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Denosha OOC

By Yoruneko

Replies: 97 / 139 days ago

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Denizens only! Bwahahahaha


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

So, next up is Adrinel & then finishing up with Ylva before we start the actual mission part.
My apologies for the long wait. I honestly forgot that it was my turn.
There is now a wolf in the bathroom. If anybody wants to walk into the bathroom and see a wolf in the bathroom , feel free
As no one has gone yet, I will get a post up in a moment
That's perfectly fine Colorful. I'm looking forward to your post next round.

Next up, Ylva.
I do apologize I must request I be skipped this time around.
Sorry it's really long. Got kinda carried away. Posted though. Next up is Iltani
Hey guys. I'm skipping myself this turn since it's taking forever. North is up! I'm going to give myself 5 days after that to post. If I don't have a post up by then, it's Phyto's turn. Hopefully I'm more functional soon.
Thank you colorful. I'll be typing up my post tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience everyone.

Happy New Year!
Mrs Yoru We await your command and post lovely. I hope everything is well.

I also hope everyone had a great Xmas...
Lol. Ikr. Hopefully they'll work all the bugs out soon
lol I said I find it funny they brought back the real life chat which is amazing, but then they went and changed the layout to the Site, and now the Live chat stuff is unreadable once again..Its the same issue that happened last time that it got removed.
Hey Colorful. I can't see what you typed in chat. Can you type it again here.
So. let's still use the OOC since it's here. the regular page shall be used just for posts as it's been. Any fun outside interactions as characters can be done in chat while actual discussions can be done as posts. Again, both of these will be in OOC.