The Denoshan Expedition

By Yoruneko


Africa and most the Middle East are being united under one group. Humans are not having it. Another World War is brewing and this could easily mean the end of all life on Earth. This time, the supernatural community, who refer to themselves as Denizens, cannot just watch it unfold from the sidelines. Although they are part of the world, they reside in a different realm called Denosha. Within this society of various creatures, monsters, specters and more, many are divided on what to do about this imminent threat. Two factions in particular uphold the leading solutions for this. One is the Peace Pact Faction, which is create peace and equality through diplomacy among the paranormal and humans to rid this world from the notion of war. The other is the Divine Retribution Faction (DRF for short), which believes the humans are incapable of being anything but destructive on their own and need to be kept in check in order to learn their place.

Ultimately the leaders of the society have decided to send 3 representatives from each faction to go out and investigate the proper course of action. Once they've reached a decision, the rest will move accordingly. Time is of the essence & each representative must keep in mind that the humans have no clue they exist.


1) Minimum cursing. Honestly just don't let it take away from your character or what you're trying to say
2) Romance is fine, but it's not the main thing in this rp
4) There will be a posting order, and if you don't post within two weeks you are likely to be skipped. If it may be longer, just communicate that & we can work something out with other posts in the meantime. Stuff happens.
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Supernatural Race:

Faction: Peace Pact or Divine Retribution


Role in Faction: This is pretty much why your character was chosen to represent. In other words, what does how does your character stand out from the other faction members? For example, having some connections to the faction leader, being an active force in the cause in a specific way, having a huge following of creatures that support the way you go about spreading your factions cause, etc.

Misc: If there's anything else that needs to be known, put it here.


Peace Pact Faction: - FULL

Puppet-master: NorthernWolves

Character's Name: Andreana

Character's Picture:

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Supernatural Race: Wolf Hybrid

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Most of the time she's calm, collected, and very thoughtful. But when she's on her spiritual journeys, don't disturb her or else you might find yourself facing a wrathful priestess.

Role in Faction: Andreana is a priestess, who preaches the path of negotiation and non-violence. She has built up a pretty strong following, especially from those who had participated in previous wars and knew what sort of destruction happened during the wars.

Misc: When she goes on her spirit journey, one of her eyes goes to a lilac color while the other one stays the same light blue. She also grows very sharp claws over her fingers.

Puppetmaster: Mikeymickeymike

Character's Name: Alexander

Character's Picture:

Gender: Male

Age: 86

Supernatural Race: Skinwalker

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Loving to humans and see's the good in them. He is slow to anger unless his loved ones are impacted or he see's an injustice. Alexander disdains a lot of supers because of their impatience and lack of understanding of humans

Role in Faction: One of the members f the supernaturals who decided to live in the human realm. The council uses him to watch over the human realm as the head of the most influential Private military contractor organization in the United States.

Misc: Does not reveal his race to other Supers unless it's absolutely neccessary.

Puppet-master: Phytocanis324

Character's Name: Iltani

Character's Picture:

Gender: "Male", technically genderless with male features and auditions

Age: 724

Supernatural Race: Crystalhewn

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Prefers to express a calm and collected demeanor, which can sometimes come off as cold or indifferent. If pushed hard enough, his race is prone to emotional extremes: where someone would feel irritation or anger at first, Iltani goes straight to unbridled rage - mild sadness or joy are ignored until crippling depression or ecstatic elation respectively.

Role in Faction: Iltani's calm demeanor and logical thinking got him to his position in the Peace Pact, levying that while humans are destructive by nature they are also avid learners and inventors. Such potential would be criminally wasted should they meet and untimely extinction. His temperament is difficult to sway even under pressure or threat, and he can always approach a problem with reasoning before he must begin acting aggressively. His skills with psionic abilities, namely telekinetics and pyrokinesis, also make him a competent combatant should the need arise.

Misc: Once befriended a wayward Goliath who he - begrudgingly - wishes to see again when the humans have been dealt with

Divine Retribution Faction: - FULL

Puppet-master: YoruNeko

Character's Name: Alicia Kazeki

Character's Picture:

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Supernatural Race: Tengu

Faction: Divine Retribution Faction (DRF)

Personality: Very protective of the entire supernatural community, proud, willful, finds being carefree as a luxury but enjoys the calming feeling of flying in the air

Role in faction: Her uncle is one of the DRF leaders and she’s been an impactful voice to the people to take their place above the humans. Since the humans can’t ever find harmony among themselves, Alicia truly believes that the best way to save their world is assert their superiority and keep them in check.

Misc: Besides the community, her wings are her pride and joy

Puppet-master: Colorful_insanity

Character's Name: Character's Name: Ardinel
Character's Picture:
Gender: Believed to be Male
Age: unknown
Supernatural Race: Xirn (explanation below)
Faction: Divine Retribution
Personality: is very refined, calm, collective, and a very silver tongued person, but intelligent and very seductive.
Role in Faction: Ardinel is one of the higher leaders within the Divine retribution He have a very high standing of followers both supernatural and human alike. Not many actually have seen him in his true Xirn forms, and live after.
Misc: Ardinel's True gender is unknown as he is one part of a whole being. Ardniel tends to be confused with a doubleganger as he can change any details about his physical form including height, weight, skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc. He is sometimes misconceived as well as a Nephilim due to his parentage, and the wings that Xirns have.
Ardinel is trying to live up to the expectations of his parents, the Arcangel Akroma and the Dreamweaver Ysera (the first green dragon, in otherwords, the first dreamweaver)

a Xirn is a dragon type creature that had been banished from the heavens during the great war between the angels and demons, as they did not pick sides, but chose to stay neutral in the fight. Originally thought to be the guardians to the garden of Edan Xirns are a lot like dragons, they have an elemental breath and have a harden leathery skin instead of the plushy human skin. Their eye colors are based off their elemental powers. Hunted down by their own kind Xirns are a rarity and can be found fighting both angels and demons. Xirns also are believed to have some type of dragon like feature such as horns, tails, scales, etc.

Xirn are not known to keep their actual form as they are to large to go unnoticed, however they can manipulate their body form to take on the aspect and look of other races, their preferred races however are the angels, Nephilim, vampires, and demons. although they are known to also take on the aspects of elves, fae, merfolk and the like as well.

Xirn are creatures that are of heard of only in Myths and legends due to their parentage, Usually a mixture of two supernatural races such as Serphs, Angels, Demons, or Fae, its even harpies.

Puppet master: Guardian Angel

Character name: Ylva Grimhildsdottir

Character image:

Gender: Female

Age: 1,250 last she checked

Race: Valkyrie

Faction: Divine Retribution

Personality: Ylva is a wise and caring Valkyrie, though years of dictating the ebb and flow of combat has most certainly left it's mark. Looking down upon those she sees as below her, she can come across as condescending and patronizing. If someone catches her eye, though, she will guide them down the proper path as any mother would. Of course, the only way to save the humans is to enslave them. They are far too dangerous to be left to their own free will.

Role: As someone who has been on the front line near constantly for the past thousand years, she knows how dangerous the humans are, to both themselves and everyone else. The Manhattan Project made a lot of extra work for her. Having been one of the more influential figures of the Divine Retribution, mostly because she was one of the first things the dead would see as they passed, she has been assigned to "enlighten" those at the talks.

Human Organization Members

Puppet-master: Mikeymickeymike

Character's Name: Andre (Warlord) Lordes

Character's Picture:

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Supernatural Race: Human

Faction: United Coalition of Africa (U.C.A)

Personality: Andre is a calculated man. He only truly trusts Will. He is a solitary person by nature due to his upbringing in an orphanage. Brutal on the battlefield and charismatic for his men.

Role in Faction: Serves as the leader of a rogue specialist army. After becoming a warlord and uniting Africa Andre appointed his right hand to run the U.C.A while he kept to the shadows.

Miscellaneous: Andre and Will were formerly a part of an advanced covert Delta Force unit. They were both given experimental super soldier treatments which greatly enhanced their physical and mental capabilities.

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Private first class Andre Lordes sat quietly in the back of the briefing room. He watched as the rest of his unit walked into the room and sat down waiting for the briefing. Command had called them in for a new mission. Corporal Will Johnson sat down next to him. In front of them were the Lieutenant., Sergeant, and two other privates. They together were a covert Delta Force unit tagged the phantoms. They got the nickname because they could infiltrate a nation and take out a high value target and be out before the target was found dead. They were an effective deadly special ops group that left no trace of their involvement.

Corporal Johnson leaned in towards Andre and said, [+darkgreen “I wonder where they will send us to next. We haven’t been let out in six months and I've been bored. So have you found you a lady yet?”]

Lordes simply replied [+blue “You know I’m a lone wolf. Shh the Colonel is walking in.”] The Lieutenant then shouted [+red “Attention.”] They all stood until the Colonel said at ease and began explaining their next assignment. They were going to Nigeria to kill the president. There were murmurs amongst the men. This was the biggest job they would ever take and the most difficult to complete and get out. [+darkgreen “This is insane.”] Johnson said as the Colonel kept explaining.

The Colonel then said [+red “We are also going to begin testing for an experimental drug to enhance your physical and mental capabilities. We need a volunteer and if this goes well then we will administer it to the rest of you.”]

Just then the Lieutenant said [+blue “Lordes will do it. He’s the only one without a family tie. No one will miss him if this experiment fails.”] Andre did not care he did what he was told.

The next day he went to the laboratory and received several injections into his spinal cord, brain stem, and muscles. His body was on fire and he passed out. Andre began to dream of his past. He began to see images from the orphanage that he grew up in, St.Theresa’s home for children. He remembered a time where he watched the other children playing outside but he would rather sit in the shade and watch.The sisters at the orphanage would always try to get him to go play with the other kids but he always felt different from the rest. Andre woke up for a split second to see bright lights and he lost consciousness again. He remembered Being in High school and meeting this kid who was always playing some kind of sport. He was an incredible athlete. One day that kid approached Andre and introduced himself as Will Johnson and they were friends ever since. They could identify with each other as they were both alone. Will lost his family in a shooting so he understood Andres solidarity. After high school they would both enlist in the Army and they both had exceptional scores and merits. They both made Delta at the same time and by that time Will recieved a promotion to corporal. Even though they were the same they were like two sides of a coin. Will was more outgoing and vocal while Andre was quiet and observant. They had each others backs no matter what,

Andre woke up again with his vision and hearing more sharp than before. He asked the nurses how long he had been out. They told him three days. Andre slowly got up and moved around. His senses seemed heightened and he felt stronger. The doctors said they didn’t know what side effects he would experience in the field and recommended a support role for Andre. Will walked into the room [+darkgreen “Let’s see what you little treatment did.”] Will threw two knives at Andre and Andre caught them without even looking. [+darkgreen “That was insane. Come on it’s time to gear up and deploy.”]
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   1y ago

News that humans were potentially going to war was nothing new. However, in the last few decades, they have developed weapons that could destroy the world they shared many times over. Ever since word came of a new possible war stirring among the humans, those of mystical origin have been keeping a closer watch on them. [i ‘How selfish and idiotic can a species get? They can’t just kill themselves off anymore. They truly have to bring everyone else down with them. All for what? Some humans want to attempt some form of unity. So, the others must burn that down? So typical of a destructive species.’] Since this war had become increasingly more inevitable, those who dwelled in Denosha started up new factions to discover the best way to deal with this threat.

The one problem was that they had such devastating weapons. Another was that they were foolish enough to actually use it. [i ‘Can’t take your eyes off them for a mere century or two without them causing trouble. It’s time they’ve learned their place.’]

Meanwhile the faction leaders were having another meeting, one of them being her Uncle Renkoku. While they deliberated, no one could enter without a summons and the barrier would block any indication of an outdoor protest. Rather than idly waiting outside the building, Alicia was training her naginata skills in the forest grove. Her blade was an enchanted weapon. Depending on the enchantment, certain ones were hard to come by. Although hers wasn’t extremely rare, it would definitely take humans by surprise. Depending on their decision regarding what’s to come, it may come in handy.

Looking up at the sky, she could tell the number of hours that have passed. If a decision still had not been reached, they would most likely take a brief intermission soon. In preparation to head back, she shrunk down her naginata so that she could place it through the upper part of her ear as a scaffold piercing. Although the volume shrunk, it actually just became more dense.

Right as she unleashed her ebony wings to take flight, the Unity Crest suddenly shone before her. The distinct glowing orb then announced [b [i “Alicia Kazeki of the Divine Retribution Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”]]

The bronze-skinned tengu folded her wings back behind her and answered, [#efb639 “Yes, I am.”]

A soft shimmer enveloped around her. Her previous surroundings faded as quickly as the Conference Hall formed around her. Once fully materialized, she could see the tension emanating within the eyes of the leadership before her. After giving a respectful greeting, Alicia tried to make sense of whatever she could.

Although the heads of all factions stood before her, there was a clear divide among them. Various sects seemed to congregate around two in particular. The one she belonged to and partially led by her uncle, the Divine Retribution Faction. The other was the Peace Pact Faction, one full of those human coddling idealists. [i ‘The humans merely need to take their place under our guidance and supervision. It’s not like we plan to exterminate them.’]

Closer to where she stood, there were a handful of others that she, for the most part, recognized being either an idealist or one of her own. Apparently, this mass summons was needed to break the standoff. The only question now was how.

Alicia looked toward Uncle Renkoku for hints with her golden eyes, yet found nothing but simmering frustration and concern within his gaze. Although many may misunderstand his stoic nature and fail to see the glimmer of prevalent emotions, Renkoku has mostly been like an open book to his niece. However, he purposely seemed to be keeping any indication of the situation to himself.


Before long, a pathway opening up among the leadership for someone to come through. An elder centaur walked up from the mass of faction leaders in order to address those before him.


[b [#7d5a1c “Thank you for answering our call. These desperate times call for answers. However, we must not make those in haste. Both of your factions have made valid points that have caused a split in opinion. Therefore, we invite you here to be the final voice.

As much as we cannot tolerate such devastation that is on the way, we must take into consideration that humans are sentient beings. In order to distance ourselves, we built our society within the shadows of theirs. However, in regards to the fate of the whole, we shall not pass judgement or attempt formal contact without at least attempting to understand their reasoning.

With this said, three representatives from each of the opposing factions have been selected to go investigate the state of humanity. Report back to us your findings and final decision based on what you’ve witnessed. You all must reach a majority consensus as a whole. You are given two hours to prepare for your travels. If you decide to leave these halls, we shall send another summons once that time has come. During this time, feel free to get to know your travel partners. Finer details shall be given then.”]
NorthernWolvesAndreana   1y ago


Progress held an interesting property. Progress meant the creation, but to create first something had to be destroyed. And humans, while not fully understanding this concept, had this internal drive inside them which seemed synchronous with it. Humans, with their higher intelligence, but less than the supernaturals, throughout time increased their perverted destruction-creation cycle.

Reading their history was a story of it own. Everything began simple, small empires here and there rose and fell just as quickly. The craziness first began when those small empires did not fall, growing instead; they would fall eventually, but the impact would left a more noticeable impact.

Quick side note: Andreana's knowledge of human history was learned from the records of the supernaturals, sometimes them being the only reliable source when humans did not or forgot to record events.

As time went on the empires found each other. Either war or peace happened between the two, or sometimes even a confusing horse-ride between war and peace. Eventually empires formed into countries, with events tying several countries of millions of people instead of empires with hundred of thousands of people.

Now, now the time grew most dangerous for both humans and Andreana's own kind. While the supernaturals kept tabs on the progress, they never sought direct involvement as a whole. Humans already reacted with prejudiced violence towards singular occurrences, declaring war over the minuscule of slights, no need in teaching them about an entire race of exploitable creatures.

Another side-note: Humans exploited anything. While some chose the smarter option of mutualism, more oft than not personal greed took control which made humans commit dark decisions. One of the biggest examples would be the civil war which happened in the country of America, humans of the same country dealing death because of a disagreement of slavery or freedom for a group of darker skinned humans.

Before this time humans had created weapons of destruction, but nothing like what existed now. Before it took many a flying, metallic bathtubs in leveling a city. Now, all it took in levelling an entire country could be packed in a small missile with many warheads inside it. These weapons posed a threat not only to humans but to the supernaturals as well.

This became the primary reason why the supernatural council formed, deciding on the course of action. Could they continue as before, none or even surgical intervention? Or would a direct form of intervention needed to be carried out? The past few days no decision had been reached, instead slowly devolving bickering between two primary factions: Divine Retribution and Peace Pact. Each had members which viewed the others as mindless simpletons.

Another side note: Andreana noticed the irony of supernaturals behaving similar to the same humans which they considered below them.

At the current time, Andreana awoke from one of her spiritual journeys. This one was less journey and more meditation, cleaning the insides of nervousness and fear of the unknown. She groaned, eyes shutting tight as a bright light shone seemingly out of no where. A neutral voice, both in tone and gender, wandered out of the source of light, [b “Andreana of the Peace Pact Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”]. Andreana responded with grumbling, eye rubbing, standing up, and then looking at the light. So the council wanted something from her, the only reason for a Unity Crest appearing while deliberations stilld continued.

[+blue "I am ready."]

A warm teleportation later, and Andreana left her cozy, peaceful abode and popped into an entire room abuzz with tension. A quick glance revealed that others had been summoned, no doubt from both sides.

Silence reigned above the small-scale bickering between small parties, broken only by the striding hoovesteps of an elderly centaur.

Andreana's arms crossed in front of her stomach, ears facing rear. She had grown accustomed to quick in-and-outs of the human realm. But this, spending time continuously for who knew how long. A human phrase came to mind, [i [+blue this will be interesting to say the least]].
Phytocanis324Iltani   1y ago

How long had it been? Iltani pondered this question as he dusted off the old wooden box he'd hidden away in his home. Crystalhewn weren't really known for their adherence to traditional methods of sentimentality, but in his earlier years Iltani had learned the value of such things. His brethren would likely not see things similarly, and as one of oldest and most respected members of his species he was chosen to sit at the discussion table to represent the Peace Pact Party on the subject of humans. Even with this thought in mind, Iltani opened the box.

Inside rested two items, each cradled in the plush interior of their case. The first object: an orb, 5 inches from one side to the other. Heavy - made from a rare material from days long past, called Living Metal. Not a true metal, but instead a tree whose wood has been infused with magic to a point that while as tough as steel, still lives as an extension of its mother tree. When damaged, it will heal and regrow. On its face: a symbol in a language that Iltani had never learned, but whose translation held more meaning in it than almost any written word he'd ever seen.

The second: a small metal key. While not terribly ornate or unique in its design, anyone able to sense magic would know it was extraordinary. Iltani had never used it, much as he would have wanted to some days. But this item was something he only intended to do in emergencies, especially given his position and status. Using it would likely strip him of both, considering the implications.

Slipping both of these items into his small satchel bag - itself another trinket of his past - Iltani prepared himself for the summons. The Crystalhewn had learned much from humans by watching them from a safe distance. History had proved that humans were as creative and innovative as they were destructive. And while Iltani and the rest of his race were against the notion of the humans destroying themselves, they were also against eradicating or imprisoning them. He was sure that there was a way to instill reason and cooperation among humans, even if it meant showing them that there were [b worse] things than dropping explosives on each other.

He threw on a hooded robe and sat in his home, waiting for the summons. When it finally did come, he stood himself up before the Unity Crest that was now before him. [b “Iltani of the Peace Pact Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”]

[#e82c7d "Yes."]

A feeling of being whisked away that Iltani had become perhaps too accustomed to in his yesteryears enveloped him, and when the feeling stopped he was stood in a room filled mostly with people he did not know. Those he did know were only by their presence in Peace Pact hearings and discussions. This would not falter his determination, nor his calm, almost-cold expression. He was there to talk, and hoped that those on the other side of the table were willing to listen.

When the elderly Centaur informed him that he would be getting sent to the human's realm in order to assess them, Iltani chose to remain in the room. Socializing was not his strong suit, as he often came off as cold and not compassionate toward others. However, if leaving this room meant he'd be pulled back at the end of two hours, then what point was there in leaving in the first place? He remained quiet and waited for someone else to come to him to talk, moving to the outer parts of the room so that he could sit down and wait. He had all he needed to depart when the time came.
MikeymickeymikeAlexander   1y ago

Alexander walked with his wife through the courtyard and was telling her about how much he looked forward to having their first child. Just then his phone began to ring. He looked at the number and frowned. [+darkred “Hey baby we need to cut this short. This is an urgent work call.”] He answered and it was the Peace Pact. They informed him that he would soon be summoned back to Denosha. He grumbled at the thought. Alexander honestly didn’t want to work for the Denoshans anymore. He felt that his people were as flawed as humanity. Alexander told his wife that he would be leaving for business soon.

Alexander went to the agreed upon spot to be teleported. [b “Alexander of the Peace Pact Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”] Alexander said, [+darkred “I am.”]

He arrived to hear a centaur tell them that they would be going back to the human realm. He tsk his teeth. [i “There was no point on bringing me here if they were just going to send me back.”] He didn’t care much for the politics of Denoshans. Alexander believed that they were more similar to humans than they cared to admit. He wanted to be with his wife. He lived in the human world as one of the watchers over the humans. He had been able to make a life for himself there. He even married a human woman. Alexander had seen the potential for evil within the humans but he had also seen an even greater potential for love and understanding. Alexander stood off in a corner to himself. He didn’t particularly care to socialize with the people that he’d be working with.

The council of Elders, the long awaited gathering of many of the oldest members of the supernatural beings, many founded leaders of the factions they now represent. It was here however a stalemate was. The air was tense, but it seems far more tense then even the usual gathering of beings. guards were here, and yet no one was allowed a weapon. They had all been disarmed by the guardians. Tension between the factions were arising and no one seemed to be able to diffuse it as arguments went back and forth about what to do about the third world warm humanity would soon be bringing upon itself.

that was why the council had a meeting as it was, Humanity. the Thorn constantly in the side of the supernatural beings. It was because of the supernatural humanity had evolved and educated themselves in the first place. It was because of the supernatural that humanity had survived, and how does humanity repay them? by forgetting them, by driving the creatures into the shadows and those who revealed themselves were taken and experimented upon or worse killed and ripped apart piece by piece jut to study them.

History had taught one thing. that humans couldn't be trusted what so ever. If one was to shift through the grand Library in Alexandria, not the one humans figure was buried under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but the one far below the surface only accessible to the supernatural they would find the real story of what had happened in the past written in first hand account by many people all collected within a single volume, whispered about in rumors and dust.

It tells of how the supernatural creatures Ruled the world even before humans appeared. It was the appearance of humanity that had the supernatural curious and flourished humanity in places of culture, human history only taught it as ancient civilizations. Egypt, China, Japan, Mesopotamia, the Americas, even as far advanced as Greece and Rome, even Carthage. It was then the supernatural understood what they had done. They had created a creature that could not be contained, and so a war broke out between the two. The supernatural however lost and so disappeared into the shadows to be long forgotten by humanity and the world.

The part not found that was not written in there however was in memory for those old enough to remember. The supernatural used humans as slaves, cheap labor and a resource. Like they were nothing more then stone or animals meant to be herded to destruction. The humans at first treated the supernatural as Gods, even considered them as such, but that would end eons later with the death of the first Supernatural by human hands. It was the start of a revolution and would go down into the human's history as the separation of the people under Moses from Egypt's ruler. They would find freedom and spread all around the world forcing the supernatural to adapt and quickly.

Some places however considered them still gods and treated them as such, but word got around and those in charge killed humans, only to have humans turn on them. It was then the war started, and it seemed the supernatural would win with their powers and stronger abilities, however humans won by sheer numbers alone.

[Center [pic]]
The Guardians, Sentinels, gatekeepers. The group of guardians for the council that were placed when the supernatural were first forced into the shadows. The creatures were forged from iron, fire, and blessed by all the elements and would forever be tied to the earth. No magic could pass them if they so wished, no matter what damage you did to one it always seemed like nothing more then a scratch to them. The great beings were the reason the barrier stood in place around the council now. In total there were twelve of them like the hour marks of a clock.

They were considered the timeless watchers of the supernatural and would forever protect their makers. They stand twenty feet tall, and weight well over sixty tons each. Their only noticeable difference is each one carries a different weapon upon their back, however they do not draw these weapons ever. Instead they use the magic they are provided by the council to form any weapon themselves that can come into mind. to make matters worse they also shift around the positions so if ever a sentinel is destroyed it would be reformed in but a few moments to keep up the fight in a different spot.

The council setting was not one inside a building, or one of grandeur, but a simple thing. They all sat inside Stonehenge. While to human eyes would seem like nothing more then a gathering of stones in a circle, it was in fact a massive structure tower that was hidden from the human eye. Held in the sky by a bit of magic the tower was made of marble stone, having a with of three hundred and sixty five stones, with every ninety-one row having a single extra stone at the top. from base to top was sixty stones accept for the few extra. The tower was significant to mark the year.

The council seemed to be going back and forth bickering about which idea they should do to solve human's own destructiveness and a potential way to stop humans for doing any more wards upon itself and damage the world even more. A few spoke up about sending humans away from earth, others said to wipe them completely off the face of the planet and commit mass genocide. It was then hand hit the stone desk that was in front of him, however the stone shattered its dust settled around the group. A male stood up and looked around the room stunned looks upon their faces.

The council member that had stood up started to speak was of an unknown origin, he was only known for his reputation as The Oldest of their kind.

[#b78510 "World war three is starting, and yet we sit around and do nothing to end this. We have heard the ideas of all the factions, and yet we can not agree. The two with the best ideas are the Divine Retribution faction and the Peace Pact Faction. Between these two alone however there is a stale mate. If we do not decide this soon we will have a war on our hands and nothing can stop it at that point. The world will die and along with it our own kind. If humanity is not stopped then it will destroy everything."] The male once again sat down to look across the group, but it wasn't long until voices of uproar started.

It was then a Deep growl caused the entire room to fall silent. All eyes fell upon a single figure who sat upon one of the chairs on the side of the Devine Retribution Faction [#b78510 "Decide soon as war is bound to fallow anyway."] still standing he looked around as the vote was casted for the two largest factions decisions.

The council was solidly even, it was the downfall of having an even number on a council there was either a tie or a very over powerful choice. [b "The vote is even."]
the room became even more tense, the factions all look to their left and their right in fear that war would break out even among their own kind, but that had not happened sense they freely walked the surface of the planet without worry about humans going and killing them. It was a very tense moment, but a single chirp of a voice from the sentinels outside came through the room.
[b "So bring forth members of each faction and send them into the human world. Allow them to gaze upon humanity and make their own judgments. They will count as the final vote, but must come to a group consensus. Not a single one of them can vote for the other side."]

The council all stood up and agreed. The first to pick was the peace pact faction. His voice came out as a husk very dark and earthy tone. [b "My first pick shall be Andrenna." the group then turned to the male who had out bursted earlier. A dead blank face upon his face.] He only turned to Renkoku as they spoke out their answer.
[#b78510 "We choose Alicia."]
The look the male received from Renkoku the girl's known uncle was one of stun and accomplishment. The male only put his finger to his lips motioning for silence from Renkoku about something, but only the two of them would know.

It was then again the room's attention turned to the PPF.
[#b78510 "Pick your next person anakir."]
the male took a long moment and called a name. [b "Alexander."] The skinwalker was not well known to the council, but his kind and existence was dually noted and kept a close eye on as he lived in the human world. Nodding The male looked to Renkoku and waved their hand to the man as eyes of the room turned on him. His voice boomed out across the room.
[b "We in the DRF choose Ylva Grimhildsdottir."]
it was a blow to the group.

Ylva Grimhildsdottir the angel of death was believed to be in her own faction, so to side with the DFR was meaning their faction was growing and at a far faster rate then even the council predicted at the start of it. She was a valkyrie and they tended to not side with either faction. They relied upon humans, far and few however kept to the old traditional means of coming to the world and taking the souls to the afterworld of Valhala. The eyes of the group once again turned to Anakir, who only turned to his partner and then back to have a blank face his eyes dead locked on the twins as he spoke. [b "We choose Iltani."] a fellow super natural like Azreal, believed to be a loner it also meant that the peace pact faction was also growing far faster then the council thought.

The room once again turned to the DRF, their eyes were upon the male who boomed out earlier, however he waved his hand again to Renkoku, who looked at the council. Tension was high, and the air seemed to be stifled with both anticipation and a threat itself loomed. One could stand a horseshoe in the air with how tense the room was. The male cleared his throat a few times and finally spoke out. His deep voice bouncing off the stones as his final words hit the members.
[b ”We also choose Ardinel"]

Everyone looked to the twins in astonishment and confusion. It however was Anakir who's voice spoke first over all others. [b "This is an outrage Ardinel is a leader and has influence already within the council."] The male looked just as surprised at Renkoku as he had earlier when they had called out his niece's name. He should have known to not have been surprised though. the man was known for getting even with those who put him into an uncomfortable position.

It was then the booming voice of he Sentinels once again come over the tower.
[b "Summons have gone out to the members that are not already here. Ardinel, step into the center of the room and join the group that shall be presently summoned.] without hesitation Ardinel stepped down the stairs and into the center of the room, but the booming sounds of echos of the voices rejecting their last decision could yet still be heard. It was however not long before Ardinel stood in the center of the room his voice once again out powering everyone. [#b78510 "If you are that threatened by our decision then summon someone from your own councilship to join the group. No? Then be silent, The Devine Retribution faction has made their decision. We obeyed the rules laid before us."]

The decision it seems would stand, because as the room fell silence the other five were summoned. Hearing the explanation of what would happen he left and would prepare.
SheoldredYlva   1y ago

Ylva Grimhildsdottir, a proud member of the Valkyr firstborn, looked down at the sheer magnitude of the paperwork that had been accumulating on her desk for the last several hours. Several of her sisters had reported that other members of the supernatural community had begun flaking on their tasks as of late. [#24f0d1 “Those damned self proclaimed angels of death. Why in the All Father’s name have we been assigned their work?”] Irritation showed on her face and she dispatched one of her sisters to go and figure out what had caused this to happen. The office began to devolve into a hive of activity, Valkyr taking off to gather information, drop off reports, or deliver messages.

The bigger picture coming into view was that the Council meeting had yet to adjourn, a very troubling matter in and amongst itself. Several hours of closed off conversation, sealed away from the masses with layers of magical protection. No such thing had occurred within Ylva’s considerable lifetime. What did it mean? It seemed like most of the supernatural world was thinking the same thought, creatures who had lived thousands of years showing worry and concern.

There were only a few things that the Council would deliberate on this much. [#ebb923 [i What are those Hel blessed humans up to this time?]] After seeing the aftermath of the so-called “Project Manhattan”, a chill went up Ylva’s spine just thinking about what might be worse. [#ebb923 [i Might they have gotten ahold of the old Majiks? No, surely not. They don’t have the discipline nor the strength. Such things would vaporize them.]]

A figure appearing in her peripheral shook her from her thoughts, and put a small smile on her face. Valna Astridsdottir, her second in command, looked like one of those human females you would see on the cover of a cheap romance novel. Long platinum blonde hair, fair skin, muscular build like all Valkyr, and always wearing her All-Father blessed plate mail. Thinking back on it, Ylva couldn’t remember a time when she wasn’t wearing that armor. That set of armor was more recognizable than Valna herself at this point.

[#24f0d1 “Valna, my dear, I do hope you bring good tidings.”] There was a small pop as the Unity Crest popped into existence. [b “Ylva Grimhildsdottir of the-”] [#24f0d1 “Alright, spit it out.”] Ylva preemptively placed a hand on her forehead, waiting for the report. [#895510 “Milady, i’m afraid not. The Council has not come to an agreement, nor taken a break in many moons. Such an event is unprecedented, and it’s already having an effect on the younger races. We have received reports of skinwalkers prowling the night, forest folk are patrolling the borders of their groves, and dwarves have been spotted above ground.”] [b “-you ready to teleport?”] [#24f0d1 “Of course they are. Next thing you know there will reports of Rag-”]

There was a brief flash of light, then Ylva was gone. Valna looked very confused, a bit shocked, and then took command of the situation as she was trained. Ylva felt her stomach lurch, and drop as she was transported. She appeared in the chamber of the Council, an exasperated expression on her face. She found herself facing a younger woman with jet black wings sprouting from her back, and a darker complexion. One thing certainly caught her eye, funnily enough.

[#24f0d1 “You have… Gold… Eyes..?”]

Andre went to the loadout zone and packed his gear. He was assigned to sniper duty this operation due to the doctor's warning. Usually the sergeant was their sniper but he would be taking Andre’s place in the formation. During loadout Will approached Andre [+darkgreen “This isn’t right. We are about to go destabilize an entire region for money. What are we even fighting for at this point? We signed up to take out terrorists and defend our people. We are going to become terrorists against another nation.”]

He saw the rest of the squad come in and the sarge was joking around with Andre calling him warlord. It was his nickname in the unit. Before they boarded the plane to head to a carrier in the Atlantic, Will gave Andre a separate earpiece so they could talk on their own frequency. Andre put it in his bag and boarded the aircraft.

The phantoms were air dropped from a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk which was heavily modified for stealth and making it less visible to radar. They were to ambush the President on the way in between his humanitarian visits to rural villages in the nation. Far from modern cities, they set up an ambush point in the only place where they could have cover.

The road had to go through the forest to get to the next village and the shortest route was only two kilometers of forest. The ambush point was to be set one kilometer in. The phantoms quickly got to work. They set ground charges thirty meters apart from each other to disable the lead and trail vehicles. More charges were set on the tree line to block and possibility of an escape. The Phantoms set themselves up on both sides of the road deep in the brush. Their job was simply to draw fire. Andre was posted up in a tree on the side of the road forty meters past the ambush point. The presidential assassination was his responsibility. Sniper duty was usually Will’s job. But because they didn’t know the effects of the drugs, Andre was assigned to it. That was if something happened he wouldn’t be dead and they could always revert to plan B, a full on firefight. Before the caravan was set to arrive Andre and Will were Talking on the spare comms that Will provided.

Will said [+darkgreen “This isn't right Dre. We are purposefully destabilizing an entire nation. Haven’t you ever wondered why? It’s because the president of Nigeria found a massive oil reserve and word is he isn’t going to let anyone come in and help them pull it out and refine it. He’s making the nation self sufficient of the U.S and brass wants a piece of that oil so we are going to kill him and put in our own guy. I know it's treason to say this but I would fight back against this.”]

Andre replied [+darkblue “Will you gotta be careful of what you say. I know this is wrong but what other choice do we have? We are soldiers. We follow orders even if we don’t like them and we don’t speak of treason. You’re my brother so don’t make me have to witness you get court martialed.”]

[+darkgreen “Oh calm down they can’t hear us on this channel.”]

Just then the caravan started approaching and got into position. Johnson detonated the charges and the trees fell in front and behind the caravan then the explosives underground went off and destroyed several vehicles. The Nigerians had no choice but to move the President and they made a defensive formation around him and removed him from the truck. Andre was told to take the shot as soon as he had it. It did not take long for Andre to have a clear shot at his heart. With the squeeze of the trigger it was done. The rest of his unit then took care of the rest of the military guard. While that was happening He heard the Colonel in his ear.

[+red “Lordes I want you to kill Corporal Johnson on the grounds of treason. We heard what he said on your private line.”]

Andre aimed at Will and almost pulled the trigger but he couldn’t. Throughout Andre’s entire life he never had friends growing up in an orphanage then enlisting when he turned 18. He was born to be a soldier but Will was the only family he had. His head was pounding. When he didn’t kill him the Colonel ordered the unit to turn on Will and kill him. Will took cover as they approached him and then everything became clear in Andre’s mind. Without hesitation he began opening fire. He killed them all before they had a chance to react. The effects of the drugs were evident. His reaction and processing speeds were on another level. Andre took out his earpiece and headed to Will.

[+darkblue “You were right. What we did was wrong. Our government can’t be allowed to do this to another country for the sake of it making money.”] He looked around at the carnage.

[+darkblue “We have work to do.”]
Will nodded and said [+darkgreen “We have to stabilize this country before the U.S can capitalize. We have to expose what happened here to the world.”]
They took their knives and cut the U.S flag off of their uniforms.[+darkblue “We no longer belong to that country. Let’s”]

[+darkgreen “You’re right. Let’s go and change this world. First we take over Nigeria next, we unite all of Africa.”]
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   1y ago

The elder centaur gave a nod to the rest of the leaders, who began to disperse from the space within simplistic, yet enchanting stonehenge. In two hours, they would be sent to walk on among those humans… Alicia had a deep seeded hatred for those creatures. They needed governing as a whole, but some needed eradication. They were such a despicably selfish and violent species.

Another person chosen for this mission had been teleported right in front of her and commented and mentioned her eye color as a question. While growing up, she was always made fun of for her eye color and darker skin. Other tengu had porcelain skin and dark or grey eyes. Apparently, these were traits from her mother, but no one would talk about her or what she was. It was a 'touchy subject" for the family.
The warrior woman also had gold eyes, but still pale skin. [i ‘Interesting…’] Maybe this lady knew more about those with gold eyes. Or she could have just been surprised to see a tengu with them. [#efb639 "Yes… and you look exhausted,"] Alicia replied to the tall warrior woman.

[#24f0d1 "You're wr-... Right. I am tired." Ylva then sighed, and introduced herself. "Ylva Grimmsdottir, Valkyr firstborn."]

[#efb639 "Alicia Kazeki, Tengu. You should take care of yourself more, Ylva."]

[#24f0d1 "You have the eyes of a warrior. Divine Retribution?"]

[#efb639 "Thank you. You as well," she replied commenting on the familiar look in her eyes, not just the matching color. "Of course. I assume the same?"]

[#24f0d1 "A small smile would cross her lips. "Naturally. We warriors are hard pressed to join the ranks of the... Disillusioned."]

[#efb639 "I second that. I don't understand how others could be so easily swayed. Humans have long taken advantage of the free reign we've given them."]

As the hall became a bit more vacant, Alicia peered through the remaining crowd for Renkoku, only to find him already heading her way. Before she responded, Alicia interjected, [#efb639 "If you'll excuse me, Ylva..."]


[#efb639 “Uncle, it is good to see you. I’m sorry things didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped.”]

[#25653e “You as well, Alicia,”] he took a pause before continuing. [#25653e “Yes, but we’re almost there. The rest is up to the six of you."]

When she was 1 years old, her own father was killed in a tragic incident during an expedition in the human realm. Ever since that time, Renkoku became a second father figure where his younger brother physically couldn’t. Hearing him verbally pass the baton as she also headed there meant more than she could ever express. As if she was a young fledgling again, Alicia caught him in a hug. [#efb639 “Thank you, Uncle. You know, I’ll be fine.”]

[#25653e “Never travel blind, Alicia. Always study your surroundings and those within, starting now.”] He added as he turned her towards her companions.

[#efb639 “Of course. I just had to get a hug before I left,”] she said as she began to walk away and silently added [i ‘and make sure you weren’t worrying too much.’]

With her back now turned, Renkoku gave Ardinel a warning glare. This will be twice now that he knowingly watched his family go to a risky situation in the human realm. Last time, his brother Jiyuki did not make it back alive. If anything were to resemble that time, no form could save Ardinel from the wrath he would face.

Looking around at the rest of the group, she noticed a familiar face, one of an old friend. Alicia wasn't amused. Last time they spoke, it didn't end on good terms. That was a few years prior… and of course she'd be representing the Peace Pact. There was also a creature made up of crystals sitting down, a rough looking guy being standoffish in the corner, Ylva from earlier, and the last one disappeared.

Alicia went over to a middle ground between everyone and called out to them. [#efb639 “So, we’re the lucky ones thrown into this assignment. Since we're all going to be dealing with each other for a while, we might as well introduce ourselves. If we could all get introductions of name and race, that'd be a great start. My name is Alicia Kazeki. I'm a Tengu. Everyone, on over here so we can do this properly. I won't bite you.”]
NorthernWolvesAndreana   1y ago


While the presence of the newly summoned caused the monologuing, slightly villainous in relation towards the mission, Andreana had payed attention at the centaur through the speech's entirety. Only after the centaur's voice shut off did she ponder about the others.

With two quick glances, the second one a recount, Andreana ascertained four others aside from herself. The left ear rotated facing forwards, arms cocking more downwards. Eyes narrowed suspiciously, which could be misread as hungrily, a slower third sweep counting four others yet again; as the humans also tended in saying, [i 'third time is the charm']. Andreana knew some complex mathematics, but one only needed the ability in tallying two pairs of three and the knowledge of the number six to come up with a reasonable sum of six. Yet the number she could see was five, a quick subtraction of five from six gave the difference of one; Andreana theorized that one supernatural left right as the centaur ended his speech.

While the slight gap yet retained itself, Andreana utilized the time with looking closer at the other four:
First in her sights was a clothed, red, crystal-like being. Each supernatural race had their unique hidden gems; the side to which the moderately shiny being belonged mattered naught, she'd want a chat.
Second being appeared as if human, even his clothes appeared human-made from their planet. Facial expression radiated rage. Understandable really, since if he had been in the human realm then why go with this back-and-forth hassling? Unless the bland one was occupied with something else. Andreana hoped that she would not have to deal with someone easily losing their shit, no matter the side.
Concerning the third being, Andreana held them in high respect. Valkyries had embedded themselves in the Norse folk's mythology. While humans hypothesized, surprisingly accurately, that Valkyries guided their souls from battle, the humans had no ability to comprehend how much Valkyries fought. No amount of medals or other such rewards would ever be enough in decorating even a single Valkyrie.
The fourth.....

Andreana's eyes glared like a blue sun, arms cinching their criss-cross tighter, ears alerted facing sideways, lightly barred teeth along with a growl contained in the throat. The tail, on a delayed action, stiffened and flew upwards, before just as quickly relaxing downwards; the rest of Andreana relaxed as well. While this quick aggressive reaction could be pointed out as hypocrisy, Andreana only reacted like this for three scenarios: self-defense, someone disturbing her spiritual journeys, and someone with a complicated past; only one being belonged in the third and final category.

Silently biting her lip, Andreana gazed as Alicia Kazeki of the Divine Retribution faction strutted over. Not surprisngly Alicia aggresively initiated the conversation. Andreana silently scoffed, finding the idea of something close to a bird talking about biting. Birds did not bite, but they did bash people with their beaks, slap with their wings, or come snatch you in sharp talons before whisking you away.

Andreana, covered in a pine-green robe, stepped forward to indicate she'd speak next. [+blue "I go by Andreana, and am simply put it a wolf-hybrid."] For one, Andreana did have a last name but ever since becoming a key Peace Pact member she felt more at ease being called by her first name rather than by Ms.[i (insert last name here)]. Secondly, Andreana used the human term for her own kind. It was simple, and explained everything in two petite, easily understood words.
Phytocanis324Iltani   1y ago

Ignoring the passing gazes and off-handed comments of the rabble in the discussion hall was an easy task. Through his many years, Iltani had learned significant patience for the people around him, even if he didn't know them. He could chock that up to [b him]. Crystalhewn were known for their stoicism, but could be made to break if pushed too far. [b He] pushed too far. Many times. Learning to deal with that would drive most to insanity, but Iltani had simply learned impressive tolerance. While he held no ill will toward those on the opposing faction, Iltani was all too familiar with failures causing unnecessary suffering and pain. To that end he would not allow his "opponents" to better him, not without giving all he could. Thinking then about the key in his bag, he would give all he could and then-some.

Iltani maintained his silence as he stood among the selected candidates, standing next to the other two choices from his own faction. In this he felt isolated somehow, an inorganic being betwixt two people who looked at least mostly human. This was not a new feeling mind those curious, but was no less intrusive even after 700 years. Across from them stood two women with wings, one of dark skin and one of fair. Alicia and Ylva respectively. Finally Ardinel, one of the council members themselves, stepped forward. Iltani took some silent opposition to this, feeling as though a council member would try to insight too much sway on the final decision for humanity, but held his voice for now.

The dark-skinned winged woman from the DRF spoke up then and suggested that they give a small bit of information on themselves. Allowing Andreana to speak first, he replied in turn with [#e82c7d I am Iltani. I am a Crystalhewn."] His voice was calm and even soft to hear, though mostly monotone and flat. He was unsure if the others would even care about what he was specifically, but to give this much information on himself was a triviality.
MikeymickeymikeAlexander   1y ago

Alexander watched as the others began to congregate together . Feeling more frustrated with having to be in Denosha, Alexander walked over to the group assembling. A crystalhew was the first to speak and introduce himself. Alexander angrily said, [+darkred “I’m Alexander and I’m annoyed having to be here. There was no point in summoning me to this wretched place if they were just going to send me back to earth.”] He rubbed his temples for a moment. [+darkred “I’m not telling you what race I belong to. I don’t trust any of you enough to reveal potential weaknesses.”]

Alexander knew that knowing what race a denoshan was, revealed strengths and weaknesses for that person. Being a skinwalker they would know his strengths as disguise and speed but know his weakness against heavy hitters. He grew angier every minute he was in Denosha. Denoshans criticize humans so much. But in Alexander's eyes, Denoshans were the same just more pompous. Denoshans committed crime just like humans but they never talked about that. Alexander’s parents were killed by a Lycan because she thought skinwalkers were beneath her own kind. Alexander still wears her fangs around his neck. He had built a good and happy life for himself in the human world and he was not about to give it up for anything.

Hearing the small foot steps behind him Ardinel knew that Renkoku had come to speak with his niece before their departure into the human world. He felt the cold sting of the Tengu's gaze as he gave him one back, His golden eyes flickered the same fire back. The male would of course not allow any of the team to get hurt, at least not intentionally. Ardinel had stepped off to the Centaur off on one side of the council chambers making small motions to the cambers as the members parted away from the chambers. It was in this room they would be sent to the human world from their own Denosha.

Nodding his head Ardinel morphed his shape again to look more human like with the acceptation of the Almost white eye with little tint of blue and the pointed ears instead of the round ones most humans were accustom to. Heading back to the group he heard the idea of introducing themselves, and what race they are. Stepping up to the plate he set himself at first a deep breath. [b "My name is Ardinel. I am what people call a Mistwalker."] To release the fact he is a Xirn would be folly and to call himself by any other means would be a lie.

Those who knew him as Xirn were on the council and older then him or kept silent.
SheoldredYlva   1y ago

Ylva swept the chamber with her golden eyes, quickly tracking across the members of the Council. [i [#ebb923 So these are our superiors. Sadly, I do not see the All-Father among them. Then again, I don’t think he would enjoy any more paperwork or weak willed creatures in his presence.]] The next to feel her gaze were the others chosen for this ‘duty’. The feeling of a Valkyr looking upon you may feel like a chill up a mortal creature’s spine.

The first of her fellows was the Tengu woman she had appeared before. Alicia Kazeki, of the Divine Retribution. An ally she could probably count upon should this situation go terribly, and a capable warrior from what she could tell.

Her second compatriot was a female of lupine-human descent, going by the name Andreanna. Between her white hair, animal ears, and fragile looking figure, there was little possibility of her being Divine Retribution. This one, though possibly an enemy, was not one to keep Ylva’s guard up. [i [#ebb923 This one doesn’t seem to be all that intimidating. Provided I do not start a fight with them, conflict seems unlikely.]]

The third creature, if that was an accurate label, was an amber colored humanoid made completely of a crystalline material. The name Iltani seemed familiar to her for some reason, though she could not recognize why. The way the light struck the creature, it came off as a gentle pink. [i [#ebb923 The color almost looks like skin. I should keep an eye on this one, too many unknowns with them.]]

Their fourth compatriot was either paranoid, weak, or the most sensible of her fellows so far, revealing only the name Alexander. Though they also revealed that they had been in the human realm just before this, so maybe that was something for her to pressure him on to figure it out. [i [#ebb923 Or maybe that would just spook him. Either way, not willing to trust someone who doesn’t trust others.]]

Finally, the fifth creature to introduce themselves was underwhelming, to be honest. They looked like a normal human, and with a race name like ‘Mistwalker’, they probably weren’t even a decent fight. Ylva brushed them off, hoping they wouldn’t end up in a combat scenario. Looking out for one of these creatures would be difficult. Two of them? She better not have been assigned to babysit.

Last, but certainly not the least, it was Ylva’s turn for introductions. [#24f0d1 “Ylva Grimhildesdottir, firstborn of the Valkyr, member of the Divine Retribution.”] She bowed politely to them, and unfurled six of her eight wings, splaying them out in a show of grace and power. Her wingspan measured in at an impressive fifty-one hands, each wing slightly taller than herself.

[b Present Day]
Will Had become the new Leader of Nigeria with the backing of Andre who was now referred to as the Warlord. It would not stop there. The Warlord controlled a militia and within that militia a unit trained to be like the phantoms. Andre used this unit to take over many other African nations and install members of his militia to control them until the day came where the rest of Africa would agree to peacefully join him. Andre controlled everything from the shadows as Will became the political leader. Will proposed to the Nations of Africa a treaty to join all nations under one banner. They would call it the United African Coalition. With the major countries like Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt under control and voting in favor of it, the other nations followed suit and ratified it. This was the birth of the U.A.C with Will as President and the beginning of World War 3. The United States was angry because of money lost and because Will was the president of the U.A.C, China and the U.K were not happy because one of the first things Will did was to kick out all foreigners unless they were middle eastern. He had strong relationships with the king of Saudi Arabia, the president of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Lebanon.

Will was giving an awe inspiring speech out on the balcony in front of the masses about being Africa and being proud. When he finished his speech he walked back inside to see Andre sitting there. [+green “Brother. They all support the cause. We have liberated our ancestral homeland from the tyranny of western powers.”] He hugged Andre. [+green “Soon we will be finished developing every country on this continent to match the United States.”] Andre hugged back but had a serious tone. [+blue “Will, you gotta be more careful. You know the United States wants us both dead. It’s only a matter of time until they begin assassination atempts on you and a team to try and get me. We must be ready. Don’t give anymore speeches without a vest.”]

Will smiled and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a new sleek vest. [+green “Do you like it? We have every resource on the planet on this continent. Our scientists have made a vest out of a new material. It’s twice the strength of Kevlar and not as bulky, Besides don’t you have the new phantoms that we trained posted around? Also I don’t like not being out there with you.”]
[+blue “I know my brother but remember one of us has to lead the people and be the face of the new order. I would love to have you here with me but it’s unwise. Besides, I can’t do your job. I suck at speaking unless it’s in a military sense. I am the moon to your sun. Where you shine bright for everyone to see, I operate in the darkness reflecting your light and destroying our enemies,”] He poured some whiskey and they both drank.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   1y ago

Everyone joined in with their introductions one after another. It started off with the canine and ended with who she believed to be a leader of the Divine Retribution Faction, one whom she’d seen with her uncle at that. Everyone seemed to be on board with this except for one… And that one was apparently living with the humans. So of course he’d be the difficult and unnecessarily aggressive one. [#efb639 "Alexander, once born denoshan, you die denoshan. I don't understand why you'd prefer earth, where those abominations infest the place. But the briefing, of course, would be done here, not there. Since you were selected, you were summoned to be briefed. It isn't science. Oh. One last thing, your trust issues are your own business."]

Alicia pulled some of her long hair behind her ear, grazing it as she did so. With that motion, she realized something was off. She had her naginata going through her other ear, but one of her other blades wasn't in that one. It was still at home. Whether they would all come in handy or not, it didn’t matter. She didn’t want to travel that far and indefinitely without her favorite weapons. This was one more reason to head home before leaving. [#efb639 “I’m glad we were all able to do a meet and greet before rushing out. I wasn’t sure if we’d have time closer to the two hour mark. Thank you for taking this time, but like the rest of you might, I have to prepare some things before we leave.”] Alicia excused herself from the group and went back to the elder centaur. [#efb639 “ Hello, I’d like to be teleported home.”]

The centaur reached into a pouch hanging from his side and pulled out a small rune. He then handed it to her and said, [b [#7d5a1c “This will send you where you want to go and can return you if you finish your remaining business early. To activate it, imagine where you want to be and blink twice.”]]

[#efb639 “Thank you, sir.”] She then followed the instructions and next thing she knew, she was in front of her home. She could have imagined her room, but she wanted to walk through the doors one last time. Although she teleported outside the estate, she did remain inside the gated wall that surrounded it. As she opened the door, her cousin, Tsubaki, was in the doorway and backpedaled, as if she didn’t expect someone to come through the door. The porcelain skinned tengu quickly regained her composer though.[b [i “Oh, Alicia. There you are. I heard you were selected for the mission. Um. Don’t die… Our family doesn’t need to relive what happened to your dad. I mean, just come back in one living piece. Okay?”]]

As messed up as it was, this was the most concern Tsubaki ever showed Alicia. Ever since they were kids, she was always a bitch to her. She didn’t have to bring her father’s death into this. However, it wouldn’t have been Tsubaki if she didn’t say something uncalled for. It was weird. She was saying it was for the family, but by her awkward sincerity, she really wanted Alicia to make it back safely. Alicia thought she’d be the first one to claim her stuff without a second thought. This was too weird. [#efb639 “I will, Tsubaki.”] She wasn’t going to let the past repeat itself. She’d do whatever was in her power to make it so, regardless of her rude cousin. [#efb639 “Oh, if you take anything out of my room while I’m gone, not even the entire human realm could hide you from my fury. Because I will be back and will find out.”] Tsubaki rolled her eyes and sneered ‘whatever’ as her response. Alicia didn’t know how to process this type of Tsubaki. Was she truly being genuine? Was this because she would have to find someone else to pick on? Alicia started walking away, but uttered [#efb639 “Thank you.”] as she headed to her room. She wouldn’t leave things with her comment about her room, just in case.

Alicia got to her room and grabbed her other blade and condensed it to another earpiece. She opened a drawer and found two kunai. They ended up hooked to and dangling from her standard earrings. Walking around her room, she stopped to look at a hologram of her and her father.She smiled at their smiling faces as she reminisced. For the rest of the time, she just laid in her bed, enjoying its familiar comfort until she was automatically teleported back.

[h3 Back at the Hall]
Like Alicia thought, there was no time for introductions. The centaurian elder from before approached the group as soon as everyone was there. [b [#7d5a1c “Chosen Denoshans. My name is Cieron. I’m in charge of guiding your departure. Before that...”]] he reached into a large satchel hanging from the straps draped across him. He pulled out 6 smaller bags and distributed them among the group. [b [#7d5a1c “Inside these bags are some essential items for your stay among humans. Each one has a safety beacon, a plastic credit card that is used to make purchases there, a passport booklet for identification, a communication notebook to request additional and/or refill supplies, a device called a cellphone, and a special spray labeled the Blend.

The Blend is a mixture that temporarily suppresses external supernatural traits upon contact with skin, fur, feathers, etc. You will find that it is contained in a small bottle with a blue cap. It does not need to be applied to a specified area as long as it is your body. Keep in mind, this effect only lasts 12 hours. Know when to reapply.

The notebook will let us know if you need more of the spray or if you all will need something else along your journey. We are able to approve or deny any requests. If approved, we’ll send a timeframe of when we will send someone to deliver the items and state the name of who sent the request. This will be sent to everyone. The one conducting the errand will be ported to the location of the person giving the request. If the time needs to be amended, write that in the book. Within reason, we will send 6 of each item for each member of this mission. Personal items will be handled case by case. If any or all items are denied, we will send a list of denied items. This will only be sent to the one making the request.

If you wish to change the name on the passport, you can do so by swiping your finger over what is there and stating what you wish it to be. Your change will automatically update in the human database. This will only work if it is your passport. The cards have ample funds. There is no reason for there to be an issue. In regards to the safety beacon, to activate it all you must say is Escape and press your thumb into the gel like pad found on the top. This will read your DNA and return you here to the council chambers. Where you will be given medical treatment and removed from the mission, for safety reasons. Keep all of these items safe. If any of them are lost, we will deal with that on a case by case basis as well. If any, I expect no more than a couple of those. There are harsh consequences for negligence. However, if it is truly out of your control that is another conversation.”]] The centaur paused a moment and cleared his throat before switching topics.

[b [#7d5a1c “Your mission is as told before. You are to go to the human world and decide the best course of action to stop the potential of human war that would wipe out not only their own kind, but destroy the earth and us along with it. Besides these items, you should also remember while in the human world we are considered unnatural. So this being said any supernatural beings are to appear as mortal as they can. This means, no wings, no claws, no tails, no abnormal ears, feathers, scales, etc. For safety of our own kind these are to be hidden in the presence of humans. The consequences can be dire."]]

He then motioned to the portal and started walking to it. [b [#7d5a1c “You will begin your mission in New York City in a country called the United States. There is an event there where humans dress up in ways that are abnormal to them. This will help mask your arrival. Find clothes to better fit in as soon as possible. However, Alexander is already an example and can hopefully lead in this part of the assignment. Do not forget to use the Blend when you do so.”]]
NorthernWolvesAndreana   1y ago


The rest of the introductions ran across only a singular hitch, at least where it concerned Andreana. The one named Alexander demonstrated angriness channeled as an outburst for everyone to see. It mattered nought which of the factions he belonged to, that flaring outburst would need much tempering lest it cause problems for the assigned mission.

Andreanna hoped Alexander was a DRF member so the job of tempering would be their problems. Not that she didn't have ways of aiding in the mental tempering, simply one less problem she'd need less control.

No doubt during the assignment some camaraderie would happen, whether they liked it or not. For Andreana, even though the Valkyrie belonged in the opposite faction, many a question she had for Ylva. Much of that attitude was drawn from the awed respect Andreana had for Valkyries. As to the questions, most of them involved ascertaining which stories written of them were truths or falsehoods. Andreana understood the [i carefully treading] aspect when speaking Valkyries, for they did posses a prideful habit.

Her eyes blinked twice in rapid succession, sharply inhaling. While showing no surprise in Alicia's addressing of Alexander, Andreana wished Alicia would have used a more tactful approach; he'd expressed himself as a steam boiler prone to exploding, and they as a group did not need an explosion now or once in the mortal realm.

Ah yes, [i me time] for preparation. Andreana never went cross-realm traveling without her weapons. An internal rumble cascaded through her subconscious, understanding the swords she would need were [i [+purple those two]].

Just as Alicia teleported after conversing with the centaur, so did Andreana. One moment standing in the chamber and the next standing in a more private chamber; the meditation room of her house. The house itself contained only one living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, aside from the mediation room, with the house built around the living room; it was the largest and where Andreana spent half of her time, along with the occasional guest.

Hearing the sound of a miniature creek melding into a small pond, Andreana’s thoughts subsided. Slipping off the shoes, the toes curled in and out feeling the smooth, soft moss; the entire floor was made of moss, dotted with a variety of flowers seemingly stuck in eternal bloom. The walls and ceiling were see through, offering a stainless view of the flat plains spreading in all directions.

After standing a minute sucking in the room Andreana exited and beelined for her bedroom. A sturdy, twin-sized bed stood in the far corner, across from the wooden chair-desk study area. There was a closet, not important right now, directly left of the entrance, and on the wall adjoining the closet hung a black cloth. Towards this black cloth did Andreana pace towards, flinging it towards the ground unceremoniously; ceremoniously, she grasped both sheathed swords and moved them off of the nails they hung on. Leaning one again s the wall, Andreana maintained the grip on the sheathe while the now free hand grasped the pristine white handle. Her hand had not forgotten this sword, pulling the blade out of the sheathe. Just as quickly Andreana sheathed it, [i [+purple no!!]], the scar under and over the left eye suddenly needing scratching. It persisted awhile to Andreana’s frustrating growl. Too many things, too suddenly, and with her!!!

Was this some cruel twist of fate?

Imagining a fictional storage room, Andreana transported the swords from the physical realm into the spiritual; a specific enchantment which went hand-in-hand with her spiritual traveling. As to the other weapon, which lay upon the desk, Andreana strapped the knife onto her left hip.

The remaining time Andreana spent writing a detailed letter addressed to her parents. While distancing from them, mainly due to her role in the Peace Pact, she still kept in touch and on occasion visited; keeping in touch used the old method of letter writing.

Once teleported back, the centaur began another monologue. The general gist Andreana understood: they had money, the council would be listening for reports and requests, required use of mist, and if shit hit the fan(another usable human expression) they’d be teleported back into the supernatural realm. Of equal interest became their starting location. Andreana was well aware of all various forms of human costuming events, and the centaur’s description most closely matched a costume-con. With humans dressing abnormally, supernaturals could walk as is and not attract undue attention. And with Andreana’s only in-humans features being ears and tail, she could pull that out without mist masking as some humans wore ears and tails constantly; so called [i nekos] or [i furries].
Phytocanis324Iltani   1y ago

Overhearing Andreana and Alicia's requests to be ported away and prepare, the chance to visit somewhere gave him pause. He didn't think he was ready to face that man again, so his city was out of the question. Then, he remembered. His thoughts went to a grave site in a far off realm, in the heart of a demolished city. He asked Cieron for passage somewhere, for just a few minutes. Blinking twice, he found himself standing there. The remains of a massive citadel once dedicated to the study of magic and its intricacies stood behind a small tree which had been decorated with a small assortment of items: An arrow, untouched as if a dream made physical. A pair of swords, one straight and one curved, both rusted into their sheathes. And a robe, once gleaming white and now gray with age, pinned there with the arrow.

Foliage had grown around the tree for a few feet, and Iltani managed to spot a flower growing at the edge of its influence. He walked to it and gently dug the flower from its resting place, keeping even its deepest roots intact, and moved it to just in front of that tree. When it was replaced in the soil, Iltani remained crouched and looked over each item again.

[#e82c7d "We failed to prevent [i this] disaster before it began. I won't let that happen again."]

Iltani stood, and after the aforementioned few minutes he had willed himself back into the council room. He remained quiet, looking no different and having no new weapons or items.

After his and the other's return, Cieron explained exactly what would be happening with the groups while they were on Earth. They would be directly observing the humans from the inside, using magic to disguise themselves and learning as much as they could about them before coming to a consensus on how they would be dealt with. Iltani was decidedly against their total destruction, but was still unsure of how difficult a task it would be to dissuade them from annihilating each other anyway. From past experiences, humans were a despicably stubborn lot and were hard to sway from their own ways.

Besides, no human could ever be as stubborn as that man. It was an impossibility. One that he hoped no human would aspire to proving wrong.

When presented with the materials he would be taking with him, he accepted them and stored them in the satchel bag he hung over his shoulder. They would be useful later, so it made no sense to rifle through them now. He looked at his comrades and his opponents and made his way wordlessly toward the portal.
MikeymickeymikeAlexander   1y ago

Alexander was already irritated by Alicia. He let her comment go and waited for everyone to be ready to be sent to earth. When he was given the opportunity to go back to earth to get his affairs in order, Alexander went to his company headquarters. He told his wife he would be gone for business before he went to Denosha but he needed to let his men know he would be gone. When he got there Anderson was there waiting on him. The president and the secretary of state wanted to meet via conference video. They made it short. They offered Alexander a job. The secretary of state said to Alexander, [b “Mr. Montier, we have another off the books assignment for you. If you choose to accept the payout will be 50 million paid to your firm.”]

Alexander smiled. [+darkred “Well whatever it is, it must be classified and you can’t tell me correct?”]
[b “And if you fail or are caught you were never affiliated with the United States government.”]
[+darkred “Yeah I know the routine, This isn’t the first black ops job you’ve given me. So, who’s the target?”]
[b “Former Special Forces Corporal Will Johnson and Formal Special Forces Private Andre Lordes.”]
[+darkred “Wait just a damn minute. You mean the two ex-delta force guys that flipped and united the whole African continent!? This is insane. After you Mr. President, Will Johnson is one of the most untouchable men in the world. Their special ops unit is trained like delta force. This is a suicide mission.”]
[b “We are prepared to double our offer. You have 24 hours to give us an answer.”]

When they finished the call Alexander turned to his right hand man and sighed. [+darkred “Boris, I know what you’re thinking but it would be a stupid decision to do this.”]

[b “Alexander, some of the team is getting old. We can’t do this line of work forever. That much money would mean the older men can retire and take care of their families.”]

[+darkred “They can’t take care of their families of they are dead. I have an obligation to those families to not put those men in situations where its unlikely they will come out.”] Alexander looked at his watch and realized that it was almost time to go back to Denosha. [+darkred “Look I have to go. I’m taking some personal time to go speak with a private party about a potential contract. I’ll be back in a few days. Until then, don’t do anything I wouldn’t”]

Alexander was teleported back soon after he left Boris. The centaur began talking about the human world and giving them care bags. Alexander took the credit card out and tossed the rest of the bag. He didn’t need anything in there but why use your own money when you can use somebody else's? He pretty much had the centaur tuned out until he heard his name mentioned. [+darkred “It’s not hard to blend in. If you all weren’t so archaic at times you could easily have had human clothing here for times like this. Whatever though. I have a dresser in New York and she is exceptional at her job.”]

Ardinel had watched as the rest of the group went off to finish getting ready for their trip a few of them he guessed were saying final goodbyes to people for now, or to collect a few things they would take on their trip with them. The male had pulled up his own rune of teleportation. He had been taken back to the sanctuary of stars, the place where he and his people were originally from. They had sense adopted many people into their homeland, however it was still a selected group, those the Green Dragons could place into the land of dreams.

Xirn, while not many knew of his original races name many would know of their power and the reason why they were hunted down. Stepping into the realm Ardinel shed the human form he had taken to retake that of his true nature. Upon reaching the end of the hallway he transformed himself back into his human shape. Grabbing several war glaives he resized them down to be bracelets around his wrist. Of course it would mean he was really "flashy flashy" but it would be protection for him if it came down to it. Returning to the courtyard he returned himself to the council chambers and waited for the others to return.

As the wait time ended the others started to be flashed back as the group finished the same Centaur from earlier known as Cieron had talked to the group about their trip to earth and what it was that would be specifically within the bag they would be taken. Like Alexander the xirn handed back to the bag of supplies only to keep the card. He could of course have taken his own, but of course if he spent the council's money instead of his own it would look better on him. He was still apart of the council and everyone was skeptical of him being allowed on this mission instead of allowing a member of their group go.

Hearing the last words as the group was taken in a blinding flash of golden light and a warm feeling they were on the surface. The human world. In the middle of what was called a "Costum con". Humans would dress up as their favorite characters most of which were based upon the supernatural creatures. Ardinel and Alexander were probably out of the running for it however as they both were the closest to human. Alexander more so, as Ardinel's eyes were still "unnatural" a golden brown in the sunlight, but in the dark they turned a frosty blue.
SheoldredYlva   1y ago

[size14 Ylva watched Alicia and Alexander have their little spat with a bemused smile on her face. He reminded her of many of the younger races she had interacted with. So hostile and defensive about even the tiniest of details. The Council had spoken, and as such she would be polite with the members assigned to such a task.]

[size14 While she was entertaining this train of thought, she watched several of her newfound associates teleport away after speaking to the centaur. Ylva approached the centaur, and upon learning of the two hour window before mission start, she asked to be returned to her office. She had a handful of things to take care of before this mandatory assignment started.]

[size14 There was a flash of light, and pain as she reappeared in her chair, in the midst of her office. The wards the majik inclined Valkyr had placed around the office had not been the kindest to her, and when the light faded she found herself staring down several rune blades. [#24f0d1 "My apologies, Sisters. I was swept away by the whims of that blasted Council."]]

[size14 Her sisters seemingly appeased, the weapons were lowered and she got back to work. She delegated as many mandatory task as she could remember to to the younger Valkyr, while assigning Valna to take Ylva's place in the chain of command. She also filed the requisition papers for a rune axe to be temporarily added to her personal armory. Keeping an eye on the clock, she sighed softly. [#24f0d1 "Sisters, remember to follow the chain of command. For the glory of the All-Father."] She stood up, a look of fierce pride in her eyes. These were her sisters. They would not let her down. [#24f0d1 "Oh, and do not forget to feed Fenrir. Remember what happened last time? Odinsson still hasn't forgiven us for crashing that feast."]]

[size14 With a gentle smile and a wave, she was sent back to the council chambers, waiting for the rest of the details on her assignment. Taking the bag, she attached it to her hip as the briefing was delivered.]

Andre had heard that an attack was imminent. There were foreigners that had recently entered the country. He looked at the schedule and saw that Will was supposed to be at a school for a graduation. That would be the perfect place to assassinate him. There was a clear line of sight from many directions. It would be almost impossible to defend. Andre, however, was able to pick out the three most likely places for a sniper. He had his men at all three places to create an ambush. He then thought about how the American military was trained. There would be a secondary team in the event that the sniper failed and Will was moved. He set a trap along the route to intercept them.

When the day came, things went according to plan. Andre’s team captured the sniper and when the secondary team moved to intercept the Presidential convoy, Andre was there to surprise them and disable their vehicle. He and his men took them prisoner.

When they arrived at an interrogation site Will was angry that Andre didn’t let him know that there was a threat to his life. Andre’s response was that he needed Will to not tip them off. Andre lined up the men and began shooting them one by one until there were only three left. He identified the leader. His name was Boris. Andre pulled up a chair and sat in front of him. He tore a patch off of his arm and said, [+darkblue “So Boris. You clearly work for a military contractor. You’re going to tell me which one.”]

He was met with silence and he motioned for one of his men to take out one of Boris’ subordinates' eyes. [+darkblue “This will stop if you just cooperate. So let’s try this again. Which firm do you work for? Next is his tongue.”]

[b “Ok I’ll talk. Just please spare my men. We work for Maverick. We got a job to take out you and Will Johnson.”]

[+darkblue “So the United States government sent you then? Who in the government?”]

[b “Please, I can”t say”] Andre motioned and his man cut out the third soldier's tongue. [b “It was a direct job from the President and secretary of state.”] Andre motioned and his men shot the prisoners.

[+darkblue “Men, The President of the United States has declared war. He has tried to kill your leaders. If it’s war they want, then war they shall have! Let’s go give them our answer.”]
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   1y ago

Before everyone went through, Cieron responded to Alexander's outburst. [b [#7d5a1c “Archaic? We chose not to so that you all have the freedom to choose whatever you feel most comfortable in and the chance to have some inspiration there before choosing if one desires. Overall, it should be a good experience for those unaccustomed to the human realm. I hope your bias doesn’t blind you from the big picture during this mission.”]]

After walking through the portal, the group manifested with hundreds of humans in front of them and doors leading to who knows where behind them. Being surrounded by so many of those heinous lifeforms ruffled Alicia’s feathers… They seemed almost endless and consuming, like an infection gone untreated. Throughout the hallways, and in very sizable rooms, humans overran the space. And although many of them looked like normal humans, the others brought clarity to why their group wouldn't stick out upon their arrival. There were humans with contraptions below their feet to make them taller. There were those with completely non-human skin colors obviously painted on them. One of them even smiled and winked at Iltani. That was disgusting. A human thinking they're on the same level as a Denoshan, whether they knew about Denoshans or not, was just wrong. However, them blending in as such was part of the mission.

A so called cosplayer then walked up to the group while holding a phone, [b "Nice wings! Can I get a picture with you two?"] The cosplayer looked at both Alicia and Ylva with the doughiest of eyes. Alicia blinked. How did she know what it was saying? She didn't know... English? How did she even know what it was called? She slowed her thoughts down and tried to figure out what was going on. She felt some magic coming from the sack, but couldn't pinpoint what exactly was bridging this communication gap.

Ylva replied first with, [#24f0d1 "You may take an instant portrait of myself. I do not know of my compatriot here."] She shot a questioning glance at Alicia, before looking back at the cosplayer. [#24f0d1 "Might there be a specific pose you would wish to see, young artist?"]

Picture? Pose? How was Ylva so nonchalant so easily when they just arrived with all of these humans everywhere. Then again, she was used to human battlefields… This would be easy. If Ylva was okay with it, Alicia would be fine. Still wary though, she replied without truly letting her guard down [#efb639 "...Sure."]

The oddly dressed human's eyes sparkled with delight. Before happily responding to Ylva, the human paused and Alicia could almost see its mind trying to process many scenarios. The human then replied [b "I'll leave the poses up to you. I just want to be in the middle."] It passed the phone to another nearby human and stood in between Ylva and Alicia. As Ylva struck her pose, Alicia had no clue what to do. So she looked over and matched it.

The human was so close to her, she wanted to scream or just kill it. However, she didn't do either. This was a diplomatic mission. A few years back, she wouldn't have hesitated to slice its throat with one of her talons. However, being in a leadership position within her faction had surprisingly changed that. It helped her grow in letting her actions have purpose rather than merely reacting. When their kind took over their leadership, it would be good to have things like this to help the transition.

After retrieving the phone from the other human, it was even more elated than it was before. It was almost skipping as it walked away. If most humans were so easily satisfied, they would've been tolerable and this mission wouldn't be needed... Loved ones wouldn't have been lost. Everyone's lives wouldn't have been at stake. However, most humans were despicable, greedy, arrogant, and destructive. That left them with what was.
NorthernWolvesAndreana   1y ago


Before leaving the supernatural realm for an unknown length of time yet another verbal incident occurred with Alexander. While Andreana minded neither jabs nor jokes about the supernatural, Alexander's tone was devoid of either; more of a snide remark commenting on a backwardness of the supernatural beings. Andreana agreed with the centaur's reply. She would rather choose clothing once arriving than have some mandatory uniform forced upon them.

For one, Andreana's ins-and-outs imprinted upon her certain clothes she enjoyed wearing. Secondly, no doubt the council would be forced into another deadlocked debate about what the uniform the expedition members would wear. Enough time already wasted, no need in wasting it about something so trivial as clothes.

Human places always stank of something. To be fair some smelled delicious, but even in places such as bakeries and restaurants that stank always persisted: human sweat. Not like Andreana's sweat was odorless, just it was always the first thing noticeable right away.

Aside from the smell, the other unmistakable sight was a place devoid of creatures with a human appearance. Instead, upon the floors walked a variety of colorful, ecstatic humanoid animals, gods and goddesses, creatures with capes and other non-animal augmentations, and occasionally there were discernible human creatures; the last category usually carried cameras, were newcomers, or people working at this place. Even though Andreana and the others were supernatural, the humans knew nothing because they noticed nothing out of place.

Having walked a single step to lean against a railing, Andreana shook her head with a chuckle. Some human walked up towards Alicia and Ylva, and Andreana was well aware of the inner disgust in her 'fellow' tengu supernatural. No doubt the human, they'd decided on adding wings to their costume, seeing two other feathered 'humans' decided that [i birds of a feather flock together] needed to happen.

Leaning her head back, Andreana's ears smoothly swiveled backwards. This fluid motion caught the attention of a group of girls. And now it was Andreana's turn to be filled with disgust, although for a different reason than Alicia; the costumes were your cheap, plastic cat ears and tail as the basics over some clothes. One or two had poorly drawn whiskers on their face. But maybe they couldn't afford anything better, nor did they have the time to craft something of better quality.

No matter what the status of those girls were, initially swarming Andreana but they kept a respective distance; at least they understood personal space. Their questions were mainly concerned about the ears. This time Andreana took time and effort in slowly moving them as if they were robotic, before answering with a falsehood that they were remote controlled animatronics. Such an answer wowed the [i gal group], followed by a few photos before away talking among themselves.

When Andreana turned her eyes upon the other members of the group, all were free. Hopefully all their respective human interactions had went as well as her own. Otherwise, the group had a few choices. If enough of them were hungry, there was bound to be one of those food court things somewhere in this ginormous building. If the food court didn't seem appetizing, there would be a restaurant somewhere close. They'd probably have to 'change' first, but that wouldn't take too long.

Either way, Andreana made a mental note of locating a pet store. Two items sold in a pet store Andreana needed to buy, a sort of [i just in case] purchase if such a time ever came.
Phytocanis324Iltani   1y ago

Before passing through the portal to the Earth realm, Iltani overheard Alexander's comment about the archaic nature of the Council's decision to not provide the groups with human clothes. While he could understand the point that Alexander was making he agreed less so with the tone that was taken to make it. This did however bring the fact that human clothing trends were a mystery to him. He seldom wore anything other than a long, thin hooded cloak and suspected that such attire would not be sufficient given his past experience with human sensibilities.

This theory was all but proven when Iltani found himself at what appeared to be a festival inside of a building, with humans walking about both in what he assumed to be more common clothing as well as costumes. Some costumes were less convincing than others while others were elaborate and extravagant. From the stares and attempts at courtship he was getting he made the assumption that those around him thought he was in costume. Several people came up to him asking to take "pictures" with him. In the interest of blending in for now until he could assume a more acceptable form he agreed, though was unsure how so many portraits could be made of them in such a short time.

He quickly learned that the small boxes that they seemed fond of carrying around and staring at could paint portraits in fractions of seconds, and that they needn't dry. Such advancements were beyond what he had expected to see out of humans, even if they were the sole sapient species in this realm. Such things as this were why Iltani had such a strong opinion about defending them. While perhaps not as skilled craftsmen as other races, their ingenuity was often on par with species like goblins and kobolds which were notorious for it. If something needed to be made, an idea be thought, or a concept be proven there were few as willing to ensure all odds were gone against.

After the humans had had their fill of him, he looked upon his comrades and saw that they were far more tense and apprehensive than himself. Perhaps having once traveled with one made things easier for him to begin adjusting to. While learning about the Divine Retribution members and their motivations for supporting that cause, Iltani thought it wiser to begin learning about those he was sided with. If nothing else, perhaps they could help him to choose clothing and a human form befitting of him.

He walked up to Andreana and Alexander, noticing Andreana was also contemplating the other group and their interactions. [#e82c7d "Are you both perhaps thinking about your next course of action? I would like to ask that you assist me in selecting clothing that will make me least likely to stand out."] His tone was even and calm.
MikeymickeymikeAlexander   1y ago

Alexander watched as people flooded the group and wanted to take pictures with everyone. [i If they only knew that those weren’t costumes.] He thought to himself. After the pictures were finished he said, [+darkred “Alright guys. Let’s go. The clothing store is just up ahead. Make sure you conceal your Denoshan traits.”] Alexander led them to the clothing store and walked in.

[+darkred “Fredrico, Elynna, How are you two? Listen, I have some associates from out of town. I want you to hook them up.”]

Alexander walked away and allowed everyone to select clothing and be fitted. Alexander got out his cell and called his wife. [+darkred “Hi honey. I miss you. I promise, I’ll be home as soon as I can.”] He felt his phone vibrate and looked down at it. It was a company alert. Two of his teams had been dispatched. Alexander panicked and called Boris to find out what was going on. He couldn’t get an answer. Alexander looked back toward everyone and said [+darkred “Fuck it.”] He ran outside and ducked off behind a trashcan. He shifted into an eagle and flew away. The airport was only a fifteen minute flight from there. When he was five minutes away, he felt his body tingle and he was teleported back to the group. As an eagle he stood perched on the counter in the store. Alexander didn’t understand what had happened and his phone began ringing. Alexander flew out of the store and transformed back into a man and answered his phone. It was the peace pact faction. They alerted him that if he tried to leave the group for personal reasons, he would be teleported back. Alexander lost his cool and began cursing aloud.

Ardinel just stole one more glance towards Renkoku before stepping through the portal. a second chance perhaps? Looking around to adjust his eyes to the world he could tell this was not normal for the human world. So many were dressed up like the supernatural while others came in regular clothing. Of those who came dressed up there were so many different species shown he could listen them off. Kitsuni, Naga, Satyrs, elves, and others he couldn't list due to inconsistencies in the customs or not enough details put into it. For instance those with wings or horns etc. Some came with scales even others in just armor, but mixed details from different races.

Being pulled from his curious looking around as a squeal went off close by he went into a slight defensive position for himself. Had they been discovered already? This early? Could they have expect something like the last time? Relaxing as girls approached several of the members as they requested photographs. Ardinel was not at all amused by the notion, but he refrained from an outburst and to call attention to the group. Placing instead his finger on a piercing in the bridge of his noise he noticed only a small boy come up to him with a photo.

It held the picture of a male with orange hair, purple eyes, a set of three piercings down his noise just like Ardinel had, but the secret was Ardinel's was a set of weapons he could grow if necessary. The other more noticeable feature was the same metal was in his ears. Ardinel also had this in his ears which he touched as he noticed them. His weapons were made of Agline, mixed with Xirn bone and Valkyrie's blood, both were very strong matierials, but Agline was the strongest known metal in the supernatural world and only found in the Mountains to the north far more north then the ice caps of the pole. The only reason humans hadn't found them was because of a barrier put over them to teleport humans to the otherside. An expensive material as well.

Adam bent down to the child and allowed his parental figure whom was dressed as a Valkyrie snapped the photo he was wanting. Waving the boy off Ardinel understood humans needed to be ruled over by the supernatural beings, that did not mean a harsh punishment or environment like the extreme side of their group. Ardinel was more in the middle of the group he understand a soft control, this allowed humans some freedoms, but not enough to completely destroy themselves and the world. Watching as the rest of the group finished their little initiative into the human world Ardinel looked to Alexander who spoke up about clothing.

Lagging behind just a little bit Ardinel pulled out a cellphone and hit a few quick speed dial numbers. sending out a mass text about where he was at and a few other things he expected. Grabbing the card from his pocket really fast he sent a photo of it to the secure line along with the message [i "I need vehicles here...six of them to be exact."] and gave details of specifically what he wanted based off what he believed everyone would like. For Andreana an ES Hybrid eletrical car. A Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc for Iltani, a Stone made vehicle for a Crystalhewn. a Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter motorcycle for Alexander, his rager type personality fit the bike. Looking to his own team he got Mustang EcoBoost Convertible for Ylva both for the fact Valkyrie use winged horses and a Mustang is a car closely related. and the convertible allowed her to still feel the wind upon her face if she so wished it. And for Alicia a Mazda 767B a reminder mostly of her parents, but it also allowed her to still go fast For himself a Rolls Royce Phantom Solid gold.

Catching up to the group the male started Looking down at his own clothing he was dressed in what people would call a suit. A white dress paints, white coat, black button down shirt and white tie. Perhaps changing out of his typical clothing was a good idea as the last time he was on the surface it was....a mistake. Hearing that Alexander knew the owners of the shop he picked up a few simple things a couple of Band tees and some jeans. Stepping to the counter in time to see a giant bird on the shop counter he cautiously walked towards it only to have it fly outside.

A quick glance out the door and Ardinel understood what it was. Alexander tried to leave the group but won't be allowed to. Hearing the man Curse up a storm he cleared his throat. [b "Does it surprise you they will not let you separate from the group? If we are discovered everyone will be evacuated so they do not want even one of us to be separated from each other. That is your faction's piece of this whole ordeal. they agreed to allow us to go, but we must remain within an certain distance of the group. Its because they do not wish for more loss of life of our kind. If a single member of our group is caught they will associate us with the entire group."]

Ardinel took several more stepped before stopping in front of Alexander both hands in the front pockets of his jeans the credit card now held in the wallet along with the communication device that he was sent with the note of an error how he had forgotten it. In the other a set of keys. [b "So how exactly does a skin walker manage to join the peace faction? I understand your choice of wishing for us to live peacefully, especially having a wife and children perhaps? Which I gather is why you were throwing a fit about being summoned away from earth in the first place."]

Before a comment could be made or any moves made Ardinel pulled his hand out of his pocket and tossed a set of keys to Alexander. [b "I have made some calls. All of us will be staying at The Times Square EDITION. Your not the only person who had a life here on the surface with the humans."] a moment of emotion flashed on Ardinel's face, one of both pain and happiness as he flashed for a moment back to reality. [b "All of us also have vehicles that I thought would fit our personalities best. Dont destroy the bike."] he spoke before disappearing back inside.
SheoldredYlva   1y ago

[size14 Ylva watched the portal manifest with interest. As one who was not gifted in the Majicks, she found the whole manifestation of point to point transportation at a whim and the flick of a wrist convenient, to say the least. Following Alicia through the portal, she found herself stepping out of some form of doorway into a large structure. Scattered throughout said structure were many very colorfully dressed humans. She breathed a sigh of relief under her breath, glad they hadn’t emerged in the center of a star or anything. As much as she trusted the Council, which she didn’t, this could’ve been a really elaborate assassination on some high ranking Retribution members.]

[size14 Stepping out of the way of the rest of the group as not to be trampled, Ylve found it alarming how quickly they became the target of a human’s scrutiny. The human in question was holding a phone, by the description of some of her younger sisters. They wanted a simple picture of her and Alicia. [#ebb923 [i “This must be some form of greeting. It would be ill advised to deny such a greeting.”]] After affirming her consent to be “photographed”, she took up a somewhat regal pose to the right of the human. Seeing Alicia copy her out of the corner of her eye, a bemused expression betrayed her assessment of the scenario just before the portrait was taken.]

[size14 Alexander then spoke up, and directed them towards a store where he seemed to know the owner. Ylva looked back to see where the human had gone, and couldn’t locate her. [#ebb923 [i “I lost track of a human in a crowd of humans. I really need to get out into the field more.”]] Following the troublesome member of the group, she noticed she was stealing glances from other humans. Adjusting her posture to be similar to when she was trying to get some place in a hurry, the humans rescinded by getting out of her way. Wearing a slight smirk, she subtly got Alicia’s attention, and then gestured towards the humans, as if saying “See? They want to be ruled over. It’s part of their beings.”]

[size14 Ylva arrived at the destination, pleasantly surprised that the shop had some class. With the way Alexander acted, she half expected it to be some rundown building nestled in a seedy part of town. Shopping for clothing was not unfamiliar to her, though these human measurements were strange. Grabbing a few pantsuits off a rack of different sizes, she went into the changing room to try them on. It took her a bit of time, but she finally got the Blend on, and the right size clothing. Without much more prompting, she managed to buy several variations of the pantsuit. Gathering her things, she made her way to the exit waiting for the rest of the group.]
NorthernWolvesAndreana   1y ago


In terms of hard cash, the walking crystal dude was literally worth the most. Andreana's thoughts walked a dark path, wondering if humans would keep him in one piece or attempt cutting him up into various souvenir-like segments? Either way the results were dark for certain humans contained such greed that even some wealth-pursuit Denoshans would shrink away from.

In the end it mattered naught. If the humans captured and tortured one of them, the Denoshan council's interpretation would be as a declaration of war. Three of the members would be most happy in seeing the humans wiped out.

Unfortunately for Mr.Crystal, Andreana was not the best Denoshan in asking for clothing advice as the specialty was not hers. If he'd voiced concerns or questions about spiritual matters, then Andreana would happily bore him to sleep.

Fortunately for Mr.Crystal, Alexander, while not himself a fashion designer, knew the place in buying less noticeable clothing. With nothing else required of any of them at this convention place, everyone followed Alexander.

Andreana already knew which sizes would fit her, having visited many clothing stores over the past years. While not having studied human fashion, it didn't take complicated observations seeing all the various things humans enjoyed wearing on their bodies. While there seemed some general consensus as to what was acceptable for the time, humans enjoyed wearing clothing from their past histories.

Andreana felt she was the punk of this expedition, which meant that was the clothing she shopped for. While browsing for slightly holed jeans and t-shirt, a bird appeared in the store before flying out. Alicia didn't follow the bird but Ardinel did. There was some odd mystery around that member of their expedition, something that wanted to be hidden from anyone else. Although Andreana would not bother Ardinel over such a matter, wrong person to bug them about something they wished in keeping hidden.

Definitely not that much of a punk.

While at the cash register, using the Denoshan made credit card to pay for the jeans, t-shirts, and a leather jacket, Andreana slipped the question of a petstore to the female cashier currently scanning the items before bagging them. Andreana didn't think the female was rude by answering while looking away, this was work and humans preferred keeping their jobs. Even this bit could lead to a human, or humans, performing nasty behaviour to keep that job. But back to the main point.

Andreana thanked the cashier twice, once for answering her question with the location of a pet store literally two stores down, and the other for scanning and processing payment. Before walking to the pet store, Andreana took care of two things. First, using the changing rooms in the store she changed from her [i 'cosplay'] into these humans clothing. Using the spray, Andreana made her ears and tail disappear. The first Denoshan she ran into while walking out of the changing rooms happened to be Iltani, walking up to him. [+purple "I just need to buy two things at the pet store two stores down. I'll be back quick."]

Knowing that at least somebody would know of her whereabouts, Andreana walked out the store and turned right, and then another right once at the front of the store. She followed the in-store pathway, glancing at the signs above each pathway branching off to the sides. Towards the back was there the sign which indicated collars and leashes, and Andreana turned a left. There were various styles and coloring, but she chose something plain and simple: dull green collar and a black leash. Done, Andreana wheeled around and headed towards the cashiers, getting in line to buy her pet store items.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   1y ago

While trying to leave the building, the group was stopped several more times by humans wanting to [I take pictures]. What was the purpose of these photographs? She doubted they knew they weren't human. Such small-minded creatures wouldn't know unless they did something they couldn't. As she saw more and more stares of admiration, she felt more comfortable. They probably had a sense of their superiority. From one of Ylva's looks, she thought the same.

However, as she saw more humans with false wings and feathers, she realized something… Those feathers weren't truly false. They were actual bird feathers preserved in a way that looked fake. Humans not only hunted down birds for sport, but took their precious feathers for recreation.

This reminded her of a time where she was minding her own business with a childhood friend in an isolated part of the human realm. They suddenly heard gunshots and many birds took to the skies. Alicia immediately flew over to the scene with childlike curiosity and a strong sense of duty. When she arrived, she landed a safe distance away and tucked herself behind a tree. She saw a human holding a local hawk upside down by its feet as blood ran down from its chest to its beak. The raptor's blood dripped to the ground as the human man carried its kill away with pride.

Pure rage built up inside her. She counted how many humans were nearby and took note of their location. As it was ready to burst, the young tengu stretched out her wings and extended her nails into long talons, ready to slice all of their necks. As she took flight, an abrupt force had her quickly grounded. It was that so-called friend keeping her from avenging that local bird of prey. To say the least, they fought. Once she had a reprieve within the fight, she ordered flocks of nearby birds to hunt down those humans and kill them. Not one escaped that day. She counted the screams to make sure. Things were different after that. Her only regret was not being able to do it herself.

This time her hands were tied. If a 'crazy phenomenon' happened here, it could be tied back to their group. That'd put them in danger. Plus, she had a feeling these humans wearing the feathers weren't the ones who murdered and stripped the birds of their feathers. That feeling was confirmed as she further inspected those feathers from a distance. Although some were obviously painted over, their base was coated too uniformly to have so many different humans crafting them by themselves. On top of that, it took her a second glance to realize what those feathers were, so she doubted they knew what they were wearing. Even if they did, there was no reason to give them a death sentence. This was just further proof that humans needed guidance.

Once outside, there was nothing but human movement, their buildings, and their filth. Instead of being a massive contribution to their realm, they definitely knew how to be an infestation to it. As they walked to the clothing shop, Alicia saw some pigeons on the ground along the sidewalk. Humans had dumped their leftover food onto the street and they were eating it! They ate it like it was a feast. Looking around, she didn't see many natural areas for their food sources to reside. Just about everything was a man-made structure. Alicia needed to find them some food their bodies would at least digest easier. Looking at their physique, eating human junk was taking a toll. She mentally asked the birds to remember her and that she'll call to them later. They gave her a glance as she kept walking.

They arrived at the store not too long after that encounter. Alicia scoped out the place as Alexander greeted the two humans apparently running the shop. As she started walking around, she not only looked at the clothes, but felt the material of anything that interested her. She picked up the ones that she found suitable. The shop attendants wanted to measure her to make sure what she chose fit properly. She warned them to be careful of her wings. Although they made comments on how lifelike they looked and the movie makeup where they attached to her back was spot on, they were as careful as Alicia was to not let them move. If they moved even a bit, the muscles on her back and the natural movement would give it away that her wings were as real as they were.

After some minor adjustments to her selection, they wanted her to try on one of the outfits. Alicia went into a small room to change. She stared at the Blend. She wouldn't have her wings after this… at least for the next 12 hours… unless she reapplied before then… She wrapped herself in her wings one more time before using the stuff. It wasn't painful, but she felt a pull as her wings morphed smaller and smaller as they finally went into her back. At list the spray didn't make them fall off… Looking down at her fingernails, she tried to extend them. A weird force kept them in place. She then looked into the mirror. Her wings were truly nowhere to be seen. She even turned her upper body in order to see if she noticed any scarring or traces. There were none. Her gold eyes were now golden as they mixed with brown to form a hazel color. It was her, but not her. Her raven black hair was there. As she ran her fingers through it, the texture was almost the same, but not quite there. It was coarser than before. Until then, it had a divine silkiness to it. Again, her hair, but not her hair. Overall, she felt dull, and weird. As she pivoted to grab the clothes she hung up along the side of the room, she wobbled. [I 'No...'] She then managed to not fall. With her wings gone, it was like she was walking on shifting sand. She slowly continued to her clothes as she learned to balance herself. She wasn't going to leave this room not knowing how to walk.

Take off her clothes and putting on new ones were also challenges. Her whole center of gravity had to be readjusted. Although she could now put shirts on overhead, she still had the habit of stepping into them. So, the whole process was awkward. She now had on a burgundy pinstriped halter with partial sleeves that had her shoulders and majority of her arms exposed. The sleeves fanned out from the sides of her shirt and still allowed her range of motion. With it she had on dark jeans and a cute long black jacket. She never wore a jacket before, so it was something to experience. As for shoes, she had on flats. She was glad she chose those as the shoes now that she had to readjust her sense of balance. She also grabbed a nice black bag that was big enough to carry what they were given and some more. To accessorize, she already had her earrings. So, she picked up some necklaces for some other outfits. She wasn't going to put them on now, but she also grabbed some sunglasses.

After practicing her walk a little more, Alicia left her changing room to go make her purchase. On her way, she overheard Andreana asking about a pet store. That was perfect to get the pigeons some real food! She continued to the register and was called up by another clerk up there. The clerk carefully cut the tags off from the clothes she was wearing to ring those up and added the rest like normal. After putting everything in a bag and handing it to Alicia, she thanked the human and tailed Andreana.

She made it to the pet store without incident and had a much easier time walking normally as she got more practice. She found some feed that had just seeds and grains and not a bunch of added stuff she couldn't recognize even with the translation device. As she was ready to go the register there, she noticed Andreana finishing up in another section of the store. As she left that aisle, curious Alicia walked over there. It was a bunch of collars and leashes… Alicia rolled her eyes as she connected some dots. However, as she saw a certain type of collar in particular, she thought of a fun prank… Alicia grabbed one and went to check out.

After returning to the rest of the group from down the street, they seemed ready to go. Ardinel in particular had a hotel booked and cars for them ordered to get around. Although Denosha had vehicles of their own and most denoshans drove, Alicia wasn't sure how cars would differ from those back home. One difference was these keys… back home, there was a palm pad and button to unlock and start the vehicle. After seeing what she got, Alicia stopped in her steps. She'd seen this vehicle before. Uncle Ren kept one that was her parents from when they were in the human realm. This one was all black while the one back home was a deep blue. It was one of the few things that she knew belonged to both her parents. [#efb639 "Ardinel, how did you—"] She stopped herself from finishing that sentence. The middle of everyone going to a hotel wasn't the time for this conversation. So, she got in the car and found where this key went. Almost everything else was the same. Adjusting mirrors was a bit archaic, but easily done. So, she put the key in the ignition, fumbling a bit before turning it with her foot on the break. The car started and was ready when the rest were.
Phytocanis324Iltani   1y ago

Having a question go ill-answered was not a new sensation. A slight disappointing perhaps but otherwise negligible, though it did raise the problem of leaving him to be extremely exposed as something far more than just human. He had overheard some people around him wondering to themselves just how he had managed to make the costume let light pass through it. Some speculated smoke-and-mirrors theories while others wordlessly pondered other less grounded-in-reality ones. The problem was almost immediately remedied by Alexander, which was only surprising for a moment. His knowledge of this realm would be nothing short of necessary. Hearing the call to follow, Iltani thought it wise not to be left behind and did just that.

The robe that he kept draped around himself did just enough to keep too much light from passing through him. However the lack of shoes was a little more distressing at the moment as anyone close enough to him could hear the sharp plinking of stone on concrete as he walked. Thankfully those that did walk by them seemed more understanding of the situation than they could have, seeing them simply as avid festivity-goers who were a bit more eccentric than the rest. Some people even threw compliments at them as they passed, commending them on their craftsmanship and dedication. Shortly thereafter they had arrived at their destination.

Introductions were short and one-sided as the two shop owners began helping with the group's clothing selections and fittings. Having little need for more than what he was already wearing, Iltani was still mostly lost on what he should wear. He wasn't even sure how he was going to look while under the effects of the polymorphing agent. Perhaps it was best to find that out before doing too much with clothing selection. To that end, he asked about and helped himself to several different sizes of very plain-looking clothes. Singularly-colored shirts and a legging style called "jeans" which he had seen many people wearing both at the event and while they had been walking around. He was given some relative sizes for his body type but took larger and smaller sizes just in case. He was then ushered into one of the changing rooms.

Now behind closed doors Iltani used the Blend on himself, leaving the cloak on at the request of the shop owners. Skin began forming in patches on his body and the heavy pointed crystals that once flowed out from his head receded inward, being replaced by strikingly red hair that flowed down to the middle of his back. The hard, angular facets of his self were overtaken by the smooth pliability of flesh. While not uncomfortable to experience first-hand, looking into the mirror and watching his body reformulate itself with his own eyes was slightly unsettling. When all was said and done he stood as a man in his mid-twenties. His body was lean but undefined. His eyes remained cold and unabashed but were now an auburn brown which looked almost red when looked at directly. He took a few moments to inspect himself and walk around the room a little bit. The hard tapping of his feet was now replaced with a soft padding.

After exploring his new form briefly and pushing his exorbitant amount of hair out of his squishy new eyes Iltani tried on some of the clothes that had been suggested for and picked by him. After dressing up and down a few times he walked out of the changing rooms. White t-shirt, jeans and slip on shoes to start with to make things easy for him. Unless any of the others had seen him go into the changing rooms he doubted they would recognize him. In addition to what he was wearing he planned to buy a couple other pairs of loose-fitting jeans, several other shirts, differently colored but still plain, and a coat since wearing a cloak around didn't seem very common.

Overhearing the pet store conversation, Iltani again did not want to be left alone in this place without some guidance especially when he didn't recognize the hands attached to arms he could swear weren't his own. That would take a lot more getting used to. Regardless he followed behind Alicia and Andreana and entered the pet store, looking around at the animals that were for sale. Many of them were not fit to be a familiar and definitely not work animals. Pets were highly uncommon among Crystalhewn as many believed it was illogical to keep something around and care for it when it would die if improperly looked after and still die later even when everything was done correctly. His face was mostly expressionless during this train of thought and just as so as he left the store to find that Ardinel had procured vehicles for the estranged party of people.

When told which was his, Iltani walked up to and inspected it before putting his new clothes into the passenger seat. Like for Alicia the key was different from the vehicles more common in Denosha but he was sure he could figure things out. Though, his experience actually piloting those vehicles was limited. This would take some getting used to. Despite this he turned the key in the ignition and the car roared to life, ready to depart when the others were.
MikeymickeymikeAlexander   1y ago

Alexander threw a middle finger towards Ardinel. He didn’t care much for him. When Ardinel brought vehicles and gave Alexander keys to a motorcycle, he followed him back into the store and gave him the keys back. [+darkred “This is New York. I’ll take the train. It's going to take forever to drive in New York especially with the Con in town. Besides I don’t even know how to ride a bike and I have a truck parked in a garage in manhattan.``] Alexander watched as everybody left and he walked through the crowd toward the train station.

He took this time to contact Boris again. Again he was unable to get through. Boris must have already been in the air headed towards Lagos, Nigeria. Alexander began to get a headache when he thought about all the different ways this could turn out bad. He sent messages to Boris’ comm units and told him to abort. He hoped that once they saw how impossible this was that they would abort. He then realized who he was talking about and sighed. Boris wouldn’t call off a mission with a payout this large.

Alexander got to the hotel at the same time as the rest of the group was arriving. He frequented this hotel and always had the same room. He walked to the front desk and said [+darkred “Hello Elise. How are the kids doing?”]

[b “Good afternoon Mr. Montier. They are doing wonderful. Thank you so much for getting them into that school. Words can’t express my gratitude. Your usual room I presume?’]

[+darkred “You have special children. Besides, I’m a big ole softy with kids. Yes my usual penthouse. I need a second one as well. Elise these are my business guests. They aren’t from around here so I would appreciate it if you could put a bug in the ear of the housekeepers and chefs to give them extra attention.”]

[b “Why of course and we do have another penthouse suite available. Am I charging this to your normal card?”]

[+darkred “No use this one.”] He said as he gave her the card that the council gave. When she gave him the room keys he turned around and gave the ladies their key cards and told them which suite they were in and he turned to the guys and said [+darkred “Here are our keys. We’ll be staying in my usual penthouse. Except for Ardinel who I believe already has his room reserved.”]

Ardinel had just laughed at Alexander. He was correct it was indeed New York, but would they conduct their entire mission here? That part was unlikely. Taking the keys he would keep a hold of them for now. Watching as the group headed over to the pet store he followed not to far behind. Seeing birds behind cages did not really sit well with the Creature who felt more akin to birds then humans, but to set them all free would mean that he would put at risk his own kind becoming exposed. To what avail would it serve their cause anyways? It would put them under the knife after being killed like so many others before the group. Most of all that person who Ardinel would not get back from so long ago.

Keep an eye open he walked around the store peeking interest at the little furballs that always seemed so playful the mewing constantly and trying to attack people from inside their cages. Now these kind of animals he could agree with their aggressive nature, or their lack of wishing to be locked behind bars of any kind. A few were more laid back types that seemed to understand escape was unlikely to happen, but they still managed with themselves and kept playing. Then you had the other little furballs so full of energy, the yipping kept going though of course like it seemed nothing would end their upbeat mood. Continuing in the store he walked passed the reptiles and birds as he had already seen them. The lizards and fish caught his eye, mostly as little bites to eat, but he stayed away. watching as everyone checked out Ardinel rejoined the group outside. Watching as everyone climbed into their cars or looked them over repeatedly.

Seeing how everyone else adapted to their new Vehicles before they took off to the hotel. Once there Ardinel had already walked up to the desk the reservation on the books, but Alexander had cut him short. A smirk on his face Ardinel walked to the counter anyways placed the black card upon the desk and was handed keys. As he rejoined the group he nodded. Speaking in the Denoshain language so that only the group understood him [b "While the notion is kindly greeted skinwalker. I believe everyone deserves their own rooms. And as for the money it will be refunded to the council, as while yes you may frequent the establishment enough to know the workers and such. The company that runs this Hotel is owned by the DRF more specifically The owner of this establishment is a...Follower of mine."] Tossing the Vehicle keys again his direction another note took to his voice. [b "I'm also not sure how you will get around once we leave New York, that is unless you plan on the leash pulling you back to the group every time. That is of course with the fact that your truck is likely out of date. "] Handing everyone their own personal keys to their own rooms a nod to each one. [b "We are all on the top floor, as its be reserved for all of us already. No one will disturb us up there. And we need not worry about staff unless we call them, so while here in your rooms, or more exactly the top floor you do not need reapply the Mist. The top floor is locked to your room keys, so do not loose them."] Raising one finger he went on. [b "I must caution you however that outside of your rooms I would apply mist before leaving them, some people have been known to wonder to the top floor. Also if you need anything just call down here to the front desk and they will get it to you. The number is Zero on the phones in your room."]
SheoldredYlva   1y ago

Ylva kept vigil from the entrance of the shop, waiting for the rest of her group to gather. Waiting just off to the side of the doorway, she was able to keep a track of almost everyone. [#ebb923 [i Of course, the one you lose track of is the one made out of gleaming crystal. Losing Iltani in a human crowd is like losing a… Giant lava serpent in a pitch black cave. With a singular entrance and exit. Hopefully none of my sisters hear of this.]]

Once everyone had grabbed and procured their disguises, Ylva made her way to the changing area. The fact that the Crystalhewn had not emerged yet made her think it had gotten lost, or worse. Approaching the dressing rooms, she noticed that none of them were occupied. Alarm growing, she spun on her heels and noticed a human in rather simple attire following after the group.

Alexander went his own way, and Ylva wanted to have word with him about his actions. [i [#ebb923 I’ll have a word with him about it later. For now, though, who in the All-Father’s name is this red haired human?]] This human, male, was following them with purpose and no idea there was a Valkyr ready to dispose of him if they posed a threat to the group. It was only when Ardinel handed the human a set of keys that she figured out that it was in fact Iltani.

Being handed her set of keys, she took a minute to appreciate the vehicle that had been procured with her in mind. Sliding into the Mustang after firing a small smile at Ardinel, she took a moment to appreciate the interior. Figuring out the starting mechanism, and the convertible hood, she took off after the rest of the group. He might be an irritating crook in her wings, but he isn’t insufferable.

Pulling into the hotel lot with gusto, she found a spot to park. After an awkward introduction to a valet, Ylve caught up with everyone in the lobby of the hotel just in time to watch Alexander and Ardinel have a pissing contest. . [i [#ebb923 I take back what I thought about the both of them.]] Once they decided to rejoin the group, Ylva addressed them in the Denoshan language, her tone condescending and harsh.. [#24f0d1 “Are you two done with attempting to undermine the other? I would rather deal with Fenrir as a puppy then your unnecessary bickering.”]
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   1y ago

After figuring out the whole 'valet' system after seeing successful and failed attempts to park, Alicia walked into the hotel. Once inside she started doing a headcount. Ardinel didn't look too much different from before. Andreana was Andreana. Ylva was also wingless now. The biggest change was Iltani. She only identified him by his smell… His scent didn't change, but the rest of him did. The only resemblance he had to his original form was the color of his hair matched the vibrant red that used to encase his very being. Lastly, Alexander was already waiting for them. As everyone walked over, Alicia walked next to the crystalhewn. [#efb639 Hey Iltani, how are you adjusting to your new form?]

He finished talking to the receptionist and turned to them with key cards and a buffed up chest against Ardinel. Ardinel then retorted and also handed them keys, along with a description of the level of privacy these specific rooms would bring. Who's rooms they all stayed in was nowhere near worth all this. Yet, Alexander and Ardinel were in the front of this human pecking at each other's throats. It was embarrassing and disgraceful. Ylva made a comment about how difficult it was to witness. However, that wasn't going to solve the dispute.

Alicia spoke in the Denoshan language called m'dnsi. [#efb639 "Rather than comparing wing spans, let's all rest in the original rooms that were booked. We all can have our own space and relax. Tomorrow after sunrise, we can meet in the other room Alexander booked as a common area for us. Both serve an important purpose."] In a softer tone, she added, [#efb639 "Thank you for each contributing. So, let's all see where we'll be gathering in the morning and go our separate ways on the top floor."]

After seeing for herself where that room was, Alicia then headed to her room. Their rooms were one floor above the penthouse. According to the written number on the keycard holder, hers was the 7th suite on this floor. She wasn't sure what to expect when she went in. However, since the hotel was DRF owned, she felt more at ease.

It wasn't too bad considering where it was. As she walked in, she peered around the room. Along the entranceway, there were cabinets and appliances. An desk went along an entire wall and was accompanied by a chair that sat high enough for someone to comfortably reach it while sitting. The head of the bed was along the opposite wall. Surprisingly, the bed was a decent size. She had enough room for her and the base of her wings to lay out. There was also a small round table, two couches, TV, and a balcony.

She set her bag on the table and took out the birdfeed before walking over to the windowed door leading to the balcony. Once outside, she paused for a moment for the breeze to hit her skin and blow her hair. It felt incomplete without having feathers to flutter with it, but it was still nice. Reaching out telepathically to the birds from earlier and a few others that she found starving during her mental call, she invited them to her current location. She couldn't have too many come. That'd attract too much attention.

When they arrived, she poured some birdfeed down for each one and reminded them to let each other have their fill. As she poured another helping down, she let them know that she'll be changing locations a lot, so she couldn't guarantee she could feed them again. Alicia mentally expressed that she was glad they could receive at least one good meal. They cooed in agreement. They were glad they didn't have to fight each other for scraps that upset their stomachs later. Though they were sad that this may not happen again, and with company they could talk to.

One of them wanted to bring some for his fledgling. Then another chimed in wanting to share with her friend. Each one ended up with at least one other bird that they wanted to share with. Unsure how she could give them some feed to go… and with no guarantee it wouldn't make them a target, she had them go grab that one other and have them come here. They did and they too got to share in the experience.

When that was over, Alicia went inside and closed the curtain. She finally took off those human clothes. After taking a shower, she attempted to remove the Blend from where she applied it. At first she tried to use the washcloth to rub it off, but that didn't work. It wasn't until she used her own fingers did it actually peel off the top of her left shoulderblade. Maybe it was a DNA thing? Either way, it was off and her wings were back. Everything else was back to normal too, but those features were secondary. It was so nice to stretch them out and for her balance to feel right again.

It wasn't long before she was in bed and falling asleep. The pillow and covers were undeniably comfy. Before she knew it, she was already dreaming. Dreaming of a time where humans didn't merely junk up the world, but submitted to the its order, its new order. She even ran into those same birds and their companions as they shared stories of how things were so much better. The streets were clean, and there was natural food reserved for their kind through new programs. Too bad she has to wake up.

Dawn was approaching. She could feel it pulling her awareness back to reality. Alicia begrudgingly got up and got herself ready for the day. After putting on a set of new clothes to go around in and fixing her hair, she meditated for a while to prepare herself for whatever the human realm would bring. Then, it was time. The sun was up. She wasn't sure how long others would sleep, but she could still head down there and order food until they showed up.

Back to the Blend… Alicia applied the spray and away went her wings. This time, she knew to compensate for her change in center of gravity. However, it still felt weird... She grabbed her belongings & headed down a floor to use the other key she received. She really was the first one. So, she ordered some food and relaxed as she waited for more to arrive.
NorthernWolvesAndreana   1y ago


Andreana spotted Alicia in her peripheral, tensing up slightly. No doubt Alicia had spotted the leash and collar. Not that Andreana had made any attempts to hide it, but still. Alicia still could put two and two together why the singular Denoshan in their group who could transform into a wolf was buying the combination of leash and collar; especially when the past was taken into consideration.

If Alicia had been laughing at her, then at least Andreana could chuckle back. She saw the bags of birdfeed, which meant that Alicia had not changed. It was less of a [i make fun of] chuckle and more of an [i awkward remembrance] chuckle.

There was some guy hovering around them. The reason Andreana did fully suspect him of being some human spy, was the hair color. That bright red hair reminded her of a certain large, red crystal capable of self-propulsion. Their hair even retained the so called [i spiky] factor that crystals would have. And if Ardinel, who also joined the impromptu pet store trip, had no problem, then everything was well. Although since Iltani had the most varied change with blend usage, he would have the most problems. Long hair was never fun, especially when the sharp ends kept covering the eyes.

After the pet store, came the cars. Andreana was extremely familiar with driving a human vehicle. Definitely not after crashing a few expensive vehicles. The moment she turned on the car provided for her, Andreana knew at once that it was a hybrid; no other type of engine could produce such a whine as an electric engine. Although one had to argue how much better hybrid cars were better for the environment. Humans mined the stuff for their batteries, which created ginormous holes. Not only were those holes left laying about, the movement of machinery destroyed the local environment thoroughly. And humans had not moved on to more cleaner sources of energy, which meant the electric vehicles were still powered by electricity generated from coal burning or other electrical production methods which produced pollution.

There were sources, such as wind and water with turbines and dams, but they were not anywhere near the primary source of energy.

Once at the hotel, everyone in the group was treated to yet another sight of Alexander and Ardinel trying to one up each other. While not exactly understanding the reference Ylva used, the sentiment was there. Andreana thought of paying them a visit through the spiritual realm and knocking some sense into them. Although, while Alexander might not be able to do much, Ardinel, well no one knew what he could do. A surprise visit would end badly, and Andreana did not want to see what would happen.

While knowing that expensive hotel rooms were filled with all sorts of luxuries, Andreana was used to her own room; a simple place with a simple design. She simply jumped onto the bed, chucked her purchases on the floor, and fell asleep.

For this night Andreana stayed within her own body, enjoying a deep, dreamless night of sleep.

The next morning, Andreana brushed her teeth before meandering down to the common room. Covering the small yawn while entering, Andreana walked into a room already occupied by Alicia. Giving only a small head nod as a sign of recognizing her, Andreana walked around looking for a private area. This room did have a bathroom, which she walked into. Closing the door, Andreana took out the collar and leash from the pockets of her jacket. Clearing the space around her neck, with practiced, slightly rusty, hands she donned the collar onto her neck before clipping the leash to the metal ring on the bottom of the collar.

Not a second later, and there was a collared wolf standing on all fours in the bathroom.
Phytocanis324Iltani   1y ago

While the others had begun to file into their vehicles, Iltani had been looking over things in his own. He had driven once or twice before, but had other more preferred methods of travel. A couple of tests with the lettered positions of the gearshift later, Iltani could theoretically get from one place to another in his car.

When everyone was ready to leave and heading to the hotel, he made sure to follow behind them as best he could. Though clumsy, Iltani learned what all the colored lights on posts meant and how to interact with them based on how everyone else was reacting to them. He reached the hotel with the rest of the group and went inside, ensuring that he locked his vehicle. This would have been less suspicious if he was carrying more than a satchel and a few plastic bags with new clothes in them. Alicia approached him while they were waiting to be assigned rooms and posited a question about his human form. [#e82c7d "This form is still foreign to me, and I've become far softer in places that I would not have expected to do so. I will familiarize myself with it in time. What of yourself?"]

[#efb639 "It feels wrong... I did not expect to have to relearn to walk due to not having my wings. However, I'm adjusting as well. I hope it'll become familiar to us soon."]

The ensuing argument between Alexander and Ardinel did not phase him very much. As long as they kept their secrecy for now and kept physicality between each other to a minimum, He wouldn't interfere. Though, should it come to blows, he would defend Alexander as a joint member of the Peace Pact. Iltani had been lumped in with the male Denoshans based on his new physical appearance when being given a room. With key in hand, he took it and made his way to his new temporary quarters, placing his belongings on the bed. Iltani made the decision to close all of the drapes to keep prying eyes out as he was decently high up and could be easier to spot that way. Even with a festival of costumes around, festivals ended and his normal form would become highly suspect.

As a being not requiring sleep, Iltani meticulously investigated everything in the hotel room. From the bedding and lights to the bathroom and accommodations. Humans seemed to be very hospitable when it came to temporary lodging, though he would need to see more examples.

When the entire hotel room had been gone over twice with highly acute perception and investigation, Iltani looked to his bags again and realized he hadn't attuned himself to the orb he had brought with him. He removed it from his bag and held it in his hand for a while, feeling its weight and surface. His new body sensed things somewhat differently than his normal one, and the squishing of his flesh against the orb was definitely foreign. Its dark green surface, struck through with veins of lighter green, was smooth and nearly perfectly spherical while the symbol carved into its face - bright yellow - was angular and cleanly inlaid. Thoughts of the man who had given it to him those centuries ago flooded back and left him to stand and ponder. When his nostalgic thoughts finally gave pause, Iltani moved to the center of the room and sat himself on the floor. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate on the orb, the symbol beginning to glow as he held it outstretched in his hand. As he did so, small objects in the room began to defy gravity, held aloft by unseen forces. The symbol glowed brighter in response to Iltani's power.

Larger objects began to follow suit with the small, being lifted into the air and moved about the room. Eventually even the bed had been lifted from its normal position and gracefully moved around the room as though submerged in liquid. A small exercise in power. Iltani opened his eyes and looked around before standing up and moving things back to where they were meant to be, all without touching them or moving from where he stood. The attuning was complete, and the symbol on the orb now faintly glowed like embers at all times. It was placed back into the satchel bag before Iltani sat himself on the bed and closed his eyes, entering a trance-like state until the next morning. Waking from this state Iltani once again recognized his normal features. After applying more Blend and reverting to his human form again, he changed clothes into one of the newer sets, grabbed his satchel and made his way to the rendezvous suite.
MikeymickeymikeAlexander   1y ago

Alexander went to his penthouse and called his wife. He spent some time on the phone and wished her a goodnight before hanging up. Alexander slept soundly through the night and woke up early in the morning and had an Idea. He figured that he might as well prank him. Alexander was still salty about the truck comment. What would Ardinel know about his life? Alexander did not drive old vehicles unless they were classics. His F-250 was far from outdated. After figuring out what he would do, Alexander walked into the hallway outside of Ardinel’s door and Shifted into a rooster and started to let out the loudest crow he could muster. After a few seconds of this he retreated back to his room.

A few hours later he walked into the rendezvous room. He saw Alicia and Iltani. [+darkred “Good Morning folks. Did you all sleep well enough? I guess everybody is not here yet.”] He was laughing on the inside. He turned the corner and saw a wolf. He slipped trying to stop yelling. [+darkred “Damnit! That’s not even fair.”] He stood back up and looked at Alicia [+darkred “What exactly is this mission anyway?”]

the young Ardinel had taken the key and went to his perspective room. While he didn't sleep much however his kind not really needing much instead escaping into a sense of meditative like sleep. They did need a few hours of rest, but here the Xern would not likely find any until his body went into exhaustion mode. Either way would not be by his choosing. Taking to the moonlight the creature stepped out onto the balcony that hung out over the others. While his view was breath taking it was a busy city full of humans that deserved to be treated no better then the working animals they kept.

Ardinel watched as the nightlife seemed more active and busy, it was odd considering humans were creatures of sunlight which meant that at night they should be less active, but it turns out they were just as active during nighttime. The great creature looked up to the sky and paid more attention to the great Celestial alignment of the moon to the stars and the sun and the planet that they are standing on itself. [b "The Great Goddess has given us a gift of a pure clear sky."] Spreading his arms out to soak in as much moonlight as he could Ardinel returned to his room. Shutting the door and locking it along with the curtains drawn closed.

Returning to the bed he curled up back to his meditative state.

opening his eyes and awakening his body Ardinel stood up and reached out his arms and bend in odd ways making his bones crack. Looking at his arms the golden white scales started to show through the human skin. [b 'I've held this form to long."] Applying some of the mist he locked all the important things he would not be taking with him into the safe. Stepping out of his room he sensed it before it actually landed. The bucket of ice and water set to launch when he opened his door. Stepping back into his room as the ice and water landed just outside of the door.

[b "Damn him."] Getting to the meeting room Ardinel noticed that the skinwalker was not yet there at their meeting time. Of course it meant something. Hearing the yelp from the other room however answered his question. [b "I see the skinwalker is surprised that the Wolf Hybrid can change into a wolf itself."] Stepping to appear around the corner he saw Andreanna leashed and tied to somethin g in the bathroom. [b "And the Wolf knows manners. I am impressed."] bending to untie her Ardinel let her run free in the room. [b "This mission Skin changer was explained to us before we started. It is to make the deciding factor of how the supernaturals should intervene in this possible coming human war. They not only threaten their world but ours as well. So no where is safe for your family."]

Going into the kitchen Ardinel grabbed out cups for everyone and put hot water into them placing several herbs into each. Placing a little extra something into Alexanders cup of coffee handing them all to their respective owners.
Sheoldred     1y ago

Ylva was uneasy as the group came to a stop in the elevator. Ascending in such a manner without her wings was an unsettling experience. Keeping her expression stoic, she left the elevator and made her way to her designated room. A swipe of the key card, and she slid into the room with a graceful stride. The setting that greeted her reminded her of her room back home, it was just missing a few pelts and wing grooming tools.

Tossing her baggage onto the bed, she rolled her shoulders and made her way over to the bathroom. [#ebb923 [i If there was going to be an assassin, they would be just out of sight.]] Shoving the door open after turning the knob, Ylva swept the bathroom with her eyes, not relaxing her stance until she was sure of her safety. Removing sweep room for assailants from her mental checklist, she then made sure to check the two meeting rooms as well. Though the Divine Retribution Faction owned the facility, that did not mean some of the more nefarious members wouldn't attempt to take out the Peace Pact members in their midst.

Once she was satisfied there weren't any Denoshan assassins waiting for them, she returned to her room to wind down. Before hanging up and storing all of her human clothing in the closet, she fumbled with the remote for the television. After some trail and error, she found her way to the local news channel, and listened to it in the background taking care of her clothing.

Keeping the news going, she took a quick shower, silently thankful the designers of the place had been Denoshans, and kept the layout of the shower fixtures the same. Peeling off the Blend the wash her wings, she let out a pained yelp as her wings violently unfurled, smacking into the side of the shower and bath. [#24f0d1 "All-Father, that hurt. Reminder that human bathrooms are much smaller than Valkyr ones."]

After the shower incident, she wrote up a quick report using the notebook that was granted to them, and began grooming her wings. "In a daring rescue, local fire fighter Mark Jones made headlines today. The 35 year old man rushed into a burning building to save a litter of puppies, and their injured mother. As of this time, the cause of the fire is still unknown. Now, over to sports." The television droned on about local events up until Ylva turned it off, and went to bed.

Waking shortly after the Sun graced the horizon, Ylva grunted. Grumbling halfheartedly to herself, she cleaned herself up before beginning her daily prayer to the All-Father. Once that was complete, and the Blend begrudgingly reapplied, she made her way to the meeting room. To her surprise, it looked like everyone else had beaten her to the punch. [#ebb923 [i At least this way, I do not have to wait on them.]]

[#24f0d1 "Good morning, every one. I hope you all slept well."] She addressed everyone in the Denoshan tongue, before taking a seat at the large table across for Alicia. She paid the large wolf no attention, having spent long enough around Fenrir that large canines didn't phase her anymore.

Andre got his unit ready to enter the United States. He had fake passports to enter the country after flying into Canada. His men all took different flights and they had a rendezvous point outside of Baltimore. After they met up he proceeded to acquire the gear and weapons that they would need for an assault. Next was planning.

Andre mapped out the Whitehouse and capitol buildings. They would be hitting two targets at once. He knew the Secretary of State would have come up with the plan and the President would have to sign off, so he planned to kill them at the same time. For the first time since Kennedy there would be a successful assassination attempt. This would be even more so impressive because they would assault the most secure house in the world to do so.

They prepared for the assault. It would happen in broad daylight. They prepared a city wide EMP that would signal the time to execute the plan.
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   1y ago

When Andreana arrived and went straight to the bathroom, Alicia quietly laughed to herself. Knowing Andreana… her wolfy self was about to go through a rather interesting transformation and her purchase was about to go to use. Before anyone else arrived, Alicia took her gift out of her bag. After elongating her nail into a sharp, sturdy talon she cut open the clear packaging and took it out. Once that was done, she retracted her talon and placed the item and instructions in her pocket. She then walked over to the kitchen and found a trash can. She deposited the leftover plastic in there before sitting at the table to read the instructions on her present.

Before long, Iltani walked in. [#efb639 "Good morning, Iltani. I hope you feel rested."] The next one to arrive was the human-loving loudmouth. He greeted her and Iltani with civility. [#efb639 "Good morning to you too. I slept well enough. And you?"] As she asked that, he was walking over to where Andreana disappeared. This was going to be interesting. As Ardinel walked in, Alexander screamed. Alicia couldn't help but laugh while Ardinel made a comment. His next comment confirmed that Alicia knew what Andreana was going to do in wolf form.

After Alexander recovered, he asked Alicia about the mission. As she was going to answer, Andreana emerged from the bathroom and Ardinel beat her to it. [#efb639 "Ardinel, I was able to answer that too. We can discuss how exactly we plan to do that when Ylva gets here. However, it is interesting to hear that Alexander has a family. Though I don't understand the attraction of such a wretched species… and to mate with them? That's beyond repulsive. I don't want to understand."]

While waiting for Ylva, Alicia noticed Andreana walking closer. [#efb639 "Andreana, something is wrong with your collar. Here, let me help."] She went over to her to unfasten the collar. While doing so, her nail sharpened for a moment and ‘accidentally’ sliced through the material. [#efb639 “Shit. Wow, that’s some flimsy material. How was this supposed to hold up for the trip?”] Alicia reached into her pocket and grabbed her present. [#efb639 “Here. I got this in case you could use it. I just didn’t think it’d be this soon.”] She really didn’t think she could test out her gag gift so soon. The rest of what she said so far were partial truths. She pressed something in her pocket and took a sturdy collar out of her pocket that had some sort of device on a piece of it. She then secured it around Andreana’s furry neck. [#efb639 “There you go. This one is a lot more durable.”] That one was another full truth. She then casually went back to where she was sitting at the table.

And then Ylva arrived, greeting everyone in m'dnsi. It wasn’t until the room service came and spoke in english that she paid it any mind. Behind closed doors, Alicia never stopped using their language. It was natural. It wasn’t until she was around humans that it felt different. After a few trips of bringing the trays of food in, Alicia picked up the remote that went to the TV and brought it with her to the table. She got to use it with one in her room the previous night before dozing off. So, she figured they could get some ideas from the channel with the news on it. She sat back down at the table to join everyone for breakfast. [#efb639 “I hope everyone finds something they enjoy. We can start our meeting over this mission after breakfast.”] With six empty plates arranged with silverware in front of six different chairs, the bulk of the table was filled with assortments of food to pick from.

Allowing everyone to take whatever they wanted as well, Alicia grabbed a little bit of everything. She preferred the taste of some things over others, but didn’t let it go to waste. Except for these things in the cereal called marshmallows. They were overly sweet, tasted like toxins, and definitely had a weird texture… This food called bacon tasted rather nice though.

After breakfast, it was time to start the meeting. [#efb639 “I’ll put this on in case it gives us any ideas.”] The moment she turned the TV on, a Breaking News headline appeared: “U.C.A. Targets U.S.A.” Apparently, the United Coalition of Africa was going to attack the American capital somehow. [#efb639 “or narrows down a destination… Who’s up for traveling to the capital of this country?”]
NorthernWolvesAndreana   1y ago


Turning into a wolf shaved of a few feet in height, which meant that Andreana did not see the mirror anymore. Instead, a dark wooden door of the area under the table where the sink was staring back at her. Curious as to how she appeared, Andreana hunched on the rear legs lightly before springing upward. Using the rear legs as feet and the front legs as arms, she leaned on the bathroom countertop and peered into the mirror. Andreana saw nothing new. Just the same old wolf with a collar and dangling leash.

Her plan on leaving the bathroom as a wolf was foiled by the unexpected. Somehow the leash had gotten tangled so as to tie itself around something. However, Alexander's unsurprising bombastic entrance put her on edge long enough for Ardinel to meander over and take a gander at the source of Alexander's yelling. As usual, Ardinel calmly made fun of Alexander before graciously without comment undoing the tied knot. Although, Andreana could not discern whether [b "wolf knows manners"] comment was making fun or a positive remark. With Ardinel who knew, his air of mystery perplexing and slightly annoying.

It seemed Andreana could not outrun the encounters thrown at her, for Alicia decided to add in as well. This occurred the moment Andreana trotted into the main area of this room, Alicia strolling up and taking a peek at the collar. Andreana quietly rolled her eyes as Alicia fussed, stating how poor quality the collar around her neck was. Not that Andreana had intended on buying a good quality collar, something that could at least have a leash clipped to and convey the appearance of an exotic pet or pet dog. But not wanting to make a fuss, Andreana quietly let Alicia replace the shit collar with one that felt more bulkier and supposedly more sturdier.

After that, after Ylva arriving, came the food. Not feeling hungry Andreana did not partake off the food, still staying in wolf form and quietly observing the surrounding events.

Until Alicia turned the tv on, nothing exciting had happened. Somehow, their mission just had to have started with the beginning of yet another war. Andreana growled, a low, deep, throaty growl. What was the war over this time?

Before anybody could reply to Alicia's comment, Andreana spoke up, still in wolf form. [+purple "We are definitely not going to be flying into the capital"], looking at Alicia and then Ylva, [+purple Last thing I want is for you two to be blasted by guns and missiles."] With a declaration of war, the capital of the US would go on high alert, and anything unidentified would be blasted to untraceable and unidentifiable shreds.
Phytocanis324Iltani   1y ago

Iltani spoke with his usual evenness and cadence. [#e82c7d "Good morning Alicia. I am clear of mind this morning.] Before he could ask her in kind Alexander made himself known and asked a similar, though more specific question with his greeting. [#e82c7d Good morning. I am well rested, though my kind needn't sleep. A few hours to calm and center ourselves is enough."] Iltani remained standing as he spoke, and suddenly looked slightly perturbed. He waved a hand in front of his face and touched his eyelids. [#e82c7d "I am not used to these parts of humanoid bodies. My eyes have never felt irritation like this and these things continue to come down over them if left open too long. It is a shame my exterior features may not act as similarly to my interior.] He remarked.

More greetings came and went as more of the rag-tag group filed into the meeting space. Iltani met each levied at him with courtesy, even responding to Ylva in m'dnsi, though he remained curt and short overall. He was far more eager to engage in more practical conversation. He'd been thinking about how best to inform himself and the rest of them on what the most likely cause for this potential war was. While continuing to ponder this, Alexander began yelling about how unfair something was. Comments like this would normally hold little interest, but Ardinel's mention of a "wolf knowing manners" was just strange enough to draw his attention to the wolf tied by a leash in the bathroom. The collar was the same as the one purchased by Andreana the day previous and Alexander's complaints of unfairness combined with Ardinel's observations to tell him that this was Andreana herself.

Following this came a small verbal spiel by Alicia, cementing her hatred for the human race as a whole. Iltani held his tongue, which was still a strange thing to have in one's mouth. While humans were not always well liked where he was from their behavior was never cause for subjugation. The thought of that and how it would likely be carried out brought up too many bad memories. Shaking that off he managed to catch Alicia cutting off Andreana's collar. He suspected ill will at first but was put more or less at ease by Alicia's explanation of wanting to provide Andreana with something sturdier. The new collar certainly looked that way. The exchange was quickly followed by the influx of foodstuffs and drink on the behalf of Alicia and Ardinel. The gestures were somewhat lost on Iltani as his race did not eat or drink. He still thanked each of them and placed his cup on the table shortly after without attempting to eat or drink anything. He remained standing instead of taking a place at the table.

When the others had finished eating, Alicia suggested they start their meeting and turned on the "television" such that it might give them some ideas. These humans had managed to create oracles from metal and lightning. For all their shortcomings, there was still much to learn from them. This remained one of Iltani's priority driving forces. To eradicate them would be to discontinue their innovations and advancements and would be violently wasteful. The news broadcast she had turned to did not bode well. “U.C.A. Targets U.S.A." was not a pleasant-sounding phrase and was less so when expanded on by the speaker. Andreana's growl was well warranted, and though her comment was surprising if for but a moment it was sensical. [#e82c7d "I agree with Andreana. We've taken steps to conceal ourselves already and can't begin acting rashly as tensions escalate. While I'm unsure of where to begin it might be beneficial to us to learn [i why] this is happening rather than what might happen. A look into this realm's history could provide some preliminary leads."]
MikeymickeymikeAlexander   1y ago

Alexander almost spit out his drink when he saw that the UAC declared war on the United states. This definitely meant that Boris and the men he took failed the hit and were interrogated, Before he could even think about calling the families of the loved ones Alexander’s phone began to ring. He saw the number and hit ignore while thinking to himself. [i This is not the time to be speaking with her.] His phone began to ring again and once again he ignored it. While trying to play it off his personal cell and work cell both began to ring. He now saw that he was getting looks and decided to step outside the room and answer it. Making sure that no denoshan could eavesdrop again, He made sure to head across the street and ensure that he wasn’t followed.

[+red “Yes.”]
[b “You’ve got some nerve trying to ignore me. This mess is your fault. Your men were sloppy and they talked.”]
Alexander sighed [+red “I didn’t even take the job. My second disobey-]
[b “I don’t give a damn what happened. Insubordination or not. Your team, Your fault.”] She said letting out that southern draw. When the secretary of state was angry, it became very obvious that she was from Texas.
[+red “Ok so what am I supposed to do about it? None of this wouldn’t have happened if you wouldn’t have lost control of your most valuable military asset.”] [b Get your ass to DC. NOW!”]
[+red “I can’t. I have a team of business consultants with me that I cannot leave. They aren’t from here.”]
[b “I don’t give a damn if you have Osama Bin Laden and the pope with you. Bring your narrow ass here and they can sit in the lobby for all I care.”]
She hung up the phone and Alexander shook his head and walked back to the hotel. When he re-entered the room all eyes were fixed on him.
[+red “So uh who wants to meet the secretary of State? I have urgent business that must be done in person and she’ll have you all there as well.”] Alexander definitely wasn’t going to let on that he was a part of what was happening.

Adam looked curiously towards Alexander. [b "The Secretary of State...As in the one for the united states of America?"] looking towards the television as its sound blared about a bit about the war declaration that had just been declared from the U.A.C against the U.S.A pointing to the Television he looked to the group. [b "Would that not be interference within the human affairs? There for affect our decision on how best to delegate the council in the right course of action for the human world? We cannot delay this by any means and even more over with the declaration of war between the two countries?"]

Adam looked over the group and looked once again to everyone. [b "I do agree however, the capital would likely shoot at us if we attempt to go anywhere near it, pass from the Secretary of the state or not. I doubt they would agree to allow eight people into the capital building."] Tapping his finger against his thigh for a moment he continued. [b "I believe going to the capital is not the best idea, instead we need to go to the other country and get their take in the public eye of why the war is going least through their eyes of why its going on."]

Putting his hand back on the table he continued on [b "As we have been keeping hidden from the human population, we should think of names to call ourselves besides what we denoshians know each other as. The name I will go by will be Adam."]
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   1y ago

Ylva grumbled about the bland food that was presented to them. She ate her fill, not out of pressure, instead not letting it go to waste. When Andreana growled at the TV, Ylva attempted to scratch Andreanna behind the ears. In that form, she didn't think of her as Andreana, but as Fenrir. The USA and UAC meant nothing to her. She wasn't even sure what these missiles were, but it didn't surprise her that they found some reason to fight and kill each other.

Before anyone else could speak, Alexander's telephone, correction, telephones, started making noise. It was not just once, but it kept happening. Someone was very determined to reach him. After he left to presumably talk in private, Andreana replied to Alicia's statement first. Was that her way of saying they were literally going to fly to the capital? She wasn’t that dumb. With her hand in her pocket, Alicia pressed on the shock button connected to the collar. When it went off, she tried not to smile. She found it rather amusing.

Iltani chimed in shortly after. Addressing both of them, Alicia replied, “[#efb639 “We’d be traveling by human means. There shouldn’t be any reason for missiles. However, knowing how humans are, they're bound to be aggressive and hostile in some way. We need a plan for that, of course. I do agree with looking at the reasons behind this. Looking into their history may even prove fruitful, however, that can be done at any time during this mission. As much as I’d like to play it even safer, this is our only lead at the moment.”]

Alexander had returned at that point. Secretary of State? Alicia figured this person was important by the way he said the title. Maybe this secretary would have a lot of information about what was going on about the state of affairs. That would make sense. Yet, Ylva vocalized a correlation between how this Secretary of State may be on the level of a Council Member. This person was most likely dangerous to meet, but an important one to meet anyway.

Ardinel seemed surprised by the title used. This person was definitely an important human. As he spoke, she started to disagree with the direction he was going. How would meeting with an official hurt their decision making? [#efb639 "I agree with Ylva. This Secretary of State most likely has better insight than their public records could show us. If this human offered an invitation, there should have also been arrangements made to meet said human relatively safely. Is this correct, Alexander? You know how this place works better than me. Is this invitation enough? And to go off of Ardinel's concern, would this human have enough power to clear all six of us?"]

Unsure about human names, Alicia turned back to the TV. They had moved on from the so-called 'Breaking News' to chatting about other humans. She began listening for them to discuss the next female. When they started talking about Ciara's appearance at some type of event, she figured that name would do. Before tuning out, she noticed that sometimes they mentioned more than a first name for people. So, when they said that their next topic will be an interview with Chris Evans, she finished her name. That was good enough.

[#efb639 "If I must, I'll be Ciara Evans. Having an alias would be convenient for conversing with humans. However, I'd still like to use our real names with each other, at least when speaking in our native tongue. Plus, they did say we could change the names on our passport by swiping over it."] Trying it out, she grabbed her identification out of her bag and swiped her finger over it. [#efb639 "Ciara Evans."] Alicia opened the passport and that was the name it read next to a picture of her with her human features. Leave it to Denosha to use magic and science in such a way.

Alicia paused before continuing the original topic. [#efb639 "Ardinel, how would randomly choosing a place in an entire country to speak to generic humans better serve our time when we have an opportunity to speak to a high ranking one. We could always do that after we finish with this one. In fact, going over there next is what I would suggest to gain both perspectives. The sooner we gain adequate answers, the sooner we can go back home with a decision."] Time passed as questions, answers, and ideas went back and forth. With 3 wanting to go to DC and the same number not wanting to go, they needed to at least gain a majority of what to do. Eventually, they decided to go to DC.

Before long, they were back on the Blend and on a so-called plane, a form of transportation for humans to travel in the air. It was their fastest method to cross large distances. They all took their cars to a place called LaGuardia Airport. Turns out, Alexander had a truck to use. The whole experience was unnerving. There were so many humans traveling. Apparently they had the opportunity to fly privately, but it'd be easier to blend in if they flew 'commercially'. So here they were, on a plane and surrounded by humans. Alicia discovered that humans had a way of privately listening to music as well. Theirs was in the form of headphones. After messing with it enough, Alicia was getting used to her phone. So, she figured out how to find different genres of music and try them out. It was hard to admit, but some weren't that bad. The music helped her not be so tense while being trapped in a small space with so many humans. Without it, her fight or flight instincts were ready to act at half a moment's notice. With it, she'd be prepared if something were to happen, but she wasn't constantly anticipating it. After they finally landed, one of Alexander's contacts had a vehicle large enough to take all of them to meet the Secretary of State.
MikeymickeymikeAlexander   1y ago

Alexander tried to clear his mind as much as possible during the flight. When they landed there was a secret service limo to take them all to the capitol building. Alexander couldn’t help but to feel nervous. He thought that the best way out of this mess was to stay humble and cooperate. He didn’t need to be pissing off the most powerful people in the world. When they arrived the guards escorted them in. When they came face to face with the secretary of state, Elizabeth Richards. [+darkred “Secretary Richards you are looking well today.”]

[b “Cut the bullshit Alex. We’ve known each other long enough for you to know that this isn’t a social call. Who are the extras?”]

[+darkred “They are new business partners that will prove invaluable to myself and the country if you allow it.”]

[b “Ok so here’s the situation team. We offered a very ludicrous contract to your new business partners firm to assassinate two high value targets. Former special forces soldiers Andre Lordes and Will Johnson.”]

[+darkred “Which I did not accept and my subordinates got money hungry and went after even though they were in over their heads.”]

[b “Because of this his team was caught and interrogated by the best soldier this country has ever trained and now he wants blood for blood.”]

[+darkred “And I wonder why you would want him dead to begin with. I guess some rumors that I heard through the intelligence grapevine are true.”]

[b “Alex that is confidential intel that I am not at liberty to divulge.”]

[+darkred “Oh so you’re really gonna do that to me Elly?”]

Just then the doors were blown open and multiple flashbang grenades went off. Directly after that a team of men stormed the building and room. Andre Lordes was among them. He immediately proceeded to blow The Secretary of State's head off. Then, he locked eyes with Alexander realizing who he is.
Phytocanis324Iltani   1y ago

Iltani was neither fond of nor bothered by flying. His anatomy didn't allow for the typical discomforts of flying in or out of a pressurized cabin, though he was still uncomfortable being squished between two humans in the middle of what amounted to a 45 ton, flying preservation can. Like Alicia, Iltani had found the way that humans privately listened to their music. While perusing musical selections he found that classical music was the most suited to him, choosing to turn the music up and allow it to keep him composed throughout his time in the air. After offloading and collecting their belongings the group were ushered into a very long car and transported directly to where the Secretary of State that he'd heard so much about was.

This woman was very confident and commanding in how she talked to Alexander, who responded in kind with an equal amount of frustration as was being directed at him. From what he could gather, Alexander had been a part of some other group that had run into some unfortunate circumstances after being offered something in return for hunting down a pair of traitors to the country. It was likely currency. From the apparent direction of converse, they were going to be tasked with bringing those two men down instead. Iltani couldn't be sure of this as before that could be confirmed the doors were broken into and small metal things were thrown in their direction. Before he could begin a counterattack, Iltani's eyes were assaulted with a spectacular flash of light and he was left temporarily blind. Rather than try to lash out at his attackers he put up an invisible telekinetic barrier between himself and them. A smart move considering he heard a loud bang and the sound of a body hitting the floor. Telepathically he reached out to Alexander, speaking directly into his mind so as not to alert the enemies and by extension no one else either. [#e82c7d "What is going on? I cannot see. If I am to respond violently, I'll need others to abstain from being between myself and our attackers."]
SheoldredYlva   1y ago

Ylva waited quietly while everyone was making their decisions and cases for their travel plans. Eventually they came to the conclusion that they should go and meet this person, especially during the limited window they have been given. Whoever this Secretary of State was, their resident human exerts seemed tense about the meetup. She made sure to make a note of their plans in the notebook, using it to write up a short report so the fools on the Council would know where they were. Taking inspiration from Alicia’s name changing, she held up the passport and spoke in a hushed voice. “Gjertrud Greenwood.” Gjertrud was the name of one of her younger sisters, barely one hundred years in number, and one she was training in the ways of the spear. The same sister had been remarking about how humans loved to have their last name structured in a very strange color followed by an object.

Once everyone was ready, Ylva did one final sweep of the floor. She had no idea what kind of technology the humans may have for surveillance, but she was familiar with the majicks some of the other races would use. Scrying mirrors, crystal balls, even divination using strands of hair, fingernails, or blood. Reassuring herself that none of that was being used to observe them, she followed after the group. The ‘airport’ as humans called it wasn’t very far from their current location, so the drive didn’t take them very long.

Seeing the massive vehicles known as planes, and the curious looking device on their facsimile of wings made her feel weird. Last time she had seen a vehicle like this, they had some form of spinning blades where the strange bulbous structures were. Making her way onto the plane, she found herself seated in a row with two humans, one female and the other a young one. The young one watched her with a curious look as she took her seat. With a small smile, she took her seat beside the small one, looking out the window. To pass time, she began routing through her memory for the calming meditations she had been taught by her sisters.

Once they finally touched down, she was surprised to find that the humans were waiting for them. Resisting the urge to strike, the human’s revealed they were there to transport the group to see the Secretary. Alexander and the Secretary seemed to have some form of history with one another. Everything seemed to be going about as smoothly as things could go with humans when she felt her eyes drawn to the Secretary. Her eyes were drawn to her not out of interest, but out of duty. Alarm bells ringing in her head, she barely heard the doors burst open when the flashbang grenades went off. Crying out at the sudden blindness, her fight and fight instincts kicked in. Killing a few humans wouldn’t go amiss, especially if it was in defense of the group.

Blinking away the blindness, kicked one of her heels off at the nearest gunman. She followed the heel with a quick, if uneven charge, slamming her shoulder into the gunman’s chest. Bringing the human down with her, she dispatched him with a quick neck snap, before grabbing their weapon. Her eyes flashed as her ability activated, teaching her how to use the firearm that now lay in her hands. With a quick roll, she positioned the now corpse between herself and the rest of the assailants.


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