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Honey & Glass [MourningGlory]

By SmileBright

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You know these kinds of girls who look like they're made
Of honey and glass, like sticky-sweet ash
And you can't get the taste off your tongue?
Burnt sugar and a little bit of rum.

X just got out of a long term relationship with her girlfriend of 3 years when she found her in bed with another woman. After her girlfriend left the apartment, X found herself needing a roommate to keep up with the rent of the nice apartment.

Y is a young girl just out of college, who loves to go out and have loud crazy parties at least a couple nights a week. X has had enough of these crazy parties and goes to confront Y, when she finds the girl crying. She finds out the girl has been dumped, and they are able to finally connect on a different level, finding common ground between them.

And she's dancing in the rain with her clothes on
Drenched to the bone, never knows when she´s all gone
But she's the life of the party and deep down I know
That nobody flinches when she takes off her clothes
And I wonder what's it like to be one of those girls
To sit in the sun, and look at the world and never think
"Wow, am I enough”

X and Y become friends, starting to spend more time together. Y is really the life of the party, lives life like she could die the next day. While X is more reserved, never thinking she was worth much of anything.

Cause life is easy when you know you're the main character
And I'm sitting here, thinking this is not fair
But her smile makes it hard to be mad
It's not her fault that I'm so fucking sad

As X and Y become closer, X realizes she has now developed feelings for the woman. Y is starting to show her how to let go and have fun, that life is worth living that way.

So I'll sit here and look at these girls in the sun
Dancing in the rain and just having their fun
And maybe one day I can forget the past
And be one of those girls of honey and glass.

Does Y feel the same way? What will happen?


Okay, so this roleplay is inspired by the poem Honey and Glass by Peyton Cardoza, which I have added within the plot. This will be a fxf roleplay, in which I will play X. If you are interested, please PM me with a title Honey and Glass, with a small skeleton.

Photo Link:
Name||Age (21+)||Occupation||
Short Bio

Character X: Taken

Cora Jae Tucker || 23 || Librarian ||
Cora had always been an introvert but made a point to be kind and pleasant to all people she met. After her long term relationship ended, Cora became more secluded, less pleasant, and even quieter than she had been before. She never wanted to go out anymore, she spent all her time at work or at home. She needed someone to show her how to finally get over this rough patch in her life and see all the things she is missing.

Character Y: Taken

Penelope (Penny) Jean Wilson||24||Bar Tender||
Short Bio: Penny has always liked to have a good time and is easily chipper and outgoing. She has always been that way ever since she was a little girl and ALWAYS had people admire her energy and hype as they called it. Now, being older, she still enjoys partying and is bouncy but she wants it known that there is more to her. She in a way wants someone who can help even her out.


1. PLEASE BE 21+. The characters are that age and I prefer to write with someone my own age. There are mature themes and it is a comfort thing for me as an educator.
2. Real Photos Please. Something that isn't too big, doesn’t have a watermark and fits the personality of your character. I am more than happy to assist in finding a photo and I can edit it for you as well if need be.
3. I can write anywhere from 1000 Characters to 1000 Words. I ask that you stick to AT LEAST 1000-1500 Characters a post.
4. This roleplay is an FxF roleplay, we will both be playing females. This is supposed to be a romance, so that will happen. Do not join if you are going to either try and make this an FxM or refuse the romance. It will not be immediate romance, but don’t refuse it altogether.
5. Please PM me a skeleton and I will accept before requesting access to the roleplay. Otherwise, I will refuse.
6. Please PM me and let me know if you have any twists or turns you want to add. I love and encourage it!
7. Please post at least once a week. I’ll let you know if it will take me longer than that, and I expect the same on your end. If I don’t hear from you and there is no post in 14 days, I will delete the thread and try again.
8. PLEASE do not steal this plot. I've been working on this for a while. The poem is not mine but the plot is, so please accept that and do not steal it.
10. Let’s have fun!
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[center [b ⬡Four Months Ago⬡]]

Pulling her coat tighter around her slim body, Cora made her way from the garage into her apartment building. As she made her way upstairs, she had a weird feeling about heading home today. She usually got a text from her girlfriend by this point, trying to figure out what they wanted to do for dinner or what time Cora thought she’d be home. Today there wasn’t anything, which was odd. As she opened the door to the apartment, she dropped her shoes off at the door, and saw a scattered pair of heels in the kitchen area she didn’t recognize. There was music playing from the main bedroom, the door cracked open slightly. The lights were dimmed in the whole apartment, everything just felt wrong.

As Cora made her way to the bedroom, there were scattered pieces of clothing, and a lump formed in Cora’s stomach. She pushed the door of the room the couple shared, and covered her mouth when she looked inside. Rose petals had been scattered around the bed, and her girlfriend and another girl were in [i their] bed, her girlfriend on top of the other girl. [i “Izzie?”] Cora spoke, her voice breaking through the tears that had started. The long brunette hair of Cora’s girlfriend, Izzie, fell over her shoulder as she looked to see her girlfriend in the doorway, her expression dropped. [b “Baby! This is not what it looks like! We were just-uh-ya know. Please please, baby.”] Izzie rushed over to Cora, taking her hands.

Cora pushed the tears aside, shaking Izzie’s hands out of her own. [i “Just get out! We’re done. Just go!”] she yelled, Izzie pleading with Cora as she pulled on her clothes. Cora went over to the bed, telling the mystery girl to get out as well, to which the girl scrambled out of the bed and into her dress and was quickly out the door. [b “Cora, baby, listen to me. Really, it didn’t mean anything! Please please, just listen to me babygirl.”] Izzie pleaded with Cora, trying to pull her in from behind by her waist. Cora got Izzie’s arms off of her, turning toward her, [i “Leave Isabelle. Get out. We are over. Give me your key and leave.”] she spoke. The apartment had been Cora’s first anyway, so asking for the key back wasn’t unreasonable. Izzie tried pleading looks but was getting nothing from Cora. She handed the key to her, but said before leaving, [b “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Cora…”].

Cora Jae plopped onto her couch, her head now held in her hands. Her tears had stopped, but she just felt gross all over. Why would Izzie cheat on her? Why would she do it so openly, in their apartment? And what did she mean by saying she couldn’t get rid of her so easily? So many questions swirled in her head, but the main question was... how would she afford rent anymore?

In the next few months, Cora worked extra hours at work just to afford rent. Her days consisted of only work and home, her social life was basically gone. Her demeanor changed drastically, she was less social and less pleasant to be around. Izzie had been texting her so much she needed to change her phone number, to which Izzie had yet to find. Her ex-girlfriend wanted to remind her how awful she was as a girlfriend and even as a person, and Cora started to believe these things as well.

Her life was crumbling around her.

[center [b ⬡Present Day⬡]]

It had taken four months, but Cora had finally found a new roommate to move into the second bedroom she had in her apartment. She had yet to meet the girl who was moving in, but the landlord of the apartment complex had shown her around and had her sign papers a couple of days ago when Cora was at work. Today, she would be moving in. Cora was hoping she was quiet and they wouldn’t have to interact much. Cora wasn’t a huge fan of loud noises or partying, so she was hoping they could co-exist in this space easily.

Cora had taken the day off from work to help her roommate move in, but mostly because her landlord told her she was required to be there when the roommate moved in. She showered quickly after waking up, getting dressed in a pair of leggings and a large grey sweater that hung from her slim frame. She brushed her hair, allowing it to air dry, and put on a light face of makeup. She made a cup of tea and curled up on the couch while drinking her tea.

After her girlfriend had moved out, she threw out her old sheets and got a new set. She couldn’t imagine sleeping in those sheets after what had happened. She had packed her clothes and things and brought them to Izzie’s parent's house, so she wouldn’t have to meet up with the woman at all. She had gotten rid of all the photos of the two, the apartment basically looked like no one lived there. There were couches, and tables, but nothing telling of who Cora was as a person anymore. Her room had small touches of her personality, such as books and some paper lantern lights, but that was about it. This new roommate would be able to do what she pleased if she was interested in decorating, Cora wasn’t too concerned with whatever it ended up looking like.

Cora took a seat on the couch, sipping her tea until her new roommate showed up. She grabbed a blanket and turned the TV on some random documentary, she was barely paying attention to it anyway. All she could think about was her ex-girlfriend, and how angry she would be when she found out she would have a new roommate soon.
MourningGloryHoney   2y ago
Lady of the Night

[center [b The Past]

Ever since she was little, Penelope was known to be the chipper and bouncy sort of girl. She loved people and just loved to have fun. Her family and friends when she was growing up were constantly telling her how they envied her for the energy and spirit that she had. But they also warned her that she would have to try and be more down to earth. The tried to warn her that life wasn't always "sunshine and butterflies".

When getting into college, Penelope's naturally bubbly and chipper dispositi9n didn't change all that much. In fact, a whole new world was opened up to her. There were more people for her to meet and each were unique and special in their own ways. And there were more places she could get into as well, namely clubs and bars. Music and dancing and just the night life. It was thanks to her friends that she made that she was constantly out and about. Yes, she studied and worked. But she lived for the fun. Drinks and dancing as she became a bar tender.

Just to her, the world was magic and life was like a stage. Or it was until she finally graduated.

[center [b Present]]

College had been her life for the last six years. She started out when she was eighteen and had started out as a psychology major but found it wasn't exactly for her. Oh she had loved it and found it fascinating in how the mind worked and deterkined the behaviour of people. But she found she had more of a love for history and teaching and so had switched about a year or two later. She also didn't have the help from her parents and found that since she loved dancing and people working in a club would help her pay for school. Again it helped her to meet some of her very best friends, which now she wouldn't be seeing as often. Was she sad? Of course! But it also meant new doors and opportunities awaited her!

Blue eyes went around the now emptied appartment that she had shared with Alexa during her college adventures. Her best friend had left directly after graduation for a job she had snagged up and had been waiting for the end of semester to start. And that left Penny on her own. At first she didn't really mind as this had been her home. But it began to get lonelier and lonelier and she couldn't keep up with the price of the place on her own. It wasn't like she hadn't been thinking about a new place. She had been, but "the real world" came crashing in and made her HAVE to find something. And something soon. Which she did and which was why she was staring at the empty room as she was.

[#e944d7 "Well looks like this is it. Better go and meet my new landlord and roommate. Don't want to be late! Oh I hope we'll be friends."] The honey blonde said to herself, laughing softly as she was talking to herself. Not an uncommon thing, but it seemed more so without Lexie around. Not even a moment later, the young woman of twenty-four grabbes her mini backpack off the counter and replaced it with the key to the place, no longer needing it and all but pranced down the hall and steps and out to her car which had everything boxed up and in it.

The drive wasn't too long. Maybe fifteen or twenty minutes later, she was parking the car and meeting with the landlord. And soon after, Penny found herself being led upstairs and to the front door of what would be her new home. All the while she was bouncing with both her nervea and her excitement. The door was knocked on and the blonde's bright blue gaze was on it as she now waited to meet who she hoped would be her new best friend. She had NO idea what polar opposites they were or where this road would be taking them.

Cora knew that she should make the place look at least presentable, considering her landlord and new roommate would both be here soon. The woman was in no way messy at all, but the apartment was ‘lived in’, she needed to make sure it looked and smelled nice. She pushed the blanket off of her lower half, folding it and laying it over the back of the grey couch. She found one of her favorite candles that smelled of apples and tea, lighting it, letting the smell fill the apartment. She wiped down window sills and countertops and put all the remaining dishes that were in the sink into the dishwasher. As she wiped off counters in her kitchen, she found a strip of paper. She took in her hands, and when she realized what it was, she bit her lip.

It was a photo strip of her and her ex, Izzie. It had fallen behind after being posted on a cabinet from a past birthday or anniversary. Cora’s hands shook as she held the picture, a tear falling down her cheek. She hadn’t thought about her ex for a few weeks now, but this brought back all the memories, happy and sad. Of course, she still had feelings for her, but she knew she couldn’t let the woman back in her life. It was a part of her that was over now, and she had to forget.

Cora took the photo strip, putting it in the garbage. She thought about keeping it as a memento, considering she gave everything else back but decided against it. It would be harder to keep the woman off her mind if she had the photos. She sighed, closing the lid of the garbage can before continuing her cleaning spree.

After about an hour, she was finally done cleaning everything. Cora had made sure the room was ready for the new roommate. It was already furnished with a bed, and a drawer set. She left it very neutral for the roommate to do whatever they wanted to. Cora knew little to nothing about her new housemate and wasn’t too concerned about them on the slightest. Cora was quiet and wasn’t planning on letting anyone into her life any time soon. She didn’t even know their name, or even what gender this person was. She was betting on a female, hoping walking around in a towel wouldn’t be a problem sometimes. Even though Cora was attracted to women, she wasn’t going to just hit on any woman who lived with her. She was very closed off from everyone right now, and she wasn’t even planning on befriending this person. It was someone to help with rent, and they would most likely live around each other, that’s all.

Cora entered her own room, adjusting the large sweater as it hung from her slim frame. She decided on changing into a dark grey tee-shirt, something that actually clung to her body. The sweater had been getting in her way, and this way she could help if she was needed. She wasn’t planning on being their friend, but she could at least be a decent person. Her hair had fully dried, and she ended up pulling the top half of her hair into a ponytail and left the rest down. Her hair had a small wave to it, but was straight for the most part. She looked at herself in the mirror, a heavy sigh leaving her lips. She knew she had looked like she had been crying from before, but she didn’t care very much at this point. That’s when she heard a knock at her door.

Cora walked slowly to the door, another knock now annoying her. [i “I know, Tim, I’m coming.”] she spoke, a bit agitated now. Tim, her landlord was most likely coming by to let her know about the roommate, and when she would be by. She had no idea she would be there as well. She and Tim had gotten pretty close, and at this point, she didn’t really hold back with him. [i “I this is something stupid, Tim, I swear.”] she spoke, opening the door to the apartment. Her eyes widened a bit when she noticed a woman was with Tim, and he rolled his eyes at Cora. [b “Oh, a nice introduction to your new roommate, Cora.”] he spoke. [i “Sorry. Hello. I’m Cora.”] she spoke, no emotion pulled to her face at all, her body not moving much. She moved her body away from the door, allowing the pair of people to enter, and closed the door behind them.

The girl who entered was very pretty, around the same age as herself. Although, those things shouldn’t really matter.

Tim finalized everything with the two girls, and they stood in silence for a few seconds as Tim left. [i “Well, this is it. Your room is over to the left, mine is to the right. The bathroom is right over there. If you need any help with anything, you can let me know.”] she spoke her words like ice. They weren’t harsh, but just cold. This was Cora’s demeanor, but why did this girl make her feel warmer? The apartment had been cold for months, but now, there was a little bit of sunshine. Cora was ice, this girl was sunshine.
MourningGloryHoney   2y ago
Lady of the Night

Bouncing, she was bouncing. Ever since she had been a child, Penny was easily excitable and this was no different. She loved people and getting to know them. It was both her "gift" and her "curse" as her parents often called it. They also often said they wished they shared her same bouncy energy and the fact that she resembled a ball of light even when things seemed dark. It was kind of how she had gotten the nickname of Sunny or Sunshine.

[i "You might want to take it easy there. She's...well you'll see what your new roommate is like when you meet her."] The landlord, Tim said as he took a quick glance at the still bouncing Penelope. And his words did strike the young woman as odd. She was about to ask what the man meant by what he had said, but before she could, another knock sounded. This one being louder than the first and an annoyed voice came from the other side just before the door opened.

Her own cheeks coloured softly as she saw the young woman who seemed taken aback when she opened the door. It was obvious thaf she had not been expecting for Penny to be there. And Penny had not expected for her new roommate to seem like...winter? She was going to think of ice, but winter sounded nicer in her head. [#e944d7 "Hi there! It's nice to meet you, Cora. I'm Penelope...but most people just call me Penny."] The young woman said, refusing to be intimidated by the cooler and stiffer demeanor.

And after the other young woman had moved aside to let her and Tim inside, blue eyes took a glance around. The place did look like someone lived there but it seemed...void and empty? Like there was a gloom that hovered. But she had to shake those thoughts away to pay attenti9n as Tim finished going over last minute details with the two of them.

Seconds of silence seemed to fall when they had been left alone. She wasn't sure what to say or where to start. But then Cora seemed to break the ice with more ice. Quick and simple words of where things were and saying if she needed anything to let her know. [#e944d7 "I was going to ask for help bringing things in..? I promise it's not much and should be quick! Oh maybe after we could get lunch or something? I did see a cute little café on the way here."] And again, Penny offered a warm and bright smile. Summer and winter...that was what crossed her mind as she now stood watching the other young woman, taking her in.

This new girl had been here for less than 10 minutes, and yet he seemed happy to be here. Why was she so happy? Cora wasn’t even half as happy as this woman was, even when she was dating Izzy. It felt like there was a permanent smile on the woman’s face, which made her dull and boring apartment feel like life was breathed into it, just the slightest amount. Even her name was peppy and happy, Penny. Well, at least she was pleasant, but Cora could tell her quiet co-existent with her roommate, which is what she wanted, wasn’t going to be a reality.

Penny asked her if she could help her bring her things in, which Cora expected. But then she asked her to join her for lunch, which Cora was not expecting. A confused look crossed Cora’s face, as she looked towards the woman. [i “Yes, I can help you with your things. Feel free to decorate wherever you please, my last roommate was in charge of that.”] she said, her face showing it’s first emotion, which was sad. [i “Oh, and sure. I guess we could do lunch.”] she spoke as well, as she pushed Izzy from her mind once again.

Cora was surprised at the own words that came out of her mouth. She wasn’t one who even liked going out in public, but now she was agreeing to lunch. As much as she wanted to take it back, she couldn’t at this point. She waited so long to get a roommate, and she couldn’t afford to let another one slide through her fingers.

The two girls went down, grabbing boxes of things and bringing them back up to their apartment. The girl was right, it really didn’t take them very long. The whole time they went up and down though, there weren’t many words exchanged. There were a few thank yous, for holding doors and the like, but that was mainly it. Cora really was unsure of what to say, as she knew little to nothing about this woman.

Penny was striking, her blonde hair and blue eyes really stood out. She was beautiful, while Cora blended in a lot with her honey-brown hair, which matched her honey-brown hair. They were opposites, in almost all aspects. Cora wondered really how well they would be able to co-exist. [i “Are you sure you don’t want to unpack instead of going out? I don’t mind.”] Cora spoke. She was half trying to get out of what she agreed too, but also knew that she would have rather unpack if she had just moved.

Cora was worried, knowing that having lunch with this woman would result in talking about their lives. That was the last thing she wanted to do. She had been sucked dry of all her personality, mostly just reading books and going to work. While Penny was probably the life of the party, she was a party killer. She knew her demeanor had the ability to turn people away, but it kept people away from her. She didn’t want to get close to anyone anymore, even if they were living together.
MourningGloryHoney   2y ago
Lady of the Night

Her new roommate was nothing like Lexi. She wasn't dark per se, but seemed sad and like there was a cloud that hovered around her. It was like a winter's day to her summer-like and sunny disposition. Something that she was not at all used to. But it only made her all the more determined to get to know Cora. To try and befriend her. To Penny, it was something needed because she loved people and she noticed that the other seemed so drawn into herself, something her momma used to tell her wasn't good for the soul.

[#e944d7 "Thank you! I promise I'll make up the helping unpack thing. And the decorating won't be too crazy. You are good with animals and floral?"] She asked, getting more bouncy and excited by the minute. She loved decorating and she she loved animals and flowers. Actually, she was good with almost anything that people would call "bright", "warm" and the like. Again, it came with her sunny personality and being the "butterfly" like she was.

Yes, she knew that it was maybe a bit on the unnerving side that she seemed so bouncy and positive, but she couldn't help it. And soon, the two were going to her car to get her boxes and the rest of her stuff. It wasn't a lot and didn't take long. And though she was burning to ask questions and to get to know Cora, the two didn't really talk much as they brought her stuff up the stairs. Muttered "thank yous" with help they gave the other was about it. MUCH more quiet and maybe awkward than what she was used to. But she had to make this work. She didn't have anywhere else to go and it was close to the bar she was a tender and dancer at.

Brown eyes and honey blonde hair, a sweetness to her look. Something that could be described as "girl next-door" or innocent was what Cora reminded Penny of. And yet, it drew her in. She was cute and had a beauty all her own. SO much different than the other young women that she had been attracted to in the past and even dated. Actually, a breath of fresh air as ironic as that sounded. And the fact that she was quiet...Maybe it was because they were polar opposites that she felt she was so drawn to her. That and the fact that they were going to be co-existing and roommates.

[#e944d7 "Oh! It's okay! I really can do it later. And besides, you said we could go out. I want the chance to get some sunlight and to get food. I'm starving."] Penelope said with a cute pout as she brushed long honey blonde hair back over her shoulder and turned a sparkling blue gaze upon the other young woman. She had NO intents on letting her back out of what she agreed to.

Cora watched as the blonde began bringing her things in. She seemed...bouncy, was the only word she could use at this point. She assumed this girl has had a simple and easy life, considering her demeanor was light and free. Besides her break-up and post-break-up attacks from Izzy, her life was a tough one. She grew up with just her father, as her mother left their family when Cora was young. Her father was a kind man and pretty accepting of her and who she loved, but he just wasn’t around very much because he was working. She was alone so often that when she finally found someone like Izzy, she thought she found someone who would be there for her all the time. Except, Izzy didn’t feel the same way about her. Izzy wanted adventure, wanted to flirt and hook up with whoever she wanted.

Cora watched as the bouncy girl started talking about decorating, and her eyes went wide when she mentioned flowers and animals. The apartment was about to be so much more...bright. Cora had installed black-out curtains in her room, and now her apartment was going to turn into something so different from what she was used to. She didn’t want to shut the girl down, so she just nodded and answered with a [i “That’s fine. Don’t worry too much about it, though. Get settled first.”].

Cora knew now that she was not going to get out of this lunch. She shouldn’t have promised anything, but the new roommate seemed so excited about it. She could almost feel the corners of her mouth turn up, which was a weird feeling since she really hadn’t genuinely smiled in months. She made sure they dropped, not wanting to open up to anyone just yet, even if they were a perky beautiful blonde woman who just happened to be her roommate now. She couldn’t deny that Penny was beautiful, her blonde hair and blue eyes that shined when the sun hit them through the windows. But even though Cora believed she was pretty, she wasn’t about to do anything about it.

As the blue eyes locked with hers, Cora’s stomach turned. She was all of a sudden nervous like she was when she first met Izzy. She needed to keep herself guarded, as she always felt she needed. She got her bag and headed for the door, [i “Well, let’s get- I mean, let’s go.”] she spoke, holding the door open. The faster they got there, the sooner she could get home and lock herself in her room once again. She wanted to say ‘let’s get this over with’ but she felt that would be a bit too mean. She knew the girl was excited, and she didn’t want to bring her down.

[i “What was this place you wanted to go? Do we need to drive or can we walk?”] Cora asked and she double-checked she had her keys if she needed them. She knew this city very well so there was no need to get directions anywhere. She ran a hand through her hair, pushing it back from her face.
MourningGloryHoney   2y ago
Lady of the Night

Okay, so maybe her bouncy and perky attitude and antics were a little much. MAYBE she should have kept it reined in a bit until they were used to the other. But ubfortunately, that was something Penny was not good with. She hated to hide and hated to not be herself. So she figured show the other just what she would be dealing with since they would be living together and have to figure out a way to co-exist.

She had noticed quite easily the way those chocolatey eyes had widened at her wat for flowers and animals in decorations around the apartment. Obviously that had taken her by shock. But it also gave Penny an idea how far she could go. How far she could "push" things. [#e944d7 "Well I'll figure it out! I just had to ask you since this is your apartment and all. Annnd well I just love flowers and animals! My momma teases me all the time and says I'm still five and never quite grew up. My daddy too."] She was trying to lighten things a bit and trying in her way to let Cora in a little bit more. A little of a way to get to know her. She hoped that MAYBE it would help the other feel a little bit better and maybe open up just the littlest bit.

Her hands moved together in a quick clap and she bounced to where she had left her mini backpack on the counter. It had her phone and wallet in it. Her sunglasses too and she looked to Cora again at the door. She REALLY didn't want to go. That was obvious but Penelope was not letting her out of the promise as she walked over to her and even past to stand in the hall just beyond.

A slender finger came up and she tapped her chin, a smile on her lips as she thought.[#e944d7 "You know.. I actually didn't look at the name. But it looks cute and wasn't far. The little café..or coffee shop that is a couple blocks away. Oh! And lets walk since it is a nice day!"] And she turned bright, sparkling eyes on the other young woman, almost pleading with her eyes.

Cora shook her head, was this girl serious? She invited her to go out but didn't even know the name of the place she invited her to. Cora locked the door to their apartment, making their way to the stairs to exit onto the street. She sighed as the exited, the sun making Cora squint a bit before her eyes adjusted to the sun. Cora hadn't been outside much besides the drive to the library or the walk from the library back to her car. Since her incident with Izzy, Cora really didn't leave the house. Now, she was outside after months because of this new girl.

Penny wasn't wrong, it actually was nice out. The porcelain skin of Cora really didn't feel the sun all too much, and it was nice. [i "You're right. It is nice out. Now, do you at least know which way the cafe was? I know the area well enough I can probably figure it out."] she asked, turning toward the blonde woman. That was probably the most she had spoken to Penny up to this point, and the first thing she has said that really wasn't about the apartment.

The two women had made their way down the street in silence, Cora assuming she should make a better impression than she did at the beginning, which meant talking to her. [i "So, what do you do? I work at the library down the road at the front desk."] she spoke. Cora's one love that she still had was books. She loved escaping her current reality into a fictional one she was able to be a part of in her novels. Just then, a small smile formed onto her lips, the first smile she had let Penny see. The thought of getting home and ready-made the girl that happy, it was her safe place. Away from Izzy, away from everyone.

As they began walking, the shops next to Cora began to look familiar. She looked down the street, seeing 'The Looking Glass' come up in the distance. The cute cafe that sat on the corner of the street, the place where Izzy and Cora went often. All of a sudden, Cora's face began to look nervous. If Izzy was there, Cora would get sucked into her life once again. [i "Are you talking about that place on the corner? 'The Looking Glass'?] she asked, a slight nervousness to her voice. If she said yes, all Cora hoped for was that Izzy wasn't there. And if Izzy was, she would blend in enough that she wouldn't have to say anything.
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Lady of the Night

Penelope really was a bubbly and spontaneous sort of girl. Sometimes the first words out of her mouth or the first actions she took were the first that came to mind. Hence how and why she had invited Cora out to lunch AND why she had not even thought to try and even get the name of the cafè. Not exactly smart, but that was what she was like. It was what she had always been like. Or had been like since...Quickly she shook her head to get that thought out of it. She had to if she wanted to keep to her bouncy, flouncy self.

[#e944d7 "Oh! The café's in the direction that we've been heading! That's why I didn't correct you when we started out!"] Penny trilled with a soft laugh as her hands clasped behind her back and she just took in the warmth on her skin as they walked. And after her words had passed her lips, there again seemed to fall a silence between the two as they walked. It wasn't what she would call awkward, but it was far from comfortable and she did wish there was talking or at least some interaction between them. She was all but searching her brain for SOMETHING, ANYTHING that they could talk about. But before any words slipped from soft pink lips, the girl at her side spoke up.

For the first time as she heard Cora speak, really speak, Penny also saw a smile. It was a beautiful smile and added to the beauty that the other already had. And if she was honest she wished that she could see it more. A funny thought to have since they had just met. [#e944d7 "Oh! So you must really love books and to read! Do you have a favourite story or genre???"] The honey blonde asked as she wanted to know more about the girl whom she was walking with and soon would be rooming with.

She was silent for a moment but then smiled before speaking. [#e944d7 "I'm a bartender and dancer at the local night club! It has its perks buuut."] And she gave a shrug and looked to the café that was coming up. The cute little one on the corner and then nodded. [#e944d7 "Yep! That's the one! there something wrong? Maybe we can go somewhere else?"] Penny asked as she stopped, blue gaze falling on Cora with her head cocked to one side as if she were a puppy. She had caught the nervous undertone to the words that had been spoken.

The excitement that left the girl's mouth was more than Cora expected. She calmed herself down, before nodded. [i "Yeah. I really like reading. I'm a big fan of romance and historical fiction."] she said. She knew they weren't the most exciting genres, but they definitely her favorites. When Penny said she was a dancer and a bartender, Cora nodded. Of course, she was, that was a perfect job for the perky, beautiful woman. Cora didn't remember the last time she had been in a night club, and she wasn't planning on going any time soon. She didn't enjoy parties or being in large crowds, she didn't trust people anymore. Penny probably did amazing at her job, her personality was just what they looked for in places like that.

Cora didn't realize her voice showed nervousness. She didn't normally have to monitor how she spoke, but now, she knew the girl could read it well. She shook her head, pulling out a smile to off-put her nervousness. [i "No no. We can go. I just used to go here with my ex-girlfriend, that's all."] Cora responded. That was a loaded sentence, she told Penny a lot in those few words. She now knew that she was interested in women, which some people found offputting. She had a few roommates in her early years who refused to live with her in fear she would 'try and hit on them' or 'she would come onto them'. She hoped this girl would be different. She also learned about her ex, but she made sure not to say too much. She knew Izzy would show up in her life soon enough, so maybe telling Penny something wouldn't be that bad of a thing. But not yet, it was too soon.

As they entered the cafe, Cora did a quick scan and her worries fell as she realized Izzy wasn't there. This would make the lunch go by much faster and easier. As the two were seated, Cora opened the menu. When coming here, Izzy would usually order for the two of them, so she didn't really know what they served here. She knew she wanted a latte or something, she was starting to get tired after helping bring up the boxes from the woman's car. [i "So, if you don't mind me asking, why did you move?"] she asked. Getting to know this girl maybe wouldn't be a bad thing. Being on good terms usually worked out if there were disagreements or arguments.

Every time the bell on the front door rang as someone entered, Cora couldn't help but let her eyes shoot up to the door. This is why she never went out, she was worried Izzy would worm her way back into her life. She knew she would have to talk about Izzy with Penny, and maybe the girl could catch her if she started to slip back in with her. But that was a home discussion, and maybe after they got to know each other a bit better. [i "Anything looks good?"] she asked. The waitress walked over, talking a drink order for both of them, Cora ordering a vanilla latte. She looked back to the menu, taking a small glance at Penny. She really was a beautiful girl.
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Lady of the Night

She knew she didn't look like the type of girl who liked to read, but she did even if "Miss Perky" was the her that Cora was seeing. So when the genre had been told to her, a squeak that could have easily been mistaken for a five year old slipped from her and her eyes brightened all the more. Probably not what was expected by the other, but those were her favourites too. [#e944d7 "Those are the best kind! One of my favourites is Rebellion which is written by Nora Roberts...I enjoy her Circle Triology as well."] She had meant to keep her mouth shut and to try not to scare the other girl. She really had but it seemed that was going horribly and she just could not help herself.

Penny had always been good at reading people. Somehow it came with the social butterfly thing. And working as the dancer and bartender she kind of needed to be good at it too. People needed the ear and she didn't mind listening. More than once she had done it for Lexie too. That thought actually stung as she still missed her old roommate and best friend. [#e944d7 "That makes sense. So it kinda brings back memories for you."] Came soft words as the two of them walked into the café and were seated with menus. She had caught that Cora was into women, wbich actually a relief to her because she was into both but leaned more towards women. So it worked out and meant she didn't have to hide anything.

Bright eyes skimmed the menu and she looked up at the other. [#e944d7 "I wanted to maybe try one of their blue berry muffins. Ooor 'club' sandwhiches! But it all looks really yummy."] She said with a smile, noticing that with each ping Cora would take a glance to the door. [#e944d7 "My previous roommate and best friend left...and instead of going back home I wanted to and needed somewhere else to go. Somewhere that was close to work..annnd I wanted the chance to make a new friend."] It was the answer to Cora's question of why she had moved in thd first place. Honestly she had not forgotten but had been trying to think of how best to phrase it. By then, the waitress had at least gotten drink orders and Penny had gone with a pumpkin spiced latte, eyes again going to Cora. She was a lovely girl and a mystery in and of herself. It was alluring to the girl.

[i "You like Rebellion?"] Cora asked, almost as if she didn't believe her. She then realized how rude she must have sounded, [i "Sorry, I mean. I never struck you as the type that enjoyed reading. But that is me projecting."] she responded. Maybe this high energy beauty wouldn't be as bad as she expected. She knew she'd be home late due to her job, but as long as the parties were kept at work, Cora and Penny would probably get along fine. [i "If you ever need a book, let me know and I can grab it at work for you."] she allowed a smile to rest on her lips, just thinking about books allowed her to relax and smile.

Watching as Penny seemed to be unphased by her comment about her ex-girlfriend, she felt better. She now knew she didn't have to hide that part of her life from Penny, which could help, later on, depending on how long they ended up being roommates for. She wondered if Penny was also interested in women, and that was why she was so okay with it. But that wasn't something she was just going to bring up, something for a later date.

[i "I was looking at the same thing. Maybe we could each get a sandwich and we could share a muffin."] Cora asked. Why was Cora able to be so comfortable with Penny, it's like she had some magic spell or something over her. She still felt the need to watch the door, but she felt calmer about it. Izzy wasn't even crossing for the first time in over 5 months. [i "Oh, I see."] she responded. She felt bad that the girl lost her friend, but she new she could never replace someone who was a best friend to a girl like Penny. She was boring and quiet, she wouldn't be enough for her. She wasn't enough for anyone.

Cora wrapped her fingers around her mug, bringing the latte mug up to her lips, taking a sip of the warm beverage which warmed her body from the inside. [i "Okay, the coffee is really good here. This was a good idea."] she commented. [i "Find a sandwich you want? I can call over the waitress."] she spoke, giving a small wave to the waitress. [i "Hi, we're going to get one muffin to share. And I'll get a BLT please."] she smiled. She motioned to Penny to take her order, letting her hand settle on her hand. The blonde was very striking, she could tell she could easily be hit on by everyone in this room, unlike herself. This was the first time she noticed how different in life these two were.
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Lady of the Night

A soft and chimish giggle escaped from Penny as Cora seemed so shocked about the fact that she liked to read. But given how bubbly and flouncy she seemed, the honey blonde could not bring the other. If the shoe was on the opposite foot, Penny would have thought Cora to be full of it too. [#e944d7 "Oh! There isn't anything to be sorry for! If this was the other way around, I would think you were full of it or just teasing me too. The thing is, I'm used to people not thinking me to be the type of girl who likes 'quiet' things like reading, writing, drawing, and colouring. It comes with the bubbly personality."] Her words were slightly teasing as she told the other not to worry. But there was A LOT of truth behind them too. No one really did think that she had the more subdued and easy side because of the way she was. [#e944d7 "Really?! That would be amazing! Maybe you could bring me some of your favourites and I can see why you love them? Maybe even we can do like a mini book club thing? I've always wanted to do that."] And again she felt like she had said too much. Just she didn't exactly know when to stop herself...or more like her filter was busted because she felt SO at ease with the other girl?

There seemed to be a calm and feeling of being at ease that now hovered over them. Penelope was not at all bothered by the fact that Cora was into women. Finding that out had actually put her own mind at ease because it meant that she could be more free herself. The truth was, that though she was bi, Penny found that she much preferred women and was more taken with them. Not that now was the time to reveal that she would in time.

[#e944d7 "Sharing sounds nice!"] She had been able to answer about their food before she had told the other her reasons for the move and everything else. Bright blue eyes lingered on the beautiful yet quiet brown haired girl before her as she had JUST explained her reasons. Just for a second, the blonde was sure she could see a hint of sadness flash into those dark eyes. But like magic, it was gone and she was not so sure that she had really seen it. [#e944d7 "It's okay..It means I just have to get out there and meet new people."] She said with a smile. Her underlying meaning was "I really do hope that you and I can be friends", but she at least had enough sense not to say that. She REALLY didn't want to scare Cora more than she was sure she already had.

Penny nodded to let Cora know that she had found sandwich that she wanted, a bacon and chicken ranch wrap. And while the pretty brown haired girl called over the waitress, Penny sipped at her own latte and studied her over the rim over her cup. Like fire and like ice they were...From two different walks of life and yet she couldn't help that she was at least a little bit drawn and wanting to know her. Wanting to be friends. It was when the waitress had turned to her did she lower the mug and give a bright smile. [#e944d7 "Oh I wanted to try the bacon and chicken ranch wrap, please"] She said, eyes sparkling.

It was after they ordered and they were left to themselves again did bright eyes once more return to Cora. [#e944d7 "You know.. I really am glad you agreed to this."]

[center [b ⬡One Week Later⬡]]

Cora and Penny had been living together for a week or so now. After their first lunch date, they really haven’t hung out too much after. Cora did like Penny, they connected really well that first day but they both had work and she didn’t want a girl like Penny getting too attached to her. She knew that they were almost opposites, and she wanted her to find friends that would be able to give her what she needed in a friend. Cora knew she couldn’t give her those things, considering she was boring, closed-off, and cold. Even though she knew it wasn’t a nice thing to do, she mostly tried to steer clear of the woman, and only interacted with her if she really needed to. Cora, to her distaste, let Penny do whatever she wanted with the decor of the apartment as well.

Cora stretched as she woke up, it was her first day off from work in a while. She wanted to spend a quiet, relaxing day at home reading and catching up on any other things she needed to get done. She was hoping for simple and quiet, but she knew she wouldn’t get that from Penny. If Penny knew she had the day off and didn’t have to run off to work, she would most likely try to spend the day with her. She just hoped and prayed the girl wouldn’t want to have a party, considering it was a Friday and that was a day most people let loose before the weekend.

Cora got out of bed, taking a long warm shower to start her day. The bathroom filled with steam from the shower until Cora got out, wrapping a nice fluffy towel around her slim body. She opened her closet, taking out a simple dark grey dress that pulled in at the waist. She wanted to just be comfortable and she loved this casual cotton dress. She added some thigh high black socks to keep her legs warm and then brushed her hair out. She only added some mascara before letting her wet hair air dry as it laid around her face.

The woman walked out of her room, and noticed Penny’s door was slightly ajar. She hadn’t seen her come in last night, so she had no idea if she was alone or brought someone home. She couldn’t hear if she was even awake yet. She hoped she could grab a quick granola bar and a tea before running into Penny and would be roped into a conversation she didn’t want to have. She turned on her electric kettle before searching in the cabinet for a breakfast bar to snack on. She poured the now hot water into her cup and grabbed her bar as she headed back to her room. Yet, as soon as she was about to make her way back to her room, she could hear her roommate getting up and knew she wouldn;t have the quiet day she planned.
MourningGloryHoney   2y ago
Lady of the Night

It was hard to believe that it had been only a week since she had moved in with Cora and the two of them became roommates. They had connected really, really well that first day. But to Penelope's dismay, she and the pretty little brunette had not spent much time together since their lunch date. Hell, to Penny it almost seemed as if Cora tried to avoid her altogether. Which she guessed made sense to some degree. Cora was like a cool winter's day and she was like a bright summer's day. They truly were polar opposites in near every way. Maybe that was what had drawn Penny in. Still drew her in as she did hope to better befriend the other.

She could hear the soft pattering of feet walking in the hall and bright blue eyes found their way to glowing red numbers on a digital clock. It was still early. Or what the bartender/dancer would consider to be early. She had worked the night before and had not gotten in until well after three. She had even brought a friend home. A beautiful redhead with bright green eyes whom she had spent the night chatting up when she wasn't busy filling orders or dancing.

[#e944d7 "Stacy...Stacy time to get up. My roommate is up"] Penny purred softly to the other woman as she gently shook her. That was all it took and the other was up and getting up and dressed. Penny herself was slipping into a white tank top and black leggings that hugged her slender legs perfectly and fit to her figure. Only when both were dressed did the blonde and redhead both slip out of the room.

[#e944d7 "Good morning Cora! I wanted you to meet my friend Stacy. Ohh! By the way there's a party here tonight and I was hoping you would come to it."] And the young woman gave her roommate a puppyish pout with sparkling blue eyes, all the while squeaking when she got a swat across the rear from Stacy.

[b "More like an fwb. MAYBE something more. She said she had a cutie for a roomate. Now I see what she means."] Stacy said with a soft purr and wink as she looked Cora over.

Cora had her back to Penny and slowly turned around with a forced smile. [i "Morning. Hi Stacy."] Cora replied, taking a sip of the tea she had made. Once the girl slapped Penny's butt, Cora even jumped a little bit. Penny was already a lot for Cora to deal with, but Stacy seemed almost worse. Stacy then basically hit on her, she almost spit the tea out of her mouth. She placed a few fingers over her mouth to avoid spitting tea everywhere and swallowed hard. She didn't know if she was more surprised that Stacy just said that to her, or that Penny had told Stacy she was cute. She held back all her other things when she then realized she said she would have a party at their apartment.

[i "Wait, what? A party?"] Cora spoke, her face emotionless. [i "You decided to not tell me until today? Until the day off?"] she questioned, taking in a sharp breath. She sighed, opening her door and closing it loudly, turning the lock she had on it and making herself comfortable on her bed. She placed her tea and granola on her side table and fell backward onto her bed. She was pissed, why did Penny think a party was a good idea, but she at least thought more about it if she asked first.

Cora grabbed her phone, seeing a missed text from an unknown number.
[b Miss me?]
[i Who is this?]
[b Really, Cor, you can't tell who I am?]
[i Stop Izzy. Please, just leave me alone.]
[b Never, bitch. You need to know how shitty you are as a person, and how you will never find anyone to love you after me.]

Cora sighed, she had Izzy off her back for about 10 months after changing her phone number and now she was back. Maybe having a party wouldn't be that bad of an idea. Cora hadn't drunk around people in months, hell she hadn't been around people in months. She was still so angry she wouldn't have the quiet night she planned, but maybe she would come out, at least for a hard drink or two.

Cora did have to make sure Izzy would NOT be at the party, but she was happy Izzy hadn't come by the apartment at all anyway. Maybe Izzy felt like she could be hateful over text easier, and didn't want to actually see her. She assumed she'd be safe, and she could easily lock herself out if she needed to. She was not happy that Penny had planned a party without asking, but she wouldn't hold it against her...this time at least. She took a deep breath, unlocking the door, and locked eyes with Penny. [i "You're paying if anyone breaks anything..."] she spoke, heading to the kitchen. The way she spoke, ice could have followed behind her with the coldness of her tone. That was basically her way of telling her the party could happen, and she was pretty sure Penny would be able to tell by now.
MourningGloryHoney   2y ago
Lady of the Night

Penny even had to hold back a cough when Stacy all but hit on Cora. The bouncy young woman was used to her own flouncy and teasing antics but she felt SO bad when Stacy did what she had. And what was worse was the other said that Penny had called Cora a cutie, which she was. But still that had been totally uncalled for and she gave her roommate an apologetic look.

[#e944d7 "I know you by now. If I had asked then you would have said no...and I figured that a party wouldn't hurt and we needed a way to have some fun and to liven things up a bit! It's the weekend and weekends are for parties!"] Penny trilled, TRYING to get things turned away from Stacy. Though immediately she could see that Cora was not happy and was possibly wanting to kill her. That notion only became more pronounced as the brunette went back to her room and all but slammed (or that was how Penny took it) the door shut behind her.

[b "Babe, what's her problem? I was only having a little fun. Besides, right now you're the one I want."] Stacy purred as she kissed Penny's shoulder and made her let out a soft purr of her own with a shiver runninh up and down her spine. Oh she would SO get Stacy back for that later!

[#e944d7 "It's a long story...and one I don't even know all of. But I know that she isn't bad or anything...and I was HOPING this could help her lighten up at bit."] Penny said with an almost childish pout.

It wasn't long before the door to the door opened and out Cora came. If looks could kill, Cora's definitely could have. That icy tone she used when saying the party could happen IF she promised to pay for anything got broken could have too. But the sun was getting used to the ice and it didn't much bother her. At least not today.

A giggle slipped from her lips as both she and Stacy bounced after Cora. Stacy let herself out, promising to be back for the party and Penny hovered around Cora. [#e944d7 "Thank youuu! I have been dying to have a party here and with you! It'll be so much fun!"] She squealed and began talking to Cora about drinks and music. Yup, she was excited and TRYING to get the other involved.

Cora was happy when Stacy left. She was worse than Penny, and she hoped not all of Penny's friends were like her. She knew Stacy seemed to be dating, or at least seeing Penny, so she would be around more than she expected. She wasn't thrilled about it, but she would never tell her roommate she couldn't have a significant other over, that would just be too much. She did audible sigh when the woman promised to be back for the party. Ugh, the party. She would not stand for a crazy party, she would keep it lowkey enough so no one complained at least. If she could at least get a buzz on, she'd be happy. She hoped her cold demeanor would keep people away from her.

[i "You want to have a party with me? Why?"] Cora asked, taking out things to prep dinner early. Knowing there would be a party meant that she wouldn't have all the time in the world to do lunch and dinner, so prepping now would be easier. Penny seemed to be hovering over her, and she knew she wasn't going to be able to do this in peace, or alone. [i "You want dinner? I'm prepping it now, but I'll make extra. I was planning on chicken stir fry with rice, if you're interested."] she asked, taking out a bell pepper and slicing it. She was focused, causing her to bite on her bottom lip, a habit she got when she had when she focused on something.

[i "Do you need to go shopping for anything? I'll go with you if you want?"] Cora said, without even thinking. Why in the world was she offering herself to assist with this party, a party she didn't even want. It seemed like second nature to offer, something she always did with Izzy. With Izzy on her mind after those few texts, she just seemed to fall back into that submissive girlfriend role she played. She knew that her next relationship, she would never let herself get comfortable like she did with Izzy, she would always been on edge. She would never let another girl walk all over her, but with Izzy, it was something she couldn't break out of now. And Cora knew, if Izzy came back to her and apologized, she didn't know if she would be able to stay no to her again. Even with every awful thing she said and did to her.

[i "So, Stacy huh? Is she your girlfriend or just a friend with benefits, or...?"] Cora asked. Cora really did enjoy Penny company sometimes, she just tired Cora out a lot. Cora hoped maybe the two could just hang out some night, see how she was when she just had a chill night. Their work schedules did hinder that, considering they worked different time frames. Cora knew she was cold, but the girl never gave up on her, which is why Cora knew there was something different about her.

This beautiful girl who would never give up on her, something she was not used too. And something about this excitable and confident woman scared the shit out of her, a main character type. Cora was nothing more than an extra, someone just passing by. Then why as this girl so interested in being her friend?
MourningGloryHoney   1y ago
Lady of the Night

[#e944d7 "Why wouldn't I want to have a party with you? Yeah you can be like a winter's day.. Buuut I know there's some summer too. Besides, maybe this can help us to get to know more about the other. You can see what I am kind of like while at work. Promise this won't be THAT bad. And if it is we just end it early...maybe even have a movie night if you're not wanting to kill me?"] The blonde was half joking with her words. But she was also serious. She REALLY wanted to see what Cora was like if she let loose just a little bit. And she found herself calmer and even more at ease when the other was around. Call it crazy since the other was like winter and she was like summer...But being polar opposites...she just shrugged at her own unspoken thoughts and was still watching the other as she was beginning to prep for lunch and dinner.

Her bright blue eyes had found their way to the lower lip that Cora happened to be chewing on when she was either focused or concentrating and her cheeks lit up in a soft rosy pink. She couldn't seem to stop her thoughts from wandering to what those lips might taste like. How soft and sweet they might be. And though she liked to tease and flirt with her roommate, thought her to be beautiful and the thought shocked even her. So when Cora spoke, Penny was JUST able to get her thoughts in order and bring herself back to planet earth so to speak.

[#e944d7 "Only if you don't mind sharing! If you do I can always order something out.."] Came her soft words and she couldn't help a bark of laughter when Stacy had been asked about. She had not meant to but it had amused her. [#e944d7 "Oh she's an FWB. We're just kind of playing and gonna see where that goes if at all."] Maybe it was not her brightest of words, but it was the truth. Penny did enjoy a nice one-nighter from time to time and a sexy little FWB...even so, that would all stop IF someone caught her eyes (which ironically someone might have though she was not exactly willing to admit that anymore than she was sure the person would accept it).

A soft hum slipped from her as she thought a moment and let her scattered mind go back to Cora's asking her if she wanted help or needed help for shopping for the party. [#e944d7 "Actually would love it! See what kind of things you like too. I know most of them like the 'fatty treats' and drinks...buuut I want this to be something we can do together!"] She would not give up on trying to get the other to like her or to be her friend. She had not lied the first day when she said she would love if they could be friends.

Cora finished prepping all of the things she needed for dinner. Her plan was to quickly cook it up when they got home, after the went shopping for their party items. [i "Of course you can have some. I'm making it anyway."] Cora spoke as she put all the different veggies together in one container and putting the cut up chicken marinating in another container and putting them both in the fridge. [i "I'll cook it up when we get back, and you can set up the apartment."] Cora spoke. Cora really did want to have a good relationship when the woman, they were going to be living together, what was the point of ignoring her most of the time. They didn't have to be best friends, but acquaintances was better than nothing.

Cora grabbed her wallet and phone, and the two woman headed out. After a couple of hours between the grocery store and the party store for bowls and cups, the two headed home. They had some easy conversation, things like what kind of chips they liked and what kind of drinks. The women may have gone a bit overboard with the amount of alcohol they purchased, but they wanted to be sure to please everyone. Wine, beer, liquor, a little bit of everything. Cora and Penny brought in the groceries easily, and Cora assisted her in getting things ready on their kitchen table to use as a snack and drink table.

As Cora began to work on their dinner, she heard a knock on the door. Confused, she went over and opened the door. [+pink "AHH! Cora! I'm here!"] Brynn spoke, pulling Cora into a hug. Cora could help but laugh, her best friend Brynn could always make her smile. [i "Brynn, what are you doing here?"] Cora asked, as Brynn entered her place with a suitcase in tow. [+pink "I told you months ago, I was coming down to visit and my hotel couldn't check me in until tomorrow and you said I could stay."] Brynn spoke, looking over at Penny, and gave a look to Cora almost to say 'Good Choice'. Cora gave her a look back not to say anything. [i "Didn't think to remind me? Fine, go put your bag in my room."] Cora said, opening the door to her room to her friend. She turned toward Penny, shrugging her shoulders. [i "She's my best friend. She isn't the best at giving people a head's up. I hope it's okay she's here for the night."] Cora spoke, a bit embarressed.

As Brynn exited her room, she ran up to Penny. [+pink "Hello, I'm Brynn. You're her new roommate huh? Penny, right?"] Brynn asked, holding her hand out to her. Brynn was a lot like Penny; happy, outgoing, and someone who clearly tired Cora out. Cora was ready to drink, considering she would now have two ladies who radiated joy as she clearly brought energy down in the room.

[i "We're having a party tonight, but I'm making dinner. You wan-"]
[+pink "A PARTY?! Oh, this is the best day!"]
[i "Do you want dinner or not?"] Cora asked, her coldness even directed at her best friend.
[+pink "Yes, but after we are getting you into something so HOT! You need to let loose, and get a new lady on your arm."]
Cora could only roll her eyes, beginning to cook her chicken and veggies for the stir-fry. She made some rice too, and could hear Brynn attempt to make small talk with Penny. The two were similar, so she assumed they'd get along fine.

[+pink "So, Cora's pretty cold, huh?"] Brynn spoke. [+pink "But considering you convinced her to have a party, she must like you. She's been pretty cold and distance since her last girlfriend, so the fact that you are getting her out of her room is an achievement."] Brynn said, helping set up the drinks and snacks in different bowls. [+pink "Hell, you should date her. She needs someone like you; pretty, bubbly, outgoing. I'd date her but I'm so straight it hurts."] Brynn laughed. Brynn didn't hold anything back, ever. She didn't know if Penny liked woman or not, but if she did, she was going to try and matchmake her friend and Penny together.

Cora finished up dinner, getting bowls for each person. She handed out the bowls, as the ate, Brynn just spoke of her life. How she lived on the other side of the state, where Cora was from, and had a high paying career as a marketing associate for a big company. [+pink "Cora, you could have worked with me, but you moved all the way out here for...she who shall not be named."] Brynn spoke, Cora's face heating up. [i "Shut up, Brynn."] Cora spoke softly, shoving a forkful into her mouth.

Once they finished, Brynn pushed Cora into her bedroom, knowing she was going to make her look hot. Different than the woman looked on an everyday basis. Brynn did Cora's hair with soft waves, giving her a beautiful dark smoky eye with a dark red lip. She put her in a lace bodysuit with a pair of tight black jeans over it. She put her in heels, but Cora refused to wear shoes considering she'd be in her own house, which was carpeted. She exited her room, [i "I don't know. Isn't this too much? What do you think, Penny?"] Cora asked, turning out. She was a bit uncomfortable, but knew she'd warm up eventually. Cora was already starting to loosen up, considering her friend was here. Brynn looked to Penny, hoping her outfit would get a reaction out of her. Brynn thought Penny would be great with Cora, even if Cora or Penny didn't see it yet.

[ Outfit]
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Lady of the Night

Penny was bouncy as she leaned over the counter and watched Cora cut the veggies and chicken get everything put away. [#e944d7 "You are sooo nice!!! I really would have bought something out. I may be trouble, but I wouldn't want to be a COMPLETE pain in your ass."] The young woman trilled as she straightened, nodding excitedly. She still couldn't believe that she had convinced the other for the party. Well, it kind of would have happened without her okay, BUT she couldn't believe that Cora had agreed to join them! Penny really had hoped that she would and was hoping that this would bring the other out a bit more. Maybe help them form some kind of a friendship. Because right now, it seemed more of they just lived together but the other was...a ghost and just there. There was hardly ANY real interaction between them and though she didn't often say, it made her sad. She was more used to having some kind of human contact.

It was when they were ready to go out and to the store did Penny grab her small backpack, phone, wallet, keys and sunglasses. It was just easier if they both had everything just incase something were to happen. The whole time she was bouncy and flouncy as they shopped. But she was thankful for the small talk they had. Favourite music, drinks, chips and the like. It was actually more than they had talked in the last couple of weeks, which was SO nice and made her more bubbly than she already was, if that was even a thing?

They did go a bit overboard with everything they bought. Drinks and chips both. Buuut, that was the need to make sure that everyone was happy. And well, what was left could be fun for chill nights and relaxing. Sooo, in Penny's mind it was not a complete waste at all and was nice to have options. It was when they got home and got everything inside and Cora was helping her get the table to use as their "snack counter" did the "fun" begin. And by fun, that was an unexpected visitor. But Penny didn't mind it, Brynn actually amused her and now she could see that Cora was wanting to almost murder both of them.

[#e944d7 "Oh! Don't worry about it! You know I don't mind people and meeting them. Besides she seems fun!"] Her words were just chirped out as Brynn came up to her and held the hand out to her, which Penny took and smiled brightly. [#e944d7 "Yep! That would be me! And it's nice to meet you!"] She said as Cora mentioned the party and that seemed to set Brynn off, which had Penny trying SO hard and failing miserable to hide her laughter.

[#e944d7 "She is cold but..I don't mind it. It's actually...well I can tell there is more to her. And I want to get to know her. I was surprised she agreed to this BUT I kind of told her last minute too. Sooo I am just lucky she's not killing me."] The blonde said and looked to the other with sparkling blue eyes when the comment of dating Cora came out. She did give a minxy smile before she shrugged. That was the ONLY real response she gave Brynn there.

And when they were eating and Brynn was telling them about her life and likened Cora's ex to Voldemort, Penny nearly spit out her rice. She couldn't help the laugh at that. [#e944d7 "I'm sorry, but I always love when references to books like that can be made. Though what's worse would be 'The devil in pink.'"] She said, eyes sparkling with amusement before beginning to eat again.

When they were done, Brynn seemed to all but kidnap Cora to help her dress and Penny had gone to her own room to change and get ready. She flipped through her closet and found a short velvety rhinestoned dress with long sleeves that hugged her form well enough. It was simple compared to things she wore for work, but she figured it would work for the night and was cute. And so she changed into it and some long black heeled boots, and did her long blonde hair into a messy bun with light makeup that would highlight her natural beauty and slipped out of the room JUST as Cora was exiting her room.

Blue eyes skimmed over the other and drank her in for a moment. [#e944d7 "You look HOT! And I'm sure every girl and guy will have their eye on you tonight."] She trilled. Her words were true because she was having a hell of a time keeping her own eyes from her cute little roommate.

[ Outfit]

Cora blushed as she got complimented by her roommate. The female wasn’t used to compliments, at least since Izzy and her broke up. She hadn’t had the heart or desire to date or even hook up, but she felt like tonight might be different. Cora knew that when she got some alcohol in her, she became more dominant, cocky almost. Cora was a very different person when she drank, and Cora knew Penny would be excited to see it. Brynn, though, wanted to warn her roommate of Cora’s ‘drunk behavior’, as it is a bit jarring when you first encounter it. And the party was starting soon. As Cora slid off the heels that Brynn put her in, Brynn took Penny aside. [+pink “Just so you know, Cora is VERY different when drunk. Like, a completely different person. She’s dominant, cocky, and very flirty. I just want you to know it’s normal.”] Brynn told her, making sure Cora didn’t hear her. Cora had no idea the shift she went through, she just knew her head hurt the next day, and she usually had a few good morning texts the next morning.

Cora reentered the living space, finally looking at Penny. She looked breathtaking, beautiful. She coughed light, the two women turning to face her. [i “You, uh, look nice.”] she spoke softly. Brynn brightened up, [+pink “Uh, she looks incredible. Stop acting like a shy kid in kindergarten.”] Brynn teased. [+pink “We should do a shot!”] Brynn smiled, leaving the two girls alone for a moment. [i “You really do look great, that dress is really pretty. Do you wear stuff like that all the time for work?”] she asked. She couldn’t imagine ever wearing clothes like this everyday, as she lived in chunky sweaters and leggings. Being a librarian, that was what was expected anyway. They grabbed the small shots glasses from Brynn, cheering together, before the three downed the shots.

And sooner, rather than later, their guest started to arrive. Cora shut her door, locking the lock so no one would wander into her room without her knowing it. Cora met up with Brynn, making herself a vodka lemonade. Cora made her drinks pretty strong, not really wanting to waste time before she got buzzed. As the alcohol started to course through Cora’s veins, you could see the shift. Her eyes narrowed, in a more seductive way. She made her way to the couch, and began talking to a girl. She was pretty, with short brown hair and cute freckles that sprinkled across her nose. Kara, her name. As she talked, well, flirted, with her, she caught sight of Penny. Penny had met up with Stacey, who had really gone all out for this simple house party. A full face of glam makeup with a sparkly dress, everyone could see her from anywhere in the house. Cora bit down on her bottom lip, the dominant side of her hating seeing Penny with her. She began to flirt with Kara more, until they were on the faux dance floor, Cora slowly taking a hold of the shorter girls hips. She pulled her closer to her, almost to see if she could make Penny jealous.

Cora was confused, why did she want Penny to be jealous. Had she been hiding affections for this girl she just met because her personality was too strong? Cora wouldn’t doubt she was beautiful and kind, but did she actually like her? It was too confusing, and Cora didn’t really want to have to make a decision like this. She finished the rest of her drink, letting her hands now rest on his girl’s waist, letting a hand slid down a bit lower, resting on her back side. She kept glancing over, hoping to get a jealous vibe from Penny, as they were radiating from her...hard.
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Lady of the Night

Sparkling blue eyes remained on the brunette who had been made to go all out for the party as she blushed from the compliment that had been paid to her. It was more than obvious that she was a bit shy of it and didn't really know what to do with it either. And it was absolutely adorable the way she seemed to be shy of it and the way the blush rose in her cheeks. IF she wasn't trying to behave, Penny would have made a comment about it. But surprisingly she managed to hold her tongue and Cora had left her and Brynn to get out of the heels. It was when the two were alone was Penny pulled aside and given a breakdown of what Cora could be like when she had been drinking. [#e944d7 "I appreciate the warning of what she's like. But it really doesn't sound that different from what I have to deal with at work. And when it comes to her...Well I don't think I'll mind. I've been wanting to see more of her and to get to know her better. So this really will be the chance to do that."] The bouncy blonde said, the sparkle in her eyes getting brighter as the words left her lips.

It was RIGHT after her words had been spoken did Cora seem to reenter the living space and make give Penny the shy compliment, which Brynn teased her about sounding like a shy kindergartener. [#e944d7 "It's okay! I appreciate the compliment and its cute the way it's done so shyly."] Penny said. There was some aspects of teasing, but she was honest because it meant more than Cora could have guessed. And before she knew it, Brynn was off to get shots and Cora was again giving a compliment, this one seeming a little more thought out and less shy. [#e944d7 "Oh! This is tame compared with what I have to wear for work. And some nights we actually have costumes and themes.."] The words had left her lips before she had thought them through, but she was answering the question that had been asked.

Soon, Brynn was back and the three were cheering with their shots, downing them. And the party was underway. Guests were arriving and it looked to Penny that Cora was getting herself a drink and Stacy had come to her. She had hoped the redhead wouldn't be TOO flashy, but that was too much to hope for with the glam makeup and the sparkling dress that would be seen from anywhere. To keep her busy and away from Cora, Penny was talking with Stacy and flirting, even dancing with her. All the while though, her eyes would from time to time go to Cora and see her with the cute little brown haired girl with the freckles. She could see them dancing and she could see the flirting, which surprisingly seemed to strike a nerve.

Maybe she shouldn't have, but the minute when Cora's hands had wandered to Kara's rear was the moment when Penny brought Stacy to the "dance floor" and began to dance with her in a not so appropriate fashion, letting her hands roam and her body be pressed against the other girl. Like Cora had been trying to get her jealous, Penny was now trying to make Cora jealous. Or at least do something about it. She was testing what Brynn had said out now.

Kara seemed to be enjoying herself while dancing with Cora, seeing as she had turned her back to Cora and began to grind with her. Cora held on to her waist, as she was much more dominate in relationships than you'd expect from her. Even though she knew he focus should be on the gorgeous girl in front on her, one who seemed to want her attention, her focus was on Penny. She watched as the woman began dancing with Stacy, their hands all over eachother. Why was this bothering her so much? She was ready to pull Penny and Stacy off of eachother when Kara turned to face her again, leaning into her ear, [b "Do you want to get a drink?] Kara asked. Cora smiled to her, nodding and taking her hand and leaving the dance area over to the drink area. Being away from the woman dancing, it help Cora calm down and focus on the girl. She could tell Kara was interested, and was clearly flirting with her. It made her feel good, which she hadn't felt since like that since Izzy.

Cora made herself and Kara another drink. Kara leaned against the wall, Cora had her hand next to Kara's head, using the wall to hold herself up. She took large sip of her drink, and looked over at the dance floor. The way Penny seemed to dance with Stacy made it seem like she [i wanted] Cora to feel jealous, but she knew it probably wasn't intentional. Cora pursed her lips together, looking back to Kara. Kara was clearing drawing Cora in with her eyes, and Kara leaned in, pressing her lips against Cora's quickly. Cora blinked a couple of times, clearly not expecting to be kissed so soon after meeting someone. But they were drinking, dancing, and flirting; it did seem like the next step in this party scene she had put herself into. Cora took her hand, placing it on Kara's cheek before pulling her in for another kiss, this one lasting a bit longer. The overwhelmingness of the kiss started to terrify Cora, and she needed to talk to someone. Brynn was already in a conversation with at least three men, and knew she couldn't pull her away.

But, she could talk to Penny.

Asking Kara to give her a minute, she went over to Penny, who was still dancing with Stacy. [i "Can I talk to you for a minute?"] she asked, taking her hand and bringing her into her own room. She closed the door, leaning against it. [i "Sorry..."] she spoke, running a hand through her hair. [i "It's just...that girl. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. And now I'm super overwhelmed and I'm not sure what to do. She's fine, but I don't know. I haven't done anything since my last girlfriend... I just...I'm confused."] Cora spoke, sliding down her down and ended up sitting on the floor. She looked up to Penny, [i "Any helpful hints?"] she asked, a small smile was able to come onto her lips.
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Lady of the Night

Just from the glances that she stole at Cora, Penny could tell that Brynn was right. She was more dominant and it looked like they were both playing games with the other. Of course Penny liked Stacy, but the feisty redhead she was dancing with now was a ladies lady so to speak. She knew how to get around and for the moment, Penny knew that she was her freshest game. But she was HOPING that maybe she would be the girl to change that. That she was the girl who could calm Stacy.. Yet something deep down almost was nagging her and telling her it was all wrong.

The bouncy and energetic blonde continued her dance with the woman she had all but dragged to the floor. Hands were all over the other and she had pulled her in for a deep kiss, hips being pressed close and against the other. This was no different from dancing at work, nor was it much different than the night before she had spent with Stacy. the same time it was.. She was letting her jealousy seem to get the better of her. And after a few moments, Penny pulled out of the kiss and turned to where her back was against Stacy and the two danced more, Stacy's hands on her hips.

Since Cora had left the floor with Kara, Penny was calmer and just letting herself get lost to the music. Or she was until the pretty little brunette came over and pulled her away from Stacy and to her room to talk.

At the very start, Penny was confused but she could see how flustered Cora was. And she listened to the other, a small smile playing over her own lips as she walked over and knelt in front of the other, brushing her hair back from her face. She could not seem to help doing it.  [#e944d7 "You have a couple options. Drink more and let yourself 'black out'... Tell her that you're interested but need to take it a little slower... Or you can admit you're not ready for it."] Her words were soft and thoughtful, though sparkling blue eyes couldn't help traveling to Cora's lips.

Once Cora was on the floor, her hands got tangled into her own hair. Internally groaning, she wondered if Penny would even want to help her. If she was being honestly, Penny had no reason to help her. Cora had been kind of a bitch to her since she moved in, basically ignoring her until Penny caught her this morning. She wasn't doing it because she wanted to be rude or because she didn't like Penny, just interacting with any human was hard for her. And with the girl's excitable and happy nature, Penny was exhausting to Cora. The girl was something of a movie, a main character type. While Cora was easily an extra, and there was no need for a lead role to interact with someone like her.

Yet, she did.

Penny pushed her hair out of her face, Cora looking up at the blonde in front of her. The words she spoke made Cora smile, a small laugh escaping her lips. [i "Yeah, those seem like my only options at this point. But, I'm not sure if I really like any of them."] she teased, pulling her legs into her body, crossing them in front of her. Penny's bright eyes captured her, and Cora's liquid confidence was screaming at her to do something. But, the small part of Cora who was sober held her back. Sure, Penny and Stacy weren't in a relationship but she didn't want to do that to the woman. But, if Penny initiated anything, she probably wouldn't say no. The amount of jealously she felt toward Stacy was insane to her.

[i "I feel like blacking out is my least confrontational option, huh? I like Kara, but I have a feeling I'll probably never hear from her after tonight. She's way to pretty to like someone like me anyway."] Cora laughed. She got herself up, standing up and dusting her legs off. [i "Wanna come get me wasted?"] she teased, her more confidence side coming out a bit more now that she was anxious anymore. Well, she was, she was just able to hide it better now. [i "Unless you have a date with Stacy to get back to?"] she asked, taking a step close to Penny. The had some distance, but it could be easily closed. Cora never felt as nervous right now, except when she had first started dating Izzy. Her eyes flickered down and then back up, a small smile on her lips.
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Lady of the Night

The thing was, someone could be an icy bitch to her and she would still want to help them. Besides, Penny had been in some weird way allured by Cora since the moment she had met the girl. It was that coldness that should have pushed her away that seemed to only draw her in. It was crazy, but the sunny young woman wanted to get to know her roommate. She wanted to be the one to melt that ice and to help her out.

Her head shook and she laughed softy herself. [#e944d7 "Well Cora, sometimes we have two bad decisions to choose between and have to pick the one that is the lesser evil."] Came her soft words with a smile as she pulled back and was getting back to her feet and dusting her own dress off,

God was the little brunette in front of her absolutely breathtaking in the outfit she was in. She was always beautiful, but the outfit and the confidence she now had was Penny couldn't deny that she liked it and was almost hoping that MAYBE just MAYBE Cora would act on it.

[#e944d7 "I can get you wasted if you want, darlin'. And to the Kara thing..the thing is you are more beautiful than you think. IF she doesn't get back to you and only talks to you tonight...then it is her loss."] Those words were entirely how Penny felt, but IF she needed to, the young honey blonde with the bright blue eyes could blame her saying them on the drinking that had been done. Though honestly, she wasn't even THAT drunk yet.

An impish smirked crossed rosy pink lips when Stacy had been mentioned. [#e944d7 "She probably doesn't even know that I'm gone. Or doesn't care. There are more girls around here.."] And without thinking since they were so close together as it was, Penny did lean in and gently kiss Cora. She had been wondering just how soft and sweet those lips were for a long time and for some reason had not been able to stop herself from doing it.

It was maybe a second or two that had passed, but Penny did pull back and her eyes met Cora's. [#e944d7 "I...."] But this was the FIRST time the blonde had been completely speechless when around the other.

As Penny spoke about Stacy, she had licked her lips slowly as the two grew closer. The kiss was surprising, but she had wanted to do the same as well. She had wondered how Penny tasted, how plush her pink lips were. The taste of alcohol lingered on both of them, and Cora could almost pout when Penny pulled away.

The alcohol taking over her brain, Cora smirked as Penny stammered after the kiss. She took hold of Penny's waist, softly pushing the girl against the door that was locked behind them. She pushed some of the blonde's hair behind her ear, before taking hold lightly of her chin with the hand that wasn't gripping her waist, positioning her face to meet her eyes.

[i " Aww, speechless now? That's unlike you. But you don't need to be nervous, darling."] she teased, her voice low and sultry.

Cora smirked, a quick bite to her lower lip before she leaned in, pressing the two woman's lips with hers. She pulled away, and went to her neck, pressing small kisses along the soft skin. [i "Hey, if this is not okay, please let me know."] Cora whispered into Penny's ear, letting her hands rest on Penny's hips. She smiled, the two pressed together, the closest they had been since meeting. Cora knew he mind was going, that she would either forget this happened, or apologized profusely tomorrow once she sobered up. But right now, this was what her body pushed her to do.

Cora wanted to continue kissing Penny, but wasn't going to continue until she got the okay from her to keep going. She kept her hands tightly gripped onto Penny's hips, leaning her forehead against Penny's. She kept her close, not wanting to let her get too far away. She hoped Penny wasn't scared at Cora's sudden dominance. She moved one hand to Penny's cheek, holding it softly, rubbing her thumb against her soft skin.

[i "You've been teasing me all night. You dancing with Stacy how you were, it was making me so jealous."] Cora's voice soft and sultry still, letting her words send shivers down Penny's body.
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Lady of the Night

Deep down, this had been what Penny had been wanting. A part of her had been craving it. The young woman with the honey blonde hair had been daydreaming about those soft pink lips for days, maybe even weeks now. Wondering how soft they were, how plush, but most of all how they would taste. All thoughts she probably wasn't supposed to have, but how could she have helped herself? Everything about Cora was a draw to her. Allured her and intrigued her. So the kiss had been something she had wanted and it had been hell for her to pull away from, but she had ha to as she did not know if the other was okay with it and if the other woman had even wanted it. Or that had been the case until she had seen the almost pout of the other as she had pulled back.

This was so very new to her. Okay, well it was not new to her. But it was when it came to Cora. Usually her roommate was much more shy. She stayed to herself and avoided Penny. Or she tried to. Tonight was different. There was a change in her, a more dominant side that the alcohol had brought out. And honestly, Penny was okay with it. She actually liked it and loved the feeling of the other woman's lips when she had pressed their lips together again and had began to kiss along her skin. Good god, those kisses were like a fire to her skin, but not in a bad way. It was warm and made her feel tingles that she had not felt with many others. There was a part of her that wanted to keep this closeness and that did NOT want things to go back to how they had been. Of course she herself would remember, she always did...but she had no idea if Cora would. Or no idea how things would go when this night was over.

[#e944d7 "I....Just it took me by surprise. But not in a bad way. Also, doll... If I didn't like this or didn't want this.. I would have pushed you away and said so. The truth is...I like the feel of your lips on my skin. I like this closeness."] Came softly breathed words.

And at Cora's next words, shivers played up and down her spine. That voice was enough to drive anyone, man or woman crazy. And it did her for sure. [#e944d7 "It was meant to. I wanted your attention. But you did the same to me with Kara. Think the question is now..What do we both want?"] Penny whispered, a hand moving into Cora's hair as she now pressed closer to the other woman.

When Cora heard that Penny did want what she was doing, she helped herself to pressing kisses along her shoulders and décolletage area. She continued to pepper kisses along her skin as she answered her next question. She enjoyed feeling her body shiver slightly, and she couldn't help but pull away from her kisses when she admitted to trying to make her jealous. She felt the woman's hand tangle in her hair, and smiled. [i "What I want, is for everyone to get out of here and hop into bed with you, but you know we can't do that. Stacy will wonder where you are, and Brynn is staying here for the night. Let's just play the rest of the night, see where it goes. Okay?"] she asked, before letting her lips crash into hers once again. She smiled, grabbing the woman tightly by the hips, pulling her closer to her. She pulled away softly, letting herself kiss her neck, and soon realized she had left a small mark on Penny's neck. It wasn't like her to make up someone, but in her state of intoxicated dominance, it was almost a given it would happen.

Cora gave her one more peck, and pulled away, letting her face stay close to Penny's. [i "I guess we gonna go back out there, they'll be looking for us. But, I don't know about you, but I need a drink."] she smiled, taking Penny's hand in her own, leading her out of the room to the drink table. Cora grabbed a couple of mixes and liquors, making two glasses of some drink. She knew it tasted good, and tasted very little of alcohol, which made it pretty dangerous. You could drink them all night, and end up fall over by the end of the night. [i "To us?"] she questioned, touching their cups together before taking a large sip of the drink.

[+pink "There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you ladies?! How's the night going?"] Brynn asked, wrapping an arm around each girl. Cora gave a glace to Penny, before looking down to Brynn, a smirk on her lips. [i "It's gotten better as the night's got longer, right Penny?"] Cora spoke, the smirk staying on her lips. Brynn rolled her eyes, feeling the dominance seeping out of Cora, and she instantly knew she was drunk. But, seeing how she spoke to Penny, she could also guess something had happened between the two, which made her happy.

Cora looked over, seeing Stacy looking around for, assumedly, Penny. But also could see Kara, assumedly, looking for her. She nodded towards Stacy, directing it to Penny, [i "Looks like there is a search party out for you, and me."] she spoke, her face dropping to a bit of a pout. [i "I'll see you later, okay."] she smiled, giving her hand a squeeze before heading over to Kara. She let the girl down gently, even if they just met. Saying she just wasn't ready for anything right now, which was half true. She didn't know if she was actually ready for another relationship, as her last one ended only a few months prior, a long one at that. She didn't want to lead Penny on, and she wasn't even sure if a sober Cora would remember, or even have enough confidence to try anything with Penny.

When Cora met Penny, she knew she had a big personality. She was loud, confident and a breath of fresh air. Cora was depressed, closed off, and cold. Cora really believed that most people were too good for her, and didn't let many people in, even before Izzy. It had taken Izzy months just to have simple conversations to Cora, but Penny was able to get past that. Cora didn't want her to get hurt, assuming she would if she got any closer to her. After parting ways with Kara, she went to the drink table and downed two more shots. She now knew, tomorrow she'd remember nothing. But, this time, she felt bad about it, for Penny's sake.

The party died down, and all that was left was Brynn, Cora, and Penny. Stacy had even gone home, telling Penny to call her if she wanted her to come back over. Cora, at this point, started to sober up, but not completely. Her dominance was not as high as it had been and she was coming out of the blackout she had, and she started to clean up their mess of an apartment. She kept her distance from both Brynn and Penny, not even answering simple questions from either of them.

Brynn knew what this was, she had been able to clock all of Cora's mannerisms, as they had been friends forever. Brynn went over to Penny, as Cora went into the tucked away kitchen, [+pink "She does this. She gets to in her head and tries to talk herself out of everything she did. If you guys did get close, like I think you might have, she's currently going to worry you are too good for her. But, she almost might have forgotten the whole thing happened, depending on how drunk she actually was."] Brynn said, [+pink "Go talk to her."] Brynn gave her a smile, using her time to pick up the living room area.
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Lady of the Night

What even was she thinking and doing? The answer to that was only something that she had been day dreaming about. Penny had been highly attracted to Cora and allured since the morning that they met. But at least she had SOME impulse control and she wanted to know the other young woman as a person. NOT as the toy that Stacy seemed to use her as. Those were the kinds of things that crossed her mind as those lips continued over her skin. [#e944d7 "Honestly, I want the same thing. But there would be the 'hunting' party and we do have Brynn here too.. So playing things out is the best that we can do."] Those were her words, but both her mind and body wanted SO much more. And again, their lips were pressed together in a kiss that Penny had been wanting and then her neck was kissed and even marked. Not conventional, BUT the girl liked it..or liked that it had come from Cora. Okay, so the alcohol really did seem to be going to her head, but she was still more sober than her roommate at this rate. Or that was what she was able to gather.

Another peck and soft words had Penny pouting. [#e944d7 "Yeah, we really should be getting back...Though..."] She let her words trail and a smile come to plush pink lips as her hand was taken and she was led to get another drink. Cora's drink was something that was sweeter and had VERY little alcohol taste to it; it was a mix that could be both hell of fun and hell of dangerous. Truly it depended on the drinker and how much they had. [#e944d7 "To us."] And Penny too took a drink from her glass as Brynn seemed to come out of the crowd and found them, throwing an arm around them both and saying how she had been looking for them. [#e944d7 "Oh it's been amazing since the night's been getting longer."] Her own words were softly purred with a smirk playing over her own lips.

But her smirk was short lived as her eyes followed Cora's and she could see that both Kara and Stacy seemed to be looking for them. Softly, Penny let out a muttered curse. [#e944d7 "Looks like we have to face the music. Yeah, I'll see you later."] And with those words, Penelope went to Stacy and told her that she just didn't feel the party much more for the night and needed space. It wasn't exactly a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. Her head just couldn't get around what had happened with Cora. What she WANTED to happen and she didn't want to play the same games with Stacy that she knew Stacy liked to play with others. The same games she was almost positive that were being played with her.

Instead of rejoining the party, Penny did get another drink and watch as the party died down. Watched as everyone happened to go, even Stacy. And soon, it was down to her, Brynn, and Cora left and the mess that the party left behind. The young woman were each cleaning and it looked like Cora was sobering out and withdrawing. Even without being told that, Penny could see it. Even in the short time they knew the other, the honey blonde with the bouncy personality could not the chances and when the other was pulling back.

[#e944d7 "I was seriously thinking about it. I mean I want to talk to her and to let her know...that whatever is in her head isn't true..Umm..."] Penny gave Brynn a small smile and then left her to go to Cora as she was in the kitchen and cleaning the mess that their guests seemed to leave in there.
[#e944d7 "Hey, you look like you could use a hand in here...And I would like to talk to you too..."] Her words were soft and warm, but also held a little shyness that was VERY rare for her to let her guard down like this and show this side. But...with Cora that was easy and they really did need to talk.

Cora used to cleaning to clear her own mind. She was coming out of her blackout state, where she remembered very little. But her lips felt like something had happened, maybe with that other girl she met, Kara. But, the way her best friend looked at her with a smirk, she knew it had to be more than just that. Had she? Had she kissed her roommate? Oh no, this was very bad. Penny was much too good for someone like Cora. She would end up getting hurt, Cora felt very much broken and, from what Izzy told her, no one was very going to love her again. She couldn't let the bright spirit of the other girl die out because Cora made a stupid mistake while drunk. It wasn't fair to Penny, and she seemed happy enough with Stacy.

Cora continued washing plates she could have easily put in the dishwasher. She wasn't even sure why anyone took out plates, but nevertheless, she cleaned them. Cora was someone who always pushed people away, and she just hoped it would happy with Penny. She would get annoyed with the silence and forget about her roommate in that manner. Even if her roommate was beautiful and kind and someone she was interested in, she couldn't do anything about it.

Cora heard footsteps behind her, ignoring the words at first. But then she heard she wanted to talk to her, and it caused the plate to slip from Cora's hands and shatter on the floor. [i "Shit. That's my fault"] Cora spoke, sliding her body past Penny to grab their broom to sweep up the mess. She through the pieces away, now face to face with Penny. [i "I'm actually all set in here. T-thanks."] she spoke. She could tell a difference in the girl voice. [i "Are you okay?"] she asked, before reaching out her arm to her.

Fuck, she was already pulled in. She was supposed to push her away, what was happening to her. [i "What did you want to talk about?"] Cora asked. Maybe playing dumb would be a better option, pretending she didn't remember it. Which wouldn't be hard because she could only remember what happened when their lips met. Brynn, who could never read the room, yelled [+pink "Just go to your room and figure it out!"]. Cora just turned and glared at Brynn, before giving Penny an apologetic look. [i "Sorry about her."]
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Lady of the Night

Being the bartender and social butterfly that she was, Penny was used to being around people. She was used to playing off how she felt in favour of her bouncy and flouncy side. That was how things usually were. And so had the kiss and everything else happened with ANYONE other than Cora, the bubbly honey blonde would have let it slide. She would have played like nothing had happened. But the thing was...she had felt a spark between them and it was one that was hard to deny.

She had been trying her damnedest to try and figure out what she could even say to the other girl. Anything from here would probably be out of character for her. Or rather out of character for the her that her roommate knew. For when she was around Cora, Penny tended to let more of her guard down than she did with anyone else. Well aside from her last roommate who moved and had made her have to find Cora to begin with.

[#e944d7 "I know you know what I'm talking about...Playing dumb only gets someone so far...and especially when I know how bright and beautiful you really are..."] The words slipped before she could filter them. But apparently her filter was busted and what she thought was going to slip more so tonight. But that had to be the case.. IF Cora so chose, in the morning they could pretend nothing had happened and go back to how things were. Just tonight, Penny wanted it out on the table. Needed for it to be.

It was Brynn's words after Cora had the broken dish cleaned up that even made Penny turn a bright pink. Quickly though, the blonde shook her head. [#e944d7 "It's okay.. But I think your room would be best to talk... Or we could in mine."] She said and held a hand out to Cora, her sparkling blue eyes all but begging for the other young woman to join her.

Fuck. Penny could see right threw her.

[i "W-what?"] Cora asked, blushing at the words Penny spoke to her. Bright and beautiful, those were not words she ever heard associated with herself. There were quite a few words she would use to describe herself, but those weren't it. Words like: boring, quiet, dark, ice...those were descriptors for Cora. The words Penny was using were words that would describe herself. As much as she was ready to push Penny against a wall and kiss her again, she couldn't do that. She was supposed to push her away, a girl like Penny was too good for a girl like herself. Far too good.

[i "We can talk. My room works."] Cora spoke, taking her hand softly. She followed as Penny led her into her own room, Brynn trying to hype her up softly as the went into her room. Cora released her hand, closing the door of her room behind her before leaning against the door. [i "Penny, I..."] she started, but didn't know what to say next. Her thoughts were going in ever direction. To kiss her or push her away. She was worried about Penny getting wrapped up in everything Cora was dealing with, and worried about dulling the light Penny had inside.

[i "I'm done playing dumb. I know what I did, and I meant everything I said. But me and you, we're not people who belong together."] Cora started, before taking a deep breath. [i " You are sunshine, and honey. People look at you and smile, you radiate positivity. You are breathtaking..."] Cora spoke, not being able to make eye contact. She turned her back as she played with the lilac curtains at her windows. [i "And I am moonlight, and glass. People don't want to look at me, and people become quiet when I enter a room. I am nothing like you."] she finished, before sitting on her bed, facing her body and head in her direction now.

[i "My life is nothing in comparison to yours. I don't want you to waste your time on me. What am I even saying...someone like you doesn't go out for people like me. You have people who are exciting and interesting, like Stacy."] Cora said, her words falling out of her body without any filter. She stood up now, walking over to Penny as she pushed some of her blonde hair behind her ear. [i "But, it doesn't mean I don't want you as much as I do. And that scares me. I don't want me to be the person to ruin you, or dull the sunshine in you."] Cora spoke, stepping just a step closer. Their bodies touching now, and all Cora wanted to do was pulled her in. [i "I'm sorry. We were both supposed to talk..."] she spoke softly as her breathing quickened, and Cora couldn't stop herself from letting her eyes flicker from the blonde woman's eyes to her lips and back again.
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Lady of the Night

Okay, so seeing through the other on her playing dumb and calling her on it wasn't exactly the best thing she could have done. But honestly, she learned to read people from an early age and only gained more practice with her job. Penny had seen and had even played the game herself and so could recognize it. [#e944d7 "You heard me... Bright and beautiful. To play dumb doesn't become you."] And she repeated the words that she had used to describe Cora. The other girl didn't see herself as those things and Penny knew that from her living with her these past weeks, but that didn't mean that SHE didn't see them in Cora. It was just hidden and needed someone to not give up on her.

The blonde nodded to the brunette and had her hand taken. And once Cora's hand was in hers, Penny led the other girl to her own room so they could talk. From the corner of her eyes, Penny could see that Brynn was trying to encourage Cora, which had the softest of smiles flitter over soft pink lips. These two girls were definitely the others rock and she could see that. But those thoughts were quickly pushed from mind when the door was closed behind her and Cora began to speak.

All through Cora's words, Penny was silent and she was taking them in. So that was how the other saw her? The way that she wanted to be seen... How was she supposed to tell the other that there was SO much more to her than the sunny girl that she had come to know? She was like this because it was much easier than letting herself dwell on the past and it helped her to help other people.

[#e944d7 "We were both supposed to be talking. But I wanted to let you get your cards all out on the table first. To listen to you and to see why you pulled back so quickly after those amazing moments we spent in here earlier tonight. I might be like honey and you glass... But they say opposites attract. To me..It is the moonlight that draws me in. That quiet girl that makes me want to get to know her and help her out of her shell. It is sweet and beautiful in a way most people don't understand. To are like a flame and I am a moth hopelessly drawn towards you. You have a depth to you and not just a playgirl who says pretty words. Girls like me they aren't all they are cracked up to be.."] Her words were soft as she spoke them but all the while bright blue eyes were locked with chocolate brown. She was trying to get Cora to get it. Trying to have her understand that there was so much more than just the bouncy ball of sunshine and she was hoping her words were getting through.

Those eyes and the way they flicked between her eyes and her lips made Penny curse inwardly. Here they were supposed to be talking and here she was thinking once again of how those lips tasted. Thinking about how much she wanted to kiss her again. Without thinking, Penny pulled Cora closer and kissed the girl.

It had taken Cora everything think in her to try and push her away. Telling her they wouldn't be good together, they are too different. She didn't want to ruin her the way she expected she would. She didn't know what would happy if Izzy ever came back? She had ruined Cora's vision of herself, and she didn't want to drag Penny into that mess of drama. It wouldn't be fair to her. She didn't want her to settle, to lose out on the opportunity of any other person out there, someone who matched her personality better than she ever could. But, even if Cora wanted to push her away, tell her no; she just couldn't do it. Penny had grown on her, and she was too attached to the woman to let it all fall apart.

Cora now was listening to her. Penny spoke to her in a way she had never experienced before. Penny [i wanted] her. That never happened, Cora was always the one pining after someone. But Penny was different, and Cora knew that from the beginning. But, Penny was more than she ever expected, she was deep and strong. She was more than the fragile sunshine she always pictured her to be. But she wanted to know more, to know everything about her. Her eyes stayed on her the entire time, and Cora locked hers as well. As hard as she tried, she couldn't help but let her eyes drop to her lips.

But soon, she felt herself being pulled in, physically. Their lips pressed together once more. Once she realized what was happening, she took hold of Penny's waist, pulling her in closer. She kissed her back, not letting her go so easily this time. As she pulled back, Cora began to laugh, resting her forehead against Penny's. [i "You're stubborn, you know that? I've been pushing you away since the day you got her, but you wouldn't let me. You've been breaking down my walls since the moment you entered."] she spoke softly, a smile on her lips. Her words were teasing, but every one was truth. Cora was scared, absolutely terrified even to think that she was beginning to trust someone again. That she was opening herself up again. [i "But no matter how hard I tried, you made me begin to fall. Fall for you."] Cora spoke, before pressing her lips again to Penny's.

The woman could hear small cheers from the other side of the door, which meant Brynn had heard everything. Cora smiled within the kiss, a small laugh escaping her lips. This was Cora. This is the Cora that she was before she had been broken and lied to by Izzy. And Penny was the reason it was happened, and Cora could only hope that Penny still liked her now,
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Lady of the Night

Over half of what she had said to the other young woman were not things she had planned on saying. But it seemed that Cora NEEDED to hear it and badly. Of course she would have been willing to give the other more time, but she was just so tired of being pushed away. And she wanted Cora to know that there was so much more to hear than the flouncy and bouncy ball of sunshine that she constantly was portraying. For Penny to open up like this and to REALLY speak to someone with such depth meant that she trusted them. It meant that she wanted them to get to know the real her. But it also meant that in her own way she was scared as hell to be that open. Hardly anyone knew the real her. Knew about her past and why she was the way that she was. Was she really willing to show that to her roommate? IF she was that open and honest with the other would she still be seen the same way? Those were the constant questions that she battled and the things she fought within her own self that Cora didn't know about. But in these moments, she needed to let some of that through. Penny needed Cora to understand that she really did want her and had for awhile.

Since they were talking and it was all so serious, the honey blonde was NOT sure how well her brunette roommate would take to the kiss that she had been pulled into. The truth though was that Penny did not regret doing it. Couldn't bring herself to regret it even if she wanted to (which she didn't). The surprise however was when she was pulled ever closer to the other and her kiss was returned. The further surprise was Cora's soft laugh and spoken words. And after, the softest of laughs slipped from her own lips and she gave a small nod even with their foreheads against the others.

[#e944d7 "I told you when we met that I wasn't going to let you push me away and that I wanted you to be my friend... I never lied when I said those words. And I never said that I wasn't stubborn. be honest, I am glad that you are or did fall for me too. I don't know what I would if not."] Those were her soft words in return. And she couldn't help yet another soft laugh at the soft cheering from the other side of the door. So Brynn had been listening. It didn't surprise Penny because of how close the Cora and Brynn were and how the other had been TRYING to set them up all night. It actually amused her.

This was actually the easy part. Telling Cora how she felt. The part she was dreading was telling Stacy that their fling was over. Not because she liked being played the way she was but because she knew that her "girlfriend" could be jealous as hell and she didn't want that coming back at Cora. [#e944d7 "My question to you now though.. Where do you want to go from here? I want you to be the one to tell me...because I don't want to complicate things more for you. Whatever you decide..I'll be right here."] And she meant every word that she said.

Cora smiled, hearing that Penny had fallen for her as well. She kept her hands firmly planted on her waist, keeping her close to her. She hadn't felt like this since she met Izzy. Izzy had made her feel like the world stopped spinning, and Penny made the same thing happen. She knew the new dynamic they were creating would be changing the way they had been living together. As before Cora had been avoiding Penny, she now would be leaving her door open to her. She avoided her before because inside, she just thought the woman was too much. But it was beginning to become clear that she was trying to keep her attraction to her under control.

[i "Oh, well. To be honest with you, I don't know. I don't know if I am fully ready to be in a relationship yet, or what. But, could we take it slow? See where these things take us?"] Cora asked. She didn't want to turn her down because she was attracted to her, so much. But being in a relationship after breaking up with her three year long relationship only a few months ago, she needed some time. But that didn't mean they couldn't get closer and get to know eachother better. Maybe go on a few dates, they already lived together so hanging out would be obvious. Penny would finally get to see the real Cora, and hopefully, she still liked her.

[i "I know Brynn told you I am more confident and dominate when I'm drunk, but I am usually more dominate in dating as well."] Cora smirked, before tugging her in closer to her. [i "Would you like to go out on a date with me? Just the two of us. What do you say?"] she asked, before pressing a soft kiss to her lips. That's when Brynn lost her mind and screamed outside of the room. It was now 100% obvious she was listening and cheering them on outside. Cora laughed, before turned toward the door. [i "Can you give us a minute and pull your ear away from the door?!"] Cora spoke, before slamming her hand against the door, hearing a sore [+pink "Oww..."] from the other side of the door.

[i "So, what do you say? You, me, dinner, Friday?"] Cora asked. [i "And if your worried about how to tell Stacy, I think I could find a way to make her know you aren't interested anymore."] She teased, letting a finger drag across her jawline. Cora, normally, had confidence all the time. And around Penny, it was easy to let it out. But when she was with Izzy, it had all left her body. Izzy basically took her confidence from her. But now, she felt like she could truly be herself, and she wanted Penny to like her for who she was.
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Lady of the Night

She had been wanting to tell the other young woman for a while that she had been drawn in and enchanted by her. But how did you go about that when the person seemed to want nothing to do with you? The best way she knew how was to keep bugging her and to not let her lock her out. Or at least not lock her out completely. Now it seemed like that had been the best thing she could have done and there were no regrets. Already she liked the Cora she knew and she was really looking forward to getting to know the real her.

[#e944d7 "Seeing where things things take us sounds great. I didn't expect this to change things right away. Only in the movies, right?"] She asked with a soft laugh as her hands remained just as firmly planted on Cora's hips. A soft pink rose in her cheeks when the soft kiss had been pressed to her lips and she had been able to JUST return it before Cora smirked and had hit the door to have Brynn owing on the other side of it. [#e944d7 "She did tell me that. But I would love to see and know that girl for myself. So yes, to the date on Friday night."] Penny said with a bright smile as she couldn't seem to get enough of the other and pulled her even closer.

Like Cora, Penny had skeleton's in her closet. The blonde was scared as hell to let Cora see the other side to her that was not as chipper, bouncy, and bubbly. The outgoing ball of light was how she dealt with things and she used it to protect herself. But if Cora was willing to let down her guard and to let her in, the least she could do was start to do so herself. [#e944d7 "I want to be the one to tell her that I'm not. Because well...You don't know who she hangs out with. But I REALLY would love the date and for us to get to know the other!"] The first words had been softer and more somber, but the last set had been normal bubbly Penny fashion.

Cora smiled as she accepted her date. She was giddy almost, something she hadn't felt in months, maybe even years. Izzy didn't make her giddy anymore, especially at the end of their relationship. Cora was excited to get to know the girl inside of Penny, the one this bubbly persona covered up. She always assumed the girl was too much for her, but she never took the time to see. Penny had been more than meets the eye, just as Cora had been. Two people brought together by an unfortunate situation. But, Cora was happy it was Penny on the other side of the door, instead of one of Izzy's friends who tried to move in before, until Cora unapproved the lease for her.

About a week later, it was the morning of their first date. The week had consisted of lots of meals together, small kisses here and there, a make-out session or five, and just general getting to know eachother as they lived their lives around one another. People at work were surprised by the smile that had been stuck to Cora's lips recently, but were happy her demeanor had gotten better since her breakup.

Cora woke up, a smile on her face as she realized what today was. She had showered the night before, so she forgo that, assuming she'd shower before the date anyway. She got dressed quickly, something warm as the library's AC had been blasting the last couple of weeks, before grabbing her glasses, her bag, and a book off her nightstand before rushing out her bedroom door to see Penny.

[i "Good morning."] Cora smiled, pressing a soft kiss to Penny's cheek as she passed her and went into the kitchen. [i "Are you excited?"] she called, as she put on the hot water for a tea. She retreated back into the room where Penny was, sitting down on the chair closest to her. [i "I got a reservation at this amazing italian place. I hope you like pasta."] she teased, before retreating to the kitchen. She felt like she had so much energy from the excitement of their date tonight. [i "Oh!"] she called out, before finishing her thought, [i "how did your talk with Stacy go? Did she take it well?"] she asked, coming out with two cups of tea, placing one in front of Penny. Even if she didn't drink it, Cora would before work.
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Lady of the Night

It had been easy somehow for Penny to read Cora. Not in one of those absolutely creepy ways, but in the whole there was more to her than met the eye sort of deal. To her, you could never judge a book by its cover and that had DEFINITELY been the case with her new roommate. They may not have been brought together under the best of circumstances, but the honey blonde couldn't say she regretted it. Sometimes fate (yes she was a VERY strong believer in fate) brought people togerher when it was needed most. And now here they were agreeing to a date! Penny couldn't be anymore happy.

The week had passed so much differently than before. Cora was no longer trying to brush her off, and Penny was no longer indirectly begging for her attention. They were talking more, eating meals together, and even shared both kisses and small makeout sessions. A dream come true? Of course! But even all that couldn't quite keep the worry from the back of Penny's mind.

The day of their date, Penny had been up early to get her shower and dressed for work. Today, she had traded with Nelly and so she was just waitressing and not tending or dancing. It was easy and it was fun. But she had made the trade specifically to make sure that she and Cora had ALL night for their date.

When Cora came in, Penny was reading "Summer Sisters" by Judy Blume and set it aside so she could pay attention to Cora. [#e944d7 "Oh! I love pasta! Well usually I love anything that won't eat me first!"] The young woman called back, trying not to laugh. But her mood did drop a little when Cora mentioned her now ex and she picked up the cup of tea and glanced into the golden brown liquid. [#e944d7 "Uhhh...lets just say she was less than thrilled. Apparently if she can't have me...No one can."] Her words were soft as she looked over to Cora, trying to gauge her reaction and hoping to hell this would not ruin any chances for them.

Cora smiled as she yelled into her as she explained she enjoyed pasta. Definitely a good guess on her part. She knew the place was nice and wanted her first date with Penny to be special. Completely different from her whole relationship with Izzy. Cora remembered her old relationship being very casual, Izzy priding herself on being 'low-maintenance', which just led to casual dates and movie dates at home. Which is nice sometimes, but once in a while, Cora wanted something a bit more special. She wanted Penny to feel special for their date, and she hoped this would do the trick.

Taking the tea cup to her lips as she sat in a chair, Cora listened to Penny speak of Stacy. The words she spoke worried her slightly. She remembered meeting Stacy and how confident and dominant she had been, and hoped that it wouldn't ruin their chances of seeing where their relationship would go. But, she wasn't going to let someone like Stacy take someone who was finally starting to being back her old self and her happiness. [i "Well, she's gonna have to get used to it. I'm not no one, but I will be if it means I get my date with you."] she teased, before standing and pressing a soft kiss to Penny's temple. [i "Don't worry about anything, okay? Just be ready to go by 6:30, and we'll head out to the restaurant."] Cora smiled, excited to for Penny to see her dressed up for a date, and not for a party. And even if she didn't say it, she was excited to see Penny that way as well. [i "I have to head out to work, I'll see you later on."] Cora smiled, waving to her softly before grabbing her bag and heading out the door.

Work passed in a blur, probably one of the worst days to work in a library. Her foot tapped all day as she sat at the desk, checking out books for different people, but her new found smile never faltered. Some of the regulars seemed to notice her smile, commenting on how happy she looked. It was nice to feel like this again, and to not have a nagging feeling in the back of her mind of anger or sadness. She even made sure to send Penny a quick text, [i Have a great day at work, can't wait for tonight (: ], hoping it would show the girl that she was really thinking of her. As she realized her day at work was almost over, she had one more person to check out before she was done for her day. She had taken the books, scanning them before asking, [i "Can I have your card please?"].

Her smile faltered as she looking up as she look up to meet with the green eyes she knew too well.

[b "Well, you don't look too happy to see me?"] Izzy spoke, a smug smile on her lips. [i "Card, please."] Cora spoke, trying to engage as little as possible. [b "How about I give you a kiss instead?"] Izzy leaned over the counter towards her. [i "Isabelle, please."] Cora spoke, her voice louder than it needed to be, before the woman backed off. [b "Whatever."] Izzy spoke, throwing the card on the counter. [i "Good bye."] Cora spoke, sliding everything toward the woman. [b "Oh, aren't you supposed to tell me to have a great day."] Izzy smirked, taking the books in her hands. Cora just looked at her, before going back to the computer. [b "Stop being such a bitch, Cora. This is why no one likes you, you take everything too seriously. God, you are never gonna find anyone who would ever want to be with you."] Izzy spoke, her voice soft but full of venom. The words hit Cora right where it hurt, as Izzy knew those spots that hurt. Cora wanted to throw back that she had a date, but needed to protect Penny as much as she could.

Cora got up, clocking out and pushing by the woman. Izzy followed behind her, before Cora closed herself into her car. Izzy flipped her the bird, before walking to her own car. Cora took a moment, before driving home. Well, this 'meet-up' couldn't have come at a worse time. Coming into the apartment, she dropped her stuff at the door. She got right into the shower, needing to clear her head. She hoped she could shake this feeling, especially before their date.
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Lady of the Night

It wasn't like her to be nervous. Or more so it was not like her to make it so obvious that she was. Penny really couldn't care less what Stacy did to her. But it was Cora that she happened to worry about. The dominant and playful side that had been seen before was the tip of the iceberg with the redhead and the usually bouncy and flouncy blonde knew it too. She had seen once before when Stacy was angry and it was not a pretty sight. [#e944d7 "You know I can't help worrying. It meant I care about you and a lot. But I'm not going to let her or anyone stand in the way of our date tonight. 'Wild horses couldn't stop it'.."] Came her soft words, the last being her attempt at a joke and trying to lighten up. She knew it was unusual for Cora to see this side of her, but for her to be letting down the bubbly façade that she usually used meant she was more than comfortable around the other. It meant she was ready to start letting Cora see more of the real her.

A soft pink came to her cheeks when the kiss had been pressed to her temple. [#e944d7 "I can't wait until six-thirty!"] Now that was not at all forced excitement. Penny really had been looking forward to the date all week. The only thing she was sad about was the fact that they both had to work beforehand and couldn't just ditch and spend the WHOLE day together. Yes, it was childish of her, but she had wanted the time with the other and wanted the time away from everything else.

A couple hours later, Penny was leaning on the counter at work, talking with Alex and laughing at something that had he had said. And that was when she caught sight of Stacy and a couple of her friends. [#e944d7 [i 'Dear God...please don't make me have to be the one serving them...Please...']] Came her silent prayer. But it was just her luck and she was the one who had to wait on them and three other booths. She could have died. Thankfully, the worst that happened was one of Stacy's friends had decided to spill her drink all over Penny and she was called a "whore"...a name she was used to because she was a social butterfly, charming, and playful too. By quitting time, blonde was more than grateful and quick to get in her car, looking to her phone and smiling at seeing Cora's text. [#e944d7 [i I really can't wait! See ya tonight! xxx]] She responded and then tossed her phone in her bag.

When she got back to the apartment, Penny went to the bathroom and got a shower to get the soda out of hair and to get ready. She did a light makeup that would highlight he natural beauty, crimped her hair, and changed into a white dress that came to her thighs and boots. It was a simple outfit, but she hoped something cute and something Cora would like too.

After she was dressed, the young woman went to her room and was listening to music with her headphones. It was only when she heard the doors did the she take them off and go to the living room to wait for Cora. She had wanted to wait for her so they could go to the restaurant together. And so she sat on the couch with her legs folded under her and bouncing faintly as she waited. The honey blonde was both nervous and excited.

[ Basically Penny's outfit]

Cora finished up her shower, making her way out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her body. She had shaken off most of the feeling that was caused by her ex, but some of it just stuck. She felt herself slipping backwards, after all the work she had out in to come more out of her shell. Especially during her date with Penny, she didn't want to come off cold and rude any longer.

The woman dried her hair, it was easy as her hair was short and thin. She flipped her head over to add some volume, before looking back into the mirror. She added some eyeliner and mascara, highlighting her almond eye shape. She then just added a dark lip color, and she felt ready. Grabbing a short, flowy black dress, she slipped it over her frame. She adjusted it to hang nicely on her body, before slipping on she heeled booties as well. Grabbing her small bag, she exited her room, looking around for her date.

That's when she caught sight of her. She looked gorgeous sitting there, but she also seemed nervous. She was too, but she was working hard to hide her nerves. She approached her, a smile playing on her lips. [i "You look amazing."] she smiled, holding a hand out to help her stand up. She let her spin around once the woman stood up, she really looked incredible. She thought if she should tell Penny about seeing Izzy, but she forgo it. It would ruin the flow of the day to being up her old relationship on a date. So, she pushed it back, and let her eyes graze the woman's face.

[i "I guess we really are opposites, huh?"] Cora teased, commenting on their dress choice. [i "Come on, let's head out."] she smiled, lacing her fingers with Penny's. They headed down to Cora's car, a black Honda. She opened the passenger side door, before heading over to her own side and slide in. She started headed to their restaurant, letting on her rest on Penny's hand. Cora didn't want to sit in silence, worried Penny would become bored, something Izzy always complained about. [i "So, how was work today? You usually work nights, right? The day shift was probably a nice change of pace, huh?"] she asked, letting her thumb run over the woman's hand softly.

[ Cora's Dress]
[ Cora's Shoes]
MourningGloryHoney   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The only time the honey blonde let her nerves show was if she REALLY liked someone that she was going out with. And that was definitely the case with Cora. Usually bubbly and confident, Penny was actually afraid of being too much for the other young woman and she was really afraid to mess things up before they even began. Those were the sort of things going through her head and so she had not heard Cora come out of her room.

It was when she heard the soft words was she yanked from her thoughts and she turned with a smile on her lips. [#e944d7 "I think that would be you. You always look beautiful, but you look even more so tonight."] She said as she was now trying to push her own nerves aside. And she took the hand that had been offered and stood, giving a light twirl so the other could see her outfit, though her whole time she could not keep bright gaze off of Cora. So, this was the real her? Beautiful and she hoped she would continue to get to see this side of her.

Her thoughts weren't able to linger long before she was teased about how they were opposites based on their dress choice and a laugh slipped from pretty pink lips. [#e944d7 "Well we knew that we were. Had to keep to it."] The young woman said cheekily and gave a bright smile, her confidence and bubbliness seeming to return.

It was with their fingers laced did Penny follow Cora down to her Black Honda and slide into the seat when the door had been opened for her. A soft nod and smile had been given in thanks. Once Cora was in the car too, Penny's hand was once more in hers. Or rather the brunette had a had resting on the blonde's, which she didn't mind at all. She also didn't mind silence and just sitting with someone and having their company. Of course Cora didn't know that about her because of the side of herself she had shown. So when she was spoken to, Penny looked to the other and let out a small laugh, shaking her head. [#e944d7 "It was interesting to say the least. But I can safely say that I prefer working nights. The day wasn't exactly one I would want to relive, but it was definitely an experience in and of itself."] Those words were thoughtful as she spoke them. She was choosing to avoid Stacy an what her friend had done. And then she turned the question back on the other. [#e944d7 "How about you? How was work today?"] She asked. And she really did want to know. She loved hearing Cora talk.

Cora enjoyed being more friendly and flirtatious with Penny. Seeing these different sides to her was interesting, as the sides they first showed were so different. She wondered what it would have been like if Cora's more outgoing side had been present when Penny first moved in, or Penny's quieter side. It would have been a completely different experience. Once Penny spoke about her day, she nodded. [i "Maybe I should come visit you at work sometime? See you in action. hm?"] Cora smiled. All Cora knew about what Penny did was she was a waitress and she danced, but that was about it. She wasn't sure what kind of place it was, but she hoped that Penny would be interested. It would be fun to see Penny in a work environment, especially one so different from her own.

Once Cora heard her speak, asking her about work, she paused for a moment. [i Don't bring up Izzy, don't bring up Izzy] went through Cora's mind over and over, it would ruin the mood of tonight. She could always bring it up later, when it wasn't their first date. [i "Oh, you know. The library is usually quiet. I get the occasional person to sign up for a library card, and that's the craziest thing that happens."] she teased, letting her thumb draw small circles on Penny's hand. [i "Nothing I do will compare to your work, must be exciting. I could never do that though, I get anxious enough checking out books for people."] she spoke, thinking back to Izzy throwing the book down on her table. She tried to shake the thought from her mind, before pulling a smile back to her lips as the pulled into the restaurant.

The hostess brought them quickly to a table Cora reserved, one near a window to look out over a small lake they had next door to the restaurant. Cora also had pre-ordered a special wine for the two of them, someone coming over and filling their glasses before placing the wine in an ice bucket next to the table. [i "I hope you like it. I really wanted to make this special and didn't want to skimp on anything. Please, order whatever you'd like, it's on me."] she smiled, taking on her hands and placing a kiss to her knuckles. [i "So, Penny, I'd love to know more about you, your family. Things about you from before you moved in, I'm all ears."] she smiled, taking a sip on her wine.
MourningGloryHoney   1y ago
Lady of the Night

So she had been right when in the beginning she had thought there was more to both she and Cora than met the eye. The whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" saying had been true and now she was glad she had tried to open said book. Though now she wondered how much better or worse the two of them would have gotten on if these sides to them had been present to start. But something told her that maybe it would have been about the same. Regardless, all Penny knew was she was SO happy to see the other young woman coming out of the shell that she had been in. Truly she was as beautiful as the honey blonde had thought from the beginning. She just hoped that Cora would stay true to her and not retreat again.

A slight blush rose in naturally rosy pink cheeks and a smile slipped yo her lips. [#e944d7 "I would love to have you come and visit me at work! Though you'll have to be careful. Sometime there can be real flirts who can't take no for an answer. Ooor they may get a little too drunk but the shows can be fun."] She was just saying those things to warn Cora that though she loved her job, sometimes it could be painful too. And she did listen to what Cora said the library was like. What the "craziest" thing that happened there was. And another smile graced her lips as she looked to the other young woman again. [#e944d7 "It does sound nice though. Quiet mostly but gives you a chance to read like you love. And I don't know about could get away with dancing. I've seen you."] Those words were soft and almost purred as she gave a playful wink of her own.

When they got to the restaurant, Penny followed Cora and the hostess to the table that had been reserved. And bright eyes went to look out the window to the small lake. It was beautiful and for a moment, the blonde did freeze seeing "ghosts of jer past"...she could picture herself with her parents and older sister. Quickly, Penny shook her head and turned her attention back to Cora. [#e944d7 "This is really amazing! Thank you!"] The chipper was her guard and she was starting to put it back up just the slightest. Especially with what she had "seen".

For a moment she was thoughtful and took a sip from her own wine. [#e944d7 "My parents were the kind who were loving and tried to help me out when they could. They wanted to give me chances... As far as I can remember I have been perky and bubbly and loved people. And they have always called me Sunny or Sunshine for it. Also they wondered how I had so much energy and envied it... Every weekend up until I was about seven they would take me and...."] And that was were her words broke and she shook her head. She couldn't go on there because she was thinking of Clarabelle.

Thinking about what Penny said about her work, it almost made her a little jealous that people acted like that around her. She wasn't completely sure the nature of her work, and hoped that people were respectful, because she knew if she was there, it would set her off. Since being open with Penny, Cora's personality was coming back into what it used to be, which was much more confident and open. She spoke up for herself and others, and had no problem doing that if she saw people being mistreated. She did want to see more of Penny and her life, so many a trip to her job would be just what she needed.

Cora noticed a little that once they got to the table, Penny seemed to shift a bit. She froze for a moment, noticing the chipperness coming back into Penny. It had left her a little when she seemed to relax around Cora, so it was bit surprising. She was going to ask if she was okay, before the woman began to speak. Cora let her speak, hearing the sound of her voice, the more she spoke, the sadder she sounded. She couldn't even finish, her words breaking. Cora reached out across the table, taking her hand. [i "Hey, hey. It's okay. You don't have to talk about it if it's too much. It's alright."] she spoke calmly, letting her finger brush against Penny's hand.

Cora let herself push her chair to be closer to Penny, it was easier to hear her anyway. She used her hand to push some hair behind her ear, letting a finger graze her jaw, and raising her head up once her finger got to Penny's chin. Cora shared with her a small smile, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek. She wanted them to have a good time, and not be worried with ex-girlfriends or any skeletons in the closet. Sure, those things they would need to discuss, but not while they were out in public, those were better to discuss alone. [i "If you want to talk about it later, we can. But I can see it's hard to talk about, and I don't want you to have to go through anything in public. I can talk about myself, give you a moment."] Cora smiled, clearing her throat softly.

Cora placed a hand on Penny's leg, just above her knee as to not be too handsy. [i "My family actually live across the country, that's where I was born. I see them for holidays and things, but that's about it. But I am not the most interesting person, I've always worked in the library and I don't have too many hobbies or anything either. I do like to cook, but that's really about it."] Cora spoke, using her free hand to take a sip of her wine, and then ran her hand through her hair. [i "Anything on the menu look good? I've been to focused on the beauty next to me to look at the menu. I'm too distracted." she teased, letting the last bit be whispered sultry into Penny's ear. She then leaned back into her chair, a soft bit to her lower lip.
MourningGloryHoney   1y ago
Lady of the Night

When she was around others, Penny tried to push her thoughts of her older sister away...She tried to be chipper and happy, the sunshine for others so to speak. It was only when she was really relaxed or trusted someone did she let that guard down and let more of who she was show. Which is seemed that Cora had that affect on her as she began to speak, words becoming more and more broken as she did. It even got to the point where she was nearly choking on them and couldn't finish. [#e944d7 "'s not that I don't want'..."] But from Cora's soft words and brushing of her hair that the other understood. And the honey blonde was more thankful than the brunette girl would ever know. She knew that they would have to talk sooner or later. Exes, sisters, and whatever other skeletons were there.

Without thinking or rather being consciously aware, Penny let herself move closer to Cora, her own hand gently moving over the one that was on her leg. [#e944d7 "You're a lot more interesting than you give yourself credit for. When you let yourself be free, you have an air about you that draws others in."] Came soft words as blue eyes fell on the other for a moment, cheeks lighting up with the sultry way in which Cora spoke her next words into her ear.

It took her a moment to regain herself as Cora had gotten to her. The other young woman had almost made Penny want to skip dinner and go straight to "dessert" and so the blonde had to remind herself to take it easy. Cora was NOT one of her flings. She was a girl who she REALLY liked and wanted to get to know. [#e944d7 "The spaghetti or the alfredo looks and sounds almost to die for. Which one sounds better to you?"] She whispered, a soft purr to her words as her eyes slowly roamed Cora.


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