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All the major updates

By Webmaster

Replies: 46 / 304 days ago

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[h3 Major Changes]
New layout, this site works great on phones now, no constant scrolling and resizing, easier to hit links
We have a dark mode, if you click invert color on the left hand side, if this layout is too bright
Realtime chats are fixed. I had to reset them one more time to fix a bug with some chats getting glitched
Password recovery was broken. The password recovery link now works
No file permission issues or issues sending PMs
Nicer login and signup forms
Google fonts were broken and now are fixed
[h3 Server Changes]
New domain roleplay.cloud with HTTPS, this allows us to separate the site easier from eliteskills
moved to a Google Cloud server
PHP 5 -> PHP 8
Ubuntu 14 -> Ubuntu 20
Latest MariaDB

[h3 Known bugs]
Realtime chat doesn't detect when I click profile logout
Realtime chat adds to the RP post counter, which makes the RP show page numbers with no content
Alignment doesn't work after moving to bootstrap
A dark mode that doesn't invert images would be appreciated

Let me know if you find any issues with anything. There's still several things possible, like making prose posts or some type of content submissions, maybe image upload. I have to bring back the markdown parser and maybe add a WYSIWYG text editor as default. It would be cool to make the realtime chats websocket based again. But that can be for another.
Foobar test
Webmaster / 231d ago
Heya! Just making a quick note of all of the text-editing (like u, i, b, etc) features that aren't currently working. I AM NOTING FIRST, however, that I am using Google Chrome and, sometimes, Chrome just doesn't show things because it's weird-doodles like that.

+ u in the "[" system (the square brackets) is not working. Doesn't show up.
+ o in the "[" system (the square brackets) is not working. Doesn't show up.
+ The "tab" function to make a tab seems to leave an odd "]" at the end

[b Examples]
- - - - - - - - - -
[u example 1] <-- u
[o example 2] <-- o
[tab ] example 3 --- tab --->

- - - - - - - - - -

With posting this, I realized that the most recent post in a thread appears above the two chat-box options for Chat Posting or Thread Posting? Is that supposed to happen?
OOC / animechick98 / 295d ago
You can now get email alerts for your RP , click the link under the posting section !
Webmaster / 297d ago
Look at how observant I am... Yikes.

Hmm. Instagram could work, I dunno the first thing about it honestly.

Besides the social places I have no idea where and how to advertise.

I figure life will filter back, it’ll likely take a while for word to get around that it’s being updated and such.
Resident Fey / Nullification / 300d ago
I have an idea but I’m not sure how beneficial or effective it would be. I have seen on other active forum rps (Like Abbadon City) where they have affiliations or whatever- other role playing sites. They have or used to have on the bottom little icons for these other sites, but in return you have to post there’s. Could be a way to bring writers (and target rpers specifically) to come, but I’m not sure if that’s an unprofessional thing to do. Facebook would be an idea as well as Instagram but you’d almost need to showcase some cool active rps or rpers to get people interested or excited at the potential. I am by no means a marketer either, though, but that’s my two cents!
I posted on the ES group in facebook. Hmm, Maybe I could try instagram advertising.
A discord has been added on the left hand nav bar. Also voice chat if anyone ever wants to video conference haha,
I prefer communicating by text personally
Webmaster / 300d ago
I dunno about getting people to come here, social media seems the best way in my opinion.
I know there’s a Facebook page somewhere.

Maybe a proper discord with you at the helm? Keeps everyone in touch a little better. There’s a couple ES Servers going around but they’re not ‘official’ and hardly advertise coming back to the site for the people who left.
Resident Fey / Nullification / 300d ago
Nice. Early in EliteSkills history the site grew and grew quick, but I was 17 at the time and couldn't keep up with the traffic in terms of hosting cost, and code efficiency. So I started out with tons of people but not great coding or linux skills.
Now I have not many people and good coding skills, but I'm wondering what I lack to get the people back, or perhaps everything is slowly converging into a few small monopolies like instagram, reddit. I saw sites like gaiaonline grow pretty quickly.
I wonder what benefits we're missing here that people find elsewhere.

Good idea on the notifications. Maybe we can add browser notifications and optional email notifications when someone posts on your RP or sends a PM.
I'm trying out google ads, but it looks pretty expensive. I've gotten 2 clicks for $5, lol, and I'm not sure how to check if those 2 clicks even signedup. Well probably I just gotta figure out how to optimize for lowest cost per click.
Webmaster / 300d ago
Thanks! Fixed.
Webmaster / 300d ago
y'know notifications would be a pretty cool option, for when you get PMs and people post. But otherwise I understand the idea that a good optimized website is just as capable and effective as an application. I am not a coder or a programmer at all so I can't really say anything. But to answer your question, I've never really used any other sites to RP. I know some use discord and emailing, that sort of thing. But no sites.

I tried Deviantart years ([i years]) ago and it was terrible. The other rping sites out there (i've looked) don't have this outline. It really is one of a kind (i've looked). Most are forum sites and I don't really personally like those much, and many of them are also their own specific worlds/cities/plot line for the entire website which I also don't like. ES really does have a very unique, individual outline and set-up that is so amazing for rping. I also wonder sometimes if rping is a dying thing, but I really hope not. I wonder if theres a way to 'advertise' or get the word out to get new traffic with the new and improved site.
I was only joking, I’m too old for that sort of thing now and the thought of trying to figure out another app makes me want to tear my hair out.

Besides, I figure it’s difficult to optimise notifications and such. I’m not a tech person but the mind boggles at things.
Resident Fey / Nullification / 301d ago
Hmm this may show my age but I've never really understood what benefit an app gives that a mobile optimized website doesn't have
I could probably add notifications if that's all you need.
It's definitely possible but I don't understand what the benefits would be
Webmaster / 301d ago
ES App.

You could enlist Omio and Urisen to help.

Resident Fey / Nullification / 301d ago
Ommmmmio become a programmer. You should be senior dev by now bro
Thanks, well, I wonder what other features we could add
Webmaster / 301d ago
I don’t use any other sites.

I used to use RPG Gateway a long time ago but it got real confusing and it was more chat based.
Resident Fey / Nullification / 301d ago