on my nasty affair and I left the boys to fight amongst another. That explained the sudden massive fire that was going on downtown at the very hotel we stayed at.

Boredom wasn’t the only thing that drew me here. I was sent here by one of the high witches, something about a scroll. I didn’t question an order, but was surprised when found I was to keep it in my possession until required. Required when? I pushed open the door then, the bell dinging at my arrival. I instantly could feel it, that buzz. I could sense a fellow witch, but this . . . [I this] was different.
“Hello, how can I . . . “ I watched the smile falter on the woman’s face. Before I could say anything, a young child came running from the back room, a beaded curtain clacking against itself. Her giggles were quite infectious, but that’s not what caught my attention. It was that soft iridescent bubble around her. But before I could get a closer look, she was being shooed back.
“I know why you are here.” She led me to the backroom. The young girl was gone, but I could hear her in the distance humming. I was curious. She looked very familiar to me. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I didn’t have long though as soon the woman handed me the scroll. I was young then, and a bit stupid I will admit. Though I think anyone would’ve asked the same thing if you were juts handed some random item to oversee.
“What the hell is this?”
“In the coming years, you will come to find out. He who seeks answer on behalf of his brother.” I didn’t question much after that. It seemed like something I wouldn’t have to immediately worry about and with that I took my leave.

I thought I was done with my mission after giving it to Titus. I had sworn off of those men, but he always had me coming back for more. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find Lucifer standing before me. A smile crept on my face.
“Well well, aren’t I lucky?”
SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

I woke to my mother softly nocking on the door. She made her entrance without permission—typical—and affectionally rubbed my arm jutting out from the sea of comforters and blankets. Even with my eyes closed, I could sense her draw nearer until I could feel her breath on my cheek. “Good morning, my love, I am heading out. Can you please head to the shop?” She kissed my cheek and even though I let out a disgruntled groan I truly—very secretively—felt warm and secure. I was 22-years-old and I still liked it when mother woke me like this. I had entered into a strange phase—a phase where I was torn between wanting to cut ties with my mother to be an [i independent adult,] and starting to finally acknowledge I never wanted to leave my mothers side. “I made some breakfast, it’s on the counter—please hurry, my love, the shop opens in 15 minutes.” She was now at the door and speaking a more clearly and normal but there was a still a gentleness to her voice as she finally stepped out and I heard the door clasp closed behind her.
I grumbled again, rolling onto my stomach and shoving myself into the next pillow face-down. I almost screamed as I squirmed and finally brought myself to a sitting position. Sleep was still in my eyes and I rubbed it away to meander toward the bathroom. When I finished brushing my teeth, washing my face, and combing my hair, I threw it into a low bun at the nape of my neck and returned to my room. I was quick to find a pair of worn-jeans lying on the floor and pulled them up. Black skinny-jeans and a grey tank-top with a black sweater that had a large white skull on the back. It was from a concert I had gone to a couple of years ago—mother really didn’t want me to go—but I didn’t really give her a choice… I kind of just went. I was 20-years-old so she couldn’t stop me. I do remember feeling immense guilt afterwards, but what did she expect? That I never leave home? Never go anywhere? Yeah… something told me that was [i exactly] the case…

Make-up was skipped and I held onto the 18th century banister as I hopped down the winding stairs. I passed by the dull and fading wall-paper covered in strange paintings mixed with random, witch décor—that’s what I called it—like random apothecary signs as well as endless old shelves of books like looked 100’s of years old. I used to play with them when I was little but mother made sure I understood their importance. I ripped one—once—and I never did again after that. She had a strange connection to these books. I didn’t know if it was because they were worth a lot of money or what exactly but Mom was really obsessive and protective of these books—almost more so than she was with me. I made my way into the kitchen and found the breakfast sitting on the counter; she left me sunny-side up eggs and toast and I grinned. “Thanks, Mom,” I whispered out loud before finding a fork in the dishwasher and taking a first bite. The yolk was runny and perfect and I licked the fork after the bite as I held the plate and walked toward the apothecary. My hands were full so I slid my feet into a pair of my mom’s slippers and sauntered into the apothecary. I first walked to the door to unlock it and flip the sign so it displayed as open before returning to the register. There was a cushioned stool behind the register and glass display for the more [i expensive] items, don’t ask me why. There were small gems and stones, some hand-made jewelry (or that’s what I figured it was), and other odds-and-ends. I always assumed Mom just put that there to make the shop look professional or better in some sense. I picked scooted up to the glass display after moving my plate there and began to eat while I scrolled through my social media accounts. Another thing Mom was strangely apprehensive and distrustful of. I mean, I understood that teenagers got stalked and harassed online and some even [I murdered] but I wasn’t [i that] stupid and those were some pretty severe cases. She didn’t believe me though.

She wasn’t always like that but there was a day when I was a kid that seemed to really scare her. I mean, there were many days—like last night—where mother was more frightened than others. But when I was a little I remembered running around the neighborhood and having friends. I used to play with another little girl in the shop here, she was a neighbor girl, one of my first friends. I was probably five and six years old. But one day something happened because I wasn’t allowed to hang out with anyone anymore, and if I did we had to always be in her presence. I mean it made sense, I was a child, but we had really good neighbors and I used to go to Sarah’s all the time next door. Her mom was always outside smoking cigarettes and grumbling to herself but she would [i watch] us. The only thing that made sense was there was a woman who had walked in that day—not unusually as it was a store—but the way my mother stared at her made me wonder…
That day, my mother read me stories and talked to me in detail about heaven and all the angels. She warned me of danger and told me that she’d always be there to protect me. After that, her protectiveness went to a new level and as much as I loved her, she probably is the very reason I became a bit of a delinquent.

I always found her stories interesting she’d tell me, but as I got older began to question their validity. I wasn’t born under a rock and Mom’s stories didn’t exactly coincide with The Bible’s version of things. She told me not to read it though, and when I would confront her she would just say The Bible was written by man and man is unreliable. I always thought it was weird in general, though, talking about all of this Christianity and weird shit like that, since she was a [i witch?] But when I would ask her about her spirituality and religion, she’d always shrug me off and tell me if there is one God maybe there’s many. She found it eased her heart most to believe in Mother Nature herself. The whole thing was unbelievable but my mom, aside from asking me to become a witch a few times, really hadn’t pushed hard and had let me be [i normal]. I’d even heard her mention on occasion that she felt I deserved a normal life, but would never explain what she meant. Not to mention the few times I’d caught her talking to herself over the years. There were many endearing, beautiful, amazing things about my mother—she was intelligent and compassionate—but then there were these bizarre, scattered thoughts and actions I’d caught my mom in over the years that made me wonder about her. She had yet to really lose her shit, though, so I hoped for the best and shoved the concern to the back of my head.

I stared across the room at a strange painting hanging above the [i pretend] fireplace in the small shop. Lined on the fireplace itself were old books, apothecary glass jars with corks and small treys with more, various crystals. The painting seemed to offset the look of the place—a painting of what looked to be angels—one with a white glow and ethereal feathered wings, the other with black drapes, and then a third in the distance bleeding out, its wings folded down and licking the ground, tattered and bruised. It looked like a Michelangelo painting, something you’d see from the Renaissance period, but mom never told me where she got it of if she got it at all. She seemed to like to keep the secrets of the painting and I set my phone down and hopped off the chair to approach it with crossed arms. I had seen it many times, but I’d never really analyzed it before—not since I was a child. I was still standing there dumbfounded when I here a bell. I didn’t turn my head, speaking first, “Morning, welcome to Allegra’s Apothecary, let me know if you need anything,” my voice was dull—monotone—unamused. Likely they person would come in for five seconds and leave—that’s normally what happened. Sometimes I wondered if we were just a tourist attraction or something.
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font “times” I didn’t come here to sleep with Maya. At least, that’s what I told myself as I found my fingers eagerly slipping the flower patterned chiffon robe off her frame. I had a weak spot for women and I admit, Titus words had actually managed to get under my skin which prickled and burned quite pleasantly under Maya’s touch. I knew that feeling all too well and found my lips parting from hers.

“Don’t you dare,” I whispered. I met her eyes, glowing with flecks of gold. She smiled at me innocently, and unconvincingly dumbfounded by my words.
“Whatever do you mean?” She purred against my lips, pulling to allow the robe to fall completely. My eyes danced across her nude frame, my head spinning and while I knew it had to do with her amazing body, I also knew that Maya had a tendency to spice things up with her magic. She could keep me here for weeks if I allowed her to do so and while tempting, that wasn’t a part of the plan. I had things to do, something quite pressing actually. My right to the throne of the underworld depended on it. I snapped my fingers, the robe tightening against her frame. Maya pouted, “Oh are you not the fun Lucifer I once knew?”
“This is a business call.” I watched as Maya rolled her eyes, clucking her tongue before she made her way toward the bar in the corner of the living room. As she walked toward it, small puffs of air blew out the candles she had lit and the lights of the stylish studio illuminated the luxurious apartment.
“About he scroll I presume?”
“Yes about the scroll. Titus tells me you know of the location and that’s why I’m here Maya.” I was more so trying to convince myself, my eyes trained on the swaying of her hips she moved with the fluidity of a serpent. Maya placed the glass against her lips, gently rolling it against her bottom lip before taking a sip. I made my way to the couch and took a seat. “This is important. I need to know where you exactly you came I possession of it.”
“Important?” Maya rose a brow. Of course when given a task by the Council of witches, she took it very seriously, but for something she held in her possession for so long, she didn’t think that it would have anything to do with Lucifer entirely or at least nothing that she deemed would have much affect over him. Now she was curious.
“Yes important. I’m looking for a girl.” Maya’s eyes flickered red, her grip tightening on the glass. Though the memory crossed her mind of the young child she had seen. It was a face she couldn’t forget; the face of an angel really.
“I don’t even know if the witch is still there. You know how we like to pick up and leave the minute trouble presents itself and if you are the trouble that she is worried about, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole lot was burned down and replaced by a frozen yogurt shop by now.”
“C’mon Maya, this means a lot to me.” Getting over on Titus would be fun, and maya was a hot ticket, but I had some feeling that Titus actually did [I like] her and while we had our issues and our competitions weren’t always friendly, I owed some sense of loyalty to him for having my back int his predicament. “So, where am I to go?”

[center [size22 [b ___________________]]]

I made my way down the street, a bit out of my element considering the eyes on me were much too obvious and the staring too new. I stood out in this small town, which normally would excite me to have a little fun, but not this time. I looked up at the sign on the building, surprised that the apothecary still stood standing. There was ringing sound of the bell when I entered, the intense smell of different kinds of incense turning my nose upward. My eyes searched for a face to match to the voice, less than welcoming and seemingly bored.

I found a head, peering downward as though expecting my presence to be momentary.
“Well well, that’s no way to treat a customer,” I teased as I walked toward the counter. I could feel the buzzing then, a soft hum in my ears and the closer I got, the brighter the iridescent bubble around the female became clear. This was certainly no normal mortal and for that I knew I was in the right place, but it only made me worry more as to just what I was getting into.
SekaTitus   1y ago

I sat at the counter and held the cup by its rim loosely with my fingertips, swishing it in a circular motion before taking a sip of it. It had been a few days since Lucifer had swung by the bar and I wondered if he’d gotten anywhere. There was whispering in the streets lately [i and] in the bar and I didn’t feel right. Something was off—[i way] off. The bar had slowed down, and a few of my more suspicious regulars hadn’t been by in a few weeks. Pair that with the strange prophecy or whatever the fuck it was and it had my mind turning.
“You thinkin’ about how Adrian and Elias haven’t been by in a few weeks?” Cain appeared in front of me and it nearly startled me. I grumbled to hide my shame; rarely did others surprise me. I hadn’t been startled like that since Lucifer got me a couple centuries back, but I was so lost in thought I hadn’t heard the immortal human approach. He held a rag in his hand and a glass in the other and he mindlessly wiped it down.
“You could say that.” I heaved a sigh.

“Something’s wrong, ain’t it?” Cain inquired with his gruff, unamused tone and I rose my brows and gave a haphazard shrug.
“Not sure. I just feel uneasy—something’s off.” I explained and set down my empty glass. Cain turned to place the cup on the counter upside down where the others were lined and then pivoted to return with a bottle of Jameson in his hand.
“Definitely. Aero was here last night,” his started to pour the emerald glass bottle, “he mentioned working with Levi on the down-low.” My jaw clenched instinctively when Cain mentioned my long lost, fallen brother—[i Leviathon]—Lucifer’s second-in-command. If I wasn’t mistaken, Levi was the one supposedly watching over Hell for Lucy when he went on his hiatus’. The cold fallen angel preferred Hell and although there was obviously a bond between Lucifer and Levi, I couldn’t much stand the guy. He rarely popped out of Hell anyway and it was probably better that way for humanity and for my own sanity.
“Levi’s been here?” My lips mashed together and my brows furrowed in morbid curiosity.
“Don’t know, he looked pretty scared after he said it and ran off—didn’t even pay his damn bill,” Cain clenched his fist and raised it up to slam against the counter.

“Calm down, he’ll be back,” I laughed at the thought of the scrawny blonde demon running off pissing himself. He wasn’t exactly [i demon] material—probably why he had escaped to Earth and the Princes of Hell never came runnin’ for him. This also left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, though. Why was Levi poking around; he could be looking for Lucifer, but if he was he would have stopped in undoubtedly. And why was he working with Aero, that weak little shit? Lucifer may have liked Levi, but he always left me with a discomfort and wariness I couldn’t place. He gave me the [i creeps,] and I was a damn angel who’d been alive half a millennia and been in more wars and battles than I could count.

[i Looks like I have some more research to do. ]

My cellphone buzzed then and I looked down to see [i ‘Succubus’] lighting up my phone. I picked it up and answered it, “Miss me already, huh?” I jested with my old lover and Maya coyly smiled into the phone, I could hear it in her voice.
“Well of course I do, [i my love,”] she cooed and I inhibited from groaning. God, why was even her voice so [i goddamn] sexy?
“What do you want, Maya?” I was curt but I almost felt a phantom bead of sweat falling down my temple.
[i “You,”] I sighed into the phone—god she knew how to toy with me. “Oh, and your brother was just here yesterday if you were wondering. Anyway, [i doors unlocked],” she quickly added and hung up. I sat at the bar a few extra-long seconds fighting the urge to go before coming to a stand. Cain stared at me intently with an amused grin.
“Fuck, man, she got you by the balls.”
“Yeah, well, she has for a couple decades, what can I say?”
SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

I was still eyeing the painting when I heard the customer’s words. He was almost chastising me and it peeved me. I whipped to the side to give the man an ear-full when I suddenly couldn’t find my words. He took the breath right out of me and I subconsciously took a step backwards. He was handsome and grungy; did he just step out of my teenage dreams? Covered in tattoos and wearing sunglasses this man was intimidating as he was hot.

[I Of course he’d come in the day you skip make-up, what the fuck, Leila.]

I fretted but tried to look [i cool] and laid-back instead so I folded my arms across my chest and leaned my head back to peer at him through half-open lids. My fingers desperately worked to get the sleeve over my knuckles, a nervous tick as I tried to keep my face placid and cool. He didn’t exactly look like he belonged in this town and it was difficult to refrain from raking my eyes over his entire body.
“Sorry, uh, pretty normal for people to come and go here, we’re more of a tourist attraction than anything,” I pointed toward the painting, “I was just looking at this painting and got lost in it is all,” I tried to recover. As hot as he was this was still my mom’s shop and I knew how important it was to make a good impression. I wasn’t nearly as engaging and skilled at ass-kissing or ‘customer service’ as my mother called it but I tried my best for her.

I awkwardly turned to put a new incense stick on the burner nearest me and avoided eye contact with the man hoping he’d go off in another direction. He gave me mixed vibes; he was either just a really attractive tourist or dangerous but I hated to judge someone by their looks. How often had people done that to me? I walked back toward the register to find my seat and he followed. I gulped down saliva and fidgeted with my phone unsure of what to say. My cheeks felt flush and I had the sudden urge to run to the bathroom and hide. Instead I pushed my brunette strands to one side over-the-shoulder and my fingertips peeking out from my sweater sleeve played with the ends of my long, brunette hair.
There was something about the way that he looked at me—like I was some peculiar object—and I had the urge to tell him he was the weirder of the two of us.

“Uh… C—Can I help you?” I stuttered and bit the inside of my lip in punishment for my clumsiness. I heard a bell ring and another customer walked in. It was Joleen stopping in for her concoction of leaves and lavender and I started to tap my foot. Was he going to stand there all day? My hands worked behind the counter already preparing for the raven-haired woman to reach the counter for her things.

[center [pic https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/211a4af8-f452-468b-b4d4-630a784a3973/d5zen08-422e51ea-7225-4f33-bcbd-b19691e8a675.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3sicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvMjExYTRhZjgtZjQ1Mi00NjhiLWI0ZDQtNjMwYTc4NGEzOTczXC9kNXplbjA4LTQyMmU1MWVhLTcyMjUtNGYzMy1iY2JkLWIxOTY5MWU4YTY3NS5wbmcifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdfQ.B42o6Mn-wZ76LW7ptISEabCgCgyTvQoVT9qiEZevs8k]]
[I Dread.]

Her heart began to pound and she could heart it behind her ears. She was unsure of where it came from but it was all-encompassing. She pushed her greying tresses from her face and stared across the lit field. Something was wrong—something was near… near Leila… It was intense power and the witch could not sense its origin but knew likely it was a celestial--only they could hold such strength--and it was wavering the spell on the young naive girl. She needed to protect Leila at all costs but she was nearly 30-minutes out of town. The woman cursed her own stupidity—she knew this day would come and she had been plagued by a heavy darkness for the past few weeks. She figured it had something to do with the natural balance of things—how naïve of her.

She quickly gathered her things as she felt her heart in her throat and she started towards the vehicle on the edge of the forest. Her feet crushed into the tall grass to reach her vehicle. Home—she needed to get home immediately. Could she call someone? Anyone? Something was close—too close—and she could feel her magic diminishing. She focused her energy into that silver thread but with such distance her control was difficult. She quickly pulled out her phone--no something the old witch regularly used but kept for emergencies and quickly found the first name she could find.

"Joleen! Hello, hi, yes this is Allegra. Your remedy is ready for pick-up, Leila has it ready for you if you can go swing by to get it!"
"Oh that's perfect, thank you! I'll be there shortly!" She hung up the phone and Allegra pushed harder on the gas. Joleen lived just down the road and Allegra hoped that if she was present that maybe, just maybe, it could dissuade anything from happening if it was at all. [i Please—please be alright, Leila! ]
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font “times” My shoes left little to no sound as I walked across the floor, peering at the different crystals and [I potions] offered. I reached for a little jar, filled with different colored liquid with floating leaves and the likes. Herbal science, a perfect coverup for magic. My hands shrugged into the pockets of my pants then, my eyes casually looking back over at the female. No name tag in sight, honestly had she not greeted me, I wouldn’t truly believe that she worked here. She caried herself like a prisoner with nothing else to do but stand there and look cool.

I turned around the empty building and flashed her a smile. “You don’t say?” I wasn’t surprised, it was hard to find your footing in such a [I career] in the mortal world. Especially considering the world of technology, anyone felt like they could summon a demon or slap some int paste and say a bunch of abracadabra and bam you’re a witch. Though, some had actually managed to let a few demons slip through the world. I suppose I couldn’t expect Levi to do everything correctly in my absence. Being the God of Hell was by no means an easy task.

My eyes looked over toward the painting she pointed toward, the sunglasses being removed and tucked into my deep burgundy shirt. I moved closer, ignoring the sound of an incoming customer as I concentrated on the painting. I searched for a signature. Whoever had painted this surely knew the really truth behind how the world was created, one that men had chopped and screwed to fit their own narrative of what they deemed the [I truth]. Without permission I lifted the painting gently off the wall. My thumb ran over the image, a slight twinge of pain at seeing David bent over, barely managing to hang on to life. We shared a lot in common: betrayed by our own brothers.

I looked for a signature. Whoever had this painting had to know more than they were letting on and something was telling me the source was close. I looked back at the young woman. She seemed completely clueless as to who I was and yet I had never encountered a space more heavily protected than her own – hell, I had managed to slip into a church once, only about halfway through considering I left scorched footprints with each step. Sometimes I was bored and other times . . . I did need help.

Maya had mentioned a woman when she arrived, a fellow witch, but this girl didn’t even look that old, nor did she carry the markings of a witch. He as confused about just what someone like her was to be so well protected. She had to know something. I stepped behind the woman then, taking my place in the queue.
“Yes, you can help me. I’d like to buy this.” I said as I waved the painting in the air. It was now up close to her I got a good look. Skin that look soft to touch, lips that seemed stained coral pink. There was something quite familiar about her that I couldn’t pace and yet I knew it would come to me eventually. “And I say, lets close up shop and go get something to eat?” The true test of my powers for someone as strong as her would lie in my touch, but I didn’t think she would take kindly to that. She already seemed kind of wary toward me, but in a stronger ‘stranger danger’ sort of way. Hm yes, she was [I intuitive] which meant she possibly held a strong connection to her handler. I looked around the building, noting the golden crosses: one at the entrance, one above the closed door that seemingly led to a backroom and one just above the woman’s head.

I had to get her out of here. Flashing a charming smile, I made direct contact with her eyes. “Say yes?” Hopefully that would work.
SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

I watched him peculiarly as he stepped back toward the painting and lifted it with ease. That couldn’t have been light, there was no way, how did he lift that like it was a feather? Plus it was my mom’s I doubt she’d want it gone but yet I found saying no to him increasingly difficult. When he took off his sunglasses he sucked the breath right out of me. “Hey—uhm—I don’t know if…” I stopped myself, words becoming more and more difficult to formulate as he stepped back into the line.
Joleen approached the counter, obviously as enamored by the guest as me, but slightly more on-guard it appeared. Her eyes were shadowed when she approached the counter and I had half-a-mind to ask but unusually so, I had a line in the shop, so I grabbed the pouch with her hand-made remedy and set it down between us. She handed me cash and I quickly popped it into the cash register and gave her change. Her hands were slow and meticulous as they reached out and gingerly clutched the bag. She peeked over her shoulder and back to me, and then leaned forward to whisper, [i “Be careful, you have your necklace for protection, right?”] She asked and I rose a brow but figured I would just assuage her. I nodded, patting on my shirt where it wasn’t visible but I could feel the locket. Apparently, mother had put a spell on it for protection, an
d Joleen had been around for nearly a decade so of course she knew about it. My mom made sure I had it on at all times; to the point where apparently my mom’s friends and clients were obsessive about it. The woman turned and walked slowly past the handsome gentleman. I couldn’t see her face but it clearly turned to look at him and I suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed.
Once the woman had had reached the door, the stranger had reached the counter and carefully set the painting down on the counter. I exchanged a repetitive, dumbfounded look between the painting laid in front of me and the man standing behind it. [i What the fuck? ] He watched me like I was prey but yet a strange tingling made me question whether I maybe [i liked] it. Either way, though, this painting was important to my mother—[i priceless] she’d say—so although everything in me told me to give this man whatever the hell he wanted, I slowly shook my head.

“I’m sorry, that has sentimental value for my mom so she’d, uh, kill me probably if I sold it,” I laughed awkwardly and was about to ask him to hang it back up when he asked me… to lunch? I nearly chocked on my own saliva and desperately worked to find my cup of coffee to wash it down, now lukewarm and kind of gross. I laid a hand on my chest to steady my breathing and blinked up at him, “Uh, I mean, I don’t know…” I looked toward the door and around the empty shop; she’d be home soon, there was no way she would be gone any longer than a couple of hours. She’d be back within the hour, doubtful we’d really lose any customers if we closed for a break. Mom did it all the time if we had events to go to or I was in a play or something stupid at school, since it was just us and that’s how it had always been. It felt very wrong to agree but when a handsome stranger like this walks into town, you take him up on his offer. “Sure…”

I walked to the door and flipped the sign to closed, grabbing my phone and purse from the other room and returning to the apothecary after locking all of the doors. Hopefully my mother wouldn’t kill me, but if she did, it would be totally worth it. I’d eat another meal to get a date with him even if I had just ate breakfast. My small purse hung across my body and rested on my hip, and it was warm enough for my sweater to do fine. I did change out of the slippers and into a pair of black combat boots and pressed out of the door. The town was pretty small and mother had strategically bought this place to be on a main road so the large wooden apothecary sign could garner attention. I rounded onto the sidewalk and turned toward him, “We, uh, don’t have a lot of food options here… There’s The Barn and Perkin’s…” She looked over him again, now in the light from outside, and he [i definitely] didn’t look like he was from around here. “You choose…” This was strange—talking to people you don’t know was always a little awkward, especially trying to decide what to eat. “I mean, you’re not from around here, right? Maybe you already know… I just don’t, uh, recognize you.” [i Shut the fuck up!] I cussed at myself and adjusted my purse, spinning on my heel and staring toward downtown Bethalto. Maybe if I didn’t make eye contact it would be a little less awkward…
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font "times" I noticed the eyes of the woman, the way her lips twitched with the urge to pull into a frown. She was trying to keep up appearances, maybe in an attempt to fool me into thinking that whatever I was up to would go unnoticed. But as I looked her in the eyes, to which she quickly looked away, we both knew that she was suspicious of me. Though, she wasn’t my target. I as set on the woman in front of me and as the lady slowly made her way out of the door, I couldn’t help but throw a taunting wave in her direction. [I Familiars] I called them. They were people not really blessed with any true sese of power other than being able to [I sense]. They could see, hear, and sometimes actually interact with my kind in a way that no human could. Though she knew better. To touch me was asking for her own death sentence.

I rolled my shoulders, my eyes landing on the painting. My fingers were careful as they roamed over the canvas, feeling the raised bumps of the paint from the spilled blood.
“Kill you? Well, that’s a bit harsh,” I teased with smirk. I could tell she was battling with whether or not to trust me. It was common with strangers, but there were some people who just had a friendly face. You know, the person you trusted to make sure no one stole your seat in a busy café while you ran off to the bathroom, or the look you gave to a woman in the club when a guy was pressing you much too hard. Some people you knew had no malicious motive or intent to get at you.

In some sense, I wasn’t necessarily after her for any bad reason. I didn’t have a reason to kill her . . . yet. Though I didn’t want to jump ahead of myself. Whoever was playing games surely was using this young girl as a pawn and I wanted to know why and who.

“Come on, if I can’t have this treasure then I at least deserve a little lunch date?” I flashed a grin, relieved but not surprised when she said yes. “Great!” I grabbed the painting, making my way back to the wall to place it up. I stared at it for a while, my hand leaving its invisible mark on the piece before I turned my back. Getting out of the building was much appreciated, I could already feeling my muscles loosening. The minute I stepped in, every spirit of protection was clawing at me badly. Visibly for a brief moment, I was sure I looked quite [I shaken] to her.

“Relax,” I said with a chuckle which I knew was a large request for someone you should met. ‘I’m not going to kill you or anything.” He felt like one side of her mind, the logical more than likely, was suspecting he was up to something. “You’re right, I’m not from around here. A bit too small for my liking.” I needed to get as much conversation out of her without it seeming like I was prying or else she would surely be suspicious. I just hoped whoever was trying their hardest to protect her wouldn’t be much trouble. Maya had mentioned she was a witch, but I wasn’t sure of which nature and how strong she was.

“How about the Barn? Seems to suit well enough.” It was also apparently popular and with a lot of people, we would go a bit more unnoticed I hoped. Though, that wasn’t necessarily true. The minute we entered, I felt eyes on me, though like any person from out of town, it was expected. Eventually I would blend in with the girl in the corner of the restaurant, following the young hostess who kept looking back at us, causing her to stumble against the leg of someone’s chair.

“What can I get you?” Her voice cracked, he hands shaking a little. She was chewing on her lips which was a crime considering they were quite kissable. She was pretty but average by all means and as I looked toward the girl, it was clear that while she may be from around here, she too had to know what it was like to stick out.
“Balvenie on ice,” I said to her only to be met by a look of confusion. I smirked, ducking my head as I realized I wasn’t in Titus’ bar. “Uh a Stella would be nice.” She nodded and looked toward the young woman for her order before leaving some menus and walking away.
“I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Lucifer and you are?”
SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

I was completely out of my element; I’d gone on plenty of dates, and I was 22-years-old so yeah… not a virgin either. But I didn’t exactly have a list I was proud of and this town didn’t have much to offer, either. In a town like this, [i beggars can’t be choosers,] which is exactly why although I’d popped the cherry long ago, I wasn’t exactly [i experienced.] Instead of running around the town and being a whore, I found that the escape I preferred was getting tattoos and piercings, and drinking at the graveyard. I wasn’t nearly as tatted as this guy, though, and mind were mostly hidden. I had a chest piece in the works but I was saving for it. I did have some along my arms and forearms, quotes and Tim Burton movies, the stereotypical grunge that I didn’t care people judged me for. I mean, the Corpse Bride was one of the best movies ever, and don’t get me started on The Crow. I spent a little too much time alone in the night or at home watching movies; that’s what having little social life did to ya.

I didn’t have a lot of friends, Jade Razidlo was basically my only friend and she was unreliable as hell. We’d gone to many concerts together, but sometimes she was doing coke, sometimes she was drunker than a skunk, and occasionally she was sober with a stable job. Mom didn’t much like her but I loved her, she was exciting, spontaneous, and fearless; I didn’t dabble in drugs much myself but that’s because I found that they never really had a full effect on me. We had deduced that I was somewhat immune to most mind-altering substances, even if they could give me a little something-something, but thankfully I could still get a buzz from alcohol so every once and a while I’d indulge. Either way, I couldn’t help but to admire the stranger’s tattoos knowing the moment my mom saw him she’d no doubt kick his ass out. [i It’s my life, Mom,] I stated to her in my mind. Why couldn’t she just respect that?
He stood out like a sore thumb and it came as no surprise that he wasn’t from here. I was probably one of the most alternative in town, and I only had ten tattoos, some small and minor, a nose piercing, my belly-button, and a few in my ears. [i Yeah, it’s the Midwest…] I had the urge to ask him what he was doing in town but figured I’d wait until we were seated at The Barn to try and ask him all of my questions. Get him nailed down first so he didn’t have time to run; seemed like more of an inconvenience to leave a half-eaten meal than for him to walk away right now.

When we reached the restaurant, we followed Julie to our seat. I knew her from school but today she seemed nervous; I wasn’t sure if there was something going on or if it was just her seeing the man I was with. I almost felt a little smug and competitive; [i oh yeah, look who I’m having lunch with.] I thought he was gorgeous—but then I realized that to many of the country bumkins in town, he would be less attractive and more so intimidating instead.
I was a little surprised that he ordered a drink so early in the morning—it was just approaching 10:30. Mom would undoubtedly be returning soon so I pulled out my phone and peered down into my lap where I quickly texted her—[i ‘Hey, there was a friend emergency and I had to close the shop. Joleen got her stuff, sorry I’ll get you back!’] Lord help me, I hope she doesn’t kill me… Julie’s voice pulled me out of my trance and I blinked up at her. It was too early to drink but then again, a Mimosa sounded good, or a Screwdriver… Ooo, a Bloody Mary… “I’ll take a Bloody,” I ordered. Julie nodded and scurried away, opting out of checking my ID—she knew my age.
“Lucifer?” I stared at him puzzled for a second, surprised by his name. He did seem a bit of a weirdo, but to go by the name of Satan himself was ballsy. “Satan himself, huh?” I giggled and nodded dramatically in a joking manner. “You go by anything else or have a nickname? Other than the Devil, of course,” I tried to ask coyly, “My name’s Leila; so you going to explain how a man like you ended up in a town like this?”
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font times “Well if you talk to my old girlfriends, suppose they would describe me in such a way,” I said with a chuckle. It was often fun to play into these kind of games when it came to introducing myself to mortals. Though, some were truly thrown off by it, mostly religious folk which wasn’t in any way surprising to me. “Though my father thought it a beautiful name at the time.” I knew I got a lot of flak about being the bad guy, the one who turned God’s little Eden into a chaotic land. Honestly, I thought up until this point we were managing well. We had both came to some understanding that worked. Though, I was bitter and would remain so as I truly believed I didn’t deserve to be kicked out of Heaven for something I had no parts of. I hadn’t paid attention to the fact that I was gripping the menu left behind quite tightly. Fortunately it was laminated and I was proud of myself for not lighting it on fire. That definitely would've disturbed my new lady friend.

“A Bloody Mary hm?” I responded to her with a smirk. At least she wasn’t a prude, though she did still seemed to be cautious of me. Her ordering a drink was a good sign., it wasn’t a strong one but I didn’t know her limits. Maybe getting her drunk was just what I needed to get my way, it would be more fun than compelling her to tell me what she knew.

The idea of a nickname had never occurred to me except for the one my brother had given me and I didn’t take too kindly to him calling me Lucy. Leila was a pretty girl, but the only thing I’d allow out of her mouth other than my name was a I’ve letter word which started with a D, definitely, but ended in a y. I chuckled a little at my own joke.

“How about El?” I suggested. Lucifer could be a mouthful and they didn’t need any more attention drawn to him should they be seen in public more often, that meant she would have to have something else to call me by. This was the part I had anticipated but also worried about. I couldn’t be too direct. If I told her I was here for her, I could guarantee she would be screaming for police. With my luck and how small the town was, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few off duty enjoying their meal at this moment.

“I’ve recently become aware of . . . something pertaining to my livelihood and it seems I will be able to find it here. I just don’t know [I what] it is. Though I imagine that will soon be made clear.” I had decided on my meal by now, placing the menu toward the edge of the table. “What about yourself? Were you born here? What’s keeping you around?”
SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

I flash a grin at his response, butterflies erupting in my stomach as I stared out over the hoards of locals somewhat to avoid his intense gaze because when I looked it seemed to empty my mind and I didn’t want to weird the handsome stranger out of this date. I mean, it wasn’t a date… or was it? Gah, I’m unsure but I definitely feel a pang of jealousy, too. [i For a guy you don’t even know? What the hell, Leila?] I was a bit surprised that he wanted to keep up his façade that his name was [i ‘Lucifer’,] but then again, it’s not like he was the only one in the world with a strange name. I raised my brows and shifted in my seat, looking up to meet his gaze to try and recover. I needed to seem confident—that’s what men liked, right? God, who was I kidding? [i Calm yourself, Leila, this isn’t your first rodeo. Treat him like any other guy you’ve managed to seduce—even if there hasn’t been a lot of ‘em…]
“El?” I ask rhetorically but nod slowly and clasp my hands under the table to fidget restlessly. How in the hell did girls flirt so effortlessly, it did not come so easily for me, but I’d have to try… I rest my elbow on the table and cup my cheek, leaning in toward the table and smirking. My ethereal blue eyes meet his steadily now and I let out a breathy giggle. Pertaining to his livelihood? Who even talked like that… He sounded like an actor, or someone with measurable weight in the world. His words were heavy and calculated and I raised perplexed but intrigued brows. I mentally noted I’d have to press about it, since he quickly switched gears.

“Uh, I guess I was born here? I’m adopted, [i I guess?] So I don’t really know that piece but yeah, I grew up here. I mean, I was a baby so…” My sentence drifted off. I wasn’t exactly proud of that fact, and honestly unless someone asked I usually forgot about it completely. “I have a mother and I couldn’t see a life without her,” I paused just as the waitress stopped to drop off our drinks and scurried away with a frantic finger signifying she’d be back. I carefully dragged the cup over to me and placed the straw in my mouth, a welcoming reprieve from my lack-of-an-interesting answer. “Anyway, she’s probably the damn reason I haven’t [i left.] I don’t know what’s wrong with me—Lord only knows I’d love to leave, but…” I sighed heavily and looked up with a forced smile, “I mean it’s a pretty boring origin story, sorry about that,” I laughed awkwardly and spun the straw in the glass. “What about you? I mean, you’re here for you [I livelihood,] which is mucho interesting, but more than that I have to ask, where are you actually from? And where were you actually born?” I raised a brow at him with a smirk; [i How do you like it?]
After another quick sip I pulled out the toothpick with an assortment of meats and pickles, gliding a pickle off the end to pop in my mouth. My hand hovered over my mouth, an anxious habit to hide my half-open chewing as I waited for his response and silently hoped the waitress wouldn’t interrupt him like she had me. [i Why do I have such an insatiable curiosity for him? It can’t just be because he is fucking hot, right? … No it can definitely be because he’s absolutely gorgeous… and, he looks like bad news, too. Even better.]
SekaTitus   1y ago

I was at Maya’s when I got the call; it had to be nearing two or three in the morning. Cain was nearly screaming into the phone he was so angry; I had to threaten him to get him to calm down. He had been roaring so loud his words were nearly impossible to understand and I was now sitting up in Maya’s bed, pushing away the satin sheets and peering down at her to observe her infinite curves. Her fingers danced across my bare chest, a playful smirk plastered onto her face. She was nearly beckoning me back into bed and I was tingling in every necessary way to return to our previous activities. Cain’s anger was concerning, though, so I gave her a subtle shake of my head and she stopped toying and instead sat up and leaned her bare chest against my back. I nearly groaned into the phone, “Maya,” I breathed out.
“Could you pay attention to me for five fuckin’ seconds, Titus? The bar’s destroyed! Some fucking demons or something came in, five or six of them, and tore the place up. I don’t know if they were lookin’ for something but they were in and out pretty fast. You got’a get here.” He was trying to be concise and my anger was boiling over now. My hand that was gently brushing against the inside of Maya’s thigh now rested beside me in a fist and I was beginning to break the skin of my palm.
“You didn’t recognize them?”
“Nah, I tried to fight em off too, but I got pretty hurt so I fled. I was closing up the bar so no one else was here to give me a hand.” I was concerned for Cain, then; despite his sour attitude most of the time, he usually was reliable and I could trust him. Whether Lucifer could, that’s a different story, something about Eve—I can’t even remember. Cain was making some strange sounds, grunts and groans, and I imagined he was hurting. He’d heal in no time, but I didn’t want the little fuckers returned and trying to finish him off. He was immortal, a curse God placed on him for killing his brother, Abel, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t feel pain. He’d felt a lot of it in his life so he tended to act like it wasn’t that bad, all of us celestials and immortals tended to do that, but none of us truly knew how long Cain would be immortal or if there was a specific way he had to die, though he’d assured me he’d tried them all in the past and nothing worked. I flinched at thought; no matter how gruff he was I did feel a pang of guilt for him occasionally. What he’d gone through was plenty punishment for murdering his brother, I’d think, but of course Daddy always had a fucking twisted way of lookin’ at things.

“Hope you’re alright, I’ll be right there. Hang tight,” I quickly hung up the phone and Maya slithered into my lap. My hands looped around her, resting on the middle of her back as she straddled me. I groaned but I had bigger things to worry about so I leaned forward, planted a more ferocious kiss on her lips, and flipped her over to lay on top of her. My hands were beside her head and I rested on her breasts, licking one slowly before closing my eyes and leaning my head back. I was still irritated as hell but Maya had a way of melting me. It wouldn’t be for long, though, because I [i was] going to find them and I [i was] going to kill them.
“Are you leaving me?” She pouted with her sad, furrowed eyes and I shook my head more seriously this time.
“There’s trouble, Maya, the bar’s been raided by some demons, I don’t know what they were looking for but I fuckin’ hope they didn’t find it. I need to go check it out and help Cain,” I leaned down to kiss her forehead before pushing off the bed and walking around the bedroom to find my clothes strewn about the room. Maya sat up, pulling up a satin sheet over her chest and I swear I saw a flash of concern in her eyes before she buried it by her usual sensual mask.
“Well well, I hope all is well,” she cooed and I grunted in agreement while pulling over the white t-shirt and shoving it down my sides aggressively. I grabbed my black denim jacket and threw it on before I started to walk out the doorway. My one hand chaotically tried to shake my wallet and keys into my pocket that I had picked up while passing by the dresser, and my other hand tapped on the doorway as I passed through.
I peeked over my shoulder and my eyes foun
d her form in the candle-lit dim room, “I’ll see you around, I’m sure.” I winked and disappeared down the hall, now left to my thoughts with whitened knuckles from clenching them so tightly. I hadn’t been raided in any form since Prohibition nearly a century ago and I was beyond annoyed and angry. My hatred was making it hard to breath as I shook violently all the way to my car. What the hell were they after? I definitely tended to withhold some random knick-knacks here and there but I didn’t think I had anything really important, at least not at the bar.
Most of my antiques were at local museums to keep them safe, so what could they be after? I'd go and investigate, but if it was what I thought it was, I noted after doing my own detective work I'd likely have to notify Lucifer if the scroll [i was] taken. If they knew about that, they'd likely be heading there in the next couple of days--whoever the hell [i they] were.
[i Fucking eh, I hate my life. Dad, would ya just end it for me, for fucks sake.]
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font "times" I found myself looking at the menu, genuinely curious as to what this place had to offer. It had that whole sawdust on the ground thing going on as well as what appeared an area for more of a communal style seating. There was lots of chatter, which helped in shielding us from anyone who bothered to be keeping an ear out for them. Though, since our arrival, it seemed they weren’t being stared at which he actually was quite happy with. There was a difference between being gawked at and being admired, the former being the most awkward. I looked up from the plastic covered menu, my tongue running over my lips at the sound of hot bbq sauce drizzled over a tender piece of brisket.

She seemed doubtful of my name, but decided to play along. [I Good girl]. I couldn’t contain the grin on my face. My eyes stayed on her, trying to find a hole that I could poke a finger in as far as her story. though it seemed quite average, not even an ounce of misery laced in except for the fact that seemingly she had no clue who her birth parents were. That wasn’t all too surprising. Should she have been a demigod or demi[I whatever], it was not uncommon for them to have not been made known in her lives or even reach out to her. While it did sound sad, I had learned to get over such feelings long ago. How often had my [I prayers] fallen on deaf ears?

Momentarily I was distracted by the waitress who dropped off our drinks, my eyes watching the small sashaying of her hips as she went to check on another table. I turned to face Leila, gripping the glass in my hand and taking a sip of the crisp and cool drink. I was surprised they had it on tap, not that I minded, in fact I preferred it and made note to tip the young woman well.
“What is she keeping you hostage or something? Maybe you’re a victim of kidnapping, perhaps there’s a milk carton floating around with a picture of you in your infancy smacked along the backside.” I said, serious before cracking a smile. “Sure not the most exciting, but sometimes that seems the best. I assure you that an exciting or fucked up childhood is nowhere near as nice.” I took another sip before placing the beer onto the coaster, a round carboard cutout in the shape of Elvis’ face. My eyes scanned the inside of the barnlike interior. There were records and pictures of famous singers gracing the walls. How many of them had actually been here I wondered. Quite few I suspected. The town probably had. . .what? maybe eight thousand folks living here. Surely didn’t seem like the place you would expect a pop star to just pop in.

I uncrossed my legs then, gently brushing against her ankle. It had been an accident, but It was an attempt to distract her. I had never really needed a cover story, so the idea of figuring out where to claim I was popped out of the crevice between a woman’s legs was something that just never crossed my mind. Still, her wide eyes suggested that she was eagerly awaiting an answer from a stranger – the first she was sure she had met in a while. My fingers tapped gently against the table before I reached for my glass to take another sip.

I watched as the pickle slid from the toothpick that had been plopped into the rich red drink and into her mouth; a lone olive bobbed along the surface of the drink.
“Well I never knew my mother, and my father never discussed her. I spent [I most] of my life in New York. Though I’ve been all over truly, I guess there nowhere [I on Earth] that I would consider where my origin was created.” Surprisingly, I felt a bit uncomfortable or maybe it was a sense of embarrassment as my words kind of spun in a circle like a carousel. Hopefully she would accept my vague response, though I figured it would work best if I didn’t give her the opportunity to think on it too much. Fortunately Julie, as I had come to learn her name finally, came over to take our orders.

After scribbling them down she was gone and I was left with the responsibility of continuing this little interview we had going on. More like an interrogation and she was trying her hardest at being the [I tough] one now.
“So, if someone offered to take you anywhere in the world – somewhere you’ve always dreamt about, that you’d sell your soul for even . . . mommy dearest would get in your way?” I asked. I was more curious then about Leila. She seemed to be comfortable here in this small town, but there were small things about he r that set her apart and not in that ‘I’m not like other girls’ kind of way. No, there was an authentic sense of quirkiness about her that I admired. Not to mention she was a very gorgeous girl. Quite familiar to me honestly and while some part of me had feared that maybe she was kin to me from some love affair from long ago, I knew that there was no way her aura would have such a bright glow. No, she was favored and protected. By who and why.

Julie returned with our meals, my hands rubbing against one another in anticipation. I inquired about another drink, to which she was surprised. It was the afternoon somewhere, I quipped to myself, eagerly reaching for my fork then.
SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

I laughed at his witty response, raising my brows and inclining my head excessively to emphasize my agreement jokingly. I knew my mom didn’t kidnap me, and I mean, she wasn’t keeping me hostage; but Mom had ways of being passive and trying to keep me in a bubble. Granted she typically didn’t succeed, I’d been all over the state, but never much farther than that—and I always came home. I was bit a rebel child and I had been since high school, but somehow, I couldn’t stay way for long.
The way he explained about the misgivings of some people’s childhoods made goosebumps rise on my arms and I hid them under the table to lightly rub them intermittently. He was absolutely right—my life could have been far worse and I knew I needed to be thankful of my mother for that. There was always something behind his voice; as if he was speaking from personal experience. I barely knew him so I opted out of pressing but it made his comment all the more weighted. Maybe I shouldn’t complain; I really didn’t have much to bitch about. Mom loved me and she never refuse to let me do things, at least not since I was a kid. Why I held so much resentment for the woman but somehow loved her unconditionally at the same time was a wonder to me.

I felt him bump my foot and I tried to shuffle them closer to me, lifting up on my toes to rest my heels up on the vinyl trim on the booth. I felt warmth rushing up to my face and hoped it wasn’t visible, but the way my heart had slowed down told me otherwise. [i Be casual, be casual, be casual.] I worked further on the olives and meats on the toothpick, listening intently to the stranger who seemed to intentionally downplay and simplify his origin story. My brows raised and I took a sip of my drink, holding it carefully in one hand but letting it still rest on the table. “New York?” I rhetorically asked—I’d love to go there. So much fun, excitement and opportunity! I noted to get some questions out about his hometown later. “You like to be mysterious,” I quipped and took another long pull of my drink, letting it swish in my mouth to give me reprieve from my potentially misplaced or weird jest. Hopefully it would stop me from word vomiting. [i No where on Earth—huh… who does he think he is? God?]

Julie was welcomed at the table but she clearly was eager to scurry off, taking our orders quickly and pivoting to make a brisk exit to the back. The nervous, anxiety-stricken half of me wanted the food to hurry up and get here so I could get out of this, but then again I wanted the kitchen to be backed up so I could sit here and cherish this brunch or lunch or whatever it was. It would be the most excitement I’d likely have in months. Though I had to give it to the stranger, the vague, interesting and secular man he was proving to be—in the span of an hour I’d been with him—was making me start to think. Maybe it was finally time for me to fly the coop and see what was out there. Especially if there were more [i Lucifer’s] out there.
His question caught me by surprise and I sat up straighter, shifting to one side and this time attempting to cross my legs. I leaned back into the booth cushion but stayed mindful of my leg. My knee still brushed against his—there wasn’t a lot of room beneath the table. Instead of pulling it away I let it linger but looked away from the stranger’s eyes in deep thought. My thumb and index finger jokingly caressed my thin feigning deep thought. I was still thinking carefully when Julie returned and I cursed the quick kitchen times. I’d have to come up with some plan to get him to stay—but was I ballsy enough? [i You won’t know unless you try.]
I popped a tater-tot in my mouth, noting I’d be eating slowly since unbeknownst to Lucifer I’d already eaten a couple eggs this morning…

“Well, I don’t know if she’d stop me… She might try, but not physically. My mom’s the queen of guilt and manipulation, I think,” I laugh though there’s some truth in it, “she just acts like I’m really fragile, but I’m 22-years-old and I’ve gone and done far more than even she realizes. She just won’t let go…” I pause and look down into the basket of food. “She’s also alone, y’know? It’s always just been us, and I think I feel obligated in some ways to stay and be there for her… She can take care of herself but, you know, we’ve always kind of taken care of each other—I’ve been in this conflict for a few years, honestly,” I sighed out the end in a rush before taking a long swig of my bloody to wash down the food. My eyes panned up to meet his, “I don’t know if that makes sense, I’m sure someone like you has no deep roots; you go wherever you want to… huh?” I pause, [i “Must be nice…”] The last part I didn’t mean to let slip out and I take a quick recovering bite of my Chicken Bacon Ranch wrap to avoid his gaze. “Any family, then?”
kshahidxlucifer   1y ago

[font times I had to admit, it was nice seeing the smile on her face, her eyes lighting up ass I mentioned the city. It had been so long since I saw that kind of spark go off in someone’s eyes, as I had spent much more time in the city than anywhere else. Thinking about it now, I did in some ways consider it home. Though the land beneath of course was where I truly felt I belonged. Which made rumors of someone trying to take over entirely difficult for me to handle. Was this a sign I had spent too much time on Earth? I drank such thoughts away. Figuring it better to not jump to conclusions, especially considering I was already dealing with the enigma sitting across from me.

“What’s life without a little bit of mystery hm? I think it’s more exciting for people to [I find] things out about one another. It’s . . . enthralling to me like peeling layers of clothing off of the world’s most beautiful woman or . . . hottest man.” I couldn’t resist smirking in her direction. I tried not to be obvious in noticing how her knee had brushed against mine, though I had nothing to truly complain about when it came to how close we were besides, it was out of my control and I liked how cozy the booth seemed despite us being two people who had just met only a short hour ago.

My eyes danced around the platter before me, nimble digits wrapping around a bottle of homemade barbecue sauce, with a kick they promised. I liked the sound of that, drizzling it lightly along the tender and fatty pieces of meat.
“Manipulation? Strange way of speaking about your mother,” I said. Though, I had my own set of issues with my father and head games, so I suspected that I identified with Leila. In fact, how strange that we both seemed to suffer from the same issue in some ways. “My Dad was the same I suppose. The world was at my fingertips he liked to tell me, but nothing would ever be as good as sticking by his side. I suppose, I did find some joy in finally breaking away, but at a price.” In reality, the fall from Heaven had crushed me. To have my father turn his back on me because of a lie was something I had never gotten over. Instead I tried to get through such pain by accepting that I would never be allowed back and to make the best out of a seemingly terrible situation.

“Ah the negative aspect of the only child syndrome,” I said to her, stirring at the mac and cheese before adding that in my mouth. I couldn’t help the moan of satisfaction. “This place was a good decision,” I said. I paused in eating, my eyes landing on Leila’s blushing face. I could smell the envy on her and while normally this would be the moment I would use such desperation to my advantage, that wasn’t what I was here for. “I have a brother who it seems I can never get away from.” Of course I dint mind Titus, despite our troubles I loved the man. He had stuck by me, which I appreciated. Even now he was looking out for me.

Now that I thought about it, I figured it would be best to check in on him and see if he had found out anything from Maya. Though, I was still caught on Leila’s final statement.
“You’re saying nothing could convince you to leave, I mean really leave and allow yourself the chance of seeing if it lasts longer than a week or two – not eve me?”
SekaLeila Daniel   1y ago

I nearly choked on my drink but tried to play it off, softly coughing to get the scratch out of my throat. “What an interesting analogy,” I quipped in an attempt to keep up my sophisticated façade. I briefly wondered the sexuality of the man across from me. He was devilishly hansom and there was a way that he spoke—gently yet commanding. As if he was in complete control of himself and that around him; it was captivating. Lucifer was quickly becoming an enigma to me, and I had to keep nonchalantly pinching the side of my thigh to ensure this was not all just a dream.
“I’m sorry to hear that… I get it. Although, I don’t really know my dad but that sounds like a lot of unnecessary pressure…” I took a sip of my bloody, the cup nearly finished by now, and took some more bites of my wrap. I wondered over his words, thinking about prying further about this [I ‘price’] he referred to. I set my wrap down to push up my sleeves to my forearms, the alcohol and conversation warming my skin. “Yeah, wish I had siblings but it’s okay, I guess. It’s been pretty chill most of my life, so,” his earlier words of recognizing other’s struggles rang in my mind. I had to acknowledge that even though I had my own complains about the strict, overprotective mother, my life could have been far worse.

I nodded briefly, but it was a large gesture to agree about the restaurant. “Yeah, it’s kind of a town staple around here,” I explained to the town stranger. I still had so many questions tumbling around my brain; what could such a strange, fascinating, fish-out-of-water man really need in this hole-in-the-ground town. Something about his life and work or whatever, but still—what was there really around here that could possibly relate to him other than maybe distant relatives? I laughed at his mention of his brother; for some reason his comment humanized him in the moment. For a while he was starting to feel like an alien of some sort but to hear him jest about his brother made me feel warm and secure that he was no different than me. “You must have a pretty tight family, then, huh?” My eyes were alight with joy and delight, finally starting to feel like I was [i really] starting to know the guy.

His last question left me speechless, mulling over his words and sucking hard on the inside of my cheek. My eyes slowly danced around, the dead stare zoning out to think about his words. I was flushing, absolutely, from his brazen addition to the end of that; however I still thought on his question hard. There was this unsaid string that always pulled me back in when I would leave, but if I could sever it, I wondered if I could. My eyes then glanced up to meet his steady and intense gaze—the orbs swirling with what seemed like centuries of knowledge—and my brows that were furrowed together in thought now relaxed. I felt the sides of my lips tugging into a smirk and I cocked a brow—was this an invitation?
“I’m not really sure,” I paused and brought my hand up to cup my face, “but I’d be willing to find out.” If I had to go pack my bags now, I would. After reading endless books I’ve learned that sometimes… sometimes you just have to take the chance.


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