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By muta

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[b [u The Magnolia House]]
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Lane: [b [#004d00 #004d00]]
Dimitri: [b [#730099 #730099]]
Bunny: [b [#60B9D6 #60B9D6]]
Leah: [b [#EE5FA7 #EE5FA7]]
Bae: [b [#EC7A1C #EC7A1C]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/tzgxqo4.jpg]][center [abel [size15 The boy gave in and met Ira’s gaze. Ira felt a surge of excitement jolt threw him. He liked that he had this boy all to himself. Bunny laid back down and snuggled closer to the chef. He inched closer and pressed a kiss on the man’s nose. The chef’s smile widened.
[b [#60B9D6 “M’kay,”]] Bunny replied.

Before Ira could ask if the boy had a preference of hotels, a fuzzy intruder made himself known. Baguette launched himself onto the bed. When he landed, he had to sidestep to counter the momentum of his large stomach. He shook his head before navigating between the two men. Narrowing his gaze at his master, he let out a demanding yowl.

[b [#60B9D6 “I think Baguette is hungry,”]] Bunny suggested.

Ira stroked the tuff of soft fur on the feline’s forehead. The chef had fed the cat at the same time almost every day for the last four years. He was surprised Baguette wasn’t mauling him. Sitting up, Ira was careful not to disturb the feline or Bunny. Against his better judgement, Ira pulled the blankets off and slung his legs off the side of the bed. The hardwood floor was cold against his feet. Shivering, Ira was tempted by the warmth of his bed and the snuggles Bunny provided. But the death glare Baguette was giving him told him not to tempt the fates.

Pulling a pair of sweatpants over his bare legs, Ira pocketed his phone and scooped up Baguette in his arms. The cat went limp in his arms like a wet noodle. [b [#00075D “I will make us some breakfast.”]] Ira kissed Bunny’s forehead and retreated to the kitchen.

For breakfast, Ira decided pancakes were a must. After dressing Baguette’s plate of dry food with a scoop of tuna, the chef washed his hands and started on the batter. He greased up the griddle and poured the pancake mix.
While the pancakes browned, Ira retrieved some fresh fruit from the refrigerator and sliced them into small pieced. When the pancakes were done, Ira plated his modest breakfast and put on a pot of coffee. The bitter scent filled the kitchen.
Filling a kettle with water, the chef placed it on a free burner and surveyed his cabinets for a perfect blend of tea. He found a jar of loose-leaf peach tea he’d dried himself and scooped it into a tea infuser.

Once he was finished preparing everything, Ira arranged everything on polished wood tray. He made sure to provide small dishes with maple syrup, honey, and strawberry jam. Smiling at his creation, he cradled the tray and made his way back to the bedroom.
|magnolia| / muta / 12d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Abel] [center [size15 [abel Unlike Bunny’s immediate reaction of mortification at the man with dreadlocks walking in on the two of them in bed together, Ira hardly seemed to react at all. When the man had been in the room Ira had barely even managed to sit up, as if the action was simply too bothersome for him to perform. The chef had even had the calmness to give a greeting to the man while Bunny had been too stunned to speak at all. And when the man left Ira had laid back down as if it was all commonplace. Perhaps it was? While Bunny had been staying there it had never happened but Bunny had really only been getting close to Ira in the timespan of less than a month, so it was still possible that his employees had the kind of relationship with their boss where they could barge in on him with ease.

That thought, however, did very little to make Bunny feel better as he continued to hide. Ira had moved to lay down on his stomach, with his head propped up on his arm and looking at Bunny like he found his reaction to the man before both concerning and amusing. Ira’s hand reached out and began stroke at Bunny’s arm, as if coaxing him to relax. When Bunny asked his question Ira responded almost immediately, in a voice still dripping in sleep, [b [#00075D “No, I’m taking the week off.”]]

Bunny wondered when Ira had decided that, or when he’d had the time to make the arrangements. Had he already planned to take time off before they spoke last night? No, that didn’t seem correct. His employees hadn’t seemed to of known about it, or they wouldn’t have come to get him. [b [#00075D “I was thinking we could get a hotel in the city. I don’t think I can catch a break staying here,”]] Ira almost sounded joking about the whole incident, which only made Bunny’s face heat up more.

Ira continued to stroke his arm until he gently grabbed at one of Bunny’s wrists and pulled away one of his hands which was still covering his face. Bunny didn’t protest, as much as he was embarrassed at what had happened the feeling of affection and comfort that he got from Ira’s touch was stronger. The chef brought the hand he was holding up to his mouth and pressed chaste kisses on each of his knuckles. [b [#00075D “What do you think?”]]

When Bunny finally looked at him, he could see Ira staring up from the bed through his thick lashes. [i His face is unfair], Bunny thought to himself as his stomach twisted in a way that was neither pleasant nor unpleasant. The smaller boy’s hand was still in Ira’s grasp and being held close enough to his face that Bunny could feel the warm breath tingle against his skin. Bunny let himself flop back down onto the bed, lying down with Ira once more. He rolled over so that he could face Ira, the idea of getting to spend time with Ira was nice and Bunny could feel excitement building in him. Bunny scooched closer, giving Ira a peck on the nose before responding, [b [#60B9D6 “M’kay.”]]

Their moment was interrupted once more, but rather than one of Ira’s employees it was a very large orange cat which decided to intervene this time. Baguette yowled loudly, specifically he was yowling loudly [i at Ira]. [b [#60B9D6 “I think Baguette is hungry,”]] Bunny posited, recalling that the cat usually was fed early than now.]]]
вυηηү / LIVE / 13d ago
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/tzgxqo4.jpg]][center [abel [size15
[b [#730099 “Hey Ira!”]] A voice called from the doorway. [b [#730099 “Are you okay? You weren’t-“]] the words trailed off. The chef rolled over to one side and murmured something incoherent. The sudden movement next to him jostled demanded his attention. Slowly, Ira sat up. His movement were drunk with slumber. Rubbing his eyes with his fists, he let out a yawn.

[b [#00075D "Oh Hi ... Dimitri,"]] Ira words came out slowly. His deep voice was rough from sleeping too long.

Dimitri was haunting the entryway to the bedroom. His height required he duck under the frame. The large man was babbling and attempting to back pedal but Ira wasn’t listening. His attention was on the frazzled boy next to him. Ira’s gaze softened as he surveyed his bed partner.

[b [#730099 “Oh, shit, my bad,”]] Dimitri swore. He fumbled with the door knob as he quickly stumbled out another apology, [b [#730099 “I’m gonna go. Sorry ‘bout that. You guys, uh take it easy?”]] The door clicked shut.

Bunny was still as a statue. The chef could read the boy’s expression. Furrowing his brows, Ira rolled over onto his stomach and rested his chin on his elbow. With his free hand, he gently brushed his fingertips against Bunny’s forearm. The skin was warm to the touch. Ira couldn’t get enough of Bunny.

[b [#60B9D6 “Don’t you have to go to work?”]] Bunny muttered without looking up.

[b [#00075D “No, I am taking the week off,”]] Ira stated. His amber eyes were focused on the path his fingers were following on Bunny’s arm. The words sounded foreign in his mouth. When was the last time he’d taken time off? Since opening the restaurant, all he did was work or think about working.
[b [#00075D “I was thinking we could get a hotel in the city. I don’t think I can catch a break staying [i here,]”]] he suggested, referring to the events that had just occurred.

Ira withdrew one of Bunny’s hands. The boy did little protesting as Ira planted a kiss on each one of his knuckles. [b [#00075D “What do you think?”]] He grazed up at the boy though his lashes.
|magnolia| / muta / 13d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Abel] [center [size15 [abel Morning seemed to come quicker than normal for Bunny as his green eyes slowly opened despite the protests of his body. The mint haired boy felt relief when he opened his eyes and saw Ira’s face so close to his own. The bodies of the two were still tangled, their legs twined together and one of Ira’s arms slung over Bunny’s waist, while Bunny’s hands held against Ira’s chest. Bunny was surprised Ira was still sleeping, the dark haired male always seemed to wake up before the smaller of the two. He must have been truly exhausted.

Especially since Bunny knew Ira had fallen asleep before him; the mint haired boy had stayed up watching Ira as he slept. He wasn’t sure if his inability to sleep and desire to keep looking at Ira had stemmed from the stress of his emotional state, the gnawing anxiety that this situation was just a vivid fantasy he was having, or the overwhelming affection and ease looking at Ira had filled him with. Bunny carefully reached one of his hands up and brushed some of the navy strands of Ira’s hair which had fallen over his face. Even asleep he still looked tired and Bunny would hate to wake him.

But as that thought crossed his mind, he became aware of the beginnings of daybreak which were slowly illuminating the room. Would it really be alright for Ira to continue sleeping? Didn’t he need to wake up and open the café downstairs? Not that Bunny really wanted him to wake up and leave, but it probably wasn’t okay for him to monopolize Ira this way.

Struggling with whether or not to wake up Ira, Bunny missed the sounds of heavy footsteps approaching Ira’s bedroom. Bunny only registered someone was nearby when he heard a voice, [b [#730099 “Hey Ira!”]] Bunny didn’t place the voice immediately but recognized the person when the door to Ira’s room was violently thrown open and the dark skinned man with dreadlocks who worked in the restaurant was revealed. Bunny jolted up from the bed into a sitting position with the loud noise but the man wasn’t actually looking at the room yet. His head was turned like he was actually speaking to someone behind him rather than the man whose room this was. [b [#730099 “Are you okay, you weren’t downstairs so I can to check up,”]] The man’s words slowly fell off as he turned his head and saw the mint haired boy staring back at him, [b [#730099 “on you.”]] Ira, for his part, was sitting up groggily, still in the haze of sleep.

[b [#730099 “Oh, shit, my bad,”]] The man said as he looked at both Ira and Bunny awkwardly. Clearing his throat, he jerked a hand over his shoulder, point behind him with his thumb, [b [#730099 “I’m gonna go. Sorry ‘bout that. You guys, uh, take it easy?”]] Ira’s employee hardly seemed to know what he was saying at this point. As the hulking man backed out and slowly closed the door, in a much gentler manner than he had opened it, Bunny felt his face heat up with embarrassment. The mint haired boy quickly covered his face with his hands as the feeling washed over him and his body curled up until he could rest his head against his knees in a brace position.

Leah had charged in on him while he was sleeping more than once but it had never felt embarrassing like this. Was it because it was someone other than Leah? No, that probably wasn’t right, Bae had woken him up a few times before when they’d traveled together for work. No, this embarrassment was probably more because he was in Ira’s bed, with Ira no less, when the man barged in. Bunny wanted to burrow away in the blankets so he wouldn’t have to face this situation but that would mean uncurling from his current position which was hiding his flushed face. Not removing his hands from his face, he spoke to Ira, [b [#60B9D6 “Don’t you have to go to work?”]] That had been why the man had come, right? Because Ira was in bed instead of in the restaurant. Bunny didn’t want Ira to leave but he also didn’t want to make Ira miss work.]]]
вυηηү / LIVE / 13d ago
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/tzgxqo4.jpg]][center [abel [size15 Ira’s eye snapped from the feline to Bunny as he emerged from the bathroom. The boy tugged at the hem of the shirt he’d borrowed from the larger man. It hung like a dress on his small frame. The sight of Bunny’s bare legs excited the chef. His pulse quickened as his eyes traced the shape of his bedroom guest.

Bunny closed the space between them. He crawled across the bed and climbed into Ira’s lap. Ira’s hands instinctively gripped his soft legs, his thighs looked tiny in his palms. The thought of taking a bite out of the soft flesh made his stomach burn. As if in response to his touch, Bunny pressed his face into Ira’s neck. His hot breath sent shivers down his spine. The physical affection was more than welcomed.

[b [#60B9D6 “Let’s go to bed,”]] Bunny murmured, his lips brushed against his throat. “You deserve some sleep.”

For a moment, Ira considered protesting. He wanted more time with the boy he had fought so hard for. But the events of the week were catching up to him. Between the sleepless nights and the price of vulnerability, he was surprised he could still keep his eyes open. Ira planted a kiss on the top of Bunny’s head. The two snuggled under the covers, their bodies melting together. Within minutes, Ira was fast asleep.

Ira woke before Bunny as usual. The chef found it difficult to sleep when the sun came up. Leo had suggested plenty of time that he get curtains for the windows in his bedroom but Ira always brushed it off. He liked how the sun warmed the room and it’s [i contents.]

The smaller male nuzzled deeper into Ira’s chest. Cradling his petite frame with one arm, he checked his phone with the other. His phone read 6:31 am. The thought of going to work sent panic through his stomach. [i He wasn’t ready to leave Bunny.] Eyeing the slumbering figure, Ira exhaled through his nose.

[font "Courier New' [size13 [b [#00075D [i ‘Hey, can you work for the next few days?’]]]]]

[font "Courier New' [size13 [b [#990033 [i ‘i take it last night went well >:)’]]]]]

Ira traced slow circles into Bunny’s back absently. The boy’s eyes fluttered as he dreamed.

[font "Courier New' [size13 [b [#00075D [i ‘You could say that.’]]]]]

Jonas replied with several suggestive emojis. Ira wrinkled his nose and shut off his phone. Setting it on the bedside table, he snaked his both arms around Bunny. The boy only stirred slightly when Ira intertwined their legs. Kissing Bunny’s forehead, Ira let himself fall back to sleep.
|magnolia| / muta / 13d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Abel] [center [size15 [abel Bunny could feel the light chuckle Ira let out at his question, it vibrated pleasantly where their bodies touched. Ira swept away some of Bunny’s hair before pressing his lips against his forehead in affection. [b [#00075D “Yes please,”]] Ira answered sweetly, [b [#00075D “I haven’t been able to sleep without you.”]]

Almost reluctantly, Ira released Bunny so he could stand, before helping the mint haired boy to his feet as well. The chef had to finish closing the restaurant and left Bunny in the kitchen, though he was almost tempted to follow after Ira in his wish not to be separated from him. As they ascended the staircase up toward Ira’s apartment Bunny felt a brief flash of anxiety in his stomach as he remembered the last time he’d been in the apartment, and the last time he’d been in Ira’s room. But the feeling quickly vanished as he focused on Ira’s hand which was holding his own.

Once in the room Ira smiled at Bunny in a way to seemed to say he could feel Bunny’s uncertainty at being separated but it also helped to assure Bunny that he would be okay for the brief minutes it would take for Ira to get ready for bed, [b [#00075D “I’m going to wash up first, then you can have the bathroom.”]]

Before Ira disappeared, Bunny asked if he could borrow one of Ira’s shirts, since he hadn’t brought his usual overnight bag as he wasn’t expecting for things to end up as they had. Ira had kissed his temple and chuckled at how Bunny’s eyes had squeezed shut before telling him it was fine and that he could grab one out of his dresser. It took the smaller male a second to move after Ira had disappeared behind the bathroom door before he could move and go to find a shirt. As he pulled the bundle of fabric from the drawer, he couldn’t help but lift it up, briefly burying his face and inhaling the familiar and calming scent that Ira had. He felt embarrassed and quickly drew back from the action as he heard the faucet turn off; he would have been mortified if Ira had walked back into the room and seen him doing that.

When Ira exited the bathroom, he was already looking better than he had before, like he’d let go a burden that had been weighing on him. He told Bunny it was his turn and the smaller boy ducked past him to get ready for bed as well.

Bunny was surprised to see that Ira still had two of Bunny’s disposable toothbrushes, ones Bunny had probably left during one of the mornings he had to hurry out. He brushed his teeth and took a moment to evaluate himself in the mirror. What little makeup he’d been wearing earlier was all but gone and smeared, he did not look very good. He tried to remove the substance from his face and clean up the tear stains as gently as he could while still hurrying. Once his face was washed, he removed his clothes, placing them in the hamper after he realized his shirt had makeup on it from crying. Putting on the shirt provided by Ira he felt comfortable, and electrified with the knowledge he would be able to be next to Ira all night.

Exiting the small bathroom, he was greeted by Ira’s smile as he was still sitting up in the bed but tucked under the covers. Bunny unconsciously gripped the fabric of the large shirt he was wearing in his fists before he moved towards the bed. As soon as he was on the bed, he moved from what had slowly become his side of the bed during his stays with Ira and crawled into the other man’s lap.

He sat in his lap with his head tucking into Ira’s neck. Ira moved a hand to rest on the side of Bunny’s thigh. Bunny could hear the deep breaths Ira was taking, like he was breathing Bunny in. Of course, Bunny didn’t mind as he had done the same earlier. Bunny liked the feel of Ira’s skin touching his own as their bare legs touched and Ira’s hand gently held on his thigh. The mint haired boy felt tired but he was also a little afraid to sleep, has if when he woke up all of this would be gone but he knew Ira was tired. He could feel Ira’s exhaustion coming off him in waves. Bunny moved his head slightly, pressing a kiss to Ira’s neck, [b [#60B9D6 “Let’s go to bed. You deserve some sleep.”]] ]]]
вυηηү / LIVE / 19d ago
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[center [abel [size15
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/qhYnZ6S.jpg]] The kiss wasn’t nearly long enough. Electricity buzzed on his lips where they had met Bunny’s. Blinking slowly, Ira basked in the presence of the boy. Their faces were close, foreheads almost touching. The chef was pleased to noticed Bunny had stopped shaking.

[b [#60B9D6 “Can I spend the night?”]] Bunny asked. His voice was weak but steady.

A gentle smile spread across Ira’s lips. There was no way he was letting this boy go now that he had him. Besides, Ira was in desperate need of a good night’s sleep and that was something he couldn’t get without Bunny. Ira chuckled at the thought. His chest vibrated with the relaxed noise.

Brushing a few stray hairs across Bunny’s forehead with his index finger, Ira planted a small kiss on the exposed sink. [b [#00075D “Yes please. I haven’t been able to sleep without you,”]] he admitted again, his lips still pressed against Bunny’s forehead.

Ira helped the small male to his feet. He quickly closed up the restaurant and double checked the locks. Once he was finished, he flicked the lights off and led Bunny upstairs. Baguette snaked between their legs and entered the apartment first.

The apartment had seemed empty without the other male. Ira couldn’t seem to adjust to the space alone. The kitchen was eerily clean, like it hadn’t been touched in days. Even the living room was [i too] tidy.
As the men got to the end of the hallway, Ira was struggling to fight off his exhaustion. Turning to Bunny, he gave the boy a reassuring smile. [b [#00075D “I’m going to wash up first, then you can have the bathroom.”]]

Ira brushed his teeth and washed his face in a hurry. He couldn’t wait to crawl into bed with [i Bunny.] His pulse quickened at the thought of being engulfed in the boy’s sweet scent. Once he was finished, he changed his shirt and discarded his pants. Emerging from the bathroom, he informed Bunny it was his turn. Ira peeled back the cool sheets and sat down.
Baguette appeared in the doorway. He let out an impatient yowl and leapt onto the bed. His tail twitched as he made himself comfortable.
|magnolia| / muta / 19d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Abel] [center [size15 [abel Ira pulled Bunny into his lap on the floor with a sigh like breath. The chef’s large hands carded through his hair with gentle strokes soothing Bunny’s sobs until they had nearly stopped. Bunny’s red and agitated eyes fluttered closed when he felt Ira’s lips touch his forehead. The smaller boy melted into the contact, letting himself calm in Ira’s arms.

The taller man wrapped his arms around Bunny’s small waist, holding him close in an embrace. Ira’s face pressed against his neck and Bunny felt his words reverberating through his flesh, [b [#00075D “Of course it’s okay.”]] Ira’s lips teased a kiss to his throat and then another. Bunny shivered at the affection. Ira pulled back and Bunny nearly chased after him but was held in place by Ira’s gaze; the soft eyes full of love and his bright smile that promised everything was well and truly alright. [b [#00075D “I promise you’re safe with me,”]] Ira assured his arms flexing around Bunny, tightening his grip a little more.

The words were said with such confidence and certainty there was nothing else for Bunny to do but to believe them. Bunny reach out, his arms wrapping around Ira’s broad shoulders and pulling himself up to him. He was tentative as he moved forward and pressed their lips together. Since Bunny was the one to start it this kiss was nothing like their last. This was hardly more than a simple press of their lips together; soft and insure. Their noses notched together when Bunny pulled his mouth away for a moment before he returned in another kiss. This time surer he opened his mouth into the kiss and Ira responded in kind their breaths tangling and their tongues only briefly touching with each movement. This kiss was soft and sweet like a melody being played between them.

When they separated their mouths their faces stayed together, somehow the kiss had steady his heartbeat and helped him to stop shaking. [b [#60B9D6 “Can I spend the night with you?”]] Bunny asked, he was still inexperienced with relationships, maybe it was inappropriate to stay but he didn’t want to separate from Ira now that he could be with him like this.]]]
LIVE / 46d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[center [abel [size15
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/qhYnZ6S.jpg]]Ira was startled by the boy’s reaction. Bunny tore away from the chef and burst into tears. They began to flow and wouldn’t stop. His pulse quickened and his breath came in ragged gasps. [b [#60B9D6 “I’m sorry,”]] he sobbed, ferociously wiping the tears as fast as they fell. His small frame shook with emotion. [b [#60B9D6 “I’m sorry, I-“]] he stammered again.

Ira placed his hands on the boy’s thin shoulders and guided him to the ground. The man know anxiety well and had experience with panic attacks. [b [#00075D “It’s okay, Bunny,”]] he cooed. His deep voice was gentle and quiet. They were close enough for him to almost whisper. [b [#00075D “Breathe,”]] he instructed, breathing with the boy. Ira rubbed the boy’s back melodically.
[b [#00075D “It’s okay.”]]

Bunny stared at his hands. His sobs were beginning to subside. [b [#60B9D6 “Is it really okay for me to enjoy being kissed and touched by you? And think about you?”]] He asked between hiccups.
Ira couldn’t stop smiling despite the mood of the situation.
[b [#60B9D6 “Is it okay for me to like you?”]]

Ira exhaled. He remembered his therapist said communication was the key to any good relationship. The man had to admit he hadn’t been practicing what he’d learned over the years. Taking a seat next to Bunny, he pulled the boy into his lap. The boy didn’t protest.

Gingerly, Ira laced his fingers in the soft locks at the base of Bunny’s neck. The taller man planted a gentle kiss on the top of his forehead. Then another. Bunny seemed to melt under his touch. With his free hand, he snaked his arm around the boy’s lower back and enveloped him in a hug.

Ira buried his face in the boy’s neck before speaking, [b [#00075D “of course it’s okay.”]] His lips brushed against the exposed skin of his throat. He placed another kiss. Pulling away, he let his gaze fall on the boy’s face. His eyes were blotchy and red with tears. Ira couldn’t help but smile at the boy he loved. [b [#00075D “I promise you’re safe with me.”]]
|magnolia| / muta / 47d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Abel] [center [size15 [abel Bunny felt more than he saw Ira’s hands move to cup either side of his face, moving the two of them even closer to each other and really made Bunny look at him. Ira smiled, his smile was gentle and warm and made Bunny feel safe somehow. [b [#00075D “I guess it’s not as obvious as a thought,”]] Ira laughed when he said this but it wasn’t exactly an amused laugh but it felt vaguely happy as well.

[b [#00075D “Bunny, I love you,”]] Bunny felt stunned he wanted to ask why but Ira was already answering that question before it could be asked. [b [#00075D “I am legitimately a mess without you. I can’t sleep. I can’t cook. My bed is too big without you. I even think Baguette likes you more than he likes me,”]] The cat made a chirping noise at the mention of his name and moved from the counter to the floor to rub against the boys’ legs. [b [#00075D “I don’t want to live my life without you,”]] The way Ira said it was like he was confessing a great sin to Bunny, the statement carried such weight that Bunny could feel it impacting him immediately.

Water fell down Bunny’s face, warm and wet and it took him a moment to realize that they were tears. He was immediately seized with dread; he was crying. Oh no, he needed to stop, he needing to stop crying. Ira would think something was wrong or would hate him for making a scene and he [i needed to stop]. Bunny took a step back from Ira, breaking free of his grasp so he could reach up and try to wipe away his tears. [b [#60B9D6 “I’m sorry,”]] Bunny was furiously rubbing at his eyes trying to stop the flow of water and trembling more now than he was before, [b [#60B9D6 “I’m sorry, I-”]]

Ira reached out, gripping Bunny’s shoulders with just enough force to ground him. [b [#00075D “It’s okay, Bunny,”]] It seemed he had realized that Bunny’s behavior while crying wasn’t due to what he had said. [b [#00075D “Breathe,”]] He instructed gently and waited while the mint haired boy took a few deep, slow breaths and his trembling became lesser. [b [#00075D “It’s okay,”]] Bunny knew his words were directed at the near panic attack he’d just been having but Bunny wondered if they could mean something more too.

[b [#60B9D6 “Is it really okay for me to enjoy being kissed and touched by you? And to think about you?”]] Bunny asked not daring to look up at Ira. [b [#60B9D6 “Is it okay for me to like you?”]] ]]]
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[center [abel [size15
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/LyZY3vU.jpg]] Bunny shivered under Ira’s touch. [b [#60B9D6 “Why would you want to kiss me? I don’t,”]] the boy processed allowed. Ira was confused by Bunny’s reaction. Why [i wouldn’t] he want to kiss him? Ira’s brows furrowed again at the question.
[b [#60B9D6 “I don’t understand,”]] Bunny whimpered. Tears were beginning to well in the corner of the boy’s eyes. Suddenly it clicked for the older man.

Ira recalled Bunny didn’t have much experience with relationships. It had dawned on the chef that the smaller male was genuinely confused by Ira’s pursuit. Gently cupping the boy’s face in his hands, Ira smiled gently. He’d have to tell Bunny the truth.

[b [#00075D “I guess it’s not as obvious as I thought,”]] Ira let out a laugh. He tried to play off his nerves, but the butterflies in his stomach were threatening to break loose. [b [#00075D “Bunny, I love you.”]] Despite his best efforts to play it cool, Ira’s voice cracked. A warm blush painted his cheeks again. He swallowed loudly. [b [#00075D “I am legitimately a mess without you. I can’t sleep. I can’t cook. My bed is too big without you. I even think Baguette likes you more than he likes me.”]] Now he was the one rambling.
[b [#00075D “I don’t want to live my life without you.”]] Ira finally confessed.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Abel] [center [size15 [abel Ira seemed stunned by what Bunny had said. Of course, he was stunned, it only made sense and now that he knew about Bunny’s thoughts he would hate and push him away. [b [#00075D “Wait, you liked being kissed by me?”]] Bunny didn’t answer still handing behind his mouth. His body was shaking and felt a warm sting in his eyes. No, he wasn’t going to cry. He couldn’t stop himself from how he felt with Ira but he could at least keep himself from crying in front of him like a child.

The smaller boy almost flinched when Ira suddenly moved from the other side of the counter until he was standing in front of Bunny. Bunny moved his hand from his mouth and crossed his arms over his chest like he was trying to protect himself or shield himself from Ira’s view while he gazed down. And when Ira reached out to touch him, brushing a strand of his mint hair way from his face, he felt like he’d been shocked with electricity. Ira gently grabbed his chin and guided the smaller boy to look up at him. They were so close as Ira leaned forward and into Bunny that the other boy could feel the warmth radiating off the other’s body, [b [#00075D “Does that mean I can kiss you now?”]]

Ira’s sudden change in demeanor, and the shift in energy between them was making Bunny’s head spin. He couldn’t keep up with what was happening, [b [#60B9D6 “Why would you want to kiss me? I don’t,”]] Bunny tried to understand what was happening but he couldn’t; perhaps because of his lack of experience with others, especially in this setting, [b [#60B9D6 “I don’t understand.”]] Ira wasn’t drunk this time, Bunny couldn’t smell any alcohol on him, all he smelled as that scent from before of coffee grounds and vanilla with an undertone Bunny knew to be Ira’s natural scent. If anything, Bunny was the one who felt drunk at this moment; dizzy and unsteady on his feet from what was happening. ]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[center [abel [size15
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/LyZY3vU.jpg]] [b [#60B9D6 “No!”]] Bunny interjected. His voice was almost too loud for the close quarters. Ira was taken aback by his abruptness. [b [#60B9D6 “I’m not repulsed because of that, I liked it. I’m the one who should be apologizing,”]] the words came out in a rush panic. [b [#60B9D6 “Ah, no, I mean it’s not that I liked being kissed while you were drunk but that I liked being kissed by you.”]] As Bunny spoke, the words trailed off. Ira noticed the boy was trembling.

[b [#00075D “Wait, you liked being kissed by me?”]] Ira asked more for himself than Bunny. His eyebrows knitted together as he tried to process the information. The entire time he had thought the boy hated him for what he’d done. He thought Bunny [i hated Ira for loving him.]

Ira closed the space between the two men. They were so close Ira could smell Bunny’s sweet perfume. He inhaled deeply. He’d missed the scent that used to envelope him each night. Bunny wouldn’t meet the chef’s gaze. Carefully, Ira tucked a strand of mint hair behind the boy’s ear. He used two fingers to tilt his chin up to look at him. His emerald eyes were unreadable.

[b [#00075D “Does that mean I can kiss you now?”]] Ira hummed, his breath hot against Bunny’s cheeks.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Abel] [center [size15 [abel Ira awkwardly touched and fiddled with the cuffs of his shirt before speaking, [b [#00075D “Um, I know I kissed you.”]] Bunny’s face flushed further, [i so he does know]. [b [#00075D “I mean, at least, I think I did,”]] Ira continued his own face just as red as Bunny’s. Bunny watched at Ira began to worry at his bottom lip again and repressed the urge to try and pull it free before he bit a hole through it, [b [#00075D “I know I kissed you without asking first. I’m sorry.”]]

[b [#00075D “I know you’re probably repulsed by me,”]] [i Wait, what?] [b [#00075D “I’m truly sorry for taking advantage of you,”]] Ira’s voice was deeply apologetic as he looked at Bunny who was amass in confusion. Hadn’t Bunny been the one to do someone wrong? Ira had been drunk, he wasn’t making the right judgements but Bunny was sober, he knew what was happening and he had enjoyed it. Didn’t that make him the one at fault.

[b [#60B9D6 “No!”]] Bunny spoke loudly for the first time in Ira’s presence, almost nearly a shout of protest. If Bunny could have blushed anymore than he already had he would have, [b [#60B9D6 “I’m not repulsed because of that, I liked it. I’m the one who should be apologizing.”]] In his emotional state it took Bunny a moment to realize what he had just said, [b [#60B9D6 “Ah, no, I mean, it’s not that I liked being kissed while you were drunk but that I like being kissed by you,”]] Bunny’s voice had gotten softer and softer as he spoke words, he knew he could never take back. The young man was nearly trembling and covered his mouth if only to keep from saying anything more.]]]
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