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CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin walked up to the guild hall not sure what to expect to happen next. He had dreamt of joining fairy tail since he learned he had magic. He's the first in his family so it was quite the sock. He opened the door and was instantly taken away with the energy of the place, until everyone turned and looked at him.

Flame had been arguing with her brother natsu about being nicer to gray when the stranger walked in. She watched him curiously along with everyone else. Smiling brightly she hoped up and walked over to the stranger. [+red "hi I'm flame what's your name and welcome to fairy tail.] She said as she waited for his response.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin was greeted by a cute girl with a nice smile. He looked at her with a grin. "Flame? That's quite a cool name." He said smiling and looking around. "I'm Rin, and thank you. I was hoping to see the master?" He said hoping they would be accepting of him.

[+red "the master is away on business, but if your looking to join mirajane is in charge and can give you the guild mark."] She said grabbing his arm leading him over to Mira.
CleoXRin   1y ago

He was pulled over to the bar by this girl and he couldn't help but chuckle. "Such a lively bunch." He said to her as they reached the bar. "I heard you are in charge while the master is away?" He asked recognizing who mirajane was from different articles about fairy tail. "I was curious as to what was needed to join?" He said shyly really hoping he can wow them.

Flame just chuckled at his comment about them being lively. [+purple "yes I'm in charge my name is Mirajane and as far as joining just promise to uphold the fairy tail name proudly and pick where you want your guild mark."] Mira said as flame watched yawning slightly noticeing elfmen trying to get between natsu and gray again.[+red "I better go handle that before that brother of mine gets into trouble with erza again."] Flame said running off into the crowd to stop the fight between her brother and good friend.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin looked at mirajane with a big smile. "I promise to always uphold the fairy tail name." He said and thought for a second about where to put his mark. "I think it needs to go on the back of my neck." He said as he rubbed the back if his head shyly. He watched Flame run off to the group and he knew instantly the two guys fighting. He admired Gray and was so stoked to be in the same guild as him.

[+purple "welcome to fairy tail."] Mira said smiling and placed the guild mark on the back of his neck like he asked. Flame had natsu and gray sat down with the help of elfmen and was lecturing the two like they where kids one would swear she was the older sibling between the two dragoneels instead of the younger.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin thanked Mirajane. He then looked over at Flame and chuckled. He walked over to them and just sat down listening to her lecture them. "Remind me to stay on your good side." He said jokingly and smiled then looked at Natsu and Gray. "Gonna fangirl for a minute and just say I'm beyond excited to meet you guys." He said holding his hand out to Gray first. And then to Natsu. They looked at each other and then back to rin. "It's nice to meet you too man!" Natsu said shaking his hand aggressively. "This here is my little sister and she's feisty so dont do anything to make her mad." Natsu said with a big laugh. Rin looked back at flame and shrugged. " ill do my best but no promises." He ran his hand through his hair and laughed.

[+blue "welcome to fairy tail and fire breathe is right stay on flames good side."] Grey said as flame stood behind him and natsu cracking her knuckles. [+red "do you two need another lesson in not making people scared of me when they first join the guild."] Flame asked before grabbing rin and dragging him over to the request board. [+red "want to go on a job with me?"] Flame asked him smiling kindly.
CleoXRin   1y ago

"Don't worry, I think I can hold my own against her." Rin said with a smirk. He suddenly was dragged to the board and he looked down at her. "Sure, I'd love to go on a job with you." He said looking over the board. "Seeing as this is my first one I'll do any you want to go one." He looked at her and smiled.

Flame looked the board over quickly picking a job to rid a nearby village of the vulcans that had come down from mount hacubay trying to use takeover on all the women. [+red "this one should be easy enough for your first job by the way what kinda magic do you use. I use fire dragon slayer magic same as my brother."] She said proudly starring at him holding up the job request.
CleoXRin   1y ago

"Vulcans? Yeah this should be relatively easy." He said with a chuckle. "Want to know now or be surprised." He asked laughing. "Just kidding it's not super flashy or anything but I'm a summoner of animals. Like Lucy's celestial spirits except mine are different types of animals." He said with a little shrug. "But unlick usual summoning magic,, I have elemental magic that helps me work with all sorts of different animals. So even without an animal present I can't still whoop some butt." He said smiling.

[+red "cool with you being able to use elemental magic as well we should be a good team cause you can summon fire for me to eat if my energy gets low."] She said and walked over to Mira showing her which job they where taking and then walked back to rin. [+red "let's go."] She said and walked to the entrance of the guild hall.
CleoXRin   1y ago

He looked at her and was confused. But just shrugged and followed her. They started heading off to the village. "I just wanna say thank you for being so welcoming to me right away." He said looking at her.

[+red "your welcome I always try to be friendly with the new members cause I remember when me and natsu joined mira erza and cana bullied us just cause they where stronger of course didn't help that my brother was always picking fights with them."] She said as they walked to the village.
CleoXRin   1y ago

"Yeah, he definitely seems like the rambunctious type. Read too many articles about him destroying wherever he was doing a job." Rin said laughing, "I hope I can see it in person one day." He added. They made it to the village just next to the village their job was in. "Almost there right?" He asked getting excited to actually be going on a job.

Flame chuckled softly when he mentioned her brother's destructive tendices. [+red "believe me you don't ever want to be there when his team goes on a mission or you'll be punished with them by the master."] She said smiling softly as they finally reached the outskirts of the village for their job. Vulcans could already be seen over running the place. [+red "oh just so you know my dragon slayer magic is a bit more graceful then natsu's."] She said dashing into the village ready to fight.
CleoXRin   1y ago

He could see the vulcans and he got a big smirk on his face. [+purple "See who can take down more?"] He yelled as he ran over to another one. He stood in front of the vulcan as it went to destroy a home but he managed to stop the hand from hitting it. He took a breath and looked into the eyes of the vulcan. [+purple "Why are you guys ruining this village?"] He asked. The vulcan made some weird noises. Rin shook his head and continued what seemed like having a conversation with the vulcan. [+purple "We can help you find them, but you have to stop destroying this village."] Rin said to the vulcan and turned over to Flame. He gave a smile as the vulcan he was talking to let out a yell and the rest of the vulcans stopped immediately. [+purple "One of the baby vulcans wondered off this way so they are trying to find him."] He said as he walked over to Flame.

Flame shook her head looking at him as he spoke. [+red "are you sure they aren't lieing?"] She asked releasing the vulcan she was holding with her fire.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin looked at her and smiled. [+purple "Yeah, vulcan are actually honest creatures."] He said rubbing the back of his head. [+purple "My oldest contract is actually with a vulcan."] He added smiling. [+purple "Anyway, how do you want to handle this?"] He asked wanting to make sure she was comfortable with their job.

[+red "do you remember when I told you my dragon slayer magic is different then my brother's?"] She asked smiling as she sniffed the air slightly. [+red "dragon instinct"] she muttered to herself as her eyes turned into the reddish color of dragon eyes and sniffed the air again before taking off running.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin just watched as her eyes changed, it was one of the coolest things he had seen. Then she ran off and so he took off after her. [+purple "Where are you going?"] He called out to her. He made sure to not run into anyone or anything.

She quickly reached a blackberry bush and could smell the baby vulcan tangled inside of it. [+red "in the black berry bush."] She said her voice slightly raspy like she was fighting to keep something under control.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin caught up to her and listened to what she said. He walked over to the bush and found the baby vulcan. [+purple "Hey little dude, we are gonna get you out and take you to your family."] He said as he broke some branches in the bush and finally pulled the vulcan out. He picked it up and looked at Flames and smiled. [+purple "Let's get this dude back to the others."] He said. When they got to the other vulcans they got really excited. [+purple "We found the baby vulcan now you need to take him home and leave these villagers alone."] He told the vulcans as he put the baby down and watched it walk back. The vulcans nodded and welcomed the baby back. They smiled and looked at the two wizards. They thanked Rin and said to pass it on the other wizard. He looked over at Flames. [+purple "They say thank you."] He said softly.

She smiled and waved to the vulcans as they walked away. [+red "that was to easy."] She said smiling he voice and eyes back to normal. She walked over to a tree near a random house and plopped down grinning. [+red "I need a nap after using dragon instinct. Unless of course you can conjure up some fire for me to eat."] She said smiling at him before closing her eyes.
CleoXRin   1y ago

He walked over and sat next to her. [+purple "So you actually do eat fire? I've heard of it but never imagined it was true."] He said as he made some fire in his palm and then held her hands out to transfer it to hers. [+purple "It only burns what I tell it to burn, I wouldn't be a very good nature wizard if I went and burned down all the habitats my contracts live in."] He said chuckling.

She chuckled at his words and took the fire eating it quickly feeling better right away. [+red "so rin don't you have questions about how I found the baby vulcan so fast?"] She asked him smiling as she leaned against the tree.
CleoXRin   1y ago

[+purple "Actually, yeah."] He said looking at her. [+purple "Your eyes turned red and everything and next thing I knew you were gone running off."] Rin added. He was amazed her already and he just keeps getting more and more amazed.

[+red "it's called dragon instinct it's a dragon slayer magic where you carry a piece of a dragons soul inside you and can use the dragons power and senses. But it's also dangerous to use if your not sure you can keep the dragon soul from taking over your body. It took me years of practice to be able to safely use it but I still sometimes struggle against the dragon inside me."] She said smiling as she stood up from where she sat against the tree and started walking towards the local inn. It had gotten late and the sun was starting to set and they still had to collect there reward.
CleoXRin   1y ago

[+purple "Is there anyway I can help if it takes over while we are together?"] Rin asked concerned for her and truly wanted to help. He stood up after her. [+purple "I'll cover the rooms tonight."] He said kindly as they walked into the inn and he booked their two rooms.

[+red "only thing you can do if it takes over is lure me/it to where there is no people or anything that can catch fire. Then get the hell out of dodge."] She said as they walked to there rooms. Once in her room she laid down sighing as she remembered the last person she had teamed up with.
CleoXRin   1y ago

[+purple "If that's what you suggest."] He said and then waved off as she went into her room. [+purple "Knock whenever you're getting hungry and we can grab some food."] He said smiling. He went into his room and sat at the desk. He learned back in the chair and stared at the ceiling with both his hands behind his head. [+green "Stay out of dodge" 'Thats not how I imagined helping a friend.'] Rin thought to himself. He closed his eyes and started imagining different possibilities how to help.

Flame nodded when he came in and mentioned food. once rin was gone she sighed again as she remembered Marcus's death that she caused. [+red "never again I will never let that happen again. When we get back to the guild I'm taking a year long quest and leaving rin behind for his protection."] She said aloud to herself before standing up and walking o rin's room. [+red "let's go eat."] She said smiling sadly knowing she was going to ended there friendship tomorrow for his safety.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin heard her at his door and smiled. [+purple "what are you in the mood for?"] He asked kindly as they walked out of the inn. He looked over at her and noticed she was silent. [+purple "is everything okay?"] He asked.

[+red "how about steak."] She said answering his question. She sighed when he asked if she was ok. [+red "look rin your awesome and I want to be your partner in the guild, but I can't let the past repeat itself. So once we get back to the guild I'm leaving on a one year quest and you will need to find a new partner or team."] She said sadly as they walked out of the inn and towards a nearby restaurant.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin smiled at the thought of steak but then he heard what she said next. He stopped walking and gently grabbed her arm and led her to the side of the inn. [+purple "If you're going on a job, I'm going with you"] he said looking at her. [+purple "I don't know what your past was, and I have a feeling it has to do with your dragon instinct. However, I'm not letting that stop from being partners."] He said and grabbed her shoulders to look straight in her eyes. [+purple "We can figure it out."] He said strongly, for some reason he felt tears building up so he looked away and just sighed. He sat down and stared at the building across the street.

[+red "I will not take the risk rin. I will not repeat the past. "] She said firmly while glaring at him surprised by his response and stubborness.
CleoXRin   1y ago

He just sighed. [+purple "I guess I don't really have a saying the manor anyways."] He said standing up. He started walking down the street. [+purple "Let's go get some steaks, my treat."] He said quietly and found a restaurant just a few stores down.

She sighed grabbing his arm stopping him from walking away. She didn't know why but she didn't really want to end there partnership. [+red "rin let me explain please. Then you can pick what you want to do. Just know I'm trying to protect you."] She said letting him go. It was his choice to listen to her or not.
CleoXRin   1y ago

He looked at her and blinked a few times. [+purple "I don't need you to explain, I want to stay with you."] Rin said with a pause. [+purple "But I don't want to make you uncomfortable."] He said looking at her.

[+red "rin it's dangerous to stay with me."] She said taking a breath looking at him. [+red " I've worked alone for almost two years now to avoid repeating the past."] She paused takin another breath as she sat down against the side of the inn and patted the ground next to her. [+red "I used to have a partner. His name was Marcus blakvie, and he was my best friend."] She paused again trying to hide the cracking in her voice as she looked at the ground. [+red "if you asked other people they would tell you he was more then just my best friend, and one day on a job I had to use my dragon instinct in the middle of battle."] She paused again resting her head against her knees to hide her tears. [+red "all the blood from the battle caused my dragon to go into a frenzy and I lost control. Marcus thought if he stood his ground and talked to me. That it would make me able to regain control. It didn't work the way he thought."] She stopped talking unable to hold back her tears. [+red "I did regain control, but only after my inner dragon ripped Marcus's throat out with my hand."] She stopped talking and silently let her tears fall hoping rin would understand and agree to finding a new partner.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin stood there thinking. He wrapped his around her gently and stroked her head. [+purple "Thank you for telling me, I truly appreciate it."] He said softly letting her get her emotions out. He stood there in silence for a minute thinking. [+purple "I still would like to stay your partner, but if you want to do the year lob job without me I can wait. We can work on your dragon instinct together and find a good way to help you when you get back."] Rin said saddened at the thought of her going alone for a year but understanding her hesitation to have him around.

She smiled at him as she wiped her eyes. [+red "we will see if you still want to be partners when I return."] She said as she stood up and began walking away. [+red "enough emotions let's go eat."] She said leading him to the restaurant down the road.
CleoXRin   1y ago

He smiled and nodded as he walked into the restaurant. He let her order some food and then he placed his order. [+purple "So what is the year long job your going on?"] He asked curious and hoping it wasn't anything too crazy.

She smiled as she began eating her steak when it arrived.she looked up from her food when he asked about the quest. [+red "I'm going on a quest to inflentra a dark guild. They have been kidnapping children and selling them. I am going to join the dark guild for a year and find away to stop them and save the children."] She said as they finished there meal and returned to the inn. She quickly fell asleep. Early the next morning se woke up and slipped a note under rin's door that read; [+blue [I I'll see you in a year. Keep my half the reward for this job,and take care of yourself and my brother please. Flame]]

[center [pic https://i.quotev.com/img/q/u/13/09/22/20581864-123.jpg]]

Flame smiled softly as she pushed open the door to the guild hall. It had been a year since she last was here. She was no longer a hyper carefree girl her year with the dark guild had changed her. She glanced around the guild hall at the shocked smiling faces, but she frowned when she couldn't find rin or her brother anywhere.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin and natsu had actually gotten close since Flames had left, Rin practically joined their team for the time being and worked with him and gray on their magic. At the time the three of them were actually on a job and were on their back to the guild. They had been gone for only 3 months on this job, but they had lost track of the time for how long Flames had been gone.

Rin opened the door to the guild and saw everyone huddled in a group all happy and talking. Romeo turned around and saw them and waved them over. [+red "Hey Natsu! Rin! Flames is back!"] Romeo said. Rin and natsu looked at each other and then ran over to the crowd.

They finally got through to her and saw how much she had changed. Natsu ran up and gave her a huge hug and welcomed her home. Rin smiled and politely waited for their reunion to be done.

She smiled slightly as natsu hugged her. She gently pushed natsu away and looked at rin then back at natsu. Her and natsu talked for a few minutes before she approached rin. [+red "So hi I guess."] She said nervously as she waited for his response unsure if he even remembered her.
CleoXRin   1y ago

Rin couldn't help it. He gave her a big hug. [+purple "I'm so glad you're back."] He said softly. He then realized he may have been too aggressive so he let her go and stepped back. [+purple "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bombarded you."] He said rubbing the back if his head.

She was startled by the hug but began chuckling for first time in a year when he apologized. [+red "wow I'm not the only one who has changed."] She said as everyone began to give them space.


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