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Until Eternity ~For MourningGlory~

By Burning_Heart

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Burning_HeartMegara   2y ago

[center [i She couldn't breathe. It was the first thing Megara thought of as she ran through the halls, her head spinning as smoke filled her lungs. She wasn't sure when or how the fire had started, but she knew she needed to get out of the mansion, and fast. Unfortunately for her, with the smoke as thick as it was, it was hard to tell where she was going. A home she'd known all of her life was suddenly strange to her. Perhaps it was because of her panicked state.]]

[center [i She tried to cried out as the rug slipped out from under her, but her chest hurt too much for her to even make a sound. Her body was aching now, and she knew if she didn't hurry, she'd never see her family again. Never see] him [i again.]]

[center [i She began to cough, her vision dimming.]]

[center Megara woke with a start. Her hair stuck to her head from sweat, her breathing heavy as she sat up. For almost a week now, she'd had the same dream. She was always sure she was going to die, but she always woke up right before. She looked at the time on her clock before groaning. It was only seven in the morning, far too soon for her to be up, but she knew she would never be able to go back to sleep if she tried.]

[center Annoyed by another night of interrupted sleep, she forced herself from the bed. She ran through her morning routine of brushing her hair and teeth before pulling her reddish-brown strands into a messy bun on her head. She threw on a pink sweater, some black pants, and a pair of flats before making her way to her kitchen.]

[center Her apartment was small, with one bed and one bath, but it was lived in and very comfortable for her needs. As she made a cup of coffee, however, she couldn't help but think of how lonely it could be. It was mornings like this that she missed her parents, but living closer to the school was what she had wanted, so here she was.]

[center After an uneventful morning and an email stating her one class was canceled, Megara decided to make her way to the public library, choosing to walk instead of drive. It was a pretty day out and she figured she could use the fresh air, her nightmare still on her mind. She wasn't sure why it kept happening, but it was making sleep harder and harder every night. She wasn't concerned before, but it was beginning to be too much for her.]

[center She did her best to push the dream from her mind, wanting to enjoy a good book for a while. It wasn't long before she was walking up and down the book isles, searching for her favorite author. She was grateful when she finally found her, but frowned when she saw most of the books were on the top shelf. Cursing her height, she stood on her tiptoes, reaching as high as she could to get one of them down. She huffed when her first attempt failed. She quickly began looking for a step stool, disappointed when she didn't find one. She bit her lip before looking around once more, making sure no one was around. She was sure she could just climb the shelf if need be.]
MourningGlory~UE~   2y ago
Lady of the Night

[i The 'young' man was walking to the house he had come to know and actually come to like. Well it wasn't exactly that he liked the house or the people. But he did like...no love ONE person. And he had just found her again in this life. And again had had to take it slow. They both knew the other. Or it seemed like they did. He knew for sure that he did her and well he was making his way to see her since he had gotten done what he needed to do.]

[i Thinking about her was a pleasure and helped him get through the lonely days he spent mostly alone. BUT the white in the sky, the puffs of clouds above the trees had his heart racing in his chest. Ezekiel knew those puffs of clouds and knew them well. It was NOT clouds but smoke. And the smoke was rising higher and higher above her house.]

[i Running, running as fast as he could the man pushed his way through the gathering outide. The closer he got, the more he could see. Thick black smoke and fires risong from all angles of the house. Blue eyes scanned the family, taking a head count and...NO! she wasn't there. Without a thought, he ran for it. Ran towards the burning building with every intent to save the girl, but was held back by strong arms as a flaming beam came down]

Water spilled over him and he glared at the giggling redhead in front of him. "Looked like you fell into another of your trances there Zekie-poo." Kimmy trilled as she set down the bucket. "Oh come on?! Would you rather relive it AGAIN? Blame yourself AGAIN? For what had happened?" The young woman scolded with a huff and crossed arms.

[#e60f26 "No. But I hate the way you wake me from it, Kay. Just knowing it's getting stronger and worse is what worries me. It makes me KNOW she is close somehow..."] Ezekiel muttered as he brushed long fingers through messy dark brown hair. Blue gaze locked with the piercing green that were glaring at him. [#e60f26 "I know you think I'm crazy. You all do.."] Came quiet and irritable words as he went to the drawer and pulled out a white shirt, blue jeans ripped across the knees and the black leather jacket that became part of his signature look. He didn't care that Kimmy was right there and just got dressed, green eyes rolling.

"You could have warned me you jerk!" Kim shouted wich caused him to smile. [#e60f26 "Why, nothing you haven't seen before."] And with that he grabbed his keys, phone, wallet and messenger back and was out the door, leaving Kimmy gaping after him. He didn't have class yet and wouldn't until the later part of ther afternoon. Perks to registering late and taking what was left open. And so Zeke let his feet lead bim wherever they wanted and was surprised when it happened. Because that was the last place he thought he would end up. But with a shrug, Zeke walked up the steps and into the building, skimming the rows of books.

[#e60f26 "Might end up falling if you do that."] The words slipped out when he came to a row and saw just a young woman at its center. It looked like she wanted something from and upper self from how she was looking up. But he didn't speak further and was rooted to the spot he stood. No way....
Burning_HeartMegara   2y ago

[center Megara was so close to the book she wanted, her fingers barely grazing it, when a voice caught her attention. She gasped and spun to face the man, her eyes widening slightly. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared at him. She wasn't sure why, but he seemed so familiar to her. Which was strange because she was positive she'd never seen him before. Or maybe she had and just didn't remember.]

[center Her cheeks flushed as she cleared her throat and ran a hand through her hair, avoiding his gaze. [b "You, uhm...you didn't see that, alright?"] She felt embarrassed at having gotten caught trying to climb the shelf. Of course, she could've just asked someone to get it for her, but she'd always been socially awkward, and that probably wasn't going to go away any time soon.]

[center However, as she glanced at him, she couldn't help but ask for his help anyway. [b "Would you...would you help me?"] Her voice was soft now, hoping he wouldn't laugh at her. She was sure she would die on the spot if that were the case.]
MourningGlory~UE~   2y ago
Lady of the Night

Those visions..old dreams had been enough to haunt him. And then there was this. Seeing her in the flesh. After so long too. It was normal for them to come across the other from life to life, Ezekiel had not been expecting to again so soon. So now he knew why the dreams and visions had been so strong and so persisten.

Slowly he shook his head as he had been staring at the young woman who had by now stopped trying for her book and had taken a glance his way. [#e60f26 "Nope, didn't see a thing. Just a girl who wants a book."] He muttered, feeling awkward himself.

The man knew her. All of her just about. The thing was, she didn't him. But that never stopped the draws. [#e60f26 "Yeah, might be easier if I did."] And without thinking, Zeke went to where she was standing beneathe the shelf and got the book down for her. It kind of was the least he owed her.
Burning_HeartMegara   2y ago

[center Megara had to admit, she was glad he was playing along. If he were to report her or something, she would have to run for the hills and never look back. She had noticed he was avoiding her gaze as well, now, which was interesting to her. He didn't seem like the type to be awkward, but it definitely made her feel better to know she wasn't the only one at the moment.]

[center She watched him as he walked over the plucked the book from the shelf, taking it from his hands. For some reason, she was very careful to make sure her fingers didn't brush his. It wasn't something she'd ever been conscious about before, so why she was now, she wasn't sure. [b "Thank you,"] she said, holding the book close to her chest.]

[center [b "I'm Megara."] She introduced herself before she could really think about it. The words had just slipped from her mouth and she had to smile to hide the slight panic she felt. She didn't talk to strangers. Not unless she had to. But for some unknown reason, she immediately felt drawn to the man. That alone frightened her to a degree.]
MourningGlory~UE~   2y ago
Lady of the Night

Awkward wasn't exactly the way to be describing how Zeke was feeling in those moments. The emotions were strong and overwhelming. Sorrow, guilt, joy, and fear were just a few of the emotions he was able to identify. Though MOSTLY fear because he knew her. Knew what happened when they were together. And yet it never failed either. Their bond and their link was ALWAYS drawing them back in and terrible things were always happening. Mostly to her it seemed. The worst part of all this was that Ezekiel could never stop it from happening either.

Those thoughts seemed to dictate the space within his mind and so he was hardly aware when he had gotten the book down or when she had taken it from him. All he knew was it was the soft "Thank you" that called him back. [#e60f26 "Yeah, no problem. Good to be useful for something."] He said with a faint smile as he had purposely kept from touching her or being so close.

For a moment and almost pained smile graced the male's lips when she said her name. One he had known over and over again. But alas, he could not say it. Could not make it known. EVERYTIME he had to make it seem like the first time. A real pain in the ass and cut him deeper each time. [#e60f26 "That's a pretty name and not one you hear often. But fitting. I'm Ezekiel...well Zeke. Nice to meet you."] He would have held out a hand to her, but was afraid of what could or would happen if they touched.

And for a moment he was silent. [#e60f26 "So what brought you here so early?"] Maybe not smart words or even a question you asked some random person.. But he was truly curious and wanted to talk to her. Even if about trivial things. He wanted to get to know her again. Wanted to see what she was like this time. His only prayer at the moment happened to be that none of the others turned up. For the moment, Kimmy the most as she loved to give him shit and could make this REALLY awkward. Well more so than it was already.
Burning_HeartMegara   2y ago

[center Megara tilted her head slightly as she watched him. He had a strange look on his face, but she couldn't quite tell what he was thinking. Was the feeling of familiarity sinking in for him as well? Or was she just crazy? It all felt like deja vu.]

[center [i Zeke.] She repeated the name in her mind a few times before she returned his smile. [b "It's nice to meet you, too. It seems I'm not the only one with a unique name around here."] She couldn't help but wonder if he was from around the area. Did he go to the same school as her? She pushed the thoughts from her mind. Surely that was too much to think. She didn't know him.]

[center She shrugged and adjusted the purse hanging from her shoulder. [b "My class was canceled for the day and I live alone, so I figured I'd do some procrastinating before grocery shopping. How about yourself?"] Why not keep the conversation going? He seemed nice enough.]
MourningGlory~UE~   2y ago
Lady of the Night

And so it began. The familiarity and the draw. Both had some intents to try and read the other. Something that even now still both amused and shocked the fallen angel. The ONLY reason he guessed she had been trying to read him was the look in her eyes and how she had been watching him. Probably the same way that he had her?

[#e60f26 "I guess you're not. But I still like your name being unique as opposed to mine. Has a nice ring."] The words were soft as he spoke them. There was no harm in the compliment was there? Besides he Megara really was a nicer name than Zeke. At least it was in his opinion.

The "young" man slipped his backpack strap back over his shoulder and reached for another book. One of theology just because he could and turned back to the young woman when she spoke answering his posed question. [#e60f26 "As good a reason as any. You strike me as the type who loves her alone time and books. Oh have a late afternoon class and got bored. I knew that my roommate would avoid the library because she's bouncy and loud and this just isn't her kind of place. But I guess to pick this up too."] He said as he motioned to the book that he had pulled down and now held in his hands.
Burning_HeartMegara   2y ago

[center Megara felt her cheeks heat up as a small blush tinted them. It was rare someone ever gave her a compliment. Sure, it was only for her name, but it was still sweet. She had never hated it, but she'd had thoughts of changing it. Knowing someone other than her parents liked it, however, was just enough to make her rethink it.]

[center When he spoke about his roommate, she noted that that was how he introduced the girl first. Was she really a roommate, or was he just telling her that to get even more of her attention? He didn't strike her as the kind to lie about having a girlfriend or not, so she assumed the girl must really be his roommate.]

[center She chuckled and pushed some hair behind her ear, glancing at the book in his hand. [b "I would say I understand, but I live alone, so I don't have that problem,"] she said with a smile. [b "I [i do] understand trying to get away from someone for a while. My brother was a pain when I lived with my parents."] She could easily remember the days he would run into her room while she was trying to study just so they could play a game or two. While she missed seeing him every day, she didn't miss the noise the kid made.]
MourningGlory~UE~   2y ago
Lady of the Night

Why he had to make clear Kay was just his roommate was behond him. Well actually it wasn't because most people they came across seemed tl think they were dating. And well he wanted that to really be the last thing that Megara thought. They had spent one of the many times they met before where Kimmy really had made a mess and it took awhile for her to believe him. So this time kind of taught him to be direct. At least in that sense.

[#e60f26 "You said you lived alone. Is that by choice or?"] And he did cursed under his breath. That particular thing had not been what Zeke meant to ask her. But it had come and he could not take it back. But when she had gone on to explain her brother to him, the fallen angel offered a light smile with a chuckle. [#e60f26 "Brothers are meant to be pains..and so are sisters. Part of their charms."] He said thoughtfully.

He kind of understood but at the same time he didn't. Again he was more or less trying to keep her talking. Was hoping that the ease would at least stay as he had been aching for it much more than he could have ever imagined. There was just that hope that he didn't seem like a creep or weird her out.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center Megara couldn't help but chuckle. He seemed awkward, but it was adorable. Of course, she wouldn't say that out loud. God knew that would be embarrassing as hell. [b "Yes and no. I had a roommate myself, but she moved out a while back. It can be lonely at times, but I will admit, I don't miss the loud music and complaints from my neighbors,"] she said with a smile. She loved her friend dearly, but the girl had been the complete opposite of Megara. She hadn't admitted it, but she was a little relieved when the girl had told her she was moving in with her boyfriend. While Megara would have to pay the full rent, she knew she'd enjoy the calm nights.]

[center She rolled her eyes playfully and shook her head. [b "If you met my brother, you'd rethink that. I'm surprised my hair didn't turn grey because of him."] She leaned against the shelf a little. [b "Have any siblings of your own? Or does your roommate take that spot?"] She had hoped the question didn't come off as rude. She knew from Sarah that roommates could be just as bad as siblings at times.]
MourningGlory~UE~   1y ago
Lady of the Night

She was easily as awkward as he was, but he didn't mind it. It actually made him feel better about the fact that he couldn't seem to talk or act "normal". But then, this was how it was EVERYTIME they met again. He knew and she didn't. And he never knew how much he could say...never knew how much he could do before it blew everything. This time..this time he was wanting to be more careful.

He ALMOST had not heard her words of her roommate, or rather her past roommate. So it took him a moment to register or at least hope that he had been able to register her words. [#e60f26 "So...you miss her but not the being in your space or being too much to handle sometimes.."] That was how Zeke understood her words. And honestly, those few sentences of describing her roommate, Megara had actually summed up Kimmy. Though he couldn't just get rid of her.

[#e60f26 "Your brother doesn't sound as bad as he could be.. And yeah, I kind of have siblings but we aren't around the other all that much. Kimmy kind of takes up their place and is a hell of a lot more annoying too. But wouldn't trade her either. Sometimes she is the only one who gets me, though I want to.."] Zeke only shook his head at the rest of his thoughts.

And for a moment, the fallen angel was silent as he took the girl in. She seemed so much the same, but this time there was something different. Only he could not place it. After a moment, his head shook and he offered a faint smile as he realised that he must have been staring, which would have made him feel awkward if it were on the other foot. [#e60f26 "Sorry, got lost in thought there... What do you say to getting our books and maybe getting a coffee or something? Maybe take a walk?"] Okay, not exactly smart words and he knew it, but there was that want to be around her, though even he knew the risks of being too close and for too long.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center Megara slowly nodded at his understanding of her words. She loved Sarah dearly, and she still spoke to her when she got the chance. However, the girl was an absolute party person, where Megara was not. [b "That about sums it up,"] she said with a small laugh.]

[center [b "Siblings and roommates are like that, I suppose. Your Kimmy sounds like a delight. I'd love to meet her someday,"] she said, smiling. She felt like Kimmy and Sarah would get along a lot more, but she was always ready to make more friends, no matter their personality type.]

[center Her smile faltered a little as she caught him staring, her cheeks slightly reddening as she wondered if maybe there was something on her face or in her hair. Pushing the reddish-brown strands behind her ear, she thought for a moment. She didn't have any plans for the day and he seemed like a sweet person. [b "Coffee and a walk sound lovely,"] she finally said, making her way to the counter to check out the book. [b "But only if you're not going to judge me for having something iced? Call me weird, but I can't stand hot coffee."] Sarah had made fun of her on many occasions where she'd skip out on the coffee she'd make in the morning for something at the coffee shop or even from the store. Ever since Megara had stocked up on small glasses that she could just take on the go. She just preferred frappucinos.]
MourningGlory~UE~   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Zeke understood more about it than she knew. After MANY lifetimes and MANY years with Kimmy, it was easy to place what she had meant between her roommate and her sibling. Not that he could actually tell that to her. At one time he would have been able to, but seeing as she was...so young and didn't seem to know him this time around, it was best to keep that to himself. There was A LOT that he would have to keep to himself and that thought killed him. But what could he do? It was tell her and get her back in the loop too fast and watch her burn...or it was play it slow and safe and HOPEFULLY save her this time around. Those were his two choices and both sucked.

[#e60f26 "She's out there for sure. But I am sure the two of you would like the other. She's bouncy and flouncy and can be a complete pain in the ass...But she's sweet enough and likes to make new friends.."] He said quietly, a fondness in his words. She was his favourite and like his sister. So as much as he was annoyed with her, there was also an affection for her. Besides, he already guessed that Megara would be okay with Kimmy. If she had been good with her roommate before, which sounded like his dear friend..

God he wished he had not stared at her the way he had. But Zeke had not been able to help it. She was just...there was so much different and yet so much the same. He was in a way trying to take her into memory. And he would try and draw her later too. Slowly he shook his head as he held his own couple of books. He was half expecting that she would find him a creep and tell him she didn't want to do the coffee or walk. So when she agreed, he looked to her and gave an almost sheepish smile. [#e60f26 "That's great. And no. Won't judge you there. Iced is easier to drink and gets into the system faster..More of a wakeup call."] He said as he followed her to the counter so they could get their books.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center Megara was very aware of his staring. Instead of being creeped out, though, she felt a little self-conscious. She had no idea if there was something on her face and she wasn't about to ask him. It'd been a while since she'd really gotten to sit down with someone and talk to them. She wasn't about to ruin her chances of making a new friend. Plus, Zeke seemed really sweet. She couldn't imagine him being some kind of creep. Something deep down just told her that that wasn't the case.]

[center [b "Oh my goodness, someone who finally understands. It really is a great wakeup call!"] she said, walking with him to the counter. She was quick to check out the books, running through the process as if it was all second nature to her. It probably was, to be honest. The girl practically lived at the library whenever she could.]

[center Holding the books tightly to her chest, she turned her attention back to him. [b "So, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself? Any hobbies? Favorite musician? You do listen to music, right?"] she said with a teasing smile. She wasn't sure what it was about him, but she wanted to get to know him more than anything. It was almost like a pull...]
MourningGlory~UE~   1y ago
Lady of the Night

God he wished that he could apologise for the staring. But to him, she was the most beautiful and perfect girl in the world. Nothing really creepy about it, just they literally had been together in so many lifetimes. And this time he was more than determined to get it right. HAD to as something felt different and he was afraid that it could very well be the last time.

He couldn't help the soft chuckle at the excitement she displayed that someone seemed to understand her love for iced coffee. [#e60f26 "I drink it all the time too. Just the extra kick that hot doesn't give right away. Kimmy teases me all the time for it."] It was true, his hyper active "sister" loved to give him shit for his tastes. Though ironically, Zeke couldn't explain that it had been Megara who had actually gotten him hooked on the stuff.

He stayed back when she was getting her books and watched how quickly she went through the process. It almost seemed a second nature to her. And soon he had stepped up to the desk to get his own books, eyes going to the girl when she looked at him. The faintest of smiles seeming to grace his lips. [#e60f26 "We could always play...'twenty questions' if you want? It would help us both to get to know more about the other."] She had been the one to give him the idea when she had shot the questions at him as quickly as she had.

[#e60f26 "I like reading, music, riding motorcycles and things like that. There are too many bands and musicians for me to choose from.. But I like pretty much anything from 'Old School' music. 70s, 80s, and 90s.. So how about you?"] Zeke asked her, genuinely curious and wanted to know more about her from this life.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center Megara couldn't help but grin. He was definitely right about that. To her, there was nothing better to wake her up in the morning than a nice glass of iced coffee. She had intended to learn how to make her own at home for the times that she'd been tight on money, but she'd never really got around to it.]

[center After checking out her books, she stepped to the side and watched him, smiling to herself. There was still something nagging at the back of her mind, almost like it was trying to tell her something, but each time she tried to reach for it, she couldn't quite get a real grasp on it. Whatever it was, it was buried deep inside her mind. Maybe it would hit her that night when she was going to bed. That usually happened when she was completely relaxed.]

[center She smiled at him when he spoke to her, deciding to push that familiarity away. She didn't need to worry about it right now. She was having a good time already and she intended to keep it that way. [b "That sounds like a great idea,"] she said, holding the books just a little closer to her.]

[center [b "Old school music is some of the best, though I'd say I'm most familiar with anything from the 80's. I don't know what it is about the stuff, but most of the music from that time is addicting."] It probably didn't help that her mother had raised her on the stuff. Car rides, cleaning the house, it didn't matter. 80's music would blast somewhere. [b "Obviously reading is a hobby of mine, but I also like to do crafts, whether it's painting, bead art, or even crocheting. If I'm not sitting by the window with a good book, I like to keep my hands busy with some kind of art project."] Her cheeks turned a bright pink before she shrugged. [b "Maybe that's a bit boring, but I like having something quiet to do at times. Keeps my mind occupied."] She hadn't always been the artsy type. She had just picked up small hobbies over the years that she'd found oddly relaxing.]
MourningGlory~UE~   1y ago
Lady of the Night

It was both nice and irritating to have this closeness to her. He knew that it was something that he had longed for for a very long time, but also dreaded. It was always the same. The meeting, the playing like he knew nothing while he knew it all, and then trying to "meet" her all over again as if it were the first time. Many of the others thought he was completely crazy to keep putting himself through this hell as they called it. But to Zeke, the only real hell was not having her around or being with her. Cliché as it came, but it was his truth.

For a moment, the man almost did not hear her take up his offered game of twenty questions. He had become lost in his head of how all of this was playing out. But when the words did register, a faint smile graced his lips. And soon she was answered his own questions. All things he could have almost expected as she had always loved the simple things and being away from people when it could be helped.

[#e60f26 "Maybe it's 'boring'..but it's more refreshing too. The girls I usually hang out with are more like Kimmy. Besides, I may look like the badboy but I can appreciate the arts too."] Zeke said as he held the book out to her that he had gotten. The book he had picked out was actually "Pride and Prejudice" and was only shown to her to make the point. Though he knew that Kimmy would be giving him hell for it later.

And after he had shown the book, Zeke slipped it back into his pocket and then took a glance at Megara again taking her in. This time he was much more careful about his staring. [#e60f26 "Okay, so what are you going to school for?"] That was his next question to in a sense keep the game going. But more so, the fallen angel liked to hear her talk and again was enjoying the time they were spending together. Enjoying this chance to remeet her.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center Megara hadn't even noticed what book he'd picked up but thought it was really cool that he could appreciate the classics. She'd read "Pride and Prejudice" a few times, though she wouldn't say it was her favorite. [b "A good pick,"] she said with a smile. She [i had] picked up that he'd said girls and not girl but didn't want to mention anything. He seemed too sweet to be the player type. Or perhaps he was and was just really good at hiding it. Either way, she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. [i It shouldn't even bother you,] she thought to herself, but she couldn't help but think about it.]

[center When he asked about school, she was a bit grateful. It gave her something else to focus on. [b "I want to become a teacher,"] she said softly, almost feeling embarrassed. [b "I love kids and I feel like being someone they can turn to and who can really teach them what they need to know."] She'd already given up on the idea that she was ever going to get married and have kids of her own. She'd never been big into dating and even when she'd been in a relationship, it never lasted long.]

[center [b "How about yourself?"] she asked, looking up at him. [b "Anything you're interested in doing? Or something you're already doing?"] She had to admit, it did feel nice to have someone else to talk to again, especially someone who seemed so down-to-earth. It was a nice change of pace.]
MourningGlory~UE~   1y ago
Lady of the Night

When he said girls, Zeke was referring to Kimmy, Nora, Angela, and Nessa. All of them in their sense were his "sisters" or rather other fallen angles like he was. But the male did not explain it to Megara and felt like him doing so would only dig himself deeper into whatever hole he had just begun. In a way, he was surprised when he had not been questioned about his words but thankful all the same.

[#e60f26 "A teacher. I can see that. You seem to have a knack for being easy going and letting people open up when they choose to. Also there is your tastes in activities too."] Zeke said with a smile. It wasn't meant to tease her if she took it that way. He was actually trying to say that he could see her being a teacher and a really good one.

Her question that was shot back at him had taken him off guard. The truth was, he had done SO many things already. So for a moment Zeke found himself at a loss and needed to think through what he was going to tell her. [#e60f26 "This is my fourth change. But this time I'm thinking about going for Psychology.. Tried English, Engineering, and stuff. But nothing has really called out to me."] A lie. It ALL did. [#e60f26 "But I do work on cars in my free time...part time mechanic to help pay for school.."] He added as an after thought.

[#e60f26 "I know this might be rude..But I am curious. What kind of job do you have?"] Again, he was giving her the floor so to speak as he was really wanting the attention of him.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center Megara's cheeks grew slightly pink, causing her to look away from him for a moment and brush some strands of hair behind her ear. She really wanted to be a teacher and had been really hard at work to make it happen. Knowing that a man she'd just met thought she could do it was a bigger compliment than she could ever begin to imagine.]

[center [b "Thank you. I really appreciate that,"] she said, finally smiling up at him, despite the fact that her face was burning. Getting a compliment was one thing. Getting one from a cute guy was another.]

[center His answer to her question surprised her. She couldn't imagine doing so many things, especially ones that were so different from one another. [b "Is it fun working on cars?"] She'd never been a car person, but she did find it impressive when someone could take the time to rebuild one or keep an old one in top shape. She knew she couldn't do it. Best she could do is change a tire.]

[center She shook her head. [b "Not rude at all. I currently waitress down at Daytime Diner full time. Sometimes the customers are a bit much to handle, but my coworkers are the sweetest and the owners have always made me feel welcome."] Before she'd ever applied, she'd sworn she was never going to get back into the food business after the job she'd had as a teenager, but the owners had been convincing and had proven that, compared to bigger chains, they wouldn't put up with any customers treating the staff like shit. [b "You should come by sometime,"] she said to him.]
MourningGlory~UE~   1y ago
Lady of the Night

She had always had a sweet disposition and could make anyone near her feel a sense of calm and ease. The fact that she was patience added to that about her. It had always been a help to him and it was a relief to see that even in this lifetime it had not changed. Zeke couldn't help letting his eyes once more trail over Megara as she looked away from him with that pink that had risen in her cheeks. Same old Megara, just a different time and place.

He had to quickly pull his gaze away when she looked back to him with the smile that she did because he didn't want to be caught staring again. [#e60f26 "Really no need to be thanking me for it. Just something that I could observe and a truth."] Zeke said with a smile of his own.

When she asked him about the cars, the fallen angel again was taken aback slightly with the question being shot his way. But then he did have to remember that the two of them were playing twenty questions and trying to get to know the other. And again a faint smile traced thin lips.[#e60f26 "I like to work with my hands and rebuild things... So I guess you could call it fun because it lets me do both. Maybe sometime I can show you some?"] The last words had slipped from his lips without much thought. And he honestly didn't see the harm either as she did seem to show at least some interest.

Her words about her work held his interest and he took in every word that she spoke. [#e60f26 "Have to say I admire you that. I don't think I would be able to do it. Sometimes my temper can be too quick for my own good."] The man mused and then nodded to her invite to come in sometime. [#e60f26 "You know I might take you up on that. Maybe this weekend?"]
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center Megara couldn't help but smile again as he spoke. She wasn't entirely sure, but it seemed like he was trying to be careful about how he worded things. She couldn't say she blamed him. They barely knew each other and she knew how easy it could be to throw the other person off by saying or doing the wrong thing. She had to admit, it was kind of cute. She could be awkward as well so watching him was fairly interesting. [b "I would be happy with that,"] she said with another smile. [b "It's always nice to see what other people like to do and are passionate about."]]

[center She chuckled at his words before shrugging. [b "I have my moments, I won't lie, but the owners usually have our backs, especially if the customer is being obvious in how they're treating us."] She was beyond grateful for that. If she had to deal with another manager telling her that [i she] was the problem, she would've lost her mind.]

[center She nodded quickly, perhaps a little too quickly, when he mentioned stopping by during the weekend. [b "That would be wonderful. I can probably get you a discount,"] she said, glancing away. She usually wasn't so forward with people, but she liked Zeke so far and was a bit interested in seeing where this could go.]
MourningGlory~UE~   1y ago
Lady of the Night

There was so much he wanted to tell her. So much he wished that he could. But if he wasn't careful or rushed things, it could be just a brief meeting between them and he would have to wait god only knew how long to see her again. It happened too many times before and so this time, Zeke was trying to keep it easy and slow. Or as slow as he was able to keep things. It was just so hard when everything in him burned to be close to her again though. [#e60f26 "Then you can come by anytime you want and watch."] Zeke said with a smile, thankful that she had in her way seemed to take his own invite to see something that he loved that would not do any real harm.

A chuckle slipped from him when she had mentioned that she could have her moments. He was sure that was true as anyone could. [#e60f26 "That does sound like it is nice to have. Usually bad when the owners can't even be there and help..."] His words were thoughtful as he had seen how sometimes the owners sided with customers and the staff were the ones facing the abuse. Quickly though, the fallen angel pushed the thought out of mind so that he could pay attention to Megara again.

Was he shocked by how forward she had been? Maybe the slightest bit. But only because up until this point she had seemed the slightest bit timid. But then, so had he. A real smile graced his lips and he nodded. [#e60f26 "That would be amazing! Can't wait.."] Those words were soft as he had REALLY had to stop himself from saying the words "it's a date" just then.

[#e60f26 "So back to twenty questions. What animal is your favourite and if you could go anywhere, where would you choose?"] Yeah, the young man wanted to keep her talking as he really liked her.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center A smile seemed to be stuck to Megara's face the more they spoke to one another. She didn't know how to describe the way she felt drawn to him. It was such a stranger feeling, and yet familiar as well. Like she was [i supposed] to feel that way. Despite the smile, the feeling tugged at her. She'd never felt that pull with anyone before, not like she did this newfound friend. She had thought for a moment about bringing it up to him, but she knew if she did, she would sound absolutely nuts, and then there was no way the two of them would continue to talk afterward. [b "I'll be sure to keep that in mind,"] she finally said, hoping she hadn't been quiet for too long.]

[center She nodded after a moment, letting out a sigh. [b "There were many a time in my late teen years where I would stand in a cooler and cry my eyes out because the manager or owner screamed at me for something that I wasn't even present for or didn't do. It's a tough world,"] she said with a short laugh. [b "I'm glad those days are behind me for the time being."] Her job wasn't perfect. The owners also had their days, but they never made her feel like shit like others had in the past.]

[center Hearing how excited he got about coming by her job was enough to make her laugh once more, though it wasn't at him. She liked the idea of him being excited over it. She was willing to admit that it was cute. It was a bit of a
relief how well they were hitting it off. [b "Glad to hear it! I can't wait to see you there,"] she said, smiling up at him.]

[center Megara seemed to light up at his next questions, probably a bit more excited than she should've been over something so silly, but she loved discussing her favorite animal. [b "Arctic foxes. They're honestly the cutest things I've ever seen. Also chinchillas."] Taking a moment to think about the second half, she frowned. [b "That's a bit harder... If I had to pick, I'd pick either France or Japan, preferably Paris or Tokyo. Both places seem so beautiful."] Not that she could afford such a trip, but a girl could dream. [b "How about yourself, Zeke?"]]
MourningGlory~UE~   149d ago
Lady of the Night

For Zeke, this was almost how things had always been. The two had always been able to talk and always seemed to connect well. She was the one person that he felt truly at home with and relaxed around. As corny as it sounded and as cliché, Megara was home to him. Of course none of that could be voiced. For him, this was getting back in touch with an old friend, with your soulmate...to her, it was starting again and making a new friend. There was no way to say any of his thoughts without it sounding strange and scaring the poor girl away. So he was content to the smiles and the ease that passed between them. He had to be. [#e60f26 "I really hope that you will.. It would be nice to show someone why this is what I like without being given a hard time."] Kimmy just loved to tease him and she was who he meant when he said those words.

The fallen angel then listened to her talk about her teen years. The many times she had cried because of cruel staff and customers. Zeke would have given anything to hug her, but he couldn't. [#e60f26 "That sounds rough.. Like really rough and I'm sorry. But I think in their way they made you who you are today and taught you a lot.."] He was trying to make it more positive.

When he realised how excited he sounded and heard the laugh, a faint pink rose in his cheeks. The man was terrible at masking emotions...well scratch that...he was terrible about masking them from her. Others he had no issue in hiding his feelings from. But it was so good to hear that laugh. It was music to his ears. [#e60f26 "I mean it..."] Were the only words he had said.

Back to their game of twenty questions and he smiled hearing her tell him her favourite animals and where she wanted to go. [#e60f26 "Both animals have their quirks that make them...interesting. And both places seem nice. Beautiful in their own right. But what would draw you specifically?"] The question came RIGHT before she asked him his own. [#e60f26 "The wolf...they are loyal to a fault and fierce when they need to be. They are also intelligent and related to the common dog we have as pets... As to where I would like to go... Maybe Hawaii or London...old London.."] Came his soft and thoughtful words. Maybe they would not have been expected, but he was trying to be as open and honest with her as he could be.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center There seemed to be a smile stuck on Megara's face as she listened to Zeke talk. It was definitely strange to her that she was so drawn to him. For just a moment, she allowed herself to entertain the idea that maybe, [i just maybe,] this was what people talked about when they mentioned soulmates. It was silly and farfetched, but she could remember a few friends who had claimed it was "love at first sight" or that they just knew right away that the person they had met would be the person they spent their life with.]

[center Of course, while Zeke was attractive, a fact she couldn't deny, she wouldn't say she was "in love" or infatuated with him. She had only just met him!]

[center And yet, she still couldn't shake that feeling.]

[center She shook her head at his words, letting out a small laugh. [b "No judgment here. Everyone likes what they like. I won't give you a hard time for that,"] she said. She could understand being wary about sharing something one was passionate about, especially if someone would tease them about it or was just plain rude.]

[center She paused for a moment to think about his next words. He wasn't wrong. Where a lot of her coworkers had left the job fairly bitter, she hadn't been like that. Megara couldn't say she was optimistic and understanding all the time, but she had always done her best to remind herself that maybe the customer was just having a bad day or that maybe there was something in their lives they weren't happy with, so they would just take out their frustration on her instead. It wasn't an excuse and she never liked it, but it had been the thing that kept her kind when she'd quit. [b "That's a nice way to think about it,"] she said to him.]

[center She didn't say anything, but she had seen the pink that colored his cheeks. She was easily flustered herself at times, so it was kind of a relief to see that he was a bit unsure like she was.]

[center She grinned at the answers to the question. [b "Oh, I bet old London would have been amazing."] She let out a longing sigh. [b "To be able to experience the past, even if just for a day...It sounds incredible."] She looked at him. [b "As for the wolf, I can't blame you there! They're amazing animals, and beautiful on top of that."] She had to stop a moment to think about his other question. [b "Paris mostly because of the Eiffel Tower. I'd love to see it in person one day. As for Tokyo...I can't really say. I love learning about different cultures and such, so visiting two vastly different places just sound interesting to me."] She looked away. [b "I'm sorry that it's not a very good answer."] Hopefully, the answer would still be enough nonetheless.]
MourningGlory~UE~   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Being an angel, or rather fallen angel, Zeke knew that there were such things as soulmates. He had seen it over and over again. And to him, that was what Megara was. The part that was hard and sucked the most was she didn't remember while he did. He was attracted to her and always had been. Not just her looks but her personality. But he could not even say those words as he had to keep reminding himself that this was just like meeting all over again to her. And it really killed him to have to keep those words and thoughts to himself.

[#e60f26 "If you did judge it's alright. Some people do."] He said with a faint smile. Hell, he knew that there were things that he judged on though he probably shouldn't have. But he knew also that people liked or loved what they did and it was cruel and unusual to judge them for it.

Zeke had to be careful and thoughtful with his next words. He couldn't say how he had seen it over and over again over the years. So for a moment he was silent and even licked lightly over his lower lip, acting as if it were dried out to give him a moment to consider his words. [#e60f26 "It's just something that I have been told. You know that experience makes us who we are supposed to be...both the good and the bad things."] He said and let a faint smile grace his lips. That was the best he could really say and he hoped it was an efficient answer for her.

Slowly he shook his head when she looked away from him after answering his question. Actually it had been beautifully thought out. [#e60f26 "It was a good answer. Many would have been like "I don't know. Just want to see the world and those places seem cool." So the fact that you have a landmark in mind and a different culture that you want to experience is as good an answer as any."] The man found himself saying. And he actually did mean his words too.
Burning_HeartMegara   1y ago

[center Megara was quick to shake her head. Sure, she could be judgemental at times. She [i was] only human, after all, but in this case, she wasn't going to judge him. She always tried to keep judgment to a minimum, and on the rare occasion when she did judge, she was quick to tell herself that it was wrong to do so. People had their hobbies and he wasn't wrong for his in the slightest. [b "It's good you have something to keep yourself busy, no matter what anyone else thinks."]]

[center She could easily remember the middle school days when people would pick on her for reading a book once she was done with her school work. Not that there weren't other kids who liked to read. She just never had the chance to share a class with them. She was hardly ever lucky enough to have a class with any friends.]

[center She smiled at him when he spoke again. She could understand what he meant. It was better to let situations shape a person into someone better, even when the bad stuff stuck.]

[center [b "Oh, of course!" she said with a smile. [b "Visiting other places can be fun but is it really worth it if you're not going for more than just a change in scenery?"] She didn't mean the question in a rude way. More simple curiosity.]
MourningGlory~UE~   66d ago
Lady of the Night

[#e60f26 "Things would be boring if we didn't have our hobbies to keep us busy. Though I think no matter what we do or like, there will always be someone there to judge it. Just have to kind of have to brush it off and know at the end of the day we're not here to live for anyone but oursevles...or those who mean something to us."] Okay, so maybe all of that was not needed, but it had come to mind and out the mouth before he could stop it. Plus maybe in some sense it would help her to get a better idea of who he was...and also let her know that she didn't have to worry about pleasing others TOO much.

When the silence fell, Zeke was watching her and taking in the emotions that seemed to play in her eyes. He wanted to ask her what she was thinking about when the sadness had flittered in her eyes. But then he also saw a look of understanding too. It was hard to keep his curiosity at bay, but he could not get too personal too quickly. The fallen angel didn't want to ruin ANY chances of getting to spend time with her or getting to reknow her in this lifetime.

Only when she spoke again was he drawn from his own thoughts and his eyes met hers. [#e60f26 "That is a very fair point and question. But it is open to debate and perspective. I think the saying is 'to each his own'?"] Came thoughtful words as he offered a faint smile. He was leaving his words open ended and as more a food for thought kind of thing than anything else.
Lovely_PoisonMegara   66d ago

[center It was an interesting little glimpse into the way Zeke thought. How he viewed the world and the judgment of others. She quite liked it, though she wouldn't say that out loud. [b "You have an old soul,"] she said after a moment. it was something her mother would tell her as a child when she'd give an answer or insight to something that she should've been too young to understand.]

[center Megara had never been able to explain it. She just had "wisdom beyond her years," another saying she would hear quite often. Even now, as a young woman, she would sometimes get told those same things.]

[center [b "It's really nice to find someone who shares a similar sentiment to my own,"] she said with a smile. It wasn't very often that she had so much in common with another person, especially a stranger.]

[center She quickly nodded, red strands bouncing. [b "Yes, yes, to each their own."] There was nothing wrong with how anyone decided to travel, that much was for sure. [b "If ever given the chance, would you want to be famous?"] she asked a moment later, deciding to keep their little game going. She was enjoying herself.]
MourningGlory~UE~   15d ago
Lady of the Night

The fallen angel had to very near bite back a laugh at her statement of having an old soul. It was amusing because he didn't just have one, Zeke WAS an old soul. Not that he could say those words. So instead, the male gave a faint smile and nodded. [#e60f26 "I suppose that I do have an old soul. It's interesting that you would say that. But then, I would think that perhaps the same has been said of you? You do seem to have an understanding that not many others seem to grasp."] Okay, perhaps not his smartest choice in words. But, there was only so much tongue biting one could do. And he was more than sure there was NOTHING wrong with the words he had just spoken.

It was nice to see that she was able to agree with him. Nice to see that still after so many lifetimes that the two of them appeared to have so much in common. And even if they did not quite hold the same views, they were very much open to a form of "agree to disagree". 

Zeke was starting to become lost in his head. Thoughts were slowly wandering back in time to one of their earlier lifetimes together. But before he could get into TOO clear a picture or TOO many details, Megara's words were able to cut through and bring him back.

A light shake of the head was given and the male was silent for a moment as he had to consider her question as she seemed to retake up their game. [#e60f26 "That is a double-edged sword. The fame would be nice in having your name out there. People knowing who you are and perhaps even respecting you... But on the flip, it seems as if it could become lonely. Because people would know of you but not KNOW you and who you are. They in a sense would want to use you for their own gains and you would never really know if you could rely on anyone but yourself..."] His words were soft and thoughtful as they were spoken. But then, Zeke gave a motion to her. [#e60f26 "What about you? Do you think you would ever want to be famous?"] He had given his thoughts and so now he wanted to be able to hear her thoughts on the matter.
Lovely_PoisonMegara   44d ago

[center Megara slowly nodded at his words. [b "My mother used tell me that all the time. To be honest, I don't know how true I can really believe that to be. I get why she would say it, but how does an old soul work? Does it move from body to body? Is the body just a vessel? Or does it retain some of the soul?"] She paused before her eyes widened and she looked up at him. [b "Ignore me, please. My brain goes to odd places and I just spew out nonsense,"] she said with a nervous laugh.]

[center She was good at that. She could go off on the most random tangents without even thinking about it. She'd thought she'd done a good job so far not doing that to Zeke, but of course, it could only keep it up for so long. It was embarrassing to her, to say the least. She didn't want to come off as annoying.]

[center For a moment, she watched him. She could see him drift off somewhere for a moment, like he was lost in his own mind. She wanted to ask him what it was he thinking about that gave him such a faraway look. At the same time, however, she didn't think it would be fair to just pry into his thoughts. She didn't know him well enough for that.]

[center His answer to her question was an interesting one. It definitely gave her something to think about. It made her pause before she spoke. In truth, she didn't think she could handle being famous. She'd heard so many horror stories from actors and actresses speaking out to musicians overdosing or killing themselves from the perceived pressure that she didn't think it would be a good life for her.]

[center She soon shook her head. [b "Yeah, no, I couldn't do it. You make a really good point, and if I'm honest, I couldn't do that. It would hurt to not know if I could trust someone of if I was just being used for them to get famous as well. It would be a bunch of crap."] She shook her head and ran a hand through her hair. [b "Nope. Couldn't do it,"] she said with a chuckle.]
MourningGlory~UE~   15d ago
Lady of the Night

The rambling as she had called it truly did not phase him as it might another. Zeke was in a sense used to these conversations between the two of them and anything was fair game. And to be fair, this was something they had gone over a couple times before. Even in that being the case and Megara having apologised with her nervous laugh, the fallen angel had not been able to stop himself from lightly chuckling at what she had thought of as a random tangent or even in a not so polite manner thought of as "word vomit". [#e60f26 "There isn't anything to be sorry for. In truth, many people ask those questions and wonder what it means to be an old soul. The answer is open to interpretation and what beliefs one holds. One of the most common is reincarnation and the same sould being born life after life but having no memory of the last and having to learn everything again... So in a sense...the body is a vessel and a form of 'container' for the soul as it goes on even after the body ceases to be."] Those words were ones that he was sure she would not expect to come from him. Hell, the male had not even expected to give her an answer. But something told him that he did owe her that much and having a form of answer was much nicer than not. Especially to a curious mind that appeared to forever seek knowledge and to learn new things.

Again, Zeke fell into silence as the young woman at his side seemed to take in his answer to being famous. Sure he looked like a badboy with no depth. But the truth was, he did think about those things. And he had seen them play out again and again. So it had not exactly been a hard question for him to answer and he was actually enjoying their conversation and learning what each of them thought.

When the question was turned back to Megara, Zeke was more than interested in seeing what answer she would give him. And when she spoke, the man gave a slow nod. [#e60f26 "I can understand that and you make very fair points."] Zeke said softly and did offer her a faint smile. [#e60f26 "Despite having different answers to the same question, it appears that neither one of us would be able to do it. Interesting to see that"]

For a moment, the male fell silent as he was trying to think of another question to keep their game going. And when he did think of it, eyes glanced to the side and the young woman with whom he walked. [#e60f26 "If you could choose any time period to live in, which one would you choose?"]
Lovely_PoisonMegara   11d ago

[center Whether he realized it or not, Megara hung on Zeke’s every word as he spoke. The way he strung it all together made a lot of sense and it helped her think about it even more. If only there was some kind of proof of what they were talking about. Now [i that] would have been pretty cool. She would have a real answer to her questions and that little mystery would be solved. Then it would be on to the next one. [b “That was beautifully put,”] she said a moment later, smiling at him. [b “You’re very insightful.”] He was an old soul, too. She could feel it without a doubt.]

[center As they continued to talk, she slowly nodded along. [b “It is quite interesting, isn’t it?”] She brought her eyes up towards the sky for just a moment. [b “I think that’s one of the things that makes humans so amazing. Everything has completely different views on the same thing, and yet they can always come to the same conclusion despite the different paths they’ve chosen.”] People really were strange creatures.]

[center Looking back to him, she bit the inside of her cheek, wondering if she had a good answer for that one. [b “Maybe Victorian London. The fashion from that era was always so beautiful to me. Sometimes I wish we could still wear such things and have it be acceptable.”] She smiled at him again. [b “How about you? How will our answers differ this time?”]]

[center Megara liked this a lot. It had been a long time since she’d found herself able to talk to someone so freely like this. It was refreshing.]


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