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Yoruneko     2y ago

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Madhouse! Oh, wait. Wrong place. WELCOME TO DENOSHA! Yeah, that place. This is the place where all the supernatural beings reside (and get away from those mad humans). I can't wait to get this started! The posts will begin with Mikey's Warlord character. I'll go next as Alicia & everyone else can follow suit and create the posting order.

Bonjouir my good friend. Lets get this party a rolling.

Hello, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. That is, unless you intend to further keep the corrupt way the world runs. I will change this world and make it a place where all people can live without class discrimination, racial discrimination, hunger, or poverty. I will destroy the gluttonous wealthy and usher in a New World Order. My order
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Ha! As if humans are capable of creating such a place. All you know is how to destroy.

Sometimes things must be destroyed for new beginnings. When lightning strikes and burns down a forest, nobody questions it. Why? Because it makes room for new life
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Yes, but human destruction is as plentiful as if the lightning was as numerous as the rain and the rain as few as lightning.

That is all the more reason for me to put a stop to it once and for all and unite all Humanity under one Banner
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

(I just posted, so the next turn is up for grabs. Feel free to post guys)

That'd be more persuasive if your species wasn't ready to indescriminately drag everyone to their deaths rather than seeing that happen

We have a saying in our world. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. It is impossible to create an equal society while the ones I'm power will lose it. They will never agree to give up the excessive amount of wealth. Their greed knows no bounds. They must be removed from the picture in order for a new system. To be created.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Now, that right there. I agree, plus or minus some irrelevant details. Yes, and a new system will be created.

I just have one question for you Alicia. Do you like Pie?
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

Would be funny if my character pied yours in the face.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Why would that matter to you, human?

You two. Is this a declaration of war for a food fight?
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

Human customs indicate that having a pie in your face agreed upon is not a declaration of any sort of war.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

I highly doubt that. I've heard of these food fights. They attack each other with their food, thus wasting resources and the cook's effort while they're defacing the property around them with the mess.

No, I'm speaking like one of our great entertainers Dwayne the rock Johnson. I like pie. In fact, I love pie

Yay hi north!
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

I haven't had it. So, I can't answer that question

Oh...that's sad. It's said that the best pies can make a man go crazy and do anything for the pie.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

[I Alicia raises her eyebrow] I'll pass on that.

Your loss. Anyways I am actually about to go eat some pie right now.
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

Another human reference references that cakes are a lie, so only pies exist.

See she gets it... you wanna eat some pie with me lol. I'm gonna go bury my face in pie but theres enough to share
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Anything that makes humans crazier than they already are is nothing I want part of. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

I think our two characters could get along well. That is if your character won’t try killing mine
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Ooooo. Do I sense Stockholm syndrome? =P Since there's the whole kidnapping ploy....
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

Are we still doing the whole [i super-switch-anatural-aroo] carousel ?
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

I've been up since 4am to go to work... which carousel is the supernatural switcheroo one?
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

Being kidnapped by organizations with different purposes involving supernatural creatures ?
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Yeah, that's still a thing. I'm thinking the first will be an American in this one. His is another

Nah I just want to have a conversation. I want to understand your kind. And possibly share a pie with you like the native Americans shared a pipe
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

Well, once you capture me from whatever last group snatched me we could have that

Deal well have a very interesting conversation and well seal it with a pie eating contest. Now which pie will it be hmmm? I say let's get a pie assortment. I want a hey lime and lemon meringue...I've got a sweet tooth right now
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

I don’t like pie eating contests. Waste of a pie

Wouldn't a new society best stand with those who can stand to make the bad decisions those that will keep the world in it's cycle.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

So these pies are sweet and can be made with limes and lemons? Is it a pastry or a candy?

(I'm not sure how that's best, Colorful)

Yes they can be made really with any fruits or flavorings and they are pastries. And not neccessary. The world's current cycle is flawed because man has made it flawed. The wheel must be broken
Colorful_insanity     2y ago

Man's process is flawed... Empires and those who rule still fall
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Typically because of greed and arrogance. Man's ego is very easily swayed.
Colorful_insanity     2y ago

There are usually 3 reasons people go to war

Or power

They always want what someone else has or want more then what they have now.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

And they always think it's theirs to have when it's not.
Mikeymickeymike     2y ago

You're right, typically those are the reasons however there is another. Religion
NorthernWolvesInsae   2y ago

The number of religious wars sharply dropped over time though.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

I still say it usually boils down to greed and arrogance
Colorful_insanity     2y ago

Yes but religious wars still yet boil down to those 3
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

Not all, but most of them boil down to it. & both lust and power can be boiled down to their arrogance bc that's required for them to act on such things.
Colorful_insanity     2y ago

I'm sorry Yoru about not posting yet... Both jobs and school have kept me busy lately I'll get you a post up tonight ..I have some catching up to do
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

It's all good Colorful. It's day 2 since the last post. I want this one to have a consistent pace, but I'm not requiring next day posting or anything unrealistic like that. My whole thing is if people go a week+.... That kills rps, especially with a large group one like this. That being said, tonight sounds great. Sooner the better, just don't drive yourself crazy. I'm debating on having a posting order this time... but if so, this round will dictate the order.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

That first round was awesome and the 2nd has begun. The official order is.....

Colorful_insanity     2y ago

Is there a posting order or am I allowed to post??


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