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By MourningGlory

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MourningGloryC&C   1y ago

She wasn't sure if Autumn was okay or not. She seemed to be stood in a trance-like state as those forest green eyes stayed glued to the black and white photograph in her hands. And the more still that the other young woman was, the more worry there was that seemed to settle within Cecily. Just something about all of this seemed too weird. It seemed like something in those television shows she had watched growing up. And also like something out of a movie. There was NO way any of this was happening, right? Those were her thoughts as she approached the redhead slowly with the leather bound book that she had picked up. Both Major and Mouse were somewhere in the background and acting as cats should, though both seemed to know something that they didn't. Which she was sure was crazy as animals didn't have a form of conscientiousness, right? [#FF66FF "This is definitely not what I was expecting to see.. They look so much like us.. Or we do them? But whatever you're seeing, Red... I am too."] Came soft words of wonder as she could not at all pull her gaze from the photograph that she now had in her own hands to try and study it.

This was too weird. The girls in the black and white looked just like them. It was almost like staring into a mirror. Like some sort of a joke was being played. And yet...And yet she knew that wasn't the case. The more she stared at that black and white, the more she had a feeling that they had stumbled into something and were about to be in over their heads. But yet she KNEW there was NO going back. It was like the saying went "Once the beast was awakened, there was no getting it back to sleep" and that was EXACTLY how things were starting to feel.

Blue eyes moved to the other girl as she stood and began to pace. The look of worry one her face made Cici feel even worse. But she had no answers that she could give. Even asking her mother and father at this rate would have them come up completely blank and probably with more questions than answers. But the question was... to dig further or to stop? Because they had been at their digging around for hours and the moon was high in the sky by now and hitting the podium and the rune in just the right way. It was as she noticed the first glow did a second immediately catch the corner of her eye and she looked down to the book that she had set to sit beside her. It too was glowing and had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. [#FF66FF "I've never seen this book before in my life!"] Cici squeaked out. And slowly, the blonde stood with the glowing book in her hands only to drop it and watch it fall open. And as it fell open, the pages started out blank, but seemed to start to fill themselves with black inked phrases coming into view, her own handing reaching to take Autumn's as she could JUST make out the other reaching to take her hand.

Brighter and brighter the glow became and it even seemed to engulf the whole of the attic. She tried to keep her eyes open. She really did but it just got to painful and before she knew it, Cici was snapping her eyes shut. And the moment she did, it was like the ground spun beneath her feet and there was this odd pulling from deep within. A pull that soon felt as if the ground had dropped out from beneath her feet and she was falling down. She wasn't sure whether it had been only minutes or hours that she had been falling, but whatever it was didn't matter as it all just stopped. There was a painful jerking and when she opened her eyes she was in a bed with white sheets and an old quilt. As her eyes adjusted, Cici could see that it was her room, but it wasn't. None of the furniture was there. It was almost void of any but an old dresser, closest, carpet, woven basket and books. Not at all like she remembered it being. And as she looked around, Cici thought she was going crazy. Thought that maybe she had fallen asleep in the attic and this was all some crazy dream she would wake up from.

[b "Elizabeth! Are you awake child?"] Came the call of a woman's voice that she had never before heard in her life. [#FF66FF "E...Elizabeth? What the fuck? And where is Autumn..?"] She whispered to herself as she slowly pushed the quilt off of her and found herself in a white cotton gown. [b "Elizabeth!"] Came the call again and the girl froze. [#FF66FF "Coming mother! I must dress first!"] Cici found herself calling, the response seeming to come automatically from her lips. And with a shake of her head, the young woman went to get the stockings on that she had found and the plain and simple light blue dress and bonnet. She also slipped on the black shoes and soon was making her way down the stairs and into the kitchen...The kitchen that now appeared as it would have over two hundred years ago.

[b "Lizzy are you well? You look a little pale. Oh that doesn't matter now. You must go and meet Mrs.Wildes and Scarlett in the gardens. It would only be proper for you to lead them in."] Eden's soft words as she turned from the pot that was hanging above the fire. Not at all at liberty to argue and NEEDIND to see if Autumn had ended up here too, Cecily nodded and let the kitchen, making her way down the hall and out the front door.

The porch she had known was the same but different. The railing was still there, but not potted flowers, porch swing, and no cats. But her eyes grew wide when she saw the garden that led up to the house. It was so much bigger than it had been. Took up almost the whole pathway. With a quick shake of her head, "Elizabeth" made her way down the steps and to the two women approaching, one about her she recognized as Autumn. It took everything in her NOT to squeal and hug the other with her joy to see her.

[#FF66FF "Mother sent me to lead the two of you back to the house. She says that the herbs are almost ready."] She said softly, falling into step beside Autumn and watching as Sarah went into the house once they were upon the steps. [#FF66FF "What happened to us? And where are we?"] She whispered when she got the chance. She could NOT wrap her head around any of this. All she knew was they were not in their own time anymore.

The sounds of a box knocked over registered in her ears but it was as if she was in a trance staring at the black and white photo. Either their ancestors bared a remarkable resemblance to them or it was them. Which was just crazy. It was just a good Photoshop job, that’s it. It was photoshop! Had to be. Autumn looked up as the blonde approached with a book from the turned over box. She could see Major tom in the background looking smug and Mouse starting to bat around a small ball like object. [b “ I’m hoping it just means good genetics?...It’s weird right? Like I’m not crazy right?”] Red ran a hand over her face as she tried to see some logic in that picture. Yet the feeling from earlier just kept surfacing and making Red doubt her clearly logical explanations. Her mother always said to trust ones feelings. This did not feel like it was going to be a cake walk.

Autumn stood up after handing the picture over and began to pace slightly worried. What would her mother suggest? Do they need to take a break and step back from the research or do they continue with it. The moon by this time was high in the sky directly shining through at an angle, hitting the podium just right. The protective rune started to glow in the night. As Autumn looked at it she noted a second glow coming from behind her. Turning back to Cici she saw the book she had picked up had the matching symbol and was starting to glow as well. [b “This does not feel like a good thing…..Cici, the book the book is glowing…. Have you seen it do that?!”] Autumn’s voice held a hint of panic to it. The book in question dropped from Cecily’s hands. It thudded to the floor and the latch came undone opening the pages, which looked blank at first. The pages held a white glow as black ink slowly swirled around the page forming words and phrases. Red reached out towards Cici hoping to hold the others girls hand in this stressful situation.

The glow from the book only seemed to get brighter and brighter until it was blinding to the point that she had to close her eyes. There was a sudden pulling feeling behind her naval and she felt like she was falling for eternity. It was only a few minutes and then a sudden jerked stop. Flinging her eyes open, she found herself sitting up in a bed. The more startling fact was it wasn’t her bed or a room she recognized. [b “ Fuck me…”] She whimpered. The room looks bare of anything that was modern she noted. Like an old house that needed an updated. The Furniture looked like well-preserved antics from the late 1600’s. Oh the feelings in her gut were telling her this wasn’t good at all. [i “Scarlet! Time to get up! We need to go get your brothers medicine from the healer’s house!”] Autumn jumped at the yell, [b “Scarlet? What the absolute fuck did I get myself into?”] she whispered to herself. Looking down she realized something else that did not bode well. She was in that same outfit from that photo she looked at earlier.

Understandable shaken it took her a minute to remember she wasn’t alone when this happened. [b “ Shit! I need to find Cici in all of this. I think her house would still be the same so maybe she is there. God I hope so.”] She said to herself. Great now she was talking to herself. Standing up she ran to the door throwing it open. Coming to stop in front of what looked to be one of her dead relatives in her time. If she was staring at Sarah Wildes than her brother must be Ephraim Wildes. Autumn had researched them at one point. Sarah was exonerated after being sentenced to hang for witchcraft in 1692. Autumn looked at the woman with wide eyes. [i “Scarlet what are you waiting for child. Hurry along now. We do not have all day. Your brother has a cold. Mrs Jones has his tonic ready.”] Apparently, she was now the daughter of said woman. She really hated her luck sometimes. Taking a gamble, she responded to the woman in the affirmative. [i “ Are you alright Scarlet? Have you been feeling well? I can ask Mrs Jones to look you over if so.”][b “I am fine. Thank you Mother. I’m ready to go now.”] And with that they left. Swiftly walking to the house Autumn swore she was just in the attic of. Silently praying that Cici was inside, She was grateful that she wasn't in some unfamiliar town. At least it wasn't in another country either. The blonde would be a sigh of relief. As the familiar house grew closer she saw the garden was much bigger and that animals roamed free. She hoped that Cecily was here. If not she was stuck by herself in a different time. She was so screwed.
MourningGloryC&C   1y ago

The other cats had followed them in as she had expected. And after, Cici closed the door, eyes lingering on the redheaded girl whom seemed to be taking in the cream colour of the wallpaper. It really did make the room seem that much bigger. Especially when coupled with blues and greys of the outside of the house and the dark polished wooden floor lined with blue carpets. [#FF66FF "My mother loves to do decorating. A hobby of hers on her days off. And yes, Major does take his title seriously. He is always helping the younger cats and protecting them. Especially Mouse."] The blonde said with a giggle as she watched the "old man" keep up with his attention seeking and become draped across Red's shoulders like a parrot. His purring loud and a big felineish smile upon his lips as he nudged against the petting hand, absolutely adoring Autumn. Which was enough to tell Cici that she had been right about the other girl. That it WAS okay to have invited her back with her as she had. Because usually, Major didn't take so quickly to those he didn't know. Of course none of that was voiced and she soon turned and began to walk ahead of Autumn and lead her towards the kitchen, which happened to be on their right.

And when coming to the remodeled room with the granite counters, Cici had picked up an apple and was leaned against one of the counters, watching her partner go to the bag of cat treats that had been left out. Apparently her younger sister, Lucy had left them out before she had gone to cheer practice. It wasn't a big deal because it saved Cecily time in hunting them down. And she continued to watch Autumn as she fed Major treat after treat. [#FF66FF "I was actually hoping you would say that. Not like I didn't want to 'hang out' but I wanted to start and see what we have upstairs. There is a lot of old stuff going back...I think mom and dad said like two hundred years?"] And then her smile brightened more with the talk of the clinic. [#FF66FF "I would love to see it and to meet some of the residents!"]

It appeared that Major had "claimed" their lovely guest. Well made himself more than comfortable across her shoulders and could quite easily be thought of as a stuff doll of a cat in his relaxed state. Quite cute and funny for her to see as "the old man" was only ever that at home on her father or on her. But as was unfortunate for the cat, Cici did quite need her partner and need her to be well flexible. It was that thought that had usual pink cheeks even pinker. Good god...what had made that thought cross her mind? Or at least the way it had come across. And to avoid Red seeing her blush as she was coaxing a formerly comfortable cat onto the nearest cat tree they had, Cecily had turned over the sink and was pretending to be looking for something. ANYTHING just to avoid looking in Red's direction until her cheeks calmed down and were back to her normal shade. Or something close to it.

The nearing steps told her that Autumn had managed to get Major onto the tree and she took one last glance into the silver of the sink to make sure her cheeks were normalish before she began to lead the other from the kitchen. Out through the same doorway they had come and up two flights of stairs to what would appear to look like a trap door. She pulled on the old metal ring and let it swing open with the set of stairs descend. And after they had climbed the stairs and were in the dusty old room with Major and Mouse having decided to join them, Cici pulled the hatch again to close the entrance. The one rule her parents had was whether coming or going from the attic it was always to be kept closed off ftom the rest of the house. Not that she understood it, but she had been trained to do so her whole life and so did so now as well. Turning around, Cici could see Red taking in the old and dusty room. The boxes, the podium and the old symbols. [#FF66FF "I think they did actually. My mother told me old stories about some of their ancestors...these symbols were meant to keep evil out as they would practice white magic and ways of the goddess."] Cici said softly from the box she had taken to searching through as the other seemed to be trying to take in the rest of the room. Her hair had fallen to the side and created a thick curtain. One veiling her from fully seeing the other girl and she would assume the other girl from seeing her. She was silent a few moments as she shifted through the box and then the clearing of the throat and words caught her attention as she straightened up to glance back to Autumn. [#FF66FF "It would definitely give us a baseline to start from. And since you noticed the symbols and we are meant to be looking at 'witches' it might give our paper some real edge and real backgrounds too."] Cici said, giving an almost timid smile as she was NOT sure what would be found in her family's attic. For in truth she had not been in it in a very long time and IF she had been, it was only to quickly store something and to get out.

The girls got to work, each taking an end of the attic to start searching through the old boxes that went god only knew how far back. Her own sweater had been tossed aside and her hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail to make the searching easier. They had been searching for what felt like hours as eyes could be felt watching and the sunlight was disappearing and giving way to a full moon. She was still rummaging in a box when she heard Red's soft call to her.

Cici slowly withdrew from...was it the third or fourth box she had been going through since the girls had begun their sleuthing. Autumn's soft, shocked words hitting her ears and and having her turn to see the same shock on the girl's face that she had heard in her voice. [#FF66FF "Yeah just let me..."] But Mouse and Major knocked over another box with an old leather bound book spilling out before she could finish her words. She went to pick up the book, bringing it over to Red to see what had seeming startled the other in the first place. Seeing the old photograph, her own eyes went wide with shock and she turned a questioning gaze to Red. [#FF66FF ""] Cici couldn't seem to get the words out even if she wanted to. And again she looked down at the photograph. The photograph...the girls looked SO much like them it was unreal. What did that mean? [#FF66FF " you think this means something?"] She tried again as she looked up at the other girl.

The hall was covered in a cream wallpaper which suited the houses outside. Soft colors brightened the hall while the high ceiling made it seem spacious. Red watched how Cecily walked in after giving all the felines the option to come in. It looked like Major Tom wasn't done with his attention yet and followed after Red. Giggling at the old felines attention seeking she gently picked him up from the floor. Holding him against her chest she had him perch on her slim shoulders. Draped across her like a parrot while he was there she scratched his head. Occasionally rubbing one ear between her fingers. [b "He agrees with his title. I'm sure Major Tom thinks him the protector of the others, his aura says as much."] The redhead grinned softly at the other cats and they ran off to do whatever they would like.

Cici started to walk down the hall with Red following after. The kitchen came up on their right. It was a remodel one from the looks of it. One the granite counters was a bag of cat treats, helping herself, Autumn opened the bag taking a few out and feeding Major one at a time while he purred on her shoulders. [b "Honestly I'd really like to get started on our project. I'm great at multitasking when it comes to animals and work. The animals at the Clinic go with us everywhere, one of the skunks follows my mother to bathroom even."] Reds eyes shined with mirth just thinking about her work at the shop. [b "When we finish with our project we can go to my family's clinic. I would love to show you around to our residents."]

Major Tom had long since closed his eyes content to warm her neck and continue receiving her attention. Autumn would usually not mind but she wanted to get her hands on some of that research and that required her to bend at the waist. Seeing a cat post off in the corner of the other room she walked to it, coaxing the cat to leave her shoulders and curl up on the top of the tree post. Autumn patted his head once more before turning back to Cici and following her up to the attic. Red was curious to see what the others room looked like but that lead to lots of other thoughts that she didn't need at this time.

Her gaze took in the dusty room; well, semi-dusty. It wasn't as bad as what she would have thought. There was boxes on either side of the room and a podium off in a corner. It looked like a shrine of some sort. Walking towards it she saw a symbol engraved into the wood. It was symbolic to witchcraft from the looks of it. Admittedly her family was pagan so this was a sign of pentagram for protection. Curiously she traced the pattern with her fingers. [b "Your family looks to have practiced in the wiccan faith at one point. I wonder what they carved a protection symbol for…."] Red looked back up as Cici was rummaging through one of her family's boxes. She was bent over her hair fallen off to the side making a curtain. It hid the blondes face from Autumn but it also hid Red's bright red blush. Clearing her throat slightly and hoping her face cooled quickly she caught the others attention. [b "Should we try to find anything with pagan symbols first and then go through other books after?"]

They quickly went in to research mode. Both working on opposite ends of the room. Autumn had her sweater tied around her waist, her hair in a messy bun on the top of her head, and smudges of dust on her forehead and cheeks. She felt like they had been looking for a good few hours. The cats had all came to investigate what the girls were doing. Major and Mouse looked on at them from a spot near the window in the room. Outside the plane of glass the sun was setting pulling a full moon up to blanket the night in its soft glow. This happened to be the 3 box she was searching through. Digging gently around she found an old photo album. It was from that time period they were searching for. Opening it up somewhere in the middle, Autumn squeaked and almost dropped the book. There on one of the pictures loomed like her and Cici sitting in front of the house. [b "H... he..hey Cici? Would you come look at this?"] She beckoned the other female over.
MourningGloryC&C   1y ago

The way her own nickname of "Cici" flowed off the other's tongue made her cheeks flush in a soft rosy pink. She had heard it said again and again and even had it called pretty by others. But just the way that Autumn said it felt different than all the other times. Even seemed to send a warmth through her that she had never felt before and had her heart flutter the faintest bit. [#FF66FF "Cici it is then...and um thank you."] The last words were softer as they hinted at her own shyness.

It was in the dappling light from the clouds starting to thicken and the day shifting into the later afternoon did Cici begin to lead the beautiful redhead off the campus. She had been fully aware of the other seeming to fall behind but figured not to bring attention to it. The blonde had figured that the other had simply wanted to follow and in a sense take in the trek for herself. The trees and cars and homes that they passed so that way IF she were to ever want to come over to her home, Autumn would be able to find the place without Cecily guiding her. However, it did NOT cross her thoughts that it had been to simply watch her and the sway of her hips. Even had she known, as bad as it was, Cici might had kind of liked it. At least then it would have made her feel a little better about herself as she could feel insecure and HATE the way she looked. Though she did try not to let that least not when she was outside of her home. But at home...well that was another story altogether. One she hated to tell.

They had fallen into a silence as they walked. But not one of those awkward ones. At least not in her mind. It seemed more calming and one of silent companionship. And as they got closer to the house, Cecily motioned to the Victorian styled house that had been built ironically in about the mid to late 1600's. The blue of the house seemed to match the blue that Cici's eyes could turn depending upon her mood and the roofing a complimentary grey that made the house's blue stand out all the more. Looking at it from a distance as they were, Cici always thought of the sky and how the blues and greys there often complimented the other. The house also had three stories, the top being the attic she had mentioned. And they had A LOT of old stuff up there.

Getting closer, there was much greenery that led from the drive back. Almost like an old fashioned garden. A garden that would have stretched across three or four acres easily in its original time period. But the house did still remain on the land. Sometimes she found herself wishing she could have seen it back then. According to her mother, there were pictures from the 1800's that had been taken. That had also been when their extended family had come into possession of the home. Or so she had always been told when growing up. It wasn't exactly something she usually thought about, but she was guessing she was thinking of what someone who had never come to the Old Victorian would think AND the fact that she and Red had been assigned the Salem Witch Trials as their topic.

[#FF66FF "I didn't think you would mind...But I was trying to remember my manners and thought a warning of the cats and flowers would be nice. You know...unless you were allergic or something."] Cici was near rambling as the words slipped from her and she picked up Mouse. [#FF66FF "That must be so exciting! Meeting all the animals you do. Foxes and cats have always been my favourites. And this one got his name by accident actually. He was watching my mother cooking one night and peeked around the doorway...Because of him still being a kitten she thought she saw a mouse. He also has this squeaky meow."] Cici giggled and pet the kitten in her arms affectionately, continuing to lead the other up the long drive and to the porch where the other babies were lounging about in the remaining sunlight.

They were curious for sure. Peeking out at Red or coming to sniff and meet her. All of them except the old old tortoiseshell who was black and orange. He was lounging on the back of the porch swing and eating up the attention the other young woman gave him. [#FF66FF "And that is Major Tom. Dad's cat and has been with us since I was a little girl. So he really is an old man."] Cici explained as she slipped past the redhead and opened the door, her way of silently asking that she come in.

It was when the other ducked past her and the cats that wanted to come in did, did Cici slip into the house herself and close the door behind her. She set Mouse down and put her keys on the small wooden table that sat beneath the golden trimmed circular mirror in the hall. Blue eyes went back to the other and she offered an almost timid smile. [#FF66FF "My parents are still working and my sister I think is at cheer practice. So... we're the only ones here aside from the cats. I think we have old boxes up in the attic.. If you want to join me up there to look? Or maybe you would like to play with the cats more? It's really up to you."] She really wasn't trying to be awkward, but she wasn't exactly great when it came to people. Autumn was actually the first of her partners for class she had brought back to the house. Usually she chose public places like the school, park or library to work on assignments. So why she had asked the other to come home with her was beyond her. And yet...she didn't seem to be too bothered by it either. There was...just something she could not explain. The feeling that something was going to happen. Something new..something..exciting?

Now, the ball was in Autumn's court. It was all up to her what the pair of them would do next.

[b "Alright I think ill stick with Cici. It's such a pretty nickname."] Red smiled kindly loving the way her eyes sparkled in the dappled light from the clouds. They started to walked off campus towards Cici's house Autumn following, trying to slyly watch the others hips sway in her walk. Red could feel the start of a blush at the turn in her thoughts had taken. Reaching up she feigned scratching and itch on her nose, hiding the slight pink on her cheeks.

As they got closer to the house, Red could see it getting bigger on their approach. It was a very old historical looking house. Probably built in the mid 1600's. It was a very pretty sky blue with gray roofing. It was very fitting. It had three stories to it the third being the attic most likely. Greenery surrounded the house and extended back onto the property. If she had to guess she'd say it was on at least a 3 to 4 acre plot of land. Red just smiled at the mention of cats. Animals were her first loves. People were okay but animals are what she connected with. Her mother would say she had a gift with the four legged creatures.

[b "I don't mind the flowers or cats at all. My family has a veterinarian clinic. We treat a wide variety of creatures. My favorites are the fox kits we are fostering."] Autumn had to keep her eyes on the house ahead as Cecily bent over to pick up a beautiful kitten. [b "Mouse is a very fitting name for the little one."] She was bouncing again with excitement. She was so looking forward to getting to know here partner over the week. Not to mention she was sure to get to play with the little felines while they worked. It was a win win situation for the red head.

They reached the front porch after sometime. Most of the felines in sight could be seen basking in the remaining sun spots and other slinking about to see who she was. For some reason Autumn swore she could feel like something significant was going to happen here. Shaking out of the feeling she moved to gently scratch the chin of the closest cat. It happened to be an old tortoiseshell his main colors being black and orange. The old man seemed to be perched precariously on the back of a hanging porch swing. [b "Hello lovely."] She cooed at the tom.

Distracted by all the felines and the over all feel of welcome from the building, Red almost missed Cici opening the door for her to walk inside. Following the implied request she ducked inside in front of the blonde. She stepped to the side out of way looking back as Cecily walked in. Autumn waited for the next direction to head in.
MourningGloryC&C   1y ago

There had been others, or so she had been sure there had. But the halls seemed to clear rather quickly as they happened to be going off to another of their classes or getting ready for their frat parties. Or maybe they were off to go on a date? See family? Just spend their time alone chilling and relaxing? She was never sure of what her fellow students were up to, nor did she really care all that much. College life wasn't exactly her thing and she only did her best to get by as she could. People were a hard thing for her to navigate no matter how she loved them and to try and help if she could. A loner who longed to be with people would very much describe Cecily. Sure she had a few friends but unfortunately they lived at a distance and so she was mostly content to her time with her mother, father and younger sister.

She realised she must have spaced after her asking for the pretty redhead at her side to come to her home and to start to work on their project. For only when she heard the voice to her side, seeming laced with an underlying excitement was she snatched from her thoughts and the turn they were seeming to take. [#FF66FF "Of course I mean it. I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't sure it was what I wanted to do. I also know how annoying last minute projects can be...the hustle and bustle to get them done.. Besides, this topic REALLY has me excited and really wanting to look into it."] Cici had said more than she had meant to. But she wanted the other to know that she was perfectly happy to start and more than relieved that she seemed to feel the same way.

Being bouncy and flouncy seemed to suit the other girl she had been paired with. She almost found herself wishing she could see Wildes let the full extent of what she felt out. Give her a taste of the girl she would be working with and POSSIBLY getting to know for the week. [#FF66FF "Actually I was going to ask you if you needed anything before we went to my house. So that works perfectly."] Cecily found herself saying when she was asked if she minded in going to the others dorm. The reason hadn't much mattered and she did find she was curious where the other actually lived on campus. So this answered that question for her as she was too uncertain to ask and WAY too uncertain whether it would hurt to be so direct. After all, Cici didn't want to take a chance in scaring the other off. And soon, Cici fell into step beside the redhead who was about the same height as she, blue eyes stealing side glances every few seconds and praying she would not get caught. As it was... she found Wildes absolutely stunning. That cute figure, gorgeous red flowing hair, but most of all those striking forest green eyes of hers. They were enough that anyone could fall into them and drown.

Those were her thoughts that seemed to play on loop as the two made their way to Autumn's dorm. The walk was only ten minites but felt longer as she had been lost in her head. Soft chuckles caught her ear and again she had to be brought back to reality. At first she didn't understand what was so funny until she happened to see the 666 and then it being flipped back to 999 by the girl at her side. Warped sense of humour but she could appreciate it as she did like strange. And as Autumn went into the room, Cici stayed standing outside waiting as she shifted from foot to foot.

Only when she was rejoined by the other was she slightly more at ease and stopped with the bouncing she had been doing. [#FF66FF "Both your names are really pretty. So it's nice to officially meet you. I'm Cecily or Cici if you like..Even CJ."] The blonde said with a warm smile, hand taking and shaking the others as they were properly introduced now.

And soon, Cici was leading Autumn down to the campus grounds and across the yard. Her home was about a twenty or so minute walk. It could be faster or it could be shorter. [#FF66FF "Oh..I hope you're okay with flowers and cats... My family runs a flower shop and so we have them almost everywhere and cats because we love them."] She explained as a white and grey kitten came trotting up and Cici knelt down to pick it up. [#FF66FF "Oh this is my baby..Mouse.. He's more like a puppy than a kitten."]

The people in the hall cleared out quickly to either their next lecture or to go back outside and relax before a frat party or something. Red would never understand that need to party. She would rather be reading a book or playing with animals. Looking at the very pretty blonde it was easy to get distracted. When Autumn realized she had just asked her if she wanted to come over to her house. [b “Really? You’re okay with starting it today? Most of my previous partners wanted to wait ‘til last minute! Of course I want to start today!”] Autumn practically vibrated with her excitement. She wanted to spin the other woman around in her thrill that they were on the same page but wasn’t sure if that would just cause them both to topple over.

To avoid bruising or scaring of her partner she reigned in the impulse to skip along. The one time she gets a decent partner and she is already hyperactive. [b “Do you mind if we stop off at my dorm so that I can grab my room key. My roommate had to borrow it earlier.”] Red asked as she and Jones walked out into the courtyard. It looked like the clouds were starting to gather and hid the sun. Autumn wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up raining later that night. Striding off in the direction of the Dorms to get her keys she saw that Jones was right beside her. She had to admit that she made a very striking figure with her height the same as autumn at 5’5” and her blonde hair. The red head started humming as they walked.

It took maybe 10 minutes from the lecture hall to Autumn's dorm. Knocking on the door labeled number 666. Chuckling at the reference that her roomate thought was entertaining she flipped the number back to 999. Opening it up she left the door open as Jones was waiting at the door. Robbie her roomate looked up from her art project. [b "Hey Red, left your keys on the desk. Where you usually keep 'em. I had Tyler bring back mine. I apparently left them in his car the other day."] Robbie was a art major. She had shaved sides and dreads on top. The brunette looked odd but her work was gorgeous. [b "No problem Rob. Don't wait up on me. I'm headed out with Jones to get a head start on our history assignment. I'll see you later."] Robbie nodded and zoned back out to her picture.

Walking back out to stand next to Jones she shut the door to her dorm. Smiling at her while she put her hair into a messy bun, Autumn stuck her keys in her bag and motioned for Jones to lead the way. [b "My manners have seem to be delayed. You can call me Autumn or Red. I don't think we officially met aside from being passing ships in the night."] She held her hand out for a shake as she introduced herself.
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The chirping birds and the soft breeze was perfect for the time of year. Even the sun was shining and white fluffy clouds that shapes could be seen in were in view. It was the perfect day to just take in the sun, the breeze, and to relax. Or it would have been if there wasn't Professor Gile's history class of "The Reformation of the Generations: Age, Ancestry, and Memory in England c. 1500-1700". Not to say she hated the class. Oh no it was quite the opposite but it was too nice a day to be spending it locked in a classroom even if for an hour or two. Most of the campus was studying for exams and got their classes either cancelled or let out earlier. Professor Giles wasn't like that and so preferred to use his time. Every darned second of it.

[#FF66FF "Oh I do wish Professor Giles would let us have one day to ourselves."] Came soft words as the beeping on her phone began. She had been lying on one of the picnic tables and watching the sky, daydreaming. Though it had been a rather strange on this time. She had been in this field picking flowers and herbs. Children ran through the grass around her and a stream flowed, making soft swooshing sounds. It had all seemed so real. Something she was sure she had never seen or done before. Well the flower picking sure because she loved flowers and family did own a greenhouse...and a flower shop. But she was sure the rest she hadn't.

With a soft yawn and stretch, Cecily gathered her notebooks and book along with her phone and bag and began off towards her class. She was surprised she made it JUST in time as her mind had drifted. A sharp glare was given her way as she took the last available seat in the front row and bright orbs fell on the professor as he began. Half she was almost certain they had gone over before and so as she took notes and listened, CiCi found herself doodling as well. Flowers here and there around the edges of her pages. Only when class was nearing it's end did she tune back in fully as they were being assigned partners and [b ""Wildes and Jones, you two are paired up. I want a 2 page paper of your personal ancestors during the late 1600's."] had been called out, a slow smile coming to soft pink lips. It was a time period that drew her in and something she knew would keep her engaged. Besides she knew from others that Wildes was good and kept on top of her work. Both of them she was more than sure could and would be able to work well together.

As soon as all groups were assigned, Cecily packed her bag and left the room. Purposely was she walking slowly as she really did hope to be able to talk to Wildes about the project. And as if some unknown force was answering her unspoken prayer, the other young woman was calling out to her and catching up. It was when they other spoke did sparkling blue gaze fall on the pretty little redhead. [#FF66FF "I was actually thinking about working from that time period too! Salem has such a rich history and the legends are thrilling. Mystifying."] She said with a smile, happy to see already they seemed on the same page. Good, that would make this SO much easier.

[#FF66FF "Did you maybe want to start today? I think my mom has some old stuff up in the attic."]

The birds were chirping in the trees and the flowers in bloom. It was a nice sunny evening with a slight breeze in the air. Just cool enough for a sweater. It seemed everyone on Campus was taking in the suns rays while they sat and studied for exams or just wanted to relax outside instead of their stuffy dorm rooms. Autumn was just one of those people, leaning back on her elbows with her hair loose touching the grass. She had her history class coming up in 15 minutes. They were doing: 'The Reformation of the Generations: Age, Ancestry, and Memory in England c. 1500-1700.'* Professor Giles was highly sought for his history lessons. She was amazed they got him to agree to work the semester.

A sigh could be heard as her phone alarm started at the 10 minute mark. It was time to walk into the lecture hall and find a good seat. Sitting up Autumn grabbed her laptop bag and her phone from the ground. She shortly stood wiping off her knees and butt pulling her green sweater up on her shoulders again. Making a quick once over to be sure she didn't drop anything she left in the direction of the class room. Making it there with 5 minutes to spare, she noticed the middle section had more available seating. Settling herself in she pulled out her computer a notepad and a pen for hand written notes. Her laptop was something she used to have research material pulled up. Nothing could beat hand written notes in her opinion.

It wasn't a long wait when the Professor walked in, placing his own backpack on the desk off to the left of the room the blackboard already filled with info on today's lesson. He sat on the edge of his desk and began his lecture. Zoning out, Autumn began notating what he was saying. 'The lectures examine how age and ancestry were implicated in the theological and cultural upheavals of the era and explore how the Reformation shaped the horizontal relationships that early modern people formed with their siblings, kin, and peers, as well as the vertical ones that tied them to their dead ancestors and their future heirs.'
'It examines the implications of the pervasiveness of the biblical language of generations and seed in early modern thinking and probes what this reveals about senses of group identity derived from a shared location in time.' (Summary of The James Ford Lectures)

As the lecture came to a close Professor Giles started to assign certain subjects for each team to research. [b "Wildes and Jones, you two are paired up. I want a 2 page paper of your personal ancestors during the late 1600's."] He went on calling names of other classmates and assigning a specific time frame to search back to. Autumn thanked her lucky stars she didn't have the early 1500's that one team did. They were given a week to research, review, and type their papers. Didn't seem like a lot of time but this was halfway through the semester and everyone in the class had basically gone as far back as the late 1700's already for this class. So not easy but not impossible.

With class wrapping up she began to pack away her laptop and notes. She was brainstorming what kind of paper she could start doing with her partner. Professor Giles dismissed the class and everyone started to file out of the room. Autumn remained seated for a minute so that she could catch up to her teammate on this project. It was nice to be paired with Jones instead of Bishop this time. Autumn had heard from others that Jones was very good and pulled her own wait in class. A refreshing thought to the redhead. Seeing the blonde up ahead she called out. [b "Jones! Wait up!"] She shuffled past people quickly till she was walking beside her. Adjusting her bag strap as she walked, [b "So I know we got the late 1600's for our project and I was thinking of the Salem Witch trials for our paper. What about you?"]

The Reformation of the Generations: Age, Ancestry, and Memory in England c. 1500-1700 by James Ford. I googled an actual lecture.