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Bodyguard's Duty(SfPappy)

By NatakaStargazer

Replies: 597 / 164 days ago

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[pic https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DWBv16mUMAAiSRp.jpg]
After a while Rain got up with a light fever but Liam was kinda definitely fucked because he is sick boyo now.
Liam slowly fell asleep
Rain started to meow softly.
Liam pet his head and closed his eyes
Rain nuzzled against his chest and purred softly.
Liam kept him close so that he would stay warm
Rain laid against him and began to snore lightly, he was slightly shivering in his arms.
''Sounds good'' he said softly
"Mhm.........Im too lazy to get up now so prepare to get sick."
''So, you changed your mind?'' Liam asked as he chuckled softly
Rain nuzzled against his arm and began to sniffle.
Liam pet his head and stayed by him
She ran away with her food and slammed her door shut.
Rain held onto Liam with a frown.
Liam sighed ''Okay then- ill let you get better'' he said before looking at Rain's sister