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The Alpha and the rogue for darkelfprincess

By kenbloodmoon

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He looked out the window of his room a small sigh escaping his lips . There was the sound of footsteps behind him before two small arms wrapped around his chest. [+red " leave now silla you know the rules you do not get to stay longer then a night when you occupy my bed and fulfill the needs of me."] He said coldly dismissing the whore he had used the night before. [+Blue [I " why must you keep with these whores. When our mate finds us she will not want us due to your fun as you call it."]] My wolf axel growled to me as the whore scurried out of my room. I just grunted pushing axel to the back of my mind as I continued staring out the window.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Tonight was the night. Everything had been all set up. Years of torture would come to an end. Her frail body had endured so much that as of right now she was numb to most of it. Blood dripped onto the floor from the cut along her cheek. She had given up trying to contact her wolf, not even knowing if she was still around, her name forgotten on one of the whips that had been lashed against her back.

She was thrown in her cage with a piece of moldy bread. Her usual breakfast. It was enough to sustain her, but not enough to give her much strength. Her cage was generally a safer space for her. Her pack was not a pack she would wish on anyone. She would turn 18 when the moon was full and all she wanted was to escape. She knew of the packs in the area.

Day had come and gone. By night one of the male pack members went to her cage and dragged her out by her hair, ignoring the soft whimpers that came from her almost muteness. Her speech had long disappeared and was just replaced with whimpers and soft animal like noises. She looked at the man who now slept beside her, forgetting to chain her up, and sighed softly. It was now or never. Her body ached as she crawled out the window being careful to keep quiet as she fell from the one story window. Once on the ground she ran as fast as her feet would carry her. She tried to call out in her mind. [+aqua Wolf. Please. Help me] She wasn't even sure if those were words that she spoke. She saw the boarder for another pack, howls from her pack emitted around her as they began to close in. Her body trembled as she neared the border and called to the wolf inside again. She was met with silence.

Ken heard howls near the boarder of his lands and growled.[+purple [I Alpha a rogue just crossed our boarder being chased by another pack.]] [+red [I stop the rogue I'll be right there.]] He cut off the mindlink and opened his window jumping out the the third floor window shifting into axel by the time he landed clothes shred when he shifted. Axel howled to his warriors as he took over and took off running to where his beta had stopped the rogue.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Luna was panting hard by the time she entered the new territory. She collapsed seeing the new wolves running at her looked behind her to where the other howls seemed to stop. The pack had turned away. She looked back up at the new wolves as her mind became flooded with fear. A part of her hoped that her rag of a dress would cover the scars, cuts, and bruises Yet a part of her also hoped that they saw and wouldn't hurt her more.

She knew the alpha was coming, she could sense the power. Her gaze went to the ground as she held back tears of fear.

Axel growled lowly as he approached the clearing where his wolves where holding the rogue. As he got closer the scent of vanilla and chocolate chip cookies hit his nose and he new it was his mate but he couldn't sense her wolf. He growled as he saw the scrawny she wolf covered in injuries. He shifted back into ken. He looked down at the she wolf u bothered by the fact that he was naked. [+red " who are you and why are you on my land?"] He asked not mentioning that she is his mate.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She felt the eyes of the alpha and looked up into his. Her eyes were an almost lifeless blue grey. Her cracked lips parted as she attempted to talk but nothing really came out. After a few moments she looked back to the ground and whimpered. The fact that she was now surrounded by numerous naked men made her curl her body up more. She feared they would be just like her pack. She whimpered softly hoping he wouldn't see her as a threat.

He growled when she didn't answer him and just started whimpering. [+red "come now."] He said to her and started walking off. He growled again when she didn't follow right away. He turned around and picked her up throwing her over his shoulder without a word and took off at a run back to the pack house.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She whimpered at the growl and became very fearful of him. She didn't move as he began to walk. When he picked her up she yelped, but clenched onto him. Her fingers clenching onto his shoulder. Her nails were almost non existent. She was so afraid of what would happen. Her mouth opened to try to say something, but again nothing came out.

[+blue [I "ken your scaring our mate quit being the big bad alpha for just a minute."]] Axel complained at him and he pushed the wolf to the back of his mind putting up a block. [+red "quit squirming nobody is going to hurt you."] He said as he raced through the trees his beta and warriors right on his heels.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She nodded her head, seeming to understand his words saying she was safe. A part of her wondered if what he said was true or not. She loosened her grip on him a little and watched her surroundings. She hoped that what he said was true. She also hoped he wouldn't bring her back home. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, getting slightly dizzy.

He soon reached the pack house and walked inside growling at the site before him. Silla was hitting a young omega for spilling her drink and yelling. [+green "how dare you spill a drink on your luna's dress you filthy omega."] Silla screeched and ken growled setting the rogue down and walked over to silla grabbing her arm roughly. [+red "what do you think you are doing silla?"] He asked growling at her barely containing axel [+blue [I see I told you your whores would make trouble this one thinks she is your luna now."]] [+green "baby your hurting my arm and I was punishing this omega for ruining her luna's dress.] He growled picking her up by the arm. [+red "don't call me that, you are not my mate or luna of this pack. You are nothing but a whore I use to satisfy my needs while I waited for my mate. Now you are nolonger of any use to me leave before I banish you from the pack."] He snarled then turned to the omega his face softening. [+red "you should have poured coffee on that bitch."] He said and mindlinked the beta to take the omega to the pack hospital.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Luna heard the shouting and saw the scene before her and did her best to move further away from the fight. As the alpha got upset with the woman, Luna watched the child. She watched the scene play out fully before her, not realizing that she had been holding her breath. After the other male took the kid away and the other males began to leave she started to breathe again and shut her eyes. She would just sit there until she was told to do otherwise. Se knew the alpha was there and she soon opened her eyes again, looking to the floor. She had been taught to not look at alphas or anyone for that matter.

[+blue [I ken you scared our mate can't you just not be a mean ass for once.]] Axel growled at him and he sighed turning to the rogue that is his mate. [+red "I didn't mean to scare you little one. Look at me no one will dare to hurt you ever again without being killed by me."] He said knowing she wouldn't understand what he meant until she shifted for the first time.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Luna looked up at him when he sighed. She kinda understood the words but didn't know if she should trust him. She remembered a time before the abuse, but that was so long ago she wondered if it was a dream. She reached her hand to the back of her head and scratched the itch that had been there for some time now. Dry flakes of blood came off and fell to the floor. She opened her mouth to speak, but again nothing came out.

It had been two days nice ken had found his rogue little mate and he had quickly realized she didn't know how to speak. Axel had been pestering him nonestop to tell her that she was there mate but he refused until she had her first shift. He smiled slightly as he knocked on the door of the room next to his that his little mate had been given.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Luna groaned softly. It had been a strange few days. She was treated well and in a way it scared her. She wasn't sure if she should run or not. She still couldn't speak and a few of the others in the pack made fun of her for it. Her body began to hurt so she decided to go into the bathroom ad draw herself a bath. The bath salts stung, but also had helped her body to begin to heal. She wasn't sure if she would ever fully recover or be worth while in the pack setting. She allowed her eyes to shut, her head resting on a towel she rolled up on the back of the tub.

After a few minutes without a answer ken knocked on the door again a bit louder this time. [+red "little one it's me open up."] He called to her through the door.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She woke up to the sound of someone knocking and slowly got out of the tub. She grabbed a towel remember what one of the nicer females said about covering herself. She went to the door and opened it for her alpha. She looked down to the floor as she clenched the materiel around her body.

He blushed seeing her In only a towel his eyes flashing between there natural green and the ice blue of axel. [+blue[I take her make her ours ken her wolf is coming I can sense her.]] Axel howled in his head as he battled to keep the wolf under control.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She blushed softly and held the towel tighter and shut the door some. She hoped he would say what he wanted to say and then let her get dressed. She looked back up at him with her head cocked slightly. She just wanted to close the door and hoped he would go away.

He gulped and cleared his throat. [+red "my wolf axel says he can sense your wolf now which means you'll be shifting tonight under the full moon we will hold the ceremony to officially welcome you as a member of this pack tonight so spend the day resting you will need your energy."] He said quickly and walked away still battling with axel.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Luna sighed softly and closed the door. If only he knew. Her wolf was long gone. She left years ago. She had shifted once when she really needed to, but it almost cost her her life. She went over to the dresser and pulled out some baggy covering clothing. The pack seemed to look at her with pitty when they saw any of the marks upon her body. Another deep sigh escaped her lips as she looked into the mirror. She was gaining a little color and perhaps a bit of weight as well, though she was still very weak and frail. She looked to her window and crawled onto her bed watching the day outside.

He spent rest of the day in his office handling pack business. It was time for the ceremony and he stood up and went to get his little rogue mate. [+red "come little one it's time."] He said as he entered her room smiling softly. He had looked into her past and knew about the time she had shifted and was the legandary silver wolf and he was confident her wolf would return tonight.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She had fallen asleep sitting up and looking out the window. A little drool was on her face as she heard the alpha speak. Her head raised slowly and she looked back down feeling the dried drool. She stood up and walked into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her hair. A part of her hated the fact that he called her "little one". It made her feel like suck a child and she gave up her childhood when she was 6. She looked at herself in the mirror for a few moments wondering if this was truly what she wanted. She tried to reach out to her wolf, but was met with silence. It had been so long since she last spoke to the wolf. She felt as if she was abandoned. A few tears began to fall down her cheeks.

[+red "are you ready."] He asked softly standing by the bathroom door watching her closely wishing to comfort her but worried he would scare her if he did so. [+red "once you shift everything will be better you will see you will even know your mate finally.] He said softly hating that she was crying and there was nothing he could do. [+red "also once you shift we will be able to speak with each other through mindlink and you can finally tell me your name little one."] He said as he waited for her.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

After a few moments she wiped her tears and looked over at him pointing to her cloths. Due to not being able to talk she couldn't really ask if her outfit was okay. She knew the bitches in her old pack would wear fancy dresses and such for their turnings. She watched him for reactions. She took a few steps towards the closet. Though she didn't have much there.

When she jestered to her clothes he smiled slightly. [+red " it's best you where something you are comfortable in and do not mind losing your clothes will shred when you shift unless you strip before hand which is your choice."] He said smiling at her softly.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She liked the cloths she had on, but also knew that almost all of her cloths were the same thing, so it didn't really matter. She kept the door open like she usually did and walked towards him. The sleeve of the hoddie found its way into her mouth as she began to chew it. It was a nervous habit that began the first time she put one on. She sighed softly wondering if it was worth her joining. Quite a few of the bitches seemed very upset about her joining though she wasn't completely sure why. She tried calling out to the wolf again, but got nothing. She just wished she had some type of guidance.

He smiled at her reassuringly as she chewed the sleeve of the hoodie and took her hand leading her down stairs and out to the training grounds where the pack was gathered waiting for them under the full moon. [+red " I'm here for you little one just enjoy they rays of the moon and think of your wolf she will speak to you and then let her have control to guide you through your shift. I'm going to shift into axel to help you feel comfortable and to help bring forth your wolf by calling to her."] He said to her and stepped back stripping and allowing axel to take over and shifted quickly. [+blue [I come forth little mate."]] Axel called out to her wolf through mindlink in his alpha voice.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She held onto his hand as she let go of the sleeve in her mouth. She looked at all of the people and started to get very nervous. She hated gatherings of people. Her breathing hitched. The few people that she trusted some gave her a smile and nodded their heads. The woman she met on her first day glared at her. She looked up at the moon and swallowed hard hoping her wolf would come through. She called out to her wolf, but got nothing. It was like her mind was an empty shell. She kneeled to the ground, tears streaming down her face as she tried over and over to call out to her wolf.

Axel howled silencing the slight muttering that had started up when she didn't shift right away. [+blue [I come forth wolf and show your self."]] He said through mindlink again but this time it was a alpha command and even tho she was his mate she would have to show at least to show she wasn't to be commanded.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She still tried, trying to block out the words and looks from the others. She knew those looks. Disappointment. She stood up and soon took off running to the tree line, her wolf seeming to have no desire to come forth, if she was even still there. She had a feeling the alpha would follow though she hoped he wouldn't. She whimpered softly, tears making her sight blurry as she came up the the lake. She tried to scream out, but no sound came. She truly was broken.

Axel shook his head and based after her when she stopped by the lake he came up to her and put his muzzle against her leg reassuringly [+blue [I quit trying to force it little one your not able to hear your wolf cause you are forcing her back by trying to force her forward I can sense her just below the surface.]] He said trying to mindlink her he knew her wolf was close by and would come forward if she would calm down and relax.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She felt a wolf nose on her leg and knelt down. Her arms wrapped around him as she wept quietly. She wanted to tell him that her wolf had left her a long time ago. She use to be able to shift freely. Silver injections had been used to subdue her when she was young. She snuggled into the fur, feeling tired from the energy burst she had exerted.

Axel licked her face gently as she hugged him crying. He could tell she was starting to relax and he could smell the change in her scent meaning her wolf was beginning to awaken from her slumber caused by the injections.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She let go of the wolf and just sat on the ground. She knew nothing would happen. Nothing had happened in years. She leaned back and rolled onto her back looking up at the moon. Her eyes shut as she tried to calm down. But still nothing had happened.

Axel sat beside her watching waiting patiently he knew sometimes it took time for a wolf to awaken and shift [+blue [I that's good little one just calm down it will happen trust in the moon goddess and your wolf]] he said trying to mindlink her again he knew if she could hear him it was time for her to shift .
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She sighed softly and continued to relax. Hours had gone by and her stomach started to growl. She huffed and stood up, wrapping her arms around herself inside the hoodie. She began to walk back towards the house. She felt so ashamed. She looked back to the wolf to see what his reaction was.

[+blue [I stop these games why are you hurting your other house wolf it is not her fault that the two of you was injuries all those years.]] He growled though mindlink as he blocked her path begging her to give it more time.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She sighed as Axel blocked her path and shook her head. Forcing the wolf out like this wouldn't work if she was even there to begin with. Luna's stomach growled again and she pointed to it and her mouth. She had not eaten anything that day and was hungry.

Axel sighed in defeat and moved out her way mindlinking a omega to fix her some food and he went and laid down by the lake Wondering why her wolf refused to surface he knew he could feel her but she wouldn't even respond to him her mate.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

She got back to the pack house after walking for what seemed like ever. She had seen that some of the pack had left others had mixtures of looks upon their faces. She went inside and headed into the kitchen where she saw the omega making food. She sat down at the table and waved to the now smiling woman. The woman sat down beside her and began to speak, but Luna wasn't really listening to what she was saying. She knew that after she ate, she would just go to bed and hope to wake from this nightmare.

Axel had fallen asleep by the lake Wondering what was the moon goddess's reason for his mates wolf remaining dorment that night.

[+green "pathetic I don't see why ken or axel even want you when you obviously don't have a wolf."] Silla snarled standing in the door of luna's room anger rolling off her in waves that she was rejected for basically a human.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Once her food was done, she bowed slightly to the other woman and took it up to her room. She was happily eating when the other woman from her first day was there entered. She continued to eat though, not paying her or her words much mind. She sighed softly and decided to ignore her.

Silla growled when she saw she was being ignored and stormed towards the rogue and grabbed her arm roughly [+green "I'll never accept you as the queen or my luna I will win ken back from you and have him reject you as his mate and mark me making me the queen and luna."] Silla snarled waiting to see her reaction not noticing axel had returned and was standing behind her looming over her even in wolf form about to rip her head off for her words and actions.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

When the woman grabbed her arm, she dropped the plate of food and glared up at her with teary eyes. She might have yelped, she couldn't remember. She knew she wasn't his Luna so why was this butch calling her that. She saw Axel there, but this was her fight. She sank her teeth into the woman's arm.

Axel smirked proudly watching his little mate fight back against silla
[+green "you little bitch how dare you bite me when I'm gonna be your future luna."] Silla snarled slapping luna's face to make her let go and axel took a step closer prepared to jump in if things got out of hand but he wanted to see more of the strength his little mate was showing in that moment.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Luna growled at the woman and the slap only made her bite harder. She was sure she would break bone sooner or later but she needed to learn to respect people. She was tired of the way she had been treated and it seemed this bitch didn't understand what she went through. She looked over at Axel and sighed softly.

When silla went to slap his mate again axel grabbed her wrist glaring at her coldly [+blue "you know what's going to happen to you for raising a hand to your luna right ?"] He asked silla and with out blinking threw her into the hall where two warriors where waiting and dragged her to the dungeon.
DarkelfprincessLuna   1y ago

Luna looked at Axel again and released her bite on her. As she raised her hand again she saw Axel grab it, stopping her. There was that word again. She didn't understand why it was used with her. Surly he wouldn't choose her for that. She laughed softly to herself and watched as the bitch was thrown out of the room. She looked back down at her food all over the floor and sighed. She was still hungry and began to pick it up to put onto her plate to eat.


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