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● Casting Shadows ● [MourningGlory]

By FadingReality

Hello and Welcome to my Roleplay.

Well, this is something I told myself I wouldn't do, but I am making a roleplay, my time is very limited I work a full time job and I am married I do not always post in a timely manner, sometimes weeks or even months can go by. So if you aren't okay with that, please don't ask to join this. You have been warned.

■ Once long ago there was a small boy who lived inside a tiny town, he was an odd little boy who never seemed to talk or be near anyone, he could always be seen watching from the shadows, however every time he appeared something odd would happen and someone from the town would die. The towns people gather together and decided that the small boy was an ill omen that when he came death came with him and in the small little minds they decided to take care of the small boy once and for all, than late one night during the summer a mob was formed under the leadership of the pastor of the local church, they went after the boy chasing him through the town, tried as he might no one would open their doors to him or heed his cries. Soon the towns people had chased him out of the town into the surrounding forest where it is said the caught him and tore his body to pieces where the demon he was could never fully be reborn. ■

□ A character was the only small girl in the whole town that ever even spoke to the boy in passing, trying to play with him once or twice before her parents chased him away and telling her never to speak to him again, however whenever she could see would go to see him and he would only smile at her and run away always staying away from her, when the rumor started that the boy had been murdered by the towns people the Girl went into a deep depression and her parents decided they needed to move and leave the past in the past, now years have past and the boy is nothing, but a mere memory in her past when her parents return to their old home and she decides to help them move in on their arrival minutes to her entering the town the old church pastor is seen laying in the front yard dead, and she sees something hovering in the shadows of the church. □

■ Once she starts looking into it however there is nothing there, but she sees a young man roughly her same age not far away walking with his head down and hands in his pockets and she feels as if she remembers him, but she doesn't know why? ■

The plot can be changed around it is just something I put together it needs a lot of work.

For more information about the Boy character we can talk about later on if you are interested in joining! Please let me know.
This roleplay will only be up for maybe 4 to 5 days, if no one is interested i am taking it down.
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FadingRealityLucas Simms   1y ago
The Lurking DemiGod

Death is a strange thing, it reminds you that we are not immortal, that all life comes to an end at one point. The boy new this better than anyone else because Death seemed to always follow him no matter where he would go someone would always die. It had all started the day he saw Death, yes he had actually seen Death, his skin had been almost snow white and his clothes black as midnight, seems to pass through shadows standing there one minute and gone before he could speak or say anything to the dreaded apparition, but one day the boy had enough nerve to actually say something, it was a mid-summer day and his parents had told him to go and play outside and he decided it was time to explore and play in woods next to his home as he entered the woods there was Death sitting in a clearing the shadows of the trees seeming to be stretching out towards him covering him it was as of he swallowed up all light that even came near to him.

It has been so innocent, just a small boy wanting to say something to his shadow friend that no one else could see, so he had walked forward until his shoes touched the beginning of the shadows near Death and he spoke. [#123552 "Hello...Uhm..My names Lucas, what's yours?"] Death had jumped to us feet startled that someone had spoken out only to see the small boy standing before him looking up into his eyes, this had never happened before no one had ever seen him unless it was there time,but this was a small child who still have some time left on this earth, Death did not answer he only looked at the child in wild surprise before slowly the shadows seem to consume him and he had completely disappeared from view. Lucas a little rated by the fact that he had seen a man completely vanish in front of him turned and ran out of the woods trying to get back home before the woods decided to swallow him whole as well, he never noticed though as he ran his own shadow stretched out behind him and the grass and trees seemed to wither and age as he passed.

That was when it had started as soon as Lucas made it home he tried telling his story to his parents, whom were extremely strict and frowned on the open wondering minds of small children, his father decided enough was enough amd had reached for a belt that was always to close by for Lucas liking because it seemed to him his mind wondered too often, he tried to turn and brace himself for the blow he knew would soon come, but the belt never landed he turned to look at his father to see him clutching his chest and falling to the floor his Mother had screamed and rushed forward to catch his father and that's when Lucas saw it, the man from the doors appeared from the depths of his shadow reaching out it lightly touched his Mother's shoulder and she too stopped on the spot and fell to her knees her eyes wide with shock her eyes turning to him pleading almost as Death took her, Death had taken them both, he stood there now looking down at them before he turned to Lucas and smiled a horrible thing to see. [b "Now, you will only have Death, mo one else to care for you, only Me."] With that he sank back into Lucas shadow.

It was not long after this that everywhere he went Death went with him, if he stopped and spoke to anyone he could see the shadows stretching out and touching them and minutes later they would lay dead or dying behind him as he ran into the woods, the only thing that gave him hope was the girl, he had only seen her a few times. She would always speak to him in passing before her parents would start yelling and chasing after him calling him Satan's spawn, but as long as he never spoke to them Death seemed happy to leave them alone. His only wish was that he could get to know her better to actually be able to sit down and play with her to be a child, but he knew his childish days would never come because he had spoken to Death and now Death ruled his life, but the few times he was able to be near the girl and she would play close by trying her best to start a conversation with him, was the most normal he had ever felt in his life, but as soon as he seen the shadows start to edge her way he would remember that he had a very jealous first friend who only played for keeps.

Then one night while he was sleeping in his old home, which was rundown from the lack of care no one had wanted to buy or take care of the home once his parents had passed away he was woken by a loud yelling coming from outside rushing to the window he looked out to see a mob of people with flashlights and burning touches marching towards his home, Lucas was confused at first not sure why they where marching towards his home or why they seemed to be so angry especially the Pastor of the local church who he had seen in passing only a few times, Lacus eyes strained as he watched them in the night, but his heart almost stopped beating when he saw Death slowly walking behind them all his eyes seemed to be glowing and his evil cold smile was across his face and Lucas could see the shadows of the night all stretching out and racing towards his home towards him and he knew right than Death was coming, he fled from the house running as fast as his sma little feet would carry him into the trees and down a trail as fast as he could go the angry voices slowly fading into the night. [b "Foolish child..You cannot outrun me, I always catch my prey..there is no were to go besides into my embrace,"] The voice stopped the blood flowing from his veins as he looked to see Death standing over him a sad smile on his face.

The mobs voices suddenly grew louder where they had almost been completely gone and Lucas looked into the eyes of Death and knew there would be no more running, because in the end no one could escape Death. He turned as a light beam hit him from behind he looked up at the Pastor who looked down on him shaking his head he reached out and grabbed Lucas by the hand. "No more running Satan..we will end your regin of fear over our town tonight." Lucas didn't reply instead his eyes moved away from the pastor and closed and he pictured the girl who always tried to play with him and he thought to himself [#123552 "I wish I had spoken to her once.."] Than the pain ripped through his body as the mob surrounded him each one kicking, punching or in the Pastor's case stabbing him over and over again, but Lucas never cried, he never called out in pain or fear he just kept his eyes closed and waited for Death to end this all and claim the life he had already taken over.

Death stood next to him, it's hand resting on his shoulder as they looked on watching the mob of people slowly rip apart and destroy everything that they could of a small child. [b "Come boy, there is much to show you in this new life of yours . Because now you are a part of me for all of eternity."] Lucas did not reply he just followed after Death the two of them merging into the shadows before Lucas turned and looked behind him one last time at the supposedly Holy Pastor that was curving another piece out of his body and Lucas felt the rage build up inside of him. ,[#123552 "This is a promise..once I am back and free from Death...I am coming for you. I am coming for you all."] Than he disappeared into the surrounding shadows where Death had been waiting to show him what his new life would be for the rest of his eternal life. Fifteen years had come and gone the town bad buried the dirty little secret never speaking of it again leaving as they thought their past behind them, the girl's parents had taken her and moved away , but that didn't matter to Lucas anymore he only lived for one thing and that was to make good on his promise to himself. Fifteen years was a long time to hold a gurge, but Lucas could still feel his pure joy of the thought that his vengeance would finally start today.

He glided out of the shadows onto a well trimmed grass yard no one looked up no one saw him of course he was one with Death a reaper to bring in souls, and this soul was long overdue. There was the Pastor standing on his front yard seeming to be inspecting his grass and flowerbeds, nut none of this mattered to Lucas he was only looking forward to one thing. As he reached the Pastor all the shadows seemed to stretch out towards him and a cloud alled across the face of the Sun, Lucas reached out and grabbed the Pastor hand who jumped and twisted to look into the eyes of Lucas who only smiled. "Y-You..! It can't be! I...I stopped you!" Lucas only smiled as he leaned forward and whispered into the Pastor's ear. [#123552 "There is someone your going to meet his been waiting a long time for his Son to come home..When you get there tell Satan Lucas says Hi."] Lucas took his hand and tapped the chest of the Pastor who eyes were slowly widening as he realized what Lucas meant he tried to speak, but the pain in his eyes was so clear his hand grabbed his chest and dropped to the ground Lucas turned and vanished into the shadows nearby popping back out down the road walking towards his old home.

He smiled as he thought about what the Pastor would be dealing with for the rest of eternity because no amount of begging or pleading would ever free him from where he had just been sent too, behind him he heard tires stretching to a halt someone had already found the body Lucas stopped and turned around to watch as an older couple jumped out of the vechiel and ran towards the Pastor they looked vaguely familiar, but then another movement caught his eyes and turned to look there and his eyes meet another pair of eyes looking straight at him, a very pretty young woman looking his way and he felt deep within himself that he knew her somehow. [b "Don't forget Lucas..you belong to me, if it wasn't for me, you would have no vengeance. "] Death's voice echoed out of the depths of the shadows near him. Lucas did not turn he did not look for the voice he wasn't surprised that He was here watching over him , Lucas looked at the woman a little longer before turning and walking away he would have to watch himself , he could not get caught doing that again or drawing close to anyone because Death comes for everyone and he wouldn't want to lose something else in his eternal doom bound life.
MourningGloryShadows   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Death, darkness, and evil. Those were the things that she had been told to fear all her life. The things that her parents had tried to keep her from. Or that was what Brianna had been told as a child. She couldn't really remember much of her past. All of it seemed like a distant dream, or maybe like one of those horror movies that her parents often tried to keep her away from. But either way, she was sure that things weren't always as they happened to be. That there was so much more than what met the eye. Something more mysterious and dare she think it, almost enchanting than the world that she knew and had grown up in.

When she had been a little girl, Bri had grown up in a small town. The town was one she could not even remember the name of now. But she remembered the people. They had been nice enough for the most part. Or were as long as you fit into their neat little boxes and followed the belief system that had been set up and even enforced by the town's pastor. Her parents, or as she had found out, her adoptive parents had been devout followers and listened to EVERYTHING the man said and soaked it in like sponges. Something that she had not been able to do herself. Just something about the man had always seemed off and just...he claimed to be a holy man, a man of God...but she had always seen a darkness around him. One that laced his very essence. And it had chilled her to the bone. So unlike most in the town, Brianna had tried to stray. She had been so "innocent" then and only saw the good in others and when she had come across a boy who was her own age she wanted nothing more than to get to know him. She wanted to play and she wanted to talk. Though, every time she rolled a ball his way or even got close, there would be this shadow that would appear and even inch closer. That and her father would come running and shouting at her to stay away from the "Spawn of Satan." And she would have no choice but to turn and run back to her parents before they could act on their fears. They always called the boy that name...or called him "Death incarnate" because according to the towns' people bad things happened when the boy was around.

Then one night, Brianna could remember hearing shouting coming from the neighbours and her bedroom door being locked from the outside.[b "Bri, stay here. There is something your mother and I have to do. But we will be back. Promise."] Came her father's muffled voice from his lips being pressed against the wooden door. [#2d8ae6 "B-but daddy!"] Yelped the little girl of six as she happened to try to twist and pull on the golden knob but to no avail. And when she called out again, a door slammed and even more flickers of light could be seen from beyond the glass of her window. She wanted to sneak out because she had a VERY bad feeling, but being her parents' little angel (she didn't know at the time that she happened to literally be part angel and witch), little Brianna could not find it in her heart to disobey her parents and so crawled back into her bed and covered her head with the blanket, crying at the fact that she was left all alone and that there was something bad going to happen and she couldn't do anything to help change it.

In the morning, it had seemed the night was just a nightmare. Her door was unlocked and both her momma and daddy were in the kitchen. Her mother was making breakfast and pouring a cup of coffee for her father who was reading the morning paper. Bri was wondering if she had been dreaming because EVERYTHING was as normal as it had ever been. [#cb1310 "Good morning, sweetheart. How did you sleep?"] Her mother asked when Brianna had hopped up into her chair, kicking her feet that dangled above the floor. Perks to being a six year old and as tiny as she was. Grey-blue gaze went to the woman and she was studying her before she looked to her plate and began to play with her food. [#cb1310 "Brianna, aren't you going to answer me? And stop playing with your food."] [#2d8ae6 "I couldn't sleep...I...I had a bad dream."] The little girl whined as she looked up to her parents, her eyes sparkling with tears. She still felt really uneasy and even had a sinking in her very core. A feeling she could not understand.

Not long after "mob night" or as her parents told her "bad dream night", they packed everything up and moved to the city. They seemed to want to leave their home behind them and the past in the past. They also wanted to give Brianna a chance at a "normal" life. Or that was what she was told for the reason of their moving. And it was after they moved, maybe when she was thirteen did weird things start to happen. Brianna learned she had powers and abilities that neither of her parents did. She could see things that they couldn't...talk to animals...and other things that she still had NO idea of. It was when she froze something from falling in the kitchen did her mother and father sit her down and tell her the truth. They told her that they had found her abandoned on their doorstep when she was just a baby and since then they adopted her and she was their little angel. They always knew that she was special and a blessing to them. She had shown signs of her abilities but given the pastor and the people that they trained her not to use them. They also explained that because she was so pure that they wanted to keep her from the evils they used to live around.

Fifteen years had come and had gone. Brianna was twenty-one and had just graduated from college. And what was fun was her parents wanted to move back to the town that they had left all those years ago. Apparently, it was built up and a better place than it used to be. They also needed a music teacher, which had been what Bri had studied and so it would be the perfect place for her to get her start. Her mother and father all but begged her to move back with them and to help them move in. Still MOSTLY being their little angel and little girl, she did as they asked and decided to come "home" with them.

[b "Brianna, we're almost there."] Came the soft words of her father, shaking her from her trance like state. A small smile came to her lips and she nodded. [#2d8ae6 "Alright...I can't wait to see how things had changed...[i "And if MAYBE my memories will come back.."]] Her last words had been whispered. But before more could be said, her mother let out a scream and pointed to w yard where a man was lying facedown. Her father had the car screeching to a stop and both her parents were out of the car and all but running to the man, the pastor that they had once so devoutly followed.

Brianna was slower to get out of the car. She was about to make her way over, but she sensed something. Something that had once been so familiar to her. And slowly, the strawberry blonde turned and looked to the shadows, seeing a young man about her own age there. Just for a second, blue gaze caught the eyes looking back her way. She wanted to go towards him, but just like that he was gone. With a sigh, Bri turned and ran over to try and help her parents, though she made a silent promise that she would be trying to find the man. Just something was tugging him towards him. And she needed to know what or it would drive her crazy.

[#cb1310 "Brianna, help him. Use your powers.."] Her mother pleaded with her the moment she got to the three. The pastor looked to JUST be alive. And Brianna shook her head. [#2d8ae6 "I'm sorry, momma...but...but I can't. He's as good as dead. And being called to wherever his soul is meant to rest...I can't interfere with that.."] She whispered and like that, the pastor took his last breath, though his hand was pointed in the direction of the man Bri had seen.

Since there was nothing they could do, they called for an ambulance to have the old pastor taken and then they were on their way to the house. All the while, Brianna could not shake the feeling that there was a huge mystery about to unfold.
FadingRealityLucas Simms   1y ago
The Lurking DemiGod

Lucas slipped through the streets not paying attention to where he was going just as long as he moved away from the Pastor's house and the girl who had looked at him, he needed to be as far away from that place as possible, but something was nagging at him in the back of his brain and he came to a stop standing in the middle of the sidewalk lost in thought replying the moments again play by play in his head, it had been the two elder people with the girl he had ignored completely because of her looking at him they had seemed familiar to him in that brief glance the girl too looked like someone he had see before in his living life, but he couldn't place the faces or the names he frowned and turned to look back the way he had came and to his surprise he had used his powers to teleport without thinking through the shadows he was far away from where he had been and a cold feeling creeped up his spine as he realized just where he was. His eyes turned to take it the wooden surroundings and a very broken down fence covered almost completely in vines.

Lucas eyes turned to a place where a gate use to stand now nothing more than a pile of splintered rotting wood and iron also over taken by grass and vines, down a very overgrown stone path stood a two story home windows where shattered and the roof has fallen in on one side, where the door had once stood there was nothing at all, but just the frame. Lucas eyes hardened the shadows around him seem to multiply growing stronger and darker like they where coming alive fingers reaching out towards the abandoned home that now lay in complete ruin, his home the place he had lived , the place he had been happy, the place where the shadows had first whispered to him. This was the place that had made him into what he was today, even know he could still hear Death's soft whispering. [b [i "Come here boy.. come and play. I will be your friend. Always."]] [#123552 "You mean it! Always!?"] [b [i "Forever and always."]] Death's voice could almost be heard laughing from the depths of the shadows and Lucas turned away from the house and walked towards the forest beyond each step faster than the one before anger and pain flooding his soul as behind him Death only laughed louder not following him because why would he, where would he go? He belonged to Death he was apart of him, he was a Reaper.

The silence of the forest surrounded him almost like a wall protecting him from the laughter, but he knew Death was there in every shadow in every dark place waiting and watching enjoying tormenting this innocent soul. Lucas feet took the all to familiar path to himself by now which lead into the heart of the forest, paying little attention to the greenery around him or the animals lifting their heads sniffing and running from the smell of Death. His eyes stayed to the path until he saw the small silver cross nailed into a tree, than followed by another than another, until they where as far as you could see set in every tree. He passed them with nothing more than a glance until his feet reached a clear meadow where in the center stood an eight foot silver and metal cross set into concrete on the cross where words written in Latin that said "Hic diaboli liberorum torquere nos non tollunt." Lucas scuffed [#123552 "The Devil's child indeed. This whole town is the Devil's children. Don't worry though..Soon I will send you all back home."] His eyes burned with hatred and pain he had thought about destroying the cross many times since his death, but he had decided his real body still deserved a gravestone even if no one ever came here or remembered where it was.

Lucas turned away from the cross and walked back towards the trees his body slowly molding into the darkness and without blinking an eye he stepped out into the busy streets of downtown the hustle and bustle of every day life was lost on Lucas because right now all he felt was anger and hatred it was burning inside of him like a fire that could not be put out, there was no way only the Pastor's death would ever be enough they would all pay the whole town would pay for what they had done to him and most of all once he figured out how, Death would pay and than finally he would be able to die and vanish from this world forever. Lucas walked towards the mainstream signal light passing people who seemed to move around him without seeing him, his hands reach up and touched the metal of the pole, black shadows erupted from his fingers and danced along the surface of the metal before shooting straight up and disappearing into the signal lights at that same moment every signal turned green at the same time and the traffic surged forward with the sound of horns and metal grinding on metal Lucas smiled a dark almost evil looking thing as people around him started to point and scream at the absolute carnage behind him, now finally he was in a good mood Death was getting some more company to send downstairs his eyes looked into the shadows and he saw the figure standing there a book in hand crossing names out one by one the same exact smile on his skeptical face.
MourningGloryShadows   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Haunting, the look in the young man's eyes had been haunting. It was like there was something not exactly right with him. As to what, Bri couldn't be sure. What bothered her all the more was the fact that her parents had not seen him (though she guessed their attention was with the old man who lay dead as opposed to anything else). The stranger she had seen lurking like a shadow by the trees and watching the scene was all she could think of as her father drove. There had been something...familiar? But what had it been? Just for an instant she thought she had known him and then that thought left her just as he seemed to vanish into thin air himself. Had he really even been there? Or had he just been a figment of her imagination?

[#cb1310 "Brianna, are you even listening to me?"] Came the sharp, still terror filled words of her mother as Bri seemed to have spaced out as she kept blue eyes upon the glass of the window. The redhead pulled her gaze from the window and blue orbs were met by brown as the woman was turned over the passenger's seat. They were filled with...well the young woman of twenty-one could not even place the look. But she did know it was a look she had not seen since her powers had revealed themselves when she had been very young. [#2d8ae6 "No momma...I'm sorry. I was...distracted."] Her words were broken as she could not quite get her mind to focus enough to form coherent thoughts. All that she could think of was the dead pastor and the man she had seen. The "ghost" was what she somehow couldn't help thinking of him as. What else was she supposed to think of the man as if she had been the only one to see him? Well the only one other than the old pastor who had been dying when they found him.

Was it minutes? Or was it hours that had passed since they had left the pastor to the paramedics? Bri couldn't be sure. All she knew was that her father had parked the car in the driveway of their new home. Though something about the place felt familiar. It felt like they had lived in the house before. Or that was the feeling that the young woman was getting as she got out of the car and helped her parents with the boxes. The movers would be there in the next day or two with the rest of their things.

[b "Brianna, don't stray too far. We don't need you to be getting lost."] Came the soft words from behind as greying-blue eyes were locked on the woods just beyond the steel gate of the home. She was only just aware of the words spoken as she could see a darkness hovering above the green of the trees. A darkness that looked like a shadow of...she couldn't place it but it sent chills up and down her spine. [b "Brianna?"] He father said, her name being sharp to make sure he got her attention with his words this time. [b "Do not stray far. You don't need to get lost and you don't know what is out there."] The man muttered, a hand resting on her shoulder.

[#2d8ae6 "There is a lot out there...things you and momma can't see...But I won't go too far...I just..."] But her words were cut off. It was almost as if she were in a trance. The woods were calling to her. It was like a siren's call. And she gave her father a small smile. [#2d8ae6 "I'll be back soon...I just need to go for a walk."] Without letting her father speak to her again, Bri slipped out the gate and made her way down the path and into the woods. She was letting the soft song that only she could hear lead her.

Deeper and deeper it led her along the path and into the woods. Animals looked her way but didn't get closer as they knew the path she was taking. Could still sense death among it. But the pull for Bri was so strong she couldn't stop even if she wanted to. And the further she went, the more shadows and figures began to dance around her, voices and shouts that she could not make out the words of. The ONLY words she could make out were [#2d8ae6 "DEVIL CHILD!"] Over and over it rang out until she found herself before the eight feet high metal and steel cross with the latin words. Slowly did she move towards it and touch the metal, quickly pulling back as it burned and sent a blur of flashes before her eyes. [#2d8ae6 "What the...?"]

"Brianna! Brianna where are you?!" Came the distant calls of her parents. They sounded scared, which made her heart sink. And with one more look at the cross, Bri turned and began to run back the way she had come and in the direction she could hear the calling coming from. It was when she had gotten to her parents did both throw their arms around her and begin to all but drag her back to the house. They told her she was NOT to turn on the television or the radio. But they did not tell her why she was not to do so.

Only when she was alone in her new room and unpacking it did she turn the radio on quietly. The news she heard, all the crashes and deaths in the town had her hands thrown over her mouth. What...was...going...on?
FadingRealityLucas Simms   1y ago
The Lurking DemiGod

Chaos was the only word that could truly explain what was happening around Lucas at that moment, front right to left all one could see where car parts , the smell of burnt rubber and all one could hear was the sound of sobbing, as people gathered around trying to save anyone left in the carnage. Lucas just smiled all the time the cold light in his eyes showing just how much he had actually enjoyed the death the thrill of bringing an end to so many souls all of whom in his eyes where deserving of death being part of this pit of hell that called itself a town with demons who walked in skin and acted as if they where one of God's most precious children.
Lucas started walking away leaving the scene behind him he wasn't sure where he would go or what he would do, but he was considering causing more chaos chasing more souls into the waiting arms of death. Little did Lucas know or realize just how much he was becoming like it, the thing that cursed him and brought forth his death in such a fashion that even angels cried once seeing his broken body, but Lucas had no clue he was slowly turning into the thing that had stalked him even know with pure joy in it's eyes.
Slowly all the sounds and smells faded away for Lucas had finally left the Chaos behind him where more emergency personal where showing up to see if they could help anyone left in the crash area, but Lucas knew already it was too late because anything he offered to death would quickly be eaten up and stashed inside of it's jar of souls. Quiet surrounded Lucas where his feet carried him on their own accord if he had been paying attention instead of focused on his thoughts of completely whipping out the whole city he would have seen where he was at once.

Before he had died long ago Lucas had seen where the little girl had lived who he played with time and time again it was a route that he had learned in the depths of his heart to always remember and his feet out of old habits had taken him towards the old house once again where she had use to live, it wasn't until Lucas blinked and realized where he was that his mood changed only slightly thinking about the person who had onced lived here the only person who had ever shown him any kind of kindness.
His mood however quickly changed once again to dark and dangerous as his eyes noticed the car sitting in the driveway a moving truck not that far away from it, there were people unloading the truck and the car. Lucas could feel the anger building up within him of the injustice of the world, where was the only safe place he remembered the only place where she might would come back too and someone else had taken it and was taking away any chance he ever had of seeing her again.
Shadows started to thicken from the forest not far away and the shadows from the houses near by seemed to stretch out reaching for the young man who was just standing on the sidewalk looking forward the house in the distance Death raised it's head from the Chao that Lucas had created and a terrible smile spread across it's happy face as it's eyes turned towards where Lucas would be and it seemed for just a moment that every Shadow off of every building started leaning towards the area all of them gathering in one place for the person that was calling them.

The air started to become cooler in the forest some animal made a strange sound that would send chills down the spine of anyone who happen to hear it, the wind started to pick up and it was almost like dark clouds started gathering in the skies all at once the movers stopped in their tracks and looked up because of how strange it was because it had been so bright and sunny before and it was almost as if the wind was whispering speaking though none could understand what the sound was because if they had they would have heard the words "Death is Coming."
Lucas lifted his feet once again now walking towards the house his eyes now so cold and black it was like they where sucking in all the light all the color around Him and the only thing left over was gray, or black a void from which there is no return whatsoever. Lucas raised his hand pointing towards one of the movers that happen to be on the trucks ramps he didn't speak, but a shadow lashed out from around him connected to the shadows that were reaching for him and faster than one could blink it had wrapped itself up the man's leg and suddenly he fell off of the ramp not enough to kill him, but hurt him badly, but it would matter because Lucas was still set on his prey step after step bringing him closer the other men where now rushing towards the fallen man who now had blood leaking from the back of his head no one noticed the truck suddenly became unparked and by an inche it started to roll backwards towards where all the man where gathered.
[#123456 "You can't be here this is Her's! Only she can have it! Leave this place!"] His voice was rare with pain and hatred the voices in the wind where becoming louder almost singing as Death himself started to move towards Lucas wanted to see the death he was about to bring out about all these mortals his cruel smile still in place one that was now mirrored on Lucas face himself as he knew full well that all of these men where about to die or if he had his way they would.
MourningGloryShadows   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The words that echoed from the radio with the descriptions of the pileup broke her heart. There was no way all of that had come about naturally, or not with so many dead. To Brianna, the chaos that unfolded sounded like a movie she had watched, one where Death was the culprit. And the more that Bri listened, the more her heart broke for those who had family and friends who died or were about to. Just from the words, the young woman of twenty-one seemed to be standing on that corner. She could see car after car ramming into one another and she could hear a chilled laughter. All of it was enough to have her blood run cold.

A knock at the room's door had her jump and scramble to turn off the radio, but it was too late because when she turned her room door was opened and her parents were staring at her. [#cb1310 "Brianna, we told you not to listen to this. What on Earth were you thinking?"] Her mother began, eyes wide with her horror as she had heard the number of those who were dead and that emergency personal were still trying to see if there were any survivors of the terror that had unfolded in town.

Blue gaze fell on her mother and father, but she didn't answer them. What answer was there to give? She had wanted to know what was going on because they clearly didn't want her knowing. She did contemplate telling that to them. Contemplated even asking them what they were trying to hide from her. But before she could, the scene outside the window changed. The sun was becoming shadowed over by the clouds and the wind looked as if it were getting harder. Words could be heard in the howls, well to her they could be but she was sure no one else could hear that. Still, that was not what had her attention. What had her attention was the movers and their truck slowly making its way towards the men.

Without a word, Brianna pushed her way past her parents and ran down the hall and out the front door, stopping on the porch with a hand raised and she softest of tints in her eyes. [#2d8ae6 "You will not harm these men..."] The young woman uttered, knowing that whoever or whatever out there would hear her. She could not let these men become injured or killed. NOT after what had happened in town. And like that, a soft glow made its way to the tires of the truck and froze it before it managed to hit the movers, the men all having hands over their chests as they had expected it to be their end.

[#2d8ae6 "Why are you doing this? What have they done to you?"] Her words were still soft but her gaze was now just beyond the gates of the home as she could see a shadowed figure.
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The Lurking DemiGod

Lucas watched as the light came out and wrapped around the tires of the moving truck brining it to a stop he was caught completely off-guard for a few minutes unable to completely believe in just what he was seeing, nothing had ever stopped his powers before unless it was Death wanting to show him a better way or a colder way to kill the undeserving souls that happened to cross his path, words reached his ears almost soft and peaceful as if light itself was inside of the voice he could almost feel a light shining on him in his shrewd darkness.
His eyes moved to the gate of old house and there was the girl he had briefly saw sitting in the back of the car here she was standing there hand out stretched her eyes locked on him and with a shudder he quickly realized that they where seeing him just where he was. "Why are you doing this? What have they done too you?" The light filled words caressed his ears as if a calming wind was blowing on him, but the mentioning of the men distracted him from the girl's burning eyes which where locked on him.
He slowly raised his own hand the black shadows racing out wrapping towards the men, but he knew it was useless the girl's light would stop this as well Lucas eyes went back to the girl and he opened his mouth and with a haunted voice he spoke. "This place is special it belongs to Her! You nor them belong! Leave! Or when I come back there will be no end to my warth Light wielder." Quickly he turned on his heel and the shadows opened wide and it was if the darkness itself swallowed him whole he did not turn to see if she stopped the shadows he threw at the men it was only a distraction for him to leave.

Through the Darkness he cursed anger was flowing through him robbed of his righteous murders he was fuming at the light wielding woman that he had never heard of before Death had never told him of such persons that could possibly stop his powers. Lucas swung his fight in anger as he stepped out of the darkness and into the forest once again his hand making contact with the gravestone shaking it the impact cracking the headstone slightly as his eyes glowed.
Taking a deep breath he slowly stood to his full height looking back towards the town a frown across his face thinking out loud to himself. "The woman will be a problem.. she will stand in the way of my revenge." His voice was loud in the quiet forest, but he knew better than to think he was completely alone. Turning towards the darkness beyond his grave where it was to dark to even see the trees beyond his eyes locking on the area before speaking again. "How long will you hide in Darkness Master. I hear your chuckling from here. Who is this light wielder and why does it amuse you so!" However there was no answer from the darkness, just a gentle cold breeze that smelled foul of death that carried within it that chilled sound of laughter evil cold no joy filled laughter ringing within his ears. Lucas shook his head knowing he would not get an answer from the twisted fiend and turning back towards the town his hands clutched into fist now he was more ready than before everyone in this town would feel his warth even Her the light Wielder regardless of how her words sounded in his soul and caressed the shattered pieces of his heart everyone in this town would die starting with her and all of her family for moving into his beloved friends house.
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Lady of the Night

Darkness and death surrounded the man beyond the gates as piercing blue gaze was locked on him. She could see him within the shadows even when none of the others could. And she could sense anger and loss from where she stood. The emotions held such an intensity that Bri had never felt before and it shook the young woman to her very core. But she knew that she could not allow it to get the best of her. She had people who needes her protection and in her eyes were not yet worth being claimes by death..or at the very least not in the gruesome and cruel way the man wanted.

[#2d8ae6 "They've done nothing... we've done nothing. What is it that has done such to you..?"] Her words were again soft. But as she spoke, the haunting anger of his own words had reached her. Pain and suffering and a revenge was wanted. She was wanting so very badly to understand and to ask the tortured soul what he meant. There was something that made her want to help him more than she wanted to help anyone before. Though she could not focus on that want long as more shadows and darkness was shot at the men and her attention was forced from the man and once more her light wrapped around the workers to shield them.

Only when she was sure no more would come did she retract the light and slowly slip back into the house. Both mother and father were standing there and they looked horror struck. [b "We...your mother and I have told you again and again you are never to use your powers like this. You...what you've done could very well have damned us all.."] Her father's words were like a slap across the face and Brianna's gaze went to the floor. [#2d8ae6 "I had to...if I didn't those men would have become pancakes...no one deserves that fate. And there has been TOO MUCH death today. You both heard the radio and saw the news...there is definitely something up and I am going to find out what it is."] With her words, the young woman pulled her gaze from the ground and gave both her parents a firm look.

Before they could say more, the young woman brushed past them and found her way out the back door and was running towards the forest again. She needed to know WHO the man was...and WHAT was going on. And somehow, Bri thought the forest would be the best place...that grave would be..to start trying to find some answers.
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The Lurking DemiGod

Being that he was already looking back towards town it was no surprise to him when he heard the shadows start whispering to him softly warning of brightness coming and he frowned looking straight up he saw it would soon be dark and night would be on the forest. "The Light wielder..?" He questioned softly to himself before pushing back into the shadows, something was definitely entering inside of his forest the place that had become his home and his death, the shadows wrapped around him like a lovers embrace welcoming him back into their depths, if someone had been watching that could be able to see him it was almost as if he melted into the darkness itself and the silence of the woods fell suddenly as the trees and wind seemed to still as well not daring to breath as Lucas looked out from the darkness waiting, he didn't know why the light Wielder was wondering into the forest at night, but since she had already proven herself a problem to him he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, he would kill the light Wielder here in the forest before she could grow stronger by bringing the all seeing one to this town it was the last thing Lucas needed, if the all seeing one was here he would never have his revenge.

God, the all seeing one, the all mighty,  he had meany names and many titles, Death served him being an angel itself, so when the all seeing one was watching they had to stay within the rules and laws governed by Him. Or they would be forced to take a fall and lose a great part of their power and then be forced to join ranks with Lucy at that thought Lucas chuckled to himself, no one would ever consider calling the Devil by a nickname,  however being a servant of Death an Angel of the all seeing One, Lucas technology ranked on the same level as him in some regards and the two had meet many times, he was the one who had taught Lucas the meaning of Revenge,  not that Lucas was swayed to join his ranks , but they stayed away from each other happy to leave each other to their own goals, but Lucas knew that his Master held the keys to Luci fate, being the Angel of Death he was the second person next to the all seeing One who could destory the Devil with hardly any effect at all.

Lucas turned his eyes once again heavenward and frowned his brain was turning once again, angels on a whole where light wielders besides Death and Luci , so seeing a human that had the ability was strange it was not unheard of, but it was strange to say the least,  it could be a problem,  because what if the light wielding woman was not a human than the all seeing One would most definitely be watching her and if Lucas raised his hand against her it was basically sealing his own Death sentence,  but this time it would be for real and forever and he would be cast out forever. He must test her to see if she was human gifted with powers or if she was more than she seemed. Lucas moved than from the shadows of the forest to his resting place seeing his tombstone there the words written there he crossed his arms and waited in the darkness, soon he would have his answers because the light Wielder should be drawn to this place being that it was the darkest place in the forest holding in his death and the screams, the cries, the blood that soaked the ground it would be here she would come and he would be ready for her, he closed his eyes they turned black as all the darkness started surrounding him gathering together weaving between the trees and plans that seemed to turn gray or down with Death when his eyes opened once again they were black and cold and in the darkness around him a voice crackled with laughter his Master was here to watch the show Death was going to judge himself if this light wielder would die Lucas growled , but the laughter only grew, she was coming and he could do little to push his Master out, it was now or never he would have his answers!
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Lady of the Night

Deeper and deeper Brianna found herself within the forest as she ran. The winds and the soft movements of the trees and plants seemed to all but halt. And a deathly silence seemed to fall. The place was becoming more and more like a scene out of the horror movies she watched. Particularly those dark and demonic ones where there was a great presence of evil looming ever near in the shadows. And at that thought, an ironic laugh seemed to slip from her. Because the thought fell very much in line with the man she had seen disappear within the shadows and the forest. He was the darkness and he was what she would call the damning spirit. The one who was angry and hatefilled...one who wanted nothing but death and vengence, with a sprinkle of never ending chaos. Just those added thoughts to her inital ones of the horror films was enough to stop her in her tracks.

Head snapped from side to side as blue eyes tried to take in her surroundings. The forest was much darker and cooler with the coming of night. And there was more a sense of forboding. But even so, the strawberry blonde could not make herself be afraid enough to turn and run. The man that it seemed none but she could see had come to what was now her home. He had stood just beyong the gates and he had attacked innocent workers. And then to top it off he had threatened her and her parents. Since that all had happened, Bri could not back down. She could not just let the man think he could do as he pleased. And she needed answers. Why was he so angry? What had him so broken and hateful? She had NEVER felt anything in all of her life so dark before and it tugged at the very core of her being. It made her want to try and help him. Made her want to try and help set him free from the torment he had been "living" with.

As she kept looking from side to side, shadows seemed to begin to part in her wake. It was if they were forming a path and as she began to make her way forward, Brianna realised that though the shadows broke, the colder and darker the forest became. It was a place that felt like what she would assume the depths of hell itself would feel like. So much pain...so much suffering... Screams and cries...old echoes could be heard and were getting louder and louder the more she followed the path. It was JUST as she realised where sh was being drawn to could she not stop and an ice cold cackling could be heard from somewhere beyong.

[#2d8ae6 "I know you are there..this place is the darkest in the forest...the most..tormented of all. It matches what I felt earlier in your words...I...why don't you come out?"] Her words were soft as she spoke them and she neared the grave that she had been to earlier that day, finger tips gently brushing over it. And as before, the flashes of the night that Lucas had died began before her eyes. All the towns' people with torches and all chasing the poor boy. Him being strung up and beaten...the blood that splattered the grounds as he cried out for them to stop. It was as a few men got closer and closer did Bri pull her hand away and stumble back. Her eyes were filled with tears as she had fallen on her ass and her gaze turned once more to the shadows.

[#2d8ae6 "That little boy...that horrible death.. Was it you? Is that why you 'haunt' this place and want those here to pay?"] She was trying so hard to keep her trembling voice steady as she spoke. But thered was a deep sorrow that now flooded her. None deserved to suffer such a fate.

And as her thoughts were on the boy she had seen and his horrific death, light began to slip into the ground from her feet and into the ground, the dying and grey grass coming back to life. Pink and white roses began to spring and sat before the grave. NONE of what was happening did Bri have any control over. It was merely happening all based within her emotions and based upon her sorrow.
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The Lurking DemiGod

Lucas watched the grass around the grave turn slowly back to green, roses started to raise up from the ground and slowly blossom to full bloom around the front of his gravestone all the while he looked on in shock and bewilderment as he could feel his powers his very presence being rejected and pushed back by this girls pure innocent sorrow. He wasn't sure what to make of it or even what to do because she looked so lovely in the middle of the little meadow that for so long had smelled as death lived there and in a way he did.

She spoke out to him asking him to come out to her, she wanted him to explain why he was doing what he was towards the people in this town, than she seemed to go into a trace and words he never excepted to hear next came out of her mouth as she looked around the meadow for him. Talking about the horrible death of a small little boy and was that the reason he still haunted this place because of his death. Lucas almost laughed bitterly as from the shadows he finally stepped out into her light and green grass and the white and pink roses.

As he stepped out into the light it caught him for the first time reveling his features and just how tall he was and also his very deadly cold black eyes that seemed to have do depth to them as if the soul that once lived there had long ago given up all hope of returning and let itself die. Shadows lifted once again as darkness pushed against light ever step he took a little bit of the green grass died around him as his eyes locked in own her own.

"Yes..I am that little boy, who this town decided to completely destory." His tone was almost mocking a bitter laugh lurking in the back ground as his feet finally stopped moving and he was now within about twenty steps of her standing on the back side of thr gravestone while she was standing in the front looking at each other through the stone. "Demon they cried, a dark energy sucking life from our town.. he must be killed because he takes all that's good." He spread his arms hide as to incompasses the whole area around them and his lips smiled.

"So they chased me here, they killed me here right where this stone now stands, they beat me, tore me to pieces, than left me to Death."  Here he did laugh as a cold light filled his eyes and he lowered his arms and pointed to a rose that not close to the others and as he did so the grass around it turned brown, than gray, than black as the rose wilted crumbling into dust before her. "And Death gladly accepted their offering...Light barer." He stood to his full height and tilted his head the mockery and coldness in his eyes.

"So you see light barer, I do not haunt this place as a ghost, I am an agent of wrath, I am the bringer of destruction." He stopped speaking as he moved from behind the gravestone to the side, but still not any closer to her staying at where he was at. "In the famous words of another man." He smiled that looked almost pure evil in the shadows and light clashing against each other. "I have become Death." With these last words he now took a step towards her and the dead grass spread closer to her the roses remained untouched.

"So tell me Light barer, little angel, why are you here. Why did he send you before I could reap the harvest of my vengeance." He growled almost his eyes never leaving her own he could almost get lost in those eyes they seemed to remind him of something else maybe even someone else, but he could not place the name in his mind or recall the face as he scanned her facial details for more information trying to job his memory. "I have always been told that angels are lovely to the point if you saw one it would be like death,  but you take the cake..Lucie lied to me..go figure." He chuckled this time more lightly before dropping his hands down to his sides the shadows stopped moving pushing against her light, if someone was looking on it would he like yen and yang facing each other in the middle of meadow and between them a very lonely grave.
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Lady of the Night

Did she expect for the male lurking in the shadows to come out and join her as she begged? To be honest, Brianna didn't know what to expect. But eyes remained upon the ever lurking shadows as she continued to watch them. As she continued to scan them in search of the powerful darkness which had brought her to this place. A place that was both the darkest and saddest she had ever felt.

The moment she saw the man coming towards her, Bri stopped and kept her eyes upon him. The closer he got, the more the light around her tried to push back against the shadows. The flowers and the grass with each step he took either browned or turned black and died comoletely. This was the very first she had ever seen or heard anything remotely close to what the man said. And yet, the words, that absolutely chilling and mocking laughter rung out and echoed within both her ears and her head.

[#2d8ae6 "So not a ghost like the common 'haunter'...but the vengeful spirit of a boy who was wrongfully taken...wrongfully killed by a people who could not and would not try to understand him.."] Her words were very soft as she spoke them, taking in the words again that had been thrown her way.

[#2d8ae6 "What does it mean...? That you became death?"] Maybe she very well should have gotten what was being said. She should have believed him based on the destruction and the horrors he had caused for the day. First the old reverend and then the town. But maybe, the case was she didn't want to believe him as she had always wanted to believe the good in both people and spirits. Though this man...those eyes said there was something SO much different. There was an ever present darkness and the sense of whatever soul that had once lived within was dead. There was no sense of light or life within him. No sense of hope. Just the ever growing sense of hatred and the VERY smallest sense of loss.

As she was becoming lost in her head and seeming to become lost in the souless depths of his eyes, Bri was more than surprised when he had again moved to the side of the gravestone now. She found herself even more surprised when her earlier question of what it meant that he had become death had been answered when her eyes had followed his own to the flower and patch of grass not that far from them, yet far enough from all the others browned and then turned black and to dust. It made her hurt to see it...hurt in the sense that yet again a deep sorrow was adding to the sorrows that she already felt being at this grave.

Eyes again locked with the male's before her as he was at his full height, easily towering over her own of five-feet and three inches. And yet she found herself facing him and keeping her eyes locked with his. Was she stupid? Did she have what others would call a death wish in being in this place? Perhaps. Or perhaps she was just drawn and couldn't fight that draw.

He kept calling her "Light Barer" and even once referred to her as "Little Angel". Why was that? [#2d8ae6 "I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. I'm no 'Light Barer'...and I was not sent here by 'The Almighty'...that is if he is the him you are meaning?"] Her words trailed for a moment to let the male take them in as the light and the shadows seemed to continue in their embraceless dance, a dance that to any watching may reflect the swirl of yin and yang.

Brianna debated for another moment on what more she should be telling the man before her. But regardless, there was something about him that felt distantly familiar. But she couldn't place it as it was all a very distamt memory. And with that last thought as she could NOT place the "darkness" before her of how and why he felt familiar to her, Bri let out a sigh. Slowly a hand came up and brushed long strawberry blonde hair back as she was finally able to tear her gaze from his. [#2d8ae6 "Maybe I can start by giving you a name. That way 'Light Barer' isn't used because that is not what I am... My name is Brianna...I'm a newly graduated college student and my parents decided that moving here would be a good idea with it being a small town. Yes people to...."] But there her words cut off. The young woman had been VERY close to telling Lucas that she had people back home who feared her and the things she could do based on a total and complete lack of understanding. Why was it people feared what they could not understand? Why did they not keep open minds and try to learn?
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The Lurking DemiGod

Lucas stood there and listened to her words as she spoke softly and calmly she didn't seem to be bothered by their clashing powers waging a war between them the ground around them green with life one second then Grey and brown with death a few seconds later the swirling cycle ebbing like the tide of the oceans smacking against one another, never mixing or forming together just beating out their frustrations against one another. The light could only push the darkness back for so long before it would collapse and the darkness would flow forward like breaking from a dam to stop and once again be pushed back by light once again.
The two powers never mixed and made a Grey area and Lucas watched the battle around them while listening to her words the questions she asked because it was clear she knew nothing about what she had inside or her, but what he focused on the most was the fact that she said the almighty had not sent her and she didn't seem to know what it meant when he called her a little angel. As he watched the powers clashing it was clear to him that was what she was or at least half of one because no other creature could possibly push the powers of death back with light other than an angel and one of high caliber.
Suddenly as soon as it had started all the shadows retreated everything stopped and fled back towards Lucas wrapping around him twisting and turning spinning almost like it was forming a cloak about him in darkness his hand moved out to the side and closed his first like he was holding something and the darkness seemed to be gathering there as well and if you were to look at him in the darkness of the forest it would seem as if he were wearing black hooded clothes and a very dark reapers scythe was in his hand and it's dark edge was dripping darkness like blood falling to the ground. Of course when he pulled back all the shadows and darkness her light had pushed past all the grave and brought all the flowers and grass back to life, but unlike before it did not clash against his darkness around his parsonage it was almost as if the light stopped feet away from him and the light seemed to be shaking with fear.

[b "This..is what it means to become death..not a ghost, not a vengeful spirit..but Death girl..actual literal Death."] This time he spoke softly and he slowly took a step forward and the light retreated from him as the shadows and darkness seem to be even stronger than before this was Lucas true form the embodiment of Death. His eyes locked on her own as step after stepped he moved towards her closing the distance between them however this time as he walked the things around him did not die, but their colors seemed to fade away completely as only darkness remained in their place it was as if his presence was blotting out all light, all life itself from being able to be near him. His towering frame now lurked over her own small frame as his hand moved the scythe soundlessly moving where it's shadow blade now placed directly behind her as Lucas bent down his eyes staying on her own. [b "You have..some form of angelic blood within your veins..it is what gives these powers against darkness..against death, but not true death..basically..Me."] He smirked now she should have never told him that the almighty had not sent her here to stop what he was doing in this town.
That meant she was either a Rouge angel or she truly did not know what she was and therefore she was fair game and Lucas could do what he was doing now without having any drawbacks or repercussions raining down on him from the heavens above he would kill her here on his very own grave and go hack to reaping his vengeance on this town and the people who had so wrongly ended his life so very long ago or it felt long ago to him now. 
Lucas started to move his hand down bringing the scythe into her back taking away her life when she had stated her name the fact that she went to college and had to move, there seemed to be something more there lime she too had been dealt with harshly in her life and had been sheltered from what she truly was, but most of all it was her name that stopped him because as soon as he heard it an old memory came crawling back to the forefront of his mind of a little girl smiling at him hand outstretched saying "Hi my name is Bri!" His very first friend after becoming friends with the voice of death that followed him everywhere and felled anything or anyone who got to close to him. This girl well this woman had the very same name as the girl who he had played with all of those years ago and her face, her eyes reminded him so much of her small one when they had been children it shook him to his core and within the shadows he could almost hear Death whispering "Do it..reap her soul.." it almost sounded far to joyful about this and Lucas learned long ago never trust death because that only leads to pain and death itself.
The scythe stopped moving and just as suddenly as his new form had coated him it fell away and the light seemed to sigh with relief because all of the darkness and death had simply just disappeared before it. [b "You Bri..have no idea of what you are..or what you are dealing with her."] He turned on his heel and moved back to the other side of the gravestone and he turned back around and faced her once again locking eyes with her. [b "I am sparing you this time because you remind me of someone...but who matters little..if you know what's good for you light barer you and yours should leave and go back from whence you came."] As he spoke his eyes became harder and darker than before he was trying to send this massage as loud and clear as he could. [b "Because if we meet again.. i will not be so forgiving or so merciful..you will die here. Heed the words of Lucas barer of Death."] He finished speaking and finally breaking his gaze away from her eyes the shadows once again came from no were and seemed to swallow him completely and he vanished in front of her, but in truth he was standing in the darkness looking at her placing a hand to his chest his heart hurt like it was being beaten once again and in the darkness he could hear the angry mutters of Death scolding him for not following through with his kill and reaping the girl's soul.
MourningGloryShadows   152d ago
Lady of the Night

Brianna should have feared the man more than she had feared anyone or anything else in her life. She should have had fear of the clashing of the light and the darkness around them. The young woman should have feared all the colours of the grass, flowers, and trees that both lost and regained colour. And yet, none of that seemed to matter to her as bright blue eyes were glued to the man who had come from the shadows as she had begged for him to. Glued to the man whose pain and vengeance radiated around him like death itself. The words she spoke she could tell that he was taking in just as she took in his. All the time she should have been moving away from him and TRYING to run as darkness and light flowed like the ebbing of the sea. Touching yet never blending or becoming one. Anyone would think they had walked into another dimension, would think that they had walked into the twilight zone if they saw the colours and greys both seeming to fight for control.

It was the moment when all the darkness withdrew and cloaked the man was she able to pull her gaze away if only for a second. Everything around them had changed. Her light now shuddered in fear and couldn't even seem to get close to the darkness cloaked man. The man who now looked the part of a grim reaper and called himself complete darkness and the embodiment of death. Again, the young strawberry blonde should have been fearing for her life and part of her was. But she was glued to the spot as Lucas simply got closer and closer and held the shadowed weapon, the scythe in his hand which looked to be dripping with pure black blood. Her words had been spoken, soft as if she wanted for him to understand. Wanted for him to take them in.

The scythe at her back that seemed to be slipping deeper and deeper into her made her knees almost feel as if they were made of jelly. But she held her ground, blue gaze locked with a dark one she could no longer see based in the darkness that still cloaked Lucas. But she did notice him freeze when he heard her name and before she knew it, the scythe was pulled from her back and he was moving away from her. The darkness all but vanished and her light could now breathe and was working to tryband fix what his darkness had destroyed.

[#2d8ae6 "Lucas...that name..."] Her words were soft and thoughtful as dark and cold eyes locked with hers. That voice and his words were venomous. It was clear he was trying to make her listen and trying to drive a point home. Yet even she knew that she could not just up and leave the town. ESPECIALLY with all the pain it had caused him when he had been alive and all the pain that he had caused it. Now she HAD to know what had happened to him. But she also had the feeling that things somehow had to do with her as well. She needed to figure out who and what she was. Why he kept calling her light barer as he did and why she seemed to only one who could see him and stand even the slightest against him.

The young woman was about to open her mouth. About to try and at least ask him one of the what felt like a million questions she had running around in her head. But before she could open her mouth or any of her questions could slip out, the shadows all but engulfed Lucas again and he seemed to vanish from her sight and from the place where they had spent the last God only knew how long with their powers both battling for control.

Slowly she turned away FINALLY from where the man had been standing and back to the grave and the still dead patch of earth before it. Bri knelt down and gently brushed her fingers over the plot of land and a boutique of flowers grew and rested themselves before the stone. [#2d8ae6 "No one deserved to go through what you did. It was a true crime and tragedy... I'm sorey...but now I definitely can't leave. I need to know who you were and why the town did what it did to you.. But I also need to know who and what I am too..."] Her words were soft as she spoke them.

After her soft words and looking around the area once more, Bri called her light fully back. She knew this wouldn't be the last time that she and "Living Death" would meet. And she was aware that he very well might keep his promise to end her the next they did. In knowing that, a pain and a long ago memory seemed to resurface. A boy whom she had cared very much about and befriended...her first friend. [b "We'll be friends forever!"] But they had left and she NEVER knew what had become of him. [#2d8ae6 "Lucas..."] She whispered as the name and the little boy came back. Quickly she shook her head and ran off as she could hear her mother and father calling in the distance. There was no way in hell she could let them into the woods ant deeper. She only hoped she would get to them before Lucas did IF he was still close by and wanted to take them because he had chosen to spare her.
FadingRealityLucas Simms   148d ago
The Lurking DemiGod

Lucas watched her as she kept standing there for a fee second longer he listened to her words, but he did not speak again instead he looked into her face the best he could from the shadows his eyes going over every inch of that face as if he was trying to piece together a puzzle that he had been working on for years starting from the middle instead of the corner pieces first like so many people usually do to make it simple to solve Lucas knew however that the pieces he was trying to place together came from the shattered memories of a scared little boy.
The very same memory that Bri had just had popped into his mind of a small little boy smiling at the beautiful little girl telling her [b "We'll be friends forever!"] The thoughts crossed his mind bitterly as a sick smile twisted his face as he had learned personally just how long forever truly was forever would never last long for that little boy as his life was snatched away by the cold hands of death brought about by this town on the outside of this forest going about their lives as if killing him had meant next to nothing.
The rage flared once again as his mind turned back to the town that had taken away his life before it could ever begun. The lives he had taken so far were not enough to settle his thirst for vengeance against the place that had taken everything away from him. There was three special people who deserved death more than anyone else in this town the two parents of Bri who had taken away his only friend he had ever had than helped to snuff out his tiny little life because they thought he was the devil!

Lucas eyes slowly turned towards the darkness as he thought about the third person he wanted to kill who he was in no place to be able to get his vengeance.  Death the being that had him settled with the title devil the being that had caused him so much lose by taking his parents away from him than pulling him into it's darkness by using the town people to murder him in cold blood on top of one of Death's markers where death could claim the soul of the innocent that was slayin as Death's very own.
Now he served the very being that had brought about his death and creation of whatever he was now, he could not say he was a reaper he had seen the reapers who work for death and most of them seemed so colorless without light or life without their soul. Although Lucas knew he did not have his soul, but he just felt as if he was different from any of them he wasn't sure what he was although he had told Bri he was living death he was mostly bragging and bosting trying to scare her and it had failed.
There was only one true living death and that was his master who was teaching him how to use his powers and to bring about his vengeance on this town that had taken away so much from him, but in truth there was not a being more in the world that Lucas wanted to kill more than Death itself, but he had neither the power or the ability to be able to destory living death to do so he would need a God slaying weapon not that death was a God, but the angel of death however because of the power death held and controlled a God slaying weapon would be all that could kill it.

Or if he could ever have meeting with God and tell him of the sin that Death had committed by using humans to slay an innocent for him to reap the soul and bind it to itself forever would be enough for God to destory death were it stood and Lucas vengeance would be completely against the being that had destroyed everything living thing there was to remember himself by there was only one problem if God destroyed Death then death's bindings would be destroyed as well and Lucas would be erased and his destruction would be complete his memory itself would be wiped from the face of the earth forever. So Lucas would have to find a God slaying weapon or the swords of angels which would be able to kill angels themselves,  but there too was a problem because once he stabbed Death with the blade and Death died and was destroyed there would be a vacuum of emptiness left behind by Death being gone reality would be broken with no death on the face of earth so there would be only one choice would be death's void would have to be filled. 
So Lucas would have to become the new Death and as it were right now he did not have the power or all the abilities to be able to put on the robes of death and keep the balance of the world spinning in the right direction without upsetting God and having him destory Lucas just as he was able to finally gain his vengeance on all those who had wronged him completely. So there was much he still needed to learn from Death itself he would never reach his goal without the being who created him into what he now was.

Lucas head snapped up as he was brought out of the deep shadows of his own mind as he realized that Bri was finally running and he wondered why after showing clearly that she was not afraid of him or anything that he tried to throw at her, but now she was dashing off into the forest on her own and he wondered if his tactics had worked better than he first thought, but then he heard the voices calling for Bri clearly it was the two elderly people she had came with.
Her parents being in the forest with him was this brought a evil smile to his face at the thought that he had truly put the fear of death into her and he thought a moment about chasing after her driving home the reality of his threat to kill her whole family unless they moved out of this town completely if they did not go than he would have to fill his end of the threat and kill her and her family and add their names to the list of all those to suffer his vengeance even if she did have the same name as Her.
Lucas turned from all the noise letting her and her parents go because he wanted to give her the chance to leave the town,  once again he heard the calls of Bri! This time however he stopped before  leaving there was something there he had heard those voices before however they were much older now, but he knew he knew those voices and suddenly a blinding rage over took him as he raised his head and roared the shadows began to shake and quiver in fear as they raced out before him straight to were the voices would be calling and all that fell before the shadows died as soon as they touched them and a cold sank into the forest that would make even ice shiver because Lucas was coming death was on its way and it was angry so angry that it would kill all that was in its way as a single word was heard within that Roar [b "Myers!!!"]
MourningGloryShadows   128d ago
Lady of the Night

Her mind was still trying to call back memories of the little boy who had been her first real friend. She remembered that he had been shut out and others feared him. And she remembered the sadness in those dark eyes of his as she approached that first day with half a cookie and smiled at him. At first he almost seemed scared to trust her until she gave it to him. [#2d8ae6 [i "I'm Brianna but you can call me Bri! What's your name???"]] The little girl was clearly excited at the prospect of a new friend. And the boy had told her his name was Lucas. For the rest of the time her parents had been in church and she had managed to slip away did the two children play. After that, the two would play everyday and had become really close. Or they had been until FINALLY her father got curious of where she managed to disappear to and followed her. That was when the man realised his little angel had been spending her time with the town's devil child. He had thrown...rocks at Lucas and yelled at him to stay away from Brianna and then picked up the crying girl who was calling out for her friend and carried her off. That was the last time she had seen or even heard ANYTHING about the boy.

[#2d8ae6 "But why would momma and daddy have been so against him? Did they really believe the words of the towns people that much that they could hurt an innocent child?"] Her words were soft as she continued to run through the woods and back the way she had come. Bri had to this time be more careful of the branches that hung low as if they were trying to reach for her and trying to stop her from getting out of the woods. Or more specifically as if they were trying to stop her from getting to her parents.

[#cb1310 "Brianna Kathleen where are you?! This isn't funny!"] Came her mother's panicked words calling out to her. The woman knew that if Brianna knew that she had her worried she would normally come back and hurry as quickly as she could. And the woman was banking on it this time too as she and her husband were making their way deeper and deeper into the woods. They had NO idea what they were heading towards. Neither man nor woman could feel or see half the things that their daughter could. Sometimes they counted it as a blessing but other times, like this very day they counted it more as a curse. All they knew was there was a complete and utter chill in the air. A chill that felt ice cold and IF they had to guess felt of what meeting death would feel like.

Brianna froze for just a second as she felt that ice and could see the shadows racing. That was definitely NOT good and she knew that Lucas was still there. She also knew where the icy shadows and that darkness was heading too. The young woman cursed as she had been the one to bring this on her parents. Or that was what she had in her head. If she had NOT come into the woods then they would not have come looking for her. And it would have taken Lucas longer to go for them.

With a quick shake of her head, the strawberry blonde regained herself and took off running again down the path. It was now a race to get to her parents before the shadows did. As she was racing the shadows, Brianna could hear the roar of her last name AND she could see the trees and shadows all but trembling from pure fear of the mighty roar. It was even enough to make her blood run cold which was ironic as she was running.

Brianna skidded to a stop maybe minutes later before her mother and father and was out of breath. She could have sworn she had NEVER run so fast in her life before. But then she had never had the need to do so before. Her hand came up to hush them as grey-blue eyes were now watching the woods and the shadows again as the coldness was getting closer and stronger. The trees were continuing to all but shake and quiver beneathe the deadly chill and the roar only she could hear from the shadows [#2d8ae6 "You both have to stay quiet now..."] She muttered as her light again was moving away from herself and wrapped around her mother and father, enveloping them in a form of protective barrier. Bri knew she wouldn't be able to keep the shadows or Lucas' pure rage at bay for long. But she knew that she COULD at least keep it up long enough to get her parents to the opening of the woods, which her light was already working on as she was still trying to see if she saw the man who was so hellbent on vegeance.

[b "Brainna what is the meaning of thi---"] But her father's shouting was cut off as her light continued to stay around him and her mother and was now battling some of the shadows that had made it to them as everything, trees and ground shook still from Lucas' roar. Bri could no longer focus on her parents and had to shut them out as her eyes were scanning the area and she was praying to God that she was wrong but took her chances anyway.

[#2d8ae6 [i "I know you're there...you always seem to be. The fact that you sent these shadows like this proved that. You said you would come for us IF we didn't leave. So what changed?"]] Her words were soft as she spoke them. Honestly, Brianna wanted an answer but she was also hoping to distract him and lessen some of the anger so she could save her family and get them out.

The young woman was aware she was playing with fire and very well could get burned. But it was a risk she was willing to take. She would to anything to help and protect the ones she loved. Even if it cost her greatly. And she was sure that was about to be known as now the ball was completely and utterly in Lucas' court. That was something she should NOT have let happen but her options were limited and she was still young and had NO idea even what she was or what she could do. She had no help or training and what she did know how tp do had been learned by pure dumb luck and testing out her powers. Nothing before had ever come close to what she was facing now. [#2d8ae6 "Lucas....Please...."] She whispered softly as she stayed standing where she had met her parents and continued to watch the shadows all around her.
FadingRealityLucas Simms   63d ago
The Lurking DemiGod

Around the three people the shadows became darker and darker and seemed to be wrapping themselves around the light that was protecting Bri and her parents from then, but the groaning of the forest would tell her that he was closer that he was coming and his anger far surpassed any feeling of conversation Lucas was hurting and angry and there was only one thing he truly wanted at that moment, that was the death of the ones who had stolen away the one thing that made his life a bright place, the one thing that brought him happiness and joy and now they were back standing in his forest where they had killed him!
The shadows turned almost into battering rams and started to slam against Bri's light sheild over and over the shadows crashed against the light becoming stronger and stronger until in area they stopped and there he was standing in all his righteous anger his eyes never seeing Bri, but looking past her at her parents standing behind her the blackness in his eyes making the shadows around them seem gray in comparison as he took one step than another Bri's light shield shattering as soon as his foot touched it.
[#123552 "You...it's both of you..here...it's because of you!"] His roar was deafening as the murderous look over took his face and left behind only pure hatred and evil gone was the Lucas who would listen and reason to what Bri might want to say because here before him was two of his very own murders standing in the same place they had broken and beaten his body. [#123552 "You should have never taken her from me! I was a child! I never done any wrong! But you blind fools! You only saw evil!"] He spat on the ground with disgust. 

[#123552 "Well..let me show you the Evil you created here...let me repay the debt that you gave to me! Let me be Your DEATH!"] The shadows flowed inside of area like waves of the sea passing Bri by leaving her alone as they wrapped around her parents twisting up their legs and binding their arms to their sides screams and crys coming from the pair as they looked on in shock and awe at a man who was suppose to be dead,  yes the last time they saw him, he was only a small child, but that face and those eyes are something you never forget.
[b "Wait..savor these...don't take them so readily...savor every ounce of fear...knowing that you can end their lives at anytime.."] the cold chilled voice whispered in his ear causing him to pause it wasn't very often that death would stop him from killing someone quickly,  but Lucas had to admit he liked Death's style, why kill them right now when he could hold it over them and squeeze it out if them slowly like a fruit being juiced until there was nothing left, but their pure fear of seeing the so called devil child returned.
Lucas stopped the shadows from moving any higher up their bodies and he turned his eyes towards Bri those beautiful disarming eyes that could always calm the raging sea that was inside of his soul and inside those eyes he only saw fear and questions because he had just told her he would let them all go as long as they left the house they currently lived in and left this cursed town behind them forever he knew she didn't understand and he wasn't sure how he could explain this too her, but there was always the chance that she would join him in his revenge on her parents. 

[#123552 "Don't worry I won't hurt you..but these two..these two deserve to be judged for the sins they committed inside of this forest."] He turned his head away to look at her parents bound before him so easy to kill, but wouldn't it be so much better to destory their imagine they tried for some long to paint themselves in for their daughter he could destroy this family, than he could destroy their lives knowing they would probably turn on one another in the end pointing fingers at him and each other.
[#123552 "Do you want to tell her what the two of you did here that night while she slept? Or shall I tell her what happened too her best friend her parents did not approve of...hmmm?] He saw their eyes widen and they opened their mouths to speak, but Lucas just laughed and shook his head using his shadows he covered their mouth before they could so much as speak a single word and start trying to discredit him before he could relate their part in his death to their own daughter who probably thought the two of them walked on water. 
[#123552 "You see Bri..I can't let then go..you can leave, but they must pay for what they did to me that night...for you see.."] be broke off and turned to face her a cold bitter sweet smile lighting up his face showing all the pain and hatred placed there. [#123552 "They where their that night when I died..they where in this forest when i was murdered for something I could not control...they were there.."] he almost revealed in it the looks and please they where throwing towards him and Bri he could almost hear them begging her not to listen to him and his lies being a child of Satan!
[#123552 "I bet the two of you are thinking that this only proves you right that I am a child of Satan otherwise how could i have these powers or mention Killing so easily..that is simple. "] He took a step towards them his hand flexing out as suddenly once again the scythe appeared in his hand once again his fingers wrapping around it as Bri's parents eyes grew large with fear and dread. [#123552 "Satan had nothing to do with this...besides being the lord and savor of you two murders hearts..what you see...this is what you made me...this what you turned me into! You brought forth Death! Now rejoice foe death now comes to you!"] With that being said he lifted the scythe and started to bring it down towards the top of Bri's mother's head.
MourningGloryShadows   19d ago
Lady of the Night

They had started off dark and cold before, but had been manageable for the "Light Bringer" as she had been called. Her light was able to keep them shielded. Or rather it was until HE got closer and closer and the groaning of the forest got louder and louder. That was when the shadows went from coal black to pitch darkness and with all Lucas' pure hurt and rage her light was becoming rammed harder and harder by the shadows. But even as dark as the shadows had become, they were still nothing in comparison to the black that had Lucas' eyes had become. And just seeing that darkness though it was obvious he did not ses her had her blood running like ice through her veins. Bri tried to keep her light shield up. The young woman really did but she was no match for the darkness and rage that emenated from the man who took step after step closer. It was when he got right before her light and had touched it with his foot did the barrier shatter into a million tiny pieces like a glass plate being thrown down on a hard kitchen's floor.

The roar that came from the man was deafening and had Brianna cover her ears for just a second as he all but spat the words at her parents. It was apparent to her that there was no more trace of Lucas. Or the part that would listen and that she may be able to try and reason with. All she could see was evil and malice upon what could have almost been described as a sweet face. Still she had not spoken as she was trying to listen and piece together what was going on. Her mind was racing as she was slowly getting that her parents had lied to her. Had told her that it had all only been a bad dream and that the boy had simply run off. They told her that he was tired of no one being there for him. Or that was what they had told her at first. It was as she got older and they had long since moved out of town did they tell Bri she had imagined the boy and she had outgrown her imaginary friend.

Shadows rushed past her almost like a cold wind and wrapped first around her parents' legs and crept slowly up their bodies, binding arms to their sides. Lucas was speaking again and the twenty-one year old was intently listening as she wanted to hear what the man said. Wanted to know what could have turned such an innocent child into such a revengeful monster. Blue-green eyes were filled with questions and filled with fear. She still was not undersranding in full why a promise made so shortly ago was being broken so soon. And it was with that sick smile and the way the shadows wrapped around mouths did her eyes snap to her parents and she could all but hear the begging they were TRYING to shout to her for to not listen to the man before them.

[#2d8ae6 "They...they were there? And they helped kill you? I...they always told me that it had all been a bad dream. And that the little boy had been an imaginary friend of mine... They always did their best to make me forget..."] Her words were soft and broken as she spoke them. Even if what was said was true, the strawberry blonde could not turn on her parents. They had raised her and she guessed tried to protect her. Or those were the lines that she had always been fed. And yet, hearing what what they had done hurt her deeply. They had helped to take away her best friend and the only one who understood her. Because all her life away from the cursed town Bri had had a hard time fitting in. She had these abilities that no one else did. Abilities that she was forbidden to use. 

A shake of her head was given as the scythe once more appeared in Lucas' hand and was coming straight down above her mother's head. She could yell and scream all she wanted later. At the moment, the young woman had to try and save her parenrts even though they had been the very sinners they always so harshly spoke against. And it was when the scythe was raised again and about to be brougth down did the young woman run to be standing in front of her parents, a soft violet glow to blue-green eyes. 

[#2d8ae6 "They were wrong to do as they did. They became sheeple and followed the crowd. None of that was right and they took the life of an innocent boy. And they separated us... There is nothing that can be done to remedy that.. I know that. But if you do this now...take their lives, what will make you better than the monsters that once took your life?"] Her words were soft as she spoke them, a glow appearing in her own hand as a sword of light appeared. This was a first for her. Everything was. But she could not and would not let him take her parents from her.

[#2d8ae6 "Please...I don't want to do this.. And I do know you want your revenge.. But isn't there any other way?"] The girl found herself begging and probably falling on deaf ears. The more she spoke, the brighter the light around her blade seemed to glow as she was slow to lift it and have the blade meet that of the scythe and trying to lead it away from her mother's head, soft glowing violet eyes never leaving those pure cold black eyes that still held nothing but sheer hatred for her parents who were still quite literally bound in the darkness of his shadowy binds.


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