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Sander Sides?

By Lunatic19

Replies: 947 / 1 years ago

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I have been going a little crazy and decided to rewatch Thomas Sanders and the sides from the beginning and now I kinda want to rp the sides. Whether it is an AU where the sides are separate from the sides or in line with the storyline Thomas has been creating. One idea I had was what if Remus misses Janus and Virgil so when he wakes up with younger and female versions of them he thinks he created them. When in fact all Remus did was summon them from another area of Thomas's mind and they end up liking this side of Thomas more than their own.

If you have any ideas let me know and we can talk it out just shoot me a PM!

I have a few rules

Tell me if you need a break- I have a full time job so I will let you know if I need one as well?
Remus smiled at him weakly as he kissed him slightly as he brought the water bottle up "But there are things I can't talk about. Just like how there are things about your job I won't understand there are things about mine that I know you all will try and fix or figure out a way to help and I don't want you to help." Remus said looking at Logan. "When I picked Jacyn up I saw what she went through after trusting Sloth, L, shit it was so bad and I took those from her mind because she couldn't hear us. She was so scared that their safety had been breached she couldn't hear us. That type of terror I could explain but you will never understand not unless I showed you and that would break you."

Janus looked at Penny "Penny we all have the possibility to go to one extreme or another with our jobs. You could essentially control Thomas into bragging about everything he does. Jacyn in that case job would be to remind Thomas that he isn't perfect by pointing out the flaws. It was what Remus was referring to when he says sometimes they have to be the villain. They don't like having to do it, I certainly don't, but it is a part of her."

"Which is why you shouldn't be around her Pride. Thomas could be so much cooler if you were in control." They said to her as they looked at Emile. "They did not make the choice Honesty made it for them because she was butt hurt over Rage being right that she was weak and should be deleted." Sam huffed crossing their arms. "I don't want to be friends Honesty she is worthless." They said.

Remy smiled at her as he nodded as Jacyn rubbed her eyes "Go away V." She hissed out weakly her voice hurting from crying and she sounded so exhausted from sinking away and fighting. Jacyn just wanted to be alone for a bit she didn't want her girlfriend to have to pick a side.
Sander Sides / Lunatic19 / 122d ago
Logan kept persisting in shoving the water bottle into Remus's shoulder gently. [+blue "Remus, this is why I am always saying that you need to voice your feelings. You are keeping all this bottled up inside and it keeps getting worse. You have people to talk to. Me, Patton, Janus, Virgil. And just drink the damn water to make me happy."] Logan thrust the water bottle onto the ground next to him and draped one of his arms over Remus's knee. Today was a mess. Everyday was a mess. [+blue "Okay.. How about this. From here on out, we TALK about our problems. We need to work on communication skills. Yes, you are unique and different. You have certain ways you go about your business and I won't interfere with any of that. But what you are thinking isn't healthy. Emile can vouch for me."] Logan tilted Remus's head so that he could look him in the eyes sternly.

Patton nodded semi-happily and walked with Roman to the kitchen. [+turquoise "Y-Yeah! Good idea. I know I can count on my Prince with coming up with solutions like this."] He made his way towards the coffee machine and the little homey basket with assorted mixes and sugars. Patton took a deep breath as he calmed down and got sorted. [+turquoise "Right. So first things first, let's get the hot chocolates made and out of the way since the girls will probably need them stat."]

Penny looked at Janus for answers on if Sam was actually telling the truth. [+teal "Keep me in check? B-But. I am not bad. Vivi always jokes that I couldn't hurt a fly even if I tried. And Jaccy is fine just the way she is. M-Maybe you could hang out with them and you could grow to like them and find out that you were wrong."] Penny kept looking at Janus's facial features for any signs that something was wrong. [+teal "I-I think that maybe we could all just become friends."] Penny pulled on Sloth's sleeves to try and get them to cooperate.

Emile added a few notes to his clipboard and listened to Sam. [+pink "So there are a lot of past tensions between all of you that seemed to be unresolved when the girls came here."] He tapped his pen on his glasses and thought for a moment. [+pink "And Sloth, how do you think the girls feel about all of this. Lately you have just been telling us all the things they did wrong but do you think that maybe they have made the right choices? What would you have done in their shoes in this situation?"] Emile felt like there were still a lot of things that were unsaid. He wanted to know more about just want happened in the darkness and what Rage was up to.

Vivian tried to swing her fists at Remy when he caught up to her but none of them landed. [+violet "Jerk. Go to hell."] Vivian tried to make sense of his words and stopped when she heard Jacyn breathing. [+violet "Wait.. You are just going to-... You are so weird."] Vivian glared at him and adjusted her jacket. She put her hand up to the door and gently pushed it in so that some light filtered into the room. [+violet "Jac? It is me. V. You in here?"] Vivian pushed the door open a little more and looked back at Remy.
Sander Sides / TessaFox / 128d ago
Remus shook his head at him "It wouldn't be the first time that I was dehydrated," He said to him as he stayed in Logan's arms as he shook his head. "It's hard to explain. I understand where she is coming from she didn't get to choose between being a kid and an adult she had to because the others needed that." Remus said staring off into space as he shook. "She is like me. That's why I understand. If we stop for a second people or Thomas could get hurt and we can't break, we can't simply stop when it gets hard because it means something worse can happen." Remus said as he brought his legs up to his chest. "It's easy to say we did wrong, we overreacted, we need to be fixed, but no one stops to think about how overwhelming and thankless our jobs are." He curled up sighing weakly "Then we sit alone and try to convince ourselves that you guys aren't correcting us to be mean or to upset us, you just can't see things like us."

Roman smiled "Why don't we make the Hot Chocolate and tea Emile suggested?" he said to Patton leading him to the kitchen as he looked at Janus who sat down to see if he could spot the lies in the story.

Sam huffed "Pride wanted the truth it is such a pain to sugar coat things. Honesty has just been fooling her and Fight this whole time. She has been convincing them that she can protect them when really she can't she is just meant to keep Pride in check and she meant to start fight case and point coming at me with a knife." Sam said as they explained, "Honesty is not needed on this side of the mind space."

Janus watched Penny making sure she did not fall for this "Honesty, Pride, Fight, you are listening to them by their functions Sam. They have names and personalities we are more than just our functions. By your reasoning, I shouldn't be dating any of my boyfriends because as Self-Preservation I should be keeping them in check. "

Remy huffed as he went after her as he shook his head as he stopped Vivian before she could argue he pointed at their pet. "You don't think you should take notice of your pet pawing at her door?" he asked as he made her listening Jacyn ragged breathing as she was trying to stay hidden. Remy turned and block anyone from coming up as he looked at Vivian "Well you going in? Doc wanted me to bring you two back he did not give me a time limit so if you happened to go in to comfort your girlfriend he wouldn't be any wiser." Remy said to her.
Sander Sides / Lunatic19 / 146d ago
Logan let out a long sigh and shrugged. [+blue "If she wants to be an adult so bad then she needs to act more like one. Making petty fights over the past isn't that. Now, yes there are times where you have to face the past but threatening to kill someone or go feral like she just did want far from anything remotely adult-like."] He snapped as large bottle of water appeared in his hands and he started to drink from it. [+blue "Breaks are fine, but it is the fact that she pushed herself this far. She should have realized that sooner."] Logan took another sip of his water and offered it to Remus. [+blue "Here. You are probably dehydrated."]

Penny pulled her arms back from Sam a little bit when they started talking about Jacyn and Vivian in a negative way. [+teal "N-No... That isn't what happened. I-I think you have something wrong with your story a little bit. Jaccy is the best at playing music ever! Especially when she doesn't know we are there and we listen in secret."]

Emile walked up to them and clapped his hands together happily. [+pink "Now, now. Let's not start nipping at eat other. How about we all settle down? I can make us some tea or hot chocolate! Doesn't that sound nice? And Sloth. You really don't have to be such a poisoned apple."] Emile casually motioned for Roman and Patton to stay where they were. If they put their hands on either Penny or Sloth, both of the two smaller sides would go nuts. First, he needed both of them to let everything out in a healthy way. [+pink "How about this. Sloth, or was it Sam? Is there anything... else you would like to say? And Penny, if they are upsetting me, just let me know."] Penny nodded but still clung loosely to Sam.

Patton hated everything that was going on at the moment. [+turquoise "Roman, I don't like just watching and waiting for everyone else to come back. Can't we like go help Logan or something? Maybe we could clean up breakfast or at least try to eat some of it."] Patton was feeling bad that it hadn't gone as plan for the girls. It looked like they had worked so hard.

Vivian jumped and screamed when she saw Remy and his signature black leather jacket suddenly appear in front of her. She hadn't been prepared for him to come at her from that direction. [+violet "What they hell do you want and why do you talk like that? Why can't you speak normally instead of in weird riddles?!"] Vivian took her chance while he was replying and started sprinting down the hall. [+violet "JACYN WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! PLEASE!!"]
Sander Sides / TessaFox / 148d ago
Remus leaned into Logan more "They are kids. Jacyn has been acting like an adult this whole time don't fault her for finally breaking down." Remus said as he relaxed against Logan breathing in and out trying to calm down even if he still blamed himself. "Everyone needs a break they should be allowed to have them."

Janus sighed "Normally, I would have but Jacyn normally doesn't act like this so I want her to cool off some. This was probably their first big fight." He said to Emile as they walked over to the group to hear Sam talking.

Sam shrugged at her "Oh boo woo. Honesty is not needed for Thomas to function think about it Rage-" Sam was cut off by Janus who glared.

"If you are going to answer Penny's Questions you will do so without mocking another side. Now she asked you what cause Jacyn to want to kill you." Janus said.

"Rage was pissed at the noise you guys were making and it was keeping me awake so I told Rage where to find you." Sam told her with a roll of their eyes. "You and Fight might have gotten kidnap because Jacyn was shedding and couldn't fight Rage off. Rage taught you guys not to make so much noise and you were all hollow and Jacyn blamed me. You bounce back when Thomas took pride in his paper that he finished so it wasn't that big of a deal. She is just being extra."

Janus pinched his nose as Roman motioned for Patton to get ready to hold Janus back "Yes obviously Jacyn almost watches Pride and Fight die and she is being overdramatic." Janus said sarcastically.

Remy sighed weakly as he appeared in front of her "It's what I want you to believe gurl you so tense. Now come on I have a Nagini to find and you are her snake charmer." Remy said to her sipping his coffee.
Sander Sides / Lunatic19 / 155d ago
Logan pulled Remus closer to him so that the green side wouldn't feel so alone. [+blue "Shhh. It is okay. You couldn't have even known they existed. And I am sure that you checked on Janus then and when you made sure he was fine, you thought nothing more of it. None of us knew what was really going on down there but now we do. Now we can fix this and help them."] Logan kissed Remus's ear and rubbed his shoulders. [+blue "Please just try to breathe. This isn't your fault. Try focusing on me or the graceful movements of the fire."] Logan looked at the fire too as he tried to relax. Why did the girls have to be so immature?

Penny looked up at them, confused and curious. [+teal "No. Jaccy and Vivi just told me that they found a better spot and that we had to leave. A-And when we first came here, Jaccy said that if she didn't fulfill her purpose that she would be replaced. Isn't that like dying?"] Penny's heart rate was slowing down from her earlier fight against Roman's arms. She was tired and didn't even get to fully eat breakfast, just little scraps that she had eaten when Jacyn wasn't looking. Penny looked over at Roman as he warned Sam before whispering curiously to Sloth. [+teal "Can you tell me more about what really happened? I think Jaccy and Vivi were always trying to protect me so they never told me the full truth."]

Virgil looked up at Patton and Roman from his stress ball as he tried to sink himself into the couch. Maybe if he went and sat in his room while they dealt with this, things would be easier for them. But... he couldn't leave while Emile was here incase the therapist needed to talk with him.

Patton leaned on Roman as he helped him. [+turquoise "Thanks, Kiddo... What are we going to do? I want to help but it looks like Emile and Remy have it all covered. Is there not something we can at least try to do?"] Patton untied his cat hoodie from his shoulders and put it on to try and help calm himself down. It was embedded with happy feeling but not so much that they would cloud his judgement.

Emile smiled. [+pink "Yes, yes. You are most certainly correct. I am just shocked that you are not joining in the fray to catch them. Aren't you the most cunning of the group? I would have thought along with Remy that you would be the best to outsmart and catch them. But, it could do more harm then good. And besides, like you said, Sloth is here. So why don't we act like Baymax and see how those two cuties are feeling!"] Emile smiled once more and led Janus over to Sam and Penny.

Vivian was hiding behind a corner, holding up a small step-stood ladder she had found, probably Patton's. She could hear Remy walking down the hall with his swishing coffee. [+violet "That is just what he wants me to think..."] First she needed to knock out her pursuers then race for Jaclyn. She had to be here somewhere. She couldn't have just vanished. Besides, the only bedrooms she had left to look in were their rooms, Janus's, and Roman's. She was saving Roman's for last since his imagination was boundless and could take a long time to fully look through. There was also Remus's room but he had said that it was locked for him so she didn't know if it was locked for them as well.
Sander Sides / TessaFox / 156d ago
Remus nuzzled Logan "I'm sorry you are upset. After everything last night this should not have been added on top of it." He said as he leaned back against Logan breathing in the logical's side scent letting it anchor him. "I saw what Sloth did Logan...what their choices...their choices caused Jacyn so much pain...then to have Penny defend that person, even if she did not know the full story..." Remus couldn't find the words his heart was killing him as he laid on Logan. "I had a nightmare once of what I thought was Janus have his scales ripped out...it wasn't Janus it was Jacyn she projected her pain so far into the mindscape it hit me and I did nothing simply because I convinced myself it was a dream."

Sam tilted their head at her curious "Oh so Honesty and Fight did not tell you that I told Rage where you all had got Creativy's old instruments and were playing with them?" Sam asked with a yawn. "Honesty really does hold grudges when things break but it's not like we can die or anything," Sam said to her.

Roman shook his head "It might not be wise to talk about that stuff as if you were just playing a game." He said to them as he walked Patton over to sit down not even he was too please with how things were happening but he wanted to focus on Patton and Virgil right now.

Janus looked at Emile and sighed "I do not think either will come back willingly at this point with Sloth still here. I'm more worried about Jacyn that was the first time she has ever sunk out of a conversation normally she walks off. Not to mention Vivian leaving before Remy, Remy might end up spooking the fighter even more."

Remy was making a game out of this but wanted to end it soon because he needed Vivian on his side if he was going to find Nagini herself. "Yo! Ms. Black Widow chill gurl it's just me and I ain't even looking for you." He said waving his ice coffee.
Sander Sides / Lunatic19 / 172d ago
Logan had left the living room in a fury. Emotions, emotions. That was what it always boiled down to. Emotions like anger and regret. He threw open the door to his room and noticed that the study door was cracked open. If this was Roman come to tell him to calm down and come back, that prince was in for a disappointment. Logan angrily opened his study doors, while making sure that Remus's work didn't get damaged, and unexpectedly saw the duke warming himself by the hearth. He quietly shut the doors behind him and walked over to Remus. [+blue "It wasn't all your fault."] Logan knelt down and wrapped his arms around Remus's shoulders. [+blue "You may have instigated but you didn't start it. Plus, Vivian got the wrong idea and her fight reflex was kicking in. Don't go about blaming it all on yourself."]

Penny walked over and sat besides Sam. [+teal "I'm sorry.. I just, didn't want to think of you as someone bad. I don't remember much about that night when you betrayed us but Jacyn and Vivian were always so angry at you because of it. A-And then last night. When I couldn't sleep, you were there for me."] Penny reached out to hug Sloth. Their body felt so warm and soft. [+teal "I-I know they might not like you but... can we at least be friends?"]

Vivian had followed after Jacyn so that she didn't end up in trouble with Logan or Janus. She knew Logan was already pissed at her and she knew it would be 10x's as worse if Janus was also focused on her. Maybe it was a good thing that he was angry at Sloth. Besides, they deserved whatever Janus was doing to them. [+violet "Jac? Jac! Where did you go?"] Vivian heard foot steps coming from behind her. Crap. Someone was coming. Vivian started to run and search for her girlfriend faster. She prayed that whoever it was, wasn't mad at her.

Emile noticed that the mood in the room was starting to get happier but nothing had been said or done to make it feel calmer. [+pink "Patton? I know you are using your ability on us all right now but I will have to ask that you stop. Making everyone happy doesn't help the situation. Right now, we need to face our feelings or else these moments will just get pushed back and never resolved."]

Patton hesitated at Emile's words. What he was saying made sense but he didn't want everyone to just start yelling and screaming at each other.

Emile let out a sigh. [+pink "Patton. Just trust me."] At those words, the father figure slowly withdrew from drowning the room in the pleasant feelings that he was pushing into everyone. [+pink "Good! Now, can you sit on the couch for a little bit while we gather the others?"] Patton nodded and settled himself on the couch while nervously tapping his fingers on his legs.

Virgil had stopped gathering anxiety when Emile had warned Patton. If he took in too much he would have a panic attack and that would help nothing. So Virgil pulled out a stress ball from one of his pockets and sat down on the opposite side of the couch.

Emile saw that Penny and Sam were talking things out so he walked over and stood by Janus. [+pink "I do hope that Remy isn't too rough on either of those girls. Sometimes he just gets to excited."]
Sander Sides / TessaFox / 172d ago
Sam rolled their eyes as they were free and they got up and brushed themselves off "Sheesh, you would have thought being with you guys would have calmed Hon-" Sam's hand slammed over their mouth as Janus glared at them.

"That is enough of your taunting Sam, sit there and shut up," Janus said rubbing his head as Roman let Penny go and Janus had to say he did not think Penny and Jacyn should be allowed near each other soon but Emile thought otherwise.

Roman sighed "I'm going to see if I can get Remu-"

"Don't." Janus said as he looked at Roman "Remus is hiding in Logan's study let them both cool off. Let's focus on trying to get Jacyn back here instead it is going to be a long day." Janus said to Roman.

Remy kissed Emile's cheek "One sassy snake coming up shouldn't be too hard." He said to them as he went after Jacyn while Emile got everyone else set up. He knew this was going to be a cluster fuck but he did not think it was going to be this bad.

Remus was sitting by the fireplace in Logan's study when he came in Remus did not even turn to look at him. "I'm sorry," Remus whispered to Logan. "You said no talking and I talked," He said to Logan weakly Remus was even crying.
Sander Sides / Lunatic19 / 174d ago
Virgil followed behind Janus but tried not to get too close to anyone so that he didn't amplify their anxiety. As he stood behind Janus, he tried to absorb the anxiety from the others onto himself. Sure, he wasn't the nicest side but this was his way of trying to help out. Besides, Patton was always taking the other's burdens onto himself since Emile wasn't technically a side and Pat always seemed fine. At least, most of the time...

Vivian watched at Remus started to sink out. [+violet "W-What is that supposed to men, dumbass?! Are you trying to say that I am the villain?! Listen here, punk!!"] Vivian started stomping at the place on the floor when Remus's head had disappeared. [+violet "Come back here and face me!! Call me kid one more time and I will deck you!!"]

Logan glared at Vivian. [+blue "I SAID YOU NEED TO SHUT UP!! ARE YOU EVEN THINKING ABOUT WHAT THIS IS DOING TO THOMAS?! OH RIGHT, YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN MET HIM!!"] Logan stopped to take a breath and fix his hair which was now disheveled, unlike its usual tidiness. [+blue "And he wasn't talking about you!! You are so blinded by your attraction and your personal wants that you don't think about other people simply talking about themselves."] He turned to see Remy perching on Emile. [+blue "Piss off. Just go do your job, coffee addict. I won't be attending the session. I will be in my study trying to calm down."] Logan adjusted his tie and glanced at Janus and Virgil who seemed to have just arrived.

Patton whimpered as he thought about how much damage was just done to Remus. He reached his hand out to Logan but froze when he noticed how pissed his boyfriend looked. Now wasn't the best time for trying to talk to Logan. Besides, they had guests. [+turquoise "Hey Remy and Emile. So sorry you guys had to come back to this."] Patton smiled at them as he was trying to subtly shove pleasant emotions into all the sides. He knew Remy said that this was what Emile was for but things were going south and he needed to at least try to keep things stable. If only Remus hadn't already left. [+turquoise "Hey Roman, sweetie, can you put PenPen by Procrast- I mean Sloth for right now? Just so that she can settle down?"]

Emile tapped his ever-present clipboard with a sparkly pink pen. [+pink "My, my. Aren't we in a pickle. This reminds me of a situation in a show I once watched but never mind that. Now, Remy dear, while I get little miss Cinderella and her little mouse/sloth friend, please gather up our Megara and Mulan girls. We said we would come to help them so we should start with them first. After that-"] Emile pouted at the others still left in the room. [+pink "-you might want to get these men. I fear much like Steven when he was taken into captivity, this might be longer than expected. But won't that be great! We will all get to bond with each other! Besides, no side or person is perfect."] Emile smiled kindly at everyone, letting them know it was going to be alright.
TessaFox / 176d ago
Janus shook his head but stop at the taste of a lie and made a face "Oh no." Janus said as he got up "Vivian just yelled at Remus that he wasn't the hero. Come on let's go downstairs." He said and took stock of the chaos Penny was crying on Roman's shoulder, Vivian looked on the edge of an attack, Jacyn was panting, Logan was pissed, Patton was confused, and Sam just did not care as they sat in jello.

Remus did not look at anyone "I never claimed to be the hero kid. That's the problem sometimes you have to be a villain to make people see something ugly." He said to Vivian as he put Jacyn and sank out. Jacyn turned and did something because she was done, she was absolutely done sacrificing everything she was upset and wanted to be alone.

"Damn Babes looks like the party started without you?" Remy said slurping his coffee as he had his arm around Emile's shoulder looking at the chaos. "Patton can't fix this mess Logan this is an Emile thing." He said looking at them. Remy had to say he was impressed he looked at Emile "Who am I going after first?"
Sander Sides / Lunatic19 / 177d ago
Patton sat up slowly before feeling a volt as Remus ripped himself from the bed. [+turquoise "Wait! Remus come back!"] Patton got up and quickly started to chase after Remus. However, it was difficult since he had a head start and Patton had no clue where he was heading to. [+turquoise "No, no. I can feel some strong emotions. But, where are they coming from? Is that why Remus got up so fast?"] Patton briefly looked in any of the unlocked rooms he passed by just to see if the green side was in any of them. [+turquoise "Dang it, where are you?']

Virgil opened his eyes and yawned like a cat. He had seen Patton run out of the room and could tell that Remus wasn't in the room anymore. Virgil turned to see the startled Janus. [+purple "Don't ask me. I am somewhat the same confused as you are. But before I explain what just happened, tell me, can you sense any lies? I think something is up and judging by the way Pat and Re have already fled the room, I think I am right. But you know, I am no Logan."] Even if Janus didn't sense any lies, there was a hell of a lot of anxiety going on somewhere in the mind space and he wasn't liking it. But just going towards it would probably either power him up or make it all worst.

Penny's body went rigid and froze when Remus threw Sloth to the wall. She only stared at their body as they laid there. [+teal "No..."] Tears started dripping from her eyes as she stood, not moving, in Roman's arms. [+teal "I know why Jaccy is mad but... They are my friend.. Please stop hurting them..."] She didn't want to listen to Remus anymore. He was just upset. They all seemed to be upset. And scared. Her voice was quiet and scratchy as she continued to just stare at Sam. [+teal "Roman... P-Please just take me to Picani... I don't want to be here anymore."] Penny tried to wipe her eyes but it didn't do anything as more silently slid down her chin and onto her shirt.

Vivian wasn't too happy when Remus appeared. Wasn't he supposed to be somewhere else? [+violet "J, please just snap out of it! And Remus just shut up!!] Vivian janked Remus's arm off her girlfriend. [+violet "I can handle this by myself! Stop just shoving yourself in places. Y-You aren't the hero, Remus!!"] She instantly regretted saying it the second those words came out of her mouth.

Patton had heard yelling and a loud thump as he had got closer to the commotion. This had to be it. That or something of Remus's had gotten out of the imagination again. He stopped in the middle of making his way down the stares when he heard Vivian yell at Remus. Oh no... He took in the scene of the kitchen as everything was going out of hand.

Logan calmly closed his pocket notebook and slowly stood up while adjusting his glasses. He motioned the confused Patton over to him and gave him some noise cancelling earbuds. Now this was why he always thought emotions shouldn't be necessary. They were always such painful things... [+blue "FALSEHOOD!!!!"] Logan watched as his power set in and everyone in the room froze. [+blue "That is enough!! From this moment on, no one is allowed to speak. Patton."] Logan took the earbuds out. [+blue "Be a dear and please relax everyone's emotions in this room for me. I fear this has gone on for too long. Everyone is as each others throats while I was distracted."] Logan rubbed his temple and tried to think of a punishment for them all. This probably wasn't helping Thomas right now. He made a mental note to go up and speak with Thomas ones he dealt with this.
Sander Sides / TessaFox / 177d ago
The second they left Big Remus snapped awake and jump off the bed with Janus extremely confused as he wonders what happened. Remus bolted downstairs a swooped in to help Vivian with Jacyn. Remus would have laughed at the feral nature of Jacyn but the images in his head made even him wince. "Hey Hatchling, I need you to breathe for me," Remus said to her as she struggled hissing at Sam. Remus held her tighter "I know, I know it sucks to see them here but you can't attack them."

Sam yawned weakly as they looked at Penny "You know I wasn't actually your plushie right Pride? Besides Honesty can't fight, she was not made to function like that." Sam said adding fuel to the fire as Jacyn hiss even more.

Remus glared as he flung Sam against the wall to seal them in silence as he looked at them "You shut up." Remus said as he looked at Roman who still struggle trying to hold on to Penny. "Enough! As you can see Sam is taunting Jacyn instead of crying maybe wonder why Jacyn is so pissed off in the first place." Remus hissed.

"Remus you are being too harsh," Roman said to him worried.

Remus glared "No I have enough. Jacyn is overstimulated and pissed off I'm the one watching everything that little shit has done to these three and all Penny cares about is turning a person into a stuffed animal for her own comfort." He snapped.
Sander Sides / Lunatic19 / 181d ago
Patton grabbed a mutated looking bear-dragon figurine that he guessed Remus has made. [+turquoise "Look! I can be this! And you can be the prince!"]

Virgil quickly stepped in so that Remus's feeling didn't get hurt. [+purple "How about Remus is the pirate instead. Or the evil king."] Patton gave him a confused look before he realized the meaning behind Virgil's action. [+turquoise "Y-Yeah! You should be the slimy pirate, kiddo!"] Virgil gave a breath of relief before Patton could get himself into a situation. This was Remus, not Roman. Sure, Patton and Remus had made up with each other but Patton shouldn't treat Remus like how he treated Roman.

Patton smiled and turned back to Remus. [+turquoise "What is Virgie going to play with? Should he be the big, hairy spider? Or he could play with- Wait what do you me ReRe?"] Patton looked down at the small Remus as his efforts to push them out were cancelled by how small he was compared to both of them. [+turquoise "Sweetie, why do you want us to leave? We just got here and we are about to play a game."]

Virgil believed tiny Remus about that something was going on. He was starting to feel the rising levels of anxiety from the others. [+purple "Hey, Pat. Let's just go check on the others. Besides, they might be waking up by now."] Patton looked back at Remus before leaning down and giving him a kiss on the forehead. [+turquoise "Okay. Be good while we are gone sweetie. Love you!"]

Penny kept trying to pull herself out of Roman's arms. [+teal "I mean.. Their hair feels familiar when I touch it but- but-"] Penny started crying as she watched Jacyn. [+teal "Roman please make her stop!! This has to be a joke! I just want my plush back!"] Penny tried harder that ever to scramble her way out of Roman's arms to save Sloth. [+teal "Slothie!! Come to me before they hurt you!"]

Vivian gripped Jacyn's wrists as her knuckles started to turn white. [+violet "Jac! Just calm down for one second before you do anything rash or I do anything rash to stop you from doing anything rash."] Vivian needed to get her knife back or else someone was going to get hurt. [+violet "Look, I know what they did just as well as you do. I am not saying I am not mad at them. Hell, I am furious and I would like to see them pounded into dust! But Penny is right behind us. Do you really want her to see this? To see you out of control?"] Vivian looked up to glare daggers at Sloth with the intent to deal with them later. But for now she had to keep her cool and go against her nature to fight. [+violet "Jac... Please. Calm down before I have to use force on your pretty hands."]

Logan's hands were like fire as he was writing down everything that was happening. He had so many questions about their past and Sloth. So the girls and this side has interacted before. He hadn't even noticed that he had spilled his coffee in his rushed attempt to grab something to write with. [+blue "Indeed Roman. It looks like the side I like the lease in my job to keep Thomas productive. But it also looks like they go by a different name then what we had called them."]
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Remus smiled at him as he began to get things out to play with before he stop and turned to Patton and Virgil. "Out. You have to get out there's an intruder with Roman!" Remus said as he looked at them forcing them to the door that would wake the three of them up.

"No it's not it Sam!" Jacyn hissed at them and sure enough to avoid being crushed Sam snapped and suddenly was in their brown sweater and grey leggings from across the room. "Stay the hell away from here!" Jacyn hissed.

Sam yawned rubbing their head "Honesty you never were a morning person but you were never this violent." They said to her as Jacyn hissed at them.

"Maybe that is because the last time you hung out with us you told Rage where we were hiding!" Jacyn hissed at them as she struggled against Vivian.

Roman looked down at Penny "Penny, have you ever seen that person before?" He asked her as he looked at Logan. "Isn't that Procrastination?" Roman asked confused as to why Jacyn was calling them Sloth.

Sam looked up and wave "Nah! You guys gave me that name because I wouldn't tell you my real function. Then Morality and Self-Preservation sent me away since Thomas could stall himself just fine."
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