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The Coffee Shop

By ArialWasTaken

Replies: 54 / 1 years ago

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[i An independently owned shop, called The Dragon's Den Cafe, has just opened in a small town. Run by a singular employee, they hope to bring a lot of residents to really like it and the laid-back atmosphere it has.]

This is a casual RP that anyone, can join and leave at any time, it's a coffee shop, after all.

Here's a couple of rules I'd like to lay out before you start posting here:

1) Some things are allowed to be a [i tad] unrealistic like how Erin is a catboy, but nothing too out there, like teleportation or weaponized machines out to destroy us all, please?

2) One-liners. I know we've all been there before, but this place requires quite a bit of communication. Without that communication, it wouldn't really feel like much is being done.

3) Even though this place is intended for everyone, I don't feel all that comfortable with mature themes being used here. So, please refrain from doing that.

Last but not least, here's the employees of this place so far:
Erin (Me)

And with that announcement out of the way- [i "Stick around and you might find gold."]
“I’m reliable when I’m called upon, I have cooking experience with my mother and I am very patient because I am also a model. I can follow directions to the exact point when I’m asked of something.”
"Drake Drumgoole. That's a very unique name. Just call me Erin instead of boss or whatever, I see everyone as equals in the workplace," he said, nailing the pronunciation the first time and taking the application, "So, what are your skills, Drake?"
ArialWasTaken / 349d ago
“Drake Drumgoole.” He said while fixing his glasses and handing him his application. “Sorry if my last name is hard to pronounce.”
"Sorry about the wait. Now, what's your name?" Erin asked Drake while he motioned him into another room behind the counter. He was so very excited to have his first to-be employee applying for a position.
ArialWasTaken / 349d ago
Drake thought to himself before looking at Erin. “Could we go over my interview now sir?”
Fs nodded some and went to go sit at a table. As she set her coffee on the table she jumped some as her phone had begun going off. [+pink ''Eeep!''] it had caught her off guard.
Fs Pap / Sf_Pappy / 352d ago
"I hope it does. You seem very kind and a lot work was put into this place." He said as he looked at Erin.
"You're welcome, you may stay here if you like," he added, motioning to the many tables and seats nearby, "It's not exactly popular now, but it could be later on."
ArialWasTaken / 353d ago
Fs gave Erin the money. [+pink ''Its all good..''] she said as she took her coffee.
Fs Pap / Sf_Pappy / 353d ago
"Alright, sorry to break this up, but here's your coffee, miss," Erin interrupted the two, handing FS the coffee. "That'll be.. 4 dollars exactly. Be careful though, it's pretty hot."
ArialWasTaken / 353d ago
She smiled some [+pink ''it was nice meeting you as well sir.''] Fs said as she put her hand at her side.
Fs Pap / Sf_Pappy / 353d ago
Drake smiled softly. "But I am quite glad to have met you today...you are quite interesting."
Fs shrugged slightly as she fidgeted with her collar a little bit as she talked to Drake.
Fs Pap / Sf_Pappy / 353d ago
"I believe giving company to others is a good way. It has helped many times and it even brought the active and social capabilities out of people.
Fs blinked some as she looked at Drake. She bit her lip slightly. [+pink ''Well, there isn't much that could really help..''] Fs said quietly.
Fs Pap / Sf_Pappy / 353d ago