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sεcяεтs, sεcяεтs αяε ησ ғυη

By migi

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The world is not always what it seems. For decades, you've wondered if you were the only one of well, you. Life seemed to be falling apart until you received a letter in the mail. At first, you thought it was a joke. You tossed it right onto the counter and didn't think about it for another minute. But then you looked at it while making coffee in the morning, then again right when you got off work....and again while making dinner. Finally, you gave in.

Welcome to the Isle of Unknowns.

Here, you aren't alone. There are even more kinds of people than you could of ever imagined. They help you expand your knowledge on your abilities and powers. They teach you of your family past. They introduce you to others and teach you that working together can grow such a large amount of power that no one has ever imagined.

Unfortunately, not all is bright blue skies and clear waters. All though they are all different, there is one thing they all have in common.

Their enemy.


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