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Multiverse Angels Vs Demons

By Catlover33
This was inspired by a roleplay that I did on this site in the past. Even though the thread is no longer around, I still remember it and this memory is what prompted me to make this roleplay in the first place.


Angels and demons have been at war for centuries. The two domains would never cease to fight and prisoners of war have been taken for both sides. Some of the prisoners even included members of the demonic and angelic royal families. They were all victims of the neverending war however, what happens when an angel and a demon secretly start wishing that the war would be over. Would the war finally stop or will it continue to rage on in a neverending cycle.



1. No Cybering
2. No complaining
3. Don't be a bully outside of the roleplay
4. No sexual themes
5. Don't join if you don't like dark themes
6. Please keep this Safe For Work
7. You are allowed to use OCs if you wish
8. You are allowed to have as many of your characters in a category as you wish


Taken Characters


Warriors: Nightstar (OC, Hybrid, Is also filed under members of the royal family, Played by kenbloodmoon), Mephyeka (OC, played by Vauquelin), Artemis Veil (OC, Played by Cursethewhitecat)

Members of the Royal Family: Ace (Final Fantasy, Played by Catlover33), Nightstar (OC, Played by kenbloodmoon), Mael (OC, Played by Kanedgy), Yaztromo (OC, Played by cookiecookie524), Tidus (Final Fantasy, Is also filed as a prisoner of war on the demon side, Played by Catlover33)

Prisoners of War (These are actually demons who are being held captive by the angels): Fs Papy (OC, Played by Sf_Pappy), Salucryn (OC, Played by Vauquelin), Larcade (Fairy Tail, Played by Kanedgy), Mason “Cancer” Kestril (OC, Played by CVM)


Warriors: Charlie (OC, Played by cookiecookie524), Oaklynn (OC, Played by cookiecookie524), Neunte Indyooring Vetle (OC, Played by TheBearWhoMauls), Toro (OC, Played by FROSTBITE4395), Chrollo (Tokyo Ghoul OC, Hybrid, Played by Kanedgy)

Members of the Royal Family: Ramza (Final Fantasy, Played by Catlover33), Trinede Seofon (OC, Played by TheBearWhoMauls), Aryan (OC, Played by kenbloodmoon), Machina (Final Fantasy, Played by Catlover33)

Prisoners of War (These are actually angels being held captive by the demons): Vaan (Final Fantasy, Played by Catlover33), Sybil (OC, Played by cookiecookie524), Bartz Klauser (Final Fantasy, Played by Catlover33), Tidus (Final Fantasy, Played by Catlover33), Firion (Final Fantasy, Hybrid, Played by Catlover33)


Please PM me or write something in the realtime chat that says which character that you are going to use. There is no set limit on how many characters you can have.


I made the prisoners of war a little better to understand. I originally had them categorized with the side that they are originally from however I noticed an error that actually really confused me. I fixed that error in order to actually make it easier to understand.
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Catlover33     363d ago

((And the entries have been successfully wiped!))
Catlover33     363d ago

((You can start!))
kenbloodmoonnightstar   363d ago

Nightstar yawned as he leaned against the castle wall wondering where his brother had gotten off to. He was growing tired of the war but he couldn't forgive the demons for the murders they had committed
Catlover33     363d ago

((I also might swap out Hope for Ace.))
Catlover33Ace   363d ago

Ace was standing outside of his room and had a small white bird perched on his shoulder. He ended up smiling softly and was humming as well. He didn’t seem to pay any attention to his surroundings, however.
kenbloodmoonnightstar   363d ago

Nightstar walked to Aces room nodding to his brother [+red "Ace I'm gonna go scout out the demon place to find the captured angels"]
He said as he walked by (my version is done and on ads if you want to join it)
Catlover33Ace   363d ago

“Alright… Stay safe, brother…” Ace muttered softly. He still kept his wings hidden underneath his cape so that he wouldn’t have to fluff them up when he got cold.
kenbloodmoonnightstar   363d ago

Nightstar nodded walking to one of the windows opening it and jumping out into a nose dive waiting till he was inches from the ground to open his wings and soar into the sky
Catlover33Machina   363d ago

“Ramza… Where are you?” Machina said softly. He was looking for Ramza who just so happened to be hiding somewhere within Hell’s castle. He liked playing hide and seek with his brother and would stop at nothing to find him.
FROSTBITE4395Toro   361d ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Toro woke up on a torn cot in a spare room of a blacksmith shop, once he had got up he automatically got to work, there were hundreds of weapons and armor pieces ordered and paid for by the royal family, just think, a year ago Toro was a prodigy and now he's making weapons and armor pieces for the royal family.
Catlover33Ramza   361d ago

“Oh shoot… He’s looking for me…” Ramza muttered softly. He had heard the voice of his older brother in the distance. He had settled into his hiding spot so that he wouldn’t be seen.

Bartz was currently in his cage and didn’t move. He was waiting for someone to interact with.
KarishinAster   63d ago

Aster (angel,warrior and member of the royal family, Pokémon Oc)
Lithium Shadowstar (Demon, warrior,member of the royal family
Karishin (Angel, prisoner of war, warrior
Cat22     63d ago

((There’s actually already a reboot of this thread. It’s right here.))

KarishinAster   63d ago

((Got my main character in there!
KanedgySuyra   63d ago
Technoblade never dies

ngl forgot this existed
KarishinAster   63d ago

(There is a v2 of this
KanedgySuyra   63d ago
Technoblade never dies

but where
KarishinAster   63d ago

KarishinAster   63d ago



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