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By bitter

Replies: 0 / 125 days ago

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[center [size15 I am searching for a few threads!]][center [size13 Nothing too complicated. Something simple.]]

[center [size15 [u A few fandoms:]]][center [size12 Game of Thrones.]][center [size12 Hetalia(specifically Denmark or Russia)]][center[size12 Fallout:New Vegas.]][center [size12 Dorohedoro]][center [size12 Overwatch]][center [size12 Attack on Titan.]]
[center [size15 [u Genres:]]][center [size12 Horror/Psychological.]][center [size12 Fantasy/Medieval.]][center [size12 Romance(will be in most any of my roleplays)]]

[center [size15 Please PM me for any questions, concerns, or plotting.]][center [size13 Talk to you soon! ♥]]
[right [size10 bitter ♥]]


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