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Sander Sides?

By Lunatic19

Replies: 933 / 232 days ago

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I have been going a little crazy and decided to rewatch Thomas Sanders and the sides from the beginning and now I kinda want to rp the sides. Whether it is an AU where the sides are separate from the sides or in line with the storyline Thomas has been creating. One idea I had was what if Remus misses Janus and Virgil so when he wakes up with younger and female versions of them he thinks he created them. When in fact all Remus did was summon them from another area of Thomas's mind and they end up liking this side of Thomas more than their own.

If you have any ideas let me know and we can talk it out just shoot me a PM!

I have a few rules

Tell me if you need a break- I have a full time job so I will let you know if I need one as well?
Remus smiled at him as he began to get things out to play with before he stop and turned to Patton and Virgil. "Out. You have to get out there's an intruder with Roman!" Remus said as he looked at them forcing them to the door that would wake the three of them up.

"No it's not it Sam!" Jacyn hissed at them and sure enough to avoid being crushed Sam snapped and suddenly was in their brown sweater and grey leggings from across the room. "Stay the hell away from here!" Jacyn hissed.

Sam yawned rubbing their head "Honesty you never were a morning person but you were never this violent." They said to her as Jacyn hissed at them.

"Maybe that is because the last time you hung out with us you told Rage where we were hiding!" Jacyn hissed at them as she struggled against Vivian.

Roman looked down at Penny "Penny, have you ever seen that person before?" He asked her as he looked at Logan. "Isn't that Procrastination?" Roman asked confused as to why Jacyn was calling them Sloth.

Sam looked up and wave "Nah! You guys gave me that name because I wouldn't tell you my real function. Then Morality and Self-Preservation sent me away since Thomas could stall himself just fine."
Virgil frowned when Remus was climbing and couldn't see his face. This just gave his so many more things to do and stress about. Whatever. Hopefully Patton stayed true to his word and would join them soon. [+purple "Just don't pull my hair out or Roman will throw a fit the next time he dyes my hair or decides to brush through it when he gets bored."] Virgil started tickling tiny Remus's feet while yawning and wondering what every one else was up to.

Patton then walked over to them and smiled. [+turquoise "Hey. Sorry about that. Want to play now?"] He felt like he had hurt small Remus's feelings when he was working on the heart. But... If he didn't work on it and it got worse- Not now. He didn't want to think. There were other things to think about. Happier things. [+turquoise "Aww!! You two are so precious!! My two babies!!"]

Logan went to sit down at the table as he drank his already 2nd cup of coffee. He delicately started cutting up the food that had been prepared for them all. [+blue "This is all so scrumptious! You both did a marvelous job. Might even be better than Roman's chefs in the imagination."] Penny's eyes shined from the praise. [+teal "T-Thank you Logan!!"]

Penny looked up at Roman and shook her head. [+teal "N-No. It was all Jaccy. She has gotten a lot better. Her room is even a little bit different than when we came! Y-You should see it later, RoRo. If she says that is okay. Oh! Do you like the buns that Jaccy put in my hair?!"] Penny hands were shaking a little from Jacyn as she slowly led Roman to a seat and then looked over at the others. Can they just all get along?! Everything felt so tense. Penny suddenly looked over at Sloth as they moved. Ooo! This must be a new game that Roman was playing! It was really good too because there were no strings that she could see.

Vivian was biting into a pancake and avoiding the sprinkles. She flinched when she felt Jacyn grab one of her knives. [+violet "Hey! You really have to put your hands all over me right now? If the knife was in the way I could have moved it."] Vivian glanced at her girlfriend with the hint of a smirk but then noticed that Jacyn wasn't returning the look. Shit- Vivian jumped out of a chair next to the one Honesty had just been in a second ago. It fell to the ground next to her as she got up too quickly. [+violet "Jac!? What are you doing!? Calm down!!"] Vivian rushed over and grabbed onto Jacyn's arms that were right above Sam's body. This was bad and too close for comfort. [+violet "What is going on with you?! This is just Pen's old plush."]

Penny's eyes were glued to her Sloth and Jacyn. [+teal "N-No. Don't tear my slothie up! Roman?! What is going on?!"] Penny whimpered and weakly pulled forward. [+teal "S-Stop! Please!"]
Remus looked at Patton worried "If you waste your energy on fixing it you will be too tired for the others later." He muttered worried as he looked at Virgil it was tempting. Remus got up and climb up onto Virgil's shoulders missing the emo a lot. "Headshrinker turns everything into a session it's his job." He said to him as he hung upside down off Virgil's shoulders.

Roman sat down next to Logan and Penny slightly terrified of how intense Jacyn glare was right now. Until he looked down at the plates and noticed that each plate had all of their logos etched into the plate. "This is an amazing work!" Roman said as he was in awe by how detailed Jacyn had been when summoning them. But when she did not say anything he turned to Penny "Did you help with the design as well?" He asked.

Jacyn quietly sat down and began to eat her food thanking Penny for not giving her a lot because she wasn't sure if she wanted to eat at the moment. On the other hand they never really had the luxury of picking and choosing their meals. Jacyn had begun to calm down slightly when suddenly Sloth moved.

Sam yawned and stretch coming back to their humanoid body. Short brown hair in messier curls than usual as they began to eat. "You are always so tense Honesty, you need to relax more like Pride." Sam said dark circles rivaled Virgil's as they looked up just in time to see a very pissed off snake looking at them.

"YOU!" Jacyn hissed as she stole one of Vivian's knives and pointed it at Sloth. Jacyn eyes were glowing bright yellow as she went to make a cut against Sloth. "Rage found us because of you!" she hissed at Sloth who yawned weakly and jumped up sticking to the ceiling. Roman grabbed Penny to pull her out of the crossfire.
Lunatic19 / 9d ago
Virgil gasped, realized what Remus was talking about. [+purple "Sandman is Remy, Headshrinker is Emile, and Hatching is Jacyn!!"] Virgil ran his fingers through his hair thinking back to what Re-Re had said to Patton moments before. [+purple "Okay, okay, okay. Let me get this straight... Jacyn. She is going through a bad.. like mental state right now? That isn't good. But, don't they have the therapy with Emile today? So, I will just bring it up to him then."] Virgil thought back to everything he had just said to see if he had missed anything. It all sounded correct. Virgil turned to look at Patton along with Remus.

Patton snapped out of his thinking and turned around to see them both sitting on the floor. [+turquoise "What was that, sweat pea? Of course I didn't! I just want to check on this first. Work first, play later they always say, kiddo. J-Just give me 3 more minutes. Virge why don't you guys play with the plushies and I will join you in a second."] Patton gave them both a warm smile and eyeing Virgil.

Virgil sighed and rustled small Remus's hair. [+purple "Come on, Pirate. You heard the man. He is almost done anyways."] Virgil gently tugged on Remus's arms. [+purple "Why don't you climb on me again? Huh? Wasn't that fun!"]

Penny started hugging Sloth as Jacyn was starting to get upset. She hid behind Roman and clutched the end on his shirt. [+teal "N-No. Please don't fight. W-We need to eat breakfast and be h-happy."]

Vivian could feel the tension quickly rise as she kept her arms on Vivian. She watched as Roman and Logan looked at each other. Whatever Logan was coming up with, it wouldn't work if it was a lie. The only way to calm her down was to take charge and make the situation seem like it wouldn't be the end of the world. [+violet "Hey. What is the big deal? They never said it wouldn't be a therapy session. And besides, if it is, we will be here with you. But... Can the three of us have a meeting just... with us? I don't want to be rube but I don't think Jac-- um, the three of us will be more open to talking if anyone else is there with us. Me, Pen, and Jac have been through so much together and it might be a little hard to talk about it if we feel like other people may be listening or judging us."] Vivian looked down at Jacyn then over at the hidding Penny. [+violet "Now, didn't Penny and Jacyn make a meal for us? Shouldn't we enjoy it?"]

Logan was shocked at how fast Vivian seemed to take charge. It was probably due to her fighting reflex but still. He was still going through simulations on how to deal with what to say. [+blue "Y-Yes. Breakfast. Penny? Want to show everyone to a seat?"]
TessaFox / 9d ago
Remus nodded "Yes! Him! His boyfriend is Headshrinker!" He said excitedly when Virgil understood what he was talking about and then looked around and picked up a yellow snake plush that was tattered and torn. "Hatchling is the girl version of Jannny!" He said to Virgil and once he got Virgil on his page he began to explain. "Hatchlings thoughts are bad like she thinks like Lo-Lo. And she thinks she is right with her bad thoughts-urgh this would be easier bigger!" the tiny Remus complained as he looked at Patton looking at his heart. "You only came back to see that didn't you?" Re asked Patton slightly sad that it wasn't because Patton and Virgil wanted to come.

"Where are the others?" Jacyn asked rolling her eyes at her girlfriend as she took the coffee from Logan before heading over to the table.

"Checking on Remus' heart. He had an episode last night and Patton went in to check on him only to see that Remus' heart is in need of some maintenance." Roman said to Jacyn as he looked at them. "Remus will probably be having sessions with you three."

Jacyn glared for a second, "I am pretty sure, Penny, Vivian, and I agreed to meet Remy and Emile no one said anything about a therapy session." She said tensing up glaring at Roman who looked at Logan for some much-needed assistance before the viper struck.
Virgil was trying to put all the pieces together that the young Remus was putting down. [+purple "It sounds like you are talking about some weird Tim Burton movie. Which, if you are, I would love to watch it."] Virgil listened and finally it hit him when Remus mentioned the coffee. [+purple "Wait a minute!! Are you talking about Remy!? Mr. All Sass All Day??"] Virgil looked up at Patton but the dad was too focused on the glowing green heart so he didn't want to break whatever concentration was going on there. [+purple "Please. Tell me more about what you mean."]

Vivian took a skimming glace over her snake girlfriend's body, smiled when she saw nothing critical, and took the drink from Jacyn. [+violet "Thanks. And Pen was right."] Vivian lightly punched Jacyn's shoulder and took a sip. So that means she hadn't missed too much. Something smelled really good though. Jacyn looked over at Penny to ask what she had made when she did a double take at seeing Penny's new plush. It looked familiar but maybe that was just because it was one of Penny's old toys. So she decided to just ask Pride about it later. [+violet "So. Everyone else making out or something? Is it just going to be us 5?"]

Logan rolled his eyes and smiled at Roman's childish behavior. Even if he hadn't seen his boyfriend do that out of the corner of his eye, Logan knew that the prince always wanted the last laugh. [+blue "Anyone else want coffee while I am over here?"]

Penny giggled as Roman spun her around. [+teal "Yay!! I can fly! Wheeeee!!"] She made sure to hold Sam close to her stomach so that they didn't go flying off. She didn't want to have to looking for her plush and be late for breakfast. When Roman set her down, Penny held Slothie up and yelled at Vivian. [+teal "6! We need a small chair for Slothie. You always let all the other plushies come to tea parties so they can come to breakfast too."]

Vivian flushed at Penny telling everyone that she participated in the tea parties. [+violet "F-Fine. Yeah. Sure. W-Whatever."] She normally didn't mind it, but she still wanted to keep up the tough appearance.
Remus huffed at Paton but at least Virgil took him seriously. So he looked up at the Spider-Man with a smile for him believing him. "Sandman you know him sunglasses and the Starbucks cup he is always with the Head shrinker! Shrinker is the pink one with the plush thingys." Remus said as he looked at Virgil hopeful as he bit his lip. "Hatchling is tiny like me she is trying hard but she really confused!" Remus said trying his hardest to describe Remy, Emile, and Jacyn.

Roman stuck his tongue out at Logan as he pick up Penny with a smile. "A glorious adventure awaits us after lunch them my Preppy Penny!" He said spinning her and Slothie around with a smile on his face.

Jacyn rolled her eyes "Roman tried to give us both credit and I was correcting him. Penny thinks I'm being to hard on myself." She said leaning on Vivian as she handed her girlfriend her protein drink.
Virgil raised a confounded and confused eyebrow at Remus. What the heck was this kid trying to say? The little Remus wasn't making half a sense but Patton was just nodding and smiling along with it. [+purple "Was I the only one that just heard nonsense? Because I am not understanding one stupid thing that is going on right now."]

Patton grumbled and frowned at Virgil. [+turquoise "What have I told you about language? And just go with it, sweetie. He is probably talking about a game or some sort of mystical creature he thought of. He has never even been in the mind palace so we wouldn't know if there was someone new. Just seen the world through Remus's eyes and thoughts."] Patton turned back around and started running his hands over the cracks that were still left. Was there anything he could do to make the process faster?

Virgil started biting his bottom lip as he sat down on the group and put Remus in his lap so that the little green man didn't end up hurting himself. Now he was starting to feel like the one that wasn't being taken seriously. The anxious purple side leaned forward to whisper to Small Remus. [+purple "Listen. I have a feeling that what you said wasn't just for fun and games. Whose thoughts? And what new head? And who are the three people you were talking about? I don't know any sandman."]

Penny hovered over Logan but not too close so that she was in the way. [+teal "We both worked hard!! Stop being so hard on yourself!! When is Vivi when you need her?"] Penny pouted at Jacyn being down on herself. [+teal "Besides, it was a team effort. But yes, I did work hard on baking everything from all the stuff that Patton told me."] Penny mood brightened as she seemed to float on happiness.

Logan smiled as he looked over Jacyn to make sure she wasn't hurt. [+blue "It looks like you might have bruised your ankle but it should be fine half an hour or more."] Logan helped Jacyn so that she could stand and lean on the counter if she needed to. [+blue "Roman. That wasn't very Prince-like to go around scaring sides. But at least you apologized. And very nice spread, girls."] Logan then made his way to the coffee machine to start his own brew.

At that moment, Vivian walked down the stairs to the living room. Penny smiled and pointed. [+teal "About time! Jaccy got scared and then got hurt and then wasn't being nice to herself and then-"] Logan then put his hand over her mouth to stop himself from having to listen to her improper sentences. [+teal "Mmmhh Hmmhm Ahmmha"] Vivian rolled her eyes and walked over to put her arm around Jacyn's hip. [+violet "You okay? Here, let me help support you."]

When Logan moved his hand Penny skipped over to Roman and pulled him over to the chairs to look at Sloth. [+teal "Look at my new plushie!! Their name is Slothie. The three of us can conquer the dragon witch together!"]
Remus looked at Patton "Can't it wait? The Hatchling is not too happy about seeing Sandman and Headshrinker." He said to them as he was swinging back and forth on Virgil's arm as he looked at Patton. "You should focus on them today their thoughts are so loud!" Remus said as he humming as he thought about it. "Ohhh and there is a new head in the space."

Jacyn winced as Logan helped her up as Roman at least look a little sheepish. "Jacyn I didn't know you could do this?! It is amazing oh the others are going to love the work you two did." Roman said gushing as he watched Logan take care of her ankle. "I'm sorry for scaring you." Roman tack on to the end as Jacyn flinched.

Jacyn huffed "It was supposed to be a surprise for all of you." She grumbled thinking the surprise was now spoiled flinching as Logan wiggled her leg. "Penny worked harder. I just set the table." She said honestly.
Penny nodded. [+teal "Yeah! We just have to make sure we don't get the spicy ones mixed up with sweet ones. I don't really like spicy stuff."] Penny started dancing around the kitchen as she mixed stuff. It was fun just to make sure and be herself. [+teal "Do you and Vivi ever miss the darkness? I know when we first got here you guys wanted to go back... What about now? Would you ever go back?"] Penny stopped mixing as she looked down at the bowl before she shook her head and smiled a smile of pure joy. [+teal "S-Sorry. I don't know where that came from. Here. I am done mixing."]

Patton watched them talk as he went over to look at Remus's heart. It was still cracked around the middle but the edges looked stronger than ever. [+turquoise "We are going to help you.."] He whispered knowing that no one could hear him. Patton gently pressed his hand to the side of the shattered green heart and smiled.

Virgil nodded and wrapped his arms around Remus as he held him. [+purple "Oh. That makes sense, I guess."] Virgil walked over to Patton. [+purple "Hey Pat. What are you up to?"] The purple side felt like he was being turned into a jungle gym instead of just holding the young creative side. [+turquoise "Oh, nothing. Just looking at Remus's heart, Kiddo."] Virgil shrugged and looked back down at Remus. [+purple "So.. Want to play some games or something while daddy patty here does his thing?"]

Vivian was just about to go with it and answer the door when she heard their footsteps walk away. Her hand was hovering over the door handle before she pulled it back and made her way over to Jacyn's door to resume her gay thoughts and giggles.

Logan has tugged on the end of Roman's sleeve and tilted his head towards the kitchen. She was obviously busy and he didn't want to interrupt. He gently pulled Roman a little ways till he let go of the Prince's sleeve. [+blue "That makes my estimate go up to 75.7%. Now, let's not dottle from our venture. I need my coffee."] Once they made it to the kitchen, the nerd and prince watched Jacyn and Penny go about a large breakfast set up. He lifted his hand to cover his mouth as he chuckled. They really were blessed to have such wonderful girls in their care. [+blue "Here, let me help you up, Jacyn-"
"I'll work on convincing Vivi to try it you just focus on making them okay? I bet she would like it better if it was on the more spicy side. I saw a book on my shelf in my room about how in certain countries they make their chocolate spicy." She said as she began to gather the things she needed shivering at how cold the kitchen was as she summoned the sweater Remus had given her the weight alone was enough to ease her as she helped set the table. Shutting her eyes as she messed with the centerpieces. Sam's eyes remained blinked as they watched Pride flutter around the room like a butterfly. They felt a little warm inside knowing Pride was practically glowing.

Remus giggled as he held on to Virgil sucking on the lollipop "I'm small because of the split!" He said to him as he leaned back. "The split might have made Ro and I look the same age as the rest of you but our hearts had to reboot. So we had to relearn a lot about you guys it worked out though Ro's heart got the good times and he was able to bounce back so Tommy could thrive." He said to him with a huge grin because that left the question of what part of the king did Remus get. He smiled at his castle "It was dustier last night and colder but I could get used to this temperature!"

Roman looked at Logan and kissed his head softly smirking at his boyfriend taking this so literally. He seemed then he stop as he looked at Jacyn door sensing Vivian's struggle as he stops but Logan tugging him caused him to move as they turned to the kitchen he watched as Jacyn was putting the final touches on the center. "It's so beautiful!" He squealed as Jacyn jumped at the squeal and fell off the chair wincing as she hit the ground.
Penny gasped. [+teal "Yeah!! But does Vivi even like chocolate? I think she will realize it.. But lets try it anyways!! I want to show her just how sweet they are!!"] Penny bounced the whole way to the kitchen as she clung to Sam in one arm. [+teal "I can't wait to see their faces when they taste the food! Do you think we could wake them up or will they just come here once they smell it?"] Penny sat Sam on a chair and handed them a cookie from Patton's secret stash. [+teal "Shhh. Don't tell anyone. And sit here slothy while I make breakfast for everyone."] Penny skipped into the kitchen and immediately started mixing ingredients and humming.

Patton caught baby Remus in his arms and spun him around. [+turquoise "Correct, Kiddo! I came to say hi to the little pirate."] Patton poked Remus's nose and pulled out two green apple lollipops from the pocket of the hoodie around his shoulders. [+turquoise "I will always come back. You don't have to worry about that. And I am sorry that we woke you up. Now, go say hi to Virgie."] Patton set Remus down and chuckled as he saw the little monster charge for the emo.

Virgil was still taking in the scenery when it felt like he was hit by a bullet train. [+purple "Ahh!"] Virgil looked down to see a small Remus climbing up his leg. [+purple "How are you so small?!"] Patton laughed and Virgil rolled his eyes. [+purple "I forgot that Roman and Remus are this young. Reminds me of the slit--"] Virgil paused when he saw Patton freeze. [+purple "I mean, never mind. So umm-- Hi, little Re. You castle is nice. Very dark."] Virgil wasn't quite sure what to say now. He had been taken by surprise and now he was trying to gather his thoughts.

Logan looked up and thought for a moment of the actual chances of it. [+blue "Well... If you take in account how close they are and the fact that right now we are their only role models and sides they can safely look up to... Plus the fact that all of us are gay and are open about our relationships in front of the girls... 73.4% I would have to estimate. I mean, that is just from the data that I have gathered."] However, it made Logan start to wonder about the sexuality of the girls. Would they be attracted to their own gender as Thomas was? Or was Thomas's love for men also theirs? [+blue "It is defiantly something to think about."] Logan stopped at Jacyn's door and knocked. [+blue "Hello? Is anyone awake?"]

Vivian jumped and instantly got into a defensive position at the sound of knocking. She had been caught off guard. [+violet "O-Oh. Um. Yeah."] She couldn't answer the door since her face was still blushing. It sounded like Logan however but... with more emotion put into his speech? She couldn't tell. [+blue "Well we are going to go make some coffee so if you two want to come and have some and maybe grab some breakfast, we would love to have you."] [+violet "Okay. G-Got it."] Was she supposed to say that Jacyn wasn't there? But what if they got worried and walked in on her having a gay panic?
Jacyn smiled "Probably not, tell you what Patton has to have chocolate sprinkles, we might be able to if we just tell her you sprinkled chocolate in it!" She said to get Penny's hopes up as they made their way downstairs. Jacyn got to work on coffee making and giving Penny the ingredients she needs while also making sure the kitchen did not become a mess. She smiled as she watched Penny work so happy with how fast she picked up on things.

Tiny Remus groans before it turned to giggles as he opened his eyes in surprise "YOUR BACK?!" He yelled as he launched himself at Patton clinging to him tightly. "I didn't think you were going to come back and last night was just a fluke!" He said to him with a huge smile on his face "More Poison Apples?" He asked before looking over Patton's shoulder smiling grew as he threw his hands out "Vee! Vee!" He yelled giggling.

Roman smiled at him softly "Jacyn and Vivian are very close I wouldn't be surprised that when they realize they are safe with us they become an item. What do you think the chances are?" He said to him with a smile on his face.
Penny instantly woke up at the mention of making food. [+teal "Yeah! I would love to make surprise food for them! What are we going to make? Patton told me about these bread rolls that are french and they look like moons!! And then he was shocked when I told him about the burnt toast we found once in the darkness."] Penny held Sam close to her body as Jacyn made her hair look all pretty. She ran her hand through their hair and giggled. It was so soft that she felt like she would never be able to stop playing with it. [+teal "Woah... My hair looks so pretty!! Thank you Jaccy! Imma bring slothy with me to the kitchen and show them what sprinkles are like!! Do you think I can finally get Vivi to eat sprinkles?"]

Patton sat on the bed and looked at Janus. He took a deep breath and looked at Remus and smiled. He could do this. He gave Janus and Virgil a kiss then focused on Remus's heart as the duke slept. Once they got in, Remus bounced over to the small Remus. [+turquoise "Re!! I'm back and I brought guests!!"] Remus walked over to the pile of stuffed animals and tickled the child. [+turquoise "I also brought some green apple candy!"]

Virgil looked around. It looked like an old castle mixed with a child's room. [+purple "It is so trashy in here. This is what I expected from Remus but still. It is like a repressed Pat mixed with- well, Remus."] Virgil put his hands in his hoodie pockets and anxiously assessed his surroundings. Where even was Remus? It was so quiet when he expected a lot of giggling and screaming.

Logan looked away from Roman to look at the wall as a blush started creeping over his nose and cheeks. [+blue "W-Whatever. W-We should go to Jacyn's room first since that is where Vivian and Jacyn typically sleep. It is the most logical option after all."] If they made sure the girls were awake, then they could go make coffee as the girls got up.

Vivian was going to catch up to Jacyn but she got caught up instead sitting in Jacyn's room giggling about how awesome her girlfriend was. She couldn't believe that such a goddess of a side was her girlfriend. But what did people dating do? She had seen the other sides interact but they were all gay guys. Was it the same? Was she supposed to get gifts? She complimented Jacyn all the time but was that all that people dating did? [+violet "I should get her gifts. Umm... Does Virgil or Janus do? Virgil just sits in his room or in the arms of the others.. Janus just kisses up to everyone. I am so confused and she is just so pretty..."]
Jacyn smiled at Penny as she stroked her hair softly "She is awake and getting dressed she dragged me out to walk through the Imagination for a bit while you slept in. Think you could wake up enough to help me get breakfast ready? I don't think the others are awake yet and we were going to surprise them." she said as she brushed Penny's hair and put it up in two buns for her friend finding some smiling sloth pins she slipped them into the base of each bun so she matched her new friend.

Sam was very content playing the role of stuffed animal it was nice to see that Honesty had changed her look up it was still such a pain that she was trying to be miss perfect. The problem with the hatchling was she was still too damn protective and Sam knew that they were dead if Honesty found them.

Janus chuckled as he looked at Patton and helped him moved to Remus's side as he shook his head at Roman and Logan. "I would walk make sure the girls are not trying to escape seeing Emile and Remy today." He suggested using his strength to let Patton and Virgil into Remus' heart.

Tiny Remus was still very much asleep amongst the mound of stuffed animals cuddling the purple spider close to his chest. His heart was still healing from last night as was the room. But it was not nearly as cold in the heart.

Roman nodded looked at Logan "Seems we have our marching orders besides I know other ways of making you blush Specs." He said to him as they began there walk out the door to see how the girls were fairing.