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Never Gonna Change

By MourningGlory

Replies: 4 / 299 days ago

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Cheryl went to sit down at a desk until she realized someone was talking to her. She flickered her eyes up and saw that it was another female. A very good looking female at that. Cheryl knew she shouldn't think like that. But at this point, she didn't even care. What her parents are making her go through. To get rid of the gay? It doesn't even work like that. The thought of it made Cheryl's blood boil. She didn't understand why her family couldn't accept her for her. She just wanted her parents to love her for her. But she knew that wouldn't happen. They say they could never imagine letting their daughter be gay. Cheryl remembered the fight like it was yesterday.

"Cheryl Blossom, get your ass down here now!" Her mom screamed when Cheryl ran upstairs and slammed the door. Of course, Cheryl wasn't going to go down there, because then once again, she will yell and get in her mother's face. And of course, her father stood there like a robot, not saying anything. She was sure it was awkward for him. Because he had a choice. To either defend his daughter or defend his wife. Cheryl always thought that her dad would always side with her mom just because he was scared of her. But Cheryl didn't really know. She could only really know because of his actions.

[blue "Honey, don't you think your being hard on her? It is her life after all."] Cheryl could hear her dad attempting to stand up for her, but that got shot down when her mom yelled at him. "DO NOT defend her. I refuse to raise a daughter who thinks that she is a lesbian. Not under my roof she will not be." That was when her mom told her that she will be going to a school that will help her get rid of the gay. [b "Mother. It don't work like that. You just can't get rid of it."]

Now here Cheryl is. Cheryl got out of her head, and thought she better answer the girl or the girl was going to think that she didn't want to talk to her. She smiled at her. Cheryl was kind. That was until you started to talk badly about her. Then there was another whole different side to her. [b "Hello, I'm Cheryl. It's nice to meet you."]

She took the remainder of her school stuff out, and sat down at the desk. She was all ready for class. But Cheryl caught herself doing something she shouldn't be. She kept staring at Chiles. But then would look away, because if she didn't look away. She would get caught. And that was the last thing she wanted. Especially on her first day.
cнeryl / SSerendipty- / 16d ago
[#0addeb [i It's funny the things that you can learn about people. Sometimes the ones that claim to love you no matter what are the ones that will hurt you the most...Never did I think that things would go the way they did...I mean... I had friends, a loving dad and as fate would have it an evil step-mother who wanted me gone. She always thought I was...'Odd' and she was right. I hung out with guys, but my best friend Shelly was...well she wasn't just my best friend. She was my girlfriend and had been for the last three years. But all it took to end us was Ginger to see us kissing on the couch one night with Shelly's hands in my hair and hovering over me...Dad and Ginger were supposed to be out to dinner and then some business with people he worked with...I was SUPPOSED to have the house to myself...Yeah...and now I'm in this school to correct my sins and be the best me possible. I have been here for....']] Chile sighed as she looked at the notebook she had been writing in. She had not been able to sleep as all of that had been bouncing around in her head. Maybe it would have been better if she could stop thinking about it. But she couldn't. How could her father had turned on her the way that he did? How could he have disowned her the moment he realised that she loved girls instead of guys?

[#0addeb "Well...there's no use to cry over spilled milk. It's time to try and leave the past behind me.."] Came soft and sad words as she shut the notebook and placed it back into the desk drawer, locking it with the heart key that she wore on a chain around her neck just as the shrill cry of her alarm was letting her know it was time to get up and ready for another day of school. With a sigh, Chiles got up from the desk and went to the closet to look for something to wear that would be "decent" for school. Thankfully she had had a shower the night before and so could spend a little extra time this morning IF she chose to in looking for clothes.

Ten minutes later and a lot of back and forth, the girl settled for a white blouse that she could throw her beige turtle-necked top over and a black skirt to go with her flats. She also did a light makeup that would highlight what people had once called her natural beauty and brushed her hair. When she looked as good as she figured she was going to look, the girl grabbed her school bag which had her books, phone, keys, and wallet in it. And when she had, Chiles left the "house" and walked to school.

It was when she got there did she notice a new girl, but she shook her head and kept walking. She didn't want to stare and make things worse as she knew what that was like as she she had been the new girl three years ago and had had EVERYONE staring at her. Chiles didn't really have friends because she figured here it was best if she did keep to herself and she by nature was more shy and "mousy"...or she was until she got to know someone. And so she went to her first class of biology and took a seat at the front of the room and took out a book as it was still early.

Steps were heard in the doorway and brown eyes went to see who it was. Her mouth nearly dropped as her eyes were now on the new girl. [#0addeb "It...I didn't expect anyone else to come here so early...I..."] And she slowly stood, setting her book down.

[#0addeb "I'm Chiles..."] She finally managed. She figured there was no harm in introducing herself. The girl was new after all...and this probably was going to be the only time they talked. Or...so she thought.
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Ruda] [font "Ruda" It was just another typical day. New town. New school. A new beginning. Well sort of. This time she was alone. Cheryl ended up going to a place where her parents trying to get rid of the gay. Or if that is what you wanted to call it. Cheryl stretched as she stared at the wall. She couldn't believe that she was doing this all alone. But she knew it was for the best. She could never forgive her parents for what they made her do.]

[font "Ruda" Cheryl looked at the time on her clock, and realized she still had plenty of time to get ready for her first day. Cheryl laid there in bed. Cheryl had to realize that she wasn't entirely alone. She met someone at this place that her parents sent her. There stories were kind of similar. It felt like they hit off real well. But Cheryl knew not to get close to the female. One, because she knew once she got out of there she would never see her again. And she knew it was against the rules to since the whole thing was to get rid of the gay. Cheryl sighed and rolled her eyes at the thoughts.]

[font "Ruda" Cheryl promised herself that once she got out that she would never talk to her parents again. Cheryl had to get rid of the people that don't accept her for her. Cheryl ended up meeting up with her parents once she got out because they wanted to see if this place worked. It obviously didn't. And Cheryl couldn't decide if she wanted to fake it when she saw them or not. But Cheryl knew that wasn't her. That wasn't like her. So Cheryl straight up told them that it didn't work. That she still was interested in females. Her parents said that she was a disgrace. That's when Cheryl lost her crap on her mother. Because it was mainly her mother not her father. He just sat there quietly. Cheryl basically told her mother that she was a disgrace for sending her to that place and for not accepting her for her. And with that being said, she told her parents that she wants nothing to do with them. And like that, she hasn't heard from her parents.]

[font "Ruda" Cheryl realized that she wasted a lot of time. She finally got up, and then she put some clothes on and did her makeup and fixed her hair a bit. Cheryl grabbed a jacket, put it on, and then headed to the school. Once she got there, she parked her car, and got out of the car. She saw that everyone was staring at her. Cheryl sighed and told herself that she has this. Cheryl gulped lightly, and then walked into the school. Her eyes scanned the school as it was huge. She gulped lightly as people were still staring at her.]

[font "Ruda" [b "It's like you guys have never seen a new student before."]] [font "Ruda" She snapped at these people and then headed to the office to get her schedule and go to her first class. She wanted to get this day over with and then go back home and curl back up in her blanket. She saw no point of this. But she told herself that she can't stop with life just because she didn't have her parents in her corner anymore. She would create friends here that she could consider her family. She sighed as she headed to her first class. Biology.]
cнeryl / CherryBooxx / 45d ago