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You can't love evil

By BrokenScroll

Replies: 102 / 209 days ago

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[Center [Pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/318613609/original.gif]]

[Center [#7b0cd4 [Font "PT Serif" [i There's no such thing as love for a man or creature so evil. There is no such thing as hate for a person so pure and good. But there is a darkness that consumes us all; we just refuse to see it. They will be thrown together and pulled a part. But whether you think they deserve it or not. Hope shall prevail and they'll prove it no matter the cost.]]]]


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The words came out of Katsai in a flurry. He barely breathed as he spoke. He wanted to be comforted by Scarlet and her words, her touch... her reassurance that everything would be alright but the words wouldn't stop.

[#fbd3b1 "Eureka has always been the golden child, I've always been in her shadow. The perfect combination of our parent's quirks. I was some weird hybrid accident. When we were toddlers; she was immediately taken to by everyone. She was the favourite because of her quirk and because she was nothing like our father, she has our mother's smile and personality mixed with some of the best part's of Kirishima's attitude towards 'manliness'. When we were in pre school; I was bullied alongside Altair because everyone thought we were freaks."] he rasped out a breath [#fbd3b1 "Eureka stopped the bullies and kept us safe, no one dared to threatened to hurt her or try to even fight her because she already knew how to use her quirk better than the rest of us."]

He blinked the thoughts away, the images flooding his mind. [#fbd3b1 "I know you're my best friend, and Altair is my male best friend etc. But Eureka is my twin sister and my favourite person. She always has been, I know she's my sibling and I shouldn't care so much because with her gone I'd be the one who everyone paid attention to. But Eureka is just that, she's a part of me just as much as I am her. The fact I can't do anything, say anything... it hurts."]

[Center || Flashback ||]

[U Katsai, Aged 4]

[#EEF207 "Sai, Sai Sai!"] he wiggled further underneath the blankets, his sister on the other hand continued to reach under, attempting to grab one of his limbs. How early was it? [#EEF207 "Sai! Wake up! We're gonna be late... breakfast is ready."] he partly regretted staying over for a sleep over, but his sister had been adamant they spend the night before pre-school sleeping over at the Kirishima household. [#EEF207 "Sai, if you don't wake up. I'll zap you!"] he sat up faster than one could blink, crashing into Eureka who fell off the bed and onto her butt. She groaned, so did he before both of them broke into laughter.

[#8b8974 "Finally, come on you two. Breakfast time."] The Bakugou twins got up, Katsai following after his sister, their hands intertwined. He felt his spare hand reaching up - to suck on his right thumb... it was a nervous habit. Eureka looked back at her twin and he lowered his arm, he didn't want to embarrass his sister. [#EEF207 "Are you ok Sai?"] [#fbd3b1 "Uh... uhh..."] he looked down at the timber floors, his sister took that as a 'yes, just nervous'.

[Center || Later that morning ||]

Katsai sat with his sister on the brightly coloured carpet, he had already made a friend. A boy with black hair... though his name was unusual. [#fe7c10 [I Altair... Al-tair]] Eureka rocked slightly from side to side. The other children were just quieting down as the pre-school teacher introduced themselves and they went through their first ever roll call. [b "Bakugou, Eureka"] his sister raised her hand, as eyes turned to look at her.

Realising it now, Katsai never understood why Eureka changed her surname to Kirishima, she hadn't ever explained her choice merely started calling herself Eureka Kirishima one day and that was that, everyone called her a Kirishima ever since.

[b "Bakugou, Katsai."] he raised his hand and the teacher's jaw dropped [b "Why don't you look just like your father."] Katsai felt like this was supposed to be praise! His father was a great hero, the teacher's face turned into a frown and Katsai felt his stomach drop. The teacher continued listing the names. [b "Todoroki, Altair."] this time it was Altair's turn to raise his hand, when he didn't... well he was further scrutinised and maybe even silently criticised.

[Center || A few years later ||]

[B "God, it's the violent one and the perfect one."] he could hear his classmates groan and moan over the sorting of having both Bakugou twins inside their class. [b "At least, the perfect one will be fun to get along with... the violent one well we best stay out of his way."] Katsai hated it. Why as he always being picked on? [#fbd3b1 "I am not that violent."] he tried to defend himself... only to be met with snickers and crude looks. [b "You nearly killed someone after your quirk activated for the first time. You're gonna be a murderer. You probably also have your dad's bad attitude... and dirty mouth."] [#fbd3b1 "I am not!"] he tried to say. [B "Then you ought to prove us wrong if you can...."]

[Center || Back to the present ||]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/kgrViYu.png]]

[U Aizawa POV]

[#C49102 "Eureka where does it hurt."] [#EEF207 "Everywhere.... my arms and legs..."] he nodded to Eri and Recova who started to work on helping Eureka to feel less than in pain, he returned his gaze to Eureka. It felt like trouble followed not just her but the entire group of children: Scarlet, Dominic, Katsai and his sister. He cleared his throat. [#C49102 "Anyone whose not needed here, can leave. We may need to put Eureka into an induced coma until we can be sure the drug is out of the system. As we know it was the only way to save those affected by the other quirk stealing bullet until we found the cure for it."]

Eureka seemed to disagree and started to shake and hold her fists up - almost to fight... Aizawa frowned. [#C49102 "Eureka. Please allow us to help you."] [#f95a4d "We'll have you fixed as soon as possible. You need to rest right now."]

[Center || That Night ||]

[Font "Hei" Tonight, pro-hero intern Bombastic is in critical condition after being hit by a bullet causing her quirk to become uncontrollable and uncontainable. Bombastic has been placed into an induced coma. Side kick of third ranked hero Hawks. Bombastic is ranked number one of the big three at U.A. We will update you as the situation develops. Now onto the weather..."]

[#d7bdef "One down... one more to go. Ignatius it is nearly time for the next phase of our plan..."]
Evil / BrokenScroll / 67d ago
Scarlet stood there in the office, facing the door everyone left out of. It was only her and Dominic left. How familiar. Inside she was trembling, thoughts a mess, she was shaken, but on the outside she was collected, even had a small smile gracing her features as she turned toured Dominic. He stood as stoic as usual seeming as impenetrable as always, but Scarlet saw through it like glass. He was tense, his eyes slightly wider then normal, and he had the slightest of trembling in his hands. No one else would notice such things, they never did. Aizawa had accurate feelings about Dominic's mood but still couldn't read him. No, nobody could. Nobody but Scarlet. 

[+firebrick "It's not your fault Dominic. None of it is. You can't expect yourself to do the impossible and always protect me. I'm the one who's gonna be the hero. I no longer need protection like I did when we were children."] She told him as she went and sat on the principle's desk, Dominic walking over but not meeting her eyes, still not convinced. [+firebrick "Your not [b him] Dominic. You never will be. You chose the villian course because thats how you plan to change the world, as I chose the hero course to do the same. We are two sides of this damaged coin Dominic. Have faith that I can hold my own. You'll always have my back, thats all I need from you. I don't need you to act as my personal army. Let me handle my own."] She said catching his eyes with her serious and honest gaze.

After a few moments of silence Dominic nods, sighing. A pale hand runs through jet black hair as his yellow eyes soften slightly. [+navy "How did you become the rock?"] He asked as she hopped off the desk and stood in front of him, looking up at him with a smirk. [+firebrick "It's because I became more awesome after cultivating my quirk and cuteness,"] she said joking causing them both to laugh before she grabs his jacket like she did when they were kids. Though it was different now, instead of in fear she did it as a sign of comfort. [+firebrick "Ok... Now,"] she simply said seriously.

Giving a slight nod he took a deep breathe.  Then the room became enveloped with nothing but darkness. It was so complete and powerful to anyone it could feel like they had fallen into oblivion. The total pitch black cold and has driven people mad, forced them to believe they were dead. But the emptiness wasn't the only thing that made it so terrifying, it was the feelings it brought to the surface and the silence that allowed them to fester. Those dark feeling in everyone, that such emptiness prompted in its victims.

But Scarlet stood in it calmly. She'd felt and see much worse. Even the memories Dominic's quirk helped surface didn't break her. Sure they were horrible but she'd survived, just as Dominic did. This emptiness was bearable, cause she knew it was just Dominic quirk, a part of him.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IZ5xkDF.jpg]]
[center ||A Little Later ||]

Scarlet had stopped by to see Eureka. She'd witnessed what the shot meant for her had done to her friend. [+firebrick [i If thats what it did to her I wonder what it would've done to me. It could have been modified to affect my quirk worse but since it his her instead it didn't work properly…. I don't know but I do know it was meant for me and that it was [b him] who planned it. That means it wasn't meant to kill me whether that means it couldn't or they had a way to stop it before it did I don't know. But he'd never kill me. Not really. He needs me for something.]] Suddenly she realized Katsai wasn't around and immediately her mind became focused on him. Sniffing she could tell he was near by. Slipping away from everyone she follows the scent finding him outside sitting on the steps.

She watched the interaction between Altair and Katsai quietly for a moment befoe Altair called her out. Passing him as she approached she responded, [+firebrick "I see nothing but you slacking Altair, but I have no problem comforting my bestfriend so thats fine."] Kneeling behind Katsai she wraps her arms around him and leans on him, her face perched on his shoulder as her ears lay flat on her head, tail laying flat against her legs. [+firebrick "Your not pathetic Katsai. You're strong, and I know you don't believe me but you are… This all a horrible mess but we [b will] fix it. So take some deep breaths for me please,"] she said, her voice gentle and smooth, her embrace warm and comforting. Despite everything she was going through, in those moments, all that mattered was calming Katsai down.
Damon Burns / Lynn8818 / 68d ago
[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/kgrViYu.png]]

[U Aizawa POV]

He was not one bit surprised that Scarlet, Dominic, Katsai, Altair and Eri had decided to pay him and the rest of the staff members in the know, a visit. He waited. for Scarlet to breathe before speaking, his tone matter of factly.

[#C49102 "Unless you calm down Scarlet. I won't say another word. I will not have you dare try to intimidate me, I understand your yearning for answers. But I won't have you be a brat like Mitsu."]

He stepped past Scarlet, examining Dominic. Whilst Dominic was superior at hiding his emotions to Aizawa usually he too had the face of someone who was out for blood and mostly guilt. He was ashamed, Aizawa felt. Moving towards Principal Nezu's desk he places his palms against the desk and spoke. Everyone's eyes on him didn't quite help the situation.

[#fbd3b1 "I'm going to go see my sister. I'll meet you guys there..."] Katsai mumbled under his breath, Aizawa watched as the miniature version of one his former students as well as Altair Todoroki leaving the room both of them seemed to understand the need for privacy. Once the door was sealed shut Aizawa finally chose to speak.

[#C49102 "The Rescue simulation was planned by Mitsu. It was all going accordingly. She got a bit... antsy I would say. She's no longer teaching at U.A until further notice and has been stood down by the Hero council until we figure out what to do with her next."] he paused gauging the expressions of Scarlet, Dominic and Eri. [#C49102 "A sniper was found, before the simulation went wrong, but not before a single bullet was sent. The target was originally Scarlet."] He lifted his hand to stop the questions [#C49102 "Eureka was hit instead. Now her Quirk refuses to obey her and as such... she's in critical condition with an out of control quirk. We believe..."] he wanted to stare up at the ceiling but instead looked Scarlet straight in the eye [#C49102 "Your father planned this. He wanted you to go berserk and kill everyone."]

Eri was the first to react. [#f95a4d "What was Eureka hit with? I'll go there and see if I can do anything to soothe her pain."] Aizawa refused to say much more, instead wrapping the youngest of his daughters in a tight hug - if he had hugged her any tighter she would be on the verge of suffocation. [#C49102 "I should have seen this coming, I nearly lost one of you again."] he choked down his tears [#C49102 "But you're ok. I know you will be mad at your sister for some time... and that is ok. She deserves it. But please understand none of us saw this coming."]

Aizawa then let go of Scarlet, sure that she was safe and sound before turning to attention directly to Dominic. [#C49102 "Let it out Dominic."] just as he watched Eri leave the room. [#C49102 "Do not blame yourself for this, this cannot be considered to be a failure. You were a hero today and you saved countless lives. If not for you. Everyone else might have been seriously harmed or killed."] he placed a hand on his son's shoulders [#C49102 "If you need anything, to let out your quirk even. I'll let you do so. I'll give you a moment... both of you. Come see Eureka and the others later."] he didn't know what else to say, Dominic had always been the trickiest of the children he had raised and adopted - he never had much to say, and when he did it was usually only intended for Scarlet or... in less than nice circumstances their actual father's ears. [#C49102 "I'll be outside. I love you both. I am proud of you both and I will not allow for either of you to be put in harm's way again."]

[Center || Meanwhile... ||]

[Left [Pic https://i.imgur.com/G77EBHa.jpg]]

[U Katsai POV]

His jaw dropped, he watched as his sister flung herself against the wall - not by choice. She looked terrible and her screaming was even worse. Altair stood beside him as staff members and medical staff alike whispered and talked among themselves. On the floor by the window was Red Riot and their biological father. Neither of them spoke. [#7bf9c5 "What the fuck happened?"] Altair began making rounds around the room attempting to get anything slither of what was happening to Eureka.

[#EEF207 "SOMEONE. JUST KILL ME. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!"] Katsai barely had the chance to blast a single pulse of sound to drown out another round of wailing and screaming. He found himself moving towards the glass pane as well. Eijiro's head was against the glass, as if he was trying to get through the glass and be with his daughter. [#fbd3b1 "Why is her Quirk doing this to her?"] he whispered.

[#5a4302 "It's the exact opposite to the bullets that the league of Villains used ten or so years ago. Instead of erasing quirks, this one makes quirks uncontrollable... dangerous. It puts your sister in a state of her quirk going absolutely berserk. She no longer has control of it, and unless it kills her first she has no hope except to tolerate the pain."] [#fbd3b1 "Will she be ok?"] when neither male answered, Katsai's stomach dropped.

[#f95a4d "Let me see her."] Eri's voice broke through the silence and the whispering. Some of the staff and medical staff were surprised by her arrival [#f95a4d "I said let me see her. I'll wear a suit. But she shouldn't be alone in there. She's scared, and in a lot of pain. Until my dad gets here. I'll take care of her."] [#1d6347 "Your Quirk isn't the one we need at the moment..."] Deku hadn't meant to sound rude but it came off as such. [#f95a4d "Izuku. I will be fine. I've had a lot worse done to me. The same people who used my blood did this to her. If anything.... I can be of comfort."]

Another voice chimed in, this time it was Masakai. [#2df1fb "I can help. My quirk erases quirks. My smoke can do that. Whilst Eri is in there, I'll let out a small cloud of smoke to encompass Eureka. It might give us all a chance to do something whilst we are waiting. So long as people are wearing protective suits. It shouldn't affect anyone other than Eureka."] everyone considered Masakai's words before agreeing that it would be the best course of action.

Katsai on the other hand left the room - Altair in tow and sat outside. His breathing was uneven and he felt like he would be sick, his perfect powerful sister was inside suffering like hell and he was out here having a panic attack. He felt pathetic. [#7bf9c5 "Stop thinking like that before wolf girl gets here. You're not going to make anything better if you just have a panic attack."] [#fbd3b1 "Don't tell me what to do."] he choked out. [#7bf9c5 "OI!"] Katsai lifted his head, curious as to why Altair raised his voice [#7bf9c5 "Wolf girl. Your "best friend" is having a panic attack. Mind reassuring him so that the rest of us can do our jobs?"] Altair stood up and walked back inside. Katsai glanced over at Scarlet, gave her a weak smile before resuming to panic internally.
Evil / BrokenScroll / 68d ago
[center Dominic’s POV]

Dominic noticed how Eri reacted to being resorted to her nervous habit of gripping her sleeve. He was fully aware of what happened when she was young, Aizawa and her explained it to him and Scarlet, which had resulted in Scarlet hugging the life out of the woman. Ever since they’d been told Dominic had realized why she seemed to get nervous around him sometimes, he must resemble Overhaul in some way. Of course he wouldn’t hurt Eri, she never did anything wrong, was sweet, and Scarlet adored her. So as she looked up at him he nodded, trying to be as unintimidating as possible. Of course as she’d been about to tell him what was going on Mitsu came out, pissed. Being guarded by him much smaller older sister Dominic just watched silently.

[center ……..]

Eventually he got caught up with what Eri knew and was invited, more like forced, to join Eri for tea, and [i talk about his feelings] basically. Though as she hugged him he sighed and gently returned the affection, following her into her office afterword. Once inside he sat down and looked at her. [+navy “I’m fine Eri. But how are you, it’s been a while since you were home,”] he said though he knew he really needed to let his quirk loose for a bit he only trusted Scarlet to bring him back from it. A pale hand ran through black hair as he listened to Eri still consumed with his thoughts about how he should have been able to save Scarlet and how he’d failed her.

[center Scarlet’s POV]

[+firebrick “Excuse me but I was cleared on Medscan”] she joked in response to Altair’s accusation, then Katsai cut in causing her to immediately listen and smile. When he left the room she followed him closely, her tail wagging. She’d been about to grab his hand when Altair pulled her to a stop by her shirt making her look at him, her tail pausing in it’s wagging. [+firebrick “wha--”] he interrupted her, his pretty eyes glaring down at her as he staked claim to Katsai. Growling quietly she glared up at him with furious amber eyes. [+firebrick “Katsai is [b mine]. And as for showing me pain. Sorry to tell you but someone already beat you to it,”] stated grabbing his hand. Just as she was about to burn the fuck out of him he dropped her and she turned to see Katsai looking at them.

[+orange “Come on Scar.”] Scarlet smiled big and hurried to take the hand he held out, her tail wagging happily again as she held onto him. As they walked he seemed to get annoyed by her smaller steps which led to him just lifting her onto his back. Giggling she held onto him, her head on his shoulder. [+firebrick “You don’t have to carry me Katsai,”] she said though she definitely enjoyed it. Her fluffy brown tail wagged and her ears were perked despite her being extremely worried about Eureka and wanting to know the truth of what happened. She didn’t care about the points she earned for being heroic, she never had, she just wanted everyone to be safe and to fix the world.

[center Principle Nezu’s Office]

Scarlet through open the office door, a slight burn mark left on it as she’d heard the last bit from outside the door. Dominic stood behind her, serious as always. [+firebrick What the hell happened? What part did Mitsu play in it? And what thew fuck is going on with Eureka?”] The wolf girl asked seriously, her ears back in anger and eyes lit with a familiar burning determination. Dominic let the principle and Deku pass before closing the door behind them, turning to his adopted father. By the time Scarlet’s questions paused for answers she was right in front of her adopted father, looking just as intimidating as he used to be to his students.
Damon Burns / Lynn8818 / 80d ago
[Center || Outside the Staff Room ||]

[U Eri POV]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/zPx2OtL.png]]

[#f95a4d “Now that we’re alone, I think… I’m not sure… because Dad and Mitsu are at the Observation tower staff room. I thought here would be best to speak.”] her hands gripping somewhat to her sleeves nervously, she loved her younger siblings to death but there were moments even now that Dominic’s height reminded her of much less pleasant individual.

She cleared her throat as she looked up at Dominic. [#f95a4d “You promise not to be mad?”] she would address Dominic’s own feeling of self loathing for failing their youngest sibling. [#f95a4d “You have to promise or I won’t say anything.”] after being offered a reluctant nod, which she took as a yes. She opened her mouth to speak only to be interrupted by the staff door opening.

Mitsu looked like she had just been caught killing small animals. Eri tilted her head and reached for Dominic - mostly to push the taller male behind her protectively. [#f95a4d “Mitsu. Where’s Dad?”] [#f2cdfe “Nice to see you too Eri.”] why did Mitsu sound so mad, it hurt Eri and her free hand gripped her lab coat sleeve even tighter, any tighter and her nails would be cutting into her palm. [#f2cdfe “Why don’t you go ask him, considering what he thinks. God my mother was right! He’s such a fucking asshole!”] Mitsu and her army of bugs were gone out of the building faster than Eri could blink. She turned back to Dominic.

[#f95a4d “That was something, but it is semi related. Mitsu was in charge of this year’s surprise incident. As we know that didn’t go to plan. People got hurt and you are beating yourself up over something that you can’t blame yourself for. Mitsu didn’t plan for it to go as badly as it did. She didn’t mean for Scarlet, you or either of the Bakugou twins to get hurt. Things just got out of hand and she might have lost the plot for just a second… but I assure you it’s really not her fault.”]

Eri didn’t know the entire situation, only what their father had managed to message to her whilst she was still on the plane to Tokyo about the going ons. But like Scarlet, Eri was just as determined to get to the bottom of the truth. [#f95a4d “But before we talk about it anymore. I think you ought to come into my office for a chat and some tea. It also clears you of any wrong doing if you’re seen with me in case your quirk needs a moment to be released after what I just told you. Ok?”] she wrapped her arms around Dominic and squeezed him before stepping back; lowering her head and taking a step towards her own office in U.A.

[U Altair POV]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/tfC643o.jpg]]

He barely registered the words the little she-wolf said, but once it finally sunk in he rolled his eyes. Since when did Katsai go about claiming anyone was his best friend, he racked through their messages… had Katsai even mentioned Scarlet to him once? [#7bf9c5 “I don’t think so. I’ve known Katsai since we were toddlers. If anything you’re the imposter.”] Katsai looked rather uncomfortable and cleared his throat. [#7bf9c5 “Did you have something to say?”] [#fbd3b1 “How about we sort this out later.”]

Katsai was the first to leave the room, closely behind was the female. Altair grabbed Scarlet’s shirt and pulled on it to stop her from following. He glared down at her. [#7bf9c5 “He’s mine. You might have some cutesy wolf imprint hold on him, and you did whilst I was gone. But I am back. So back off or I’ll show you real pain.”] Katsai seemed to notice their disappearance and returned to check back on them. Altair quickly let go of Scarlet’s shirt and smiled [#7bf9c5 “We’re coming. Just needed to say something to Scarlet that’s all.”]

[#fbd3b1 “Come on Scar.”] Katsai offered his hand out to Scarlet, it caused as strange tight feeling in Altair, why was his best friend giving this girl who Altair clearly didn’t know so much attention and affection? What the hell had happened to his best mate? [#7dcfb3 [I What the fuck has happened since when did you care for anyone other than yourself, your sister and I? Who is this chick???]] it was only a second later that Altair witnessed Katsai deciding ‘fuck it’ picking Scarlet up in a piggy-back style and carrying her out of the tent, literally and quite figuratively leaving Altair in the dirt.

[Center || In Principal Nezu’s Office ||]

[#1d6347 “As of this evening, Mitsu is on probation. For the time being Eraser you will need to step back into teaching 1-A.”] Izuku spoke under his breath as the three men stood in the room almost all in corners, leaving the corner closest to the door vacant. Izuku would have said more; but was interrupted as the door swung open. Katsai, Scarlet, Dominic and another tall dark haired male stood there. All of them had serious looks and as Izuku felt in his heart… were out for answers and only the truth was going to sate them…

[#1d6347 “Eraser Head, we’ll leave you to it then? Eri is on the way to Eureka, you head there once you’ve answered the answers of well”] Izuku gestured. As he and Principal Nezu made their way out of the office, past the students and straight to where the newest problem was.
Evil / BrokenScroll / 80d ago
Lies. He was telling her lies. Why? What was about the truth would hurt her? [+firebrick "Go to Eureka. I know she needs you. And thank you Red Riot"] she said giving him a smile as she watched him go. Hearing Altair speak she nodded. [+firebrick "I know. I'll find out the truth."] She said before turning toured the tent Katsai was supposed to be in. Though as she had been about to follow she paused. Best friend? Snapping out her thought she rushed after the strange boy following him till they reached Katsai's room. 

[center Katsai's room]

Scarlet huffed as the two interacted before Altair finally moved, revealing her to Katsai. Her tail immediately started wagging and ears perked seeing him mostly alright. After a moment of standing there practically vibrating in anticipation she heard Altair say the word of what she wanted and she took off running. She ran straight into Katsai's arms and purred, nuzzling his chest. Reluctantly letting him step away she looked up at him, after she'd looked him over for anymore injuries of course. [+firebrick "I'm alright my sister Eri patched me up as good as new,"] she said with a big smile before Katsai pulled her into another warm hug. Growling at his words she looked up at him, her ears laid down. "Hey! It's not your responsibility to save me . I'm the one who's gonna be a hero." She told him sternly before reaching up and ruffling his spiky blonde hair. [+firebrick "Now,"] she says as she turns to face Altair still in Katsai's arms, [+firebrick [i I'm] Katsai's best friend."] 

[center Dominic POV]

He stood a little away from the tents with Eri, his sharp eyes never leaving the temporary hospital. [+navy "So what was it you want to talk about?"] He was on edge, worried about Scarlet and wondering what the hell had happened during the sports festival. His gut was churning from all the stress he was under and his head was throbbing from it as well. Despite seeming unfazed by most things Dominic was very torn up emotionally on the inside, mainly only Scarlet seemed to notice this.
[U Eijiro POV]

He barely registered the words that spilled out of the youngest Aizawa female, he took a deep breath. He didn’t want to be the cause of what was going to be a very big argument, but he also didn’t want to lie to Scarlet. Rubbing his neck he turned his attention to this ‘Altair’ person, why did he look so familiar and yet not at all? Knowing that Scarlet was expecting an answer he spoke cautiously.

[#8b8974 “There was a system malfunction, the exercise went horribly wrong and honestly I’m just glad that no one died. You did very well, and the scores have you ahead by 15 points, Katsai is right after you. Now, I don’t mean to duck out but I really need to go see Eureka. She needs me.”] He paused before adding on quickly.

[#8b8974 “Katsai is in the next tent over, in the ICU tent. He’ll be ok. He’s actually probably recovered. I am not sure about Eureka. Now please. If you will excuse me.”] he stepped past Altair and sped ran to the only place he could think of, that could hold Eureka in a stable condition whilst her quirk continued to go off without any concerns for her own body or mind.

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/tfC643o.jpg]]

[U Altair POV]

[#7bf9c5 “He’s covering for someone. This wasn’t an accident.”] he rolled his eyes, reaching for his sunglasses, he placed them on his tired jet-lagged eyes. [#7bf9c5 “Not to be a liar, he just doesn’t want to get involved with anything that might happen. Now let’s go see my best friend.”]

Altair began to walk away, there were so many people running about holding medical supplies or leading students with various injuries to other parts of the makeshift hospital. Turning his head he looked over his shoulder. [#7bf9c5 “Hey, you coming or what?”]

[U Katsai POV]

He zipped his boots up, before picking up the towel again and running it through his hair, it didn’t matter right now if his hair was spiked up. He needed to see his twin sister and Scarlet. Hearing someone move the plastic privacy curtain aside he snapped [#fbd3b1 “What the fuck do you want now, I am not getting back in the tub. My temperature is completely fine. Let me go before I blast you and this makeshift hospital into space.”] [#7bf9c5 “Is that any way to address your best friend?”] the voice registered, he dropped the towel.

[U Altair POV]

[Center || Inside the tent ||]

[#7bf9c5 “I’m here to see Katsai, any idea where he could be?”] he asked one of the nurses who seemed to be walking through the tent with a clipboard in hand [b “He’s in the very last tent to the left.”] [#7bf9c5 “Thank you.”] careful not to crash or bump into anyone else, he manovuered his way through. [#549278 [I Just how badly hurt are you… Please be alright and not in some coma]].

[U Katsai POV]

His jaw dropped, Altair removed his facial mask and his sun glasses before standing aside to let Scarlet through, Katsai was relieved to see Scarlet was alright - albeit bandaged up and looking a little bruised. However most of his was stunned into silence at the sight of his best friend of all people showing up.

[#7bf9c5 “Did you become deaf falling down that hole or something? Water still in your ears?”] [#fbd3b1 “I thought you said, once upon a time that you. Altair Todoroki would never step back into Tokyo, let alone Japan. What the hell are you doing here?”] [#7bf9c5 “Hug”]

Altair gestured towards Scarlet, taking his cue without much more need to be pushed, Katsai instinctively wrapped his arms around Scarlet, squeezing her tight. His heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest, but it was slowing down…

[#fbd3b1 “Are you ok?”] he stepped back and examined Scarlet head to toe [#fbd3b1 “No serious injuries right? No permanent damage?”] the words spilled out of his mouth before he found himself crushing Scarlet in another hug. [#fbd3b1 “Thank God you’re safe and alive. I am so sorry for not being able to save you,”]

[Center || Elsewhere ||]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/NE5IwUT.jpg]]

[U Eureka POV]

She could no longer scream, she fell onto the floor again her muscles twitching, every part of her hurt and she didn’t know how to stop the pain. She rolled over trying to curl herself up - only to send another round of electrical explosions into the padded wall adjacent to her. Why wouldn’t her quirk deactivate? Why was it going so haywire? She wanted to be hugged and to be comforted, but in this state anyone with a pulse would be killed going near her.

[#cfc354 [I I… I am a freak, why won’t my body relax and heal. Something is desperately wrong with me. I need help! I am in so much pain, I just want it to be stopped. Someone help me!]]

[Center || Inside the observation area ||]

[U Eijiro POV]

[#8b8974 “So she was hit with something? Like a bullet of some kind?”] he was trying to understand Recova’s words. In the palm of her hand was a green coloured shaped bullet. Or it was green before it had entered Eureka’s body and left what could only be the reaction she was currently having. [#8b8974 “And nothing can be done?”]

[b “Not for now at least, once Eraser Head is here. He can erase her quirk for a moment, it will give us the time we need to go in and check her vitals and what not. But once Eraser head leaves the room she will return to the unstable state she is now. The bullet is the exact opposite of the one that Overhaul made using Eri Aizawa’s blood, so many decades ago.”]

The wind left his lungs, he found himself having to sit, the emptied bullet was placed in hand, Recova gave him a sympathic look before looking out of the glass, the glass was the only thing separating them from Eureka’s Quirk going off. He held back a sob. Eureka was not his biological daughter but she could have been if things were different. He listened as Recova left the room to give him a moment.

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/T8TJkJf.jpg]]

He wiped his tears away, stumbling towards the window he fell to his knees and placed a hand upon the glass, Eureka was strong; he knew that but how would this affect the young future pro-hero? [#8b8974 “I am so sorry, I wasn’t there to protect you. I failed you as a father.”] he wanted to punch the glass.

[#8b8974 “Why Eureka?”] he asked aloud as someone stepped into the room, he wiped the tears away and lifted his head to see Ground Zero, arms crossed examining the situation. [#5a4302 “They misfired and mistook Eureka for someone else. The intended target was Scarlet. Eureka doing what she did. Saved Scarlet’s life.”]
Evil / BrokenScroll / 80d ago
Amber eyes stared up at white fabric like material above. [+firebrick “Uuuughhh”] came from chapped lips as the brunette sat up, ears twitching. Immediately a tall dark figure reacted helping her sit up. [+navy “Are you ok?”] Looking up at the figure while holding her head gently she realized it was Dominic. [+firebrick “yeah I’m fine”] she said giving a smile before a nurse walked in with a scowl on her features. [i “The hell you are! You over used your quirk so your body is overheating, you got a concussion, and your body is covered in bruises.”] she said causing scarlet to rub her neck awkwardly. [+firebrick “But I’m alive.”] after she said that her eyes went wide and she grabbed Dominic’s shoulders, yanking him toured her. [+firebrick “It Katsai and everyone ok?!”] she asked this worriedly only for Dominic to sigh and nod, gently stroking her head. [+navy “everyone is alive. Katsai and Eureka are in critical though,”] he said which immediately caused Scarlet to hop off the medical bed, rip out her IV, and head out of the tent.

[center ……]

Dominic rushed after her and had just got a hold of the much shorter girl’s arm when she ran into someone. Looking up with those bright eyes of her’s she tilted her head, her face flushed from her overheating body and embarrassment. [+firebrick “Sorry dude,”] she said just before she noticed the taller dark haired dud with pretty eyes and piercings was beside her very own adopted sister Eri. Immediately Scarlet gave a big smile and hugged her favorite sister. [+firebrick “ERI!”] Dominic sighed before shaking his head, still banged up a bit himself from the whole event but not nearly as bad as Scarlet and the others.

[center ……]

Scarlet nodded at Eri’s words taking a step back after another hug. She watched as Dominic was pulled away, despite having been guarding Scarlet ever since the accident. Looking up at the boy she now knew as Altair, Scarlet thought for a moment. As she began looking around she noticed Eijiro. [+firebrick “I do but I also don’t want to prevent him from getting healed. So first I need answers to how this all happened in the first place,”] she said looking a little serious before she went over to the pro-hero. Looking up at him, her tail still and ear perked she looked totally serious now. [+firebrick “How the hell did this happen? And Are The Bokugos alright?”] she asked her voice unusually stern and even a little intimidating surprisingly since she was so small and cute.
[U Altair’s POV]

[Center || Tokyo International Airport ||]

[#7bf9c5 “I have no reason to be here. Apart from finishing my final year of high-school. Even then I could do that privately.”] [b “Well I didn’t save you for nothing. I didn’t adopt you for nothing.”] [#7bf9c5 “You adopted me as your son, but not by name. Heck legally I’m not your son.”] [b “But that’s ok. All you need is a reference and people will believe anything.”]

She had a point, Altair could admit. The white haired female with circular glasses smiled, the horn that allowed her quirk was a cute stub. She offered her hand and he took it. She was a fast walker for a woman so small. As they walked through the airport he noticed that many of the screens were relaying the same thing, the same news item, [#7bf9c5 “What’s going on?”] [b “The Sport’s Festival. I think they’ll be releasing Day One’s scores in a minute. But we’ll be able to listen to them in the car.”]

Sitting inside the vehicle, he found himself having to sit in a way that allowed him to fit inside the interior, Eri on the other hand was happily swinging her feet and humming, the radio beside her was buzzing and discussions were still in progress - as were bets on who had won the day. He looked down at his hands and sighed. [#7bf9c5 “You’d think there would be a clear winner.”] [B “Things aren’t quite as simple as that. It’s U.A after all.”]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/tfC643o.jpg]]

[Center || Inside the infirmary ||]

[U Katsai POV]

[#fbd3b1 “HOLY HELL!”] he wanted to curse, heaven, hell and everything in-between. He was submerged in nearly boiling water - it had been recommended because his temperature had dropped so dangerously that even Recova was wondering how he managed to stay conscious during the movement of being at the bottom of the hole and into the makeshift hospital, he was by far the least injured of all the students that had passed through the infirmary.

[#fbd3b1 “How’s Scarlet?”] He asked Momo who was creating bandages and syringes to assist the nurses, she said nothing and that worried him but he also knew that she was busy trying to keep the supply of medical supplies up. He shut his eyes and allowed himself to attempt to relax. Something he had noticed was that his father, was here - though he was currently with Eureka making sure she was ok (Her temperature had dropped as well, and the problem with her temperature dropping was that the quirk that ran through her system was now haywire and had the potential to stop her heart) [#fbd3b1 “How long do I have to sit in this fucking tub?”] he asked again.

[Center || Inside the Staff room ||]

[#8b8974 “We make it clear that the machinery malfunctioned etc. If the Aizawa’s have grievances then its their own private and personal ones. Those don’t need to be aired out and turned into bad PR.”] [#5a4302 “Mitsu should just be fucking glad that none of my kids are dead.”] [#8b8974 “We don’t particularly know that yet. Eureka is still in a critical condition from how wet she got. Her heart could give out because of the temperature drop. They have her in a chamber slowly warming up. Anymore shock and she’ll drop dead.”]

Eijiro wanted to sound calm, and he was trying but he didn’t want to be in this staff room having this kind of meeting when the only daughter he currently had was in a chamber in pain and alone wondering where he was. He cleared his throat, excused himself and rushed off to where he knew they were keeping her. He would let Katsuki beat the ever loving life out of Mitsu for her miscalculations.

[Center || Outside || ]

As he exited the building, he noticed Dominic and Scarlet - now slightly more patched up standing by the edge of the infirmary tent, the two seemed to be talking to someone - though Eijiro couldn’t see who. Were they perhaps too short? [#8b8974 “I wonder who they’re speaking to.”] he chose to investigate and found himself gobsmacked.

[b “All the damage should be reversed. But you ought to also see Recova again just to make sure your concussion isn’t anything too serious.”] Eri wrapped her arms around her younger sister and gave her a tight squeeze before turning her attention on the older of the Burn’s siblings. [b “Come with me Dominic, let’s have a chat. Scarlet will be well looked after and guarded by Altair.”] Eri gestured towards another person that Eijiro clearly didn’t know. [#7bf9c5 “Yeah, I can do that… you said you knew Katsai? I think they said he was somewhere inside the tent. Did we want to go see him?”]
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Dominic had slipped from the grip of Airen’s vines and began falling with extreme speed, though he formed a shadow padding directly below him just above the water. [+navy “oof”] he grunted as he landed though he immediately opened his eyes to lit up wolf ears and flames peaking out the water. Sighing he released his quirk and pulled Scarlet close. [+firebrick "Your drawbacks will get to out of control with this much shadows, am I right?”] Scarlet asked just before she heard [+orange “INCOMING!!!!”] and a splash. Dominic nodded to his little sister in the dim light she created. [+orange “DOMINIC WHERE ARE YOU. CAN YOU SEE SCARLET?”] Dominic looks in the direction of the voice. [+navy “A stupid one as your friend huh?”] he raises a brow at Scarlet, watching her shrug before his lips curve slightly in amusement. [+orange “Scarlet, if you’re there. Stay where you are. I am gonna grab a plank of some kind so we can use it to stay afloat.”] Scarlet, having climbed on Dominic’s back finally responds to Katsai, holding out her Flame and forcing it to be bigger and brighter. [+firebrick “Katsai, Over here follow the light,”] she said loudly though she started feeling quite exhausted which she assumed was from the blood loss.

When Katsai does find them Scarlet’s head is layed on Dominic’s and she is barely keeping herself awake. [+orange “Hey. We’ll be ok. Help is on the way.”] Dominic stood in the deep water, gently nudging Scar to keep her awake feeling worried for her. [+navy “Those dumb asses better hurry up or else,”] he said darkly. [+orange “We’re getting out of here, I cannot believe I am saying this but I am craving a sleeping bag coma.”] Scarlet giggled before her flame flickered and she started feeling faint, [+firebrick “Yeah, I’ll borrow you mine in exchange for your cooking,”] she said light-heartedly before she sat her forehead on Dominic’s shoulder and quietly panted.

Dominic began noticing the receding water and sighed the tiniest bit in relief. [+orange “Your quirk can blankets from another fall right? I mean…. Here’s hoping. I’m soaked to the bone and my quirk doesn’t work as well even if it is sound-based. I still need hydro-glycerin to create the explosion”] Looking in the direction of the boy as Scarlet’s flames went out grunted, [+navy “At this time all I’d be able to do is stabilize our feet to the bottom of this hole.”] he admitted reluctantly just before light lit up the area. [+Red “Stay where you are. We’ll come once we’re sure the water is completely gone! Is anyone hurt! Is anyone still down here who hasn’t been rescued yet. Make some sign of life and we’ll head right over to you!”]

Dominic didn’t listen to Red Riot though, instead he got out as soon as it was possible and carried Scarlet straight to recovery girl. Once in the light and at down Dominic noticed Scarlet’s back was drenched in blood and that she had a knot on her head. [+navy “Stay awake Scarlet,”] he said crouched in front of her as she sat on medical bed, her legs hanging off the side. [+firebrick “I’m fine Dominic. You should go calm dad and Mitsu out their probably worried sick.”]
Scarlet Burns / Lynn8818 / 106d ago
There were shouts and sighs of relief as Dominic and Eureka emerged from the hole, Eureka looked a little pale but nothing out of the ordinary, Katsai was hoping to see Scarlet in Dominic’s. Not his twin sister’s. Airen too focused on the job at hand, passed Eureka onto him before lowering Dominic again; only for the ground to shake and for Airen to lose her footing, thus her normally almost vice-like grip of her vines loosened, causing her to drop Dominic quite dramatically down the hole and at a speed that would be considered by some as “reckless and dangerous”.

[#fbd3b1 “Jesus Christ Airen!”] He decided to hell with normal rescue protocol, if Airen could be shaken and so lose grip of Dominic, then it could potentially happen again. Looking up at the sky once more he took a deep breath, made a running start and jumped directly into the hole that he was trying to save; unbeknownst to him yet - the love of his life out of.

[#fbd3b1 “INCOMING!!!!”] his voice echoing as he prepared himself to crash into the water, he could hear someone falling in front of him - he could only presume it was Dominic. As he fell - he tried to assess how deep they were and from his mental counting, he guessed that from where one could fall from the hole and to the bottom it was easily a small multi-storey carpark they were falling from.

The water stunned Katsai but that didn’t let that stop him, his eyes adjusting to the dark a small flame catching his attention. [#fbd3b1 “DOMINIC WHERE ARE YOU. CAN YOU SEE SCARLET?”] he calls out to the older male, Katsai does wonder how effective is his own quirk in this circumstance, as he looks around him there’s debris everywhere. Perfect. A raft. [#fbd3b1 “Scarlet, if you’re there. Stay where you are. I am gonna grab a plank of some kind so we can use it to stay afloat.”]

Kicking his feet, he can hear voices from up above - mainly his sister who was screaming at someone, typical Eureka. Lost her cool in the heat of the moment. Reaching out to what he can only assume is a plank he’s horrified and recoils his arm, a dead body. Students were dead down here. Eureka may have saved some of the only survivors. He felt a seed of fear strike him. [#fbd3b1 “This is bad, really, really bad.”] muttering under his breath hoping that no one can hear.

[Center || On the surface ||]

[#8b8974 “This has gone terribly wrong.”] He was ignoring the arguing of the faculty staff behind him, primarily the Aizawa's were at each other’s throats. His former teacher was screaming at his daughter and Mitsu was screaming back just as loudly.

Deciding enough was enough he walked over to the control panel and pressed a sequence of buttons that would start to lift whoever was at the bottom of the hole - namely the adopted Burns siblings and Eureka’s twin out from the dark hole of hell. [#8b8974 “I swear this is the last time we let you plan these damn scenarios Mitsu. If Scarlet is hurt, your dad is going to kill you. If Katsai is hurt you won’t just have me wanting your neck, but Scarlet, Eureka and half of the school’s female students.”]

[Center || Inside the hole||]

Abandoning the body, Katsai decided to swim in the direction of Scarlet, glad to see that Dominic had made his way over to his younger sibling [#fbd3b1 “Hey. We’ll be ok. Help is on the way.”] he was sure of it, surely this whole exercise had gone on long enough; surely the adults were about to intervene. Especially if there were dead students involved. Reaching out to Scarlet in the dark. [#fbd3b1 “We’re getting out of here, I cannot believe I am saying this but I am craving a sleeping bag coma.”]

The water seemed to start to drain away, almost as if someone had pulled the plug out of a very filled bathtub, concerned at the sudden drop in water level. He gripped on to Dominic’s shoulder [#fbd3b1 “Your quirk can blankets from another fall right? I mean…. Here’s hoping. I’m soaked to the bone and my quirk doesn’t work as well even if it is sound-based. I still need hydro-glycerin to create the explosion”]

Skylights about as bright as the sunlit up, causing him to wince and cover his eyes with his free hand as more of the water seeming disappeared, and his eyes adjusted to the lights he realised that they were indeed in a simulated hole, and the body he had found was just a mere practice dummy.

But what relieved Katsai the most was seeing one very concerned, almost relieved Red Riot holding a megaphone. [#8b8974 “Stay where you are. We’ll come once we’re sure the water is completely gone! Is anyone hurt! Is anyone still down here who hasn’t been rescued yet. Make some sign of life and we’ll head right over to you!”]

Katsai had never been so glad to see a pro-hero in his life.
Evil / BrokenScroll / 107d ago
[center ----[+navy Dominic]----]

[+navy [b I let her fall.... I failed to catch her…. Scarlet…. I failed to stop Scarlet from falling….]] Dominic had paled as soon as he saw Scarlet pass his shadows while falling. His cat-like eyes had widened and his normally composed features crumbled away to reveal absolute horror, devastation, and most of all guilt. But Dominic couldn’t just drop the other students he’d caught and reach out for Scarlet, the other bodies could hit her and make her fall faster besides, his shadows clearly weren’t fast enough. Without any sign of regret of sympathy Dominic basically threw the other students onto the surface, staring straight down into the hole. His body was enveloped with shadows almost like a thick smog wrapped around him.

[center ----[+firebrick Scarlet]----]

[+firebrick [i I’m falling huh?... Dominic must be beating himself up over this… It’s not his fault...I’ll be fine, I’ve made it through worse… I hope everyone else is ok… I hope Katsai didn’t get hurt during the earthquake…]] She’d felt like she was falling forever, her heart racing despite her mind seemingly calm. Then she felt it… it was like she landed on concrete. She could feel her back hit first an extreme force knocking the breathe from her lungs before a bad burning settled in, then it was her head, It felt like it’d been slammed into a building with the force of a train. The second she hit the water a loud yelp/ cry of pain escaped her lips before everything went black for her and she was left floating in the water on her back.

[center ----On the Surface----]

Dominic stood there frozen staring into the hole as his mind filled with all the dark thoughts that he normally kept at bay, no, the bad though [i Scarlet] kept at bay. Luckily a voice broke through with the mention of saving Scarlet. [+lime “Hey. If I wrap my steel vines around you and lower you down there, you think you can find my girlfriend and your sister? I understand that you might want to save Scarlet most of all. But my girlfriend can’t bring them up here without electrocuting your sister accidentally. So what do you say?”] Before he could respond the girl wrapped her in vice gripping steal vines and he was being lowered into the hole. [+lime “Eureka will keep sending lightning bolts up, to show you where they are.”] He nodded without a word, allowing himself to sink into the darkness almost merging with it as he waits for the electricity to give him a more exact position of the two girls, primarily Scarlet.

[center -----At the Bottom of the Hole----]

[+firebrick [i It’s cold and wet… I don’t like it… where’s Katsai and Dominic… where are the Aizawa’s... Oh I’m unconscious… No wonder I feel so heavy… I’d better wake up… Eureka’s probably exhausted and needs help more then me…. WAKE UP!!!] Scarlet bolts up, sinking under the water and out of Eureka’s grip for a moment before she got herself above the water again and took a deep breathe. Scarlet’s eyes adjusted slightly and she looked in Eureka’s direction. {+firebrick “Sorry it took me so long to get up Eureka,”] she said before lifting up her hand and shaking some water from it, her hair, and her ears. Activating her quirk a flames erupted from her finger tips before combining to form one flame, her ear also igniting at the tips. [+firebrick “GET EUREKA FIRST!!! I’LL BE FINE FOR NOW!!!”] She yelled over Eureka’s voice.

Dominic could see Scarlet’s familiar flames from where they were and could hear her voice, relief filling him despite still feeling extremely guilty. As he listened to her words he clicked his tongue, he wanted so badly to just grab scarlet and run her to Recovery Girl but he knew she’d be pissed at him. Groaning slightly as he landed at the bottom in the reasonably deep water he grunted looking at his sister who was truly swimming in the water. Meeting her amber eyes he pulled her close for a moment, brushing her mainly soaked hair down. [+navy “I’ll be back… stay afloat and don’t hurt yourself more...ok?”] he said obviously worried as his softened yellow eyes closed momentarily while hugging her. The brunette hugged back with a smile, [+ “Don’t worry Dominic I’ll be fine, get Eureka out of here first.”] she said before wiggling free of his grasp and gently pushing Eureka into his hold.

Her amber eyes watched as Dominic held Euereka princess style while he was lifted back to the surface with Airen’s vines. Taking a deep breathe Scarlet winced, and reached her hand back to feel the wound left from landing directly on the water. [+firebrick “thankfully he didn’t feel the blood or else he’d have yanked me up so quickly,”] she said to herself in the darkly lit hole.
Scarlet Burns / Lynn8818 / 106d ago
Mitsu hadn’t intentionally planned on Scarlet falling but perhaps she supposed it created the perfect opportunity for Katsai to prove his dedication has Scarlet’s supposed “Best friend”. The staff members stood in the observation tower, watching.

[#1d6347 “Shouldn’t we do something?”] [#f2cdfe “Absolutely not. This is the Sport’s festival. A little more dangerous perhaps then from when we did it ourselves but they want to be heroes and villains? They may as well prove just how worthy they are of their place in the course.”] [#5a4302 “Only the best of the best will end up being offered an internship at mine anyway.”]

[Center || Inside the hole ||]

Eureka barely missed being hit by the rubble, let alone Scarlet who fell into the water, sending Eureka back a few meters - the body she had of the other student was now safely being lifted up into the air by Airen’s vines. Thank god her girlfriend was so talented with her quirk. As she paddled towards Scarlet she called out [#EEF207 “Scarlet! Are you hurt! Say something!”] she lifted her left arm up as she continued to kick through the water, sending a small bolt of electricity up into the air, just to let Scarlet know where exactly Eureka was in the water. [#EEF207 “What the hell happened? I don’t think the earthquake was natural. Are you ok?”]

[Center ||Back at the surface||]

Katsai, was panicking. Hard. So hard he forgot he had a useful quirk in this instance. [#ACFA42 “OI! IDIOT. EARTH TO KATSAI. USE YOUR QUIRK.”] Airen’s voice pierced through the fog and panic that filled his mind, and he shook himself into action, he placed his hands on the ground, taking a mouthful of air in; as though he were newborn learning to breathe all over again. He shut his eyes; and sent a single silencing blast into the ground, the vibrations shook those around him; and some of them jumped back.

He could hear breathing, increasing his concentration steadily he listened, he could hear Eureka but not Scarlet, his heartbeat considered to increase as Airen stood beside him waiting to hear what he was experiencing. [#fbd3b1 “I can hear Eureka, but I can’t hear Scarlet. I think they’re close together. I think the shock of the water must knock Scarlet unconscious. We need to send people down there to get them up or vice versa.”] he lifted his head up, noticing Dominic - who looked paler than usual. [#fbd3b1 “Airen, I need you to work with Dominic on this, he will blame himself otherwise.”] [#ACFA42
“On it.”]

Airen skipped towards the taller darker male, who seemed motionless; as though he had failed someone… Airen could only guess he felt like his quirk was inadequate, considering it had failed to catch Scarlet.

[#ACFA42 “Hey. If I wrap my steel vines around you and lower you down there, you think you can find my girlfriend and your sister? I understand that you might want to save Scarlet most of all. But my girlfriend can’t bring them up here without electrocuting your sister accidentally. So what do you say?”]

Airen didn’t really wait for an answer, as she willed her hair to wrap around Dominic in a tight vice-like grip, she gave him a smile as she lowered him into the hole. [#ACFA42 “Eureka will keep sending lightning bolts up, to show you where they are.”]

[Center || Inside the hole||]

[Right [Pic https://i.imgur.com/NE5IwUT.jpg]]

[#EEF207 “Scarlet, you have to keep yourself afloat.”] her muscles were starting to feel like lead, trying to use her quirk whilst also keeping Scarlet close to her, was starting to make her feel like she was going to sink. [#EEF207 “OI HURRY UP!”] she called out into the darkness, sending another bolt of electricity up into the air, she kicked her feet furiously as she could finally start to hear someone approaching.

Dominic? [#EEF207 “Over here! I have Scarlet. Grab her! She needs you more than I do.”] which was a lie but Eureka didn’t want to admit it. [#cfc354 [I As long as Scarlet is safe. I have done my job as a hero. I need to now get myself out of here…]]
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Scarlet is panting as she hold onto a couple more kids as she is pulled back to the surface for what seems like the hundredth time. The remnants of the gas that had affected the students in the pit causing her to be dizzy and develop a fever, despite this Scarlet keeps going, concerned about Katsai but knowing he was at least safely on the surface. She had barely noticed the top two girls in the school rescuing those who’d already fell as she kept herself from trembling on the thin wires. She was terrified of heights but she was forcing herself to get over it so she could rescue her fellow students.

[+orange “Sorry about earlier… I just I froze.”] Scarlet’s brown wolf ears twitched as she dragged herself onto the surface, pulling a larger guy up with her. [+orange “What do you need me to do? Eureka and Airen are working together to get anyone who fell into the water below the net out alive….”] amber eyes glanced at Katsai as she took a couple deep breathes, panting and drenched in sweat. [+orange “Scarlet?”] She took one more deep breath before turning back to the hole, [+firebrick “Could you get the ropes and some rescuing tools from the students?”] Scarlet says pointing to what and who she meant with a smile plastered on her features before she lowered herself down into the hole of nightmares.

Just as Scarlet landed on the wire, being as light on her feet as possible, she heard Eureka yelling from below just as the ground and everything else with it starts to tremble. [+pink “HURRY! EARTHQUAKE!”] Scarlet yelps as the wire she’s standing on snaps, just as Dominic appears at the entrance to the hole, forming a shadowy net to catch the other students. But Scarlet was passed the net before it was fully formed and was free falling to the bottom, her quirk useless for once. All she could hear was Dominic’s voice from the top, [+Navy “SCARTLET!!!!!]
Scarlet Burns / Lynn8818 / 106d ago