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SmileBrightDark-   1y ago

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen woke up to the sound of her favorite band, Sleeping Secrets, playing from her phone. The girl was this band's biggest fan, more than most people. Even as a young adult, her walls were plastered with photos of the band, especially the bassist/pianist of the group Lennon. He was her favorite, and she was convinced they were meant for each other. The only person who enjoyed the band as much as she did was her best friend, Destiny. The girls would spend their time planning road trips to see the band as often as possible, sometimes taking time off of work to follow the band wherever they toured to next.

The girl stretched her arms above her head, looking over to her wall and smiling toward the many photos of Lennon and Carson scattered on her wall. Song lists, signed posters she paid way too much money for, a pick from Lennon from one of the many concerts, photos; it was basically a shire to the band.

Today was a special day, it was a hometown concert. This meant no traveling, more time to get ready, and more of a chance to sneak backstage somehow. Imogen rolled out of bed, making her way to the kitchen in the girl’s shared apartment. She started the coffee pot, knowing her best friend would want some when she got up too. She poured herself a cup, making some toast before making her way to their breakfast nook to research the venture for tonight.

Imogen was just too excited, not being able to wait for her friend any longer. She grabbed a cup of coffee and proceeded to bang down her door. [i [#6d091a “DESTINY! Wake up! It’s Sleeping Secrets day! Hometown Show! We gotta figure out the game plan!”]] she shouted from the other side of the door. She opened the door and jumped onto the bed with her friend. [i [#6d091a “Hey! At least I bought you coffee!"]] she laughed, handing her friend the cup.

The girl rolled onto her back, her short haircut sprawled out around her head, holding her phone high in the air. She began pointing to pictures of the venue of the concert that night. [i [#6d091a “So, they are playing at the House of Music tonight, which we know pretty well by now. Now we might be able to sneak into the stage door here because usually, the guard gets there late. But that’s all I’ve figured out. You are usually the brains to these situations, I run too hard on emotions and nerves.”]] she replied, turning to her gorgeous best friend.

[center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
The pounding in his head was enough to wake up Carson. He woke up, noticing sober him was smart enough to place aspirin and water next to his bed for the morning. Being in a band had its perks, like free bottle service, but it caused a hell of a morning before a show. He’d have to do something to shake this hangover before practice and sound check. He decided he should first shower, stripping off his boxers, hopping into the extremely hot water, almost burning his skin. It felt nice, he was sore from the concert the night before. Hotel showers were not his favorite, but they would do. He preferred when they could do shows near their hometown, so they could use their off-tour place, but hotels were the tour life.

Being a singer, he was always one to sing in the shower, mostly other people’s songs. It was just habit by now, but he knew he should stop to not ruin his voice. He left the steam that filled the bathroom coat his throat, helping his singing for later. As he cleaned himself, he thought if he’d see that girl he had seen at almost every show. She was beautiful, and would even catch himself getting distracted at the show. This girl and her friend were at every show, and not just in one city. They must travel around and love concerts, considering he had seen them constantly.

Carson changed quickly into some jeans and a dark grey tee-shirt, leaving the bathroom after adjusting his wet hair on his head. He fixes it for the show later. But now, he was starving. As he left the bathroom, he looked over to Lennon. He wasn’t sure if he was awake or asleep, so he threw his damp towel over to him, to either wake him up or get his attention. [b [#265f2c “Hey dude, I’m fucking starving. Do you want to order something? I need greasy food or I’m gonna continue to be hungover all day.”]] he replied, adjusting his tee-shirt in the hotel mirror on the wall. He thought if he should ask Lennon about those girl’s he kept seeing, trying to figure out if he was just crazy or if they were definitely following them, but the blonde was his. [b [#265f2c “Lennon, have you seen those ladies? They are at every concert, I mean every single one. There’s a brunette one with shorter hair and a gorgeous blonde one with tattoos. I kinda want to see if I can talk to her.”]] he said, knowing he was gonna get shit for it later. He headed to the bed where he slept to take a seat, looking over to his bandmate and friend.
Onyx-lιgнт   1y ago

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/NqUDScU.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The tattooed woman had been out late the night before working. When she had gotten home, it was around two in the morning. Imogen had been asleep long before she had gotten home, and she didn't mind it. She had taken a shower, changed into a pair of boxer shorts, and a tank top. She then crawled between the sheets, trying to forget how annoying the night had been the night before. Pretty soon she had fallen asleep, and she didn't know how long she had been asleep when Imogen banged on her door.]

[font "times new roman" She let out a groan when the woman jumped onto her bed, and mentioned coffee. She peeked out from under the blankets and made grabby hands for the cup. She sat up and took the cup and sipped on it. She watched as she talking about where they were going, on how they could sneak into the concert. Her favorite band Sleeping Secrets were in her home town, and she wanted nothing more than to see Carson in person. To touch him, hell maybe she could get him into bed with her. How amazing would that be? Spending a whole night with someone famous.]

[font "times new roman" When Imogen finally stopped talking, she smirked lightly. [#DB7093 "Honestly I love the plan. The guard won't be there, we can pretended that we have back stage passes, which by the way I got from Hunter last night. They are in my bag, I'll get them in a moment. They look like the real thing, I love having him around"] she said with a smile. She then lifted the cup to her lips and took another sip. The coffee was waking her up even more, and talking about that night's plans as well was getting her geared up even more. She looked at the woman and smiled lightly.]

[font "times new roman" She honestly didn't know how she had gotten so lucky to have this woman as her best friend. The two were always attached at the hip, and at one point people thought they had been a couple. They had let that play out for awhile, before breaking the news to one of the men, because he asked if he could make a movie with them in bed. That's when they told him, they were both straight and wouldn't even do something like that, period. She shook her head lightly clearing it. [#DB7093 "What time were you planning on wanting to leave? Because if I can get some more sleep, that would be wonderful. I didn't get home till after two this morning"] she said with a yawn.]

[font "times new roman" She adored planning everything out with the other, but sometimes sleep was what she wanted more of. She wanted to curl up and just sleep the day away if she could. She finished the coffee and handed the mug back. [#DB7093 "Thanks for the coffee, but my body is telling me I need to sleep awhile longer. Unless you want a bitch of a friend tonight"] she said with a small laugh. The woman then snuggled back down under the blankets, and waited for the other to leave, so that she could get at least three to four more hours of sleep, and then she'd be ready to go for the rest of the night.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The touring life wasn't what the male thought of when he became this famous. Seeing the world has been wonderful. Meeting the fans, and see where they all lived was amazing. Sometimes though, he missed home. Being in his bed, spending time with his family, watching his little sister growing into the woman she was becoming. It was the little things. The night before Carson decided to go a little hard with the booze, and he hadn't. Sometimes they would trade off or sometimes they would both drink their asses off. Last night had been different.]

[font "times new roman" He was laying in bed when Carson got up, and went to shower. He reached for his phone and saw that his sister had texted him. [#ff00ff [i Will you be able to call me later today? Or are you busy with the concert tonight? I have something HUGE to tell you, and I can't wait. I love you Lennon to the moon and back.]] The male smiled lightly at the message. He knew that Carson would be a while in the shower, so he called the woman right away. [#ff00ff "LENNON! Oh my God, I was hoping you'd call"] came the sound of her voice.]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "I was just laying in bed, Carson's in the shower, so I won't have much time to talk. What's going on Princess?"]]

[font "times new roman" [#ff00ff "Well you remember that guy I've been dating since JR High. Well.. He asked me to marry him last night. I said yes of course! Mom recorded the whole thing, but I wanted to tell you personally first, before I sent you the video"]]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "Oh my God Princess! That's amazing. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for it. I'm so happy for you. As soon as you guys have a date set, let me know and I'll make my way home"] he said. The two siblings talked a while longer, before finally hanging up. He was pretty much walking on cloud nine now. His little sister was getting married, and he couldn't be happier. He sighed lightly as he leaned back and smiled like an idiot. That's when Carson threw his damp towel at him and he laughed.]

[font "times new roman" He wadded up the towel and threw it back. [#0075D0 "Yeah, give me a second to get dressed and then we can go to a burger joint I saw coming in. It looks hella good and I bet it's greasy as fuck"] he said as he rolled out of bed. He listened to his friend talking about the two girls they always saw. He didn't know how to really think about it. Were they stalking them? Or were they just really good fans? Whatever the reason, he brushed it aside for the time being. He got dressed in a pair of black jeans, and a white t-shirt, and then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled his socks and shoes on.]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "If they are there tonight, I say approach her, hell if anything bring her back to the hotel and get laid. I know tonight I'm gonna be doing the same thing. We both need a good lay, and what better way than something like this?"] he asked with a smirk. He then stood, grabbed their hotel keys, and threw the other one at the male. He then walked out, and headed towards the main lobby. The burger joint he had seen was within walking distance. Not even five minutes away. He walked out into the bright sunlight, put his glasses on and waited for Carson to catch up.]
SmileBrightDark-   1y ago

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen smiled, Hunter could do anything. He had helped them out with fake tickets, bracelets, backstage passes; the guy was getting pretty good at all these things. He charged a pretty penny, but it was totally worth it. The woman knew she’d have to get a peek at those later. As her friend asked her to leave, she held her hands up in defeat. [#6d091a [i “Oh, yeah. Of course, sorry. You know I’m an early bird. I wanna call my brother anyway. Let’s leave around 4, then we can get some food beforehand so we aren’t too drunk.”]] she smiled, slowly closing the door to the women's room, letting her get more sleep.

The woman entered the living room, trying to get a hold of her older brother. The boy was in a Ph.D. program across the country from her. She missed the boy terribly, but they were planning on getting together for the next holiday. She heard the phone go straight to voicemail, knowing he was busy with everything going on. She sighed, leaving a quick voicemail about how she missed him and to give her a callback. She knew how busy he must be, but she also knew how happy he was. She sighed, checking her other social media before hopping in the shower to get ready for the day.

Imogen was a photographer, but currently, she was only getting small jobs. She was supplementing her photography with a coffee shop and a front desk job at the local tattoo shop. She worked opposing days but made sure she took the whole day off to get ready for the concert tonight. She hoped soon she’d get hired as the photographer for a band, and be able to travel around like the men she followed around the country.

Imogen finished her shower and started figuring out what would be cute to wear tonight. Of course, one of her Sleeping Secrets shirts, some shorts, fishnets, and some combat boots. She worried about her feet too much to wear cute shoes. She got her outfit on and started on her hair and makeup. She knew she was early, but this was her chance. She wanted to finally talk to Lennon if he’d even allow her too. If he was going to be interested, she needed to look good. Really good.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
[#265f2c [b “Man, that sounds awesome. Let’s do it.”]] Carson replied, grabbing his phone from near the bed. No new messages, as per usual. [#265f2c [b “Damn, if I could get the girl back here…”]] he trailed off. Snapping out of his thoughts when his friend tossed the other key to him, he smiled and caught it. He ran behind the male, catching up to him. He followed the male, putting his own sunglasses on as well. The bright sun was worsening his headache, but he knew the greasy food would help, it always did.

As they made their way to the local joint, Carson was finally able to look around. Last night, he had been too plastered to make sense of anything around here. It was a cool area, restaurants, and shops scattered everywhere. They had a killer late-night scene, so he knew the show tonight would be awesome. He knew the people from this area had crazy shows, and that was all he could hope for. The better the show, the more hyped up he would be, and he’d be much more on top of his game. Talking to that girl would be a breeze, as long as the show went well.

The duo made their way into the burger place, it was local and the food looked really good from what he could see around them. The two slid into a booth, Carson trying to avoid the fluorescent lights that would increase his headache more. He scanned the menu that was already on the table, opting for the classic burger and fries, as it was clear they were known for it. The cute waitress took their drink orders, a large iced coffee for Carson. The girl was young and nervous, which made Carson smirk. That wasn’t his interest, he wanted a girl who was confident, similar to himself. That’s what he expected of his blonde beauty, a strong and confident woman.

Carson yawned, he wanted to make tonight a bit more interesting, knowing his friend would take the bait, considering his competitive nature. [#265f2c [b “Bet I can get this girl to come home with me after the show faster than you can get another girl to go home with you.]]

As the two placed their order with the mousy girl, Carson was finally able to lift his head a bit. His eyes met the girl’s and the girl couldn’t have scurried away faster. She really was like a mouse. He chucked, looking toward his friend. [#265f2c [b “What’s up with you? You seemed pretty happy this morning. Oh fuck, id I do something stupid last night? I mean, I usually fuck up but was it that bad?”]] he asked, taking a large sip of coffee. He could feel his head lightening up on the pounding, but it wasn’t an immediate fix.
Onyx-lιgнт   1y ago

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/NqUDScU.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" Destiny nodded lightly when Imogen mentioned leaving around 4 that afternoon. It was a little after nine in the morning so she would have quite awhile to catch up on some sleep. She made sure to set her alarm for about 1 so that way she could get up, take a shower and get ready to go. She loved the girl to death, but sometimes she wished she would keep her mouth shut, and not wake her up so early in the morning. The woman snuggled down under the blankets, let her eyes drift closed and soon enough she was back asleep.]

[font "times new roman" It didn't feel long enough, but her alarm was going off and she groaned lightly as her hand snaked out and shut the annoying buzzing off. She snuggled down for a little longer, but then remembered that she had to get her ass moving. She slipped out of bed, and went to the dresser. She pulled out a pair of clean panties, and bra set. She then went to the bathroom that was joined to her room. She knew Imogen had her own bathroom as well, so that way neither one of them bugged the other. She set her clean items on the counter and started the water.]

[font "times new roman" She stripped out of her sleeping clothes, threw them into the hamper and stepped into the shower. She tilted her head back letting the cool water wake her up even more. Tonight was going to be interesting. She was debating on taking something skimpy in her bag just in case she ended up getting laid that night. The thought of it excited her more than anything. She tilted her head back and hurried in the shower. She took her time washing her hair and body. About twenty minutes later she shut the water off, and climbed out.]

[font "times new roman" She grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself and walked over to the mirror. She took the time to brush her teeth, and styled her hair just the way she wanted. She then dried herself off, and slid into the panties and bra set. She then hung the towel up, made her way to the bedroom and opened the door. She went to her closet and found a pair of black leggings, and her white [i Sleeping Secrets] t-shirt. She pulled them both off the hangers and tossed them onto the bed. She turned on her boom box, and turned the volume up.]

[font "times new roman" As she was getting ready she danced around her room, letting the male's voices fill her head. It took her another hour to do her makeup, and get dressed. She sat on the edge of her bed, and pulled her sneakers onto her feet. She sprayed herself with her favorite Victoria's Secret perfume and she was ready to go. She grabbed the back stage passes, along with her wallet, phone, apartment keys, and car keys. She then made her way out of the room and spotted Imogen and grinned. [#DB7093 "Let's go bitch!"] she said with a laugh. She then walked out of the apartment.]

[font "times new roman" She made her way to her Toyota unlocked it, and started it up. She waited for Imogen to get into the car, and then they were off. [#DB7093 "Where are we going for food? I'm starving"] she said lightly. She went the direction that Imogen said. She was getting more and more excited for the night ahead.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" Walking into Rocket's seemed to bring back memories for the male. The small joint had so many different things going on at once, that he couldn't take it all in at once. The two took a booth and he looked the menu over. He spotted a grilled chicken sandwich and he jumped at the chance for it. As Carson spoke he rolled his eyes, and smirked lightly. Yes he had been really happy awhile ago. Hell he still was. He put the challenge aside for now and talked about his sister instead. He couldn't keep it to himself much longer.]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "I got a text message from my sister Shayla while you were in the shower, so I called her. Dude my sister is getting married. So whenever she tells me the wedding is, I have to bounce for awhile until it's all over and done with"] he said lightly. The waitress came over and took their orders. He didn't like the fact that she was so jumpy either. He rolled his eyes and then turned to his attention to Carson once more. Then he remembered about the challenge he brought up. He leaned his elbows onto the table.]

[font "times new roman" He was about to speak when the waitress came with their orders. He thanked the jumpy waitress and then turned back to Carson. [#0075D0 "Dude, I can tell you right now I can bed a woman faster than you can. If you beat me to it, then you will get whatever your heart desires. I mean that too. If you can get that blonde you've been talking about back to the hotel, and into your bed, and you please her in ways no other man has, you'll win"] he said lightly. He knew it was really shitty of them to talk about women like that, but it was a challenge after all.]

[font "times new roman" He leaned back into the booth, cocked his head to the side and took a bite of his sandwich. He chewed then held his hand out towards his best friend. [#0075D0 "What do ya say? Do we have a deal?"] he asked the male. He smirked lightly waiting for the deal to be set. He knew he could beat Carson, but he wanted too if Carson had what it took to woo a woman back to the hotel, and into bed. Tonight was going to be interesting.]
SmileBrightDark-   1y ago

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Momo laughed as her friend called her, following behind her. The girl jumped into the other girl’s Toyota, buckling her seatbelt. She crossed one leg over the other, turning toward her friend. [i [#6d091a “Oh, yeah. There’s this new place on Spring Street. It’s called Red Heat Tavern, and I’ve heard it’s really good.”]] she said. She told the girl the directions and made their way inside. They found a booth they could slide into, taking menus the waitress gave them. Imogen scanned the menu, finding a pasta dish that sounded amazing right now. She set her menu off to the side, ordered a soda when the waitress came.

[i [#6d091a “Sooo, what is your goal for tonight? I mean, obviously we are going for the music but anything else? I wanna see if I can talk to Lennon, damn if he’d take me home.”]] she smirked. Imogen knew that was a long shot, considering he was this big star and he had beautiful women who threw themselves at him all the time. But she wanted to really get to know him, but was he even looking for something like that? Of course, sleeping with him would be a dream but she eventually wanted to settle down. She was like a little kid who had dreams of marrying a famous person, but she was too old for that shit. She had to just talk to him, see what happens. [i [#6d091a “I know he could find so much better but, fuck it. Why not try! You should shoot your shot with Carson! You’re so fucking hot, he’d be stupid not to talk to you!”]] she responded.

Imogen was so lucky to have a friend like Destiny. Attached at the hip, and would do anything for the other. If Destiny liked a boy, but Imogen also liked him, she would always let her friend have him. Half the people they met assumed the two were together the way they acted. They both had their eyes on their respective band members, they didn’t have enough space to like each other. They say opposites attract, and that’s what the two girls are. They have similar qualities, but also are so different on so many levels.

The two girls ordered and their food came out quickly. [i [#6d091a “Honestly, I can’t wait to get there and start drinking. I haven’t been this excited since the last concert we went to!”]] the girl spoke, her feet tapping underneath the table. She twirled some pasta onto her fork, shoving the food into her mouth. She chewed quickly, and ran a hand through her hair. [i [#6d091a “Oh my god, I forgot. How was work last night, you came in pretty late? I hope it wasn’t too bad.”]] she spoke, grabbing more food onto her fork.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson lifted his head when his friend spoke. [b [#265f2c “Marriage! Wow, that’s awesome dude. Man, in my head she's still a six year old who keeps stealing my guitar picks.”]] he laughed. Carson and Lennon started their band when they were young kids, and they were terrible. It was mostly small concerts for their own families, but they wanted it so bad. They practiced constantly, working really hard to get where they wanted to be. After a while of grinding, they finally made it. They started getting record labels calling, tours starting. It had always been Carson’s dream to be a professional musician, and it finally happened. And with his best friend.

Carson laughed when his friend spoke. [b [#265f2c “Lennon, you’re all talk. That blonde will be in my bed before the night is over, I swear.”]] he spoke, taking a bite of a fry off his plate. The male really wasn’t just planning on sleeping with her, he wanted to talk and get to know her. He had seen her in the crowd so many times, he often would get distracted during the show looking for her and her friend. Just knowing she was out there was enough to work his ass off on stage. He didn’t know why he cared so much, it was like she was his motivation, but he didn’t even know her name. He wasn’t the kind of guy to bring girls back, he really didn’t have a lot of experience with women. He wanted to build the confidence he needed to be able to do that, and that beautiful blonde was his in.

[b [#265f2c “Anything I want, huh?”]] Carson smirked. He rubbed his chin before taking his friend's hand. [b [#265f2c “You got a fucking deal.”]] he laughed, shaking his hand. He didn’t even want to think about having that girl all to himself all night, he’d do things to her she’s never even imagined. He dropped his hand before taking a bit of his burger. The greasy food was helping the man sober up from the night of drinking before. [b [#265f2c “Lennon, why did you let me drink so much last night? I was so fucked up.”]] he spoke. When a bar calls you to bring in business and gives you free bottle service all night, you don’t usually say no. He had no idea how Lennon was able to pass that up.

The boys finished up their food, and Carson started feeling much better. The medicine kicked in, he was caffeinated and the greasy food began to do it’s thing. The male noticed the time, and realized they needed to get to their venue. It was almost time for sound check, and they needed to be around for those with meet & greet tickets as well. Carson grabbed the check, paying for their meals and giving the girl a nice tip. He made sure he always paid for food workers well, as he knew how rough food service was when he did it at sixteen. He needed the job to pay for his band expenses, and now he could pay it forward.
Carson and Lennon made their way into the venue, House of Music. Carson was feeling good, ready to have a good night. He made his way into the dressing room, making sure to fix his hair. He put some gel and putty in his hair, that way he knew it would last throughout the night. He made sure he looked good, smelled good and sounded good. He sat down on the couch they had in their dressing room and started to tune his guitar. Their manager, John, entered the room. [b [+blue “Hey boys. You’re meet and greets are here. Very excited.”]] he spoke, laughing after he finished his line. Carson looked toward his best friend, [b [#265f2c “You ready?”]] he asked. He was ready as he could be.
Onyx-lιgнт   1y ago

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/NqUDScU.jpeg]]

[font "times new roman" The moment that Imogen was in the car, she told her about Red Heat Tavern, and she cocked her head slightly to the side. She'd never heard of the place, but she was more than willing to try it. As she drove she let the other do most of the talking, and when they pulled into the parking lot she shut the car off, and climbed out. She linked her arm with the other's, and the two walked into the building. The smells hit her all at once, and her heart skipped a beat. This was the perfect place to go. A waitress came over and took them to a table, and they were handed menus.]

[font "times new roman" She nodded her thanks to the woman and opened the menu. Everything looked so good, and she wondered if they were all spicy. She wasn't in the mood for spice, and nothing with a strong smell. She was planning on getting laid that night. Either by Carson, or some stranger. That's when Imogen brought up the plans for the night. She was about to speak when the waitress came back to take their orders. [#DB7093 "I'll take the grilled chicken pasta, nothing too spicy please"] she said. The waitress took down Imogen's order as well, and took their menus and walked off.]

[font "times new roman" She then turned her eyes to her best friend and smirked a bit. [#DB7093 "Honestly, I feel like if we can talk to the men, then maybe we could have some sort of in. I don't know for sure though. I mean it would be nice to get laid. Haven't had a good lay in a while, but at the same time I don't know if it'll be worth it. Like would it be worth letting a famous person please me for the night? Because they will be gone the next day, and I just I don't know"] she admitted. She wanted to talk to Carson, get to know him, maybe get him into bed. She just wouldn't force it.]

[font "times new roman" Soon their food was there, and she nodded at the waitress then turned to her food. [#DB7093 "Whatever happens, happens I suppose. I'm not going to hold my breath, but at the same time I'm going too. Maybe something good will come of it. I just know that when they leave, we will be following them"] she said as she cut into the chicken and took a bit. The taste was amazing, and she couldn't wait to dig in more. She let the silence wash over them, and pretty soon they were getting [i to-go] boxes. She packed up the rest of her food and stood. She left a good tip for their waitress as well.]

[font "times new roman" [#DB7093 "Let's get going. I don't wanna miss our meet and greet with the boys"] she said with a grin. Soon they were back in the car, and heading towards the concert. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest the whole time. Hopefully things would work in her favor for once.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "I know, she had the biggest crush on you for the longest time too. I don't know if it's cause we were just starting out, or if it's because you took her under your wing, and you are my best friend. Doesn't matter though, I just know when she calls, I'm booking it back home"] he said as he took a bite of the burger in front of him. He was kind of nervous for his sister though. He wanted nothing but the best for her, but there were times he thought Carson would end up with her. It would have been interesting to see to say the least.]

[font "times new roman" He didn't know what had stopped his best friend from bedding his sister. Was it because the two men were so close? Or was it because Carson knew it wasn't going to work out? The male shook his head lightly as he realized that his hand was still held out towards Carson, and he had agreed to the challenge. A smirk passed over his lips. [#0075D0 "Honestly I think we should get different rooms if we take them back to the hotel. I don't want to hear you banging the blonde, and I'm sure you don't want to hear me banging her friend"] he said with a grin.]

[font "times new roman" They both finished their meals, and then were heading to the building where the concert was being held. He took some time to get cleaned up, and then he looked towards their manager. [b "Alright guys, your meet and greet's are here. Make sure you treat them with respect. You have four women, and then after the concert you have four more women meeting you as well"] the other male said. Lennon looked towards his friend and smirked. [#0075D0 "I was born ready"] he admitted. He then bowed his head, and made his way into the hallway.]

[font "times new roman" There were screams of the fans, and he lifted his hand and waved at them. The four women they were meeting first were already in the room, and Lennon slipped inside and to a chair. That's when his eyes landed on the woman he's seen more than once. Her blonde friend was there too. His heart seemed to skip a beat. When Carson walked into the room shortly after, he nodded his head towards the first two. As if to tell him, they were lucky bastards. They had been talking about them, and all of sudden there they were.]

[font "times new roman" It was kind of weird in a way. Their manager walked into the room just then. [b "Alright ladies, you have about fifteen minutes with Lennon and Carson. Then we have to get the concert underway. Just don't take up too much time"] he said. He then moved to the side, letting Lennon and Carson take the floor. [#0075D0 "Well, I'm Lennon as you all know, and this is my best friend Carson. If you guys have any questions shoot them our way, and we will answer them the best we can"] he said with a warm smile locking eyes on the brown headed woman before him.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen and Destiny made their way to the House of Music, jamming to the band’s music the whole way there. They scouted out the door they knew they could get through and easily made their way in. This was not their first rodeo. They were able to find the meet and greet head, showing him their ‘passes’ and he, of course, completely believed them. The guy in charge of the meet and greet Imogen recognized as their manager, the ladies had bumped into him more than once trying to sneak backstage. As they waited for the boys to come out to meet them, Imogen’s stomach began to fill with butterflies. The girls had been to every concert of these boys for the last couple of years, but this was the first time they’d actually talk to them. Imogen had only dreamed of this moment, but now it was coming true.

The Sleeping Secrets manager led them into a room, and let them know the details of the meet and greet. There were only four girls, Imogen and Destiny, and two other girls. They seemed nice enough, introducing themselves as Allie and Samantha once the manager went to get the band. The other girls said this was their first concert and were very excited, to which Imogen tried giving them some tips about how to get to the front faster, and how to not get hurt if they were planning on crowd surfing. The door handle shook a little bit, and Imogen’s breath was caught in her mouth as the door opened.

Imogen’s eyes locked with Lennon as soon as he walked out of the door. She couldn’t help but let a small smile rest on her lips as both Lennon and Carson entered the room they had been put into. The woman’s eyes darted to her lap, all of a sudden she was nervous. When Lennon spoke though, her eyes darted up. As soon as her eyes went to Lennon, she noticed he was also looking at her as well. They headed towards her and Destiny first, and even though Imogen liked the two, she enjoyed that the men headed toward them first.

Before they met the boys, Imogen had played her entire interaction and what she wanted to say. How she wanted to introduce herself and questions she wanted to ask, but they all left her mind when the band entered the room. As Lennon looked at her, her cheeks flushed a light pink color, and she knew she had to say something. [i [#6d091a “Hi. I’m Imogen, some people call me Momo, though. Oh, and this is my best friend Destiny. We are your biggest fans, we see all your concerts. We travel and everything.”]] Momo smiled, running her hand through her hair. [i [#6d091a “What's your favorite song you’ve written?”]] she blurted out after. She was a bit embarrassed at her introduction, but it already left her lips. Her arms were wrapped around her own waist, lightly biting her lower lip.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson smiled, he was happy for Lennon’s little sister. She was cute, but the two boys were so close that he couldn’t imagine dating the girl. They had kissed years ago, but Lennon had never found out because his sister was nervous to tell him. As he brought himself back to the present conversation. Carson laughed at his friend’s comment. [b [#265f2c “You are 100% correct, I’ll talk to Jeff about getting another room”]]. Just then, they were led into the meet and greet room to meet their guests.

Carson smirked as they entered the room where the meet and greet was held. When he entered, he saw the blonde and her friend he had seen many many times. She was even more beautiful closeup. It was clear her friend was nervous, as she openly introduced her friend, as Lennon had done for him. As the brunette, Imogen asked the first question he looked over to Lennon. [b [#265f2c “Huh? My favorite one is probably ‘Night Like This.’ What about you, bro?]] Carson answered, his eyes redirected toward the blonde, Destiny. [b [#265f2c “What’s your favorite song Destiny?”]] Carson asked the women in front of him, flashing a smile toward her, waiting for her to answer.

Carson was able to act cool and collected when he was nervous on the inside. He also had more confidence whenever he was with Lennon, which was probably the whole reason he was able to sing and play guitar in front of anyone. Carson was not as cool as he seemed now when they were kids. He didn’t have a ton of friends, and was a bit of a loner, except for Lennon. They were basically brothers at this point, and he brought out something different in him.

Carson looked over to the other two girls and knew they couldn’t just ignore the other girls. He didn’t really want to leave Destiny’s side, but he didn’t want to seem rude. He moved a bit, over to the other two, asking them to introduce themselves and about any questions they had. As the meet and greet continued, the six of them began talking altogether about any questions the girls may have. As their manager mentioned that they needed to wrap up, they started to finish up and take any pictures the girl wanted.

As he passed Destiny, he said to her, a bit quieter than normal, [b [#265f2c “I have a meet and greet after the show, but don’t leave. Let’s talk a bit later.”]] he said, winking at the beautiful blonde girl.

As they finished up with the women, their manager popped his head in the room. [b [+blue “Hello! I hope you all had a great time! It’s time for the boys to get ready before the concert starts up. You all will have first access to the floor before anyone else, so lucky for you! Lennon and Carson, say goodbye and head off to your dressing room. The rest of you can follow me to the floor.”]] their manager spoke. The male duo said goodbye to the meet and greet, Carson, winking toward Destiny as she left as well.

When the band made their way to their dressing room, Carson plopped down onto the couch. [b [#265f2c “ I tried flirting. I hope she took it as flirting and not as just being nice. I’ll have to do better after the show.”]] he said, messing with his hair with his hand.
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[font "times new roman" The meet and greet was going amazing well. At least in her mind it was. Watching as the two men came into the room after their manager made the woman's heart skip a beat. Seeing Carson and Lennon in the same room, talking to them, was like a dream come true so to speak. When Carson directed a question to her, she cocked her head to the side, thinking about it. Did she really have a favorite song of theirs? She bit the inside of her cheek lightly before speaking. [#DB7093 "I don't have a favorite to be honest, all of them have different meanings"]]

[font "times new roman" [#DB7093 "If I had to choose it would have to be Night Like This. But in all honesty your music has saved my life more than once. I can't just pick one song and declare it as a favorite"] she said lightly. She then remembered there were two other girls in the room as well, and she let them talk to the men as well. She didn't like that feeling, but knowing that Carson kept looking towards her, told her something. She wasn't about to read into it too much though. She knew they were busy, and pretty soon it was time for the men to get on stage. The one place she loved seeing Carson and Lennon.]

[font "times new roman" As their manager wrapped everything up, she was surprised when Carson stopped long enough to tell her not to leave after the concert. Her heart seemed to skip a beat at that. Was this really going to happen tonight? She watched as he left, and then turned to Imogen and raised a 'brow slightly. She waited until the other two were out of the room, and out of ear shot as well, before she grabbed her best friend by the arm. [#DB7093 "Carson told me not to leave after the concert. He has a meet and greet afterwards, but he wants to talk"] she said with a grin.]

[font "times new roman" She wasn't going to get her hopes up, but she hoped that Imogen had just enough luck as she did. She let the woman's arm go before she turned and headed to the door. Things were slowly going the way she had hoped. She just didn't want to get her hopes up, but maybe she would get the best lay of her life tonight anyway. Even if they didn't end up in bed together, at least she'd have some one on one time with Carson. Something she's dreamed about for years.]

[font "times new roman" She was pretty much walking on cloud nine. She didn't know if she would be able to focus on the concert they were at, but did she want to focus on that? Or did she want to focus on other things? She bit her lip lightly as she wrapped her arms around herself, made her way into the concert hall, and waited for the concert to get over and done with. She couldn't wait to see what the male wanted to talk to her about.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" Lennon let Carson do most of the talking, his eyes moved to Imogen, and wouldn't leave. She was beautiful up close and personal. He knew he could woo her into bed, and the fact that he had a bet with Carson, made it that much easier. He wanted to upstage the other so bad, that he didn't realize he had asked him a question. [#0075D0 "Sorry got distracted. With four beautiful ladies in the same room, how can you not?"] he said with a small smile. He was mostly talking about Imogen, but he didn't want to leave the other's out.]

[font "times new roman" When Carson repeated his question he shrugged a bit. [#0075D0 "I don't think I have one. I mean all of them are amazing, and Night Like This has been playing over and over in my head, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be One Night Stand, or Beautiful Butterfly. Beautiful Butterfly was written about my sister though, so I guess you can say I'm biased when it comes to that song"] he said with a smirk. It was one of the more mellow songs he had written, but it was still a beautiful song. At least to him it was.]

[font "times new roman" As it was wrapping up, he took one last look at Imogen, and pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. He wrote a little note and when he passed, he slipped it into her hand. He smiled at her, and then was rushed out the door. The note read. [#0075D0 [i Meet me out the back at intermission.]] It was all it said. He didn't know if he would be able to still go through with it, but at least he had passed his note along. There was something about that woman that was drawing him.]

[font "times new roman" He shook his head and looked at Carson when he said he talked to the blonde. [#0075D0 "Good, I'm glad you did. I know I'm gonna be MIA at intermission though, at least for a good fifteen minutes or so. Just make sure no one goes looking for me"] he said. He went back to the dressing room, changed and got ready to go on stage. Pretty soon he had a microphone in his hand, and he could hear a lot of screams from back stage. He had opted out of another meet and greet, and let Carson have his moment. He looked at the other male, smiled and walked on stage. He couldn't wait for it to be over.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen couldn’t help but smile the whole time she talked with the band. This had been a dream of hers to be up close and personal with the band, and now it was happening. Imogen had been watching and she had locked eyes with Lennon more than once, which sent the butterflies in her stomach into overdrive. Once he started talking about his sister though, Imogen’s smile softened a bit. She loved the song Beautiful Butterfly, her brother had mentioned that he listened to that song when he missed her, which meant a lot to her. To know he was close to his sibling as she was, it melted her heart just a bit more.

As they were leaving, she felt something slide into her hand as Lennon’s hand brushed against hers. A small tingle went up her arm before she even looked at the note that was now in her hand. She took one last look towards Lennon, who smiled towards her, before he left. She opened the note, and almost screamed. She screamed mentally before being led out and pulled aside by Destiny, who began speaking about her Carson interaction and how he wanted to speak afterwards. [i [#6d091a “Oo.”]] the woman joked to her friend. Imogen held up her small note toward her friend, her feet doing a small happy dance. [i [#6d091a “He wants to meet me at intermission! I can’t believe it! This is happening!”]] she smiled, taking the woman’s arm as well.

The feeling of anticipation had overtaken Imogen at this point. She was downright giddy, and she couldn’t wipe the stupid smile off her face. She wondered what he wanted to talk to her about, and she couldn’t help but let all the possibilities run through her brain. As the continued to wait for the show to start, she turned to her friend, [i [#6d091a “Hey Destiny, I’m so nervous. What should I do? What should I say? I feel like I am just going to mess up everything.”]] Imogen said, as they found their spot on the floor of the venue to see the concert. They were pretty close up to the front, which meant she’d be able to watch Lennon as he worked his musical magic.

As the rest of people around the filled in, the friends knew the show would be starting soon. They both had something to look forward to at this point, and she knew that neither of them were as concentrated on the concert as the thought they would be. But, she still wanted to enjoy herself. She let herself relax about the meeting, and saw as the lights lowered. The band walked out, the crowd around her roared. Imogen threw her hands up, and let out a ‘WHOO!’ and let herself get lost in the music. She sang, well screamed, along and jumped around with Destiny as much as she could without losing her voice.

Soon, after the first set of songs, they explained they would be taking an intermission and would be back out soon. As Imogen heard this, she turned toward her friend, taking her hands. [i [#6d091a “Wish me luck! I’ll tell you everything when I get back.”]] She smiled brightly to her friend. She wormed her way out of the crowd, showing her ticket to the doorman, so she would easily be able to get back in after meeting with Lennon. She found a spot in the back, and looked down at the ground, waiting for Lennon to show up. She hoped it wasn’t just some joke, that he would actually show up.

Imogen took the time she waited to calm herself down. She wanted to make sure she was cool and calm when speaking with him. She didn’t want to seem like such a crazed fan, but just like they were normal people. She remembered the small glimpse into him she got when he spoke of his sister, and just used that to remember he was just as normal as she was. Her butterflies in her stomach were going wild, and she ran her hand through her hair. She looked around, hoping to see the male soon.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson shot a confused look toward his friend, why would he be gone during intermission? [b [#265f2c “Alright, just don’t do anything too stupid.”]] he replied, finishing fixing his hair in the mirror. He took this time to double check and tune his guitars. He liked to have a few different guitars to switch between for different songs. He made sure they were all ready for their first set of songs. He finished them up, and one of the crew members took the rack away to set them up so they would be easily accessible from his spot on stage. The boys had always split the stage, neither of them standing in the middle because they were equals in this. Carson would never let one of them be ‘the lead’, this was [i their thing] together.

Carson got changed quickly, really ready to start their first set. As they waited backstage, they could hear the roars of the fans as the lights lowered. As Lennon smiled towards him, they headed on stage, the roars louder than before. Carson easily found Destiny in the crowd, and winked in her direction. [b [#265f2c “Hey, how are you all tonight?”]] Carson spoke, the crowd roaring once again. The crowd even had small outbursts of “I love you’s” that followed the end of the loud cries of the crowd. He turned toward his friend, a smile forming on his lips. [b [#265f2c “Let’s get this party started!”]] he said, grabbing his first guitar and motioning to Lennon that it was time to start.

The first set the played when over very well with the crowd. He could see they were all having a good time, which is why he did what he did. He played music because he loved it, but also because of the way it made others feel. The amount of times people had said their music helped them, that was something that pushed him to keep creating. Something hit him, when Destiny told them that their music had saved her many times. Hearing something like that made him attracted to her even more than he already was. But, now he had to figure out what he was even going to say to her afterwards. He couldn’t just ask her to go back to his hotel, but he did just want to get to know her. He could buy her a drink, that would only be a start.

As intermission time came, they waved, leaving to their dressing room for the break in their set. [b [#265f2c “So, where are you going? Have a hot date?”]] he laughed, throwing a handful of nuts from a bowl in front of him into his mouth. He grabbed a water in front of him, taking a swig of it. [b [#265f2c “Well, whatever it is, don’t be late.”]] he joked, a smirk resting on his lips.
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[font "times new roman" Destiny shook her head lightly. [#DB7093 "Honey you aren't going to mess anything up. If anything he should be the one to worry about fucking something up. You have nothing to worry about at all"] she said with a warm smile. She was kind of jealous that Imogen was seeing Lennon before the show was even over. She pushed those feelings aside though. She would be seeing Carson in a while anyway. She couldn't really blame Imogen for being nervous. Hell she was nervous as well. Which wasn't something she was used too period. She bit her lip as the lights dimmed, and the concert started.]

[font "times new roman" She started moving to the beat, singing along to all of the lyrics, and grabbing Imogen a couple of times and the two went down together. As the last song of the first set died out, she was breathing hard. She looked at the woman and grinned. [#DB7093 "Go get your man!"] she said pushing her towards the exit. She was then left alone. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest, as she made her way out of the room. She went to one of the stands and bought a couple of water bottles. She opened the first one and downed it pretty quick. It was hot after all.]

[font "times new roman" She threw the empty water bottle away, and then opened the other one. This time she sipped at it. That's when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder and she looked over her shoulder at the male there. He was pretty good looking, and he looked really nervous. She broke out into a small smile. [#DB7093 "Can I help you?"] she asked him. The way he was standing there looking at her made her slightly nervous. [b "I just wanted you to know how stunning you look"] he breathed out. That voice, she knew that voice, and her blood ran cold.]

[font "times new roman" [#DB7093 "Jimmy.."] she breathed out. The male broke out into a smile. [b "So you do remember me"] he said. She wanted nothing more than to run out of the room, and away from Jimmy all together. How the hell did he even find her? Her heart was hammering inside of her chest, but she kept her cool the best she could. She wrapped her fingers around the water bottle, as her eyes darted around looking for an exit. [b "What? You aren't even going to hug me, or even say hello?"] he asked her looking a bit hurt. She shook her head lightly as she started to back up. He then grabbed her.]

[font "times new roman" [b "You aren't going anywhere, not this time Des. You belong with me, and you know that"] he hissed. She shook her head as she locked her eyes on his. [#DB7093 "Jimmy please, let me go.. You and I broke up three fucking years ago! You know why I had to leave you"] she breathed. The male tightened his grip on her, and pulled her against him. [b "You aren't going anywhere Des. Not this time. I'm a changed man. Let me prove it to you. Give me one more chance"] he nearly pleaded with her. She shook her head and tried to get out of his grasp.]

[font "times new roman" [#DB7093 "If you don't let me go, I will fucking scream"] she hissed. [b "You won't. You are coming with me, and that little friend of your's can suck it"] he told her. He then started pulling her to one of the exit doors. That's when she let out a blood chilling scream at the top of her lungs. That made the male let her go, and he rounded on her just then, and slapped her across the face to shut her up. She was finally free. She turned and ran into the crowd of people. Some of them had seen the male hit her too. A couple of the men grabbed him and started fighting. The blonde on the other hand didn't care.]

[font "times new roman" She found a bathroom, threw the door open, and slammed it shut. She locked the door behind her, and slid down onto the floor. She wrapped her arms around her knees, pulled them to her chest and let the tears fall. Her cheek was stinging, and knew she had a pretty nice bruise there already. Her heart was hammering, and she could hear the people outside yelling, and telling Jimmy to leave before the cops were called. Her worst nightmare was back, and she was all of a sudden back to the same place she had been three years ago with him.]

[font "times new roman" She pulled her phone out and sent Imogen a message. [#DB7093 [i I'll see you at the end of the night. I had to leave, something came up. I promise I'll come and find you when I can.]] She then hit send, put her head on her knees and sobbed. She would stay in this bathroom till the end of the night, she wasn't going to move at all.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" Lennon smirked lightly as he looked towards Carson. [#0075D0 "I don't know about you, but I'll be seeing my girl here in a little bit. I'm not gonna wait till the end of the night. You'll have to do the second meet and greet with Rocky this go round"] he said with a smirk. He grabbed a water bottle and made his way out of the building. The cool night air hit his skin, and it made him shiver a bit. He wasn't expecting it to be that cool out here, but it was. He unscrewed the cap on the water bottle, took a swig and replaced it. That's when he saw Imogen standing there.]

[font "times new roman" Seeing her made his heart skip a beat. She looked so beautiful, and he honestly didn't know what to do or say. What was he supposed to say to her anyway? That he knew her and her friend were stalking them pretty much? He didn't know how they could take so much time off work, and come to all of their shows, and following them around the country. He didn't mind it though. He'd been wanting to get her alone for awhile now. Now that he had that chance, he was about to clam up. Something he never did.]

[font "times new roman" He took a breath and walked over to her. [#0075D0 "You must be Imogen"] he said lightly. He broke out into a small smile, as he walked up beside her. He pulled out his pack of smokes, placed one between his lips, and then pulled out his lighter. He then lit it, took a drag, let the smoke linger there for a moment and then blew it out. The silence was kind of awkward, and he didn't like it. He could hear the fans inside going wild, and a lot of people were talking loudly. A couple of them came out the back door, spotted him and came up to him asking for pictures. He nodded lightly letting them.]

[font "times new roman" He made sure his cig was still lit though the whole time. A couple girls came up to him and stood right under his arms, he smiled as he wrapped his arms around their shoulder's. One of them was bold enough to grab his face, and kiss him full on the mouth. It took him by surprise, but it wasn't bad. He had to admit, the kiss was amazing. When the fangirls went back inside scrolling through the pictures they took he shook his head. He then moved back to Imogen. [#0075D0 "Sorry about that. Kinda have to please them ya know?"] he said with a small chuckle.]

[font "times new roman" He then took another drag and blew the smoke out. [#0075D0 "So, answer me this. How long have you and your friend been following the band? Meaning in general. Like how did you come to find out about us and what not"] he said lightly. He then placed the smoke back between his lips, and leaned against the wall waiting for her to reply. He wouldn't have much more time to wait around, cause it was getting closer to the second half of the show.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] When she heard someone speaking behind her, she turned and allowed a small smile to rest on her lips. Imogen wanted him to think she was calm and collected, while inside she was screaming. This had been her dream, for Lennon to [i want] to speak to her. He requested her to meet him outside. After he said her name, the two of them were silent. She craved the cigarette he was smoking to dull the silence, but she had quit smoking recently so she didn’t want to fall back into it.

As she opened her mouth to speak, some girls ran outside and started taking pictures with Lennon. She awkwardly stood by, wrapping her arms around her body as she waited. She wasn’t too happy that her time with Lennon was cut short, but she tensed when one of the girls ended up kissing him. She wished that was her, but she knew she didn’t have the confidence that woman had to kiss him like that.

After he left, he spoke to her again. She looked up to him, biting the inside of her cheek. [i [#6d091a “Oh, yeah. It’s okay.”]] she said. She was planning on asking him why he called her outside, but then a second question was asked. Her face started to heat up, but she was happy she had the cover of darkness to hide her face. [i [#6d091a “Initially, my older brother was listening to you guys. He had your ep and your first album he used to blast in his room when he lived at home. Your music grew on Destiny and I, as we were attached at the hip most of our lives. So, technically, I’ve been a fan since the beginning. My brother always says that when he listens to Beautiful Butterfly, he can’t help but think of me.”]] she began by the answer but then began to trail off about her brother. She missed her brother more than anything, as he was off following his dreams.

[i [#6d091a “So…”]] Momo started, trying to keep her calm nature, even though she was still freaking out on the inside. [i [#6d091a “Did you call me out just to ask about how I became your fan, or is there more to this meetup?”]] she said, a smirk on her lips and placing her hand in her back pocket.

Momo could help but take in Lennon’s whole person. His build was strong, his facial features were sharp. His tattoos were just as perfect up close as they were from the floor. Meeting him alone was different than meet and greets, as here he seemed unsure of what to say, yet he seemed confident when meeting other fans. What was different about meeting just one outside? Was he aware that she and Destiny had basically followed them around the country? This was their favorite band, the songs they cried to when they were sad, and the songs they listened to through all their exciting news as well. Sleeping Secrets had become the soundtrack of the girl’s lives.

Imogen felt her pocket buzz, knowing it was probably Destiny, she would look at it when she went back inside. [i [#6d091a “But, in all seriousness, you’re music has helped me in so many ways. Destiny and I, so thank you for creating such beautiful music.”]] Imogen flashed a smile toward him after complimenting his music, running a hand through he now wind-swept hair.

Imogen looked to the side, as the man was pushed out of the venue. There was yelling and she squinted her eyes to see what was happening. She knew that man, and her eyes widened. That was Destiny’s abusive ex-boyfriend. [i [#6d091a “Lennon, I need to hide. Come this way.”]] she spoke, grabbing his arm, pulling his behind the corner of the building, looking around the corner. As they made their way around the corner, she looked around as Jimmy paced around the front of the building. [i [#6d091a “Shit, that’s my friend's abusive ex. What the fuck is he doing here?”]] she said. As she saw him look over toward her, she pulled Lennon in front of her, shielding her from Jimmy’s view. [i [#6d091a “Fuck, I hope Destiny’s okay.”]] she said, her mind completely forgetting the text she received earlier.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson groaned when he was reminded of the second meet and greet that would take place after the show. And he was a bit annoyed that Lennon bowed out of intermission to meet up with a girl. This was usually their time to adjust anything they needed to, based on crowd response, also he was a good company for the time. He sighed, taking another sip of water as he exited their dressing room. He had nothing to keep him busy, considering his best friend went to meet a girl and he had no girl of his own to come backstage during intermission. He loved it when he stopped in towns where old friends would come visit them, but he wished he could have a girlfriend who could also come see his shows.

Carson would love to have a girlfriend but he never wanted to leave someone for his tours and not be around. He had a couple of flings on the offseason of the tour, but they never really lasted. They couldn't handle the constant marriage proposals and being in the limelight of being his girlfriend. He wished he could find someone who liked the real him, the Carson that he was off stage. He ended up striking up a conversation with his manager and the tour designer, discussing the next few stops they had coming up.

As they were just about to finish up their conversation, Carson could hear some commotion that began going on in the stage area. He excused himself, heading on stage, and it seemed for the first time, he really wasn’t where the attention was headed. He saw a man slap a woman across the face, his blood boiling. What man in his right mind would ever hit a woman like that?

Carson held himself back, he wanted to go over there, and punch the lights out of that man until he couldn’t move, but some others had the same idea, kicking him out the venue. He saw a blonde woman running in the opposite direction, hoping it wasn’t the beautiful woman he had met earlier. No one deserved to be attacked, especially at a place where he wanted everyone to be themselves and feel safe.

Carson sent a text to Lennon, just so he was aware of the whole situation happening inside, as he was still preoccupied with his ‘girl’ outside. [i [b [#265f2c Dude, a girl just got attacked by some maniac inside. He just got escorted out, but make sure whoever you're with is safe, he has no problem hitting a woman.]]]. He hit send, heading back to his manager. He explained calmly about the situation happening so that he could go handle the situation on the floor. People around were probably rattled about what just happened, so he could be crowd control.

Carson paced in his dressing room, worried about the girl. He didn’t even know who he was but was still concerned about her wellbeing. He wanted to ask one of his female producers to check in on her, as he saw her enter the bathroom, but he didn’t want to freak her out either. He, of course, would check in with Destiny when he met up with her to make sure she was safe during this whole ordeal. He started tapping his foot, looking at his watch. Lennon was running late, they had to head on in only 5 minutes. Now he was worried about the woman, and he hoped his friend didn’t run away with this girl already.
Onyx-lιgнт   1y ago

[font "times new roman" Des sat on the floor of the bathroom her cheek stinging from the slap. She wanted nothing more than to just leave. She couldn't do that though. Not to Carson, and not to Imogen. Then again she had messaged Imogen telling her that something had come up. She pushed herself up and grabbed some paper towels and pulled her pen out of her pocket. She wrote her name, number, apartment name and number down. She then folded it up and wrote Carson's name on it. She was going to ditch the rest of the show. Something she never did.]

[font "times new roman" She slid the pen back into her pocket and opened the door. She then peered around the corner to make sure no one was there. She then slipped out, and spotted someone standing at the end of the stage doors. She walked up to the man there and he looked down at her. [b "Only people with back stage passes can enter"] he told her. The woman rolled her eyes. [#DB7093 "I know that. I was supposed to meet up with Carson after the show, but something came up.. Will you please give this to him?"] she asked.]

[font "times new roman" The male looked her up and down, and realized she had been the one to get attacked. He took the paper towels and nodded. [b "I'll give it to him before he goes back on stage"] he told her. She nodded her thanks and then hurried out of the building. Imogen was smart enough to get a ride back to the hotel. She slipped her car keys out, and found the parked car. She slid in behind the wheel, started it up and peeled out of the parking lot.]

[font "times new roman" She felt like a really shitty person, but she didn't care. Her cheek was still red, her eyes were red, and she wanted to hide away. It didn't take long to get back to the apartment. She then parked the car, went inside and straight to the room. She hurried and showered, changed into pajama's, and applied some coverup to her red cheek. It worked, and she just hoped it would still work. She bit her lip as she crawled into her bed, curled up on her side, and waited for Imogen to make her way back to the apartment.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The male watched as she spoke about [i Beautiful Butterfly]. He didn't realize how many people could really understand the lyrics in that song. It was something he had taken his time on. Getting the lyrics right, and changing them over and over until they could finally fit into the hit song it was. He shoved his hands into his pockets and shrugged a bit. [#0075D0 "I'm glad you like the song. It'll forever be my sister's song that's for damn sure"] he said with a small smile.]

[font "times new roman" Thinking about her, and wondering how she was doing made the male pause a moment. That's when he realized Imogen had asked him a question about asking her out here. He pulled one of his hands out of his pocket and rubbed the back of his head. [#0075D0 "Well in all honesty, I've seen the both of you at all of our shows. So it kind of makes me wonder if you both are stalking me and Carson, or the band all together. Not that it's a bad thing, because we adore all the fans and shit. Just something about you drew me in"]]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "I'm not meaning to sound like a dick when I say this, but it's kind of hard to believe that you and your friend haven't lost your jobs, or the fact your bosses give you both the time off to travel like you do. I love the fact you do. But the real reason I asked you out here, is to see if-"] he was all of a sudden cut off when the door flew open again, and a male was pretty much thrown out. That's when Imogen grabbed him and pulled him around the corner. He was kind of confused about what was going on.]

[font "times new roman" When Imogen used him as a shield of sorts, and spoke about how that asshole was her friend's abusive ex, it made his blood boil. He wasn't about to let an abusive prick at his show. He was glad the asshole was thrown out. He turned to Imogen and nodded his head towards the door they had been standing by. [#0075D0 "You go back inside. I'll make sure that asshole doesn't come near you"] was all he said. He then moved towards the other's. One of his stage managers was there as well. He knew nothing would happen. He just hoped that Imogen would make it back inside safely.]

[font "times new roman" He shoved his hands into his pockets, and started talking to the other's asking what was going on. He heard the door open and close, and knew that Imogen was safely back inside. He spent the next ten minutes outside, before he had to excuse himself for the second half of the show. He went inside and found Carson. [#0075D0 "What the fuck happened while I was outside? Ya know what, tell me after the bloody show. We go back on in five minutes"] he said. He grabbed a water bottle, downed it, and hoped that Imogen wouldn't leave as soon as the show was over.]
SmileBrightDark-   1y ago

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] As Imogen made her way back inside, there was so much commotion going on. Stage managers calming crowd members, groups of men who were pissed, and talking about Jimmy who had been kicked out for hitting someone. [i Oh no…] was all Imogen could think of as she pulled out her phone. She was relieved to see a text from Destiny, assuming she would tell her where she was so they could meet up now. She unlocked her phone, seeing the texts she did get made the girl frown. Why would Destiny leave, this was so unlike anything she would do. Something must have happened with Jimmy and her. Why did she decide to leave Destiny alone like that? She should have stayed and maybe she could have prevented this.

Imogen did a quick scan of the area. Destiny wasn’t in the bathroom, at the bar, or in the parking lot. She even checked where they had parked, Destiny had left. She must have encountered Jimmy. She remembered the people discussing a woman getting hit, and it must have been Destiny. Oh god, she needed to be with her. But she had no way to get home now. She would have to wait for the concert to be over, as all the users in the area were shipping people around after a baseball game that was nearby. [i [#6d091a “Shit…”]] she yelled, and headed back inside. It was a long shot, but maybe a friend was here too. She texted every friend she had that enjoyed the band, see if they were around. She knew she couldn’t ask Lennon to drive her home, he was famous.

Lennon! Imogen had to leave as he was in the middle of saying something. She texted back to Destiny, [#6d091a Hi babe. I think I know what happened, I am so sorry. I should have been with you. I would have gone home with you. I will find a way home as soon as the show is over. Do you need me right now? I’ll run home if you need me. Love you, stay safe.]

The second half of the show started now, and Imogen couldn’t get excited without her best friend. She took a seat at the bar, babysitting a cup of water as the music filled her ears. She could barely enjoy the music, but she had nothing else to do. She kept her phone tight in her hand, in case she received any news from Destiny. She had such a pang of guilt in her chest, wishing she could be there for her friend.

As the second half ended, Imogen was getting swept up in the people around her. She pushed her way to the back of the venue, looking around for someone to give her a ride. She made her way to a side door, a man standing in front of her. [b "Only people with backstage passes can enter"] the man said. Momo rolled her eyes, [i [#6d091a “I know that. Can you ask Lennon if he can come out? I need to talk to him.”]] Momo tried her luck. The man laughed, [b “Yeah. Get in line with all the other girls who asked.”]. Momo threw her hands up, [[i [#6d091a “I need to get home to my friend. The one that had the incident during intermission. Please.”]] she pleaded. The guy looked around, turning back to her and looking at her meet and greet pass. [b “There is a meet and greet now, just join the line over there. He should be there.”] he said. The man had no idea that Lennon would not be there, but he tried to be helpful. Imogen thanked him and followed the group into the back. As she made her way back, she saw Lennon off to the side, not where they were headed. As the people around them were preoccupied, she ran over to him. [i [#6d091a “Hey you. Sorry about the earlier. But I am kind of in a rush to head home. My friend got into a situation at intermission. Do you have anyway I can get home?”]] she asked. She might as well shoot her shot, it was her last hope before hitchhiking home.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson sighed as Lennon entered back into the room. [b [#265f2c “I texted you. Guess your hot date ran long, huh?”]] he asked as he began getting ready for his next set. Their guard, Tony, entered their dressing room. [b “Hey, Carson?”] he spoke as Carson looked up to him. He walked over. [b [#265f2c “What’s up? What’s that?”]] Carson said, motioning to the paper towels crumpled in Tony’s hand. Tony handed it to him, [b “A blonde woman asked to give them to you. She was the one in the incident outside.”]. Tony smiled and closed the door behind him.

Carson opened the time but didn’t know what to think. It seemed to be her phone number and an address. She wanted him to come to her house? [b [#265f2c “Lennon, you won’t believe what I just got. Destiny gave me her number and address. She must have left the show.”]] he said. His blood then began to boil, as he realized that she was the one who had gotten slapped. He slammed his hands down on the counter nearby, [b [#265f2c “Damn. She was the one! She got slapped by some fucked up guy in the audience. Fuck.”]] he spoke, his voice raised a bit.

The stage manager mentioned it was time for the second set, and the boys headed out. Carson tried to smile, even though he was so pissed. [b [#265f2c “How are you guys doing? Let’s get to it.”]] he smiled fakely, starting to play their set. He felt as though everything was off, he didn’t see the blonde or the brunette in the crowd of people, it was throwing off everything. Carson tried to calm down until the show was over, but he couldn’t get a grip. He made it through, but it wasn’t his best. Instead of his normal ending where he would talk a bit, he waved quickly and headed off stage.

Carson ran right to his phone after the set, even though he had a meet and greet afterward. He texted the number on the paper towel, [i [b [#265f2c Hi, it’s Carson. This is Destiny, right? I wanted to make sure you were alright, I saw what happened out there. Would you like to meet up somewhere? I could come to you, or you could come to the hotel I’m at? Or I could take you somewhere to eat? It’s up to you.]]] He wasn’t thinking about his bet anymore. Something crazy just happened to her; he would never push anything onto her. The boys would be in town for a few days, as they had another show in the same town the day after next. He hoped she would want to at least meetup, or talk.

Carson grabbed his phone and headed to his meet and greet. He had to go solo, as Lennon worked his way out of it. He would do the same, but he couldn’t do that now that Lennon was out. He made his way over to the room, playing a smile as the group entered. [b [#265f2c “Hey everyone. Did you enjoy the show?”]] he smiled, keeping his phone tight in his hand.
Onyx-lιgнт   1y ago

[font "times new roman" The blonde's head was pounding, and she wondered if Imogen was enjoying the rest of the show. She was kind of worried if Carson would even get her note. If he didn't, it wouldn't be too big of a loss. She knew they were still going to be in town, at least for a couple more days. She could somehow get to him again that way. She heard her phone buzzing, and she reached over and read the message from Imogen. She felt bad for ditching her, but what other choice did she have? She was a mess, and knew she could get Imogen home if she had too.]

[font "times new roman" She then sent the woman a message back. [#DB7093 [i If you can't get a ride home, let me know and I'll get you an Uber or something. I'll be okay, I love you too. When and if you do get a ride home, let me know you're home safe and sound as well.]] She then hit send. She climbed out of bed, and went into the kitchen and popped some popcorn. She never locked her door against Imogen, and there weren't any keys to open the locked doors, so they only time they were locked, was when they were in their rooms. That's what she was planning on doing too.]

[font "times new roman" She didn't want to see the woman, and kind of hoped she would be able to fend for herself. She was a big girl after all. Yes their night was ruined because of her abusive ex-boyfriend, and she felt horrible about it. She finished popping the popcorn, and she grabbed a couple bottles of Coke from the fridge, along with some other junk food and went back to her room. She set everything down onto the bed, and closed the door and locked it. She then put her chair under the knob as well, just in case.]

[font "times new roman" She wanted to be alone, and she was doing everything in her power to make it so. She made sure her bedroom window was locked as well. It wasn't like her, and when she got this way, it was bad. She was alone after all. She heard her phone go off again and she saw it was from a number she didn't know. She wondered who it was, and opened the message. It was from Carson. Her heart skipped a beat as she read the message over. He was asking to meet up with her, and if she was okay.]

[font "times new roman" So in a way he did care. That made the woman smile a little bit. It wasn't much of a smile, but it was there. She debated on even replying back, but he had texted her in the first place. She bit her lip lightly as she started typing a message back. [#DB7093 [i I'm okay. I'm at home right now. I would say yes to meeting up right now, but all I want right now is to be left alone. I'm pretty much hiding out in my bedroom as I'm typing this anyway. If you guys are still going to be in town in the next couple of days, I can meet up with you somewhere.]]]

[font "times new roman" [#DB7093 [i I'm sorry for bouncing like I did, but after that little incident, I didn't want people to really see me. I know I've been dubbed the [b girl that was hit] and I'm good staying that way. As long as no one really got to see my face, no one will be able to put two and two together. I hope you have a good show tonight, and make sure you get your flirt on as well.]] She read the message over and over, and then hit send. She hadn't gotten anything back from Imogen either, and that somewhat worried her, but at the same time it didn't.]

[font "times new roman" She grabbed her T.V. remote and climbed back into bed. She pulled out her Xbox controller as well, and turned the gaming console on. She found Netflix, logged in, and snuggled down for the night. She popped some candy into her mouth, and tried to forget the night she had. She just hoped she hadn't fucked up her chance with the male.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The night hadn't gone as the male had planned. A woman had gotten hit while she was there. He didn't know who it was, and he didn't know if he wanted to know who it was. It was kind of heartless of him. He was kind of worried though. What if it had been the pretty blonde that was with Imogen? Then he would feel like a total asshole. When the second half of the show started, he took his place on the stage, and just sang his heart out, and played like no other. The fans were screaming, and it turned out to be a pretty good night after all. Even if something horrible had happened.]

[font "times new roman" When they were done he said goodnight to the fans, and then went to the dressing room. He had managed to get out of the second meet and greet and he was glad. He was able to somewhat unwind and slowly gather up his things. He sent Carson a message about heading back to the hotel while he could, and then packed up his things. The night wasn't perfect, but what night was? There was always something going on around them, no matter what it was. He slid his back pack onto his shoulder and grabbed his baseball cap and walked out.]

[font "times new roman" As he was about to head out the doors her heard a woman's voice. He turned and saw Imogen. She looked pale, and really worried. He cocked his head to the side slightly confused. That's when her words sank in. So it had been the blonde. He nodded lightly as he took her arm, and placed the hat onto his head. [#0075D0 "Yeah I can take you home. I was heading to my hotel anyway"] he said. Which was true in a way. He was kind of surprised she had hunted him down. Carson could fend for himself for damn sure. Right now he just needed to make sure Imogen made it home safely.]

[font "times new roman" He led her to his black Mercedes Benz and unlocked the door and let her slip into the passenger seat. He then went around the car and slid in behind the wheel. He started it up and looked towards her. [#0075D0 "I know it wasn't how you wanted the night to end, but I'm glad you and your friend came. I'm glad I was able to meet you. So tell me where to go, and I'll make sure you get home"] he said with a smile. It was weird choice of words, but at this point he didn't really care. He meant it when he told her he was glad he met her.]

[font "times new roman" Maybe if things hadn't taken this turn, he would be taking her to his bed instead. They still had a couple of days for that to happen. He started the car up and took the woman's directions. He was then parked in front of her building. [#0075D0 "I'll see you later"] he called out. He waited till she was out of the car, before her headed back towards the hotel to finish unwinding, and relax for the rest of the night.]
SmileBrightDark-   1y ago

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen was a bit shocked when he said he’d drive her home. She wasn’t expecting him to drive her home, she assumed he’d have a driver or something to bring him places. It almost made him seem more like a real person, as she had always seen him as something more than that. Yes, the girl was very obsessed with the male, but being around him was different than she expected. Except that random girls would ask for pictures and kiss him randomly, he was just a regular guy. Meeting him brought him down on the pedestal she held him to, but only a little bit.

As he led her to the black Mercedes, Imogen could feel the butterflies in her stomach. She knew she had to get home and be with Destiny, but part of her wanted to stay with Lennon. She knew he was probably exhausted from his show and she had things to attend to, but it didn’t make the want any less. He had an amazing car, it was much nicer than anything she could even think of owning. As he spoke to her, she smiled. He was happy to have met her? That was something she could have only dreamed of hearing from the man she had fawned over for years. She directed him toward her apartment building, but besides that, there was no other conversation. Of course, she tried to keep her directions light and not rushed, not wanting to concern him any. But he did get her home quickly, and it was nice to be alone with him, even with little conversation.

[i [#6d091a “Thank you. I really enjoyed meeting you too, after all these years of seeing you on stage.”]] Imogen smiled toward him, before exiting the car. She thought of giving him her number before leaving the car but pushed that away as well. If he really wanted to see her, he would find a way to see her. As she opened the front door to the complex, he called out to her, She turned around, sending a smile and a wave, before closing the apartment door behind her.

On her way up the elevator, she took her phone out and finally saw that Destiny had texted her. She assumed she’d want to be alone tonight, so she knew talking and attempting to get into her room would be a failed attempt. She would just text her, giving her space she clearly needed. [#6d091a Hi, sorry I didn’t respond. I actually got a ride, so I am coming up to the place now. Please, let me know if you need anything, you can just text me or whatever. How about we just have a chill day tomorrow and watch movies all day? I’ll make brunch!] Imogen texted her friend. She wanted to be as supportive as she could, she could gush about Lennon tomorrow.

Imogen entered their apartment, heading into her room quickly. She kicked off her shoes and changed into a pair of sweatpants and a sports bra as well. She threw her hair into a messy bun, washing her face, and taking her makeup off. She entered the kitchen, filling her water bottle and bringing it into her room with her. She relaxed onto her bed, looking over at her wall of Lennon and Carson, sighing lightly. Maybe she was too old to have photos like that plastered to her wall, but she wasn’t going to do anything about it now. Now, she would be ready with her phone for Destiny or she’d fall asleep, whatever came first. She was tired, as she yawned and relaxed against her pillows.
[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson ended the meet and greet a bit earlier than he usually liked to. He usually would stay long after the scheduled time for the meet and greet, especially if it was after a show, and really connect with his fans. Today, he really wasn’t feeling himself after intermission happened. His fans could tell and kept telling him he could take time to himself. He did continue his meet and greet, but left when he was actually scheduled to leave. Of course, he answered their questions, made a few flirty comments, and took pictures with each person there. But once getting back to his dressing room, he could help but plop down on the couch. Considering all of Lennon’s stuff was gone now, his best friend was now back at the hotel now.

Carson opened his phone, seeing first the text from Lennon that confirmed his theory that his friend left already. He then saw that Destiny had texted him back and his heart skipped a beat at the thought that she responded to him. He hoped she would want to see him, but he wouldn’t push her if she didn’t. It seemed like she did want to see him, just not tonight, which he understood. [i [b [#265f2c I totally get it. We’ll be in town for the next few days, let me know when you are free and we’ll meet up somewhere. I did get my flirt on, don’t worry. Haha. But, I did want you to know that I thought you looked amazing tonight.]]]. He may be laying it on thick, but he was just telling the truth.

After packing up all his things, he finally was able to head home. He went to his grey BMW, and drove himself back to the hotel, blasting some music on the way as well. When he finally pulled up, he opened the door to their shared room, seeing he was alone as well. [b [#265f2c “Uneventful night as well? Oh, you never told me how your meeting when during intermission?”]] Carson asked, getting out of his clothes from the concert into pajama pants and left his torso bare. Carson loved pajamas and preferred them over just sweatpants to sleep in 9 times out of 10.

[b [#265f2c “So, Destiny wanted to be alone tonight, but she did say she would meet up with me before we left. I have no idea where to bring her, I’d like to bring her somewhere new and exciting, I’m gonna have to search the area.”]] Carson spoke, half to Lennon and half just out loud to himself. [b [#265f2c “How was your meeting with the cute brunette, what was her name, Isabelle? Did you get her number or anything? Or were you not feeling it?”]] he asked. Carson felt like he could not sit still, which he knew probably was annoying his friend to no end. [b [#265f2c “Sorry, I’ll stop.”]] he said, heading into bed and laying down. He knew he would soon just fall asleep, but he knew he wouldn’t until his friend would be asleep.

Carson let the night reply through his head as he laid down on the bed. He wished the night played out differently, but the night was not a complete bust. He got to finally meet Destiny and her friend, but the night went south pretty soon after the first half of the night. But, he would soon be able to spend time with her, get to know her. He felt like meeting her for just a short time, he knew so much about her, but he needed to know more. She was such a mystery and he wanted to solve it.
Onyx-lιgнт   1y ago

[font "times new roman" The woman's head was pounding and she wanted nothing more than to be alone. She read Carson's message and her heart nearly melted. He was such a gentleman and she felt horrible for ditching him the way she had. What other choice did she have though? When her ex was around, her whole mood changed. Even when he lifted his hand towards her and slapped her. That made her blood boil. She stood and walked over to her vanity and clicked on the light. She looked at the bruised eye and sighed. She then grabbed her phone and snapped a picture.]

[font "times new roman" She ignored the message from Imogen about being home, and if she needed her to text her. She then zoomed in on the bruise a bit and took a couple more pictures. She turned her head to the side and took more pictures. That should be enough proof to get a restraining order on the asshole. She bit her lip lightly as she clicked the light off and went back to her bed. She curled up on her side and opened Carson's messages. Even though it wasn't a lot, it still made her heart melt.]

[font "times new roman" She was surprised that no one has snagged him up yet. Then again she would be jealous as fuck because of his status, but as long as he was loyal then what did she have to worry about? She bit her lip lightly as she started to type out a reply. [#DB7093 [i I'm glad you got your flirt on. I bet you made a lot of female's wet with the sound of your voice. But all joking aside, would you be willing to go to the police station with me in the morning?]] she stopped there and thought a moment.]

[font "times new roman" She was already in too deep now. She then finished her message. [#DB7093 [i I know it's strange for having me ask you but I feel safe with you. I need to get a restraining order on that asshole, I have pictures for proof, and I don't know if they would take your word on it, but you were there as well to somewhat witness it. I would ask my best friend, but she hadn't been around at all. If you don't want to that's fine, you and I can figure out another time to meet up.]]]

[font "times new roman" She stopped typing again and read the message before adding a little bit more. [#DB7093 [i I know the night didn't turn out as planned, but I was glad to have some one on one time with you. I wish it could have been more. I'll talk to you later. Have a good night. Xoxo.]] She read the whole message once more and then hit send. She then looked at Imogen's text and rolled her eyes. She loved the woman to death, but sometimes she could be a little much.]

[font "times new roman" She understood the worry, but right now she needed something different. She needed the feeling of a man, and that happened to be Carson at the moment. She reached for her headphones, plugged them into her iPod and turned on Twenty-One Pilot's and tried to forget about the night. Pretty soon she was falling into a deep sleep. Something she's needed the last couple of weeks.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" Lennon looked up when Carson entered the room and he shrugged a bit. [#0075D0 "Intermission was pretty damn good honestly. No I didn't get Imogen's number, it's like she's playing hard to get. I mean two can play that game. If she won't take the time to reach out and see me, then I'll do the same to her."] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. He knew it was a dick move, but he wasn't about to play that kind of game at all. He was looking to settle down after all.]

[font "times new roman" As Carson was talking about Destiny he couldn't help but smile. [#0075D0 "I know you'll figure out a good place to take her. Hell you could always ask her for some ideas as well. Or you can just use Google and go from there. I'm sure there's a lot of places she hasn't been. Or you could always pick her up and take her on a road trip. I do know where they live after all. I took Imogen home"] he said as he leaned back against the pillows. He didn't mind Carson's ramblings right now.]

[font "times new roman" At least one of them scored a phone number out of all of this. He sighed lightly as he looked towards the ceiling. He was being a total asshole about the whole Imogen thing. She was playing hard to get, she was good to look at, but if she wasn't willing to give him her phone number then he would pretty much drop her on sight. There were a lot of other women around he could pick up. Then again that was too much of an asshole, and he knew that. He sighed wishing life wasn't so hard.]

[font "times new roman" This was the time he wished he did have a girlfriend, or wife or something. Because after a stressful night he could come back to the hotel, get her naked and in bed. Or take a hot bubble bath with her. Thinking about something like that, Imogen's face popped into his head. What the fuck was he doing? He didn't know the woman, and she didn't want to get to know him apparently. He was kicking himself for not giving her his own number. But he wasn't going to do all the work. She had to work for it as well.]

[font "times new roman" He turned onto his side and clicked off his bedside lamp. [#0075D0 "Don't stay up too late talking to Destiny though. She's been through a lot tonight, and she needs her sleep"] he said with a yawn. He then slid a hand under his pillow, let his eyes drift closed and pretty soon he was out like a light. He was swimming in a sea of blackness, a dreamless sleep welcoming him with open arms.]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]]
[b The Next Day]
Imogen woke herself up pretty early, earlier than she would have liked. She sighed, pushing herself out of bed, letting her feet hang off the bed. She quickly grabbed her phone, noticing that Destiny had not replied. She didn’t think much of it, she knew she was tired and upset. She was nervous about one thing, not giving Lennon her number last night. Of course, she wanted to play a little hard to get, but she didn’t want him to think she wasn’t interested. She was really interested in him, but would a celebrity like him really be interested in a girl like her. She thought she’d shoot her shot, and if she failed, then she knew not to try anymore. She opened her phone and went to his social media. She knew he usually replied to fans, so she thought she’d at least try. She went to the message section, sending him a private message.

[b [#6d091a ‘Hey Lennon, it’s Imogen from last night. I wanted to tell you I can’t stop thinking about last night, and I’d like to get to know you more, the real you. Not all that stuff they say in the magazines. If you want, we could meet up tonight if you are free? I’m working at the tattoo parlor in town at the front desk starting at 2, so you could even pop in if you're interested. I know this is a long shot, but I thought I’d take a leap of faith. Here’s my number 555-0269. xx.’]] [i Send.]

Imogen groaned, he was going to think she was crazy and desperate. She pushed herself out of bed, heading into the kitchen to grab herself a cup of coffee, her head pounding after the concert last night. It was the good pounding though, where it hurt because music flowed through your body all night. Usually her and Destiny would spend the whole next morning talking about the concert, but her door was still closed, and she didn’t want to bother her friend. She did make her an extra cup of coffee, just how she liked it. She put a note under it. [b [#6d091a ‘Hope you are doing okay, babe. Let me know if you need anything. Love ya. xx.’]]

The girl took a quick shower, washing the previous night off of her. She played and sang along to her favorite Sleeping Secrets song, Beautiful Butterfly. She needed to hear them in a setting where she wasn’t in a panic looking for her friend. She thought back to the previous night, where Lennon had personally driven her home. She felt so stupid for not giving him her number or anything, it seemed like she just needed a ride home from him, which wasn’t true at all. She did like him, a lot. She saw a different person out in the parking lot than anyone she had seen before, he was so confident yet gentle. He wanted to protect her when Jimmy came out, yet came right out and asked if she was basically stalking him. It was someone she wanted in her life, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it her whole time getting ready. She dressed quickly in a pair of black jeans, a long sleeved grey bodysuit with her combat booties with a small heel. She put on a full face of makeup, but nothing too crazy for work. She looked at the clock, realizing she was all ready for work, and it was only 10. She went out to their shared common room, turning the TV to a lower level. Maybe she’d be able to check in on Destiny, she hoped she could anyway. She was cautious not to push the woman too much after the night she had. Hell, the woman didn’t even know if Destiny was still in her room.
[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
[b Last Night]
Carson grabbed his phone as soon as he felt the vibration. He was shocked that Destiny wanted him to do something so personal with him. He responded quickly, wanting to catch her before she crashed, but he would be okay if she didn’t see it until morning either. [i [b [#265f2c ‘Of course I’ll go. I’ll pick you up tomorrow, just let me know and I’ll come get you. Have a good night beautiful.’]]]. He knew this was important to the woman and didn’t want to mess this up. He broke out of his thoughts when Lennon spoke to him. [b [#265f2c “She actually just texted me about meeting up. I know though, I will.”]] he said with a laugh and he slid into bed as well. He couldn’t believe this girl who caught his eye at a couple of shows, he was going to spend some alone time with tomorrow. After the police station, he wanted to show her a good time. Maybe take her out to eat, maybe just drive around or see a movie. He wanted to show her this wasn’t just to get her into bed, even if they two did bet on it before the show. As soon as the man’s head hit the pillow, he was out for the night.

[b The Next Day]

Carson’s body woke him up, as she was so excited to see Destiny. He showered and got changed quickly, pulling on a black t-shirt with a red and black buffalo plaid flannel over it, pairing it with some dark wash jeans. He slid on a pair of old sneakers, and went to the mirror to fix up his hair as well. He brushed his teeth, and made some of the mediocre coffee in the hotel room the two shared. Carson had no idea if Lennon was even up yet, as she was too preoccupied with getting ready. [b [#265f2c “Hey, Len. You want a cup? I know it sucks but it’s something.”]] he asked, already giving him a cup without waiting for his answer.

Carson grabbed his phone, sending a short and sweet text to Destiny. [i [b [#265f2c ‘Good Morning Gorgeous. Let me know if you’d like to drive with me, or I can meet you there. It’s up to you, I don’t mind either way. I’m looking forward to seeing you. I hope you don’t have anything planned because I’d like to take you out for the day if you’re interested.’]]]

Running a hand through his hair, he plopped down on the bed, swiping through restaurant reviews, trying to find something nice to take Destiny too. He wanted to impress her, but not let her think he was trying to show off too much. Carson rarely dated, considering their lifestyle, so this was all very new to him, dating on the road. Dating back when they were small was easy, this was the big leagues, especially with a girl like her. He waited with anticipation on when Destiny would respond to him, excited to spend time with her. He didn’t care even if she just wanted to have him there for the restraining order paperwork, her being there would make him happy. He couldn’t wait to get to know the girl that he had watched from the stage in a new light, face to face.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The night seemed to drag on for the woman. It wasn't new. Whenever Jimmy popped up in her life she felt like she was spiraling out of control. She had left that toxic relationship about six years ago now, and she hadn't been happier. Since then she's dated off and on, but nothing too serious. She wanted to settle down, find that right person. The kind of person that would want her around, take care of her and not make her feel like she was some sort of trophy. She wasn't someone who liked to feel that way.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When the sound of her phone woke her up she groaned lightly. She rolled onto her side and read the text messages from Carson. Her heart fluttered inside of her chest. He was willing to go with her? A smile came to her lips just then and she saw what time it was. It was a little after ten, and she could smell coffee as well. So Imogen was already awake. She knew the woman worked that afternoon, and she's been avoiding her all together. Something she rarely did. When she did that's when the other knew she was really hurt.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She went back to Carson's messages and hit the reply button. [#DB7093 [i If you'd like to pick me up you are more than welcome too. I honestly don't think I'm in the right mind state to drive right now. I think my best friend would agree to that as well. I myself am just now waking up, but if you'd wanna be here around 11:30 that would be perfect. It'll give me some time to shower and get everything I might need for today. Thank you for being so kind and gentle as well.]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 [i I can't wait to see you. See in you a little while.]] She then hit send and leaned back into the pillows. She sighed lightly as she laid there for a couple more minutes. Then she slid out of bed and walked out of the room and into the living room seeing Imogen there. She saw she was already for work and she rolled her eyes lightly. The woman was always getting early way too early, but that's how she had always been. She wrapped her arms around herself, and stood there a moment before speaking.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I know you are worried, but I'm okay for the most part. I don't want to talk about last night, and I don't want you hovering like you have been doing. I know you have work, and I want you to have a good day. Carson is taking me to the police station today to get that restraining order finally, and then I don't know what else we will be doing. Thank you for making coffee as well. I don't want to be touched either, because I know you too well"]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I just need you to know that I know you care, and I'm really happy to have you around, but sometimes you are like a mother hen and it's smothering. I know you are doing it because you love me, and I love you too. Just things like this I need space, and not people to hover. I'll come around in my own time. Have a wonderful day at work, and I'll see you tonight or in the morning"] she said lightly. Now that she had everything laid out, and how she felt she went and grabbed her coffee cup from the kitchen.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She read the note before throwing it in the trash and cleaned up the counter a little bit. She then made her way back to her bedroom and shut the door behind her. She locked it once more, and took a sip of the coffee. She knew how she liked it, and right now she was slowly waking up a bit more. She took her time drinking her coffee. She made her way into the bathroom and undressed. She turned on her iPod and flipped to her favorite songs from the boys, and then jumped into the shower.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Lennon had been awake for the last twenty minutes or so. He couldn't help but wonder why Imogen hadn't given him her number. Was that all he was too her? A free ride? Laying there thinking about it was making him start to lose his temper. He knew all women were the same, but he had hoped she had been different. She wasn't. He sighed as he rolled onto his side and looked towards Carson. At least one of them was getting a shot with the woman of their dreams. He just wished he could enjoy it as well.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He sat up a little while later and took the coffee cup from the other. [#0075D0 "Thank you. Just don't force the woman to do something she isn't ready for. I know she's dealing with a lot and she needs that comfort right now. As long as you keep that in mind, then everything will be perfect"] he said as he took a sip of the coffee. He made a face and stood and poured it down the sink in the room. That shit was horrible, he wanted the real thing and now. He would go and get some in a bit.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He walked over to where his laptop was and he booted it up. He might as well check his e-mails and reply to a couple of people. He did have an image to keep up after all. When he opened up his Facebook he was surprised to see a message invite. That was new. He opened it up and saw that it was from Imogen. So she was thinking about him. Maybe he had been wrong about her after all. She was worried about her friend after all, and he couldn't blame her.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Maybe he judged her too quickly. He read the message a couple of times, and then grabbed his phone. So she had finally given him her number. He saved it in his phone and then deleted the message. He read through some of the other's and deleted them too. There were times he wanted to get rid of his social media, but then people would think he was dead, and he didn't want that. [#0075D0 "Looks like you and I both might have plans for today after all"] he said with a smirk.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He opened up a new message and then sent Imogen a message. [#0075D0 [i I got your number saved now. I thought you were going to be turning into all the other women out there, but that was wrong of me. I might stop by your work place just to check it out. Maybe I can take you out on your lunch break? Lemme know.]] He then hit send and put his phone down. He sighed as he got dressed, and slid his feet into his boots. He then grabbed his sun glasses and grabbed his wallet along with the room key.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Good luck with the blonde, and I'm going to get real coffee. That shit here is horrible, don't ever make it again"] he said with a smirk. He then ducked out of the hotel room and made his way out to the sidewalk. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked down the street, taking in the sights and smells on the hunt for a real coffee shop.]]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] As Destiny came out of her room finally, Imogen smiled. Before she could even say anything, Destiny did. She sighed, she knew she could be overbearing sometimes, and she usually tried to not be that way. She did care about her friend, and did have a tinge guilt of not being there when she had been encountered with Jimmy. Her guilt was probably coming through as she was smotherning, and she knew that wasn’t what she wanted, or what her friend needed. [i [#6d091a “Sorry…”]] Imogen started. [i [#6d091a “I understand. I hope everything goes well today. And thanks, I’ll see you later on.”]] Imogen finished, a small smile on her lips. She let her eyes linger on the woman for a moment, before letting her eyes drift back to the TV, taking a sip of the warm coffee still in her hands.

As she continued, she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. The buzz spooked her a bit, but she quickly realized what it was coming from. She took her phone out, and unlocked the phone. She was surprised to see a text from an unsaved number, but after reading the message once or twice, it clicked in her head who had texted her. The realization allowed a smile to rest on her lips, saving his number into her phone before responding. [#6d091a More like a dinner break, lol. I have a break from 4:30-5:30, and I get out around 7. I have no plans during any of those times, so whenever you’d like to get together.]. Imogen sent the message to Lennon, and placed her phone next to her. There was a hint of butterflies in her stomach as she thought of seeing Lennon today. This had been her dream, and it was slowly becoming a reality faster than she ever thought. They should have gotten backstage passes earlier.

Imogen knew if she hung around the apartment, she’d focus on Destiny too much. She had to get herself out, maybe grab something to eat so she was starving while working. She got up from the couch, placing her coffee mug into the dishwasher. She went into her room, grabbing her small backpack, along with her water bottle. [i [#6d091a “See ya later.”]] she yelled out, but knew the girl was in the shower so she might not hear her. She always let the girl know when she was leaving, so she hoped she’d just take it as such. She knew Destiny needed her time, and Imogen wanted to allow her that without overstepping. Destiny had specifically asked for time, and Imogen would respect that. Everything would be on Destiny’s terms, and she hoped Carson would respect her as well. Otherwise, she’d have to hurt him.

Imogen got into her car, trying to find somewhere to go and relax for a little while before work started. She pulled up to a small cafe, somewhere she could park and walk to work afterwards as well. [b [i Bloom]] was on the sign above the door, and Imogen thought she could at least get a sandwich or something, and she already knew she needed another coffee after last night.

The woman entered the cafe, it was cute and had a vintage feel to it. [i [#6d091a “Hi, can I have a BLT and a medium white mocha coffee please.”]] Imogen asked the woman. She paid and took her number plate to a small table. She pulled her laptop out of her bag and decided to work on editing some pictures from her last gig. She only worked at the tattoo shop until she could make a living on photography. She did school photos, engagement and wedding photos, but her favorite were band shoots. She could get local bands to hire her to take promo shots from concerts for marketing and social media. Which meant free concerts and doing something she loved. She was working on editing some shots from a local concert last week, getting the photos ready for the ad company. She waited for her food, the sounds of light chatter and the door chiming every time a new customer entered.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson smiled as he saw Destiny responded to his text. [#265f2c “11:30 it is. I’ll see you then, just send me your address.”]] Carson responded, his phone sliding back into his pocket. [b [#265f2c “I know, I won’t. Whatever she wants to do, we’ll do.”]] he responded, as he wandered around the room. Carson took a sip from the cup he made for himself and agreed with Lennon. It was bad, like really bad. He followed suit and poured it down the drain, and watched as the man opened his laptop. Carson had kept solely his twitter available, but rarely used his social media. He knew that Lennon was still active on different sites, but Carson just assumed stay away from those things. They could get you blacklisted if you weren’t extremely careful.

Carson looked up from his phone and smirked as the male mentioned he now had plans for the day. [b [#265f2c “Oh, she replied to you? What are the odds that we’re both hanging out with girls who are best friends.”]] Carson laughed. He had found a place that seemed interesting. It was a place where you would grab ingredients and sauce yourself, and watch cooks in the middle of the restaurant cook it for you. Maybe he could take Destiny there, it seemed like something new and different. He wrote down the name in his phone, [b Fire & Ice], and saved it so he wouldn’t forget later on.

As Lennon headed out the door, Carson laughed at his words. [b [#265f2c “Duly noted, fucker.”]] he laughed as the man left the room. Carson picked up a bit, as he basically passed out last night. He pulled on his own shoes, before grabbing his things and left the room as well. He headed outside, and looked at the time. It was 11, and he wanted to make sure he left a little early, just in case he got lost at any point. He got into his BMW, sliding in the front seat and sliding his sunglasses to shield him from the harsh sun that was in his eyes.

Carson made his way to Destiny’s place, of course he missed a turn or two. He didn’t know this area at all, and trying to make his way around was rough. He turned a corner, and finally pulled up to the apartment building, slowing to a stop and placing the car in park. He looked up at the apartment, taking his phone out. 11:28, perfect. He opened his messages, opening Destiny’s messages. [#265f2c Hey, I just pulled up outside. Whenever you're ready, I’m the grey car.]. He sent the message, tapping his fingers on the wheel, waiting for the lady to appear.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The blonde knew she had been a bit harsh with the other, but she had no other choice. Times like this she really hated having the woman around. She understood where the other was coming from, but sometimes she wished she could have a chance to breathe. She bit her lip lightly as she made her way back to her room and shut the door behind her. She still had some time before she would be meeting the other face to face. She had sent him her address, and wondered if he'd be able to find it okay.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She wasn't about to question the other about it, because most men knew their way around. She wasn't that good with directions often unless she had traveled the area more than once. As the time slowly ticked by she was getting more and more nervous. There had been a couple of times she had pulled her phone out, and wanted to tell Carson to forget about it. She would handle all of this by herself. She had deleted the messages before they sent. It was just the nerves starting to talk, and it wasn't like her at all.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When it was close to the time she heard her phone go off, and she saw Carson's name pop up on her phone. Her heart skipped a beat just then and a small smile passed over her lips just then. He was on time none the less and he told her when she was ready to just come out. Her heart hammered against her chest as she debated on making him wait a couple of minutes. Might as well. She hurried and sent her best friend a text message. A couple more minutes wouldn't hurt.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 [i Please be careful today. I don't know what's going to happen when the asshole gets wind about the restraining order. I'm not gonna lie I'm hella scared about what's going to happen. Make sure you start carrying your pepper spray once more. At least to put my mind at ease. I know you can handle yourself, but please.. You and I will sit down tomorrow morning and talk. Today's just not a good day for me to be around many people.. So please understand I'm not meaning to shut you out..]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 [i I love you, and as soon as I'm back at the apartment I will text you. Thank you for being there for me Imogen. I really do love you, and love everything you've done for me. Xoxo Destiney.]] She read the message over a couple of times wondering if she needed to add anything more, but then hit send. She then stood and gathered up her things and slid her ugg boots onto her feet. She then made her way out of the apartment and she spotted the grey car parked out front. Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest just then.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 This wasn't really happening. She was dreaming all of it. She knew she would wake up sooner or later, and her whole world will be crushed. She opened the passenger door and slid inside. She sat there a moment before turning to look at the male. [#DB7093 "Thank you for doing this. You could have told me to fuck off, and I would have too"] she blurted out. She wasn't meaning to blabber at the moment. She turned her attention away from the handsome male beside her and put her seatbelt on.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "The police station isn't too far from here, just take the next left and it's about three or four blocks away from here"] she said lightly. Might as well direct him the best she could. She was nervous, and she wanted nothing more than to sink into the ground and forget about everything going on right now. She turned her eyes towards the window and fell silent for the time being.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Lennon knew that Carson would treat the woman the way she needed, and wouldn't rush her to do something she wasn't ready for. He on the other hand wanted to get laid. He just hoped that Imogen wasn't one to tease to the point of begging. Then again most of the time it was better that way, and the sex was ten times better. A small smirk passed over his lips at the thought. He wasn't going to force her to do anything she didn't want to do either. He would try to get her into be though.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He wasn't about to forget about their bet either. He shook his head as he headed towards town. He was hungry, and in search of a place with good coffee. As he was sitting at a red light he thought he had seen Imogen heading into a small cafe looking place. He wondered what she was doing. When the light turned green he headed towarsd the same place she had entered. He looked up at the sign and smirked a bit. [b [i Bloom]] was an interesting name to say the least. He just hoped the food was good.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He shut the car off and slid the keys into his pocket and slid the sunglasses onto his nose. He then climbed out and walked into the cafe. He went up to the counter and looked the menu over. There were quite a few choices and he spotted a grilled chicken sandwich. [#0075D0 "Hi, can I get the grilled chicken sandwich with extra mayo. No tomato or lettuce either. I would also like a large white chocolate coffee with extra white chocolate in it"] he said. The woman behind the counter nodded and took his order down.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She gave him the total and the number plate. He paid and took the plate and then made his way towards Imogen's table. He didn't know if he should make himself known right away. Before she could even notice him he went to a different table in the back. He sat down and pulled his phone out. He read her text message about it being a dinner instead of lunch. A small smirk passed over his lips as he decided to play a little trick on the woman. He knew she hadn't seen him because of being focused.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 [i I will make sure to be early then. I can also tell you are really focused on your work at the moment. The way you are leaning over that laptop of yours. What are you working on?]] He then hit send, and made sure she couldn't see him quite yet. He hid himself in the shadows a little bit and watched for her reaction. Maybe it wasn't the best to come off as a stalker, but he wanted to mess with her at least a little bit.]]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]]Imogen continued to click away at her computer, comparing lighting and adding any retouching she needed to make sure the pictures looked good for ads and for any merchandise they would be creating. She took hold of her coffee, sipping it lightly with one hand while using the other to flip between two filters. The cafe worker brought her sandwich over to her, she thanked her. She took hold of the sandwich with a free hand, turning her head lightly to decide if she liked what she had created or if she wanted to start over from scratch. Imogen was so indecisive, so she saved this version and started on another one, giving more options for the company to choose from. She wanted to make sure she could keep as many clients as possible, to eventually make this her full time career.

Imogen heard her phone buzz, and then once again. All of a sudden, she was super popular. She opened her phone, seeing a message from Destiny, and from Lennon. She opened Destiny’s first, reading the message. She smiled softly, and started to type a reply. [b [#6d091a I will, I promise. I always have my pepper spray, the men in this town are always crazy. Make sure you are staying safe too. Have a good time today with Carson. I love you too, and I’ll see you later on, not sure what my plans are after work. I might be seeing a certain ‘you know who.’ lol. Xx Imogen.]].

Once she sent her short message back, she opened the message from Lennon. Surprised at what she read, she looked around herself. She didn’t see him, or notice him enter the cafe. It would be a shock for them to be in the same place at the same time. Now he was the one following her, how funny. She looked around, there were a few men around, and the cafe was pretty big. She couldn’t clearly see his face anywhere she was looking, which was good he was able to blend in well not to be overwhelmed by fans. She smirked, looking back to her phone. [b [#6d091a Oh, are you watching me now? I’m editing some photos, if you must know. I’ll show you if you come out from hiding(;]] Sending her cheeky message, she took one more look around her, before placing her phone down next to her.

Now, with Lennon on her mind, she couldn’t really focus on her photos. She had admired him from a far for a long time, and now he seemed like he was at least a little interested in her. She didn’t even care if it was for the physical aspect, but she wouldn’t mind if he wanted to get to know her past just getting in her pants. She was going to let him drive whatever their relationship was going to be, considering he would be traveling the country with his tour. She wasn’t going to push him, and plus, being a tease was so much more fun anyway. Imogen ran a hand through her hair, pushing the pieces falling in face back. She tried to get her mind back into her work, but that was the last thing on her mind. She’d much rather be talking to Lennon, or listening to him speak. She had been sad her conversation with him didn’t go as planned when they were in the parking lot, because she had been fully prepared for him to push her against a wall and kiss her. But, it was rushed and awkward, mostly because fans intervened and the fact that Jimmy showed up. But now was the time they could relive that night, and have more time as well.
[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson was some who was always on time, or early. He hated being late to things. He tapped on the steering wheel, nervous if Destiny had gotten his message he was outside or not. He almost sent another text until he saw her approaching his car. When she got in, she seemed nervous. He was going to ask if she was okay, until she started speaking. He could definitely tell she was nervous, which was understandable. She was going to have to report abuse she was enduring, and that is never a fun thing. Reliving trauma was not the best precursor to, what he wanted to think, was a “date”. But, he would try, nonetheless, to make sure she had a good time afterwards. He wouldn’t push her into anything, but he was down for anything. [b [#265f2c “Why would I do that? I want to be there for people who need it.”]] Carson spoke with a smile, before turning his eyes to the road and began driving.

Carson listened to her directions, before nodding and followed what she told him. [b [#265f2c “You’re really pretty, you know.”]] Carson spoke, hoping it would allow her to relax. And it was true, she was a very pretty woman. [b [#265f2c “I know you’re nervous, but this is probably for the best. No one deserves what happened, and this will ensure your safety.”]]he spoke. Of course, he didn’t want to bring up what happened, so he tried to work his way around it.

As they drove, the silence was driving him a bit crazy and Carson couldn’t help but let some lyrics slide from his lips as the radio played softly in the background. He was a singer, through and through, and always had been. Singing in his garage with Lennon as a teen really did pay off, but he did owe it to his parents who saw how passionate he was and got him singing lessons as a child. It was because of them that he was where he was now. He looked over to her, [b [#265f2c “Sorry, can’t help it.”]] he apologized, flashing her a smile for good measure. He didn’t want to start questioning her about herself until after all this tough stuff was over, and didn’t want her stressing out anymore than she already was.

Carson was able to find the station with little to no issues, and found a parking spot in the lot they had next to the office. As he set the car in park, he looked over to her. [b [#265f2c “Ready?”]] he smiled, [b [#265f2c “Let’s go.”]]. Carson quickly got out, heading over to her side of the car and opening the door for her. He wasn’t trying to seem like he was trying too hard, which is what it seemed like, he just wanted to show her he cared.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 At the male's mention of her being pretty she felt her cheeks turn a small shade of pink. He was too kind. She looked towards him a small smile dancing on her lips. [#DB7093 "Thank you. You aren't half bad looking either"] she said lightly trying to lighten the mood a little bit. Her nerves were getting the best of her, and that's not a good sign at all. When he pulled into the parking lot of the station and put the car in park, she looked towards the building. She was wanting to back out, but knew it wouldn't be right.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When Carson came around to her side and opened the door her heart skipped a beat slightly. No man had ever done that for her. Jimmy never did, and it made her want to cry. Carson was a gentleman and she could tell he was. She slipped out of the car and made sure she had everything she would need. [#DB7093 "I guess I don't have much of a choice anymore"] she said with a small laugh. She then let the male close the door behind her, and she looked towards the building again.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She took a breath and walked towards the building. She could feel people's eyes on her, and at one point she thought she had spotted Jimmy as well. That made her heart nearly burst out of her chest. She took a double take and realized it wasn't him. He wouldn't follow her to a police station. She wouldn't put it past him to even follow her, but here.. He wouldn't dream of setting foot here. She opened the door and walked inside. She walked up to the desk and the woman behind it looked up.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [b "What can I do for you two?"] she asked looking between the two. Destiny took a breath and spoke. [#DB7093 "I'm here to get a restraining order set in place. I have all of the proof I need"] she breathed out. The woman nodded lightly and stood. [b "Come with me, and I'll take you to a room and I will have an officer come in and talk to you"] she said. She gathered up some papers and led the two to a room. [b "Everything will be okay"] she said softly smiling towards the blonde.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She nodded her thanks and walked into the room. [b "I will send Office Masters in. He shouldn't be too long"] she said as she set the papers down, and then slipped back out shutting the door behind her. Destiny took a seat and looked towards Carson. [#DB7093 "I'm sorry you have to do this.. But I'm glad you are"] she breathed out. She meant it too. Her favorite band member was pretty much protecting her already, and he barely knew her. That and he was treating her like she needed to be treated as well and that warmed her heart.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 A little bit later an officer walked in and they got everything in order. It took about an hour in a half to have everything. Copy's of the pictures, dates, and everything. The blonde signed her name, and it was set. She made sure he couldn't step foot into her place of work either. Anywhere else she would leave. She stood and took Carson's hand, and pulled him out of the room, and towards the exit. She was scared, and yet glad o have everything done and set in stone finally. Maybe now she could relax.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When they were at the car, she pushed him up against it and pressed herself into him. [#DB7093 "Thank you for being there for me. Now let's get out of here"] she breathed out. She then leaned up and kissed him deeply. She pressed herself tightly up against him, as she bit his lower lip lightly and tugged on it. She then pulled back and looked up at him a smirk dancing on her lips. She couldn't help but wonder what he had planned for the rest of the day. If it consisted of a bed, she would be okay with that too.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Lennon smirked lightly when her head snapped up and looked around the cafe for him. When she hadn't spotted him, he knew he had blended in pretty well. His phone buzzed and he read the message. He left it on read for the time being. Was he really going to show himself right now? As far as he could tell everyone was in their own little world. Maybe he could still blend in pretty well being around the female as well as keeping his head down. He didn't even bother replying to her message.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Instead he stood and made his way over to her table. The waitress stopped him and gave him his order. He thanked her before sitting down at Imogen's table. [#0075D0 "In reply to your text message, yes I was watching you. You didn't even realize when a bunch of people had entered the cafe. Whatever you were doing had kept your interest all right"] he said with a smirk. He then lifted his coffee cup to his lips and took a sip of the liquid. It was amazing, and he took another sip right after the first. This coffee was better than the hotel's.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "So what kind of photo's were you editing? You also said something about showing them to me as well"] he said with a smile. He then took a bite of his food and chewed slowly. He made sure to keep his head somewhat ducked, because he didn't want people to notice him. He kept his voice somewhat low as well. It was hard being famous, and having people swarming around him when he was trying to focus on one thing at a time. Right now it was Imogen he wanted to focus on.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As he ate he looked around the cafe. It was starting to pick up a bit more and then his eyes found her's once more. [#0075D0 "I know you have to get to work soon, give me the address and I'll pick you up on your lunch. Just text me when you do, so that way I won't be late"] he offered. He wouldn't mind taking her out for her lunch either. He looked her up and down and licked his lips lightly. God he wanted to see the woman naked for some strange reason.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He didn't know what was fully coming over him, but he knew by the end of the night he would be getting her into bed for sure. He knew that Carson would be doing the same thing. Or at least trying too. He shook his head lightly as he nodded towards her laptop waiting for her to show him what she had been working on. He was kind of curious as to what had kept her attention so long before he had messaged her.]]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] As she went back to her work, the voice she heard startled her a bit, before a smile settled on her face. Of all the people who could possibly be here, it was Lennon. Watching him speak, seeing him directing all his attention to her, it practically made her melt. She was like a putty in his hands at this point. She tried to hold it together, at least on the outside. She wanted to at least make it seem like he had to try, she didn’t want him to get to her that easily, even if a member of her favorite band she had idolized for years was sitting right in front of her. She smirked and looked up to him, and softly bit down on her bottom lip, letting it slowly pull away from her teeth. Her eyes then lowered back to her screen

[i [#6d091a “Do you normally watch all the woman you talk to or am I special?]] imogen teased, her eyes flashed up at him from her laptop and the back down. Imogen couldn’t get enough of how sexy his voice sounded when he kept it as low as he was. It was clear he didn’t want to get noticed, but she was happy he wanted her to notice him. He was pretty good at keeping her on her toes. She would have let him take her right then and here the way he looked at her and licked his lips. [i [#6d091a “Have any plans for later on? I’m completely open after my shift as well, if you up for some fun. We could go out, have a drink. Or you could come to my place, whatever’s easier.]] Imogen spoke. If he would be at her house, she was happy she had taken down her wall covered in the band’s photos.

Once the woman finished what she had been working on, turning the computer toward him. [i [#6d091a “Well, I’m a photographer. I do all sorts of stuff like senior photos and couple shoots, but I did a show shoot for a local band a week or so ago. They said they wanted to use some of the photos for promo and ads, so I’m editing the best ones. I want to give them options so they’ll want to use my services again and tell people about me.”]] she replied, slowly scrolling through photos to let him get a good look at each one. Stopping at one in particular, she pointed to it, [i [#6d091a “I think this one’s my favorite.”]] she spoke.

The photo was crisp, you were able to see the singer’s face perfectly. You had a stubble blurriness to tha background, and their lights were seen from behind him as well. Imogen was pretty small, so she had to get creative when taking her pictures to get good shots. She usually ended up standing on the guardrails that stood between the pit and the photo pit. This was one that she really had to work to get, and she was really proud of how it came out.

As she looked at the time, she realized that she did need to get to work. She closed her computer, putting it into her bag, pulling it over her shoulder. [i [#6d091a “I’d love to stay and chat longer, but you’re right. I do have to get to work. I’ll text you the address, and my break starts at four, okay?”]] she smirked, sending a wink his way. She took her empty plate, placing it where the used dishes went before giving him one last look over before heading off down the street to work.

After she was far enough that he wouldn’t be able to see her, she could feel her face heat up. She knew it would be terribly noticeable, so she was happy she was out of his sights. She was currently living her dream, and was hoping she wouldn’t wake up. She entered the store, Illuminate Ink, and set her bag at the front desk. [i “You look like you’ve had a good day, what do you have a hot date later?”] Taylor, the owner of the shop, asked. Imogen just rolled her eyes, but her face began to become red again. [i “Oh, holy shit you do. Get it girl.”] the owner responded before getting back to her new 18 year old customer, who needed a break getting her first tattoo on her ribs, poor choice.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
From the moment they pulled up to the station, the woman seemed on edge. He wanted to make her feel safe, he would never let anyone lay a hand on her while he was around. He took her hand in his, keeping her close to his side. He did try to stay silent for their introduction, as this was her thing. He kept close to her side, following behind her, offering a smile to the woman as she mentioned sending the officer in. When Destiny finally spoke, he looked over to her. Her gentle features, even in the harsh lighting, still looked beautiful. [b [#265f2c “You don’t have to apologize. I’m happy to be here for you, with you.”]] he smiled.

Carter watched as the woman handled this entire thing with grace and elegance. She had everything in order against this guy, and hearing what he had done to her made his skin crawl. He was ready to fight the guy, after hearing fully what he had put her through. No woman deserved that, no matter who she was. And most certainly, Destiny did not. Even in their short time of knowing her, he could tell how great of a person she was. And this Jimmy guy had a serious problem. Even with the restraining order for Destiny, Carter knew if he ever saw that guy again, he’d get what was coming to him.

When they got to his car, he felt himself turned around and pushed up against the car by the woman. Before he could even reply to her, her lips were on his. [i Holy Shit…] Her lips were soft and she tasted sweet. He couldn’t help but take her by her hips, keeping her close to him as he kissed her back. He allowed her to tug at his bottom lip, wanting to go in for more before she pulled away. He wanted to pull her back in, but he let her pull away. The smirk on her lips made one appear on his as well. He opened the door for her, letting her slide in before closing it for her and running around to the other side of the car. When he slid in, he looked over to her. [b [#265f2c “That was unexpected. But don’t get me wrong, I’d love to continue what was started.”]] he spoke, licking his lips.

Carter sighed, he didn’t want to make this seem like all he wanted to do was get her in bed. Yes, he did want to get in bed with her, but he did actually enjoy being around her. He wanted to really get to know her. [b [#265f2c “Can I at least buy you lunch? Then we can spend some time alone, if you’re interested.”]] he smiled, seeing as though she was interested already. [b [#265f2c “I do want to get to know you, though. Tell me about yourself, I have a place all picked out.”]] he smiled, setting up the directions on his phone and pulling out of his parking spot. He drove around the city, his heart still beating out of his chest from that kiss. It was the sexiest thing someone had ever done, and he couldn’t wait to text Lennon about it.

Pulling up the restaurant, he smiled. [b [#265f2c “Have you been here before? It seemed pretty cool online.”]] he asked. He exited his door, opening the car door for her. Before they went in, he shot Lennon a quick text. [i [b [#265f2c Holy fuck, the girl just pushed me up against the car and kissed me.]]]. He smiled and shut the door, leading her into the restaurant. It was a local place, nothing super fancy but it wasn’t just a diner. After asking for a table for two, the both slid into their seats and were handed menus. [b [#265f2c “Get whatever you want, I got it covered.”]] he flashed her a smile, trying to hide how taken off guard he was.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She had seen the way he looked after she had kissed him, and when she slid into the car she had a quick second to gather her thoughts. Maybe things will be going her way for a change. When the male slid into the car and pulled out of the parking spot mentioning food her stomach growled. [#DB7093 "Food sounds amazing right about now honestly"] she said lightly. Earlier she couldn't even think about food because of how nervous she had been, but now she realized she was starving. She turned her eyes out hte window as the male drove.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She watched the trees and houses pass by, and when he asked her to talk about herself she didn't know where to even start. She shrugged a bit as she looked towards him. [#DB7093 "Well, I guess you can say I'm your normal female. I have a job I hate, a best friend I adore, a band I love more than anything, and my life right now is kind of fucked up, but it's slowly starting to look up"] she admitted. She didn't really like talking about herself, but at the moment she didn't have a choice.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I don't get along with my family, so I don't really talk about them or to them for that matter. I've always been a problem child, running with the wrong crowd, doing drugs and drinking when I was underage. When I met Imogen though things seemed to change for the better. She's like my sister, and I honestly don't know what I would do without her"] she said softly. That's when she realized they were at the restaurant already. She climbed out of the car when the male opened her door. She walked in front of him and slipped inside.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She took in the sights, and the smell's and smiled a bit. [#DB7093 "I didn't even know this place was here, and I've lived in town my whole life"] she said lightly. As they were led to a table the waitress handed them the menus. [b "My name's Morticia, and I will be your waitress for the afternoon. If you need anything please let me know"] she said. Destiny saw the way she looked at the male, and it kind of made her blood boil a bit. She wasn't a jealous person.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When the waitress walked off she rolled her eyes a bit. [#DB7093 "She laid it on a little thick if I say so myself"] she said as she picked up the menu. Her mind then wandered back to the kiss they had shared, and her heart seemed to burst out of her chest almost. She couldn't let some petty waitress get under her skin. Carson was with her, and not the waitress. She was the lucky one right now. She did want to make it known that Carson was somewhat taken, but then again she didn't know for sure.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She bit her lip lightly as she scanned the menu once more. [#DB7093 "Everything looks so good, I honestly don't know what to even try"] she admitted. She didn't like the distance that was between them, but maybe in a moment or two she would change that. She bit her lower lip again as she thought about what to try first.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As Imogen was showing off her work, he couldn't help but to be impressed. She was good at what she did. He had to admit, she could make a career out of it. As he was about to speak she shut the lap top, and put it away. He nodded towards her a bit. [#0075D0 "I will wait for you message then, and I'll be there right at four"] he said with a warm smile. He watched as she walked out of the shop, and he shook his head a bit. What was with that woman? It was like he was smitten or something.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 That's when he heard his phone buzz. He looked at the message from Carson and smirked a bit. He then hit the reply button and started typing away. [#0075D0 [i I think you are gonna win this bet then. You have the hotel room to yourself, since Imogen will be at work, and I'm most likely gonna go over there when she's off. Just make sure to use protection, because we don't need a baby thrown into this mix. I mean, unless you want a baby then go for it dude.]] He read it a couple times then hit send.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He pretty much had the whole day to himself. He didn't know what he was supposed to do with himself honestly. He finished his food, and got another coffee to go. He then went out to his car, slid in behind the wheel, started it up and headed out of town. He wouldn't go too far because he was meeting Imogen in a couple of hours. At least for now he could do a little bit of exploring, and see what this small town has to really offer.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He sighed lightly as he thought about Imogen again, and wondered what it would feel like to have the woman in bed with him. Nothing sexual though, if she didn't want it. Yes it would be nice to get a good lay, but he wouldn't force it. He rolled the windows down, turned the volume up and sung along with the radio. Might as well enjoy his time while he could. He didn't have a place in mind, but all he knew was he wanted to find a place with some good ice cream, or something.]]
SmileBrightDark-   1y ago

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen’s time at work was boring. She wasn’t a tattooer, but she did enjoy getting tattoos. She had only one tattoo as of now, a large floral piece that covered her upper thigh onto her hip slightly, something that not a lot of people had actually seen. She loved tattoos though, her friend and her crush having more tattoos than she could count. She had jobs where it wouldn’t be an issue to have something super visible, she just hadn’t gotten to that point yet. Taylor, her boss, even offered to do something for her, and she had been considering it. She just felt like she needed to actually decide on something before she dropped the money on it.

Imogen spent her time answering phones, making appointments, and anything else Taylor needed. It was a small shop, and Taylor was the main artist there. There were a few others who worked part time, but it was mainly just Taylor. She was such a cool person, and had a new hair color every other week. Imogen liked the job, as when she had downtime, Taylor allowed her to do any other work she needed to for her photography. So, once she finished her duties, she was able to work on editing more, just answering the occasional phone call that came through.

As Taylor’s appointment left, she took off her gloves, coming over to the front desk and throwing her gloves away in the small waste basket. [i “So, you have a date?”] Taylor teased, lifting an eyebrow up at the woman. Imogen looked up from her computer, shutting it and smiled toward her boss. [i [#6d091a “I do.”]] Imogen smiled, a light blush coming to her cheeks. Was this a date or were they just hanging out? Imogen hoped it went somewhere, as this had been a dream of hers since she saw them live for the first time. Taylor seemed to lean in, clearly wanting more information. [i “So. . .who is it? Anyone I would know, like from around town or something?”] Taylor asked as she looked through her appointment book and sketches she had saved for upcoming consultations. [i [#6d091a “Uh, promise you’ll believe me?”]] Imogen spoke softly, playing with the edge of her appointment book. That made Taylor look up, a lifted eyebrow showed her confusion. [i [#6d091a “It’s uh. Well, it’s Lennon...from Sleeping Secrets. Ya know that band you always ask me to play?”]] Imogen said, looking up toward the woman, Taylor’s face in a state of shock.

[i “You’re saying. You have a date with a guy from your favorite band? How does that even happen?!”] Taylor asked. Imogen could only shrug her shoulders, [i [#6d091a “He’s coming to pick me up for my lunch break. And I’m hoping he’ll come over after I get out of work.”]]. Taylor, again, looked surprised. [i “You’re now telling me, this amazingly attractive man is going to come into my shop to pick you up? That guy has been on more tattoo magazines. Oh man, imagine he asks for something! I got to get my good sketches just out on the table. Also, I understand if you end up coming back from your break a little late.”] Taylor teased, sending a wink her way before heading into her office, keeping her door open in case she was needed.

Soon, it was 3:45, and Imogen wanted to make sure she sent Lennon the address. She pulled a quick message for him. [#6d091a Hey, The address is 24 Park Ave. It’s called Illuminate Ink, I’ll see you soon (; ].

Imogen packed her things away, as it got closer to 4 pm. She knew Lennon would be on time, as he had seemed to be pretty serious about being punctual. Taylor has scattered some tattoo sketches around, hoping something might catch Lennon’s eyes, but Imogen rolled her eyes. He probably wasn’t interested in getting another tattoo, if he even had room. But as she began to think of his tattooed body, she wondered if she’d be able to see it in its entirety today. She bit down on her bottom lip as she waited for her date to arrive.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson gave a smile to the waitress, and let a chuckle escape his lips as Destiny mentioned she was flirting with him a bit. [b [#265f2c “Not too concerned with anyone other than you right now, darling.”]] he smiled, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. He looked to the menu, but his eyes then darted up to the blonde. She really was a beauty, and he couldn’t believe he was actually on a date right now. He hadn’t been on an actual date like this in years, it had been hard with touring and he had never met anyone he wanted to get to know like Destiny. Carson checked his phone to see Lennon’s message, a smile rested on his lips. So, Lennon had some plans for the night too. But when he mentioned a baby, he almost let a loud laugh escape. He wanted no baby right now, not until he actually could settle down a bit more than he currently was. [#265f2c Don’t worry, I will. No babies for us right now. Hope your night goes well, I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully.] He hoped Lennon could have a good night like he knew he would have with Destiny. He hoped she wouldn’t be turned off by being invited back to his hotel room.

As he noticed the waitress even talking to other workers about him, it was obvious she recognized him. This was why he didn’t go out in public except for clubs. Broad daylight made for lots of attention, especially when they had a show in that same town. He wasn’t really interested in listening to the rash flirting of the waitress, and he wanted to get closer to Destiny anyway. He got up from his seat across from her, sliding into her side of the booth with her. [b [#265f2c “Hope this is okay. I’ll move back if you want.”]] he spoke softly into her ear, close to her neck. He was ready to start pressing kisses to her soft neck, but he held off. They could have their fun once they were alone.

Carson thought back to what she had said in the car. Though he couldn’t relate to a lot of what she said, he could think of a few things. He had a brief stint with heavy drugs when they first started getting popular, but was able to get off of it with help from Lennon. Lennon and him had been friends since they were young, and he’d consider him his brother at this point as well. Carson had been an only child with just his mother around, and had always made sure that he kept her comfortable now that he had the ability to. It was the most important thing to him, keeping his mom happy.
[b [#265f2c “So, I’m guessing I have to tell you about me now, huh?”]] Carson teased. He pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear, before letting his finger drag along her jawline, flicking his finger off the tip of her chin. [b [#265f2c “Only child, single mom. Been friends with Lennon for as long as I can remember. We actually started playing pretty young in our garage, but it wasn’t until he got older and noticed until we got to where we are now. Had a brief stint with drugs at the beginning, but I’m good now. Just trying to get by, make good music, keep my mom comfortable and be happy. You are making my last point pretty easy though.”]] he smiled.

Looking over at the menu in front of her, as his menu was still on his side of the booth, he pointed to a few different things. [b [#265f2c “They seemed to have everything in sharable sizes, if you want to share something. Otherwise, the reviews online said their chicken sandwiches were to die for, if you're interested in something like that.”]] he smiled. He was pretty set on that, once he saw the review online about how good they were.

Carson wanted to make sure she felt safe and happy. But, he also didn’t know a lot of cities, and wanted her input on what she was interested in doing. [b [#265f2c “So, is there anything you’d like to do after we eat? We can go out somewhere, or also go back to my hotel room, watch a movie or something.”]] he smiled, not trying to insinuate anything. He didn’t want to push her, as her last few days had been traumatic, but he’d be down for anything. Destiny had been better than he imagined she’d be; a strong, independent woman who knew what she wanted. And that was incredibly sexy to him.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Being in public with the one person she had dreamed about for years, was like walking on cloud nine. She never dreamed she would be in a place like this. Yes it was kind of annoying that the waitress was trying to flirt with the male, but when he told her he was more interested in her anyway it kind of put her mind at ease. She wanted to get the waitress of the male's back, but he seemed to have the same thought in mind. He slid in beside her and she smirked a bit shaking her head.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I don't mind in the least"] she said lightly. She meant it too. She loved the fact that he was so willing to be close to her. She felt the waitress glaring at her. Sure enough she looked up and the woman was looking towards her. If looks could kill, she would be dead on the floor just now. She bit her lip lightly as she scooted a bit closer to Carson. She then turned her attention back to the male as he spoke about the food. Everything sounded amazing, and she was starving.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I wouldn't mind sharing. I mean everything sounds amazing, but the sharing portions sounds good too. I'm surprised I've never really heard of this place until now"] she admitted as she looked around. She made a mental note to bring it up to Imogen and bring the girl here. It was a cute little place for sure. When Carson asked what she wanted to do after they ate, she seemed to brighten a bit. They had a small lake nearby and she wouldn't mind going there for awhile and go swimming. They would have to stop by her place though.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I don't know how you feel about swimming, but there is a lake nearby, and it's kind of a secret place. Not many people go there because of the stories that have been told over the years. I love going out there and going swimming, or skinny dipping and just clearing my head. I could take you there, and then after that we could go back to your hotel"] she said lightly. That's when the waitress walked up her hand on her hip. [b "Are you ready to order?"] she asked glaring at the blonde.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Destiny looked up and cocked her head to the side. [#DB7093 "Listen, if you are going to have an attitude, then I would like a new waitress or waiter. I know you know who I'm with, but that doesn't mean you have to be a down right bitch. Honestly, because of you I'm not wanting to give you my service. If you wouldn't mind I would like someone new to take our order. Someone who's not a jealous little girl"] she snapped. The woman looked shocked at what Destiny had said. [b "Fine"] she snapped back and stormed off.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 That might not have been the best idea in the world but she wasn't going to have someone treating them any different. That's when the manager came up to the table. [b "I'm so sorry about what happened with your waitress. Is there anything I can do to make your stay better?"] he asked looking between the two of them. Destiny leaned forward and spoke to the manager. [#DB7093 "Maybe have a little sit down talk with your employees, and tell them to treat everyone with the kind of respect they deserve"]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "Yes you have someone famous here, but that doesn't mean your employees have the right to oggle at him, and then talk to the other's about him as well. It also doesn't mean they have the right to treat his date like dirt either."] she said. She was slowly starting to lose her temper, but held it in check a while longer. [b "I understand that. She was in the wrong for sure. I will talk to them tonight when we close. Your meals will be on the house for what happened. Order whatever you want"] the man said.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Destiny was kind of surprised that's what happened. She wasn't meaning too, and she was starting to feel slightly guilty. It didn't last long though. She looked at the menu and tried to decide what to even get. [#DB7093 "You order"] she told Carson handing him the menu. She wanted to sink into the floor because of how she treated the manager, but what's done is done. She didn't want to cause any trouble, and yet the manager was here waiting on them because she lashed out in a jealous rage. She wrapped her arms around herself falling silent.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As Lennon was out trying to keep himself busy until it was time to go and pick up Imogen, he made sure to keep a low profile. He had gone to a park and walked around. He watched a couple of the families there, and his heart seemed to break a little bit. He wanted his own family, and there had been times he thought about walking away from the band to do just that. Then again he would miss it too much. Traveling around the world, seeing things for the first time, meeting new people. All of it.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 There had been a couple of times he had gotten women into bed with them, and a couple of them had claimed that he had gotten them pregnant. That had been a wild ride for sure. After that, he told himself he wouldn't do that again. That had been at the start of everything. Now he wouldn't even go out with a fan. Then Imogen popped into his mind. He had broken his own vow for the woman. She was beautiful, and he wanted to know more about her. Know what drew him to her.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As he stood there thinking he felt his phone go off. He pulled it out and saw Imogen's name on the screen. Had he really been standing there thinking for that long? He then realized he was close to the shop. It wasn't that far away, but he didn't want to come all the way back here for his car. He made his way back to the car, and unlocked it. He slid inside and started it up, and went to the address Imogen sent him. He pulled into the parking lot and found a spot to park.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He shut the car off and climbed out. It was at least five minutes till four. He had time to walk inside and look around the place. He slid his sunglasses onto his face, and made his way inside. The small bell on the door dinged when he opened the door. He walked in and slid the glasses off his face, since the lighting wasn't that bright in here. He looked around the shop and let out a low whistle. That's when his eyes landed on Imogen and he walked up to her speaking softly.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "I know I'm a couple minutes early, but I wanted to check the place out. When you are ready lemme know"] he said into her ear. He then moved off and went to look at the drawings on the walls. He hung his sunglasses on his shirt and shoved his hands into his pockets. The drawing's were amazing. He might consider getting another tattoo before the band left town. Either that, or come back when they were done with the tour and get one. His eyes scanned the drawings, and he let out another low whistle.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Whoever did this has amazing talent. He wondered what the prices would be as well. He would ask about that later. Right now he had a date with a beautiful woman, and hopefully a night in bed with her as well by the end of it. He moved down to another part of the wall checking everything out while he waited for Imogen to get her things and clock out.]]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/8CHbNHM.jpg]] Imogen made her way around her workplace, getting as much work as she could do so she could easily clock out when Lennon showed up. But, it was a lot more than the woman expected. She started her rounds, making sure appointments were put into the system, as well as sending reminder emails and calling different people back about their consultations. Imogen really enjoyed working in such a low stress environment, and she really liked her boss. The whole thing worked out pretty well for her.

As their date approached, it was all the woman could think about. As she cleaned areas, she answered phones and greeted clients. She was easy to see on her face and by her body language she was distracted but she tried to let it not interfere with her work. She realized it was starting when the woman in front of her had to literally snap her out of a daydream to pay for her tattoo. [#6d091a “I am so sorry ma’am. It’s going to be $125.”]

Imogen headed to the back, off to grab a stack of papers she had to file that she left from the other day, the day before the concert. As she came back in and began filing, she heard a voice soft in her ear. The way he spoke, she could have melted into his hands. It was smooth and thick like honey. [#6d091a “O-okay. I should be ready soon.”] she replied, with a smile. She looked him over as his back was to her, looking at the drawings. He looked so much better now that she could scan his whole body. [i “Oh man, he’s cute. That’s your boy, right?”] her boss replied, giving her a soft wink. [#6d091a “Well, he’s not my boy. But he’s my date, yes.”]

[i “Wait, is he looking at my art. I’ll lose it if he wants to get a tattoo here, should I go talk him up? Tell him great you are.”] Her boss said, wigging her brows at her. Imogen laughed, shaking her head, [#6d091a “Please don’t, he’ll want to get out while he still can.”] Imogen teased before heading to the computer to clock out. [#6d091a “I’m heading out, I’ll be back in an hour.”] Imogen spoke to her boss, before making her way over to Lennon. [i “TAKE YOUR TIME!”] Her boss called out, before getting ready for her next client.

[#6d091a “Alright, I’m all set.”] Imogen smiled, taking his hand and leading him out the door of the shop, the little bell announcing their exit. Once excited, Imogen stopped by the door. She felt like she was dreaming, the boy she pined after for years had asked her out on a date. He wanted to spend time with someone like her, even if she was a fan. But, outside of his music, the interactions she had with him were all positive. He seemed like just a good person in general, someone who she’d be attracted to even if he wasn’t a member from her favorite band.

[#6d091a “So, what’s the plan?”] Imogen asked, and if on cue, there was a small grumble from her stomach. She laughed, before looking at him, [#6d091a “I hope it involves food.”] she laughed, her hand still holding on to his.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
To be honest, Carson didn’t know the last time he went swimming. He enjoyed it, but it was just something he usually didn’t have time for, like dating. But now, both of those things were being brought up, and he wasn’t angry about it. [#265f2c “Swimming sounds great, yeah. I think I could manage skinny dipping if you’re up for that.”] Carson spoke, the last part he teased into her ear, letting his fingers trail down her arm. He could hear the waitress making her way over, and rolled his eyes.

To be honest, this waitress was starting to get on her nerves. He was clearly on a date with someone, it was hard to miss it, considering he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He was about to say something, until Destiny did herself. He really enjoyed watching her take charge how she did. It was incredibly sexy to see her assert herself, but she also wasn’t being incredibly rude. He smiled at her after their waitress came, and before he could speak the manager came over, giving them the meal for free. He wasn’t expecting that, but he’d take it. He’d leave a nice tip for the manager to have when they left, for making it up for their waitress.

Carson ordered them some things to share, before smiling toward the manager as he offered to put in their order. [#265f2c “Thank you.”]. Noticing the woman sinking down in her hair, he looked concerned. [#265f2c “Hey, are you alright? Is it about that whole thing? Honestly, I was about to do the same thing, she was really getting to me too.”] Carson spoke softly. He wanted her to have a good time, and didn’t want some stupid waitress to ruin their day.

The way she spoke, the way she held herself, her beauty; hell she was a total package. He didn’t know how he got so lucky as to catch the eye of a girl like her. Carson knew it was hard to date in the spotlight, so he kind of gave up for a while. Sure, he had little flings when he was in different towns on different nights, but he never really went on a date in a while. So doing this was very out of his comfort zone, but he was enjoying himself. He hoped she was as well. Her kiss from earlier was a decent indicator.

[#265f2c “If you want, we could get the food to go and have a picnic down at this lake you told me about? Would that be better? Then we can get out of here.”] Carson smiled. [#265f2cI “have a blanket in my car, we could even go get some drinks as well. I just want you to have a good time.”] he smiled, placing a hand on her thigh, hoping that was okay with her.

Carson hoped Lennon and his day was going well. He knew he had a date with Destiny’s friends, and maybe they could all have a day together if they were interested. Oh, Carson didn’t want to forget a little gift he got Destiny.

[#265f2c “I got you something, close your eyes.”] Carson spoke, a smile on his lips. When she did, he placed two passes into her hand. [#265f2c “I know our concert wasn’t a good time for you, but we are playing again in a few days, and I wanted you to be able to have a better experience. So, I grabbed you and your friend some backstage passes, so you guys can watch up close and personal. It includes an open bar and there are some snacks back there as well. I just want you to have a good time at our shows, and not let last night be ingrained as the last time you saw us live.” Carson spoke. He may have had to pry these passes from his manager, but he finally gave in when he heard about what happened. It was just something Carson wanted to do for her, something to look forward to.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When the manager finally walked away to put in their order, and Carson spoke about going to the lake she seemed to brighten a bit. A small tint of pink crossed her cheeks when he mentioned the skinny dipping. Was she really going to take advantage of that right away? Or wait until later? It was really tempting though. [#DB7093 "I mean we aren't that far from my apartment, we can stop by there and I can grab my suit. Today's not really the day to go skinny dipping, well at least I don't feel like it"] she admitted.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 It would be nice to go skinny dipping with the male that's for damn sure. She just didn't want to jump right into it. She felt the male's hand on her thigh, and she fought the urge to move his hand up a bit higher. She looked towards him and leaned over a bit to whisper in his ear. [#DB7093 "You can go higher if you'd like. I wouldn't complain"] she said lightly before kissing his cheek gently. She moved back to sitting up straight, and looked around the small place. It was starting to get a bit busy.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "Also, yes I would love to get out of here. It's getting to be a bit busy and I'm not too good with small spaces, and a lot of people"] she said lightly. Being at Carson's concerts was a different story. They were in a bigger space, and they didn't have booths or tables. When he said he had something for her, and to close her eyes she raised a 'brow slightly and did as she was told. He was already spoiling her, and she didn't know how to react to it.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When she opened her eyes and saw the passes her jaw dropped. [#DB7093 "Carson, you didn't"] she breathed out. Imogen would die if she found out what she had. She turned her eyes back to the male, and smiled. She took his face in her hands, and kissed him deeply. When she pulled back her cheeks were flushed, and her heart was hammering inside of her chest. His hand was still on her thigh, and her mind was spinning. Everything was happening so quickly, and she didn't know what to do or what to say at the moment.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When she was about to speak the manager brought their food. [b "I did bring some to-go boxes when you are ready to go. Or if you would like to go now. Again I apologize for my waitress, I will make sure to make things right. I hope you will come back here soon"] he said as he bowed and walked off. Destiny was surprised at how well the manager handled it all. She had been a bitch, and he still held his temper in check. That was some good customer service. She would be coming back for sure.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "Thank you for the passes. Also, I don't want you thinking I'm interested in you to get free things like this. That's not the case at all. I'm interested in getting to know the real you, the man when he's not on stage"] she said lightly. She leaned over and kissed him again lightly. This time the kiss wasn't deep, or like the first one. She could get used to kissing him for sure. She pulled back and started to put the food into the boxes. She wanted to get out of there, and now.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As the male was finishing with the artwork, he felt a small hand slip into his and he knew who it was. He looked towards the woman who had yelled at Imogen to take her time. He raised a brow slightly and laughed. [#0075D0 "Don't worry, I'll have you back right on time. I'm not one to make people late"] he promised. When they were outside and Imogen asked about the plan, he heard her stomach growl and he laughed a bit. It was strange to be doing something like this. He wasn't one to really do something like this.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Well I did see a small sandwich shop while I had been killing time. We can go there if you'd like. I mean we can get it to go, and go to the park that's right across the street as well. There's got to be some benches there"] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. Then again she wouldn't have much of a choice. An hour lunch wasn't that long. So he decided for her. He led her down the street to the sandwich shop. He opened the door and let her inside first.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He walked up to the counter and looked the menu over. [b "I'll be right with you"] came the sound of a redheaded woman. [#0075D0 "Take your time. Just not a long time"] he said with a joking tone in his voice. Everything sounded amazing, and he wondered what Imogen would get. When the woman came to the counter she gasped lightly, and her jaw nearly hit the floor. [b "Lennon? What are you doing here?"] she squeaked out. Another fan. Great. He sighed and looked at Imogen and then the red head.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Well I'm here getting this lovely lady of mine something to eat while she's on her lunch break"] he said. He slid his hand out of her's, and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her against his side. That seemed to piss the redhead off. [b "Of course you are. What can I get you?"] she asked taking out a note pad. His eyes then scanned the menu once more and his mouth watered at everything he read. He was torn between the chicken sandwich, and doing a plain tuna on wheat. So many choices.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "I'll take the oven roasted chicken, with swiss cheese, toasted please. Make both of these a large meal as well. Just add whatever Imogen would like to the order"] he said. When he was done ordering, he let the woman go and went to browse the chips and cookies. He picked out some Lay's for the both of them, and chocolate chip cookies as well. Can never go wrong with those choices at all. When Imogen was done, he walked up to the counter and paid for the meals, and took the cups from the redhead, and thanked her.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Get what you want, and then we can go and sit down to eat"] he said with a wink. He then led her over to the drink station and got himself some Dr. Pepper. When she was done he went back to wait for the sandwiches. When their order was up, he took the bag and took Imogen by the waist once more and led her back outside. He didn't like how the redhead was watching him. He rolled his eyes and made his way to a bench he spotted right across the way. Once there, he sat down beside the woman, keeping an arm wrapped around her waist.]]
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Lennon’s laugh was contagious. It made Imogen laugh as well, nodding when he mentioned the sandwich shop. [#6d091a “That sounds perfect.”] she smiled,as he led her down the street. This day was supposed to be a boring day of work, and now she was on a date with Lennon, of all people in the world. Well, she hoped it was a date.

But, when the girl at the counter recognized him, Imogen’s imagination went to the parking lot. How he’d asked her to meet him there, and ended up fully making out with another woman in front of her. She was still a nobody, and he was somebody. It made her stomach drop when his hand slid out of hers, but soon his arm was snaked around her waist, and she was pulled into him. Hearing him said ‘lovely lady of mine’, made her melt into him. She smiled softly at the floor, and when she looked up to place her own order, the dargers the other girl gave her were sharp.

[#6d091a “I-I’ll just take a turkey, bacon and cheese please. Toasted.”] Imogen spoke quickly, before finding her way back to Lennon. In his arms, she felt safer than alone, especially with the girl who seemed to want her dead now. She watched as he paid, before she could even offer, and take the bag. She filled her cup with lemonade and followed him out of the shop.

They took a seat on the bench, the man’s arm still planted around her waist. She enjoyed being close to him, he was strong and protective. She took a sip of her drink, before taking out their sandwiches, handing his to him, and keeping hers on her lap. [#6d091a “I don’t think she liked me very much…”] she teased, to show him it didn’t bother her, even if it did. She needed to remember who he was, this was not like dating any other person. She just hoped no one would leak a photo of them to a magazine or something, Imogen was not someone who loved the spotlight, she preferred to be behind the camera.

[#6d091a “So, tell me something about you? Something that I wouldn’t know just from googling you. I want to know you, Lennon, not Lennon from Sleeping Secrets.”] Imogen asked as she took a bite into her sandwich, which was amazing. She met her eyes with his, sliding a piece of hair behind her ear. She could have kissed him right there, but she didn’t know if that’d be weird or uncalled for. Destiny always had more confidence than Imogen did.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
When she mentioned getting her swimsuit, he smirked. [#265f2c “Guess we’ll drop by the hotel and get mine too. I don’t want to feel left out.”] Carson teased, giving her a wink as well. And when she mentioned he could move his hand up, he leaned in to her ear. [#265f2c “I’ll keep that in mind.”] he whispered, moving his thumb from side to side, but kept his hand where it was. He had a plan, and would at least let his plan come to fruition.

When he did finally show her the passes, he could see the happiness in her eyes. As she took his face and pulled him in for a kiss, he moved his hand up and in, grabbing the inside of her thigh in his kiss. When she pulled away, he smiled, giving her a small squeeze in the thigh again. The man had given them to-go boxes already, and Carson thanked him before he walked away. The customer service was great, once their waitress left them alone. He would definitely come back.

When she spoke about not wanting gifts, he shook his head. [#265f2c “Oh, I didn’t do this because I felt I had to, I wanted too. I got them because I would love to have you backstage at the show with me. And I know you and your friend are big fans, and it will make your most recent concert of ours, the best one yet.”] Carson smiled. [#265f2c “Well, Carson’s not as big and bad as he seems on stage. He’s actually just a normal guy; plays video games, watches movies, hangs out with his best friend. I’m not as interesting as you might have hoped.”] he sighed. That was true, Carson was a simple guy. He never expected to be touring the country with his best friend, it just kind of happened. He was perfectly fine playing in their garage, until they were scouted and signed. It was such a quick transition it hit them like a truck. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Carson enjoyed kissing this girl more and more, each time just as good as the last. They two of them got the food packed up, and Carson excused himself for a moment. He found the manager, giving him a twenty for his hard work, and even offered to pay for the food they got. He declined on him paying for the food, but graciously accepted the tip. He came back, grabbed their bag of food and headed to his car.

Carson had been offered a driver when they traveled, but he always preferred to drive his own car, feeling a bit more normal. He opened her door, before sliding into the driver’s seat. [#265f2c “Okay, so your place, the hotel and the lake? I have a blanket in the back, we can eat and take a dip. Sounds good to you?”] he asked. Before she could answer, he took her face in on hand, pulling her in for a kiss. She had kissed him, and he wanted to be able to kiss her. She was so sinfully beautiful, and he wanted to show her he liked her just as much as she was showing him. [#265f2c “Do you realize how truly beautiful you are?”] he spoke softly, their lips barely touching as he spoke to her.

Carson pulled back. [#265f2c “Tell me the way, gorgeous.”] he spoke, a smile dancing on his lips.
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The feeling of his hand on her thigh sent the woman's heart racing. Sure enough his hand had moved farther up and she nearly melted into a puddle right then and there. When they finally pulled away from one another a small smirk danced on her lips. The passes were amazing, and she couldn't wait to tell Imogen about it when they finally met up. She couldn't help but wonder how her and Lennon were doing as well. She made a mental note to text her later. She knew she was on lunch right now at work.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She then turned her attention back to the male as he spoke about his interests and hobbies, and she couldn't help the smile across her face. [#DB7093 "Honestly, that makes me like you even more. When you aren't on stage you really are a normal human being. It must be hard not being able to do it like you used too, but at least you have Lennon around and you two can enjoy your time on the road for sure"] she said lightly. It was kind of strange getting to know him on this level though.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She never dreamed she would have met her idol, let alone kiss him and have his hands on her as well. She hoped that by the end of their day together, she would be in his bed. Either fully clothed or not. Just the idea of being in the same bed with him made her heart skip a beat. She didn't care if anything sexual happened either. Just being able to spend this time with him, no matter how short it would turn out to be was enough. She thought about snapping some pictures of the two of them too.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She watched as the male walked off to talk to the manage. She slipped her phone out and sent a message to Imogen. [#DB7093 [i Girl, today is turning out to be amazing!! We should meet up some time tomorrow if you can break away from Lennon long enough, because I have a [i shit] ton of news for you! Don't worry about replying because I'll most likely be busy, but just wanted to let you know I'm doing alright. I love you. Talk to you tomorrow.]] She then hit send right when Carson came back.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She smiled a bit and was about to grab the bag of food when he did. She slid out of the chair she had been in and walked with him to the car. She slid inside and took the bag into her lap. She looked towards him and was a little surprised when he finally made the first move and kissed her. The taste of his lips were amazing, and she couldn't get enough of them. She blushed a bit when he said she was beautiful. She shook her head lightly locking her eyes with his.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I'm nothing but damaged, but I'm glad you think so"] she breathed out. She kissed him one last time before he finally turned and headed to her place. When they pulled up she hurried out of the car and placed the bag on the seat. She then hurried to the house and unlocked the door and ran inside. She went straight to her room and found the perfect suit. It was her favorite one as well. A light blue bikini. She hurried and changed into the suit, and then slipped on a pair or short shorts over the bottoms.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She pulled on a white tank top afterwards, slid her feet into some flip flops and grabbed a couple of towels. He mentioned a blanket, but no towels. Pretty soon she was back in the car. She looked towards him and pointed the way they had come. [#DB7093 "It's not too far from here honestly. Just drive down the road for a couple minutes and then I'll tell you where to go from there"] she said lightly. When they got closer she told him where to park, and pretty soon she was out and leading him to the lake.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Sitting with the woman made the male feel comfortable. He looked towards her and took his sandwich from her. That's when she asked about him. He looked towards her and cocked his head to the side. This was something he didn't really talk about much. Not even Carson knew about what he was going to tell Imogen. [#0075D0 "What I'm about to tell you no one knows. Not even Carson and he's like a fucking brother to me"] he said lightly. He took the time to take a bite and chew slowly as he gathered his thoughts.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He swallowed the bite he had in his mouth, took a breath and started to speak. [#0075D0 "So when Carson and I were just playing in the garage when we were teenagers, things went south with my sister like you know. At least a little about the meaning behind the song. But that's not what I'm getting at. One night while I had been out driving I ran into another teen around my age, and he offered me drugs so I took them. I paid a pretty penny for them as well, and had to lie to my own parents about it"]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Being on the drugs was amazing, I felt like a whole new person. I wanted to feel like I belonged somewhere, and that I mattered. So when I had been higher than a fucking kite I killed someone. I killed the man that had given me the drugs, and at first I didn't know what was going on, and honestly I liked the feeling. At first I did anyway. When I realized what was going on, I hated myself. That night I promised myself I wouldn't touch drugs again, and I haven't"]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "That was also the night I started drawing as well. A lot of the tattoo's littering my skin happen to be my own drawings. I found a really good artist to do them for me. That was also the same night I started being a gamer again too. I loved playing Call of Duty, and any other shooter games. I know it's not much, but I'm slowly making my way through Kingdom Hearts 3. At least when I'm at home I am"] he said lightly. He looked towards Imogen just then and his heart thundered against his chest.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "I hope the fact you know that I killed someone doesn't chase you away. I did seek the help I needed, without anyone really knowing. I then found different outlets as well"] he said lightly. He didn't know what was running through Imogen's mind, and he hoped that it wouldn't change anything. He was getting to know the woman, and he hoped to God he didn't just fuck that all up. It was kind of nice talking to someone about it. Even though it's been years, and the family didn't press charges against him.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He sighed lightly as he turned his eyes away from the woman, took another bite and let the silence wash over them. He let what he told her sink in as well. He put his arms on the table and looked out towards some trees. He felt like a total idiot for opening up like he did, but it was too late now. The silence was really getting to him too.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   1y ago

Imogen kept her eyes on him, nodded when he told her he hadn’t told anyone this. She wondered what it was, and why he chose not to tell anyone. Especially Carson.

As he spoke, Imogen’s eyes widened and she looked down. He had...what? Lennon? She couldn't believe the words that left his mouth so easily. Well, she knew why he didn’t tell anyone. That was something that could completely ruin his entire career. But why did he trust her so much? She knew she would never tell a soul what he told her, but why did he know she wouldn’t? She could just be another crazed fan to run to the tabloids and make a cheap buck of his past mistakes. What about her was different? Maybe, subconsciously, he knew. He knew she’d understand, because she was in that same circle once before in her life.

Imogen had been on drugs in her teen years as well. She couldn’t even function without them, and was soon going to be dead if she didn’t get help. One broken leg and she was hooked on the pain medication. She was then buying from kids in school, and that was even worse, because sometimes it would get laced with something else. She was so depressed and sad, until she got herself into some trouble trying to steal money from work. It wasn’t exactly what happened with Lennon, but she knew that drugs could make you do crazy things. What they could do to your mind. She went away, got help and got better. She had never touched a pill again after that, and got herself into photography, just as Lennon got into art. They were more similar than they thought.

The silence between them was deafening, and she took another bite and swallowed before looking up into his eyes. [#6d091a “I had my own time with drugs, so I got it. I never got to the point you did, but trying to steal money at work as a teen can get you sent away. I know what can happen to your mind, and that it makes you do things you don’t even realize. Things that you yourself would never do. The only one who knows, besides my family, is Destiny. I tell her everything. And my family, they only know because I got sent away. They didn’t know up until then.”] she finished, placing a hand on his.

[#6d091a “Why don’t you tell Carson? I bet he would accept you. He’s your best friend. Sometimes, it’s nice for the person you're closest with to know. What if he wanted to do drugs in your hotel room, or something? Destiny knows to lock up any painkiller that comes into the apartment, just in case. Addiction is hard, and can come back as quicker than it left. And if you ever want to talk to someone more, you can talk to me.”] Imogen finished, before taking another bite of her sandwich. The stints of silence were thick and you could cut them with a knife, due to the subject matter.

Imogen moved her thumb slowly over the back on his hand, looking at his hand before looking over to him. Her heart hammered in her own chest, as she waited for him to say something, anything. [#6d091a “But I understand if you want to drop it too.”] she said, keeping her hand on his. She moved her hand to lace her fingers with his, leaning back on the bench they were on. Imogen wasn’t scared of him, she understood what happened. Maybe she was being oddly calm, but she understood that it was the drugs. She had met people, when she went away, who had done more than what he had done, and she still accepted them. Maybe that’s why she was so calm about the whole situation.

Imogen pulled her phone as it buzzed in her pocket, quickly looking at it and sliding her phone back in her pocket. She was happy Destiny was having a good time, as she needed it. After the concert, she could only hope Carson would spoil her. But, she had a lot to tell her too...

[#6d091a “Do you want to come over after I get out of work? I think Destiny is most likely staying at your hotel room with Carson. So, I don’t mind if you want to come over later tonight?”] Imogen spoke, the words kind of coming out of nowhere. The fact that he trusted her with something so deep about him, he wanted to get close to her. She wanted that too, with him. [#6d091a “Sorry...am I being too forward?”] she asked, a soft sigh escaping her lips and she took another bite of her sandwich.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]

Carson smiled, [#265f2c “You are not damaged. You are perfect as you are.”] he replied, before she exited the car to her apartment. He sat back in the car, lucky he had an extra suit shoved in the back of his car, he could change quickly somewhere once they arrived. He wondered what she would look like in her swimsuit, as she was gorgeous as she was already. He knocked that thought out of his head. He didn’t want to seem weird, or force the woman into anything she didn’t want. He would love it if she was in his bed tonight, but if all she wanted was a simple date, he could do that too.

When she reentered, he smiled. He followed her directions to the lake, making sure he drove safety. He even found a spot quickly and parked before getting out. He grabbed the blanket and his suit from the trunk, taking their bag of food in his other hand as well. He moved the blanket and food into one arm, so he was able to take hold of her hand as she led him to the lake. It was empty, just the two of them together. Alone. This was much better than the restaurant already. He laid out their blanket, sitting down and pulling their food bag into the blanket as well.

Carson set all their takeout containers around, and the restaurant even left a few plates and utensils for them, which was helpful when they had all sharing plates. They both made plates, and Carson stared out at the lake. He sighed, taking in the view. [#265f2c “I’m surprised it’s so empty here. It’s gorgeous.”] he smiled, before looking over at her. The way the light showed on her face, she was even more beautiful than before. Damn, he was so lucky. [#265f2c “Like you.”] he finished, before taking her hand, pressing a kiss to her knuckles, letting her hand go after.

Carson thought back to what she said at the restaurant, about it being hard to be on the road. It was. He missed when they were teens just playing dumb music in their basement, Lennon’s little sister stealing guitar picks from him. They always had such a good time, and now they were playing sold out shows, traveling the country. It wasn’t something he thought could happen, but here they were. He had imagined it going differently, being famous. Being surrounded by beautiful women, and getting drunk every night on free booze. But, a lot of the time, it was getting drunk in his room alone, in bed alone. Dating wasn’t really an option, well, until now.

[#265f2c “I hope you’re enjoying yourself. I really haven’t been dating much since the tour. I mean, it’s not everyday I meet a cute girl who actually wants to give me a chance, to be honest.”] Carson spoke, letting a smile play on his lips. [#265f2c “I’m having a really great time getting to know you. Please, tell me more about you.”] he smiled.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   1y ago

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Once they had reached the lake, and the blanket was laid out. She helped get the food out, and onto the plates. She looked out at the lake as well and smiled lightly. [#DB7093 "Not many people know about this place. They know about the lake, just not this spot. It's honestly my favorite place to come when I'm upset, or needing to clear my head. Imogen comes with me sometimes so we can both rant about things, or just go swimming together"] she said with a warm smile. She then picked up the fork she had and took a bite.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The flavors hit her tongue and it was amazing. She ate as much as was on her plate, and then looked at Carson and rolled her eyes at the beautiful comment. It was really sweet of him to say. She was getting to know her idol, and she couldn't be happier. When he asked her to tell more about herself she shrugged a bit. [#DB7093 "I honestly don't know what else to tell you. I'm just your normal woman, working in a dead end job, going no where in her life."] she said with a shrug.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "That, and you pretty much saw what my shitty ex does when he doesn't get his way. That's pretty much it honestly"] she said as she finished off what was on her plate, and set the plate aside. She then pulled the tank top off, and stood sliding her shorts off as well. She then looked down at him and nodded towards the lake. She then made her way over to the water's edge. She sat down and lowered herself into the chilly water. The moment she did she let out a small gasp.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The water was colder than she thought, but she got used to it quickly. She then ducked under the water and swam away from the edge. When she popped back up she was farther away from the shore. She turned and looked towards Carson. He looked amazing sitting there on the blanket, the sun hitting him perfectly. She was the lucky one in all of this. Not everyone would have gone with her to the police station, and now here. Carson was a different type of person, and she liked that about him. He was special.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She tore her eyes away from the male on the shore, and floated in the water on her back. She listened to the birds chirping and the water softly lapping at her skin. Everything seemed so peaceful, and she couldn't wait to get back to his hotel, and to explore that body of his. A small smirk passed over her lips at the thought, and she closed her eyes enjoying the water for the time being.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Lennon was slightly surprised at how calmly Imogen took everything in. She was surprising him around every corner. When she mentioned that she had been into drugs as well in her teen years, made him feel slightly closer to her in a way. He looked down at their hands, and he felt his heart flutter inside of his chest. What was happening to him? Was he really falling for this woman beside him? He promised himself he wouldn't. Not after last time, he couldn't do that again. He couldn't let himself get attached, and yet he was.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He shook his head lightly to clear it and looked towards her when she asked why he hadn't told Carson. He sighed lightly as he looked away from her eyes. [#0075D0 "Because it happened to be someone he was really close too. Someone who had been like a brother to him. If I told him that I killed his brother figure, he would hate me for the rest of my life. I know he will. The two had been really close, and because of me I took that all away from him. I don't think I could handle seeing the pain in his eyes"]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Seeing the look of pity, and then anger. It would tear me apart honestly. I can't tell him, and he can't ever find out. Still to this day they don't know who really killed him. I would rather him be in the dark, instead of knowing that his best friend killed someone he loved more than anything in the world"] he admitted. He meant it too. Knowing Carson for as long as he had, the male would hate Lennon for the rest of their lives. He couldn't chance that.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Honestly I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's just bringing up bad memories. As for the drugs, I let Carson do whatever he wants. He's a grown man, and he knows how I feel about them. He doesn't let that stop us from hanging out though. There have been times he's been really high off his ass, that I've had to rescue him"] he said with a small laugh. He had forgotten about his food for the time being. Just sitting here talking with Imogen was enough for him. It meant the world to him in a way.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Here was a beautiful woman tearing down his walls, making him fall head over heels for her, and she didn't even know it. That's when he realized she had asked him about staying over. He turned his eyes towards her and smiled. [#0075D0 "I would be more than happy too. I know Carson will have his hands full with your friend. But I should be getting you back. It's about that time anyway"] he said lightly. He wrapped his sandwich back up and then stood and helped her to her feet. He didn't want their time to end.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Here's the deal. You message me when you get home, and I'll meet you there. I'll just be driving around and seeing more of this place. Then once you are home, I'll be more than happy to set you up a hot, relaxing bath as well. Then I'll give you a back massage. Sound good?"] he asked her. He was trying to be a good person right now. He reached over and brushed a strand of hair out of her face and leaned forward kissing her gently on the lips.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "Let's get you back, and I'll see you in a couple of hours"] he said lightly. He then wrapped his arm around her waist once more, and led her back to her work place. It was hard to leave, but he would soon be back with the woman, and hopefully seeing more of her would make his night better. It was nice opening up to the woman, and he hoped that feeling would last for quite awhile.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   1y ago

Imogen listened. She thought that was what he really needed, instead of giving him advice. Just someone to get his thoughts and feelings out to, and she didn’t mind being that person. Especially because she could understand what he was coming from. Telling people about things you did and about addiction was hard. They’d look at you like you were a monster, stupid...but that’s all wrong. They are sick, and need help. As Imogen and Lennon had both done.

[#6d091a “No worries. We can be done.”] Imogen replied. Imogen had finished her sandwich, playing with the paper it was wrapped in. She had barely eaten before this, so she was happy they decided on lunch. Lennon seemed uninterested in his sandwich, all his attention focused on her. She smiled when he agreed to come over, but her face fell when he mentioned bringing her back. Work was fine and she definitely needed the money, but here she was with her favorite celebrity having lunch, who would want to go back to work.

[#6d091a “Yeah, she’s definitely having a good time. She texted me.”] Imogen smiled, her eyes meeting his. [#6d091a “If he hurts her, I don’t care how famous you guys are, I’ll hurt you and him. She hates when I get this overbearing but it’s just by nature.”] Imogen spoke, rubbing the back of her neck, a hint of embarrassment in her voice.

When he spoke of what he wanted to do for her, her jaw could have dropped to the floor. That was the nicest thing someone could offer her. And they had just really met. [#6d091a “Yeah, totally. That sounds amazing, thank you.”] she smiled, some hair falling to her face. Before she could even move the strands, Lennon did for her, and pressed a kiss to her lips. This was more shocking than the drugs. After a moment, she returned the kiss, letting herself relax into it. That was such a tease, now she wanted more.

Imogen let him wrap his arm around her as the mad either way back to her work. She let herself relax into his touch, making their way back outside of the tattoo shop. [#6d091a “I had a really nice time, thank you so much.”] Imogen smiled, giving him one last kiss before reentering. Lennon was something different. He was trusting and raw, and very aware of his emotions. He kindly made sure Imogen felt safe, and they were able to connect about their past.

Imogen couldn’t wait until she saw him tonight. She wanted to see more, mentally and physically.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]

[#265f2c “I think Lennon would like it out here too. Maybe we can all come here together sometime.”] Carson smiled, looking out at the lake. It really was a great spot, and he was happy she could share something special to her with him. The food was beyond amazing, he knew he’d have to go back, and just make sure he got a good waitress next time. He was happy they got things to share, because everything had such great flavors. He put his plate next to him once he finished eating, and looked at her as she spoke very little about herself.
[#265f2c “I think there is more to you than you lead on…”] Carson smiled. She was special, there was something about her. A fire in her, and he wanted to get burned.

When she spoke about her ex, and he thought back to their concert, his blood boiled. He hated that man, how dare he put his hands on a woman, especially someone like Destiny.
[#265f2c “Well, with that restraining order and when your with me, nothing will happen with him anymore.”] Carson spoke. If that man even thought about Destiny, he’d kill him. Hell, if he just saw him, he’d fight him. He needed to learn how to respect people, and he could feel the pain he knew Destiny felt that night.

Destiny removed her clothing over her bathing suit and nodded to the lake. He was astonished by how beautiful she was. She had long legs and the tattoos that littered her skin were amazing. Carson wanted to just watch her for a moment, so he nodded, saying he could join her in a moment. He watched as she got into the water, and he looked up toward the sky. It was a great day, and he wondered how Lennon’s was also going. How his date with Imogen went? I think he only mentioned lunch but who knows, maybe he’d get laid tonight.

Carson watched her adjust herself to her back, letting herself float. Carson went over to some trees and bushes, changing from his jeans to his trucks quickly. He pulled his shirt off, stretching up before he headed to the water. He slid into the lake, the water felt nice against his skin. He approached Destiny, not wanting to scare her. He placed a hand on her arm,
[#265f2c “Hey.”]. He helped her get back to her feet, before pulling her in by her waist to him. He took one hand, placing it on her cheek, using his thumb to open her mouth slightly as he pressed his lips to hers. He pulled away after a minute or so, letting his breath reenter his lungs.

[#265f2c “So, do you want to just relax in the water, or are you looking for some competition?”] Carson teased. He was very competitive in all things. Board games, video games, even little water sports. And it did help him get farther in life when he was fighting for a spot to perform for him and Lennon. [#265f2c “I mean, or I could kiss you more. I don't think I’d be angry with any answer.”] he teased, letting his fingers brush over her exposed stomach before returning to her waist. He pulled her in close, just their noses brushing against each other.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   1y ago

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As she was letting the sun warm her skin, she heard the male enter the water and pretty soon she felt his arms around her. She was brought up right and she cocked her head to the side and smirked a bit. [#DB7093 "As for bringing the other's, that's a hard no right now. I kind of like my special place. I know Imogen knows about it, but she knows I like to keep to myself here"] she said lightly. She adored Imogen, and she wouldn't mind bringing them, but for now one person at a time.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The feeling of his fingers brushing against her exposed stomach made her shiver a bit. She realized she was falling head over heels for the man, and that wasn't a good sign. She knew he would be leaving soon, and she would be heart broken that's for sure. She didn't want to think about that right now. She slid her arms around his neck, and tilted her head back a little bit. She thought about his offers, and the kissing sounded like the better option anyway. [#DB7093 "I'm not big into competing much"] she said with a small smirk.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "But the kissing I won't pass up"] she said as she slid her fingers into his hair, and she pulled his head towards hers once more. Her lips found his and she kissed him deeply. She pressed into him, wanting their bodies to melt right into one another. She would do anything for this man right here. She knew she was dreaming, or at least a part of her was. She pulled back and locked her eyes on his. This man right here was her idol, and she had him all to herself pretty much.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 It was a dream come true. She then wrapped her legs around his waist, and pressed herself against him a bit more. She kept running her fingers through his hair, her eyes searching his. She didn't want this to end. She wanted nothing more than to go back to the hotel, get into bed, and just do things to this man only lovers were allowed to do. She didn't realize she was getting lost in her thoughts until just then. She shook her head lightly as she rested her arms on his bare shoulders, and she licked her lower lip.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I think we should leave. Get behind closed doors, because honestly if we don't, I will start begging you to take me right here and now"] she breathed out. She knew no one would see, or hear them but she didn't want to chance that. She untangled herself from the male, and made her way back to the shore. She had plenty of ideas running around in her mind just then, and she hoped they would become reality. She pulled herself up and out, and went back to the blanket and grabbed the towels.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She started drying herself off, and then slipped her shorts back on. She left the t-shirt off and started packing up the rest of their things. Her body was screaming for the male to touch her in ways she hadn't been touched in years. She then slipped her shoes onto her feet, and waited for the male before she would start heading back towards his car.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The male was glad she had a good time. In all honesty he was too. Was he going to admit it? Maybe not. He didn't want to let his guard down though. He wanted to slowly get to know the woman. The fact they bonded a little bit over their past made his heart skip a beat. She was such a beautiful creature, and he couldn't wait to see more of her. He watched as she reentered the shop. He was then alone, and he made his way back to his car. He slid inside and started the car up.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He finally pulled his phone out and saw that his sister texted him. She had asked him to call her, and what better time to do so than now? He pressed the call button, and put his phone to his ear. [b "Lennon!"] came the sound of her voice on the other end. The male couldn't help but smile as he hooked his phone up to the speakers in the car. [#0075D0 "Hi Butterfly. How are you? I have you on speaker, because I'm heading back to my hotel for a little bit"] he told her. The woman screamed and he winced.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [b "Why are you heading back to the hotel? How's Carson doing? When are you coming home? I miss the fuck out of you!"] she said, he could hear the bubbly note in her voice as well. He couldn't help but laugh out loud at her. [#0075D0 "Carson is doing okay, he's on a date right now. I'm doing okay, I just dropped my own date back off at work. As for coming home, I don't know yet love. Hopefully soon"] he replied back. There was silence on the other end.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 That's when the woman spoke again. [b "You and Carson are both on dates? When did this happen? I thought you weren't planning on dating"] she said lightly. He could hear the curious note in her voice and he knew she wouldn't stop until he told her everything. He took a breath and told her everything that's been going in. He pulled into the hotel parking lot, and shut the car off. He then placed his phone to his ear and climbed out still explaining everything. He could hear how excited she was getting.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "So that's pretty much it honestly. You'd like Imogen, and I know she would adore you as well."] he said as he entered the hotel room. [b "I hope you'll bring her home with you! I hope Carson brings his girl home too, because I want to meet them both. They have to get my stamp of approval as well"] she said going all sisterly over him. The male laughed and promised he would bring Imogen with him. He wouldn't make any promises for Carson though, and she huffed into the phone. They spent another half hour on the phone.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He finally hung up a while later, and he fell into the bed. He laid there and checked the time. It seemed to be going by so slowly. He couldn't wait to get Imogen's message about coming over. He put his arm over his eyes, and let himself relax a bit. Talking to his sister as a trip, but he was glad she already liked Imogen. Now he had to bring up the idea of Imogen coming with him back home. Hopefully she'd agree to it. If not his sister would have his ass.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   1y ago

Imogen had about another hour and a half before her shift was over, but all she wanted was to get out of here to see Lennon. He had been everything she had been hoping for, and was able to let down a pretty big wall in front of her. It was nice to be able to connect on such an intimate level, and they already had some common ground. She just wished the time would go by faster, and she began zoning out to the sound of the tattoo gun buzzing nearby.

[i “Alright, that was my last appointment. And you are free to do, all the paperwork filed and all the appointments for tomorrow called and confirmed?”] Taylor asked, pulling off her now soiled gloves and throwing them into a special garbage can. Imogen nodded, pulling out the appointment book. [b [#6d091a “Sara and Lacy both confirmed. I called Adam, and he never picked up. But he did send an email confirmation, so I marked him off as well. I think that’s it for tomorrow. Everything else is filed away.”]] she smiled, before sliding the book back into it’s cubby hole. [i “You seem awfully happy, you’re date went well.”] Taylor asked, wiggling her eyebrows a bit. [b [#6d091a “Really well. He’s gonna come over once I’m out of work. He’s a...really great guy.”]] Imogen smiled, looking down at her hands. Taylor smiled at her, getting her up and out of her chair. [i “Get out here and go get that man!”] Taylor smiled, pushing her out the door. Her boss was a bit crazy, but she loved her. [i “Thanks Taylor, I’ll see you in a few days.”] Imogen smiled, before heading to her car. Before she sent a quick message to Lennon

[b Hey, I just left work. I'm on my way home now. You can park in one of the visitor sports when you get here, and just buzz to number 6. I’ll let you in.]

Imogen reached home, and felt the need to clean up at least a little bit. She wasn’t really expecting anyone, but now she needed to haul ass to clean her room up. She made sure Destiny’s door was closed, and then went and tackled her room. She got all her clothes in her hamper, made her bed, and lit a couple of candles. Might as well make the place smell nice as well. She was excited to have the whole night alone with Lennon, someone she admired for years. Would he want to get in bed with her? She’d had no issue with that at all, it had been quite a while on her part.

Once her room was sufficiently cleaned, she made sure the living room and kitchen area were clean as well, and settled into the couch. He had made her quite a promise, and she was very excited for him to take care of her. It had been some time since a man wanted to take care of her. She had lots of times where she was taking care of them, and she was happy for the tables to turn in her favor.

She just couldn’t wait till he arrived.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson smiled as he fingers dove into his hair as he kissed her. He let her hands roam her body; her waist, her hips, her torso, her ass. He wanted more, more than he could get in the water. As she jumped into his arms, he held onto her thighs as they continued to kiss. He let a small moan of excitement leave his lips as she pulled herself closer to himself. He pulled her in too, and he knew they both had the same ideas in mind. He wanted to be able to explore her, show her a good time. As she pulled away, and licked her lip, he was completely sold.

[b [#265f2c “It’s like you read my mind. Lennon’s not coming back tonight, so we’ll have the whole hotel room to ourselves. I can order us some champagne, wine, or whatever you’d like as well.”]] Carson smiled. He wanted to be able to spoil her, show her he didn’t just want sex out of her, he wanted something even more. She was different, different than any other girl. She wasn’t after his fame or money, she just wanted to get to know him. Carson, not the singer of Sleeping Secrets, just Carson.

Carson followed her back to the shore, packing up their things. He pulled his shirt back on, even knowing he’d have it off as soon as she got back to the hotel. The two of them got packed up quickly, and threw their things into his trunk, before sliding into his car. As he drove, he placed his hand on the inside of her thigh, as high as he could put it as he drove. He let out a soft sigh, he couldn’t get to the hotel fast enough. He wasn’t going to rush anything, but he could feel that she wanted it as much as he did. And he wanted to make her feel amazing, things she never felt before.

The two of them pulled into the hotel, taking her hand and bringing her to his room. It wasn’t much, but it was nice. The two queen beds for Lennon and himself, the beds and room had been made over by the staff here. They also had a nice balcony that overlooked their small town. [b [#265f2c “So, you wanted to be here so badly...what do you want?”]] he spoke, his voice dropping a bit, adding a sultry tone to it. He walked her until her back was against a blank wall, putting an arm above her, looking down to her. He used his free hand to grab her chin, tilting her head up to him and pressed a kiss to her lips. Carson’s hand moved to her waist, pulling her in close to him. Now, in the privacy of his hotel room, he couldn’t keep his hands off of her.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   1y ago

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Destiny's heart was thundering against her chest. The feeling of his hand on her thigh as he drove was driving her insane. She wanted nothing more than to be behind closed doors just then. She shifted a bit and his hand moved up a bit more. A small groan passed through her lips, her body screaming to be touched in ways she dreamed of for awhile now. When they arrived at the hotel, their things forgotten in the trunk as he led her to the hotel room. She bit her lower lip as she watching him open the door.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Soon they were both in the room, and she opened the door quickly and put the [b [i Do Not Disturb]] sign on the handle. She then shut and locked the door. She threw the bolt as well just to play it safe. That's when she heard the tone in his voice. His voice all around was driving her insane. She turned and walked into the room taking it all in. She was surprised they both had queen beds, but the room was perfect. She locked her eyes on his as he moved towards her.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She backed up slowly until her back was against a wall, and he had her chin in his hand. What did she want? She wanted [i him] and badly. Her breath caught in her throat as he kissed her. She felt his hand on her waist pulling her in even more. She pulled back long enough to catch her breath. [#DB7093 "I want you, all of you"] she breathed out. She meant it too. She didn't care about the sex. The sex was just a bonus. She then slipped her hands up and under his shirt pulling it off.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She then started pressing her lips to his bare chest and shoulders. God he was perfect. She didn't care that he was one of the most popular men in the world. She didn't care that he was famous, in her eyes he was a normal human being. They both needed this right now. Her eyes then darted to the bed and back up to his. [#DB7093 "Show me what you got"] she teased lightly. She then found the top of his jeans, and slowly started to undo them. Her heart was pounding, her stomach filled with butterflies.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She didn't dare say anything more as she stood on her tip toes and found his lips once more. Those lips she had dreamed about kissing, tasting for the longest time. She finally had them, and she wasn't about to let it slip away either. She hooked her fingers into the belt loops of his jeans and slowly tugged him towards the bed. [#DB7093 "Do whatever you please"] she breathed out and meant it. She sat on the edge of the bed, before pulling him down with her. She pressed her lips to his once more, forgetting the world around them.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As the male was letting himself relax was when his phone buzzed. He sighed lightly not realizing he had fallen asleep. He grabbed his phone and saw that Imogen had messaged him about coming over. Finally. The male smirked a bit as he hit reply and started typing. [#0075D0 [i I'll be there in a little while. I have to pick up a couple things and I will be there]] was all the male said. He didn't know if they would need condoms, or how she felt about that idea at all. He would push it though.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He knew it was better to be safe than sorry. He didn't want to end up doing something and getting trapped, and having a child while he was on the road. He was all of a sudden getting cold feet about this whole bet with Carson. He thought about dipping out and saying something came up, but he knew that Imogen was looking forward to seeing him. He had to man up and not let something so small get in the way of this right now. He sighed as he rolled out of bed and stood.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He grabbed his phone charger just incase he would need it. He then packed an over night bag as well. He had a change of clothes along with a couple other items as well. He then went to his car, slid inside and headed towards a pizza parlor. He grabbed a couple pizzas, and then stopped at the liquor store as well and picked up some beer, and other wine coolers. He didn't know what she liked, so he made sure to grab something that all women mostly go for as well. He was getting more and more nervous.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He had everything tucked into the passenger seat of his car, and then he headed towards the apartments. When he got there he parked in one of the spots and shut the car off. He grabbed the food, and bags and climbed out. The apartments weren't that bad. Hell he wouldn't mind living here in the least either. He walked towards the door and buzzed up to number 6 like Imogen told him. He waited for the okay before walking inside and made his way to her apartment. He knocked on the door when he arrived.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When she opened the door he smirked a bit. [#0075D0 "I hope you don't mind but I come baring pizza and booze as well"] he said with a small smile towards her. God she was breathtaking and he couldn't wait to see what this night would hold for them both. Hopefully it would turn out to be a good night. He just hoped that at the end of it they would stay sober, and end up in bed together. He was starting to rethink the booze idea, but it was too late for that.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   1y ago

Imogen smiled as she read his message. So, she did have some time to get herself ready too. She ran to her bathroom, taking a quick, but through shower, making sure she was clean after being out and about all day. She exited the shower, drying her body off with a fluffy towel that hung from the back of her bathroom door. She brushed out her hair and tied it up, she would work on that after. She did a simple face of makeup, nothing over the top. Some very simple eyeliner, mascara; not even any face makeup. Just enough to make her feel good. She let her hair down, drying it and leaving it down. She then took a hair tie and pulled the sides up into a small ponytail, leaving some pieces to frame her face, much better.

The woman wanted to be comfortable, as they would be spending the night inside, so she went with a pair of short shorts and a tank top. Nothing too over the top, but something that showed off a little more than before. Definitely showing off her tattoo on her hip, that went onto her thigh only the slightest bit. She did put on a cute matching set underneath her clothes, in case they did come off later, she’d still look good. She was starting to wonder what Lennon expected from tonight? Did he expect them to sleep together, or just have a nice night out. He had taken her on a date and kissed her. Either way, she wasn’t concerned with the outcome, whatever happened, happened. She really did like the Lennon she was getting to know, the person he was off stage. They had already had a deep connection, and she wanted to continue speaking with him.

Imogen was ready, so she lit some candles in her living room, before blowing out the ones from her room. She heard the door, running over to look who it was. When she saw Lennon, she smiled before opening the door. [#6d091a “Oh my, let me help you.”] Imogen spoke, taking the pizza from him. [#6d091a “You didn’t have to do all of this, but thank you.”] she smiled, after placing the pizza down. [#6d091a “Already spoiling me.”] she teased, walking up to him, pressing a small kiss to his cheek, not wanting to push her luck too much as he just arrived.

Retreating into the kitchen, she grabbed a couple of plates, placing them next to the pizza boxes. [#6d091a “If you’d like, I can set up a movie, or we can just chat. Up to you.”] she smiled, her stomach growling as the smell of pizza hit her nose. She saw he brought alcohol, and she knew it’d loosen her up, but she was more interested in getting to know the male instead of getting wasted. She grabbe[#6d091ad a plate, placing a slice of pizza and putting it on her plate. [#6d091a “I was going to get a water, would you like one? I know you brought booze, and maybe I’ll have some later but I’ll start with water.”] she asked, before getting the water she needed. She took his hand, after he got water he needed, bringing him to the couch. [#6d091a “Please make yourself at home. I know it’s not much, but it’s home.”] she smiled, taking a bite of the pizza.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson let a soft growl escape his lips as she spoke. All of him, huh? Wel, she could give him that. By now, the bet Carson had put out had completely left his mind. He was completely infatuated with her, and wanted just what she did, all of her. Soon, her hands had pushed his shirt off of his torso, as her lips began to press against him. Destiny still just had her bikini top on, so he let his second hand that was on the wall onto her waist. He pulled her in closer, bringing his lips to hers. This woman was driving him nuts.

Destiny looked toward the bed, and back to him. When she spoke, he smirked. [#6d091a “I think I could do that.”] he teased. When she grabbed his pants, he groaned again in pleasure. [#6d091a “You really know how to make me tick, huh?”] he spoke teasingly. He pulled her closer as they kissed. Being in this situation with a fan was not his plan, but he didn’t think he could find anyone like her. Everyone was so interested in his fame or his money, but that had been the last thing she had spoken of.

When she grabbed his belt loops, Carson threw his head back. She was driving him crazy, he was ready to please the shit out of her. When she spoke, he smiled before letting his lips crash down onto hers. He slowly made his way on top of her, softly pushing the top half of her body down against the bed. He made sure he had protection, which he did, before getting into it completely. And soon, their clothes were forgotten, and Carson made sure to please her with all her could. He had long forgotten the bet, and this was for just the two of them. It was clear they both enjoyed each other, and it was clear what they both wanted. And by her reactions, he knew she enjoyed it as much as he did.

After they both finished, Carson made sure of that, he rolled beside her. He held his arm out, a gesture for her to curl up next to him if she wanted, if not, it could look like he was stretching. Carson had had a stupid grin plastered on his face, as he was completely satisfied, as he hoped she was as well. He turned his face to her, a smirk on his lips. [#265f2c “Did you enjoy yourself, beautiful? To me, that was fucking amazing.”] he smirked, letting one hand lightly play with her hair that splayed across the pillows. He hadn’t gotten laid in quite a long time, and not to mention with someone he actually cared about. He had only known her, personally for a day or so, but she had grown on him so much. [#265f2c “Do you want anything, a drink or I can get us something to eat? We could shower too, maybe get in a round two?”] he teased, wanting to make sure she knew he didn’t want her to just leave. That he wasn’t using her. He had wanted this as much as she did.

Carson stood up, stretching his arms up before cleaning himself off briefly, before crawling back into bed with Destiny. But, he was still worried about something. Now that the press was well aware he and Lennon were in town, they had to be careful. One wrong move and everything they did (or didn’t) do would be all over every social media site. He didn’t want the events of last night to be connected to Destiny, as he knew how traumatic it had been. But he knew, as long as they kept to themselves and didn’t cause any big scenes, they boys should be safe, as well as their dates.

Carson hoped Lennon was doing well, as he had barely spoken to him since he left this morning.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   1y ago

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The woman's heart was pounding inside of her chest when the male pushed her down onto the bed. The feeling of his lips on her's was amazing, and soon they were both enjoying themselves. The way their bodies moved together, the sounds he made, the way he made her feel was amazing. When they were both finished, and Carson had rolled onto his back, she curled up against him. Her breathing was slightly heavy from the whole ordeal. She laid there listening to his heart beating inside of his chest. That had been the best lay she's had in ages.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She tilted her head back and looked towards him. A small smirk dancing on her lips. [#DB7093 "That was fucking amazing. It's been a while since a man's been able to please me like that, and I honestly hope that's not the last time tonight"] she admitted. She was still trying to get her breathing under control, and when he asked about what to drink, or if she was hungry she was about to speak when he stood. She watched as the male cleaned himself off and was back in bed with her.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DB7093 "I will admit, water would be perfect right now. I don't think I'll be able to eat any real food quite yet, because I am thinking about taking you up on that round two, and the shower idea together"] she said with a smirk. That's when Imogen crossed her mind, and she knew right then they would have a lot to talk about when they were finally together again. Right now though, Carson was all she cared about. She shifted until she was on top of him, her legs straddling either side of his body.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 They were both still nude, and it felt nice. She didn't have to worry about anything else. She slowly leaned down and kissed the males lips lightly. He tasted amazing, he was all around perfect. At least in her eyes he was. She didn't care that he was famous, he was still human. He still deserved to be treated as such. She slowly sat up and looked down at him. [#DB7093 "If you are still wanting round two, then join me in the bathroom"] she whispered before leaning down and biting his neck lightly, leaving a small mark as she did.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She then slipped off of the male and made her way to the bathroom. She closed the door a bit and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked a little different, and she liked it. She bit the inside of her cheek lightly as she turned towards the huge shower and turned the water on. She then stepped into the shower, and shut the door behind her. Her body was itching to have his hands on her again. She stood under the water with her back to the door. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and took a breath.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 This was something she wanted to explore more into. She would find a way to either travel with him and Lennon, or see if she could somehow talk him into taking a little bit of time off so that way he could relax a bit. She smiled lightly at the thought, as she stood under the cool water, waiting.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Entering the apartment and letting Imogen help him out with the pizza, he took the place in. He could tell it was lived in, it felt like home in a way. You could clearly tell two women lived here, that's for sure. He watched as she went into the kitchen and he walked behind her. He was fighting the urge just to pin her to the wall, and rip that little outfit off of her perfect body. That would have to wait a little bit, because he had heard her stomach growl. When she declined the booze he nodded a bit.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 In all honesty he wasn't in the mood to drink either. At first he had been, but now he wasn't. He wanted a clear mind, and didn't want her thinking he was some sort of drunk. Sometimes he was yes, but tonight was going to be slightly different. He took the water bottle she offered to him, and followed her to the living room instead. He sat down and watched her eat for a moment. Just something about her was drawing him in. The way they had connected on such a personal level was enough for him.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He wasn't that hungry for food. He was more hungry for something else. It was getting a bit harder for him to control that urge. He looked her up and down slowly and spotted the tattoo on her thigh. He reached out and touched her thigh gently. [#0075D0 "This is a beautiful piece. Whoever did it, did a wonderful job"] he said. Even though he didn't see the whole thing yet, it was still really beautiful and it fit her perfectly. He took his hand away for a moment and twisted the cap off the water bottle.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He took a sip letting the cool liquid hit the back of his throat. He then turned his attention back to the woman. Did he want to talk? Watch a movie? Not really. He had other pressing matters to deal with, and he couldn't wait any longer. [#0075D0 "There's plenty of time to talk, and watch movies. I want something else, and honestly I think you want the same thing"] he said as he placed the cap back onto the water bottle, and set it on the table before them.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He then took her plate and placed it onto the table as well and then turned his eyes back to her. He then shifted a bit so she was laying on her back on the couch. He looked down at her as he ran his fingers up and down her thigh. [#0075D0 "Those shorts, and tank top are pretty much screaming to be on the floor, and honestly they will be in less than ten seconds"] he breathed out. Sure enough they were. He looked down at her just then as well in the matching set under. He licked his lips lightly.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#0075D0 "You are breath takingly beautiful"] he breathed out. He then lowered his head and found her lips with his own. His fingers exploring the woman's body under him. He was careful not to fully undress her. He would let her make that next move. For now he let his fingers explore her, as he kissed her deeply. He knew in a few moments he would be showing her what it was like to be fully pleased.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   1y ago

Imogen felt like she was walking on clouds. Having Lennon right next to her, in her apartment. She was starting to realize how similar they two were, and she enjoyed getting to know this different side of him. The sensual side of him, and it was clear he had been thinking what she had, that she didn’t know how long she would be able to hold back from going after him. She looked over to him, as he didn’t seem to want to eat or anything. He seemed hungry for something else, someone else.

As Imogen felt his fingertips on her skin, her face heated up. She looked down at her tattoos, his hand over the linework. [#6d091a “Oh, thank you. Taylor, at the shop I work at, did it.”] she spoke, taking a moment to take a sip of water. [#6d091a “There is more where that comes from. It covers most of my hip.”] she spoke, a small smile sitting on her lips. Was he able to catch her obvious flirting? She hoped so.

Imogen listened to him speak, and her face heated up more than it already was. It was on fire now. She looked at him, he was able to talk so casually like this. Imogen was never that bold, but she preferred that he was. She hated when people tried to beat around the bush, and he was so direct. [#6d091a “I think I am too.”] she smiled.

Soon, her plate was on the table and she was laying on her back. She looked up at him, slightly avoiding eye contact, as she knew she’d become putty in his hands if she did. He mentioned something about her clothes, and soon they were exactly where he said they would be. She was happy now she chose a cute matching set to wear under her casual clothes.

The compliment caused her stomach to flutter. She never thought of herself as beautiful, or anything like that. But it was hard to not trust Lennon. The tone and breathiness of his voice made it seem like it was a no brainer to say, something that easily left his lips without a second thought. She thought if she should answer, but soon his lips prevented that.

Imogen smiled into the kiss, letting herself sit up slightly to deepen the kiss. She took hold of the front of his pants, pulling his lower half closer to her body. She let her hand then trail up under his shirt. His skin was warm against her cool hands. She gently lifted his shirt, until the two had to break their kiss briefly to remove the clothing. She let her hands trail down his chest, enjoying the feeling of his skin against hers.

[#6d091a “Let’s get more comfortable.”] Imogen spoke, breathless. She stood up, but pulled his lips to hers. They clumsily made it to her room, before Imogen climbed back onto the bed. She laid her back against the bed, pulling him down to join her. She took hold of the front of his pants, unbuttoning it and unzipping the zipper. She helped him to start pushing them down through kisses,moving her hands to his chest. She started working on getting her own panties down, not wanting to move her hands from his skin.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Hearing her agree with him about their time together, Carter smiled. He was glad she felt that way, because he didn’t want their night to end any time soon. As soon as he slid back into bed with her, he nodded. He was happy to continue in the shower, and was ready to get up and get her in there. Throw her over his shoulder and give her what she wants. But, she ended up on top of him first. He smirked up at her, reciprocating her kiss.

Carter nodded at her request, and growled a bit when she bit his neck. He stayed on the bed for a moment, flipping on his stomach to watch her make her way into the bathroom.

[#265f2c “Oh man…”] Carter spoke, running a hand down over his own face. He couldn’t believe his luck. Being able to go out and spend the day with an amazing girl, and the bringing her back and being able to please her like he wanted to do since he had first seen her. He had noticed her a couple of months back at a concert, and ended up seeing her all over. Whenever he saw her watching, he felt the need to play his best. A good luck charm of sorts, and once she left the other night, he felt like he couldn’t play normally. Why did this woman have such an effect on him?

Carter stood up, letting his body stretch out, lifting his arms above his head. He went over to the mirror on the wall, slightly fixing his hair that was now all over the place, not that he was mad about it. He went toward the bathroom, but took a moment. Did she want a moment alone, or was she really interested in a round two? Well, she would have told him, or he hoped she would. He let himself lean against the doorframe, seeing her figure from the back. He smirked, happy that their room had a huge shower as well.

Carter entered quietly, opening the door to the shower, closing it behind himself. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He pulled her into him, pressing small kisses along her neck and shoulder. He let his fingers trail along her sides, keeping her body close to his. [#265f2c “Hey you.”] he smirked against her neck. He took a small nip at her shoulder, before turning her toward him. He walked her softly back, her back against the wall, leaning down to kiss her lips. He bent down, leaning down to lift her and allowing her to wrap her legs around him. [#265f2c “You ready, beautiful?”] he asked, mumbling against her cheek, pressing a few kisses to her cheek. He ready himself, ready to please her again. And he was ready to make sure this was better than the last.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   1y ago

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The feeling of the cool water on her hot skin was enough to make her feel better. That's when she heard the door open and close and she then felt Carson's arms around her waist, as he pulled her back against him. [#DB7093 "Hi to you as well"] she breathed out. She titled her head to the side as she felt his lips along her neck and shoulders. What was he doing to her? She felt weak, but at the same time she wasn't. She was happy, and she didn't want this feeling to end at all. It was amazing.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When he turned her around and slowly backed her up against the wall, and then lifted her up to the perfect position she wrapped her arms around his waist, and she rested her arms along his shoulders. [#DB7093 "I've been ready"] she breathed out. She returned each of his kisses in turn. Soon he was pleasing her once more. The feeling was different this time. There was something different about the feeling being upright, and pressed against a wall instead of a comfortable bed. She tilted her head back against the wall her eyes closing.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She was glad she had turned the water on cool, because with their bodies moving in time together, she knew they both would have worked up another sweat. She dug her fingers into his shoulders lightly, as she pressed herself against him even more. When they were both finished she kept her arms around his neck, and her legs wrapped around his waist. She titled her head down and her eyes found his once more. Her heart was beating wildly, and she bit her lip lightly. Was she really going to say what was on her mind?]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She took a breath as she finally spoke. Her voice was softer than it ever was. [#DB7093 "I hope to God this doesn't scare you away... I love you Carson Beck. Not just as a fan loving her favorite bandmate. You are so much more than that..."] she breathed out. She wanted nothing more than to take the words back. She meant them though. She hadn't felt so strongly for a man in a long time, and Carson was something special. The moment she had laid eyes on him, she knew she wanted to meet him.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She had wanted to make love to him, hell at one point she had even told Imogen she would carry his children as well. That's when it dawned on her. They hadn't used protection while in the shower. She would have to wait and see what happened. The silence though was getting to her. The water was turning colder by the minute, and she hoped to God she hadn't over stepped a line. [#DB7093 "I'm so sorry... I shouldn't have said that..."] she breathed out. She felt like the worst person just then as well.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 When she was in the moment she always spoke her mind, and she hoped with every fiber of her being she didn't just fuck up the only good thing going for her right then.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Lennon's heart was hammering inside of his chest as he felt her hands on his chest, soon his shirt was up and over his head. His tattoo's were exposed, and then her lips were on his once more. He couldn't wait to taste her, and to make her feel things she hadn't felt before. He couldn't wait to feel things he hadn't before either. Something about Imogen was different. She didn't want his fame, his money, she wanted him. The way he was, and not because he was famous either. That's all the women he had ever been with wanted.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 They didn't take the time to get to know him the way Imogen did. They didn't have deep talks, and the trust was already there. He felt like he had known her for years instead of a couple of days. He wasn't about to let something this special slip from his grasp either. He finally had someone he could be open with, and not be judged for his past mistakes. He shook his head lightly when her voice broke his thoughts. He smirked a bit as he followed her to her bedroom, slowly shedding the rest of his clothes.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He watched as she laid down on the bed, and then pulled him down with her. The bet with Carson was so far out of his mind, that he couldn't even think straight as it was. He leaned down and started kissing her neck, making his way to her chest, and lower. As he trailed kisses down along her body, he let his finger tips roam as well. Soon she was fully nude under him, and he made his way back up her body. He locked his eyes with her's and licked his lips.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He'd been waiting for this moment for ages it felt like. Soon the male was pleasing her to no end. The way her body moved in time with his, the sounds she made, the way she dug her nails into his back. He knew she'd never felt something like this before, and it's been ages since he, himself had felt this amazing. When they were both finished, and he made sure she finished before him, he rolled onto his back, and without waiting for he to move, he grabbed her and held her against him.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Sweat covered his body, and the smell of their love making lingered around them. He kissed the side of her head and took a breath. [#0075D0 "You are bloody amazing"] he breathed out into her hair. He meant it too. He was really pleased with what he had done, and he wouldn't mind going another round with her. He just needed to catch his breath first and foremost before they went at it again. He slowly ran his fingers up and down her arm as he let the silence wash over them for a moment.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As his breathing slowly went back to normal, he felt like he could finally speak. [#0075D0 "I hope you enjoyed yourself beautiful. I know I sure as hell did, and I plan on taking you again later on. When we both have some food in our bodies for sure"] he said with a breathless laugh. He wouldn't mind staying in bed with her all night. He was more than willing to try different things as well. He sighed lightly as he kissed her forehead once more, and let his eyes drift closed, enjoying the feeling of her body next to his.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   360d ago

Imogen tried to hold back the moans and noises that wanted to escape her lips, but she couldn’t help herself. The way Lennon moved against her, she let every dig into her known. She could help but yell out for him, he made her feel things she never had ever felt before. She hadn’t had anything that good, ever. Clearly, Lennon knew what he was doing, and more than anyone else she had been with. Once they both finished, he rolled off of her, and pulled her in close.

Imogen let herself relax in his arms, taking in his scent. The pheromones in the air made him more attractive to her than he was before, which was hard to do. She had pinched herself before when she was just hanging out with Lennon, and now she had just made love to the man she idolized for years. But she didn’t care about any of that. He was kind, real, raw; they had connected on a different level and had so much in common. She just enjoyed being around him, and hearing him call her amazing, she just let her head bury into his chest. She felt a kiss in her hair as well, and she smiled, pressing a kiss to his chest as well.

Being in his arms was more than perfect. She enjoyed the quietness between them, the only sounds were both of their ragged breathing from their fun. She kept herself close, a smile pulling on her lips. As he spoke, she laughed against him. [#6d091a “I love that idea, handsome.”] she smiled. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, before relaxing once more. She followed suit, her eyes softly shutting as well. The warmth and softness against her was all she could ever hope for.

Imogen looked up to him, a smirk on her lips. [#6d091a “Is there anything you want to do? In bed, I mean. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of domination from you, if I’m being honest.”] she spoke, hoping he’d be interested in something like that as well. [#6d091a “But I am up for anything, I’d love to try something new, if you have something you wanted to try.”] she asked, hoping she could get to know a little more about him, even on a sexual level as well.

Running a hand through her hair, Imogen let herself stay close against him as well. She gave a small bit of space between them, letting her fingers trail over his tattoos. She traced them, outlining each one that covered his torso and arms. She let one hand find his, lacing her fingers together with his. [#6d091a “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you. To be honest, when you drove me home, I thought you were going to give me your number and I was worried I lost my shot when you didn’t. But I am happy you reached out and saw my embarrassing message.”] she teased, letting her hand squeeze his softly.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson made sure to please her once again. Letting his body mold to hers, making sure to hold onto her tight, the water making their skin slippery between them. He groaned, feeling her nails dig into his shoulders, leaning in and biting her softly on her collarbone. Even after they were both done and satisfied, he kept holding her up in the air. Feeling her body so close to him, her arms wrapped around his felt amazing. The cool water felt nice against his back as they had enjoyed each other. He looked over her face, letting a smile come to his lips. She was absolutely beautiful and he had no idea how he found an amazing woman who just wanted him for him. Not Carson from Sleeping Secrets, but just Carson.

[#265f2c “I think we’ve been through enough that much won't scare me away from you.”]

As she continued to speak, his brain felt like it malfunctioned. Did he say what he thinks she did. Her voice was soft, but he made out those small words to him. Love was a hard emotion for him to grasp, as he had issues in his childhood and in his relationships. He was happy she clearly liked him a lot, as she wouldn’t have said that unless she did. He used one hand to hold her in place, one hand placed on her cheek, letting his fingertips glide against her jawline.

[#265f2c “Beautiful, you might have to give me some time before I say it back to you. You have known me for a while, but I am just starting to get to know you. I would even say you should get to know me more before you say something like that. But I really like you already.”] Carson spoke softly back, pressing a kiss to her forehead softly. Carson had had fans confess their love or even propose to him before, but hearing the words leave Destiny’s lips felt different. Felt real. He didn’t want to say it back and not mean it, but he didn’t want her to think he didn’t like her so far. Love was a hard thing for him in general, and he usually needed a lot of time to accept it in himself before he said it to others. [#265f2c “Love is something that is difficult for me, but don’t think I don’t like your company and being with you. This had been such an amazing day, and I wouldn’t change any of it. I would love to spend more time with you, if you’re okay with that?”] he teased, believing he already knew the answer to that.

[#265f2c “Don’t worry about it, Destiny. Really, it’s okay.”] Carson smiled, before letting her down to set her feet on the ground. He pressed another kiss to her lips, before letting the water fully envelope his body. He pushed her hair back, letting the cool water cool his body off from their fun. He took Destiny’s hand, pulling her in close underneath the water with him. He smiled down to her, pressing a kiss to her lips as the water fell over their faces. [#265f2c “What would you like to do? I could take you out somewhere nice to eat, or we could just order food from wherever, or they might have room service. I know I’ve worked up an appetite after that.”] he teased. [#265f2c “You want to spend the night curled up, maybe watch a movie or maybe go find somewhere to go look at some stars?”] he asked.

Destiny was doing something to him, something he wasn’t used to. He felt like he was putty in her hands, but he was trying to keep a strong front as well. He wanted her to feel safe with him, especially after her fiasco at their concert yesterday. He wanted to show her what being with a real man was like, what it felt like to be with someone who wanted nothing but the best. He didn’t want this feeling he had around her to go away, could he ever convince her to come with them on the rest of the leg on tour? Would she want to travel with him, or even come back to his hometown with him once this leg of the tour, which was ending very soon, was over?
ButterflyRoselιgнт   352d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 The woman was kicking herself for letting the words even fall from her lips. She understood where the male was coming from. Love was a really hard emotion and she hadn't felt that in a long time. She hadn't even said those words to another man for years. Not since the whole issue with her ex. As the male spoke she thought he would tell her to leave, and never come back. He took her by surprise and she shook her head lightly as he placed her back down onto her feet. She let him stand there alone for a moment.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Soon she was back in his arms, his lips on her's and it felt right. It felt amazing, and she couldn't wait for more. When she pulled back and looked up at the male she ran her finger lightly along his cheek. [#DB7093 "I understand not being able to say it back, because it is a hard word to even say. I shouldn't have said it in the first place, but something about you is different. You are making me say things without thinking about them, and I'm slowly starting to hate you for that"] she said with a laugh.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "I'm more of a private person, and I don't ever say what's on my mind. Being around you though, I don't have to think about what I'm saying a lot of the time. Yes will I slip up, and say what's really on my mind yes. Will I kick myself for it later on? Hell yes I will. I just don't want you thinking I don't mean it. I've had a hard time with it myself, and when I tell those around me that I love them I mean it."]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "Just if I overstep some sort of line, tell me. Because I don't want to ruin what you and I have going on already. You are such an amazing person, and I can't even begin to think about losing you over something so stupid. I'm not expecting you to say it back, I'm really not"] she said lightly. The whole time she'd been talking her heart was hammering. She might look like a total fool, but she was falling for the man before her. Not because he was famous, but because he was human.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "As for food, I'm game for anything honestly. As long as it's a juicy burger with a chocolate shake, and fries I'll be happy. As for curling up yes, watching movies and just being beside you will be enough for me. As long as I can steal one of your shirts to sleep in"] she said with a smirk. Plus it would also give him easy access as well. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him again. God she wouldn't ever get tired of kissing this man before her. She was a lucky one for sure.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She then slipped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. She wiped the steam off the mirror and looked at herself. She looked slightly different, and she didn't know if that was a good thing. [#DB7093 "I think tomorrow night we go and look at the stars. Tonight we just stay in, and talk more"] she said looking over her shoulder at the male behind her. God he was handsome, and pretty much her's already. He was someone special to her, and she wasn't wanting to think about when he had to leave.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 The feeling of having the woman beside him was enough for him. He wasn't wanting to push her to do more than what she could handle. He cocked his brow slightly towards her suggestion. Would he be willing to try different things with her? Was she really into that kind of shit? That seemed to turn him on even more. [#0075D0 "Honestly, whatever you want to do I'm game for. I don't want you feeling like I'm using you though. I want you to be comfortable, and if you want more, then I will give you more"] he said with a smirk.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He meant it too. He was more than willing to try other things in bed. There had been a point in his life he wanted to try bondage, but the woman he had been with at the time wasn't into it. She was more into the gentle aspect of everything. Sometimes he liked to be a bit rough, and try other things. So it kind of surprised him when Imogen suggested doing more. He watched her with silent eyes as she traced his tattoo's with her fingers. [#0075D0 "You are more than welcome to go lower"] he said.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 The feeling of her fingers on his skin was driving him insane, and he wanted more. He wanted her to take charge, or show him what she wanted from him. He was more than willing to take charge, but sometimes that didn't go as planned. He didn't want to get too rough and then end up hurting the woman. Things were going so well right now, that he didn't want it to end. He wanted it to last. He could picture himself with her in the long run which never happened.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Another thought hit him just then as well. What would she do if and when it was time for him and Carson to leave? Would she be willing to leave and up root herself for awhile? He couldn't ask that of her, but apart of him wanted too. He was curious as to what her answer would be. He let out a small sigh as he rolled onto his side and looked at her. She looked so beautiful just then, and he wished with every fiber of his being, that he wasn't apart of a band.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#0075D0 "I'm pretty damn lucky no other man has caught your eye. Because then I wouldn't be laying here with a beautiful creature as yourself. I wouldn't have been able to bed you, or touch you, or think about bedding you again and this time being a bit rougher than last time. You might think you are the lucky one, when in reality I am"] he said lightly. He leaned over and kissed her lips lightly before pulling back once more. It was like a dream come true in a way. He couldn't wait to see what else she had in mind.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#0075D0 "Are you in the mood to go again? Or did you want to relax for awhile? Because you pretty much have me all night, and I'm not going anywhere. I don't think your friend will be back anytime soon either"] he said with a small growl. He then grabbed her waist and pulled her against him, kissing up and down along her neck lightly. He wanted her against him, and he wasn't about to let any sort of space come between them right now.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   345d ago

Imogen smiled when he spoke, nodding her head softly. [#6d091a “I don’t think that at all. I’m into all kinds of stuff, it’s just not something I talk about when I am just getting to meet someone. But if there is something you’d like to try out sometime, I’m usually game.”] the woman smirked. Imogen had been pretty versed in these kinds of things, but people usually got too nervous when she brought it up, or would assume things about her, but she felt like she could trust Lennon. [#6d091a “But I am also fine with just curling up with you and just talking. I’d like to know more about you, the real you.”] she smiled. She knew a lot about Lennon, well, what the media told her. But she didn’t want to talk any of it to heart, as they would lie all the time to sell the stories. She didn’t want to know about the bassist of Sleeping Secrets, she wanted to know Lennon.

Imogen smirked when he said she could go lower, to which she let her hand trail down his torso softly, stopping right below his belly button. [#6d091a “Don’t want you to get everything you want right away, hot shot.”] she teased, before letting her hand rise up, her fingers trailing his torso to his arm. Her hand found his before letting their fingers wrap together, his hand seeming to fit hers perfectly.

Imogen was broken from her thoughts as he spoke. She smiled before letting her eyes drift over to him. He spoke of how she was beautiful, but did he even know how handsome he was. [#6d091a “I don’t date very much. My friends always say I’m picky, and maybe I am. But, you. You have given me no reason to say no. There isn’t anything I don’t enjoy about you.”] she smiled, giving the hand she was holding a quick squeeze. Before she could answer his questions, his hands were on her waist, his lips on hers. She smiled into the kiss, placing her hands on his shoulders. She let her nails dig into him as he kissed her. She didn’t want the closeness to stop. [#6d091a “I’d like for you to show me what you got. I have some restraints and things if you’d like to use them, I’d love to see you be a bit rougher if I’m being honest.”] she spoke, their lips brushing together as she spoke.

Imogen just let herself look into his eyes for a moment. Lennon had been so respectful of her, while still giving her the ride of a lifetime. She had never met anyone else like him before. She had always loved him, after years of seeing him on stage, but this was different. Getting to know him personally, he was everything she thought and more. There was something different about Lennon, she related to him because of their past. And that was terrifying to her.

Lennon and Carson would have to leave at some point. She wasn’t sure how long they were here for, but she knew it wouldn’t be long enough. She could never ask him to go with them, was she crazy to think that? Her dream was band photography anyway, maybe she could see if they’d want to hire her. Then she could pay her own way, and still be around him. Her tattoo desk job was to help her until she could photograph bands full time. Lennon had liked her stuff, maybe his superiors would too. But, she would cross that bridge when they came to it.

[#6d091a “Show me what you’ve got.”] Imogen said, her voice teasing yet sultry at the same time, her eyes lowering slightly.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson nodded, keeping her close. [#265f2c “I hope you don’t hate me too much. I like that you feel so comfortable to speak freely around me.”] he smiled, feeling her fingers graze his cheek. Destiny was so perfect, so incredible and he was so happy he had caught her eye. That night at his show when he saw her close up for the first time, he knew there was something about her. Something about her, even with so many fans around them. He had made the first move, asking her to stay after. And he was glad he had made that connection before she ultimately left, or maybe the beautiful woman would have never been here.

Carson kept his hand on her waist as she continued to speak, pushing some hair from her face as she spoke. He nodded agreeing, he agreed with all of her statements. The two were more similar than he thought, both very private people but would always say what is on their mind. Love was hard from them both to comprehend, but they both could feel that there was something between them.

Carson was ready to make sure he couldn’t lose her to anyone, but he didn’t know if that would have been too forward. He wanted to be able to take her on a proper date, where he could show her off and make sure she really wanted this. Being with him had it’s downfalls; the constant attention, not being able to be ‘normal’ anymore. Even if it was nice to pretend, he couldn’t just pretend he wasn’t who he was. Being in the public eye was hard, and he didn’t want to push her into it if she wasn’t ready. But he knew, he was falling for her, and fast.

Carson leaned against the door of the shower lightly as she got out, loving being able to see her body and was a bit disappointed when she had covered it. [#265f2c “That sounds wonderful. Let me finish cleaning up, and I’ll be right out. There are a bunch of shirts in the top drawer in the dresser closest to my bed, take whichever you’d like.”] he smiled, before letting the water run over him once more. He made sure he was clean, scrubbing himself down and rinsing off and following her out, wrapping a towel around his waist.

The male wasn’t sure how someone could look so amazing in one of his shirts, but here she was. A goddess among them, really. He walked over to her, pressing a kiss to her neck softly before unwrapping his towel and heading toward the dresser. He got out a pair of boxers and a pair of sweatpants, pulling them on before sitting back on the bed. [#265f2c “Any burger place you recommend? I went to one when we first came here, but I can’t remember the name at all. I’d love to try your favorite anyway.”] he smiled, before pushing himself back to lean against the headboard. He motioned for her to join him, holding his arm to wrap around her once she joined him. [#265f2c “Anything you wanted to talk about? Anything you wanted to know?”] he teased softly, pressing a kiss to her temple before going back to his phone to place their order for their food.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   331d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Everything seemed to be moving quickly. The blonde was kicking herself for speaking her mind, but at the same time she felt better about it. She didn't want to keep anything from the male. When he promised to be right out she made her way back into the room. She found one of his shirts, and she dried herself off and then slipped it over her head. It was like a dress on her, and it was comfortable. She smirked lightly knowing he wouldn't see this shirt again, let alone would he ever wear it.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 It smelled like him too. She buried her nose in the collar and closed her eyes taking a deep breath. This was the smell she wanted to keep for a long time. She heard the door open and his voice. She then felt his lips on her neck and a small smile creeped over her face as she sat on the edge of the bed. She watched as he unwrapped the towel and slipped into some boxers and sweatpants. A small pout replaced the smile that had been there seconds before. She would rather him stay in boxers and nothing else.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "Just as a heads up, you most likely won't be getting this shirt back. I might end up stealing a pair of your boxers as well"] she said as she crawled onto the bed beside him. He then mentioned a burger place in town, and she sat up a bit. She pulled her legs under her, and rested her arms on her thighs. She was trying to figure out what place he was talking about, and the only one that kept popping into her head was Burley's. The only burger joint in town anyway.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "If I'm thinking of the only place, it's called Burley's. They have some of the most amazing burgers in the world. Juicy, and mouth watering as well. They also have the most amazing milk shakes as well. If you don't want a burger, get their strawberry banana milk shake. I love their mint chocolate one too. Hell anything mint is my favorite"] she said lightly with a smile. She could go on about Burley's as well, but didn't want to bore him. She gave him her order and let him place it. She reached for his free hand.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She placed it into her lap and looked down at his fingers. She kept silent while he placed their orders and when he hung up she locked her eyes on his. [#DB7093 "I'm sorry for speaking what's on my mind. I haven't been this comfortable around someone in a long time, and it's amazing. I know I tend to ramble, and I'm sorry about that as well"] she said with a small sheepish smile. Here she was rambling on again. She wanted to know everything about this handsome creature next to her.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "Tell me whatever you want. Tell me about your childhood, your family, your life growing up. I want to know the real you. Not the famous person you are now, but the horrible teenager I bet you were. The woman pleaser, everything"] she said with a warm smile. She kept his hand in her lap as she started playing with his fingers. This was the kind of thing she could get used too, staying in hotel rooms, knowing that after shows he would be coming back to her. No one else, but her. That's a thought she could get used too.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Lennon watched her with pure lust in his eyes. The sound of her voice sent shivers down his spine. What was this woman doing to him? He wanted nothing more than to just rip those clothes off of her, and show her how rough he could be. He wasn't about to do that though. He didn't want to scare her away. He might be gentle right now, but when he was told to do whatever he wanted, he could be rough. To the point whomever he was sleeping with at the time would have to use a safe word.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 The male licked his lower lip lightly as he listened to her speaking. So she had a kinky side to her? Now that's something he wouldn't mind exploring at the moment. [#0075D0 "If you are sure about it, there's no turning back"] he breathed out. He wanted her, he wanted her in more ways than one. He wouldn't mind just sitting there on the couch talking, but his mind was on other things. The way her fingers felt on his body was driving him insane. He didn't know how much longer he could hold back though.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She had pretty much given him the okay. He let out a low growl as he pushed himself to his feet and nodded towards the hallway. [#0075D0 "Lead the way to your room"] he said in a low voice. She wanted him to show her what he could do, so be it. He wasn't going to hold back either. He pulled her against him for a moment, his hips pressed tightly into her's. He looked down into her eyes and saw something there. Something different. He wasn't treating her like a one night stand either.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Normally he wouldn't be in the bedroom, he would take his date or whatever they were right in the living room. Imogen on the other hand, he wanted to make her comfortable, and he wanted nothing more than to be comfortable himself. When she led the way to her room, he followed behind her. He then kicked her door closed behind them, and he picked her up and threw her onto the bed. He crawled on top of her and looked down into her eyes his breathing already heavy. He leaned down and kissed her roughly.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He pulled back and searched her face for any signs that she was backing out. [#0075D0 "Choose a word, and that'll be your safe word. I don't want to hurt you, but you pretty much gave me the okay to do this. If I start getting too rough tell me. Scream that fucking word until I stop"] he breathed out. He then lowered his head to her neck once more, and started trailing kisses along her neck. His hands explored her body, gently pulling her into him. They were still fully clothed which was getting a bit annoying in his mind.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He wasn't going to make her uncomfortable. He wanted her to enjoy herself as much as he was enjoying himself. [#0075D0 "If you want to back out now, tell me. If not you will be in for the ride of your life"] he said against her skin. He kept her tightly against him, waiting for the okay from the woman under him to keep going. He wanted to see more of this side of her as well. He wasn't the only one taking control in the bedroom. It was supposed to be enjoyed by both parties, and not just one.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   325d ago

Imogen swallowed lightly as she led him to her bedroom. She was now very happy she had taken down the posters of the boys that lined her wall now that he was here. Before she could even lead him there, the male had pulled her into himself. Their hips pushed together as they just looked at eachother. Something told her this wasn’t just Lennon having fun with some girl he met, this was something different. Something more. And she felt it too.

Once they were in her room, the door was kicked shut. Without saying a word, Lennon picked her up easily and threw her on the bed. She swallowed again, as he climbed on top of the woman, his breath already heavy. It made her breathing quicken, as he pressed his lips down hungrily on her, rougher than he had treated her previously. She was enjoying this new side of him, and was on edge of what would happen next.

When Lennon spoke, her eyes widened slightly, while her lips curled into a smile. A safe word? Then he really knew what he was doing, and he would really take her on a wild ride. She had no thoughts of backing out of this, and nodded softly. [#6d091a “Let’s go with ‘red’. Like a stoplight. Okay?”] she spoke back to him, a smirk playing on her lips. Whatever teasing she could get away with before this happened, she would do. She could be a bit of a brat when she wanted to, but it was only playfully.

[#6d091a “I have no plans of backing out. Do your worst.”] Imogen spoke, knowing he would do just that. The thought that he was so vague about what he would do to her was exciting, but made her nervous as well. [#6d091a “If you could keep my neck clean would be my only request, for work.”] she breathed out. She knew it’d be unprofessional to show up with love marks up her neck, but she would be okay with them anywhere else, as she could cover those up.

After a while, longer than she had expected, she laid on her back. Her breathing was heavy, feeling like she couldn’t catch her breath. Her legs felt numb, and her body was slightly sore. But her whole body tingled with pleasure. They had both been spent, and were clearly satisfied. Lennon had been amazing, and she hadn’t needed to use her safeword. She brought an arm over her stomach. [#6d091a “That was...unreal. You clearly know what you are doing.”] Imogen spoke softly, before finding her way to curl into him. She wanted to be close to him, physically after their time.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]

Carson laughed as she mentioned taking his shirt and boxers. [#265f2c “Go for it, you look better in it than I do anyway.”] Carson smirked, pressing a kiss to her hand he took in his hand. When she mentioned the burger place, he nodded. That was the place they had gone when they first came, their burgers were really good. He placed an order to come to the hotel, ordering whatever she wanted, and a burger, fries and a milkshake for him as well. He had definitely worked up an appetite after all that activity they did. He was basically wrapped around her finger at this point.

When Destiny brought up speaking her mind again, he spoke his head. [#265f2c “Please, don’t worry about it. First, I’m so happy you're comfortable, that’s all I want. Second, you’re rambling is cute, so I wouldn’t worry.”] he smiled. She had his hand on hers, and he used it to pull her into him. He wanted her close, and preferred her closer than father across the bed from him. He used his hand to wrap around her waist, their bodies pressed against each other's side.

Then, she asked about his upbringing. And his teenage years, which were terrible as she explained. He laughed softly, before looking at her. [#265f2c “Well, I hope you’re ready for a lot of info. I keep my family out of my work, so you probably don’t know much. I keep them under wraps.”] Carson spoke. His family was important, and didn’t want them to worry about anything. Putting them into the spotlight would rock their world, so he very rarely spoke of them. He needed them to be safe.

[#265f2c “I have two younger siblings. Twins, Cooper and Charlotte. They are my whole world, they are eleven now. My parents are awesome, and have always been supportive of my music. Lennon and I were friends since we were little, and we used to play music in his basement. One day, we played a small gig at the random battle of the bands and someone decided to sign us. My parents thought we were gonna get scammed, but we made it through.”] Carson started, before taking a breath. It was kind of a relief to talk about his family, as he hid it often. But he trusted her, and it was clear when he told her about his siblings, as they were super important to him.

[#265f2c “Oh, my teenage years were bad. I had a hard time, I was fighting a lot and smoking. Drugs and alcohol, but I cleaned up to start the band. I mean, I still drink and smoke but not like I used to. Well, I think it was because I had lost someone who had been like a brother to me, and I turned to alcohol to numb the pain. But, I have moved on from that, even if it hurts sometimes. Sorry, I tend to ramble sometimes too.”] Carson tried to lighten the mood, a small smile on his lips.

[#265f2c “Please, I’d love to learn about you now. Whatever you want to tell me, I’ll listen.”] Carson spoke, moving a piece of hair away from her beautiful face.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   315d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 The blonde understood why he would want to keep his family out of the spotlight. She was just glad he trusted her enough to tell her about them. When he mentioned the twins her heart melted. Seeing the way he talked about them, she could tell they were really important to him. She nodded lightly as she let him finish speaking. [#DB7093 "The rambling is cute. I loved seeing you light up just now when you talked about your family. I can understand why you'd want to keep them out of the spotlight, it's a lot for someone to handle"]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "I'm just glad you trust me enough to tell me about them. I promise I'll keep everything you told me to myself. I'm not one to run off to the press and tell them everything. Your private life is just that, private. No one else needs to know, unless you want them too"] she said lightly. She leaned into his touch and kissed the palm of his hand. Was she really willing to tell him about herself? Her heart was hammering inside of her chest thinking about it. She took a breath before finally speaking.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "Well I didn't grow up with both parents. My mother left when I was about four months old, my father raised me the best he could. When I was eighteen was when my daddy got really sick, and ended up in the hospital. He's in a home now because of it. I still see him whenever I can. I don't know anything about my mother, and I don't want to know anything about her. When I was nineteen I tried killing myself. I had been raped by more than one man at the same time"]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "I wasn't into the whole drug scene and I'm glad. The man I had been with though, he was a drug dealer and he pretty much sold me to his so called friends, that's how I was raped. That same night I locked myself in the hotel room and I tried slitting my wrists. I was in the tub when I did. I know it was the cowards way out, but I couldn't handle it anymore. I couldn't handle the pain, feeling dirty everything. Imogen at the time was blowing my phone up trying to find me."]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "I don't know how she did, but the next thing I remember I was waking up in a hospital bed. My wrists were wrapped up tightly, and I was hooked up to a lot of different things. I didn't realize how much blood I had lost until Imogen told me. So since then I've cleaned up my act, I've become the woman I am right now. I don't trust men very easy because of being raped for hours on end, by more than one person"] she said lightly. She trialed off and looked away from the male before her.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "I'm sorry for unloading all of that on you. Imogen doesn't know that I was raped, she thought I was on a really bad trip and I'm letting her think that. That night was the first and last time I ever tried to commit suicide"] she admitted lightly. She reached up and brushed the tears from her eyes. She felt like a total idiot for breaking down like she had. It was too late though. Everything was finally out on the table, and she had a feeling this was going to be the end for them, she hoped it wouldn't be but would understand if it was.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 The male smirked when she mentioned that he knew what he was doing. [#0075D0 "Of course I do. I know what most women like, and I sure as hell know how to please me more than once"] he said as he kissed her forehead lightly. There had been a point where he wanted to leave love bites on her neck, but had remembered her asking him not too. In a way he felt like she would have been ashamed if she had. He made a mental note to ask her about it in a moment. For now he needed to relax.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 When she finally curled up against him, he kissed the top of her head once more. His breathing was slowly getting back to normal, and it felt nice to finally have gotten a lot of his sexual tension out. Even if he hadn't planned on it. He just hoped that nothing came out of them not using protection. That made the male stiffen a little bit. Had they really just slept together without protection? He tired to remember if either of them had mentioned it, but he couldn't really remember. It was a little late for that now.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 His heart was hammering inside of his chest as he finally spoke. [#0075D0 "So, I will apologize right now if you aren't on the pill, or taking anything to prevent pregnancy.. I guess I just got caught up in the moment I didn't think about having protection with me.. You didn't mention it either, so I hope to God nothing comes out of this.."] he breathed out. He wasn't meaning to sound like a jerk, because honestly he was scared that something would happen. Hopefully nothing did, because neither one of them were ready for that.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#0075D0 "Don't get me wrong, you would make a wonderful mother but right here and now with everything going on I don't think it would be wise to bring a child into the world. I'm not saying you have to abort it, if it does happen, it happens. I guess I would have to man up, stop the whole music business and be a man"] he said lightly. He was talking more to himself than to Imogen at that moment. He couldn't picture himself raising a family quite yet either.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 There was still so much he wanted to do. He wanted to see the world, he wanted to meet more people. He was glad he had met Imogen though. It was amazing to have the woman beside him, still laying naked. A small smirk passed over his lips as he turned his head to look at her. [#0075D0 "I'm also curious. I know you said because of your job, but wouldn't you want to have the love marks to be seen? So that way other men would know you were pretty much spoken for?"] he asked her in a light tone.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He wasn't going to make her get them, and he didn't want to make her uncomfortable about it. He just didn't know if she would be ashamed to show them off. Hell most women loved that kind of shit, but then again Imogen wasn't like most women. That's why he was attracted to her in the first place. He then fell silent letting his words hang in the air. He rubbed her bare back slowly, as he let himself relax a bit more. He was spent from what happened a while ago, and they did have some heavy topics to talk about as well.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   306d ago

Imogen smiled as the kiss was pressed to the head. Being next to the male was a dream come true, and she would kill anyone who woke her up. She began letting her body relax, yet she could still feel that amazing feeling in her body from what he did to her. Her breathing had slowed, but she could feel her heart still pounding against her chest. As she closed her eyes against him, she felt his body stiffen slightly and could feel his heart speed up a bit.. She looked up at him, her face looking slightly confused before he began to explain himself for his sudden change.

Shit, the two had been so enthralled in each other they both had completely forgotten. But, Imogen knew she had been on the pill since she was a teenager, and had been very good about being on top of taking it each day. [#6d091a “Oh, yeah. Well, I am on the pill so we should be okay. If you want, I could go get Plan B. Kids are not something I want to have to think about right now.”] Imogen spoke. She had always wanted to be a mom, but not while she was currently trying to build herself as a photographer and wasn’t in any type of long term relationship. Right now would not be ideal for creating any type of family for them, even if she was interested in pursuing more with him, but right now, just between the two of them.

Imogen listened as he spoke, but it almost seemed like he was speaking more to himself than to her, so she just nodded in response. She felt confident that the pill would be enough to cover them, but she was open to getting Plan B if he was concerned. But, she also didn’t know what she would do if she was pregnant at this point in her life. She would have to stop everything and figure out a stable situation for her and her child. God, that was not what she wanted right now, but it was nice to hear that he wouldn’t abandon her if anything were to happen. Most men would run off, but Lennon was different. She knew there was something different about him the first time she saw them live, and now she was seeing it up close and personal how amazingly different he was.

As Imogen lost herself in her thoughts a bit, she was brought back by Lennon’s voice. He was asking about her request, and she probably should explain her reasoning. She thought about how she should phrase it, before leaning back against him to explain. [#6d091a “Well, if I’m being honest, getting love bites is super attractive to me, I adore it. But, as I establish myself, it doesn’t look really professional and I don’t want to lose any clientele I can get. So, it’s just a preference for me right now, but you are more than welcome to leave them anywhere else you please.”] she smirked, letting her teeth bite down on her lower lip. She took hold of his hand, playing with his hand softly.

Imogen didn’t want to think about the fact that soon, Lennon and Carson would have to leave their town and be off to a new place. Of course, they would find their way to the next show, but it wouldn’t be the same. What would happen, would Lennon forget about her and find someone new? Was this just a one time thing? It didn’t feel like it was, but she couldn’t help but let it eat away at her. [#6d091a “Lennon, can I ask you something?”] she spoke softly, her eyes glued to his hand that she played with, his hand rubbing her back the only thing keeping her calm. [#6d091a “When do you have to leave? And what's going to happen when you do?”] she asked, her voice soft and full of nerves. She almost was worried to hear what his answer would be, but she was forward and needed to know.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Carson smiled, letting her lean into his touch. It felt good to tell someone about his family. He knew he was lucky to grow up in such a good household, as many did not have the same luxury that he did. His family was very important to him, and he was happy to keep them safe and happy, without being harassed by paparazzi and fans constantly. His siblings went to their normal elementary school and almost no one knew about the fame in their family, and he was happy he was able to keep it that way. But telling Destiny definitely made him feel closer to her, and hoped she felt the same.

Watching Destiny’s features shift, he gave her the courtesy she gave him and let her speak. His own face dropped as she spoke, hearing the horrible things that the woman had gone through. Carson was upset and angry, wanting to kill any one of those “men” who hurt Destiny. He didn’t even see them as men, as a true man would never treat a woman how they did. He wished he could take her pain away, but he knew that wasn’t how it worked. Hearing how she tried to end her life, it fully broke his heart. He didn’t know what to say, but he knew he needed to do something.

As Destiny brushed the tears from her eyes, Carson let his hand softly rest on her cheek, brushing any other tears that hit her cheeks. He made his way over to her slowly, not wanting to startle her. After talking about something so traumatizing, he didn’t want to do anything to spook her. He moved over closer to her, opening his arms, and pulling her into him. He let her rest against his chest, letting his hand graze down her hair, trying to make sure she felt safe.

[#265f2c “Thank you for sharing something like that with me. That must be so incredibly hard to deal with and still have to deal with. Please let me know if you ever need anything, or someone to just sit with in silence. I can- I want to be that for you. You don’t have to apologize to me.”] Carson spoke, pulling her away from him so he could look in her eyes. [#265f2c “But just know, I’m not going anywhere, okay?”] he smiled, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

Carson couldn’t believe how strong this woman in front of him was. She had been through hell and back, but still was this amazing and wonderful woman. He hated that she had gone through so much, he didn’t know if he’d been able to get through it like she had. He was also glad she had a friend like Imogen, someone to look out for her. Raking a hand through his own hair to push the damp floppy hair from his eyes, gave her a warm smile. He knew it wasn’t much, but it was what he felt she needed at that moment. He heard a knock at the door, to which he pressed a kiss to her head before answering the door. He was given the food he ordered, paying the man and giving him a tip before closing the door with his foot as he carried the food over to her. He placed their food in front of them. [#265f2c “I don’t know if you’re hungry, but it would be good to get something in your system. I got you the milkshakes, but you should also have some water.”] he spoke, grabbing two bottles of water from their mini fridge, bringing them over to their little picnic on the bed.

[#265f2c “Is there anything you need? Or anything I could do to make you feel better? I could tell you a story from my childhood, I was quite an...interesting kid to say the least.”] Carson teased, finding his seat back on the bed. He wanted to bring the mood up, not wanting her to have a bad night, afterall, he asked her to share.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   296d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 The blonde was kind of surprised at how quickly she had opened up to the male beside her. She didn't think she would have trusted anyone enough to let them into that personal side of her life. She watched as he moved towards her slowly, and she knew he was trying not to startle her and she loved that about him. He was so gentle, and when she felt his arms around her she leaned into him a bit more. She felt safe when she was wrapped in his arms. Something she hadn't felt in years.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 This was the kind of feeling she needed and wanted. She wanted to feel like she could fully open up to someone, and not have them judge her. When she had tried to talk about the rape, people would look at her and tell her she had deserved it. She had felt dirty, and she was upset that she hadn't succeeded in killing herself. It had taken her quite some time to get the help she needed, and she was glad Imogen had been there every step of the way with her. God she would be lost without the other woman.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 That's when there was a knock on the door. She slipped out of the male's grasp and watched as he walked to the door and got their food. She leaned back against the bed streaching her legs out in front of her. She cocked her head to the side as he spoke about her eating. In all honesty she was starving, and couldn't wait to dig into the food. She took the water bottle from the male, and twisted the cap off and took a sip. [#DB7093 "Don't worry so much"] she said with a small smile.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "I'm starving, and this food smells amazing. So I promise I'm not going to stop eating because of talking about a heavy topic either."] she then reached for her own food and opened the burger. She took a bite and let her words hang in the air around them. She wanted to know all about his childhood for sure. When she was done chewing, she set the burger down in her lap and wiped her fingers on a napkin, before reaching for the milkshake she had gotten. She took a couple sips.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She then leaned over and placed it on the bedside table. [#DB7093 "I would love to hear more about your childhood. Hell I love hearing how you grew up. I also love the fact you trust me enough to talk about your family. I promise you, whatever we talk about will not leave this room. I won't say a word about your siblings either. I know they are important to you, and don't want them in the spotlight which I understand fully"] she said as she picked up the burger once more. She kept eating letting the male speak for awhile.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 The male was kind of nervous about this whole thing. It was starting to eat him up inside already. He couldn't think straight. Did he really want her to get a Plan B kit? Or would it be better just to play it by ear and see what happens? He was kind of torn between what to do. He shook his head lightly looking towards her. [#0075D0 "Let's just see how it goes for now. I don't think anything will come of it, but if it does then we will figure it out"] he said lightly keeping an arm around her.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 That's when she posed her next question. Him and Carson would be leaving the day after next, and in all honesty he didn't want to think about it. He took a breath and kept rubbing her back. [#0075D0 "We leave the day after tomorrow.. As for what's going to happen I'm not really sure to be honest. Don't get me wrong, all of this has happened in a way I didn't think was possible. I was hoping you wouldn't have asked the question"] he said with a small laugh. He reached up with his free hand and brushed his hat back.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He then realized she had explained about the love bites. He turned his eyes back towards her and nodded lightly. [#0075D0 "Which I can understand. I mean it's hella attractive when women show off the bites they get from the person they are with. Kind of like showing to other men they are spoken for. But I'm not going to leave them on you if that's something you don't want"] he admitted. It did kind of hurt a bit that she didn't want to show that shit off.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He did understand where she was coming from too. Hell if she had left love bites along his neck, he would wear them with pride and if anyone had asked about them, he would tell them straight up who had given them to him. He shoved all of that aside as he thought about what would happen when they left. He sighed a bit as he leaned back against the headboard, closing his eyes for a moment thinking. He took a breath and slowly opened his eyes, and looked towards the woman next to him.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#0075D0 "I don't know what you and I are, but whatever this is I don't think I'll ever find it with anyone else. Then again I normally don't sleep with my fans, let alone talk about personal details with them. You are different, and I would be more than happy to let you keep my number, and have you call me every day whenever you can. Hell I would love it if you came to a couple of shows along the way. I know it might be asking too much, but a guy can dream"] he said with a small laugh.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He didn't want to leave this woman behind. If he had met her at a different time, he would fight harder to stay. He had the band to think about, and he had to finish this tour. He let out a small sigh as he fell silent. He didn't know what else to really say at the moment. So he decided it would be best to keep silent for the time being.]]
SmileBrightᴅᴀʀᴋ   288d ago

Imogen agreed, she wished she didn’t ask. Knowing that soon Lennon wouldn’t be so close anymore. It was strange how close they had become in only a few short hours, but she knew what Lennon was saying. This was not what she was expecting from sneaking backstage at the concert. All she wanted was a fun night at a concert of her favorite band, but now it was much more than that. She was drawn to Lennon more than she had ever been before. Not the man she saw on stage 100 times, the man laying next to her now. She let herself rest against him, hearing him speak about the love bites once more.

Imogen didn’t answer again. She didn’t want to explain that she only really allowed people who she was in a relationship to mark her up that way, and, like she had mentioned, work really kept it minimal. She had a woman who wanted to get photos from her cancel and call her terrible names when seeing her marked up. She didn’t want to bring all that shit up around Lennon, so she just dropped it. She just kept thinking about how he would be leaving in just a few days. And she really didn’t know if she was ready for it to happen.

Imogen rolled her eyes playfully, a smile on her lips as he spoke again. [#6d091a “I think that could be arranged. I don’t know what we are either, but you are different from anyone I’ve ever met. I mean, I have already got tickets to a couple of shows in different cities, so I guess I’ll see you around anyway. It’s nice to have such a flexible job.”] Imogen smiled. She was unsure of what their relationship was or what they would be once he left, but she was happy to hear he wanted to keep in touch with her. Sure, earlier, she had just been a fan, but now she couldn’t care less if he was in her favorite band. This Lennon was just someone she had a deep connection with. And she wanted to know more.

[#6d091a “I don’t know if I’m crossing a line, but I’d like to get to know you more if possible. If you want to keep it private, I’m okay with that too. But I’m interested in you, and I want to know more about you. We already dove into some heavy stuff we can relate on, but I just want the basics. Everything I know is from the internet and teen magazines, but I want it from the source, with no editing.”] Imogen teased, letting her fingers drag up and down his arm slowly. She loved being close to him, his skin warm and soft.

Imogen wondered what it was like to live like he did. Traveling so much must take a toll on him, and Carson. She hated how they had connected so quickly, and she couldn’t let it take its course slowly, because he would be gone soon. She really wondered if Destiny was okay, and that she hadn’t seen the woman in a while, or spoken to her since the woman messaged her earlier. She sat up, reaching over for her phone. She had no idea if Destiny would even anwer, but it was worth a shot.

[#6d091a [i Hey. Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. You won’t believe everything I need to catch you up on!]]

[#6d091a “Did Carson tell you anything about him going out with Destiny? She seems to be having a good time.”] Imogen spoke softly. It was funny really, how both of them ended up with a member of their favorite band. It was clear they had seen them before in the crowd, they had been to over dozens of their shows.

[b [center ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/GidtwR7.jpg]]
Even with her words to ‘no worry so much’, Carson could help it. He cared for Destiny so much, and wanted nothing bad to happen to her. In the short time that he had gotten to know her, he learned the stress and horrible things she had endured, and never wanted her to feel that kind of pain and sadness again. Not if he was around to stop it. She deserved happiness and for everyone in her life gunning to take it away from her, Carson knew he wasn’t going to let it happen. He knew he’d have to go back on tour soon, but he knew he wasn’t going to let this be the last time he ever talked to Destiny. Her leaving his life wasn’t in his head at all, but he didn’t want to overwhelm her with that just yet. They’d have more time to discuss tomorrow, before their last concert in town.

The woman was right, the food did smell amazing, and Carson didn’t even know how hungry he actually was until the smell hit him. After handing her food to her, he took his burger and unwrapped it. Taking a bite, he couldn’t help but let himself savor the flavor. She wasn’t kidding, their food was amazing. He didn’t know if this day could get any better than it already was. He wiped his mouth and hands with a napkin, taking a couple of sips of water. Just being able to hang out with her was something he had always wanted in a partner, not someone who needed to be taken out to 5 star restaurants every night and be showered with gifts. Someone who would be fine with burgers in a hotel room, someone just like Destiny.

When she asked about his childhood, Carson smiled. He was quite a character as a kid, and his mom never let him forget it. But hearing she was going to keep whatever he said to herself, he smiled. [#265f2c “I appreciate that. I didn’t think you would, but hearing it does make me feel better.”] he smiled, before taking a sip of his own milkshake. [#265f2c “Well, where should I begin?”] he teased, before propping himself back against the headboard of the bed, bending one knee up and rested his arm on his knee.
[#265f2c “Well, I grew up mostly an only child, as I am much older than my little siblings. So, I was kind of a shit growing up. I would do anything to get people to look at me, and that meant good or bad. I would fight other kids, but I also got decent grades. I was a bit of a whirlwind. I had a friend I grew up close with, and he ended up getting killed. It was really really hard on me, because he was basically my brother growing up. Lennon was- well always has been- there for me. He’s become like a brother to me at this point as well. We met as shitty middle schoolers and have been friends ever since. I think he was the one that toned me down a bit, and helped me stop getting into fights for no reason.”]

Talking about himself in this way was weird, but nice as well. All the times he talked about him, he needed to be careful not to give too much of who he really was away. Being in the spotlight and laying everything out on the table wasn’t an option, but having someone who was genuinely curious about him was actually really nice. Like a weight was lifted off his shoulders almost. He took another bite of his burger, waiting until he finished his bite to speak again.

[#265f2c “But you probably know the whole ‘how did you get started in music’ thing, that’s out everywhere. But what we didn’t share is Lennon and I’s first band, which was us just doing covers in his basement, and his sister played the tambourine for us. It was so lame, and we were terrible. But we got better, changed the name and actually did something. But, sometimes, ya know, I wish I never did the whole ‘become signed’ thing. Sometimes, it really fucking sucks.”] Carson spoke, letting a breath escape his lips. Leaving his family all the time, never being able to actually establish relationships with people, the constant attack of paparazzi and fans; it sounded like he was bragging, but it was really hard to do sometimes. [#265f2c “Sorry, I don’t mean to vent all my aggravations onto you. Would you tell me more about you? Even basic stuff like the kind of movies or music you like, or what a perfect day for you would be?”] he asked her, taking another bite of his burger, waiting for her to speak.
ButterflyRoselιgнт   281d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Listening to the male speaking about his childhood warmed her heart. She wanted to meet his family more than ever now, but she knew it might not ever happen so she didn't even bother bringing it up. She sat there watching his body language as she ate. She rolled her eyes lightly and smirked a bit. [#DB7093 "I think all boys were like that, being little shit's and what not. Always getting into trouble and everything"] she said with a small laugh. She loved hearing about his childhood, and how the band got together in the first place.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She was getting full and wrapped the rest of her burger back in the package and slid off the bed and put it in the fridge. She streached her arms over her head, and then leaned back a bit and popped her back. That's when he asked more about her. She didn't mind talking about herself, as long as it wasn't anything deep anymore she would be more than happy to talk about anything. She then moved back onto the bed, and sat facing him, her back towards the room. She then crossed her legs under herself.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "Don't be sorry about unloading everything on me. I did ask you in the first place, and I'm just glad you trust me enough to talk about all of this"] she said lightly. That's when she heard her phone go off and she climbed off the bed and picked it up. She read the message from Imogen and smiled lightly as she hurried and typed a message back. [#DB7093 [i I'm doing pretty good. Things are going amazing honestly. There's so much I need to tell you as well. I'll see you soon.]] was all she typed back.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She hit send and set her phone back down, and moved back to the bed. She got back into her position and cocked her head to the side. [#DB7093 "Well I'm a huge horror buff to say the least. I love anything to do with Stephen King, and his movie's are a-fucking-mazing. I'm always on the look out for new movies and what not though. But horror is always my go too. Imogen won't watch many with me, so I'm always locking myself in my room and watching them alone"] she said with a small laugh.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#DB7093 "As for music, I love all kinds. I'll always be a country music girl though.. Luke Bryan, Luke Combs, both amazing artists. Luke B though does have a nice ass in jeans"] she said with a small teasing note in her voice. She would fangirl over that man for days if she could. [#DB7093 "But I think you have the better looking ass in and out of jeans"] she said with a small smirk. She then leaned back a bit and watched the male with silent eyes. She didn't know what else to say at the moment, so she kept silent for the time being.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3gAa5wO.jpg]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Lennon's heart was racing, as he was letting himself relax a bit. He was getting used to the woman's touch and he didn't want it to ever end. What were they? Were they just some fuck buddies? Or would there be more when he did end up having to go back on tour? There was so much he wanted to know about Imogen, and just hearing that she had tickets for a lot of the shows made him relax a bit more. He wouldn't have to worry about not seeing her for long period's of time.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 That's when she asked if she could get more personal with him. He was nodded lightly as he watched her send a message to her friend. That's when she brought up Carson, and he bit the inside of his cheek lightly. [#0075D0 "Honestly Carson and I had a bet going on... We had a bet about who could bed the other first, and I know that might make you really hate me, but please don't let something like that get in the way of what you and I have right now"] he said in a rushed tone.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He was scared that letting her know about the bet would change things. He took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. [#0075D0 "I know that makes me sound like a horrible person, but I didn't realize this was going to turn out this way. I honestly hate myself for making that kind of bet. You aren't just some chick to get into bed with. You are much more than that. You are beautiful, sexy, gentle, sweet, and so much more. If this does change your mind about me, tell me now and I'll leave"] he breathed out.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He hoped that she wouldn't kick him out. He leaned forward and kissed her lips lightly whispering against them. [#0075D0 "Please believe me.."] he nearly begged. He knew he had made a huge mistake, but he had to let the truth out. He pulled back and moved his hands away from the woman's face. He slowly sat up, getting ready to get his ass out of there if she started yelling at him, and telling him to leave. He hoped that wasn't the case, but at least now she knew. It might not have been right, but what's done is done.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#0075D0 "Please don't let what I just told you turn me into the bad guy. I honestly wasn't expecting this bond with you and I seriously hate myself for this.. If I can make it up to you, tell me what I need to do, because I will do it"] he breathed out. He turned his eyes onto the woman, waiting for her reply to what was just said. His heart was pounding against his chest, and he hoped to God she wouldn't turn a cold shoulder to him.]]


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