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By Sf_Pappy

Replies: 2005 / 203 days ago

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Hailey looked at Lucy.
Character / 6h ago
''Ill stay here by your side''

Lucy calmed down more
Sf_Pappy / 7h ago
"A little"

Character / 12h ago
''You feeling better?..'' He asked

''All we can do is be here for her'' Johnathan said
Sf_Pappy / 23h ago
She finally smiled a little.

Hailey felt bad for Lucy.
Character / 1d ago
Conner pet her head

Lucy still continued to wimper
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
She curled up in a ball.

Hailey was slightly surprised.
Character / 2d ago
Conner held her closer

The screaming stopped
Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
She kept repeating it.

Hailey noticed this.
Character / 2d ago
''What!? No you aren't.''

Lucy grabbed at her head
Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
Her hands were shaking and she was repeating the words "I'm gonna die"

Hailey looked at him.
Character / 2d ago
Conner began to panic

Johnathan sighed some and looked at Hailey
Sf_Pappy / 2d ago
She still couldn't calm down.

"Oh no"
Character / 3d ago
''Hey.. hey.. everything is alright..''

Lucy wouldn't stop screaming
Sf_Pappy / 3d ago