X-Men: When Things Go Sideways

By -Mirror-

‘It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye.’

That’s just one of the many sayings for when things go absolutely sideways. Just about anything in someone’s life can go backasswards, sideways, south, upside down, or any other similar word. Sometimes it happens in the most spectacular way. For the legendary Wolverine, it seems to happen to him more than it should. Only this time, he’s been thrown for the biggest loop of his really long life.

Somewhere along the line Logan got whisked into some wonderland of fuckery. He lost track of the others, the others completely lost track of him with no way of contacting him and he somehow ended up in literal bum-fuck-nowhere. What does a man do when he’s used to ending up in situations like this? Do as he always does. Wander about till something happens and do what it takes to survive each day as it comes around.

Since Logan has no clue how things went so bloody sideways, with his personality and his way of thinking and doing things, he gets on with life pretty well despite the fact he tends to end up getting the short end of the stick. That is, until he runs into a lady mutant that has gotten into a spot of trouble and he happened to be in a particularly foul mood that day. However, he ends up with a tag-a-long. For what reason, Logan doesn’t know and he seriously doesn’t care. He just wants to be left alone.

But she persists regardless of the cold shoulder and passive aggressive, sharp tongue. Hell, even the claws don’t scare her off. Will he ever warm up to her? Or will the traveling pair end up in disaster, bickering the entire way down?

What I’m Looking For
- A female OC mutant character. At least 21 years old. Mutant power should be reasonable.
- Your character won’t know who Logan is or what his abilities are other than the claws so at some point early on the question should be brought up but not right away.
- Real pictures. I will, however, accept realistic art if a real image isn’t obtainable. By realistic I mean digital painting style that appears more realistic. No anime style art. If you want to make sure the style is ok, just send me the image in question and I’ll be happy to take a peek. Keep images tasteful and reasonable within the universe.
- Please note your character will not be a part of the mutant school or the X-Men. While her background and reason for being where they are is up to you, she should at least be hiding the fact she’s a mutant. If you want to discuss ideas for your character as far as her background goes and why she’s where she is and the reason she’s found in the situation she’s found in by Logan in the beginning of the story, I’m more than happy to help you out and toss some ideas your way.
- This story will likely take place after X2/before The Last Stand or maybe after The Last Stand/before The Wolverine(most likely the former for the reason to be explained next). The reason is that I want to play with the idea of Logan’s fragmented memories a bit and build a story partially based around the idea of him unlocking more of his past. I want to play with the idea of the many aspects of a violent past and having the broken pieces of it causing the mind of a man to go into chaos as he tries to piece everything together while still struggling to keep who he has built himself to be together.
- The main tones for the story will primarily be comical and action. However, I want other tones as well. Drama, tragedy, dark, romance, rock bottom, inner battles, slice n dice gore fests, haunted past, terror. I want to have all kinds of various tones throughout the story. Keep the story spicy and us on our toes.
- We can have other canon characters appear in the story if desired. However, I want to primarily focus on Logan and the OC. There will be fights against other mutants which can be made up on the spot with reasonable powers.
- Site rules will be obeyed. Explicit romance will be taken off site or time-skipped(depending on preference) if you’re 18 or over. If you’re UNDER 18, romance will be kept to a PG level. Any hints of going further than PG will be strictly fade-to-black and time-skipped. It will NOT be taken off site if you’re under 18. No exceptions.
- For those under 18, there will be mature themes in this story. Themes such as alcohol use, smoking, blood and gore, the act of killing, cursing, violence, etc. will be present. There may also be topics that may be sensitive such as mental illness, various forms of abuse, difficult pasts, internal battles, etc. If any of this is an issue, this is not a story for you.
- I want communication, collaboration, patience, quality, quantity and understanding. I want us on the same page and to discuss things as the story progresses. If either of us gets stuck, I want us to be able to help each other dig us out and to inspire our next posts and even future posts with the casual tossing of ideas.
- I’d like to say that this is more on the relaxed side so there’s no pressure to post. However, I would like to try and keep this going on the regular. While I won’t pressure for any posts to be made or set any time frame for posts to be made, I would like to keep this as active as possible. Please note that with saying this, my muse is fickle and can flatline on me. If this happens, I will let you know and I will try to kick things back into gear as fast as I can. Just bear with me on this.

Please note that since I will be playing a canon character that my portrayal of the character will not be 100% the same as the media they are from. I will, however, do my best to portray the character as they are seen in their various media forms.
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-Mirror-Logan   1y ago

[size12 They say ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. But what happens when life throws a wrench at your head and life proceeds to say ‘make lemonade out of this, bitch’? Well, that’s kind of what happened with Logan. Though the proverbial wrench kind of just bounced off his head with a big dent in it.]

[size12 Things have gone downhill since ‘that’ incident. Good people died. But there was one that kind of followed Logan around. It’s what got him in this situation to begin with. His emotions had been running higher than they normally were, her death still fresh on his claws. The shit hit the fan, he went berserk after arguing about what the plan was and then he went AWOL. He simply ran off and poofed. Without the Professor around to try and find him, he was lost to the X-Men. And honestly, Logan preferred it that way. He wanted to be on his own for a while.]

[size12 It’s been awhile, how long exactly Logan didn’t know, since he split from the team. He was calmer in some ways but worse off in others. He had nightmares now. He’s had nightmares before when his broken memories were starting to come back but this is different. This was fresh on his mind and it haunted him. SHE haunted him. Or maybe, he didn’t want to let her go?]

[size12 Logan had been driving for god knows how long. Last he saw he was in Colorado somewhere. He was down to his last cigar and food was starting to sound like a good thing. He continued to follow the road, which was just trees on both sides and the occasional road leading off to somewhere. Eventually, the road broke open and a sign appeared saying welcome. Finally, a town of some sort.]

[size12 The town was small but welcoming. It was a typical small mountain town that was off the beaten path. Just one of those places that mostly country folk live and you know there’s large farms and ranches in the area. Maybe someone runs a brewery here, too.]

[size12 Logan drove around till he found a place to eat. Of course, he didn’t have to drive far to find it. It was a small diner and with it being late, it wasn’t busy. Logan pulled up and parked. He gleaned over to see there were a couple of trucks that appeared to belong to guys that worked with big tools and a lot of dirt. Maybe miners? Or perhaps lumberjacks? Logan didn’t know and he didn’t care. He just wanted something to eat and a beer or 5.]

[size12 The inside of the diner was cheerful and inviting with that old fashioned country touch. The smell of the food was savory but what really caught your nose was the smell of the pies, all sweet and fruity. Or maybe that was just Logan’s sensitive nose picking out all the different scents in the air. He made his way to a booth near the door. There was an area that had a couple pool tables and dart boards where the guys the trucks belonged to were and they were causing a bit of a ruckus but Logan didn’t care. He was more interested in getting something to eat. He was handed a menu by one of the waitresses and a glass of water for the time being. When the waitress came back a few minutes later, he had his meal picked out. The steak, medium rare, with the loaded baked potato and a beer. There was an ashtray at the back edge of the table and he casually scooted it over closer to him. It wasn’t made for cigars but it worked to set it down in. It wasn’t too long of a wait to get his food which was hot and smelled fantastic. He dug in and for once enjoying the meal.]

The evening sun gradually set over the snowy mountains that surrounded the small town of Midway, Colorado. The town was situated within the Rocky Mountains directly between Fort Collins and Boulder. Hence how the town got its name. Midway was rather secluded from the rest of the outside world. There was only one road that led in and out of town. It wasn't hard to miss a small town like Midway. Especially for a place located in the middle of nowhere.

Genevieve Frazier stood in front of her floor length mirror, silently studying her own reflection, as she finished buttoning the white collar of her waitress uniform. She was getting ready to start her usual evening shift at the Midway Diner. For her, it was nothing to get excited about. She would undoubtedly have to take care of the drunken miners that always came into the diner for their usual Friday evening dinner. Most of Evie's female co-workers were reluctant to serve these men due to their unruly behavior. Especially when it came to three particular miners known as Harold, Jim, and Jerry. These three men regularly hung out together at the diner after work. Unlike her co-workers, Evie wasn't afraid to deal with these men. She knew how to handle their typical inappropriate comments and obnoxious catcalls. As long as they kept their hands to themselves, she didn't have a problem working the night shift.

Evie was gonna be late for her shift again if she wasn't careful. She personally made it her mission to arrive early on Fridays so she wouldn't run into the "three stooges" by chance. Evie quickly applied a coat of mascara to her long eyelashes, and dabbed on a thin layer of her favorite ruby red lipstick before thoroughly checking her appearance one last time in the mirror. She quickly grabbed her purse and keys before heading out the front door.

Genevieve luckily arrived at the diner five minutes before the start of her shift. She quickly adjusted her waitress outfit making sure everything was in place before she entered the diner through a side entrance door. Genevieve figured she was home free and that she wouldn't have to deal with the three awful miners until about an hour into her shift. Boy was she wrong. A large, calloused hand shot out in front of her only to land on the other side of the door frame before she fully entered the diner. Harold, one of the miner thugs, stood in front of Genevieve casually leaning into the doorway where she stood. She could smell the heavy stench of alcohol on his breath. Great. She not only got caught by one of the miners, but a drunk one at that. Genevieve took a quick step backwards doing her best to avoid Harold and his stinky breath as much as possible.

[b "Well, good evening, Evie. Would you mind sharing a drink with me?"] Harold offered, pulling a bottle of beer off the edge of a pool table. Genevieve smiled slightly, quickly shaking her head no. She was doing her best to be polite to Harold, but her patience was running thin. She needed to hurry before her boss came running around the corner complaining about her being late for work. Genevieve did her best to duck underneath Harold's arm to get away from him and his miner buddies. However, before she could even think about getting away, Harold had her by the arm roughly dragging her back towards the pool table. Harold lazily wrapped one of his arms around Genevieve's shoulders giving her a gentle squeeze.

[b "Come on now, Evie. There's no need to run away when the party is just getting started."] She nearly cringed at the thought of hanging out with Harold and his goons. It nearly made her sick to her stomach. Genevieve was shocked by Harold's bold actions. Except for the occasional cat call or flirty comment, Genevieve had never known Harold to physically lay his hands on anyone. She was beginning to understand why the other waitresses were afraid of the miners. They were unpredictable. [+orange "No thanks, Harold. Maybe another time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get to work."]

Harold tightened his arm around Genevieve's shoulders, pulling her closer into his side. [b "Not so fast, Sweetcheeks. Work can wait. Why don't we all just relax and enjoy a nice game of pool, hm? What do you think, boys?"] Both of his buddies nodded, grinning widely, as Harold leaned in closer to her their noses nearly touching. Genevieve struggled against Harold's grip. His fingers were nearly digging into her skin by this point. Harold merely laughed at her failed attempts of escape. His smile only grew in size when she sighed in frustration. [+orange "Harold, this isn't funny anymore! Just let me go. I need to get to work now! Or something really bad is going to happen."] Genevieve merely glared at the sight of his sly smirk. [b "Oh, is that so? What are you going to do? Slap me? It's not like you can hurt me anyway, Evie. Besides, you wouldn't hurt a fly being such a young and fragile girl..."]

That was it. The final straw. Genevieve had had enough of Harold's bullshit. She raised her foot as high as she could before slamming it down hard onto Harold's right foot. Harold merely yelped in pain as his grip loosened around Genevieve's shoulders. This was her chance to escape. She took off down the aisle between tables and chairs towards the other side of the diner. Finally, she found what she thought was an empty booth to temporarily hide in by the front entrance of the diner. Turns out, there was a large, dark haired man with very broad shoulders sitting across from her, silently staring at her with a puzzled expression on his face. She immediately blushed in embarrassment. Her hazel green eyes kept glancing between the stranger and the aisle. She was afraid that Harold and his goons might find her but maybe this guy could be of some help. Maybe he could keep her hidden long enough that the others would simply just walk away. She had to try. [+orange "I'm so sorry to disturb you during your meal, Sir. However, I have this really bad guy and his goons trying to find me. Please, just let me hide here until they are gone. I don't mean to intrude but I'm out of options. Please, Sir, please just let me stay here for a little while. I'll do anything that I can to return the favor, I promise."]
-Mirror-Logan   1y ago

[size12 Logan was content for once. He found a place with good food and a calm environment despite the trio of drunkards roughhousing about. He felt he could relax a bit and just enjoy life. Jokes on him though.]

[size12 Things were heating up with the drunkard triplets. A waitress had come in, guessing she was just coming in for her shift, and one of them started pestering her. Logan wasn’t the one to go out of his way to help anyone that he saw was in trouble. He wasn’t exactly a hero. He may have been on a hero team but he was the lone wolf even then. He dealt with most things on his own, rarely asking for help. And if someone needed help, they usually had to ask or somehow drag him into their problems. And if he needed help, he was either in deep shit or he was smart enough to know he couldn’t do something on his own. Usually it was because he was in deep shit.]

[size12 The one guy, guessing he was the ‘boss’ of the group since he seemed the biggest of the three, started pushing the girl around. By the stench the guy was giving off, he was also the drunkest. Or maybe that was just him. Either way, he didn’t seem to take too kindly to being denied and forced the girl to go with him.]

[size12 Logan just observed the goings on in the diner but it was when he heard what must have been a dog yelping and then the sound of either running or really fast walking heading his way. Then the waitress suddenly appeared in his booth as she dove in and ducked low. He raised an eyebrow just as he took a bite of potato, staring at the girl in confusion. She gave a look of surprise then started talking. He listened as the woman yammered on about needing to hide from the three drunken monkeys. Gorillas? Or maybe chimps? Whichever works better for the big oafs lumbering about, looking around the room as if they were searching a jungle for some great treasure. Or maybe it was bananas. Logan heaved a sigh and just let her be. She needed to hide and he knew saying anything would raise the alert where she was. This was Rouge all over again. That thought almost made him smile but no time for that.]

[size12 The blubbering idiots started playing hide-n-seek going ‘come out, come out, wherever you are’ and began looking around for the girl. It wasn’t long till one of them began to wander over towards Logan’s direction. It wasn’t the big guy but he was big enough. Logan grabbed the girl by the legs with his feet and yanked her down under the table. He didn’t want to get involved but he was now and now he felt obligated to do something. He was ticked off about the idea of it but this woman had an innocent air to her and it reminded him of when he first met Rogue. Again, he almost smiled at the thought.]

[b “Stay down, shut up and don’t move.”] [size12 Logan growled low just before the one guy made his way to his table. He continued to eat as if nothing was going on.]

[+red “H-Hey. You see a cute waitress run by here?”] [size12 The overgrown ape said.]

[b “Which one?”] [size12 Logan said before gulping down what was left of his beer.]

[size12 The guy had a look of confusion on his face. Then the lightbulb seemed to turn on.] [+red “Oh! R-Right. The one that was runnin from us.”]

[size12 Logan smirked.] [b “I’m not one to throw stones here but I don’t blame her for hauling ass. You and your asshat friends sure as hell don’t look like people I’d want to hang around either.”] [size12 Considering Logan didn’t exactly have much of a filter and he tended to say what he felt like, this was probably one of those moments he should have kept his iron trap shut. But then again, when his emotions ran high, his mouth tended to run with it.]

[size12 The guy went red in the face with anger and then suddenly grabbed a hold of Logan by the shirt collar. But the guy was suddenly acting as if he was trying to lift someone twice as large.] [+red “What the hell?! How are you so damn heavy?”] [siz12 He grunted out as he continued to pull as Logan just stayed there as dead weight.]

[size12 And now, the big bad Wolverine was pissed.] [b “Put. Me. Down.”]

[+red “Or what? You’ll hit me? Che. Bet you couldn’t punch your way out of a paper bag.”]

[size12 Logan did a little smirk and punched the guy in the elbow with enough force to make a loud crack sound through the bar. The guy started to scream in pain from the bone having been dislocated. Or broken. It was one of the two. The other two blokes stormed over, saw what was going on and the biggest of them went to swing a punch. However, Logan blocked it with a punch of his own, shattering the guy's hand. THere was a metallic ting that sounded with the impact. The guy started screaming as he was sent reeling back, gripping his severely busted hand.]

[size12 Guy number three had found a crowbar from somewhere. Behind the bar probably. He swung it at Logan's head. A loud clang rang from the impact, Logan stood dazed for a moment as his head rang like a church bell but he quickly recovered. The crowbar was now bent slightly. Logan was now even more pissed off so he grabbed the third guy and with relative ease, tossed him through a window to crash onto the truck they came in on. He was pissed enough that he didn’t quite think his course of actions through when he tossed the guy out the window. It wasn’t exactly something he did when anger got the better of him. Think, that is. He wasn’t a bad guy and it wasn’t like he didn’t care. He was just closer to a wild animal than he wanted to admit to.]

[size12 Logan moved his head to resettle himself, a few loud pops sounding from his neck. He then tapped on the table he was sitting at with the woman hiding under.] [b “I don’t think you’ll have an issue with them anymore. Sorry about the window.”] [size12 He put some money on the table to cover the meal, tip and hopefully some of the cost of the window, grabbed what was left of his cigar and headed for the door and to his truck.]

[size12 Logan has bad luck with finding trouble and this time was no different. But at least he didn’t have to use his claws this time.]

The only thing Genevieve could hear was Harold and his friends calling out her name as they gradually approached the booth where she was hiding. She was completely frozen in fear. The miners were getting closer. Too close. She had to do something. Anything. However, that was easier said than done. She couldn't move. Her fear greatly outweighed her good reasoning. All of her thoughts were quickly pushed aside when the man wrapped his legs around her feet, yanking her underneath the table.

The man advised she keep her mouth shut and to not make any sudden movements as he dealt with the miners. Genevieve silently cursed the man above for making her hit her forehead against the table on the way down. She gently rubbed her forehead, doing her best to stay quiet, when she heard a familiar voice. It was Jerry, one of Harold's little minions. Well, not so little in size anyway. Jerry was six feet tall and weighed nearly three hundred pounds. He asked the man if he had seen a waitress around anywhere. Particularly, a redheaded one. The man merely responded with a smart remark. Great. Instead of calmly denying the question, he just had to make the situation even worse. Genevieve sincerely hoped this man could handle such a large guy like Jerry. All she could do was pray and hope for the best.

One moment, Genevieve's savior was sitting in the booth and the next he was gone. A few threatening words were shared between the two men before she heard the sound of punches being thrown. Things had definitely gotten worse! Genevieve immediately scooted towards the wall, drawing her knees to chest. She jumped when she heard one of the men scream at the top of his lungs. Someone had definitely gotten hurt. No doubt about it, shit had definitely hit the fan. She quickly covered her ears once she heard another scream. More punches were thrown until two sets of footsteps approached the booth. Oh no, Harold and Jim had finally arrived.

More fighting ensued as Harold and Jim jumped in. One of the two men stepped in between Jerry and Genevieve's savior. It was their turn to take him on in a fight. One punch. One punch was all it took for Harold to sink to the floor, cradling his left hand to his chest. Genevieve's eyes widened in surprise. She did her best to stay quiet once more hoping to not draw attention to herself. Harold had thankfully landed on the floor with his back facing her. Thank goodness he didn't notice her under the table.

Now, the only miner left was Jim. It seemed Jim had gotten a hold of some kind of weapon from behind the bar while Harold had her savior distracted. A shiny, silver curve gleamed under the diner's dim fluorescent lighting. She quickly recognized the weapon. It was her boss's crowbar. He always left it under the bar just in case if something bad happened. How did Jim even know it was there to begin with? So many questions flooded Genevieve's mind when she suddenly heard a loud, clanging noise. Not once but twice. Oh no..had Jim hit her savior with the crowbar? It almost sounded as if the crowbar had collided with another piece of metal but that wasn't possible though, right? Genevieve had no time to consider the outcome of the fight when she heard the sounds of glass shattering just above the table she sat under. That was it. The fight was over.

It was suddenly quiet within the diner. You could hear a pin drop. Genevieve's savior stood silently next to the table, doing his best to avoid the ongoing stares of the other customers. He gently knocked on the table, telling the young redhead that the miners had been taking care of and that it was safe to come out. Genevieve couldn't believe the damage she saw throughout the diner. Especially when it came to the diner's window. Genevieve's boss stood at the bar with a coffee pot in his hand, pouring a customer a never-ending stream of black coffee into their cup. Her savior merely threw some cash on the table, apologized for the window, and walked out of the diner towards his pickup truck. Genevieve stood by the table still in shock about the whole thing. However, she wasn't going to let him get away so easily. Especially not after everything he had done to save her.

Genevieve quickly made her way outside as she followed the dark haired man to his truck. Without thinking, she reached out and grabbed the man's wrist before he had the chance to opened his truck door. [+orange "Wait! you can't just leave...at least not without telling me your name."] She briefly looked up at the dark haired man before returning her gaze to her feet. [+orange "Also, if your staying in town for a few days, let me return the favor, as a thank for all that you've done for me tonight. Besides, it's the least you can do for hitting my head on the table back there." ] She said with a small smile on her face as she peered up at the man once more.
-Mirror-Logan   1y ago

[size12 The brawl had gotten Logan’s adrenaline running a bit high. The cool air was helping him to calm down but he was still on high alert. He could jump into attack mode at any moment with the right trigger.]

[size12 A couple of memories came back to him in that moment. Memories of how he was before he became an X-Man. Memories of when he had no memories and was just wandering around, finding a place to be and taking up any chance to make a few bucks for his next meal and gallon of gas. One of which was a cage match ring in a bar somewhere in Canada. He remembered how much of an animal he tended to be back then and he thought of how he was now. Has he really changed? Or does he still run on animal instincts like he always has?]

[size12 A hand suddenly shot out and grabbed him just before he was about to open the door to his truck. His reaction was purely instinct. His other hand came up and as his fist formed, his claws began to creep up the top of his hand, forming ripples on the top of his hands and small bumps on his knuckles as the blades just began to poke through the skin. Once he saw who it was that grabbed him, he immediately retracted them, the skin returning to normal. He heaved a sigh to relax himself.] [b “Don’t do that.”] [size12 He growled as he flexed his hand. He hoped she didn’t see the change in his hand but then again, this was Logan. He had a habit of showing off the shiny claws and didn’t care who saw them or who he pointed them at. Though sometimes he did care a little bit depending on who it was.]

[size12 The waitress was one of the few people that made him care just a tad. She asked him to help her and he got to take out some nasties. Some deep dark part of him did have a bit of fun though. Though he could have gone without having his head being turned into a church bell but he would have been worse off if it wasn’t for his unnaturally strong bones. The waitress began to talk.]

[size12 Logan heaved a sigh though it came out as a slight growl which wasn’t intentional.] [b “Logan. The name’s Logan.”] [size12 He said in reply about his name. He then sighed again. He rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand and moved his neck, popping it to get a crick out. Of course, the pops were loud enough for someone next to him to hear it.] [b “I wasn’t planning on staying for long. But a hot shower sounds good right about now.”] [size12 He said. He had a feeling this woman was insisting he stay around for a little while at least. Maybe she wanted him to hang around a bit because of what he did to the stooges. Logan didn’t like where the thought was going so he chased it off. He popped the handle on the truck the looked at the girl as if to say ‘well, we going somewhere or not?’]

[+orange "I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to make sure you were all right."] Genevieve slowly retracted her hand from his wrist as he spoke his name to her. [+orange "Logan, huh?"] She asked, trying his name out. [+orange "It's nice to meet you, Logan. My name is Genevieve Frazier. However, most people call me Evie around town."] Logan merely nodded in response. She watched Logan silently for a few moments as he slowly popped his neck. Doing his best to look nonchalant. However, he looked like he was in a bit of pain. Especially after the punches, kicks, and hard hit he took from the crowbar. Concern immediately took over her facial features as she watched him.

Logan eventually responded to her next set of questions as he pulled a set of keys from his coat pocket. He calmly stated that he was just passing through town, and hadn't thought about sticking around anytime soon. However, his next answer completely caught her off guard. A light blush completely took over Genevieve's slender facial features. She quickly looked up at Logan before settling her gaze upon her feet. Many thoughts raced through her mind at once as she tried to calm her beating heart. He couldn't be serious, could he? He wanted to take a shower at her place? She couldn't decide if this man was crazy or bold in general. Possibly both by the serious look in his eyes. Genevieve cleared her throat before she spoke. Doing her best to keep her voice steady and her eyes looking anywhere but at his smooth, chiseled face. [+orange "Y-you want to take a hot shower at m-my place? I don't know about that. I'm sure you would enjoy staying at the Midway Motel instead of my plac-"]

Logan merely raised an eyebrow, looking at her over his shoulder, as he unlocked his truck door. [b "Are you coming or not?"] His bold statement quickly stopped her from rambling any further. Her hazel green eyes quickly met his for a moment before she looked away once more. So much for trying to change his mind. This man just didn't know how to take no for an answer.

Genevieve sighed lightly, before she spoke once more. [+orange "Look, Logan. I dont think you need to be driving after the fight you were just in. If you want to stay at my place, at least let me drive."] Genevieve stuck out her left hand waiting for him to drop his truck keys into her palm. However, the only response she got was a blank stare and scowl from him. She looked up at him, confusion clearly written all over her face. What was he waiting for? [b "No can do. My truck, my keys. Besides, you might drive like a maniac for all I know."] Man, this guy was infuriating. She knew he was too stubborn for his own good. If he only knew who he was dealing with. Genevieve immediately brought her hands to her hips, obviously annoyed by his sudden statement. Logan merely stood against his truck door, crossing his arms over his chest as he looked down at her. Defiance clearly written on his face. Fine. If that's the way he wanted to be then she would just have to hit back harder.

Genevieve took two steps forward, closing the short distance between them. She stopped just in front of him, her gaze locked with his as she spoke. [+orange "Your not driving and that's final! Do you hear me? Now get in the truck or else! I'm going to get my purse from the diner. I will be right back!"] Genevieve quickly jerked his truck keys from his hand before making her way across the parking lot towards the diner before he could protest.

Genevieve quickly made her way into the diner, doing her best to avoid the stares of the panicking customers that stood around the unconscious bodies of Harold and Jim. She quickly walked passed the gathering crowd towards the pool table area, quickly spotting her purse lying on the floor. She bent over to pick it up when she felt a hand grab her shoulder. She nearly jumped out of her skin until she heard her manager's voice. [+green "Evie, are you all right? Your not hurt are you?"] He asked, as she turned to face him. She shook her head no, smiling slightly. Doing her best to calm him down. [+orange "I'm fine, Michael. Really. I just got tossed around a bit, but nothing too serious other than that. I'm more worried about the guy who defended me outside, to be honest. He took a pretty hard beating from Harold and his goons."] Michael nodded in response. He quickly glanced behind him towards Harold and Jim lying on the floor and then to the shattered window before bringing his gaze back to hers. He sighed lightly, rubbing the back of his neck as he replied. [+green "Evie, don't worry about working tonight, or the rest of the weekend, really. You've been through enough in the last hour. Just take some time to relax and get your thoughts settled before returning to work on Monday. Also, make sure that fellow outside sees Doc Hilton as soon as you can."] Genevieve watched him as he spoke merely nodding her head once more as he finished. [+orange "I'll take him to see Doc Hilton in the morning. Thank you for giving me the rest of the weekend off. Lord knows I wouldn't be able to leave that stubborn fella alone until I absolutely knew he was all right. I'll see you Monday then, Michael. Have a good night."]

Genevieve made her way towards the diner entrance, stopping only once to wave goodbye to Michael, before she headed out the door. What she found when she returned to the pickup truck quickly amused her. Logan was sitting in the passenger seat of his pickup truck, his arms still crossed tightly over his broad chest. She couldn't help but smile as she opened the truck door and got in herself. He was clearly annoyed by her presence. It was easy to see from his closed off body language. Logan merely stared out the truck window as she set her purse in the seat beside her. Genevieve silently watched Logan for a moment before she finally decided to speak up. [+orange "Like I said before, you can stay at my place for the night. However, in the morning, I'm taking you to see Doc Hilton. I'm afraid you could have a concussion or something worse after the beating you took from those men. It's the least I can do to help you out."] Logan quickly returned her gaze as he turned to face her. His brows furrowed and his scowl already deepening. [b "Like hell you are!"] He replied, ready to put up another fight if that's what it took to get his way. Genevieve wasn't backing down any time soon. Oh boy, was he about to find out how stubborn she could really be. She slammed her fist on to the truck's dash, quickly meeting his fiery gaze with her own. Now, she was really pissed off. [+orange "If you want to get a warm shower and have a nice place to stay for the night, then you better change your attitude, Mister! Otherwise, I'm leaving your ass here to deal with the cops when they arrive to deal with Harold and his goons. I'm sure you wouldn't want that now would you?"]


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