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By HedwigNerd

Replies: 60 / 159 days ago

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Out of Character/Plot Planning for The 1OO roleplay!
I’m good. Just kinda waiting. Started up a few more rps.
How is everyone?

Doubles are rough. I remember doing that in the pharmacy when the day shift called in and they didn't have someone able to come in.
[The 100] / makionyx_20 / 127d ago
I'm pulling a double today at work, so I can try to have my characters finished when I get home.

I have both as well, so whichever works for everyone else!
Burning_Heart / 133d ago
Well, my preference is because it’s the most convenient.
No preference, whichever is most convenient. I have both grounders and prisoners.
[The 100] / makionyx_20 / 133d ago
Eh. I don’t have any prisoner characters, so I probably shouldn’t get a say in this, but I’d like to start with them arriving on earth.
Eek I always seem to be late to the conversations on here haha.. We will be starting as soon as I get in Burning_Heart’s Characters! Do you guys prefer to start with the prisoners on/leaving the Ark or on the dropship down to earth?
HedwigNerd / 133d ago
I have a vague idea of back story for each of mine. I just let their stories unfold as I write.
[The 100] / makionyx_20 / 133d ago
I'm still working out details on my characters, but I do have most of their information. Just getting backstories and stuff is difficult lol
Burning_Heart / 133d ago
I'm not sure, but I hope so. :) I'm still pretty excited for it.
[The 100] / makionyx_20 / 133d ago
I’m good! So, are we going to start the rp soon?
Handling minions of evil and lurking. Got a cold, but like you said, what else is new? :)
[The 100] / makionyx_20 / 134d ago
Things are okay on my end. Sick with a bug but what else is new lol. How about yourself?
Burning_Heart / 134d ago
How's it going for everyone? Are you all doing well?
[The 100] / makionyx_20 / 134d ago
I'm still here and interested. We can always add terms as we go if you feel like that is holding you back. :)
[The 100] / makionyx_20 / 140d ago