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By Webmaster

Replies: 69 / 308 days ago

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We've updated the site!

Please report any new broken stuff here

* Fixed realtime chats
* Fixed file permission error messages
* Upgraded to PHP 8, latest MariaDB, Ubuntu
* Moved to Google cloud
* Added HTTPS. Made it a custom domain name

Upgrading was a big challenge because the ES RP was strongly tied to eliteskills sites, which are now 17 years old. There are many services that required big upgrades with many breaking changes.

Please report any new broken stuff here

Hey, I'm here to make a report about the table ESV3 formatting. I was trying to make a table for one of my role plays to list characters and user's in the role play and it wasn't working.

[b Example:]

|| TheBearWhoMauls || Henrietta
Something | Something]

|| TheBearWhoMauls || Henrietta
Something | Something]
test testes testet test
Webmaster / 295d ago
You can now get email alerts for your RP , click the link under the posting section !
Webmaster / 297d ago
Okay. Dark theme is much better.
But christ is the light theme unbearably bright still.
HEAD ES PESSIMIST / X / 297d ago
Thank you so much Webmaster for the fix!!
MourningGlory / 297d ago
Sorry, it's been fixed!
Technology / Webmaster / 297d ago
I'm having on issues as well. I'm on mobile at the moment and I'm trying to open a pm and it just pops back to the top of the page instead of opening it.

Also found another bug where in one of my threads certain punctuation marks or grammar marks make words turn into a bunch of gobbledygook and squares. Like if I use quotes or make a contraction word, it turns into squares for that word and sometimes a portion of the sentence depending on what is used.
-Mirror- / 297d ago
I am really sorry to be a bother. But I was wondering if anyone else is having a hard time with their pms? Like if you click on them they will not open and scroll back to the top of the page? Or if they can't be reread once they have been opened/answered...or if the only way to see what a message says is to reply to them?

Again I am sorry for this..but it is what is happening with my pms/messages.
MourningGlory / 297d ago
Testestestestestest test
Technology / Webmaster / 302d ago
Yes it does, thank you so much! <3
Sin / 302d ago
Thanks for the suggestion Sin,

I've added these changes, does this look ok?
Webmaster / 302d ago
Same thing between the View full list of recent activity and New Roleplays. Join them! If possible as well. It just gets me confused is all...
Sin / 302d ago
So... If its possible to separate a bit the space between the role plays I have and the new role plays join them text it would be nice... The text new role plays join them! Kind of gets lost in my own role plays list on the side. If there is a way to either make that text bigger or in bold or maybe make a tiny bit of space between it would be great.... Please? ^^;
Sin / 302d ago
No problem! Thank you.
Sf_Pappy / 303d ago
Thanks for reporting this Sf_pappy, it is fixed
Webmaster / 303d ago