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WIP: Fledglings

By Tweedy

I've got a couple ideas here surrounding a general premise. We have a vampire and a fledgling, and a fledgling trying to make sense of their situation, or waking up from their grave and having to come to terms with everything.

In example, in more of a classically gothic/historic setting Character 1 awakens from wherever their body has been discarded. Everything hurts, their mouth is dry, etc. They get up and start to wander through what was once familiar streets and come across something that they recognize. Something else (not necessarily the creature that turned them, but same sort of chill) and sort of get noticed and approached. They soon get identified as a fledgling, and have to try and seek some guidance if they can from this individual. And we can see where that goes.

Or perhaps after waking up they just go home... and things had gotten so weird and they finally got so hungry that they attacked someone, and have been driven from their village by the other folk and come across a token haunted mansion, and inside there's something.

I've also got a half baked idea about potentially finding a contemporary version of this. After a bad hookup that you recall getting bitten pretty damn hard from, you find yourself wandering some empty, late-late night streets and find the only club that's open cuz the idea of people seems safe. And you get noticed by some of the patrons. And the bartender.

Ideas like that. I've got some characters I'd like to play in our mentor/elder vampire role if you'd be interested!

Some Guidelines

♥ I'm really relaxed about posting, because I have a real life, a job, and some personal stuff I have to manage day-to-day. Honestly so long as you're down to keep going, I'll assume we're still active. If I haven't heard from you in like- a long ass time I'll probably send a message to see if you're still interested but that'll be the extent of it.

♥ I'm chatty. I like making friends. If you don't wanna be friends, that's chill, but we'll at least be discussing the story. Please don't feel afraid to ask me if you need more/different in a post, I do the same. It's collaborative. If something's not working, we can discuss it and see if we can make it easier or redo something, or shift.

♥ I'm a very wordy, lengthy writer. I know you may not be. So long as I get more than two paragraphs, I'll be fine. I like writing very long form, but I know that's not everyone's cuppa. I set the limit high initially because the site before it updated had it measured by words so I'm still seeing what all is how long. It'll likely change or get removed as we get underway.

♥ Romance is an options so long as both writer and character are 20+. Also, it doesn't have to have romance, that's also an option.

♥ We are LGBT+ friendly in this house. If you're uncomfortable with that, I would suggest perhaps this isn't the story for you. That's not to say it's m/f unfriendly, of course. In fact that was the dynamic I was sort of envisioning initially while writing this, but I'm genuinely uninterested in being made to feel uncomfortable about things that are completely natural.

♥ Shoot me a PM with your favorite dessert, if you've got one so I know you're down! Mine is currently lemon curd pie or bars.
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