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Snowfall (Closed)

By ARandomDarkener

Replies: 137 / 1 years ago

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In this new world, people are born with elemental powers or abilities, known as 'Advents.' There are schools specifically set up for both kinds, and shows them how to control said powers.
In one of these schools, Rasiel Junior High, there are currently group projects centered around these Advents. Seven people are assigned to each group, and they have to find out the best way they can use them all in the project. This is where it ends for now, but I'm willing to add to the plot as we go.

Fill out this skeleton and PM it to me:
P.S You can have up to three characters.

Advent (if possible, add a small explanation):
Likes (three things):
Dislikes (three things):

Name: Quinn "Fritz" Dominguez
Age: 14
Personality: Social and chatty, but also ambiverted
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes and light skin, wears a mint-colored hoodie and sweatpants
Sexuality: Straight
Advent: Can summon Hellflame Spirit from himself, which can be used to defend and attack. The hotter it is, the more out of control it gets.
Likes: staring into the Sun, indie games and garlic bread
Dislikes: plans gone wrong, petrification and spiders

Sf_Pappy's Character:
Name: Lia Reynolds
Age: 15
Personality: Shy and kept to herself
Appearance: Rainbow hoodie and black leggings blue eyes and hair dyed hot pink
Sexuality: Bisexual
Advent: She can read people's minds with almost no difficulties at all.
Likes: Music, Hoodies, alone time
Dislikes: Bullies, people, snakes

Sadlolita's Character:
Name- Charli Newman
Age- 14
Personality- Loves to talk and be part of conversations. She is very goofy and loving at the same time and she can be a real softie with you unless you push her buttons and make her angry.
Appearance- Very small. Fragile even. She has soft, tan skin, a bright smile and beautiful brown hair that goes past her shoulders. She wears an oversized hoodie with shorts and converse. Simple things like that.
Sexuality- Bisexual
Advent- Telekinesis (Being able to control and move things with her mind)
Likes- Reading, The beach and sushi rolls because their cute
Dislikes- Meanie heads, Brussel Sprouts and some cats

Character's Character:
Name: Blake Barfall
Age: 16
Personality: Kind, smart
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes,
Sexuality: Bi
Advent: Elemental Power
Likes: Video games, Cold food, Outdoor activities
Dislikes: Jerks, Reading, basketball

Deleteddonotcontact (Sklee's) Character:

Name: Likonla
Age: 15
Personality: Thoughtful and Strong, Takes her Time with Things.
Appearance: A tall girl, with brown skin, blue eyes, and grey hair.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Advent: She can create creatures known as abominations out of certain materials. The quality and abilities of the abomination depends on the materials.
Likes: Reading, Playing Stardew Valley-esc games, Figuring out what materials do what.
Dislikes: Interruptions, Rudeness, and Lack of Quality


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[#7yrs0d "Yeah. For that matter, what is the project about? I was just wondering why we didn't really get any information on it".
''Mmm..'' Lia tried to read his mind again hoping it doesn't end in a complete disaster like it had the last time she tried.
Sf_Pappy / 1y ago
"Well I don't even know what the project is even about" Blake said before wiping some water from the explosion off his face.
Character / Character / 1y ago
She chuckled a bit ''well we have to start getting our ideas together here soon.''
Sf_Pappy / 1y ago
"Not really no" Blake said before fusing his two fusions which ended up exploding in his face.
Character / Character / 1y ago
''About what you're going to do in the project...'' Lia said as she rolled her eyes slightly.
Sf_Pappy / 1y ago
"Wht kind of plan?" Blake asked Lia before making another element fusion by combining a rock and some lightning.
Character / Character / 1y ago
Lia smiled as she looked at Blake ''So do you have a plan yet?'' She asked trying to be friendly.
Sf_Pappy / 1y ago
"Good for you" Blake said before looking at the super ball he just barely made. He messed with it before placing it on the ground.
Character / Character / 1y ago
She looked at the creature and smiled at it. ''I-i think I did it!'' She said happily.
Sf_Pappy / 1y ago
Blake decided to test out something. He grabbed a fire ball and a water ball as he jammed a lightning rod between the two andnfused the three elements to make a super ball.
Character / Character / 1y ago
The creature had calmed down and was holding on to her protectively, looking aggressively at everyone, and everything.
Blake made the rod and ball disappear as he sighed and started messing with a water ball instead as he sat down.
Character / Character / 1y ago
Lia went back to concentrating on what she was doing before she had been interrupted. She was muttering a few things to herself.
Sf_Pappy / 1y ago