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There's No Place Like Home~closed to kooza~

By wingedwolfy120

She nodded and said. "Alright we can do that." She went over to him and kissed him lovingly.
KoozaHenry Monaghan   2d ago

[b "Zoe texted me this morning, said she wants us to head into town this afternoon. She has some paperwork she wants us to sign at her office, about what happened. Victim impact statements or something like that,"] Henry informed her while they worked alongside each other.

She half rolled her eyes and went to bucephalus. "Hey my bubbys." She cooed to him and pet him gently scratching his nose.
KoozaHenry Monaghan   5d ago

[b "He gets his thieving from his owner,"] Henry scrunched his nose playfully. [b "Since we all know you've got light fingers. Stole my heart right out from my chest."]

Bucephalus wasn't in the mood to wait for the flirting to be over. The second he spotted Abigail in the stables, his huffing grew louder. [b "Better see to him before he breaks the door again,"] Henry stepped back to get back to work.

She kissed him back and giggled. "You should know better." She teased and kissed him again.
KoozaHenry Monaghan   7d ago

[i "Don't need to tell me twice."]

Henry waited until Pops was out of sight before dropping his handful of straw. [b "Good morning,"] he tilted her chin up a bit to kiss her. [b "Your horse is a menace and has already had twice his normal breakfast. I left the wheelbarrow in front of his stall and he got a hold of the goods."]

She nodded and smiled. "Thank you for your help. Go inside and get some rest in one of the guest rooms."
KoozaHenry Monaghan   9d ago

[i "You'll be happy to know there was no cause for concern last night,"] Pops greeted her. [i "Most trespassing we saw was some deer."]

[b "Mowgli, you hear that? Your arch-nemesis was here last night,"] Henry grinned, ruffling his mane.

Abigail made coffee and went out to check the farm yawning. She pet linus and went to the barn. She saw them talking and smiled. "Morning."
KoozaHenry Monaghan   11d ago

[i "Morning, boy,"] Pops called out, drawing the ATV to a stop. [i "Farming starts earlier in the day typically, doesn't it?"]

The teasing tone in his voice made a blush crawl up Henry's neck. [b "Any trouble during the night?"] he redirected the discussion. 

[i "Couple cars got a little close to the boundary lines but other than that, nothing,"] Pops patted Bucephalus on the neck. [i "Where's the farmer?"]

[b "Back at the house if you wanna talk with her."]

Abby slept soundly and curled up in the bed. She blinked awake awhile later and sat up yawning. She got out of bed still groggy and changed into a tshirt and jeans.
KoozaHenry Monaghan   14d ago

His back ached and his arm was numb when he woke up a few hours later in the dark, with the movie menu music playing softly in the background. As carefully as he could not to wake her, Henry lifted Abigail into his arms and slowly made his way to their bedroom some time after two o'clock. He was a little late waking up the next morning, but the scolding he got from the hungry horses was well worth it. [b "You don't have to be so grabby,"] he booped Mowgli on the nose while distributing breakfast in the pasture.

She smiled and kissed him snuggling him as she slowly dozed with him. "I will." She answered his mumbles and shifted to cover them both up.
KoozaHenry Monaghan   15d ago

[b "That should be in your vows, calling you poor future husband a dork,"] he snorted. [b "I feel so loved."]

She was warm in his arms and he didn't think he was actually going to make it through the movie without dozing off. [b "Stay forever,"] he murmured into her neck.

She giggled and kissed him deeply. "I love you dork." She said and cuddled him.