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Bodyguard's Duty(SfPappy)

By NatakaStargazer

Replies: 409 / 84 days ago

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Rain blushed a bit and smiled he poked liam on the shoulder and held a piece of chocolate up to his mouth.
Liam laid his head on Rains shoulder as he watched the movie
Rain giggled a little before watching the movie again, he placed some more snacks into his mouth before eating it. Deep down rain was terrified and panicking from the movie but due to his character he would always try to seem brave.
Liam chuckled softly and pretended to be scared. ''Yep, i am soo scared of this movie. ''So scared I need protection from it or I may have nightmares'' He tried t hold back his laughter.
Rain was not the type of person to automatically admit that he is scared of something....even if death were to be standing right in front of him. He looked at Liam and let out a smug laugh before putting on a smug expression. "Am I ok? Pfft are you? You look soooo scared because of this movie Liam~" Rain said while pulling his hand away and doing a little oooooo~ Scary~ gesture with his hands.
Liam looked at Rain and patted his head ''You alright?'' he asked well whispering. He grabbed Rains free hand and gave it a gentle squeeze letting him know he'll be fine.
Rain trembled in his seat as he tried to grab a piece of chocolate from the candy box. His hands trembled as he quickly pushed it into his mouth and watched some more.
Liam stayed quiet as he watched the movie as well. He knew what was going to happen next.
Rain would hold some of the snacks and look at the movie, it was your basic cheesy horror movie he would think until he was found to be wrong.
Liam chuckled softly and set the drink in the cup holders
"Ooooo this is the best spot." Rain whispered to Liam before taking a seat right next to him.
''Alright,'' Liam said as he walked through the doors. He carried the other snacks and came into the spot to sit in
Rain smiled and began to head into the movie room, he helped carry the snacks and the drinks. He opened the door with his tail and held it open for Liam. "Cmon"
Liam smiled at Rain then bought some snacks for the movie.