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By kshahidx

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[center [font "times new roman"[size24 [i [b W]]]hen amirah accepts her fiance's proposal, she knows she wants to have everyone she loves, friend and family, there to celebrate her big day. that includes her friends from college. no one would pass up on a free trip to paris right?
[font "times new roman"[size24 [i [b W]]]hats expected to be a winter wonderland wedding, soon turns into a disaster, as a brutal snowstorm sweeps over the city. things cant get any worse, that is if you don't factor in [b x and y] who each had no idea the other would be attending. with nowhere to go, the two spend time trying to piece together what went wrong in their relationship and whether its worth going after so many years later]]


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The next couple of weeks were hard. Getting back into all of her work, having countless meetings where co-workers were displaying their work to her and having meetings with higher ups about her own work was tiring. She knew it’d all fall back into place in due time. After weeks of meetings while trying to talk to Gabriel whenever she could, she could feel herself getting back into a rhythm. New York didn’t lose the hustle and bustle it always had, but Charlotte herself felt she lost some of her love for the city. She had been looking at homes farther away from the city, wanting to find something more stable than her high-rise apartment she had been living in for over a year or so now. She didn’t want to make any big decisions, as talk of the move still took over her mind. It seemed like it was all up to whatever the heads of the publishing house wanted was what would happen, so Charlotte had no say in the matter. She hoped that this could help her situation, maybe even move closer to Gabriel, but she didn’t want to expect something. She knew she could move farther, but she knew all she could do was wait. Would she give up this dream of a job for him if they ended up moving to London?

She was, for once since Gabriel reentered her life, unsure.

Charlotte put the phone to her ear as she walked down the street, greeting Gabriel. She had just left the office and was making her way to get some coffee before heading home. She smiled hearing his voice through the phone, although it wasn’t the same. She had missed his touch and having him so close to her, it was harder than the first time. As he spoke about coming at the end of the week, Charlotte felt her smile grow larger. [i “Oh my, yes. That’s not too early at all. That’s amazing. I can’t believe you’ll be here for Valentine’s day, I thought we’d have to have another online date.”] Charlotte beamed. Their video call dates were cute, but she’d much rather have the real him in front of her. She missed feeling his lips on hers, his skin against hers. She wanted him, but she couldn’t. But, him coming so soon, felt like a dream. [i “I can’t wait to see you.”]

Before she knew it, the week flew by and she was driving. Charlotte used her car as little as possible, driving in the city was a nightmare. But she was able to use side streets and cut a couple of people off and was able to make it before Gabriel’s plane landed. She really wanted to greet him right off the plane. She got in, making excellent time, and found his gate with ease. She waited, knowing any minute he’d see Gabriel and Abby heading off the plane. As people started milling out, Charlotte searched for him over the crowd that was forming. She saw Abby before Gabriel, him running after her to take her hand. Charlotte waved toward him, her smile widening. He looked just as handsome as before. She wanted to run at him, jump into his arms but he knew he had a handful with just Abby with no Francesca. She made her way over, her excitement taking over as she ran over to him. She wrapped her arms around his torso, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. [i “I miss you so much.”] she spoke, buiring her head into his chest. She looked over, sending a smile to Abby. She leaned down, [i “Hey, are you excited?”] she asked. [i “Let’s go find your bags, yeah?”] she asked, taking Gabriel’s other hand in hers.
A sleeping Abby made t hard for the make to get everything together. He cradled Abby against his side where her head rested in his shoulder, spiraling brown curls covering her face. He was trying to get their baggage and greatly was missing Francesca’s presence. He had managed to everything together though, but that meant waking Abby up which she was not happy about.
“Where’s Franny?” She grumbled as she wiped at her eyes. Gabriel shifted his shoulder, quite sore from the flight and holding Abby after they got off the plane.
“She will be staying with uncle Carter for a little while. Remember? We will be going to New York soon to visit Charlotte.” It felt strange saying her name and knowing that he couldn’t just walk down a hall to see her. Already the distance was getting to him. Gabriel spotted their Uber and together they headed toward the black SUV with their bags. He buckled Abby in before placing his own seatbelt on. As they were pulling away, he sent a quick message to Charlotte letting her know that they had arrived before sinking into his seat and trying to relax.

They had finally reached the house, which seemed much emptier now that they didn’t have Francesca, but even she hadn’t really filled the space to how he liked. Gabriel knew he was just searching for that fulfillment of having a full family. While Abby’s mother did have some issues and they remained together purely for their daughter, there was some kind of live and attraction there. He kissed those moments of intimacy and be cared for. He missed Charlotte terribly.

The coming weeks weren’t any easier. Abby had difficulty sleeping and again had started finding her way into Gabriel’s bed. He hadn’t missed much from work and was actually surprised that his staff had kept everything running smoothly. They had a big project coming out during the summer and he was very excited about it. Of course, day after day he had kept in touch with Charlotte any way he could. Bring away from he was much harder than he expected. When his schedule seemed to settle down well enough, he finally reached out to her about coming down. Everything was squared away, he figured he could transfer Abby for a while and see how things worked out. If all was good then they could think about staying long term.

“So I was thinking maybe we fly down end of this week. Is that too soon?” He asked Charlotte in the phone. He was currently making dinner while Abby was occupied in the other room doing homework. At least Francesca and Carter were enjoying themselves.
gabriel / kshahidx / 10d ago
Charlotte nodded, and followed Abby and Gabriel to the cafe. She got a coffee and a breakfast sandwich, as the two of them missed their breakfast earlier anyway. She might as well get something while she passes the time here. They went through the line quickly, and smiled as a kiss was placed on the top of her head. When Abby was settled, the two had a few minutes to talk. She nodded, [i “I know. Maybe work will make it fly by.”] she smiled toward him. They were able to chat and talk about last minute things, Abby adding in things every so often from her game. It was nice to have this time with him, even with small interruptions from attention notices or ringing of bells. And soon, it was time.

Charlotte didn’t want to seem upset, even if she was. When Gabriel kissed her, she closed her eyes. She let herself relax into him, taking hold of his wrists as they kissed. She smiled, the small pecks after their kiss peppered on her lips. [i “I love you, too.”] she smiled, letting her hands slip into his when he removed his hands from her cheeks. [i “Bye, Abby!”] she waved. Gabriel’s hands left hers, feeling colder than before. She watched as she entered the tunnel to board the plane, feeling a lump in her throat. She swallowed it back, she knew Gabriel wouldn’t want her to cry. It just brought back all the memories of him leaving before, but she knew she’d hear from him soon.

Charlotte set herself up at a table, opening her computer. She took out her cellphone, sending a quick, [+grey I love you] text to Gabriel before calling Kori. Charlotte was able to catch Kori up on everything that happened, about Gabriel and the wedding. Kori was happy for her, yet nervous. Being so far away would possibly bring tension and longing, but she knew that Gabriel made her friend so happy. Kori was excited to finally meet him when he came to visit. Kori caught her up on work, that the screenplay was almost halfway edited, and they would just need to go over some notes from the rest of the team as well. Charlotte was surprised at how much they got down without her there. She smiled, hanging up with her friend. And began on her extensive list of unread emails.

After a few hours, she decided she should head to her gate, and probably grab something more to eat now. She opted for a wrap, and grabbed some snacks to hold her over on the plane as well. And just like that, it was time to board her own plane. She got her seat, bracing herself for the long flighthead. She hoped she could just fall asleep and wake up when it was over, just the crying baby only a few seats over wasn’t going to let that happen. She sighed, closing the window and putting on one of the in flight movies, hoping for least a distraction.

After 9 long hours, Charlotte was exhausted. She got off the plane and got her bag as quickly as she could. Kori had even offered to pick her up, which was a godsend at this point. Opening her phone when she got off the plane, a text from Gabriel finally came in that he had landed. [+grey I just did too. I’m probably going to go home and head to sleep, I couldn't sleep at all on the plane.] She headed outside, seeing Kori’s red car pull up.

[b “Uber for Lottie.”] the woman behind the wheel teased. Charlotte got her bag in the car, sliding into the passenger seat and hugging her friend. [i “Thank you so much. I’m taking you for lunch tomorrow for this.”] Charlotte smiled, her eyes a telling sign of how sleepy she was. Kori got her home, helping her bring her bags in. Charlotte was happy to have the next day off, get over the jet lag before returning to work. Charlotte told Kori she’d pick her up for lunch tomorrow, before Kori headed home. Charlotte quickly changed into some sweatpants and a tee shirt and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.
While there was much for them to do together, eventually he knew that it was inevitable that they would part. Still, Gabriel appreciated these small moments, no matter how they were interrupted by the sound of flights being announced or getting through the TSA checkpoint. By the time they had surpassed all that though, he clung tight to Charlotte once more. Abby stuck close to him which was how he liked it. Though, he knew that it would be quite difficult when he got back home without Francesca. Abby was going to have a hard time dealing with her not being around and would need much more attention from Gabriel. With all the work piled up since him leaving and his plans with Charlotte, he knew that it would be tough going back into single father mode.

“I’ve got about two hours,” Gabriel said. Abby was already pointing toward a lace to eat. He knew she was not a fan of any of the food offered on their flight and figured they would get something before they boarded the plane. Though, he admittedly was hanging on to their time together as best as possible.

“Why don’t we get something to eat? A coffee and a pastry maybe?” He and Charlotte had been up to other things instead of getting breakfast anyways. He knew Abby more so probably wanted something to drink for now and save some snacks for later. He kept an eye on her as she walked back and forth in front of the window display, looking at what to bring on. Gabriel ordered a coffee and a breakfast pastry. He added on a trail mix and some different cheeses along with a juice for Abby and whatever Charlotte wanted.

“You can’t cry, Gabriel said to Charlotte, kissing the top of her head after paying the woman. They moved out of the queue and soon began toward the seating where their gates were. “We both know it’s not forever.” He let Abby take a seat and tend to her juice, now distracted by the iPad he gave her, she seemed much calmer. He was glad to know her fear of flying had settled as getting on the plane took a few tries before she relaxed. “I’ll call you as soon as we land and we will figure it out. I’ll be seeing you soon. I promise.”

It wasn’t long before he and Abby were to start to board the plane. Gabriel leaned in to kiss Charlotte, his hand cradling her face as he deepened it, moaning softly against her lips. He gave several pecks after. “I love you,” he told her.
“Bye Charlotte!” Abby said as she waved, the both of them eventually making their way on the plane.
gabriel / kshahidx / 12d ago
Charlotte got the clothes she planned to wear on now, something comfortable to wear on her 9 hour flight home. Just a simple pair of black leggings, a grey tank top with a lilac cardigan topped over that. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail once again, sighing as Gabriel came over to press a kiss to her lips again. [i "Not yet."] she pouted, wrapping her arms around his torso. She knew once Gabriel left on his plane, she'd have a couple of hours before her flight would be boarding, so she kept her laptop in an easy to reach spot so she could start replying to emails and things before she got on the plane. She hoped to be able to sleep, as she really hated flying, but she knew she'd have a hard time without Gabriel with her.

Charlotte grabbed her suitcase and a small bag she had brought with her, and pulled the bag behind her. She sighed as she saw Gabriel, Francesca, Carter and Abby outside; wishing she was following him to LA or he was going with her to New York. The two of them had been so invested in work before this trip that neither of them thought they would be as close as they now were once again. It was crazy to think that just these short few days brought them together after 10 years apart.

Charlotte pushed open the door, Carter helping her put her bag in the back of the car along with the other bags. She gave a hug to Francesca and Carter, who were leaving a but later than Gabriel, so decided to head out later as well. Carter giving her hand a light squeeze, happy to his his friends happy again. Charlotte sent a smile his way, lifting her eyebrows toward Francesca, causing the young woman to blush a bit before Carter pulled her in by the waist. Charlotte slid into the card next to Gabriel, their hands finding their way to eachother's quickly.

As the arrived at the airport, Abby quickly clung to her father on one side. It was understandable, the airport was busy and crowded. It would be easy to lose someone if you weren't holding onto them. Charlotte took hold of Gabriel's hand on the opposite side of him, following behind him. It worked out that Charlotte would be leaving from a nearby gate, so they would be able to go through security and things together, and she could watch him and Abby board the plane as well.

After security, Abby seemed to calm down as the crowds became more spread out, looking around the airport. [i "So, what time is your flight? How long do you have?"] Charlotte asked, keeping her body close to Gabriel's. She didn't want to let even a moment slip by where she couldn't be near him. She wasn't ready to say goodbye, but she knew it going to come up soon. [i "I feel like I'm going to cry watching you leave. I know it's not forever, but it feels like it."] Charlotte spoke, leaning her head on his shoulder, before looking up at him. She couldn't help but smile seeing his face. [i "But, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?"]
Gabriel watched as Charlotte made her way out of bed. He looked toward Abby who was still asleep. He didn’t want to leave her alone and instead reached for his phone to call Francesca. She sounded sleepy and he could hear Carter in the background. Still, she knew he was flying out with Abby by himself and understood that while she would be going on vacation, she did still work for him. Gabriel needed some time to get back into dating and he didn’t even seem to be the one to convince her once he mentioned Charlotte. Carter was already assuring him that Francesca was on the way.

Sure enough, after he made sure their bags were packed and sitting at the front, he had changed into something easy to get in and out of and Francesca was knocking gently at the door.
“She’ll probably wake up shortly. Just make sure she eats and gets dressed. You know how she is when we –” Francesca chuckled and started to push Gabriel out the door.
‘Don’t worry about us alright?” It was still pretty early in the morning, the house quiet. Either the guests had already left or were getting in some sleep before having to head to the airport for a later flight.

Gabriel peeked into the room, seeing Charlotte sitting on the edge of the bed in much more impressive wear than himself. Gabriel closed the door, his hand behind his back assuring that it was locked. He couldn’t help the grin on his face as he slowly made his way toward Charlotte.
“I think this should do the trick,” he said in a soft voice before drawing her into his arms and kissing her deeply.

By the time Gabriel was getting dressed he was more and more hating the idea that he would be leaving. He pulled on his shirt then, running his hand through his hair to untangle the dark locks.
“Well, this is it.” Gabriel said as he walked over to kiss Charlotte. Francesca and Carter had already helped with getting their things in the rental car. Abby was downstairs finishing her breakfast. Soon they would be on a plane and he would be saying goodbye to Charlotte, though he had to keep reminding himself that it wasn’t forever. When she was settled, he headed downstairs and awaited for the drive. He had every intention of holding Charlotte’s hand the whole way there.
gabriel / kshahidx / 14d ago
Charlotte smiled at her sleepy lover as he spoke his first words of the day. [i "I know I didn't have to. I just wanted as much time with you as I could."] Charlotte smiled. She followed suit, looking over his body to see the sleeping girl behind him. Her curly hair sprawled out around her, her small body curled into a ball. She was happy to have gotten to know the girl a bit during their time together in Paris, but was excited to learn more about her once they came to New York. She was spunky, yet had a quiet and reserved nature. She hoped the girl would come to love herself, as much as she loved her already.

Charlotte had been teasing kisses along his neck, and soon his hand was on her cheek. She leaned into his hand as his lips met hers. Her breathing hitched as they kissed, and slowly each kiss felt like it would be their last. She didn't want that to be the case any time soon, but she knew it was evitable by the end of today. She missed being around the man so much and it felt graduation all over again. When he spoke of it being hard to leave her, she could help but smirk. [i "And you think you're making it easy on me?"] she laughed softly.

A soft moan escaped as his nose trailed up her neck, moving her head to let the feeling not leave. The hot breath against her neck was no help to the words he spoke. She looked up at the ceiling, a smile playing on her lips. [i "It's like you read my mind."]. She slowly got out from the warmness of the sheets from his bed, pressing a kiss to his lips. She kept her face close to his, a smile on her lips. [i "Come in whenever you're ready."] she smiled. She stood up slowly, biting her lip as she left his room.

Charlotte knew that her body woke her up because she was hoping she could have this time to connect with him. No, their relationship wasn't all about sex but it seemed like it was something they both needed. They both needed touch, and Charlotte's love language was touch. This wasn't just a pleasure thing for them, it was intimacy and love to them. She found some small candles that had been stashed away, lighting them to make the moment even a little special. She knew they didn't have a lot of time, and even if this time would be just them cuddling together and talking, that would be just as special. But, she thought she'd spice it up a bit.

Charlotte stripped herself from her pajama's, changing into a black matching set of bra and panties. She let her hair down, letting her waves fall around her shoulders. She put her glasses on her face, as she wanted to be able to catch his reaction when he entered the room. She didn't have too much to use as she was mostly packed, but she could at least have the few candles and a spicy outfit for him to catch her in. She placed herself at the edge of the bed, waiting for him to open the door to her.

As the door opened, she let her glasses fall a bit lower on her nose, and leaned her head up slowly. When Gabriel; caught sight of her, Charlotte smirked. [i "Thought I could make this something you could think about on that /long/ flight home."] she smiled, biting her bottom lip lightly, letting her lip slide slowly from her teeth, her lips pouting together once it escaped from her teeth.
Gabriel thought about Francesca and Carter. He had made it clear that she was off the market and not because he wanted her or anything like that. He just wanted her to stay focused and Carter had a way of distracting females. Not to mention if something went wrong, it would greatly affect his relationship with her on a personal and professional level and certainly that would be an issue for Abby. It had taken her so long to finally find a nanny she liked. If Carter could change then maybe there was hope for the couple to make it. They would duffer the first week or so alone, but once they were together, Gabriel had no doubt that they could definitely make things work. Who knows? Maybe they would be the ones getting married next.

Morning soon came and he could feel the light feathery touch of Charlotte’s lips against his jaw. Gabriel’s lips pulled into a lazy smile, his eyes still closed. He could feel Charlotte against him, his hand finding her thigh with a smile. She was warm too and only encouraged him to hold her closer.

He opened his eyes then, yawning as his hands reached up to rub at his eyes. Gabriel leaned up to kiss Charlotte.
“Good morning,” he said. He looked toward the alarm clock on the end table. It was still early. “You didn’t have to wake up this early,” he said. Gabriel looked over his shoulder to find that Abby was still asleep. He didn’t want her up the whole flight, wanting to get her back on a regular schedule again. So, he decided to let her sleep in. fortunately, they had very little to pack up.

That was the last thing on his mind though as he found himself distracted then by Charlotte’s kisses along his neck. He turned to face her, his hand reaching to cup her left cheek as he kissed her. Gabriel pulled away briefly, suckling on her bottom lip. “You know you are making it incredibly hard to leave you,” he whispered as his nose trailed against her neck. Gabriel leaned into her, his nose against her neck. “How about I meet you in your room?”
gabriel / kshahidx / 23d ago
Feeling his fingertips over her skin made her smile, small shivers through her body as his touch lightly tickled her skin. She smiled, allowing her eyes to close lightly as she listened to his words. Her eyes fluttered open slowly, looking at him when he mentioned Francesca would not be joining them in New York. She lifted an eyebrow, surprised at how close Francesca and Carter were becoming in such a short time. [i "Wow, who would have thought Carter would get attached? Mr. Bachelor is getting tied down."] Charlotte teased. [i "And I'm pretty sure you told him she was off limits when we first got here."] Charlotte smiled, resting her head on the pillow, her eyes still on Gabriel.

[i "I mean, I'd love you to be there as soon as possible. But, we both know that's not realistic. How long do you think you'll need? I'd need two and a half weeks, maybe? I know I'm going to be at the office late for at least two weeks. I mean, you tell me your ready and I'll get you the next ticket to me. How am I ever going to sleep without you next to me."] Charlotte spoke, her hand resting on his cheek.

As he mentioned Carter's film, she smiled as she remembered. Carter really wanted to be part of the film festival and spent weeks writing. His film ended up being pretty decent, but not for what he wanted it to be. Instead of the action film he wanted, he got a comedy. Carter had been mad at Charlotte for her poor acting, but soon took it back as people started complimenting the movie.

Charlotte yawned lightly, but wanted to stay away as long as possible. As long as they were awake, tomorrow wouldn't come. She had just got him back and he would be gone tomorrow. She smiled hearing his words, she moved her thumb across his cheek. [i "I love you more."] she smiled. Charlotte fought how heavy her eyes were becoming, and soon, Gabriel's words rang true as she began to slowly fall asleep.
Rolling over, Charlotte realized she had fallen asleep. It was early, and she headed to the window. The sun was barely over the horizon, which made her smile. She crawled back into Gabriel's arms, back to the warmth of the bed. She attempted to fall back asleep, but her body wouldn't allow her. She took the time to study Gabriel's face. Since college, he had aged, but in such an amazing way. He was still so handsome and was surprised he wasn't remarried after so long. She didn't want to wake him, but at the same time, she wanted to get as much love from him before they had to leave.

Charlotte pressed light kisses to his jawline, down to his neck. [i "Good morning, love."] she mumbled against his neck, making sure she didn't get too crazy. The first time the two had spent the night together, Amirah had made fun of the amount of bruises that covered both of their necks. She knew this would get him excited, and hoped they could have time to connect one last time before their departure from eachother.
“We both know you’re falling asleep first,” Gabriel said with a smirk. They had both made their way to the bed, cuddling close to one another. His arms were wrapped around her waist, holding he to him their hips met and he leaned in to kiss her. He was going to miss moments like this. If he could, he would’ve canceled his flight, but he already had to reschedule one of his meetings and Abby had to get back to school after all. Gabriel realized then how much work he would have to get done in such a short amount of time and he wanted to make sure Charlotte was prepared for them when they came to visit her. they could discuss that soon, when she wanted him to come visit exactly. He still thought about her mentioning a possible chance of relocation and that turned his stomach. Though, this had shown him that in due time it was possible to reconnect. Thy couldn’t go another ten years though and that led Gabriel to thinking about of lot of ways to assure he and Charlotte remained in each other’s life . . . even if that meant relocating his business as well.

Gabriel’s hand roamed from her backside along her thigh, gently his fingers grazed her skin. He leaned in to kiss her again, soaking in the warmth of her. Eventually Gabriel pulled back, knowing he could go a bit crazy on Charlotte’s neck at times and didn’t want her having to explain that when she went back to work.
“She would love that. I think she’s really going to like New York.” He could only hope she would. Though things would be different as Carter had already explained to Gabriel he intended for Francesca to spend some time with him. “Well, Francesca seemed to be using her time off finally and is spending it with Carter,” Gabriel said. He chuckled softly. “I know I can’t believe it.” This meant a lot of the duties he hadn’t been responsible for since hiring Francesca would be his again. It would be difficult but he had been a single father before and he figured with some help from Charlotte, it shouldn’t be too hard. “So you just tell me when’s the flight and we will be at the airport.”

Gabriel closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of Charlotte’s feathery touches. He opened his eyes and looked down at the shirt he was wearing. A smile played on his lips recalling the film. “It was his attempt at some kind of silent dystopian film.” It was a bit of a mess and as mentioned their lead female dropped off. What was supposed to be this action thriller had turned into a comedy. Carter was happy either way as the movie was still well received and even had a bit of a cult following. He could tell Charlotte was keeping herself from sleeping and some part of Gabriel was as well. He longed for her in other ways. His flight was early though and he knew he should get some rest. “I love you,” he said to Charlotte, undeniably in a state of bliss at that moment.
gabriel / kshahidx / 31d ago
As Gabriel faced Charlotte, a smile rested on her lips. His gentle tilt of her chin as he kissed her sent chills down her spine. Anything he did turned her into a putty in his hands. As they rested their foreheads together, his hands firmly on her hips, she closed her eyes and let herself just be happy with where she was. She was in Paris, in a beautiful cabin with a man she had been in love with for years. They were happy, and even without a label, in some kind of relationship. They were going to make this work; hell, they had to make this work. Charlotte was unsure if she could go through losing him again.

As Gabriel spoke, Charlotte couldn’t help but agree. She was tired, the long day of fun had really tuckered her out. But, she also wanted to spend as much of the night with Gabriel as possible. [i “Guess we’ll just have to see who falls asleep first.”] Charlotte spoke softly. She took his face, one hand on each cheek and pulled him into her, pressing their lips together. She knew Abby was next to them, but she knew she was sleeping. She wouldn’t push it any further than this, as much as she wanted to. Their mouths moved in sync, the two knowing what the other one enjoyed. She squeezed her eyes shut, as she let her body press against Gabriel’s, if she could even get it any closer.

Charlotte moved his hands down from his cheeks, down his neck and let them wrap around his neck. She bent one leg, letting her get even the small inch closer to the male, her thigh now resting against his waist. As she pulled away for air, she couldn’t help but smile, keeping their faces close. She knew being away from him would be hard, but she knew it would be worth it when he came and visited in New York. [i “I can’t wait for you to see New York. There is a cute tea shop nearby that I think Abby will just love. They have little cakes and sandwiches. And plenty of adult things for us to do there. Is Francesca coming with you? I want to make sure I get enough tickets for anything we plan to do.”] Charlotte said, laying her head down on the pillow, looking up into Gabriel’s eyes. She knew he was visiting to see her, but she was hoping she could get some time alone with him as well. They had been apart so long, she wanted to be able to learn all the things she had missed in his life.

Charlotte reached up and pushed some hair from his eyes, still wet from his obviously recent shower. She looked at his shirt, bringing back some memories from school. [i “Is that the film festival shirt from college? Our senior year, right? Oh, what was the theme? All I remember was Carter begging me to be in it because his lead dropped out at the last minute.”] Charlotte spoke, remembering the terrible acting she had done in his short film. She didn’t know where she was getting this sudden burst of energy, but she assumed it was just being around Gabriel and the adrenaline of it being their last night for a while.
"Sounds good," Gabriel said to Charlotte. he leaned in to give her a kiss. They both were making their way back to the house as were the other guests. Gabriel headed upstairs and to his room. Abigail had stirred some by the time he closed the door. She rubbed her eyes as he placed her on the bed.
“Are you going to help me pack or are you tired?” She laid down, her thumb finding its way back to her mouth. A bad habit he had tried to break. “Abby,” Gabriel repeated to which she stopped sucking her thumb. He sighed out, he knew she was tired. “Alright, why don’t you go run the bath hm?” He started to gather everything, the sound of the water rushing in the background a nice and soothing tone. Packing was bittersweet. He was happy to get back home and get to work, despite knowing it would be a bit stressful with all he had to get settled before leaving for New York. Though, he hated the idea of being away from Charlotte. Them spending the night together seemed like it would make leaving her the worst and yet he didn’t want to be without her in his last night.

After getting everything packed, he made sure he had their clothes for tomorrow laid out. Abby soon returned, wrapped in a towel. He handed her pajamas, a night gown with Elsa on the front and a pair of light blue pants. “Charlotte is coming over for a sleepover. Is that okay?” Abby nodded, soon getting under the covers. Gabriel walked over and smoothed her hair back, kissing her forehead. He soon disappeared to take a shower himself, changing into black sweats and an old shirt form college. He settled under the covers, his arm wrapped around Abby. She was his whole life and had been for quite some time. Letting Charlotte in was going to change that completely.

Eventually Abby fell asleep, which was good. She had so much cake that he feared she wouldn’t even be able to close her eyes. Though it seemed all the dancing and running around had worn her out. He had disappeared briefly to make himself a drink before returning to the room, setting his alarm. He was flipping through the channels when he heard the knock. Gabriel looked over his shoulder at Charlotte as she closed the space between them.
“Hey,” he said softly back. “Yeah she’s all tuckered out.” Abby was used to sleeping on her own side by now, though usually would still cuddle up to him or Francesca. He figured at least he could still be close to Charlotte. He turned to face her, his hand reaching to tip her chin gently as he kissed her. He rested his forehead on hers, his hands now braced on the lips. “I’m exhausted but I don’t want to miss a second with you tonight,” he admitted.
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Charlotte beamed as Gabriel kissed her, and then brought in a third dance partner, Abby, to finish off the night with them. After more drinking, dancing, and laugher; the night was finally over. The whole reason they arrived in Paris in the first place was finally over. When Charlotte was first planning this trip, she tried to make this trip as quick and painless as she could. Now, she didn’t want to leave. This had all felt like a dream and she really wasn't ready to wake up.

As the wedding winded down, Amirah did want to say goodbye to her friends. She had pulled Charlotte aside, taking her hands in her own. [b “Charlotte, thank you so much for coming. I’m so happy this worked out for you and Gabriel. To be honest, I was a little surprised your card said you were attending. Not that I didn’t want you here but after school we lost touch a bit and I know-”] Amirah started, and Charlotte cut her off. [i “Please Amirah. I am so happy for you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you glow like you are now. Thank you for inviting me. Let’s keep in touch, maybe I’ll be in California more now. We’ll meet up.”] Charlotte smiled, pulling her friend into a hug. She couldn’t thank Amirah enough for what she did, for bringing the two most stubborn people together again. But, a hug would do just fine for now. She knew she’d hear from Amirah soon, after her beautiful honeymoon she had told her all about. The group sent her and her husband off, the two looking more in love with each minute passing.

As the staff started to clean up the reception, Charlotte and Gabriel found each other once more. Charlotte noticed the sleeping girl in Gabriel’s arms, she made sure her voice would soften so she wouldn’t be woken up. [i “I’m going to change first, and then I’ll make my way over, okay?”] Charlotte whispered. She also wanted Gabriel to get Abby settled, knowing that he would most likely have to wake her to change her out of her dress before bed.

Charlotte carefully made her way into her room, taking off her dress and hanging it up for the last time. She hung it in its dress bag, folding it up to easily fit into her suitcase. She had packed almost everything already, as she didn’t want to scramble at the last minute for everything. She knew she’d be headed to the airport early to see Gabriel and Abby off, so might as well hang around before her flight. She could get a head start on her work email she had been neglecting while on her little vacation. She pulled on a pair of black and white plaid pajama pants and a black tank top. She brushed out the curls that she had put into her hair, pulling the voluminous mess into a ponytail. She went to the bathroom and removed her makeup, brushing her teeth and grabbing all of her bathroom things and packing them back into her suitcase. She made sure she had some comfy clothes to wear to the airport, and zipped her suitcase up tight.

Charlotte quietly made her way to Gabriel’s room, seeing Carter waiting by the door. [b “One more night together, huh?”] he whispered to Charlotte. [i “Yeah, you too?”] she asked, seeing as Carter was already in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. [b “Yeah, she’s changing.”] he pointed toward Francesca’s door. [b “Hey, you too stay together this time, okay? He hasn’t been this happy in a long time.”] Carter said, seeing the door to Francesca’s room crack a bit. [b “Good night.”] he smiled before entering Francesca’s room. She just smiled and shook her head, [i “Good night Carter.”] she replied, before heading into Gabriel’s room. She planned on staying with him, as she had last time. She wasn’t gonna let him go without a fight, not again.

Charlotte saw Gabriel with his back towards her, as she went up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. [i “How's the princess? Is she still asleep?”] she asked, her eyes closed as she rested her head against his back, taking in his scent.
Gabriel looked over at Charlotte she was gorgeous, glowing from happiness. He wondered if she was this happy on her wedding day? Amirah was head over heels with her groom. They hadn’t broken eye contact since and were still swaying in each other’s arms. He was happy to see that she had found someone. While her relationship with Carter had been fun, they both knew they weren’t really in love. It made Gabriel curious about his relationship with Francesca or at least what came off as the beginning of a relationship. they were already discussing spending time together in California.

He looked at Charlotte’s outstretched hand, allowing her to help him up. of course he wasn’t going to deny her a dance, no matter how much he felt like he would be embarrassed by it. He saw the look on Carter’s face and chuckled. Though his attention was solely on Charlotte and attempting not to step on her feet. One of his hands wrapped around her waist while the other took her hand gently. He loved the feeling of her flesh against his body, her hair tickling his chin. Slowly they swayed back and forth and he had to admit, it wasn’t Dancing With the Stars worthy, but it was nice all the same.

“This is nice,” he agreed. Her words did catch him off guard a little. Though, they both had been I a long term relationship and loved one another. Thinking of them getting married wasn’t so far off. He just couldn’t believe she was still considering it knowing her first marriage didn’t go well. Though, Charlotte was very clear in the fact that she loved Gabriel and had never stopped loving him, giving her hope that if they married, it would be just like a fairytale. He imagined so. Them coming back into each other’s life seemed like a Disney tale.

“I don’t think we could get those two apart with even a crowbar. Seems like Carter the playboy has met his match,” Gabriel said and he meant it in the nicest way possible. Just then he felt a tug on his leg. He smiled at Abby, “Looks like you have put me in the spotlight,” Gabriel said to Charlotte with a playful smirk. He leaned in to kiss her, picking up Abby and swaying with her. her giggles alone made I’m happy.

The night went on until the mid-hours of the night, everyone happy and enjoying the relaxing warmth from the champagne. After a chaotic weekend, it was nice to see that Amirah’s wedding went as planned. She already was scheduled to head out for her honeymoon, but for those leaving a bit later she had reserved the cabin for later. Gabriel knew that Charlotte wanted to spend their last night together and he had no complaints. Though he knew he couldn’t leave Abby alone, especially since Francesca and Carter were going to be flying out together the day after him.

There was separate staff that would assist in cleaning everything up which meant plenty of rest for her guests. “So, my room?” He asked Charlotte, Abigail was already asleep in his arms.
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