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By kshahidx

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[center [size30 [font "courier new" INTO [tab] the [tab] WOODS]]]
[center [size11 [font "courier new" [b A]fter a missing teen is found slain in the woods, the people of the small town of Dawson start to buckle down on the wolves that have grown out of control in the surrounding woods. Curfews are enforced and a [I [b ‘Don’t think, just shoot’]] campaign is enforced.
[b W]hen a wolf limps it’s way into the backyard of [b x] she struggles with whether or not to call for the hunters that shot him. Her decision becomes more complicated when the wolf collapses in a bed of snow; now a human male struggling to hang on to life.
[b S]he recognizes him as one of the men from the reserve, where the Natives live, despite technically having ownership of Dawson.
[b A]fter tending to his wounds and convincing herself she’s not crazy, she waits for him to come to, to which he explains that the wolves of the forests aren’t [I normal]
[b S]he thought she was being helpful, but soon finds herself caught in the middle of a war between humans and wolves; as the attraction between the two grow they struggle with the reality
That they are from two different worlds

[center [size22 [font "courier new" [#173d2e ♦♦♦]]]]

[center [size11 [font "courier new" [i so I kind of have it in my head that this is a story about wolves vs. humans, but also, I wanted to kind of touch on a political idea about stolen land – so there’s a bit of race issues in this. I haven’t fully fleshed this idea out, so discussion is heavily important and appreciated ! For this rp I am willing to extend my post sched. As I suspect there will be a lot of dissection and discussion as well as world building]]]]
[center [size13 [b these are my requirements: ]]]
[center [size11 [#173d2e ♦] [I real pictures
[#173d2e ♦] 2 para. min.
[#173d2e ♦] Must be 21+
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Sequoia leaned into Ren’s touch, his lips brushing against the palm of her hand. He knew this had to eb tough for her. worrying her or causing her stress over his station wasn’t something he wanted, but they both knew that it was out of their control unfortunately. “Well, unfortunately what’s done is done. We just have to work through it, though I can’t expect it to get any easier.” Sequoia wasn’t sure if he wanted to tell Ren about the fact they were being pushed into a war. Though he suspected, if she didn’t know that it wouldn’t eb long before she figured it out. He would be gone even more and that would start to take a toll on her and their relationship. He knew she had is mother and Yaya to spend time with, but in some sense she was still isolated. He’d even kept her from her best friend and her parents, though of course not intentionally. Though now it seemed dangerous to put them in the line of fire should they decide to visit her on the reserve. That said, Ren’s father had to see that now was a time that it made sense to put aside their bias and to help them in their fight against the obvious evil: hunter and the Riley brothers.

“It’s not anything new, but Hunter isn’t helping of course.” Sequoia said with a sigh. He looked up at Ren, finding comfort in her eyes. He leaned in to her soft kisses, his hands eager to be placed against her once she returned to the bed. In the dark he could still trace the outline of her face, his hands pulling her closer to him. The meaning behind them being in bed together was much different than earlier. It was odd how his feelings from earlier had changed and no because of Ren of course. He just missed that sense blissful feeling that he had after they parted from his room. Now he was stressed out and worried. He worried about his father, about his family and of course about Ren. Though he also thought about himself, which was rare. If his father had died, the whole dynamics of the pack would’ve changed and while he knew he had to eventually take the role as Alpha form his father, Sequoia wasn’t sure if he was at all completely ready.

His body welcomed the soft bed and he didn’t mind the silence, finding pleasure in the soft sound of Ren’s breathing. Just being here and pretending that everything was alright was all he could want, no matter how temporary a feeling it was. Though, such silence was soon disturbed by a conflict they both knew they would have to face soon enough: Naima. Sequoia could hear the slight discomfort in Ren's voice, the uncertainty in her words though they quickly were blurted out before she even had the chance to stop them. His hand brushed along the back of her head, playing with her hair. Though he pulled away some to find her burrowing into his side, probably thankful for the solace of darkness which did good in hiding her embarrassment. Sequoia admittedly was thankful, his cheeks turning red at Rem’s words. Naima was beautiful and any guy would be lucky to take her as his partner. Had he not met Ren, maybe things would’ve been different. He wouldn’t have fought so hard. But he wanted to be with Ren and for that, it made this situation complex and messy.

“Don’t ever apologize,” he whispered as he tilted her head slightly. He leaned in to kiss her, his thumb brushing against her lips when she parted. “And don’t let this whole Naima thing get in your head” it was a hard thing to request, but he didn’t want them thinking about something that hadn’t happened yet. Sequoia was still in some ways holding out hope. Though he did think about his brief interaction with Naima before he left the tent. He just hoped that things wouldn’t get even more complicated than they already were.

“Any word from your father?” Reinforcements at this time would be greatly appreciated. He could feel his eyes closing some as he listened to Ren, sleep was calling him after such a strenuous day.
sequoia / kshahidx / 2h ago
Ren let herself be quieted by Sequoia. Smiling in the darkness as he closed the door to Yaya’s room and pulled her behind him to his. She hoped Yaya wouldn’t be too upset at her not being in her room tonight. That she would understand her brother need this, that Ren needed to be with him too.

She had already seen him shirtless a handful of times but somehow the casualness of it made her blush all the same. Seeing his shoulder bandaged up made her worry though. He was moving alright but he was lucky it wasn’t worse. Ren listened as he finally answered her questions from the hall. It was good to hear that Kona was going to pull through in the end even if he was done as a fighter. Maybe it was better he not be fighting. Though she felt a weird tinge at the mention of Naima.

She shook it off following Sequoia to the bed. The light to the room was still on so knowing it had to be turned off she didn’t join him on the bed yet. Instead she stood in front of him and gently cupped his face in her hand. “I am so glad you are alright,” she said gently then sighed, “yeah Andrew is more horrid then I ever realized he was. And Hunter, he is horrible for weaponizing their hatred.” It didn’t matter what Hunters true motives were he was fueling people’s hate and fear and turning it even uglier. “I’m sorry any of those townspeople say those hateful words to you,” she recalled Andrew in the diner the first time they had ever hung out. The way his words had affected Sequoia. Ren wished she could take away the hate in the town. She leaned down placing light kisses on his lips. “Let’s get into bed,” she smiled.

She moved away from him to go turn off the light. Cautiously she made her way back to the bed where she hoped Sequoia was already lying down. There was a part of her that felt nervous as she made her way under the covers, probably due to what occurred last time she was in this bed. She also felt a sense of bliss knowing that this was the first time that they would fall asleep together like this. After making sure she was on his non injured side she cuddled into his chest. Being this close to him felt right, it was calming. She breathed him in and smiled.

But still Naima popped into her mind. “So that was Naima,” she said suddenly then without control blurted out, “she’s quite beautiful. Has a sort of presence about her,” she wasn’t trying to fish by bringing it up. She just didn’t want him to think she was trying to ignore it. She didn’t mean to randomly comment on her looks. In fact she felt like an idiot that she said it at all, “I mean, she is. But that’s not important.... I’m sorry.” She said meekly at the end of her babbling. Even though it was dark she buried her face into him to his her embarrassment. “I love you. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be able to say it to you.” She smiled against him letting her eyes close a bit but not giving in to sleep quite yet since she wanted to spend this precious time with him.
Hearing her voice sent a wash of relief over him and he couldn’t help but hold her tightly s she wrapped her arms around his waist. Sequoia buried his nose into her hair. He was sore all over and the same shoulder to which he had a bullet go through was now dealing with a few bite marks, but god did Ren make him feel good. They pulled away from one another, Sequoia’s hands now finding the sides of her face. He smoothed back her hair, trying to get a good look at her face, though it was dark in the house as though to further the gloomy mood they all felt. He hushed her, not wanting to wake his mom. Them getting caught together after today was the last thing they needed. Though, he knew they could depend on Yaya. She wouldn’t dare slip up knowing what was going on.

He took Ren’s hand, closing Yaya’s door and leading her to his room where he made sure to close and lock it. he sighed out, his hands instantly removing the shirt he wore. There was a small spot of blood on the sleeve where it soaked through the bandages, but he mostly wanted to remove it for comfort. He was sure he’d find bruises forming come tomorrow, but for now he was just glad to be home. Glad things for the moment seemed alright. But for how long?

“My father is stable for now. Naima thinks he should recover fine, but his fighting days are over I’m sure.” He said with a sigh. He had removed his jeans then, tossing everything into the corner before facing Ren as he was pulling his pajama pants on. He winched, hissing as he sucked in air, biting against the twinge of pain. “I will be fine, but Hunter and the others . . .Andrew,” he said with a growl of disapproval. “They’re a piece of work. As much as we tried to fight it, we’re looking at war.” He walked over toward the bed, sitting down the. he wondered how Lauren felt about seeing Naima, about everything in general honestly.
sequoia / kshahidx / 1d ago
At some point Ren had changed into sleepwear and turned the main light off. The fairytale lights stayed on in the background. To give just a little light in the room. Ren wasn’t ready to fall asleep yet but laying in the dark felt like a better option then sitting alone in the room with the lights on. Especially since there was no certainty when they would get back. She had managed to dissuade her tears and calm her breath.

Now Ren just laid on her side her mind still racing. Her fingers brushed at the small wooden wolf on her wrist. [i I always fight to come back to you.] but what will happen if he ever can’t. What would she have done if he didn’t come back this time? Hunter could have easily decided to attack Sequoia instead. He already had shown he wasn’t above killing someone’s child to weaken them, otherwise Tyler might still be alive. Or even Andrew could have tried to kill him?

Ren knew they were lucky, that Kona would likely survive this. But it had been close, he could have died. She couldn’t stop the pang she felt in her heart. Not only to have people she loved lose family in that scenario but at the knowledge that Sequoia would then be in charge. And although she felt guilty for thinking this now, though she couldn’t help it, what would that mean for her and him?

A soft rap on the door pulled her out of her thoughts. She sat up fast the blanket falling into her lap. Hearing a familiar voice whisper her name caused his name to rush out of her lips, “Sequoia.” She breathed his name like it was a relief to say it. Then she was standing and making her way towards where she knew the door to be. The oversized shirt she was wearing almost fully covered the shorts leaving her legs to suddenly feel very cold. She held back a shiver as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Her eyes closed as she brought herself into his embrace. Resting momentarily before pulling away just enough to peer up at his face, “Is your dad okay?” It was hard to see him in the dark. She was only able to vaguely make out his expression. “Are you okay?” She asked him again hoping this time with just them talking softly to each other he would let down his walls and let her in.
It broke Sequoia’s heart even more to turn his back on Ren. He wanted her to come with, to be at his side and yet he knew he couldn’t focus on her and his father. He also was aware how weird it would be for her to be in the presence of Naima. He himself found it a bit strange, considering their conversations had gone dead. It had been mere radio silence between the two of them and yet his father and mother were expecting him to choose her to be his mate. The two had never discussed it, but like him, Sequoia knew that Naima put traditions above all and she would follow her parents’ desire no matter what. Besides, she found Sequoia to be a likeable guy. That said, it was a bit strange to see the murmurings ad gossip that had been spread had some truth to it when she saw how Sequoia interreacted with Ren. That was not of her concern at the moment though, making sure Kona was safe was what mattered.

Sequoia had finally been ushered into sitting down, allowing Tyra to clean his wounds and bandage him up. They all for the most part seemed fine. Though had they not been quicker, it would’ve been disastrous and had they not jumped in, Vance would’ve lost his life. Kona had saved him and Vance understood that the reason he lay motionless on the cot was because of him.

There was no one to truly blame though but Hunter and the others. However, they were foolish enough to let the man actually get under their skin. Sequoia himself was upset, knowing he had given Andre a taste of what he wanted. How much longer before he tried to flex those muscles of his on the man again? There was a restless anger between all of them then, so much so that the people of the reserve were starting to worry and especially so the pack. Perhaps this was a sign, that they should fight. Hunter and the others weren’t going to abide by any rules and if they weren’t given what they wanted, they had no problem killing to take it.

“He’s stable,” Naima said when she entered the room. The curtain separating the two rooms closed behind her, though he got a quick peek at his father who was bandaged up. “His right leg is useless at this point. Horribly shattered, it will take a couple days to heal and even then. . .” Luna closed her eyes, a sound coming from her throat of sadness. Yaya wrapped her arms around her mother. “He needs as much rest as he can get. He lost a good amount of blood, but if he stays put then he should be alright.”

“Thank you so much Naima.” Luna said as she came to a stand, taking the woman’s hands and pressing them against her lips. Naima and Sequoia briefly met each other’s eyes.
“Thank you,” he said to her to which she nodded.
“Go home and get some rest. The minute he wakes up, I will send Tyra over.” With that they came to a stand. Sequoia trailed after his mother and sister, pausing to look toward Naima.

“Listen Naima about – ” He flexed his jaw, not dure if now was the right moment to bring this up. this was the second person he cared about that Naima was here to help. Was his grandmother right? Was this fate? He sighed, exhausted honestly and he figured he wouldn’t be able to get the right words out.
“We’ve got time,” she said suddenly which shocked him. Almost as if she believed that in the end, they would end up together. “Go home Sequoia. Get some rest.” He noticed a slight falter in her timid smile. Maybe Naima liked him more than he knew. Sequoia nodded then, thanking her again before trudging out. There was a calmness about the reserve, everyone in their homes as though unsure of what terror awaited them pass the trees that bordered their land.

When he entered the house, the food had still been placed out, the cookies still placed on the tray on the counter, frosted to perfection. It was a sad scene. What was meant to be a dinner to give thanks for bringing them home, now lay as a sad reminder of the truth of what occurred with Hunter. He turned the light s off and began up the stairs, his eyes watching as Yaya disappeared into the bathroom with her towel. He figured like him, she wanted to wash off the stains as they were nothing more of a reminder that they nearly lost their father.

He walked toward the bedroom door then, knocking gently before opening it. The only lights on were Yaya’s string lights.
“Ren?” He whispered into the darkness. If there was one thing that he needed it was her. He was not going to sleep alone tonight.
sequoia / kshahidx / 1d ago
There was a sense of warmth and comfort when it came to just having Sequoia in closer proximity to her. His hands felt oddly warm on her cheeks even though he had been outside. Ren didn't care if there was caked on blood on his hands or even if it had transferred to her face. The fact that they could have this form of physical contact made her feel happy. She found herself wishing she could just reach out her hands and grasp onto him. Pull him closer and confirm that he was alright while also giving him an opportunity to let himself be worried. Even now he was reassuring her. It felt like he was trying to put up the fronts he usually did. The walls that he tried to keep sometimes around her. She knew that he only did it because he felt it protected her. But she was already so wrapped up in this world that there was no real way to separate herself from it now.

A world in which she was still an outsider. There seemed to be occasional glances at the two of them as they spoke in low voices. Glances of uncertainty. Though Ren did not take it too personally after all she was related to the sheriff and the rest of the townspeople didn't have a stellar record of being nice.

"You say that but I have eyes," she said biting her lip and looking at the bite marks. They didn't seem too bad and he was still standing. Ren sighed, "And I am not just worried about you being physically okay..." She trailed off her eyes landing on Kona again. The pang of worry filling her stomach. Ren wanted to be here if Sequoia needed her even emotionally he had to know that. But then again what could she do? Except just be in the way? Would she accidentally take attention away from Kona by being near?

Ren opened her mouth to speak again-- to agree to going upstairs for now as long as he promised to stop by Yaya's room so she could confirm his wellbeing. But before she could say anything the door opened again. In rushed night air and a strange sense of calm above the chaos. If she hadn't figured it out by the way Sequoia's body seemed to stiffen ever so slightly, she knew shortly after. Ren recognized her from the picture Yaya showed her. Naima. Ren couldn't help but admire her composure all while suddenly feeling very self conscious about the way she looked. Sequoia himself looked like he didn't know exactly what to do in the current situation either. Ren wondered if Naima had noticed Sequoia's hands cupping her face.

She tried to shake off the discomfort knowing that Sequoia needed to be with his father. Needed to not be worrying about her at the moment. Ren reached up lightly touching the side of his face, "I'll be upstairs if you need me." It was all she could really think to say before she moved her face out of his hands and made her way upstairs. She glanced back one more time as they started to do what Naima was telling them. Naima had a presence about her, one that demanded respect. It was suddenly easy to see why Sequoia's family wanted him with her. After all Ren was the useless one right now. And the attention that Ren received was the complicated kind at the moment.

She made her way to Yaya's room her body relaxing when she entered the room. All the tears, the fear in her gut that she was trying to squash down in front of Sequoia came to the forefront. She breathed out hard before trying to regulate her breathing. Her eyes were watery though no tears broke through.
Vance was apologizing repeatedly for his actions to Kona and his son. Sequoia himself couldn’t really focus. He hadn’t been badly injured but Hunter and the others had certainly gotten to him. He’d live, but he was the last person to be concerned about. His at her was bleeding profusely and they were trying their hardest to assure that they applied enough pressure to his wounds to keep him stable. By the time they got to the reserve, it seemed they were racing against time. The men were bare chested, dressed only in sweatpants with Kona wrapped tightly in a blanket. While they got him situated on the couch, the others had made their way to go and get Naima and the other healers. Luna was panicked and while she tried to remain calm, she couldn’t help the tears that climbed from her throat. She ushered Yaya to the upstairs closet for blankets in the meantime while they settled Kona. Her hand brushed against his cheek, blood coating her palm as she whispered prayers for his safety. Many were trying to attend to Sequoia but he assured them he was fine. Maybe it was the adrenaline – or maybe the lack of care for his life compared to his father’s. While things had been strenuous between the two of them as of late, of course he always had life for his father and knowing there was a chance he could’ve lost his life was terrifying

Sequoia’s eyes eventually met Ren’s and while they filled him with relief, there was still a shared sense of panic. An understanding almost that he could’ve been the one in that condition. If this war continued, Sequoia feared for his safety more and more and he wondered was this the life that Ren could accept. Still, he made his way over to her his hands pressed against her cheeks. He had a few ite marks against his shoulders, not as deep as his father’s though. Hunter had got him right on the shoulder and close to his neck, any closer and his father would’ve bled out before they could get him back to the reserve.
“I don’t want you to see this,” he admitted to her, his words only met for her. “I’m okay. Just go upstairs.” There was madness and blood and the reality of the current state of their world was alarming. Sequoia hated that Ren had front row seats to this.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/EZnjz3H.jpg]] There was an automatic peace though then when the door opened. Three women walked in, one a bit older who resembled Naima greatly, her mother Chan, and another slightly younger girl, Naima’s sister Tyra. The wolves stood protectively in a semi circle around Kona, Luna in her knees with her hand holding his. Sequoia turned from Ren to face Naima who had a look of seriousness presented in her beautiful countenance. She quickly made her way across the the living room. Her hair flower behind her much the same as the cream colored knitted coat she wore. Bracelets clinked against her arms with each movement. Her hand rested against Kona’s cheek and she closed her eyes.
“We need to get him into my tent and soon,” she said. By now Kona had closed his eyes. He was alive but barely hanging on. Naima called for the men to carry Kona, Luna and Yaya not far behind. Sequoia didn’t want to leave Ren alone, but he was unsure how the others would take to her presence. And even more so, things were made complicated by Naima.
sequoia / kshahidx / 2d ago
The night ticked on uneventful. The three women had the eyes on the movie except for the few times were they took turns stealing glances at the phone or the window. As time passed Ren found herself more and more worried. She knew that they would be awhile but the passing of time made her think up new awful scenarios that could occur. Not to mention her mind raced with the thoughts about how he could come back with more horrible news about the state of Dawson.

This was her home, it was horrid seeing what Hunter did to it. There was a stillness in the air, or at least it seemed like there was in contrast with the chaos that came suddenly. It was if all at once there was noise, chatter. It sounded frantic especially with the chorus of the truck speeding into the reserve. Ren could feel her heart in her stomach as she looked to the other two women. They two seemed utterly worried. These were not the sounds of a victorious peace negotiation.

The three of them seemed to jump up as one leaving the house. Ren's vision was blurred almost as she walked outside. It was like she couldn't see anything except for Sequoia. Her eyes focused on him even though the darkness made it hard to see him clearly. The sound drowned into the background as her eyes scanned for signs of how Sequoia was. He seemed to be moving or at least not unconscious. It was hard to tell if he was hurt but it was very obvious someone was.

She tried to peer past the darkness to see who. Her heart racing with worry. It was then she heard a cry from Luna. Before her eyes could make out the injured person she knew. Kona. Sequoia was holding him up with help. Bringing him to the house where they could lay him down. Ren's heart panged with worry for Sequoia, Yaya and Luna. Even Kona, whom she had not developed a strong connection with but felt close to in the sense that she was close to his family. That she knew how much Sequoia loved and looked up to him. This was a clear sign that things did not go well.

As Sequoia got closer she tried to give him a look that she hoped conveyed all her worry about situation, and how she was concerned with Kona's health too. Ren tried to make sure that she was out of the way as they rushed Kona in. It seemed like Cyrus had run off to get healers. Luna and Yaya were at Kona's side along with Sequoia. Looking at him closer he seemed wounded as well. Ren found herself feeling grateful that he was not as badly injured, though she felt a little guilty feeling that way. Her eyes stayed on Sequoia to make sure she could see how he was doing. While still staying far enough back to let help quickly come to Kona she stayed in a couple foot range of Sequoia. Wanting to be close in case he needed anything, and in the event that he would feel more wary about her well being. She found herself saying a small prayer that everything would be okay and that Kona would pull through. With her focus on Sequoia she didn't notice others in the house that had come in to help, which might be for the better if Naima was among them. She didn't have room in her mind for anything other than what was going on right now.
Sequoia could sense that Andrew wasn’t too happy with their presence and honestly he didn’t much care to be there either, but he was going to have to have faith if they expected anything positive to be manifested. If his father wanted to try things the nice way then so be it. The door was closed behind them then. They all stuck close together, but his father had actually taken the seat that Hunter offered. The other boys loomed in the shadows watching carefully. It was clear there was a new confidence about them and how they carried themselves. It wasn’t without reason of course. They had survived the change and that did say a lot about their strength, so much so that Sequoia was a bit nervous by it. He wouldn’t dare let Andrew know that though.

“So, I assume you’re here to take the easy way out.” Hunter finally spoke. Kona snorted, his hands in his laps then. He was at peace, a calmness that Sequoia lawyers knew his father to have. It said a lot about his strength, how well he could control his emotions. Often he would tell Sequoia that thinking on impulse or anger would get you nowhere, and sometime sit could led you to getting hurt. It made ensue why he was so frustrated with his son’s actions.
“We are here to make peace.” He said simply. “We hear of what’s going on in Dawson and its not appreciated. I don’t know where you’re from Hunter, but here we respect the ways of the wolf spirit.”
“Well, we don’t really believe in all that bullshit,” Hunter said. Sequoia growled a little to which he earned a look. Andrew was quick to approach. “I’m giving you the dame chance I gave everyone and that’s to escape a war you won’t win. Join me and we can all live in harmony.”

It was clear that there was no getting through to Hunter. This had been a waste of time. His father had to know by now that this would mean they sit by and allow their people to be slain or they fight before Hunter had a chance.
“This is a fight you won’t win Hunter, trust me.” Kona came to a stand then.
“You’re time is up old man.” Hunter said as he too came to a stand. Sequoia had stepped forward but felt Cyrus grab his arm. Andrew looked on amused.

Without another word his father noted for them to leave.
“We can’t just walk away,” Sequoia said as they made their way through the living room, yes following them. They were being followed then out of the house, which was disturbing.
“Yeah go on ahead spear chucker. Back where you belong. For now!” One townie had yelled. That’s when the attack began, bottles being thrown at them. Oddly, it hadn’t been Sequoia to retaliate, but Vance who had shifted immediately and ran toward the terrifying townspeople. It seemed in seconds for Andre and the others to shift, as though waiting for this moment. They couldn’t leave him defenseless and soon enough all of the wolves were fighting. The Riley brothers were clumsy, still unsure to their wolf frames and while strong, they struggled with staying on top. It wasn’t until Hunter jumped in place that it was clear this was a fight between alphas. Hunter growled toward the other wolves to stand back.

Sequoia had attempted to jump in with the others, but his father stopped him. The two then tore at one another, much the same as the night in the woods. His father was still strong, but he had grown older and he was slower than Hunter. At one point it seemed like Kona had the upper hand, before he bit at Kona’s shoulder, tearing violently until h men trembled into his human form.

Sequoia jumped in then, feeling Cerse's teeth against him but he didn’t back down until he heard the others had gotten his father into the truck. He was dizzy when he heard Hunter’s voice clearly in his human form announcing for enough. He had made his point all too well. Even with blood coursing from open wounds on Hunter, it was clear he felt like the winner.

Sequoia quickly retreated back to the truck, jumping into the bed of it. They peeled off soon, their egos shot but their main focus being on Kona, who was fading in and out of consciousness.
sequoia / kshahidx / 3d ago
It truly meant a lot to hear Yaya say that none of this would affect their friendship. Honestly, she wouldnt blame her if it had. Ren knew that Sequoia risked himself more for her sake. Not only in the terms of family relations but also in the sense that he threw himself into danger to protect her. Anytime something happened near her he seemed to put himself inbetween her and the danger. Ren smiled up at Yaya. "I am glad, your friendship means a lot to me," she stated. Letting her other foot untuck itself and fall to the floor as well before it 'fell asleep'.

Her face felt slightly warm as Yaya shared her observations. Ren was of course aware of how Sequoia felt about her but having someone else noticed felt different. Cyrus had been the only person that really saw them together in a romantic way but it was different since he knew from the start. She had a feeling he might have known about Sequoia's feelings before Sequoia even did. She felt a small feeling of joy at the thought that their was a side of him that was reserved for her. A part of him he was only willing to show with her.

The small laugh that escaped her almost sounded weak, "Yeah. In the very least he will certainly try." Ren was trying to steel herself for the possibility that one day he would walk up to her and tell her they couldn't be together. Though she felt she could never be prepared to hear those words. And that's not even thinking about the possibility that Hunter or anyone from his pack causes him to never return to her again.

She was grateful for the distraction of Luna bringing snacks. Ren was sure however that watching a movie wouldn't fully take her mind off of the danger that he was in. Ren still forced herself to stand up and follow Luna back towards the living room. Their living room had the homey feeling she supposed a lot of living rooms had. There were pictures on shelves that were of Yaya and Sequoia growing up. Some of the ones that were of Sequoia as a child made her laugh. Laugh in a way of appreciating the cuteness of it. The way that as a child he tried to make himself look tough sometimes. Or how in pictures with his family you could see how much he adored them.

After some discussion they eventually chose some movie to watch. Though half of Ren's mind was still thinking about Sequoia and worrying it was okay. She stopped herself from fidgetting with the bracelet as she did not want to draw Luna's attention to it.

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/2a/5b/1b/2a5b1b0c2190b5efaa10600d0796d2ad--male-faces-fine-men.jpg]]
Andrew felt himself bristle when the men from the reserve entered his house. Early in the day he had suggested to Hunter that they take the fight to them. Invade the reserve. Sure they wouldn't be able to take over but they would probably at least be able to bruise their ego. Let them know that they meant business.

Hunter had said no to his idea though. Had laughed it off as newbie anger. Andrew had been told his emotions were heightened right now. Especially the ones of anger. Maybe Hunter was right but Andrew still couldn't shake off the desire to attack them at home. Though part of it was probably due to the rumors he heard that Ren was living there. He wanted to make sure she saw who he was now. He wanted to make her pay.

Andrew's eyes stayed steady on Sequoia. His expression taunt with anger as he refused to look anywhere else. They were on complete equal footing now. Next time he got to brawl with Sequoia, Sequoia would not be so lucky. At least thats what Andrew felt.

He mumbled under his breath to Michael, "I hope these pretenses end soon. I don't like their kind being in here." He crossed his arms watching as Hunter took them into the study. Every part of him wanted to join, to hear what was happening.
Hearing Ren’s confession only made it harder for the young girl. She knew this was an already difficult situation, but the addition of Naima’s relationship to Sequoia, made what he and Ren had much harder to navigate. In fact, it was nearly impossible she had presumed. Yaya reached her hand out to hold Ren’s and squeezed it gently.
“There’s nothing you could do or even my big headed brother that would change our friendship,” she admitted. Yaya had come to like Ren and maybe her feelings for Tyler had made it easier for her to trust the young woman in knowing her intentions for their family were not bad and she truly didn’t mean Sequoia any harm. She didn’t know how this would all turn out, maybe the spirits would surprise them all and somehow, some way the two would be able to change traditions. For now though, all they could do was try to control what they knew they could.
“I know that it may sound impossible, but I know my brother. He’s stubborn and sometimes he can seem a bit guarded, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so . . . vulnerable with anyone but you. if Sequoia says he will find a way, I know he truly will try his hardest.” Though a part of Yaya, and she feared as well a part of Lauren, knew that Sequoia was also big on family. T was just as likely that while he wanted things to go his way, out of respect, he would choose what he thought best for the people who would soon look up to him as a leader.

There was a knock at the door then, his mother’s voice on the other end. She had made some snacks for them and suggested watching a movie, something to get their minds off the fact that those they loved and cared about were putting their lives I danger.

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/fsCNvlp.gif]]

Sequoia admittedly felt very uncomfortable at the knowledge they were meeting Hunter in human form. His hands were bundled tightly in the pockets of his jacket as he sat in the passenger seat beside Cyrus while his father drove. The other men were in the bed of the truck. The sky had changed from the dusty mix of orange and pink to a darker blue and by the time they reached the Riley home, it almost seemed pitch black. The only light they found came from the house, the windows an eerie glow in the darkness. Their presence was known immediately. A figure presenting itself at the doorstep then: Hunter.

Sequoia’s hands balled much tighter to which Cyrus, sensing his discomfort, placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder in an attempt to calm him. Slowly they made their way up to beaten dirt path of the driveway. Hunter had stepped back inside, leaving the door open.

When they entered the home, they were met with steel eyes. There were a few men from the town, enjoying beers and sending them dirty looks. Though Sequoia could only find himself focusing on one pair of eyes that seemed to cook nowhere but at him: Andrew’s . The boys looked pretty much the same, but they were bulkier and they looked a bit rougher than usual. Peter’s hair was starting to grow out and there seemed to be less of a light in his eyes as there had been. Sequoia had always considered him the nicest out of all the Riley boys if he had to choose. Though Michael looked detached altogether. Considering the fact he was following his father’s path as being an officer, it surprised him that such prejudice teachings had finally sunk into him.

Kona had stepped in front then, meeting Hunter who had Cerses right behind him in the case immediate action needed to take place. Sequoia’s eyes danced around, finally spotting Andrew’s father who had come from the back room. He suspected that’s where his wife and daughter was. Sequoia couldn’t understand how the people couldn’t see how terrible this whole situation was. What did they think would actually happen to the if they were run out of Dawson? Did they think their life would improve with Hunter practically ruling them as though he were some kind of king?

“We have not come to fight,” Sequoia’s father said then to which a few snorts and chortles passed through the group. We have come to talk. That’s all.” Hunter stared at Kona before his eyes flickered to Sequoia. He smirked in the male’s direction, finishing the last of his beer before tossing the empty bottle amongst the rest on the ground. The place seemed more like a den than a home.
Hunter motioned or them to follow him toward another room, which ended up being a study. [I So far so good], Sequoia thought to himself.
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Ren couldn’t hold back the wince she had when Yaya said he couldn’t give her his heart. She knew that Yaya wasn’t trying to be cruel only honest but it was the first time she had heard someone so bluntly state the fact. Whenever her and Sequoia talked about such things he always stated that he would find a way to be with her. They tried to ignore the possibility that they would not be able to be together.

She breathed out a long breath before taking the seat next to Yaya. Her one foot curling under the opposite leg. She didn’t interrupt as Yaya talked. She could tell everyone in the picture was a year or two younger then they currently were. Something about Cyrus and Sequoia in the picture looked younger. It made her smile.

When Yaya mentioned new names her eyes would glance to the person she was pointing at soaking in the information. Then she pointed out Naima. Rens voice caught in her throat. She wasn’t sure if it was audible or not. Like Ren had already assumed Naima was quite gorgeous in an effortless way. And hearing that she was a nice girl, a gentle girl only made the weird feeling in Rens stomach grow. She knew Sequoia loved her, she didn’t doubt it. But she found herself wondering how he could choose her over Naima. Especially if his grandmother saw them together. One of the first things Ren realized about Sequoia was how much he loved and valued his family. He had to hold his grandmothers vision with great weight and importance. Sure he was infatuated with Ren, their relationship was new, still was in the stage where everything was exciting. Based on everything that had happened between them and what they shared with each other she had faith he would always love her. But what if one day he realized his duty to his family was more important? What if he decided that his grandmothers vision had to be seen through?

She bit her lip finally forcing herself to look away from Naima. The words that Yaya spoke then made Ren reach up and forcefully pull down her sleeve to cover the bracelet again. What was Sequoia thinking? The gesture meant everything to Ren especially now knowing how important the bracelet was. She didn’t want him to get introuble though. It was only a matter of time before someone else noticed the bracelet. Plus part of her found herself wondering about what Naima thought about all of this? Maybe this girl was in love with Sequoia. Ren didn’t want to be shatter her reality if Naima was under the impression that her and Sequoia were to be together and she was looking forward to it. But she also didn’t want to be without Sequoia. She would always want to fight for them.

“I love him,” Ren said looking Yaya in the eyes now. “He knows I love him.” Her face flushed a bit. “I’m sorry. In some ways I wish I didn’t or I wish he felt differently so we wouldn’t be causing trouble for other people.” She sighed, “but I also don’t regret loving him. I never will, I’ve never felt this strongly about anyone. Last thing I want to do is cause you worry or make you upset.” Ren looked down at her foot that was steady on the floor. It was true, she cherished her blooming friendship with Yaya and she didn’t want this revelation to ruin it.
“Giving away an item a previous of this means he really cares about you a lot. But this is the action between lovers. In some sense he has given you ownership of his heart which Sequoia can’t do because,” yaya sighed out, her hand brushing against her face. She walked over and took a seat on the bed. Their traditions were a bit outdated but they were still sentimental and treated with respect.. this was something that Sequoia were to give to his desired mate which wouldn’t happen until the ceremony and that was supposed to be Naima. It seemed she didn’t need to bring that name up though as Ren was at least aware of who the female was.

She wasn’t surprised that ren was curious. Who wouldn’t be surprised to know about the girl that was currently winning everyone’s vote toward being with someone you cared about? The fact that everyone had already presumed Naima and Sequoia would pair together at the ceremony had to fill Ren with a sense of uncertainty and maybe self-consciousness as well in their relationship. It made Yaya sad to know that Ren was caught up in this. She honestly loved the girl and thought he and Sequoia worked well enough, but there were some people on the reserve who had issues ignoring the past. Not to mention, there was still tension between them and the townies. They were wary to all outsiders and Hunter was proof enough why that was a good idea.

Yaya shifted on her side to pull her phone out of her back pocket. She patted for Ren to come take a seat beside her. After unlocking the device and scrolling a little, she found a picture that had been taken at her grandmother’s funeral. Her family and Naima’s were in the front. Sequoia and Naima stood beside one another. Naima was a bit shorter than him, a beautiful girl with a dazzling smile. She had blue black hair, thick and shiny that fell to her hips.

“You know we aren’t all capable of shifting,” Yaya said. “Our tribe is made of different people, each contributing their skill in order to ease the burden off all of our shoulders. We are protectors, we always have been which is why my father is chief. His second in command is Callie, Cyrus’ father.” She pointed to the man in back beside Cyrus. “Naima comes from a. family of healers, very powerful healers in fact. We believe so much so that they are our only connection to our ancestors and the spirit world. My grandmother and Naima were very close. Especially toward the end of her life. The night before she passed, she said she saw an image of Sequoia and Naima together. With both of our families being so powerful, it was something we just found we couldn’t ignore. I guess we considered it a sign from our ancestors.”

Back then, Yay was sure that Sequoia hadn’t really opposed the thought. Naima was a gorgeous girl and had a kind spirit over time, she was sure the two would’ve been able to build a strong relationship. it wasn’t like they didn’t talk at all, they were still in contact with one another, but Yaya believed that as the ceremony approached, he intentionally was pulling from Naima. Maybe in a way he had known he would meet Ren.

“if my mother – if my father saw that bracelet. . . I don’t know what he would do.” Yaya said softly as she met Ren’s eyes. “Sequoia must care a lot about you.” He must [I love] Ren she had assumed. With Ren being on the reserve, she suspected that soon enough the two would bump into another. On a more somber possibility, it could be if the men had issues during their negotiations with Hunter tonight.
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She was glad that Luna had gone back to rummaging through the kitchen to find a snack. That way she couldn't note the meek manner in which Ren trailed behind Yaya. Ren had no doubt that this was about the bracelet which had recently become a treasured possession. She chewed her lip as she walked into the bedroom. The door made a light click as Yaya shut it and spun around. Ren's body moved slightly surprised with the abruptness of the single word. It wasn't that the other girl had yelled in any way or even sounded upset. It was more that Ren had been expecting a sentence not a hurried word.

There was no tension in her arm as Yaya lifted it up and revealed the bracelet on her arm. But she did take back ownership of her arm thoughtfully raising a hand to touch the leather bound bracelet, "Today. Not that long ago." Ren blushed a little not wanting to reveal too much to the younger sister of the man she loved, "Just before you got home. We talked about the dangerous nature of what is going on."

Something about the way that Yaya was acting made Ren's eyes fill with curiosity, "Why?" she asked. "I mean I know it's important. It looked like it was important to him. I guess he didn't say but it was obvious he treasured this." She raised her arm gesturing to the wolf charm bracelet. She let her arm fall to her side then. Again lightly chewing her lips. Naima's name on the tip of her tongue.

The questions she had about this mystery female was waiting to pour from her lips. The only thing holding her back was the worry that she wouldn't like the answers. Not that she was concerned about Sequoia's loyalty to her. More that she was worried she would start seeing this woman as a better match for him then she ever could be. I mean there had to be a reason why his parents wanted him to be with her. Finally it seemed like she could hold back no longer, "Naima!" she blurted out before rolling her eyes at herself, "I mean can you tell me more about Naima? I-I can't ask Sequoia." She admitted the last part slowly before looking back at Yaya.