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Harmony of Worlds (Lore and OOC)

By Stripper

Replies: 5 / 223 days ago

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Going to post this here since I have a feeling this might change a little, but...

I think I might have sorted something out for Akiho? Keeping with her original motivation, obviously, which will leave room for character development, blahblahblah, but still might incorporate Jeong Jeong and the deserters somewhere? I imagine that maybe Aang never properly encountered him, not to learn firebending at least, maybe learning firebending from somewhere else.

- Akiho is quite unskilled with her firebending. After realizing how the bad the war actually is and that there is a chance for her to do something and contribute to bringing peace, Akiho could possibly seek out Jeong Jeong for some training. Kind of appropriate considering they are both deserters if Jeong Jeong is largely the same in this canon. This really depends if we wanna drag someone along as well, one of the main characters or even a side character, or alternatively Akiho could do this alone for whatever reason.

- Could tie in with the Order of the White Lotus, Ba Sing Se, etc. I suppose that all really depends if these things are effected in this universe. I guess we'll cross that bridge when it comes.
Stripper / 219d ago
-The avatar has taught the younger generations of airbenders, but has recently taken a more direct role in the war effort as he seeks a way to bring down Firelord Ozai.
Straud / 222d ago
[center - Katara and Sokka have, had, has traveled to the North Pole (to the Northern Water Tribe) by themselves instead.

- Motivated and inspired Poallu to do the same thing as they share similar goals. All from the same tribe. I guess we could bend the canon slightly to have the Southern Tribe be home to a very small amount of waterbenders who avoided imprisonment by masking their skills, which could be the case for Poallu.
Stripper / 222d ago
[center [b Major Points]
-AU where the avatar did NOT run away after finding out who he was, and escaped with Monk Gyatso during the airbender genocide with a few other airbenders.

-At this point, assuming he's been training in secret as much as possible during this time, he's a mostly realized avatar, but without some of the initial journeys from the original universe, he hasn't had time to fully defeat the fire nation yet.

-The rest of Team Avatar has already formed, but on a more delayed timeline due to "reason" [we can plan that out or improvise it as we go].]
Stripper / 223d ago