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By BooBear96

Thank you for coming into my thread! I probably tricked you a bit, but thank you none the less.

I am a little bored and I would like one maybe two new roleplays to take on.

I would love to do something dramatic and romantic, I’m a romantic at heart.

Also I am open to other ideas/plots as well! Like I said, I am bored. PLEASE SEND ME ALL THE IDEAS.

Now onto something a little less fun... RULES.

One: This is going to be a LITERATE and detailed- meaning if you can't post at LEAST 800 characters don't waste my time or your own. (I love details and would like for you to get 'personal' with your character and show their thoughts and feelings, not just actions and things they do.)
Two: Real Pictures only. My mind has never worked well with animated honestly. Sorry!
Three: Post at LEAST once/twice a week - You will get two 'strikes' and then if you still haven't posted after me politely asking for a second time, the thread will be removed and I WILL look for something/someone else (this doesn't apply to friends or my partners who COMMUNICATE with me, telling me what's going on.. But I have devoted too much time into roleplays that just die due to lack of communication or a partner quits.){{I'm really looking for something fast moving. With that being said, I work the weekend night shift at a regional hospital. Most of the time my posts will come Sunday-Thursday Morning}}
Four: COMMUNICATION- This is a big one with me guys. I love talking to my partners and plotting things out!
Five: Sex/Cybering- We can skip or take it off site, I'm open to both.
Six: Please lets just HAVE FUN!

What You can Expect from Me

One:I can stay at/around 1000 characters EASILY- .
Two: I will post within three/five days.
- If I can't do this, I will DEFINITELY let you know
Three: If I don't post right away I have NOT quit, just need a bit of time.. Sometimes replies to other roleplays come to me first! {{Back to working Nightshift at a Hospital! It can be quite stressful}}

If this interests you in the slightest bit, please PM me!
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You don't have permission to post in this thread.

Please read above and PM me!

Please PM me if you’re interested!


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