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The Couple's Dolls

By Catlover33

Replies: 495 / 305 days ago

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There was a run-down building that seemed to be abandoned. This building attracted all sorts of adventurers who never came out when they stepped inside. The culprits were a man and his wife who dedicated their lives to turning people into living dolls. The dolls always seemed to obey their masters and appeared to be asleep when they are viewed from the distance. Little did the adventurers that came to the building know that the dolls were in fact actually alive and would move when they were approached. The couple's past victims included but were not limited to Ramza, Kurapika, Hope and Layle. The small group of four hoped to be the first group to ever make it out but their dreams were shortly crushed soon after. They never escaped and were considered now to be living dolls who's only purpose is to accompany their masters. They had no free will of their own and blindly follow orders. They also never age or grow older or taller. Such is the fate of somebody who becomes a doll. Over the years, other brave adventurers came to the mansion only to meet the same fate as those that came before them.


Any more living dolls

Adventurers (Their fate is up to you)

(The Man and wife roles are first come, first served. They are already taken. Once they're gone, they're gone. The four that are currently taken are my characters that have become living dolls because of the man and his wife)







The Wife

The Man





"That is exactly what we are. I have not done anything to offend you." Ēsu said.
"You are basically a clone....but not really....you can similar actions the original victims can do but you aren't similar when it comes to emotions and mentality.
"I do not know. My companions and I were created from a bit of genetic material from each of the master's victims." Ēsu said.
"Then how would you judge someone being mean if you have no emotions. Hmm? How Ēsu?"
"I have no emotions. I was created by the master." Ēsu said.
"Shouldn't you be mean? Since your the opposite of Ace? Who is like super nice?"
"H-how could you call me that? You're mean!" Ēsu said.
"Bet you won't say that to my face you faker." Drake snapped.
"I'm not strange, you're the strange one here." Ēsu said.
"Strange....you are really strange. Not a little bit...alot."
"We're basically synthetic beings. You can call me Ēsu." The being said.
"Victims of our..current timeline? So you guys are those who have been turned into dolls but like shadow?"
"Yes there are more of us however we all resemble those that you call victims." The duplicate said.
"Hmm strange....wait first time in OUR lives.....theres more of you?"
NatakaStargazer / 234d ago
"We woke up down here for the first time in our lives." The duplicate said.