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A Not So Chill Zone

By ARandomDarkener

Replies: 5195 / 227 days ago

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This is a sort of branch off from the Chill Zone for anyone who wants to use their RP characters alongside themselves as a Creator.
Have big adventures, chat with others' RP creations, you can do anything.
Come in, this is definitely not weird or anything.
“I don’t get the whole making fun of Cloud.” Bartz said before he yawned.
"Its really nothing to get bent up out of shape you know?" Veronica would say from the sidelines just being shy and cute.
Ace also tried hard not to laugh. “They got ya there, Cloud!” He said.
wait i never watched fate zero so i am now lol lol lol
Gilgamesh. / Kanedgy / 2d ago
Cloud....you have no standing ground..you a picking a fight against a god.

If anything you might have a chance beating Dawn or Ash ...my ocs not the characters from pokemon.
Norris tried not to laugh at the remark that Cloud got.

“What’s so funny.” Cloud said.
Noctis / Catlover33 / 2d ago
Cloud you aren't doing nothing with that toothpick please put the sword away and fight someone else on your level.
A smirk appeared on Cloud’s face as he grabbed the Buster Sword.
Cloud / Catlover33 / 2d ago
Kane I dont know about you...but Gilga and Archer are absolutely fucked.
“I seriously want to break that guy’s neck! He annoys me a lot.” Cloud said.
Cloud / Catlover33 / 2d ago
Gilga.....you are gonna be fighting me next. And Im gonna drag yo ass across the fucking universe and back.
Gilgamesh sighed "You guys are in this dimension as well...interesting." before disappearing again
Gilgamesh. / Kanedgy / 2d ago
(AnD THE WINNER IS JOTARI she fucking absolutely destroyed him.
((Yep... he is definately screwed. Like majorly screwed))
Catlover33 / 2d ago